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Date: Fri, 17 Nov 1995 14:47:21 +0000
From: Anne@
Subject: Moons and Neil

Cowgirl pointed out that a moon-thread could be fun--Neil *is* kinda
occupied with moons. I let my PC do a search in its NY song files, and found
26 different moon songs.  Amazing.
Not only intriguing that Neil mentions the moon so much, what's even more
intriguing is the way there might be links within Neil's use of this word.

Someone asked for an explanation of the moon-symbolism within Neil's songs.
I've sure been wondering about that myself.  Though to me, it seems that
when NY mentions the moon it often either emphasizes the darker or
introspective sides of the personality -- or it seems to pertain to aspects
of femininity --  or both.  ;-)
But that's not exactly a new thought, in myths and folklore our Silver Luna
has probably had very profound meanings within this range ever since
prehistoric times. :-)

For those who perhaps want to see a list of NY moon-songs:

After The Goldrush: I was lyin' in a burned out basement With the full moon
  in my eyes.
Amber Jean:  Every morning got sun to shine Every day got plenty of time
  Every night there's a moon so fine  There for you, my Amber Jean.
Berlin: Lights are shining in the German sky  Cosmic walls between the
  moon and I  Don't know where I started from
Big Green Country: Across the plain flew the lone grey rider  Leather bag
  pounding on his back  Above the clouds the moon was climbing higher ...
Cinnamon Girl:  A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night, You see us
  together, chasing the moonlight..
Coastline: Oooweee, baby, what a night  That old moon sure is shinin' bright
  We'll be dancin' 'til the mornin' comes
Come On Baby Let's Go Down Town:  Sure enough, they'll be sellin' stuff
  When the moon begins to rise.  Pretty bad when you're dealin' with the man,
  And the light shines in your eyes.   [Chorus]   Snaky eyes, French fries,
  and I got lots of gas.  Full moon and a jumpin' tune, now you don't have to
Don't Let It Bring You Down:  Old man lying by the side of the road  With the
  lorries rolling by,  Blue moon sinking from the weight of the load...
Give Me Strength: I'm riding down swept road in my old car  The moon is
  almost full except for stars.
Harvest Moon:  But there's a full moon risin'  Let's go dancing in the light
  We know where the music's playin' Let's go out and feel the night..
Hawaiian Sunrise:  Pretty Maui Mama  Lying over the water  With my moon in
  your eyes  From my hotel window in the clouds  I love you right out loud..
Helpless: Blue, blue windows behind the stars, Yellow moon on the rise,
  Big birds flying across the sky, Throwing shadows on our eyes.
I'm The Ocean: On the long plain  See the rider in the night  See the
  chieftain  See the braves in cool moonlight  Who will love them...
Let It Shine:  There's a moon roof over my head, my Lord  And my Lincoln is
  still the best thing built by Ford  Let it roll, let it roll although...
Like a hurricane: Far across the moonbeam  I know that's who you are,
  I saw your brown eyes  Turning once to fire.
Opera Star:  Well you grew up on a corner  And you never missed a moonlit
Over And Over:  At night when the sky is clear and the moon is shining down
  My heart goes running back to you
Sail Away:  As long as we can sail away  There'll be wind in the canyon
  Moon on the rise  As long as we can sail away
Southern Pacific:  Roll on  Southern Pacific  On your silver rails  Through
  the moonlight
Sweet Joni:  Sweet Joni from Saskatoon  There's a ring for your finger
  It shines like the sun  But it feels like the moon.
The Old Country Waltz:  Out the window the moon shines  On the roofs of the
  cars  While I knock down tequila and salt, oh.
The Old Homestead:  Up and down the old homestead  The naked rider gallops
  through his head  And although the moon isn't full  He still feels the pull
  (...)  And the sky was darkened by a prehistoric bird  Who flew between the
  unfulfilled moon  And the naked rider...
This Old House:  Later, we came back in the moonlight  And made love right
  where the kitchen is
Thrasher:  They were hiding behind hay bales,  they were planting in the full
  moon  They had given all they had for something new
Time Fades Away:  All night sentries watch the moonglow  All are waiting till
  the time is right
Train Of Love: Sail along, sail along silver moon  Don't be blue  Throw
  shadows in my room...

Take care,
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Lady of Northern Moons

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