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Name: Raymond Ghysels Country: Luxembourg Date: Sat Aug 31 23:05:18 2002 Comment: Dear Neil, What could I say ? You see, even in tiny Luxembourg (450.000 inhabitants), you find a moron like me to wish for a new release of this magnificent album ? How about a new vinyl release, at least ? Still love you though. Take care.
Name: josh hawkins Country: U.S. Date: Sat Aug 31 22:49:45 2002 Comment: this one is a must have. PLEASE RELEASE IT ON DISC!!!!!!! -------
Name: Paul Griffin Country: Great Britain Date: Fri Aug 30 14:39:57 2002 Comment: I was one of those who bought the original at the time, had it stolen and can't get another copy! Please re-release it. Thank you.
Name: Kevin S Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 30 05:49:29 2002 Comment: None
Name: Bob Ryan Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 30 00:40:15 2002 Comment: when people were trying to convince me that the new guy, Dan Fogelberg, was the best yet... I played them On the Beach. They stared at me like I had two heads. But I still think this is a great record. "Ambulance Blues" alone would secure Young's place in history.
Name: Pierre Camus Country: Belgium Date: Thu Aug 29 15:59:14 2002 Comment: Neil has good reasons to defend the vinyl against the CD but no reason to deprive his fans of one of his best albums ever.
Name: Mike May Country: England Date: Thu Aug 29 15:37:48 2002 Comment: C'omon Neil MAKE us HAPPY at last. Love the album cover.
Name: Lee Swinford Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 28 16:58:48 2002 Comment: This was a great albumn. I really would like to add this to my Neil Young CD collection, with a good copy of the album that is not intensively remixed (like Trans).
Name: Allan 'Mulgy' Mulgrew Country: Scotland Date: Wed Aug 28 15:53:10 2002 Comment: not my fave NY album but still one i would love to have
Name: Gabriel Lopez Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 28 04:32:44 2002 Comment: I would love to hear the album come out and also the release of the missing six albums
Name: bill coristine Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 28 03:03:06 2002 Comment: None
Name: John McCarthy Country: Canada Date: Tue Aug 27 07:32:25 2002 Comment: just read the interview. Who do you think you are? Todd Rundgren? It's all about the music! Not technology! I was very surprised! Just play the music!!!
Name: Bill Country: us of a Date: Tue Aug 27 06:14:06 2002 Comment: just kiding really need to do it i can understand why not but all these people went to all this ? i guess they want it so give em what they want you always do at live shows anyway. Go for it bro
Name: weez Country: INNER SPACE Date: Tue Aug 27 06:03:39 2002 Comment: FUCK EM DON'T RELEASE IT I WOULDN'T BESIDES I GOT ONE I STOLE IT IN ZIMBAWE..AND I WANT TO COPY IT AND SELL IT 1000000000 TIMES AND GET BIG BUCKS AND HANG WITH YOU ALL HIGH FALUTEEN DUDES AND THEN LEARN HOW TO REALLY RIP PEOPLE (rich) off and then hang wid the real big dudes like bobby dillon and barbie strisant & tenny tim and you no the rest of there names. but if you want copys email me @ fuzzy@dabighouse.gov got to go the heats cumin
Name: Country: Date: Tue Aug 27 05:49:06 2002 Comment: None
Name: Rick Selby Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 27 05:45:29 2002 Comment: None
Name: Lee Bullock Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 26 22:15:30 2002 Comment: "On the Beach" has some sublime musical moments and the music wants to be heard. Don't let it go away Neil. Open up your heart (and the CD trove). My LP is wearing out and I want to continue to enjoy both the great music and lyrics!
Name: Graham Watt Country: UK Date: Mon Aug 26 20:07:07 2002 Comment: Please Neil let us have ON THE BEACH on CD. It's one of your finer recordings and deserves to be heard by your newer fans.
Name: Matthew L. Weiss Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 26 18:35:24 2002 Comment: Please! I want to hear it and I don't own a record player!
Name: Jelmer Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Aug 26 14:55:25 2002 Comment: Please release on the beach for everyone to enjoy
Name: rob miles Country: australia Date: Mon Aug 26 09:18:20 2002 Comment: release it! i've been missing it for years
Name: Brendan Turley Country: Ireland Date: Sun Aug 25 16:15:57 2002 Comment: I have been a fan for years and particularly of this album. I was a bit disappointed there was not more information about this album on 'Decade'. I will be a great day in the history of popular music when ‘On The Beach’ is released. B.T.
Name: Hank Friedman Country: United States o Date: Sat Aug 24 22:52:16 2002 Comment: None
Name: Eric Country: US Date: Sat Aug 24 06:42:44 2002 Comment: Heard OTB 1 time back in 1983 and I'm stil waiting. I have just about everything else of Neil's. OTB would be the crowning jewel.
Name: jerry crawford Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 24 02:41:28 2002 Comment: Is there any album that better catches the ennui of the early 70s?
Name: Country: Date: Fri Aug 23 19:44:08 2002 Comment: None
Name: kurt Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 23 02:15:57 2002 Comment: Neil must believe that OTB is special and he is waiting until he has the time to personally oversee the digital remasters. Go Neil. Re-release it.
Name: Stefano Rizzo Country: Italy Date: Fri Aug 23 02:15:28 2002 Comment: Can you imagine the sad life of a 25 old man that can't hear On the beach? Stefano Rizzo
Name: Roger Gean Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 22 19:03:24 2002 Comment: love OTB, please release it on CD
Name: Daniele Prati Country: Italy Date: Thu Aug 22 17:11:22 2002 Comment: None
Name: Enrico Bernardi Country: Italy Date: Thu Aug 22 16:14:27 2002 Comment: I need this album on cd!!! Now I got only the cd! I would like this album early in the morning. Thanks
Name: dan Country: uk Date: Thu Aug 22 06:42:15 2002 Comment: i want this record and time fades away - i can live without reactor :)
Name: Ralph Pite Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 21 23:09:29 2002 Comment: One of the best. I've only ever heard it on bootleg tapes. Give it to us again.
Name: Paul van de Wiel Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Aug 21 17:19:35 2002 Comment: I bought On The Beach in 1974 and for years it was a great comfort to me. When my marriage broke down I had to leave the album behind. The audio cassette I made a copy on is now completely worn out. I miss OTB.
Name: Richard Hall Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 21 17:15:16 2002 Comment: Why not?
Name: Rachael Country: Australia Date: Wed Aug 21 10:05:16 2002 Comment: Pleeeeease put this on CD - my Dad's album copy is wearing out!
Name: Mark Fisher Country: New Mexico, USA Date: Tue Aug 20 19:29:25 2002 Comment: Please rerelease this and "Tine Fades AWay" as well, 2 of my favorites that I haven't been able to hear for over 20 years........
Name: Dean Wells Country: England Date: Tue Aug 20 15:06:47 2002 Comment: It's always the one we love the best that doesn't get a decent cd reissue.Come on Neil,some of your best stuff needs to be heard!!!
Name: Aaron Lagas Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 19 23:35:03 2002 Comment: None
Name: David Stern Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 19 22:44:34 2002 Comment: None
Name: Matt Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 19 22:22:23 2002 Comment: Homemade CDs of this (most of them from a near mint copy of the LP) can be found quite easily via trades. I've got one and it sounds great. Check out the Rust List. Someone will hook you up.
Name: Nicholas Kennedy Country: Ireland Date: Mon Aug 19 20:06:21 2002 Comment: None
Name: janpeter Country: Date: Mon Aug 19 18:04:32 2002 Comment: come on ! why re-releasing something shitty like 'landing on water' and not the masterpiece 'on the beach'??? neil certainly works in mysterious ways...
Name: Peter Gruenwald Country: Germany Date: Mon Aug 19 13:56:04 2002 Comment: please release otb...I'm addicted to your music and i need that stuff badly
Name: Jim McAllister Country: Scotland Date: Sun Aug 18 19:54:19 2002 Comment: Ho,Big man,hurry up and release "On the beach" the tides comin' in!!!
Name: Charles Page Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 18 19:48:52 2002 Comment: neil,being the god of all things that rock please release on the beach and the other 5.yeah i know cds suck but me and the rest of the fans need to hear the great songs that are on these records.its your decision but rock fans need something to come out that rocks instead of the crap bands that are coming out now
Name: Paul Davies Country: Wales Date: Sat Aug 17 18:10:12 2002 Comment: We've been moaning about this for years - its good to see someone has at least got a petition going. Great music is forever.
Name: jack miller Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 17 04:26:52 2002 Comment: my favorite album by young
Name: Anders Age Country: Sweden Date: Fri Aug 16 16:04:00 2002 Comment: I would like to hear it. Please release it.
Name: Haakon Jaatun Country: Norway Date: Fri Aug 16 15:50:53 2002 Comment: We want On the Beach!!!
Name: Håkan Pettersson Country: Sweden Date: Fri Aug 16 10:23:36 2002 Comment: Release please!!!!
Name: Danny Michau Country: Date: Fri Aug 16 02:06:09 2002 Comment: I would love to see a great MIA album like this back in the catalog. I recently found an MP3 of the entire album on Filetopia (128 quality), which sounds pretty good. Also, a campaign with Rhino Handmade might bring some results.
Name: Kristian Goddard Country: England Date: Thu Aug 15 16:09:10 2002 Comment: 'On The Beach' is one of the best albums ever. Why has it not been granted a CD reissue?
Name: guy Country: israel Date: Thu Aug 15 14:43:16 2002 Comment: it's time!
Name: oded Country: israel Date: Thu Aug 15 14:42:02 2002 Comment: It's about time to release it! :-)
Name: Dave Cooke Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 15 09:39:43 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil! I've got to have those revolution blues!
Name: jim manley Country: us Date: Thu Aug 15 08:33:22 2002 Comment: From Homer to Puako the air is incomplete. Fiberous neurons hold these songs along with my youth. Fill the air!!!
Name: Jim Driggs Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 15 06:13:58 2002 Comment: Great Album. Would buy the cd in a heartbeat! Too many scratches on the album to enjoy anymore!
Name: Robert Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 15 05:34:11 2002 Comment: truer words have never been spoken.......or sung and felt! thanks neiler! I'll live with my 25 year old cassette tape until it is released. It has been from the west coast to the east coast. I hope it holds out.
Name: benjamin n block Country: US of fuckin A! Date: Thu Aug 15 00:50:43 2002 Comment: None
Name: Jim Monteith Country: Scotland Date: Thu Aug 15 00:39:37 2002 Comment: I bought On the Beach when it first came out as an LP ( I'm 49 ) but my record collection has been through some changes since then. I still have a treasured copy on cassette but a new CD would be worth buying, it is my favourite Neil Young album.
Name: john Country: England Date: Wed Aug 14 21:17:28 2002 Comment: Definitely need this and No Other by Gene Clark!
Name: Dave Saint Country: Date: Wed Aug 14 14:03:04 2002 Comment: Im 43 years old and have always known of and liked what I heard of you but never really gave you a chance. I have just this year tried Decade absolutely loved it, been buying your back catologue and just can't get enougth of your music. My only regret is not finding you sooner but it is great discovering this fantastic work all at once. Please release On The Beach!
Name: Josh Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 14 02:00:12 2002 Comment: I'm a younger Neil fan and I don't know anything about vinyl at all, and am stuck with crappy mp3s. Release the Missing Six!
Name: Bill Nicholson Country: Scotland Date: Tue Aug 13 20:15:36 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil, you know it makes sense.
Name: Dan Buxbaum Country: US Date: Tue Aug 13 17:57:12 2002 Comment: I heard the title track on Pacifica Radio (in NYC) the other night, and couldn't believe that I had never heard such a great Neil Young song before! This made me want to hear the whole album--now I find out it's OOP--what a drag. Powerful emotion in that song--and what soulful guitar playing! "I went to a radio interview, and ended up alone with a microphone." Man, I want to hear this track again--if I knew it was out of print, I would have taped it. Damn!
Name: Ken Dozeman Country: Date: Tue Aug 13 15:56:37 2002 Comment: Please release "On the Beach" on CD - my record is about worn out
Name: Carlos Artur Behrmann Country: Brazil Date: Tue Aug 13 13:58:55 2002 Comment: None
Name: David Macarthur Country: Australia Date: Tue Aug 13 09:25:00 2002 Comment: On The Beach is, I contest, the best album Neil ever made. E.g. Walk On is brilliant; I love the guttural twang of For The Turnstiles; and Ambulance Blues is simply transcendent. I applaud this web-site for its mission to have this great album released on CD. Bravo!
Name: Don Lee Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 13 09:14:25 2002 Comment: I never knew a man could tell so many lies he had a different story for every set of eyes How can he remember who he's talkin' to cuz I know it ain't me and I hope it isn't you
Name: noel Country: new zealand Date: Tue Aug 13 06:58:27 2002 Comment: hey neil baby just do it and get it off your back
Name: Aldo Country: Italy Date: Mon Aug 12 14:02:06 2002 Comment: Please this and America Stars... back on the stores. aldo
Name: Michael Hurwitz Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 12 12:48:27 2002 Comment: Please re-release on the beach..Thank you!
Name: Chuck Maas Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 12 05:30:50 2002 Comment: None
Name: Shandy Whitaker Country: UK Date: Sun Aug 11 22:44:28 2002 Comment: Please Neil, my cassette of On The Beach was stolen in Zimbabwe. I need the CD now. Thanks
Name: pedro Country: new zealand Date: Sun Aug 11 13:00:04 2002 Comment: i cant get enough of this album. In my humble opinion its on a par with harvest. I need this album on cd. NOW!
Name: henrik lundberg Country: Sweden Date: Sun Aug 11 12:01:42 2002 Comment: None
Name: nick satterfield Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 11 01:51:15 2002 Comment: None
Name: Joe Asta Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 10 21:09:23 2002 Comment: On The Beach and Time Fades Away (I had that one on 8-Track) were my first two Neil Young records. It is frustrating that they are not available on CD. Both are great records.
Name: covis Country: taiwan Date: Sat Aug 10 20:41:16 2002 Comment: I want nothing but CD!!!!!!!
Name: andrew wooldridge Country: england Date: Sat Aug 10 17:35:48 2002 Comment: this album is the best thing ever RELEASE IT NOW
Name: C J Bingham Country: North Ireland Date: Sat Aug 10 13:17:32 2002 Comment: Lovely album, what more can I say?
Name: daniel Country: belgium Date: Sat Aug 10 09:36:25 2002 Comment: Release this little gem, it's just great music
Name: Richard Schmitt Jr. Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 10 07:45:13 2002 Comment: OTB has always been my favorite Neil Young LP. It came out just as I was beginning my senior year of HS. Transcendental, spellbinding masterpieces. I have 2 vinyl copies, but would buy the CD to save the vinyl and to use in the car. Ambulance Blues may be my favorite NY song. I'm reading Shakey right now and the story of OTB is quite "innaresting". Great book by the way. Can't put it down. Thanks to you Neil for always being there.
Name: Michael Price Country: England Date: Fri Aug 9 22:55:45 2002 Comment: A very good friend tells me this is N. Young's finest. Ideally I'd like to say "Are you mental - it's Tonight's, you mental bastard!" Unfortunately I aint never heard it.
Name: Andrew Neuhauser Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 9 22:16:33 2002 Comment: None
Name: Josh Country: canada Date: Fri Aug 9 21:07:30 2002 Comment: I've never heard half the songs on it and people tell me they're great please release it
Name: Shawn O'Brien Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 8 19:01:50 2002 Comment: On the Beach, Tonights the Night, and Zuma are my favorite Neil albums. They cut to the core of the matter! Thank goodness for my turntable!
Name: chris Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 8 12:50:43 2002 Comment: c'mon Neil......release the damn thing......it's a great album.........a release the other 5 too.......pleeeeeeaze.....you're depriving your fans of works of art.
Name: Rich Fierce Country: US Date: Wed Aug 7 20:58:39 2002 Comment: Don't have it. Have never heard it. Have everything else available on CD, a bit on vinyl and tape. Would like to buy it. What gives?
Name: Adam McPine Country: New Zealand Date: Wed Aug 7 05:52:18 2002 Comment: yer all just pissin' in the wind you don't know it but you are... don't re-release Neil! Some thing's are just too locked in time and space to make sense anywhere else.
Name: Steve Slade Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 6 21:38:43 2002 Comment: None
Name: mad scientist Country: Date: Tue Aug 6 16:14:50 2002 Comment: why is this not in print on CD?? why are ANY neil young albums out of print??? i wasn't aware of this til I started getting more into young's music and am baffled at how this can be ...
Name: Country: Date: Tue Aug 6 01:05:53 2002 Comment: None
Name: Scott Fendley Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 5 21:51:39 2002 Comment: Please release the rest of the Reprise catalog. Please!
Name: jon Country: scotland Date: Mon Aug 5 10:54:24 2002 Comment: i've been a neil fan for thirty years and `on the beach' is still my favourite lp. why won't he re-release it: beacuse he's an 'onery bastard!
Name: Avard Fahey Country: Canada Date: Mon Aug 5 04:49:59 2002 Comment: Ok all I have to say is that this album is possibably the most underrated album ever. Not a bad song on there. We need to get this out there!!!
Name: Aaron Whan Country: Thailand Date: Mon Aug 5 04:16:04 2002 Comment: I am a huge fan of Neil, but a quite recent one at that. I am reading that this album is supposed to be his greatest. Now, if that is true, and what with supposedly lesser albums existing like "After The Goldrush" , "Tonight's The Night" and "Rust Never Sleeps", Neil owes it to his fans to release this. Neil, you are the man, get this in the shops please.
Name: Chris Smith Country: Canada Date: Sun Aug 4 23:38:18 2002 Comment: Neil young is #1 It is my goal to own every possible album!
Name: Sal Barone Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 4 22:38:31 2002 Comment: I think a person's works should not be held back from his fans and peers. He works hard at making his works available to the world and they should not be held back for what ever reason.
Name: the loner Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 4 17:41:01 2002 Comment: I think Neil should re-release any material that we the fans can't presently get our hands on. We just dig your style Neil!
Name: Hans Gieles & Francis Boeske Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Aug 4 17:06:26 2002 Comment: It seems to be an ommission in the new "Shakey" biography that isn't quetioned (i.e. tortured) thoroughly on the Missing Six. Even though I'm listening to a wonderful vinyl copy while writing this message, please, Neil, please ....
Name: Gary Country: New Zealand Date: Sun Aug 4 09:18:34 2002 Comment: Come on Neil - On the Beach is one of THE best albums EVER. Keep the Jive Alive!
Name: gillian voight Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Aug 4 04:40:39 2002 Comment: Dear Neil, I'll just think of you as one I could never figure. Please release the album.
Name: robert Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 4 02:25:21 2002 Comment: release it or tell us why not...
Name: timmy henry Country: united states Date: Sun Aug 4 01:17:45 2002 Comment: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BRING IT BACK! THANKS, AND KEEP THE GREAT TUNES COMING!
Name: Kyle L. Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 3 20:49:49 2002 Comment: Unbelievable album.
Name: Stuart Warren Country: UK Date: Sat Aug 3 18:01:04 2002 Comment: I only know one person with a vinyl copy - stangely enough he won't sell!
Name: Bill Kaluza Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 3 16:39:27 2002 Comment: It's always been a favorite for the truly discerning.
Name: Carlos Alberdi Country: Date: Fri Aug 2 23:30:15 2002 Comment: None
Name: Greg Fluker Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 1 22:03:49 2002 Comment: None
Name: Roelof de Jong Country: Date: Thu Aug 1 13:41:16 2002 Comment: Please!
Name: Steven Tonge Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 1 10:39:54 2002 Comment: Just release it on a nice CD, damm it! I had to spend fucking ages downloading it, which pissed me off and cost you money!!
Name: Billy Simpson Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 1 06:17:08 2002 Comment: I have the entire Neil collection on vinyl. Unfortunately you can't play them in your car. Neil you need to release everything onto CD to make my life complete.

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