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Name: Bob Country: US Date: Mon Sep 30 17:35:41 2002 Comment: Have not heard it...but would like to...on neil young kick...thanks
Name: Anthony Country: Date: Sun Sep 29 22:58:26 2002 Comment: please...please...please
Name: Jake McGee Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 29 20:37:25 2002 Comment: Yes! Get this album back on the shelves! It is a wonderful reinder to today's musicians that there is NEVER a need to compromise your Expression.
Name: David DeShong Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 29 20:16:40 2002 Comment: Neil-- you are the greatest! I understand you got your reasons that are none of our business, but in this day of crap everywhere, it's CRIMINAL to have a Neil Young album--ANY of them-- out of print! Keep on...
Name: Umut Country: Turkey Date: Sun Sep 29 02:25:15 2002 Comment: une fois accompli, aucun chef d'oeuvre n'appartient seulement a son createur.
Name: Tim Taylor Country: England Date: Sat Sep 28 23:11:51 2002 Comment: It is criminal tht one of the best five albums ever has still not been released on CD. Ten million dune buggies coming 'round the mountain indeed
Name: Michael Mordaunt Country: Australia Date: Sat Sep 28 14:54:40 2002 Comment: When my kids need to hear this how are they going to find it?
Name: Heath Keane Country: Ontario Canada Date: Sat Sep 28 05:28:22 2002 Comment: Like Rusty Kershaw says- "there is good music in this album"
Name: Robert Peterson Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 27 21:34:30 2002 Comment: IT'S A CLASSIC!RELEASE IT ON CD MY ALBUM IS ABOUT DONE.
Name: chris Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 27 20:00:56 2002 Comment: I just picked this album up on vinyl for a buck, and it is awesome...definately needs to be re-released...not everyone is lucky enough to have a mint original copy
Name: Charlie Trowbridge Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 27 16:16:51 2002 Comment: This is one of my favorite albums of all time. I think it would be really appropriate to re-release it now, especially in light of what is going on with all the oil men who are now not only running our country, but who seem to be about to put us back into another war. This album was (to me anyway) always one of Mr. Young's most original and admirable efforts. Please give it back to us (I still play my vinyl copy when I can).
Name: Tony Britton Country: Australia Date: Fri Sep 27 11:34:49 2002 Comment: Pleeeeease!!!
Name: Mike Nestle Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 27 01:14:04 2002 Comment: FREE EM ALL
Name: William O'Sullivan Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 26 20:04:19 2002 Comment: Great album. It help me get through a rough time in my life. Would love to be able to have on CD so I can remember. Long Live Neil!!!!
Name: Espen Evensberget Country: Norway Date: Thu Sep 26 11:21:29 2002 Comment: None
Name: matt Country: Date: Thu Sep 26 08:05:55 2002 Comment: can't have enough neil young albums
Name: Michael Hymer Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 26 05:57:29 2002 Comment: I am a musician who learned to play back in the Harvest days picking Neil Young tunes on acoustic guitar.Neil's music was a guiding force for us growing up.There is not a lot of music currently available that I wish to purchase and I find myself trying to re-establish on CD the timeless music of my teens.Neil,please give us the opportunity to hear once again what was and is meaningful to those of us who were deeply affected by the times and the(your) music.
Name: Glenn Lamberton Country: UK Date: Wed Sep 25 23:57:38 2002 Comment: must be part of the master plan, but im getting too old to wait.
Name: Ralph Donato Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 25 18:59:35 2002 Comment: On the Beach is one of my favorite Neil Young Albums. Please release it on CD.
Name: DT Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 25 08:58:51 2002 Comment: There's nothing like this easy-dark album. It's a genre unto itself. Please release OTB!
Name: Tony Jernigan Country: United States Date: Wed Sep 25 04:37:42 2002 Comment: On the beach is the very best Neil Young recording. Do you know what it's like not to ever to be able to hear it again? Come on Neil! Release this on cd.
Name: David Bennett Country: Austin, TX, USA Date: Wed Sep 25 03:02:54 2002 Comment: On The Beach, Time Fades Away, and American Stars and Bars are all albums that need to be out. I heard Neil Young say in an interview that he didn't want to consign them to the present quality of CD sound, but that's ridiculous--I guess that sound is OK for Tonight's The Night, After The Goldrush, etc, but not for the five unreleased? Come on, release these fuckers.
Name: Steve Bowman Country: US Date: Tue Sep 24 14:20:08 2002 Comment: None
Name: David Forsyth Country: Scotland Date: Tue Sep 24 11:08:11 2002 Comment: What more can one say that hasn't already been said/ I also speak here for many NY fans who are not on line here in Scotland.
Name: John France Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 24 05:16:40 2002 Comment: There is a demand for the "On the Beach" album, it needs to be re-released.
Name: Scott Dickson Country: Canada Date: Tue Sep 24 03:30:10 2002 Comment: Release On The Beach
Name: Dane Smith Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 24 01:05:28 2002 Comment: This is a great, beautiful, dark album. Let the world have access to it!
Name: Jukka Country: Finland Date: Mon Sep 23 11:23:55 2002 Comment: I would buy it.
Name: Russell Scragg Country: Greece Date: Mon Sep 23 08:50:28 2002 Comment: Simply the best has got to be heard.
Name: Neil Heinekamp Country: us Date: Mon Sep 23 01:58:59 2002 Comment: Sure wish we knew how Neil felt about this - I'llprobaly found out more from your archives - I just love this album
Name: Sam K Country: Sweden Date: Sun Sep 22 19:10:10 2002 Comment: Still one of the best albums by Neil.
Name: Varmit Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 22 16:57:12 2002 Comment: I'd buy the CD.
Name: Hervé Le Helloco Country: France Date: Sun Sep 22 09:38:32 2002 Comment: Hé Neil ! Devra-t-on attendre votre mort pour qu'enfin vos héritiers permettent à une multitude de gens d'acheter vos CD manquants ?
Name: Steph M Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 21 09:13:29 2002 Comment: i need to hear it. please.
Name: Jedediah Learned Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 21 06:37:29 2002 Comment: An Excellent album.
Name: Bryan Country: England Date: Fri Sep 20 19:23:20 2002 Comment: I've just read "Shakey"; now I want ot hear OTB.
Name: Paul Gosselin Country: US of A Date: Fri Sep 20 04:35:09 2002 Comment: Release the album, muth'fucker.
Name: Lee Johnston Jr Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 20 03:37:03 2002 Comment: None
Name: Grant Tennille Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 19 22:05:57 2002 Comment: Please, Please, Please
Name: Ed Kopta Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 19 21:30:46 2002 Comment: I do have the vinyl edition of this, but my turntable's been kaput for years. Please help!
Name: harrie Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Sep 19 20:25:40 2002 Comment: ....I don't want to see it turn away....
Name: Scott Langley Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 19 18:21:07 2002 Comment: I bought a bootleg of 'On The Beach' that had been burned to CD. Oh, excuse me, an import. (laughs) Anyway, I feel bad about giving my money to someone else other than Neil for HIS work. If I did it all over again, I'd go buy the vinyl and burn it to CD myself. Of course, I'd rather go by the official CD in the store. ;)
Name: Allen Martin Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 19 16:58:37 2002 Comment: OTB was always one of my favorites. It seems Neil liked enough of it to include a few of the songs on "Decade" Marty
Name: justin Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 19 01:48:24 2002 Comment: walk on
Name: Josh Rubin Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 19 00:48:13 2002 Comment: HONEY SLIDES and beaches
Name: Olivier Croizier Country: France Date: Wed Sep 18 23:31:56 2002 Comment: Gravez-le en CD, cet On the beach !!! And the others left too !! (Time fades away & Cie)
Name: Leni Riefenstahl Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 18 21:14:05 2002 Comment: Neil, I'm 100 years old! Release OTB. Ya can't wait any longer...I was 72 when OTB came was released...I still remember sitting around the Reichstag (with Joseph & Rudulf) getting high on maui wowie and listening to ol' Rusty's fiddling...good times. Release On The Beach...
Name: Peter Klopfstein Country: Switzerland Date: Wed Sep 18 19:25:39 2002 Comment: As a big fan of Neil I hope to have one day such wonderful and very important CD. Thank you and all the best.
Name: ed johnson Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 18 14:36:19 2002 Comment: Great album....It deserves to be out there.
Name: Rafael Kwasigroch Country: Germany Date: Wed Sep 18 11:35:07 2002 Comment: I was lucky to buy a decent bootleg and the price was ok-ish, but I only did that as there was no other way to hear more of Neil's great work...
Name: Larry Waters Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 18 05:27:49 2002 Comment: Aw come on Neil I wore my vinyl copy is worn out. I love this album man!
Name: Blair Pearce Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 17 21:14:43 2002 Comment: Amazing Album
Name: jon kinnaman Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 17 18:34:25 2002 Comment: My favorite period for Neil: Tonights the night, Zuma, and Beach. Give Rusty a chance! Let's have it!
Name: Reinhart Heydrich Country: Germany Date: Tue Sep 17 16:51:44 2002 Comment: for Rusty & Rick
Name: Gerald McAuliffe Country: England Date: Tue Sep 17 14:56:46 2002 Comment: Ambulance Blues was one of the most formative musical experiences of my life. Please re-release OTB
Name: monk Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 17 07:47:21 2002 Comment: I've only listened to this album straight thru about 500 times. I only have two roughly hewn vinyl copies. I only have 1 mini-disc bootleg. this is the best album ever made by anyone. I only listened to it 2 times today. it makes me cry.
Name: David Wasley Country: Australia Date: Tue Sep 17 06:36:07 2002 Comment: Please release on a remastered CD with bonus tracks from the era.
Name: mark Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 17 03:49:47 2002 Comment: None
Name: Mara Country: Date: Tue Sep 17 02:05:17 2002 Comment: the essential beauty and truth of this amazing album will never fade away. I'll keep playing my vinyl when life demands nothing else, but Neil, what happens when THAT does fade away?
Name: Barry P. Saranchuk Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 16 23:58:50 2002 Comment: Hey Neil! Come on friend,stop "pissing in the wind"!We all LOVE this LP.Beat the Bootleggers ,put it out for us!
Name: Ernst Roehm Country: Deutschland Date: Mon Sep 16 23:43:44 2002 Comment: Mein Führer! Mein Führer! Release OTB bitte.
Name: Robert Nash Country: Canada Date: Mon Sep 16 16:02:32 2002 Comment: None
Name: jean Pierre LE RAY Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Sep 16 15:48:38 2002 Comment: I would like to buy "on the beach" in CD , my old vynil is dead .... Thanks in advance Neil, this record was so good and original!
Name: Boros Country: Taiwan Date: Mon Sep 16 11:20:42 2002 Comment: Had it once, but not anymore.
Name: Lea Retallick Country: New Zealand Date: Mon Sep 16 10:18:20 2002 Comment: I still got thoise Revolution Blues
Name: Steve Bellinger Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 16 03:35:53 2002 Comment: This is such a great, unique record. If OAR can be released on cd, so can this.
Name: john mcfadden Country: u.s.a Date: Mon Sep 16 01:54:07 2002 Comment: i have heard a few tracks from the album and i think they are incredible.it drives me crazy i can't find a copy. i have been an avid neil fan since i was 11 and this is the only album of his im still looking for
Name: MoonDog Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 15 07:56:04 2002 Comment: Best Neil Album there is. I have a copy my guitar teacher made for me which is fadin fast. Neil Please release this damn thing so I can show my Guitar Students! I'll buy the Cd then 10 copies of the DVD!!! Peace & Love Baby!
Name: figo Country: Ireland Date: Sat Sep 14 19:52:19 2002 Comment: Let me reiterate
Name: wes hines Country: canada Date: Fri Sep 13 22:09:34 2002 Comment: This is the last neil young album I need. I'd be happy with a taped copy of it. Don't be denied!
Name: RFK Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 13 21:25:31 2002 Comment: Some people look at OTB on CD and ask "Why?" I look at OTB on disc and say "why not???"
Name: Michael Kelleher Country: Ireland Date: Thu Sep 12 09:55:06 2002 Comment: Hate the way these record labels pretend some of NY's best albums don't exist - I am trying to put together his entire back catalogue on CD.
Name: Richard Mann Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Sep 12 06:51:06 2002 Comment: kia ora neil........ this album is my benchmark for soulful music.... it digs deeper than most! although i would love to have a turntable for vinyl the fact is i have neither.... put it on cd brother!! ofa atu
Name: Dave Gunhouse Country: Canada Date: Wed Sep 11 21:03:32 2002 Comment: None
Name: Trevor Ehlers Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 11 19:12:36 2002 Comment: I love on the beach especially Motion Pictures. I have a good record of it and man I want it on CD. I actually like American Stars and Bars too with the song Old Country Waltz...seems hard to find that one as well
Name: Robert Hauser Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Sep 11 19:09:56 2002 Comment: On The Beach is a great album! I was 13 years old when this album was released. I tried to buy this CD several times ,I was unsuccsessful. There are some really great songs on that album. Well, what are we waiting for,let's release it.
Name: Joe Yankee Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 11 15:17:05 2002 Comment: Please set OTB free on CD.
Name: brendan Country: Ireland Date: Wed Sep 11 12:53:02 2002 Comment: I've got everything else by Neil Young in various formats. OTB is like the holy grail. Just looking at the credits and who played what I know this has got to be a classic. Why sit on it when so many real fans need this music?
Name: Bernard Shakey Country: Canada Date: Tue Sep 10 23:43:00 2002 Comment: Do you expect me to go on eBay and pay 50, 100 or more dollars to get some beat up, scratchy vinyl LP? Come on Neil! Let's go downtown, roll another number and call Warner Brothers. Do it for Rusty. Honey slides for the house!
Name: mick reilly Country: ireland Date: Tue Sep 10 23:34:55 2002 Comment: have been trying to get On The Beach for years. Lost my old copy along the way.
Name: jdmars Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 10 19:28:43 2002 Comment: Neil...sooner or later it all gets real. Walk on over to phone and tell Reprise to release OTB on disc.
Name: Brian McDonnell Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 10 19:07:02 2002 Comment: Neil Rules!
Name: zera Country: germany Date: Tue Sep 10 18:39:20 2002 Comment: None
Name: Mike Berry Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 10 18:33:56 2002 Comment: I've got OTB on vinyl....what a great album. But, I would love to have a CD release as well. Then I can listen to it in my car, in my home, at work...turntables are hard to come by and maintain. I'd love to here all these great songs again. Hope a CD will in our future.
Name: Rick Hathway Country: Canada Date: Tue Sep 10 17:19:35 2002 Comment: My vinyl is unplayable thrash,the sleeve is toast, but still it sits in a milkcrate.Please Please
Name: Ron Durham Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 10 03:42:26 2002 Comment: C'mon, Neil...It's not very appreciative of you to dis your biggest fans by failing to release a great album like this on CD; one that got me through a difficult time in my life and is STILL one of my favorite Neil Young albums. Do it for the fans, Neil, if for no other reason.
Name: JD Anderson Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 9 21:34:27 2002 Comment: Neil, ...been reading "Shakey" by Jimmy McDonough. Due to Shakey...turned me onto "Tonight's the Night and "On the Beach"(OTB). I didn't even know OTB was NOT on CD??? What's up with that??? IF Tonight's the Night is on CD...then time for "On The Beach". Peace & Love.
Name: Javier Martin Garcia Lopez Country: Europe Date: Mon Sep 9 13:25:31 2002 Comment: Pleaseeee those cheap CD's i need them because my home tapes are ... ufff you know, yeah i prefer DAT but i don't have i prefer that high quality CD but nobody makes them so pleaseeeee. Please check : http://www.xrcd.com/ i think they are high quality regular CD's so maybe they are an option.
Name: Riccardo Merli Country: Italy Date: Mon Sep 9 12:03:28 2002 Comment: I pray you Neil! I'm an italian boy!!! Re-released OTB!!! See ya in Frisco Ricky
Name: Gary Davis Country: Australia Date: Mon Sep 9 09:00:38 2002 Comment: First bought the album in 74.Always had a copy.Tried to buy a cd version ,searched the world and could not find it anywhere.Now I know why.Hope Neil Young re-releases it.If not, I can live with the MP3's.
Name: Elton Enters Bald Olympics! Country: No Hair Date: Sun Sep 8 20:10:41 2002 Comment: He's going for gold in three events; The 100m Waddle, the Catch The Rentboy Challenge, and, in a combination of his two favorite activities, Blow Football. Good luck Elton!
Name: emiel Country: nl Date: Sun Sep 8 19:49:21 2002 Comment: best blues song of Neil are on On th beach
Name: Eduardo Alos Country: France Date: Sun Sep 8 19:33:03 2002 Comment: I'm a fan since more of 25 years. This album is mitical. Please.....
Name: Don Hudson Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 8 03:56:23 2002 Comment: I want to help in any way to enable this important recording to be released on compact disc. I would personally contribute, in my own small financial means, if that would help.
Name: mike nix Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 8 02:56:08 2002 Comment: This album and "American Stars and Bars" are among my faves. Release it!
Name: lonesome steve Country: U Date: Sun Sep 8 02:35:27 2002 Comment: We're on our knees here, Neil. I have six open spots in my cd collection (get the hint?)
Name: Jenny Country: UK Date: Sat Sep 7 21:51:23 2002 Comment: Release the disk! It just goes to show how timeless Neil Young is. A very talented man.
Name: Dan Nancarrow Country: Australia Date: Sat Sep 7 18:20:27 2002 Comment: I would love to hear On the Beach, please release the album Neil, for the sake of young fans who never got to hear it first time around.
Name: Joel Knif Country: FINLAND Date: Sat Sep 7 17:03:05 2002 Comment: Don't chop the palmtree on your own back...
Name: Caleb Hughes Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 7 07:04:31 2002 Comment: Pretty Please
Name: James Cobra Country: Usa Date: Sat Sep 7 02:02:38 2002 Comment: We need it
Name: Alan Lyons Country: Scotland Date: Sat Sep 7 01:40:26 2002 Comment: At a mere 22, I'm only now beginning to realise the wonder of Young. Please I beg to hear this mythical record!
Name: john dolezal Country: US Date: Fri Sep 6 22:20:04 2002 Comment: Love this album...
Name: Danny Gray Country: ENGLAND Date: Fri Sep 6 15:29:41 2002 Comment: Yeah lets finish our Neil Collections DAMMIT!
Name: Gion Turturro Country: U.s.a. Date: Fri Sep 6 14:36:45 2002 Comment: We want On the beach !!! We want On the beach !!! We want On the beach !!! We want On the beach !!!
Name: PATRICK Country: FRANCE Date: Thu Sep 5 22:59:15 2002 Comment: One of the best album of Neil, why ?
Name: Mike Johnston Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 5 16:39:18 2002 Comment: One of the touchstone albums of my life.
Name: toni picciano Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 5 03:39:45 2002 Comment: None
Name: Gil Varney, Jr. Country: Date: Thu Sep 5 00:01:17 2002 Comment: None
Name: Pete Brownlow Country: UK Date: Wed Sep 4 23:38:20 2002 Comment: Come on man! We love this stuff - I need to hear it soon.
Name: Christopher McClure Country: Ireland Date: Wed Sep 4 23:09:16 2002 Comment: Neil, you know this [great] album is going to be re-released one day, so it may as well be with you controling, rather than your estate.
Name: G. B. Kuipers Country: holland Date: Wed Sep 4 16:46:58 2002 Comment: I'm just curious to hear it!
Name: Bill Ernst Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 4 09:30:10 2002 Comment: Neil, please release "On The Beach" on CD or at least on vinyl again. My old original vinyl is hacked from too much playing. One of my favorite albums of all time. The album has meant a lot to me in times gone past and still does. A true friend, if an album can be that, if there ever was.
Name: Robert German Country: Germany Date: Wed Sep 4 06:19:31 2002 Comment: A great album composed & performed in a Honey Slide haze--one of the few records that you can play the morning after that doesn't make you regret that wild night you're now recovering from.
Name: Sunil Bald Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 4 03:37:14 2002 Comment: My favorite Neil. Had an original cassette, but my it finally wore through. pity
Name: Lago Simone Country: Italy Date: Tue Sep 3 19:33:07 2002 Comment: One of the most beautiful album ever!
Name: randy scott Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 3 15:40:28 2002 Comment: vampire blues,I cant get over it.please my album is worn.PLEASE RE-RELEASE,I cant find anywhere
Name: Robert Le Plar Country: UK Date: Tue Sep 3 00:23:27 2002 Comment: Bought this album when it came out and it's still my favourite Neil Young album. I really don't care what Neil thinks of CD's.I think he's got an obligation to his fans to put the thing out. It's a testament to his genius after all.
Name: stefan Country: netherlands Date: Mon Sep 2 20:19:29 2002 Comment: when OTB originally realeased i wasn't even born (i'm from '85). But I like the record very much and with so manny other fans I hope OTB will soon be released to make a accessible for my and next generations.
Name: Dave Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 2 11:10:34 2002 Comment: This is a great record and it's a disservice to those Neil Young fans that we can't go buy it. My copy of the original Reprise cassette doesn't do this justice. Neil is too vital an artist to not have any of his catalog out of print. Please bring back this into circulation, as well as "Time Fades Away". Thank you for listening.
Name: Mikkel Knif Country: Sweden Date: Sun Sep 1 20:29:34 2002 Comment: Not everyone can afford buying records on different formats! Release On The Beach on CD now! And while your doing it, release all of the "missing six" albums that are not available on CD!
Name: Craig McKibbin Country: UK Date: Sun Sep 1 18:59:50 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach on CD. I must admit i already bought it from a dodgy fake CD stall - but it wasn't until I'd searched high and low for it in the shops first. It's the most lyrically adept album Neil Young has done and if he released it officially, i'd buy it again properly (and I'm a financially crippled student).
Name: Andreas Lundvall Country: Sweden Date: Sun Sep 1 11:21:18 2002 Comment: C'mon..
Name: jack Country: Date: Sun Sep 1 08:31:44 2002 Comment: bought a cd copy on ebay for 60 dollars. keep it to yourself......yeah right! Keep being stubborn, I'll sell it for $90! Thanks!
Name: steve johnson Country: Date: Sun Sep 1 06:04:57 2002 Comment: None
Name: Terry Jacobs Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 1 01:27:21 2002 Comment: Neil, On the Beach is such a great album. We've been listening to it all these years on a now ratty old cassette. Sure would like to have it on CD. I know you still like many of the songs from this album, as we saw you perform Ambulance Blues at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas a few years ago. Loved hearing it. It is such a classic, and only on this album. Thanks, Terry
Name: casey hyma Country: Canada Date: Sun Sep 1 00:37:19 2002 Comment: None

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