Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lynyrd Skynyrd going into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


Lynyrd Skynyrd has been selected to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Now maybe we can all finally settle the feud between Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young.

How about we have Neil induct Skynyrd into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? End of story.

As if the performance of "Southern Man" at Farm Aid 2005 with the Fisk University singers was not enough.

Neil rips a 15 minute+ "Southern Man" - photo from FarmAid.org

And, since the Sex Pistols are being inducted as well, for the after the show performances, we'll have Skynyrd play "Sweet Home Alabama", followed by Neil Young's "Southern Man", then have the Sex Pistols join in for "Hey, Hey, My, My".

This is the story of Johnny Rotten, Steve Van Zant & Neil. In my dreams.

Image Load Problems

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Also, FireFox browser users -- check under Tools/Options/Content -- be sure that the "Load Images" selection for the originating web site only is UNCHECKED.

No idea on this? Firewall settings? Anybody with thoughts on this COMMENT below.

The reports are mainly coming from IE browser users. FWIW, this news page is optimized for the FireFox browser. (New release version out today.)

Thrasher's Wheat's Customer Service desk suggests trying a HARD re-fresh - Hold SHIFT key and hit REFRESH button.

Drop a comment below on problems.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Jimmy Buffett and Neil Young: Margaritaville Meets Greendale

Jimmy Buffett and Neil Young - Pirates Looking at 60*
photo by Andrew H. Walker - Getty Images Entertainment

OK, so Thrasher was trying to decide how to caption this photo of Jimmy Buffett and Neil from the Benefit For Museum Of Natural History in New York City on 16 November, 2005.

Thrashette suggested "Cheeseburger in Paradise vs. Got No T-Bone". Nope. Too obscure. How about "Son of a Sailor and Son of a Writer"? Not quite.

The photo seems ripe for some funny captions. But alas, the creative juices didn't quite come up with a real winner other than "Margaritaville Meets Greendale".

Suggest your captions by dropping a comment below.

Also, Neil did play a song at the benefit but have not been able to determine what song. So if any of you high rollers that attended are reading this, you can drop us line and let us know. Yeah, right...

UPDATE: New York Daily News: "Exhibit on Darwin creates
Bush bash at museum gala"
"The Daily Show's John Stewart introduced Neil Young. Along with singing his hits, the venerable rocker sat down at an antique organ and performed "When God Made Me," his challenge to fundamentalism.

Young agreed that the Darwin show "couldn't come at a better time, with what's going on with the neocons."

He allowed that Bush might truly believe in Genesis and not be pandering to the evangelicals. "I've never met him," he told us. "I've seen some of the things he does, but I'm not sure."

* - Caption suggested by commenter below. Note for non-Parrotheads: Buffett wrote a song called "A Pirate Looks at 40" a long time ago... Thanks!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Randomly Blogged - Los Lobos Photos at Bridge, Jeff Tweedy Interview


Awesome photos of Los Lobos and Neil Young at the 2005 Bridge School Concert. Note #2 photo with manager Elliot Roberts in background.

A Paste Conversation: Jeff Tweedy - Living With Ghosts.

Preach on, Neil because everyone knows this is nowhere and everybody needs a cinnamon girl.

Parking Lot 9 Blog: Neil & Football


Well, here's a Neil Young blog with a twist - Parking Lot 9. It's labeled as "General discussion around (but not limited to): Neil Young, the New England Patriots, Boston professional sports, good food & drink. Yes, it's a wacky mix."

Tony and crew mix it up with their commentary on the football season and pretty much anything else that catches their fancy.

Good luck today against the Chiefs. Blog on, dudes!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dark Side of The Moon: Neil Young on Harp Magazine Cover

No, not Pink Floyd's dark side, but Neil Young's.

HARP Magazine's December issue has Neil Young on the cover (super portrait by photographer Danny Clinch) and an extensive interview by veteran rock reporter Jaan Uhelszki.

The interview takes place immediately following the August concerts in Nashville. Uhelszki's thesis is that Neil has built his career by following the phases of the moon. With at least 28 Neil Young songs with "moon" in the lyrics, Uhelszki writes that Young began recording "Prairie Wind", filming the companion DVD and Farm Aid all under full moons.

Last month, we reported that Neil was quoted in the interview saying: "There is another 'Hurricane' in me".

Responding to a question about his reputation as a control freak, Young ventures:
"Okay, I'm kind of a walking contradiction," he laughs his characteristic short, two syllable laugh, that's somewhere between a chuckle and a cough." I just do what I feel like doing, so I don't close any door. And you know, because there's a reason for, to be open. I'm just open to things. I don't close things off, I don't have any, and I don't have a lot of beliefs that stop me from doing things.

I'm sure I must have some but I don't, I try to be open and follow the muse wherever it goes. And if it's not around, I don't push it. There's no sense in trying to fan a flame if there's no flame. So, you know, sometimes you've got to rest. And you don't have to go against the grain."

But the story gets even better when the journalist tags along with Neil and the band to a local Nashville bar to celebrate the concert filming's conclusion.

The imagery of Neil at the bar, buying everybody rounds, nearly evokes the sense that it's just another neighborhood bar on just about any other night. A great vignette that sums up so much of Neil's music and life.

In the end, Uhelszki who initially seemed intent on unearthing the dark side of Young, winds up discovering Neil's sunny side in one of the more enlightening profiles to come dancing across the moon beam in a long, long while.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Randomly Blogged - Jeff Tweedy's Most Essential Live Album: Live Rust

live-rust-cover2.jpg jeff-tweedy-smile-tilt-harp.jpg

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy's most essential live album is Neil Young's Live Rust. Tweedy comments on "Powderfinger" and "Southern Man" in HARP Magazine.

The Neil Young Nation is Here: "A Quest, an Obsession (and a True Story)" captures Chong's adventure to discover what it really means to be a Neil Young fan.

guitar.ico Discussion: The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum > Technique and Players> Favorite Neil Young song?.

Radio Paradise Forums Discussion: Release Neil Young's "Time Fades Away" Album Petition

Over on rabble.ca - "News for the Rest of Us", it's Battle of the Threads: Discuss Neil Young from a pro-Neil Young point of view and Discuss Neil Young from an anti-Neil Young point of view

MetaChat discussion on "Powderfinger" by Neil Young and eideteker blogs: Call him "22":
"Neil's lesson is that we ought not to put too much stock in the law or tradition (and possibly religion) and learn to think for ourselves or we'll end up "wonderin' what to do" when the first shot hits the docks where we live. "It's less than a mile away." I'll refrain from using the phrase "cautionary tale" because I already sound enough like That Pretentious Music Jerk."

Friday, November 18, 2005

Billy Talbot Band Europe Tour

Billy Talbot & Crazy Horse - New York City, March 18, 2004

The Billy Talbot Band is touring Europe this Fall.

Tour kicks off in Italy starting Wednesday, November 16 at Naima Club, via Somalia 2, FORLI. Stopping off at Neil Young Day in Rome, Italy on Nov. 20th.

Then onto The Netherlands and England ending at The Borderline, Thursday, December 1, 2005, Manette St (Soho), LONDON

Full details on Billy Talbot Band.

Also, see interview with Crazy Horse bass player Billy Talbot , more on Billy Talbot (search), and more photos of Billy, Poncho, Ralph and Neil on the Greendale Tour.

Neil Young Day - Rome, Italy

Broken Arrow: The Neil Young Tribute


Broken Arrow: The Neil Young Tribute is scheduled to play this week on Nov. 20th at Neil Young Day in Rome, Italy.

Very cool web site for a tribute band. Site streams Neil tunes 24/7.

Broken Arrow: The Neil Young Tribute is the Neil Young Link of the Moment.

Also, see Photo Of The Moment: Neil Young Pictures and Neil Young Page of the Moment.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Randomly Blogged - Jeff Tweedy's Solo Tour, Johnny Cash


Wilco's Jeff Tweedy Goes Solo...For the Moment: Tour Updates, links, MP3's

Walk the Line: June and Johnny Cash

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kevin Chong Launches “Neil Young Nation” in Winnipeg

Bill Laing and his wife Lauren, Kevin Chong and Rock Historian John Einarson

Recently, we observed that The Neil Young Nation is Here as Kevin Chong makes the rounds promoting his new book.

Bill Laing writes this report from Winnipeg on Kevin's recent visit:
"Last week in Winnipeg at the McNally-Robinson Book Store, Kevin Chong launched his new book, “Neil Young Nation”. Prior to Kevin’s introduction I played a five song set of Neil favorites, which included, Journey Through the Past, Old Man, Sugar Mountain, Heart of Gold, and The Painter.

neil-young-nation-kevin-chong.jpgOn hand to introduce myself as well as Kevin was Canadian Rock-n-Roll Historian John Einarson. John began by relating the story of how Kevin first contacted him regarding factual information about Neil’s Winnipeg days. At first John thought,”Oh no, not another Neil biography”. However, as he talked to Kevin, he realized that this was not so much about Neil Young, as it was the story of a devoted Neil Young fan. John went on to describe the time spent with Kevin, while Kevin visited the “Peg”on his journey to recreate Neil’s trip from Winnipeg to Thunder Bay, Toronto. and finally, Los Angeles.

After John’s introduction, it was then Kevin’s turn to take the podium and read from “Neil Young Nation”. Kevin related many humorous stories from his trip. On hand in the audience were many Neil fans and others who had simply attended Kelvin High School at the same time Neil had attended during the early sixties.

As an added bonus, McNally- Robinson Book Store provided a birthday cake in honor of Neil’s upcoming sixtieth birthday. Fans lined up for both cake and a chance to purchase an autographed copy of ‘Neil Young Nation”. Of course for me the best part of the evening was the honor of being asked to play for this event. A special thanks goes out to McNally-Robinson Books, Mr. Kevin Chong, and especially, Mr. John Einarson for allowing me this opportunity to be part of a very special evening."

More on Bill's Winnipeg hometown. Thanks Bill!

Support Neil Young Nation by Kevin Chong. (Thanks! You'll also be supporting Thrasher's Wheat).

And if you are in New York City on Wednesday, November 16, Neil Young Nation author Kevin Chong will be at "The Writer`s Voice Visiting Author Series" at West Side YMCA, 5 W. 63rd Street (between Central Park West and Broadway). More details here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Saturday Night Live's Musical Guest: Neil Young

Rick Rosas, aka " Rick The Bass Player", was interviewed on a Winnipeg 92.1 Citi FM station on Nov 13 and mentioned that Neil Young would be doing Saturday Night Live on Dec 17th.

While we can't expect anything quite like 1989's performance of "Rockin' In The Free World" -- which has been referred to as one of the most intense live studio television performances ever broadcast -- it will definitely be fun to watch.

Jimmy McDonough writes of Neil's performance of "Rockin' In The Free World" broadcast on Saturday Night Live as: "whipping off earsplitting solos that sounded like falling power lines".

Most likely, the performance will be similar to the recent performances on the Conan O'Brien Show.

Thanks Bill!

Issue #100: Broken Arrow Magazine


Simply amazing!

The epic publishing milestone of 100 issues of Broken Arrow Magazine arrived in the mail on November 12 - conveniently Neil Young's birthday. And definitely something everyone who is a member of the Neil Young Appreciation Society can be proud of.

Broken Arrow covers

No other fan club in the world has published for so long or for so many consecutive issues. Not Dylan, The Stones or even the Beatles. As editor extraordinaire Scott Sandie explains, while Bruce Springsteen's Backstreets also started in 1980, the Boss' fanzine has only published 80 issues thus far.

Again, an achievement which all of the editors and publishers can look upon proudly.

Issue #100 ranks right up there with other all time classic issues like #23 with John Einarson's original research on Neil Young and The Squires (which was eventually published in book form), #59's The Ducks Retrospective, and #96 on Times Fade Away by Pete Long.

The issue itself is a fabulous treasure trove of Neil trivia never before published.

The interview by Johnny Rogan with Neil's manager Elliot Roberts is probably one of the most insightful interviews ever published on the relationship between an artist and his business manager.

The Zuma and Greendale album cover artist Jim Mazzeo is also interviewed by Johnny Rogan. Priceless stuff. Says Mazzeo:
"I've done a portrait of Neil for the cover of Broken Arrow. It's really weird, it's the first time I ever really tried to do a portrait of him. I stretched him a little. I stretched his head long and narrow. He came out interesting looking. All I can say is - look at it and after a few minutes it'll start to talk to you."

A Rare Copy of Broken Arrow Issue #1 - 1980

It goes without saying that the Society owes an enormous debt to the original founders Paul Makos, Richard Hoare, Grahame Reed, David Clarke, Angus MacSwan, and Andy Cox.

And then there is Alan Jenkins who edited and published over 80 issues virtually single-handedly. Alan, this post's for you!

As always, the Society struggles with finances, membership administration and publishing logistics, to say the least. This has always been a voluntary effort done for the love of Neil's music. Clearly, Scott's editorial is setting the stage for the next chapter of the Society. Folks, this is more than any single individual can handle year after year.

If you can help out, please contact Scott at surfer-joe@nyas.org.uk

Lastly, let Thrasher just say this: (and how can I put this delicately without guilt tripping?) if you're really a true Neil Young fan than you are a member of Neil Young Appreciation Society. Period. For the cost of just a few days of Starbucks coffee you can be a member of the world's greatest fan club. So join today and don't be denied!

Super job Scott. On to #200!!!

Thrasher - NYAS#2476
broken-arrow logo

More on back issues of Broken Arrow magazine.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

A Big Happy Birthday to Neil!!!

Neil at Bridge School Benefit Concert October 29, 2005
photo by Tim Mosenfelder - Getty Images

Neil Young is 60 years young on Saturday, November 12. So Happy Birthday Neil!!!

And what a year for Neil. There were some definite highs and frightening lows. Most importantly, Neil is still here and making music.

During 2005, Neil had quite a few memorable moments:

- Neil suffered a brain aneurysm and underwent successful surgery,

- Neil lost his father Scott Young, renowned Canadian journalist,

- inducted The Pretenders into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

- concluded the telecast for the Live 8 Benefit to "Make Poverty History"

- recorded and performed "Prairie Wind" in Nashville for the upcoming Jonathan Demme film,

- performed on "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast" and MTV's React Now telethons to benefit Hurricane Katrina victims,

- musical guest for entire week on the Conan O'Brien TV Show, and

- hosted and performed to benefit Farm Aid and the Bridge School .

So another busy year.

So if you want to celebrate with other Neil fans, here's a few happenings:

- London Celebration Fest,

- Neil Young Day in Rome, Italy,

- Japan Neil Fest Special - Osaka

- The Rust Never Sleeps Tribute Band in Brookline, New Hampshire, and

- radio stations around the world plan broadcast tributes (see comments), including Rust Radio, which will be playing a mix of Bridge School Benefit 18 (all artists), 19 (Neil's set) and Farm Aid 2005.

So, is it really better to burn out than to fade away?

Just ask fans of Kurt Cobain...

Leave Neil a birthday message by clicking on the COMMENT button below. Then scroll all the way down for "Post a Comment".

Friday, November 11, 2005

Japan Neil Fest - Osaka


This Saturday in Osaka Japan, a Neil Fest Special will be held as part of the 60th Birthday Congratulation of Neil Young.

Japan Neil Fest Special 2005
Another Dream [LIVE HOUSE]
Sennichimae, Osaka, Japan

Featuring Lazy Horse with the Saddle Bags and Tokyo Bob Dylan, this can't be missed.

Thanks Watchout Management!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

London Celebration Fest - Neil's Birthday and Broken Arrow Magazine 100th edition


As hard as it might be to believe, the guy who sang "you can't be 20 on Sugar Mountain", will turn 60 this Saturday, November 12.

The milestone has been a long time in the planning, and as the day approaches, Neil Young fans from around the world are converging on their celebration zones.

The largest event will be the double header: Neil's 60th Birthday and the NYAS Broken Arrow Magazine 100th edition.

The celebration fun begins this Friday, November 11th in London and continues through the weekend.

Other events include:

- Neil Young Day in Rome, Italy
- The Rust Never Sleeps Tribute Band in Brookline, New Hampshire
- and some more local Neil events that we'll post on shortly.

Got a Neil birthday event? Drop a comment below.

The Rust Never Sleeps Tribute Band Celebrates


The Neil Young celebrations continue this weekend in honor of his 60th birthday with the Rust Never Sleeps Tribute Band's performance this Saturday, November 12th at the Big Bear Lodge in Brookline, New Hampshire.

RUST NEVER SLEEPS is a unique, live rock show that celebrates the music, and musical career of Neil Young.

Capturing the spirit, the sound, and the feel of what can best be described as a "dream come true" concert experience; you will hear selections from The Buffalo Springfield as well as Young's early 70's folk-rock gems.


Have fun! Thanks Mark!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Neil Young Archives: Another Clue?


Over the years, many Neil Young fans have cursed: The Archives Be Damned.

Still, the question remains: "When will the Archives be released?"

As we've posted recently, the official Shakey's Garage site has provided some hints of the release, as well as, an interview with Neil himself in which he said "Volume One is an eight-disk set from 1963 to 1973".

Now comes another clue in the Archives mystery. An intrepid Rustie (Mike "The picture painted here is not a dream") has stumbled upon a link for the Neil Young Archives.

At the moment, the page has links to a Discography page and a link for a page for other artists' albums which Neil contributed to.

soundsofasburypark.jpgNow this is interesting. Here's an unfamiliar one -- Sounds of Asbury Park by Various Artists with "High School Graduation" by Neil Young. Released in 1980, this one is intriguing. Long considered to be an unreleased song, "High School Graduation" clearly was released -- albeit pretty obscurely at that.

Sample lyrics include:

The coldness of the closeness of the moonbeam
The walking in the dawn to greet the night
The water and the flower is a bad dream
The stocking drawn reveals the end of sight

More Archives mysteries to continue....

Thanks Mike & e2f!

Which reminds us comments made in Shakey biography by Jimmy McDonough:
"Y'know, I don't give a shit whether anybody BUYS it or not. I just wanna do it. And there may only be two hundred copies, signed by me. But it's gonna fuckin' exist. When it's done, people can do whatever the fuck they want, make any fuckin' order they want out of it. But they're gonna have the whole fuckin' thing to choose from. They're not gonna get part of it. Everything-the good, the bad, the ugly. "

More on The Neil Young Archives.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Neil Plays "No Wonder" & "When God Made Me" on Conan Last Night


Neil Young concluded the week as musical guest on the Conan O'Brien Late Night show last night.

Neil performed "No Wonder" from "Prairie Wind" with the entire "Prairie Wind" musical group including the Fisk University Jubilee Singers.


Closing the progam on a Steinway grand piano, Neil sang "When God Made Me".


Inevitably, the performance of "When God Made Me" is again likely to set off another avalanche of commentary on the song's lyrics, similar to when Neil debuted the song at the Live 8 concert and again after the Hurricane Katrina Benefit telethon "Shelter From the Storm: A Concert for the Gulf Coast".


More on the week of Neil Young performances on the Conan O'Brien Show on the first night, second night, and third night.

Also, see discussion on model railroad forum on Neil on the Late Show with Conan O'Brian.

Friday, November 04, 2005

"This Old Guitar" & "The Needle and The Damage Done" on Conan Last Night


Last night, we got a two-fer and an interview with Neil on the Conan O'Brien Late Night show.

First, Neil Young performed "This Old Guitar" from "Prairie Wind" with Emmylou Harris.


Then Neil sat down with Conan and chatted. Neil discussed his brain surgery and -- in his typically wry fashion -- described the surgery as "having something on his mind removed".

conan-obrien-2005-nov-3-neil-interview-cu.jpg conan-obrien-2005-nov-3-neil-interview-cu.jpg

Neil joked about changing the tunings on all of Conan's guitars backstage. As for news, Neil mentioned that the new film by Jonathan Demme will be called "Heart of Gold". Not "Prairie Wind" as we might have expected.

Conan asked Neil about his aversion to broadcast television. Neil explained that he is a "control freak". He then went on to advise the TV audience to "Turn down the lights, turn up the sound, and put on your sunglasses". My first instinct was that maybe we'll get some electric?

But next up was a short and sweet "Needle and the Damage Done". And a wardrobe change! So who says Neil doesn't like TV?!


And for those of you curious as to what Neil's t-shirt said, a close inspection reveals:
"Just because you know a lot of chords and can play really fast, doesn't make you an expert." -- Aunt Bee

And if you must know the context, ZumaMan on Rust elaborates on Aunt Bee Taylor from the 1960's TV program Andy Griffith Show - Mayberry RFD:
"From an episode where a teacher from Raleigh comes to Mayberry to do some research with Helen Crump (Andy's girlfriend). Aunt Bee assumes he is wanting to woo her and tries to make Andy look good to him. In one scene, Aunt Bee brings out a guitar and begs Andy to play, but he defers to the teacher, who proceeds to play a classical flamingo number with lightenign fast fingers, to which Aunt Bee replies..."just because......."

Neil concludes the week as musical guest tonight.

Neil Young Day - Rome, Italy on Nov. 20th


On November 20th, Wooden Nickel (the infamous CSN&Y fanzine) and the Italian website www.rockinfreeworld.135.it will organize the "Neil Young Day", an international convention in Rome to celebrate Neil's 60th birthday.

It will be a special day with very rare & unseen footage, a special photo-exhibition with unique images, books, posters, memorabilia, a collectors' corner and an exciting evening of live music featuring several artists & bands including Young & Old, Stefano Fedele, Waterfall, Renzo Cozzani, Mr Young, Francesco Lucarelli.

As special guest-star, Billy Talbot will join us for a rare & intimate acoustic performance, presenting his solo album.

More details on www.rockinfreeworld.135.it


Thursday, November 03, 2005

Neil Performs 'The Painter' on Conan O'Brien Show


Last night, Neil performed 'The Painter' from "Prairie Wind" on Conan O'Brien Late Night show.

Neil Young is appearing all this week (November 1-4) on the program.

Neil seemed to be much more energetic than last night. No interview last night either. Will Neil talk this week? Stay tuned...

The Neil Young Nation is Here

It's always extremely gratifying when a fellow Neil fan follows his heart and dreams and realizes his vision.

While I haven't actually picked up the new book Neil Young Nation by Kevin Chong as of yet, I have every intention to. Mainly because it seems that Kevin & Thrasher have something in common. Specifically the book's sub-title: "A Quest, an Obsession (and a True Story)".

It was a year or so ago that Kevin contacted Thrasher and asked for some recollections on Neil's music and what it means to be a Neil Young fan.

Since then, Kevin set out on an adventure to discover what it really means to be a Neil fan making this a definitive account.

Kevin writes in Neil Young Nation on Neil's music:
"He bristles against expectations; he chooses spontaneity over precision, passion over perfection. This was exactly what I wanted in my life, in my art. What Young called reckless abandon."

Crisscrossing the continent, he follows the route that led Young to become a music legend. He visits Winnipeg, where Young formed his first band, the Squires; Omeemee, Young`s childhood home; Los Angeles, where Young became a rock star; and many more of Young`s former haunts. He meets rabid Neil fans, talks to people who knew Young as a kid, and puzzles over Young`s strange, sometimes contradictory pronouncements.

From The Toronto Star review by Patricia Robertson:
"It's a terrific account of one writer's wavering self-confidence, resurrected creativity and enduring passion. Neil Young Nation confirms Chong's instinctive decision to embrace Neil Young's example and head out on the open road - instead of simply assuming the fetal position in his Vancouver apartment."

From a highly coveted New York Times Book Review By GARY KAMIYA:
"Hero worship is kind of embarrassing. We've all groveled before various idols, and if we're lucky we never entirely lose whatever was real in our goo-gooing. But we usually don't talk about it in public once we grow up. The Beatle fan magazines, the posters of Joe Montana or Diana Rigg, the volumes of Ayn Rand - these things don't age well in the cask. Being starry-eyed is suitable for sonnet writers and teenagers, but at some point most of us either transform our infatuation into something deeper - like scholarship or obsession - or kiss it goodbye.

Kevin Chong, the author of "Neil Young Nation," falls somewhere between adolescent awe and mature appreciation. He's a modest and savvy enough guy that one suspects he doesn't really think that driving all over North America retracing the steps of a mythical Neil Young road trip is going to yield some kind of epiphany. But he does it anyway. The result is like watching an endless home movie in which a not very close friend visits all the houses he grew up in."

In a review in Las Vegas City LifeBY TOD GOLDBERG:
"Rust never sleeps, Neil Young sang, and in the case of Chong's book, that's never more apparent. Chong's narrative invariably slips into the ether of road song sentimentality -- visions of long, twisting highways and Neil Young on heavy rotation would do that to any writer -- yet his engaging voice, casual humor and fine ability to conjure character from the people he meets along the way (everyone from Young family friends, to wheelchair-bound tribute band drummers, to a woman who made the original hearse trip from Canada to America with Young himself) manages to pull Neil Young Nation from a point of obvious reverence to something close to understanding both of the book's subject and the author himself. When Chong finally encounters Young -- albeit on stage at Farm Aid -- the author finally is able to make the connection, that to be forever young is possible in song, but not always in life.
Neil Young Nation is love letter from a fan to his idol, and in the end that truth, that realization, carries the book beyond its sentimentality and makes it an endearing look at two artists."

From a review in the Calgary Herald by Chris Ewart (19 November 2005):
"Neil Young Nation serves as a lesson in having a good time, and also finishing what one starts. The affable Chong found following Young's road map to youthfulness a cathartic experience.

"There's this great little quote from Scott Young (Neil's father and a writer) that's in the book. What Neil learned from Scott was to 'lay yourself bare' and keep things simple. To choose passion over precision.

That's a very important lesson."

Chong is currently working on a second novel, and wants to write another book involving a road trip so he can take his friends along again. Let's hope Young figures in somehow, as Chong proves the man is far too important to leave by the side of the highway.

"Neil Young saved me from being an accountant or lawyer, so in a way, he saved my life."

As for our review? We'll just say that NYN is THE definitive Neil Young fan book.

Support Neil Young Nation by Kevin Chong. (Thanks! You'll also be supporting Thrasher's Wheat).

In other Neil Young Nation news, the Cultural Affairs Officer at the Canadian Consulate in New York is looking for some help. On November 16, Neil Young Nation author Kevin Chong will be at "The Writer`s Voice Visiting Author Series" at West Side YMCA, 5 W. 63rd Street (between Central Park West and Broadway).

The series is looking for someone who would like to volunteer to play a Neil Young song on guitar to begin the evening reading and discussion.

If you can help out, contact:
Anna Velasco
Cultural Affairs Officer
Political/Economic Relations and Public Affairs
Consulate General of Canada - New York
E: anna.velasco@international.gc.ca

More on other books about Neil Young.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Neil Performs 'Far From Home' on Conan O'Brien Show

*********UPDATE 1/23/10:********** Neil Young pays tribute to L.A. on final Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien with "Long May You Run".

UPDATE 1/21/10: Neil Young News: Conan O'Brien's Final Musical Guest: Neil Young


Last night, Neil performed 'Far From Home' from "Prairie Wind" on Conan O'Brien Late Night show.

Neil Young will be appearing all this week (November 1-4) on the program.

We'll cut Neil some slack, as he seemed a bit jet lagged. After performing and hosting this weekend's 19th Annual Bridge School Benefit Concerts and flying across the U.S. from California to New York City, it is understandable.

Here's a recap of the week of Neil Young on Conan O'Brien:
- November 1 - "Far From Home",
- November 2 - "The Painter",
- November 3 - "This Old Guitar" and "The Needle and the Damage Done" and
- November 4 - "No Wonder" & "When God Made Me".

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Neil Young Guest Hosts on Conan O'Brien


Cue up those TiVo's and VCR's!

Starting tonight (Tuesday), Neil Young will be guest hosting the Conan O'Brien Late Night show for the week (November 1-4).

This should be in-nar-resting.


Also, see Neil on Conan O'Brien - Google Search.

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neil & joni
Joni Mitchell & Neil Young

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Lynyrd Skynyrd and Neil Young


kent state Four Dead in Ohio


Rockin' In The Free World


Wilco and Neil Young


Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young


Elton John and Neil Young

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2009 in Review

Bob and Neil

What does the song mean?

Tell Us The Truth

Brighter Planet's 350 Challenge

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Neil Young on Twitpic
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