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Name: Paul Beroza Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 31 23:07:05 2002 Comment: very surprised to learn this was not on cd. One of my favorite NY albums. Also fun to see that others feel the same way. So count me in. Please let your music hear the light of day!
Name: Graeme Lynch Country: Scotland Date: Thu Oct 31 04:57:24 2002 Comment: Great site - righteous petition!
Name: Travis Cann Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 30 21:04:04 2002 Comment: None
Name: Simon Marchant Country: Switzerland Date: Wed Oct 30 16:37:32 2002 Comment: Great record - Ambulance Blues an all time favourite - please let it free!
Name: Laurie Walker Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 29 20:24:44 2002 Comment: Please release 'On The Beach'. I'm 55 and I don't know how much longer I can hold out!
Name: Cliff Ord Country: UK Date: Tue Oct 29 18:27:24 2002 Comment: At least re-release it on vinyl.C'mon, Neil.
Name: josh jones Country: us Date: Mon Oct 28 19:08:50 2002 Comment: Once the music is created it becomes part of our collective consciousness. And seeking to supress may be within one's legal bounds, it will eventually prove futile. More importantly though, that album fucking rocks and I want a copy...
Name: Bryan Henderson Country: Scotland Date: Mon Oct 28 00:19:46 2002 Comment: I saw Neil on the TTN tour (1975) in Bristol when he refused to play anything from Harvest (and ATG) despite many requests. Numerous people walked out before the end. This is the only time I have seen an artist do this however it was a memorable show. Neil is a unique artist who does things his way. This is part of his greatness!!
Name: Thomas de Kievit Country: The Netherlands Date: Sun Oct 27 19:59:11 2002 Comment: Just do it, and makes lots of fans happy. I will buy it, if it comes out!!!!!!!!!
Name: Eric Brombacher Country: Canada Date: Sun Oct 27 18:22:10 2002 Comment: Neil, Please release On the Beach and American Stars and Bars -- they are classics in waiting.
Name: Elizabeth Newkirk Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 27 03:56:51 2002 Comment: None
Name: peter kemmett Country: England Date: Sat Oct 26 14:49:21 2002 Comment: None
Name: Mark Woodland Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 25 22:45:45 2002 Comment: I find this album, along with Tonight's the Night, and Everybody Know's this is Nowhere to be the quintessential Neil Young albums. Set me on a desert island with these 3 albums of his and I'll be happy.
Name: J. DeQuattro Country: NJ - USA Date: Fri Oct 25 21:54:11 2002 Comment: Please release, this is one I don't have in my collection. From what I hear on this site, the tunes are great.
Name: steve cole Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 25 19:08:24 2002 Comment: I want Time Fades away too!
Name: Colin Kendall Country: UK Date: Fri Oct 25 13:24:10 2002 Comment: Come on Neil, I'm tired of listening to this crappy pirate CD (sorry, I had to buy it - needed a fix !)
Name: Peter Hohenstein Country: UK Date: Thu Oct 24 21:00:01 2002 Comment: why not?
Name: peter laumark Country: usa Date: Thu Oct 24 14:58:41 2002 Comment: don't wait until i'm dead ! hawks & doves is my favorite n.y. album and my lousy reprise - issued cassette wore out MANY YEARS AGO. release the missing six while we're all still here to appreciate them. none of us are getting any YOUNGer, baldy ...
Name: DUBOIS Country: FRANCE Date: Thu Oct 24 14:41:26 2002 Comment: IL FAUT A TOUT PRIX LE RESSORTIR EN CD ! Je l'écoute tous les soirs dans une version CD remasterisé par un ami à partir du vinyl original que je possède aussi. Mais çà gratte un peu ! Je suis même prêt à participer financièrement à l'opération s'il le faut, ce sera ma BA de l'année. Please Mister Neil Young, we need it.
Name: Ville Hytonen Country: Finland Date: Thu Oct 24 08:08:00 2002 Comment: I've tried to find the lp for years, haven't found it. I found the title song from the web and it made me to look even harder..Can' wait to hear the rest of the album.
Name: Chris Pick Country: England Date: Wed Oct 23 22:51:36 2002 Comment: None
Name: Kalle Vastamäki Country: FINLAND Date: Wed Oct 23 17:25:38 2002 Comment: Please, Neil! I prevented your Les Paul to be stolen in Helsinki. I hope that previous sentence was english language. You could give me the right to spend my money on your music.
Name: neal Country: australia Date: Wed Oct 23 12:51:21 2002 Comment: neil is real
Name: Terry Kreidler Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 22 22:56:25 2002 Comment: By far my favorite Neil Young album of his long and illustrious career. I have worn out my vinyl copy and two cassettes.
Name: Nadine Orzechowski Country: Date: Tue Oct 22 22:34:52 2002 Comment: None
Name: Eltjo Cleton Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Oct 22 22:31:17 2002 Comment: I would love to buy the CD, but as long as I can't get it I will share the MP3's on my Kazaa shared folder.
Name: Olaf Hüttner Country: Germany Date: Tue Oct 22 18:19:28 2002 Comment: None
Name: Per Stenberg Country: Sweden Date: Mon Oct 21 14:52:11 2002 Comment: I really miss 'the missing six' and foremost OTB. Please make them availible on CD!
Name: Mike Gordon Country: England Date: Mon Oct 21 14:33:04 2002 Comment: I have OTB on vinyl and played it again the other day for the first time in ages. Makes me want to dig out all of my old Neil vinyl stuff - Hawks and Doves, Reactor, Time Fades Away etc - and remind myself how good it still is.
Name: Brian Tarsnane Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 20 23:16:39 2002 Comment: None
Name: Willem van Weelden Country: The netherlands Date: Sun Oct 20 14:30:12 2002 Comment: This is my favourite Neil Young album. I've downloaded mp3's of the entire album (via napster) because both my vinyl copies are too worn off by endless playin' them. Please release the CD and I will gladly pay for the album! Is there a chance that the entire score will be publisehed? ciao, Willem
Name: Sebastien Lacroix Country: Canada Date: Sun Oct 20 04:45:24 2002 Comment: My good friend is a true fan of yours, he got two copies of the vinyl of "on the beach" : one to listen, the other one he preserve it! I listen to this album, and I like it very much. Life is short M.Young, we live on emotions, not on hi-fi quality sound. Well that's my point on view!
Name: Dennis Beam Country: United States Date: Sun Oct 20 01:27:16 2002 Comment: None
Name: Weldon Stanfield Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 20 00:54:12 2002 Comment: Have looked rverywhere for years for this. i love this piece of work. It brings me back man.
Name: Simon Boddis Country: England Date: Sat Oct 19 21:40:15 2002 Comment: The best album ever - my vinyl copy is worn out. C'mon put it out on CD.
Name: Vincent Fernan Country: Switzerland Date: Sat Oct 19 19:05:11 2002 Comment: As a fan of Neil Young and having read reviews about this album and especially a chapter in the book "Neil Young, Love to Burn" by Paul Wiiliams I would like the opportunity to check out the music. Please release the album on Vinyl or cd.
Name: Thom Country: UK Date: Sat Oct 19 18:58:49 2002 Comment: None
Name: Joe Doak Country: UK Date: Sat Oct 19 15:55:05 2002 Comment: It's funny that I landed here, but I fully support the petition. I didn't realise that it hadn't been released on CD, and was seeking to buy it so that I'd be able to play the title track (at least) at my funeral! Let's hope Neil agrees to release it before I die!
Name: Willem Jan Kerssen Country: The Netherlands Date: Fri Oct 18 23:09:29 2002 Comment: This one and the other missing albums too
Name: John Skowronski Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 18 08:24:51 2002 Comment: Neil's music has been a major part of the soundtrack of my life with OTB playing a big role in my teenage years. It'd be good to hear it again.
Name: Rob Allen Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 18 03:57:43 2002 Comment: Fellow winnipeggers need a fresh OTB....come on Neil Re-Release it man!
Name: Marijn Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Oct 17 18:09:40 2002 Comment: Please release that CD!!!
Name: ron kavanagh Country: australia Date: Thu Oct 17 11:27:18 2002 Comment: a great , great record its a pity i cant hear the bloody thing . get to it neil , why not rerecord it and produce it the way you want it to sound . lets have ON THE BEACH . a big thank you for all the great music over the years .
Name: ron Country: australia Date: Thu Oct 17 11:17:54 2002 Comment: oh come on neil , it has to be released on cd . i put on the beach up there with gold rush, harvest, sleeps with angles and rust never sleeps , please let it come out on cd ,,,, are you passionate to your fans ? they are to you ,
Name: Borsa, Philippe Country: New caledonia Date: Thu Oct 17 08:29:17 2002 Comment: I had the vinyl but this was borrowed by someone a long time ago and never reappeared ! I am since then desperately in search of a CD version, since a CD player is the only material I can take with me when I travel and I do that all the time Philippe
Name: John Bolanakis Country: Canada Date: Wed Oct 16 22:15:00 2002 Comment: None
Name: John Mackay Country: Australia Date: Wed Oct 16 16:07:52 2002 Comment: I have an old scratchy vinyl version of "On the Beach", i paid $120:00 for it in a rare record shop. Please release it on CD, I want to at least here it, in a non scratchy version.
Name: Mark Kilian Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 16 06:45:37 2002 Comment: One has to admire the obsessive tenacity of this site. As a veteran live performance fan (lucky thirteen and counting) of Neil's, I now crave more than ever the sweet strains of On The Beach material at the next Detroit show. I have an old vinyl copy that requires my immediate attention. "You can really learn a lot that way.."
Name: Carey Luxford Country: Canada Date: Wed Oct 16 05:55:16 2002 Comment: If the sound quality is an issue, why not a dual layer SACD? (That way I could still listen to it, but it would sound more "correct" for those of us who do have the capability).
Name: Jon Harstedt Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 16 05:43:20 2002 Comment: I can't believe I'm not listening to this album right now.
Name: Jan Peter Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Oct 15 23:20:36 2002 Comment: Most of the people interested transferred the vinyl to CDr, so what's the point not to release?
Name: matt Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 15 21:46:29 2002 Comment: at the beach is good.
Name: David Gary Smith Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 15 05:00:27 2002 Comment: Yo Neil. What's the deal? Why not release On the Beach? why not release all of your work? Let's face it, the people who care about your work will get it; the others don't matter. We are there for you Shakey.
Name: Gina DiGregorio Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 15 03:53:26 2002 Comment: On The Beach is a superb album, perhaps my favourite Neil Young record. Introduce it to a whole new generation of fans, release it man!
Name: riccardo Country: italy Date: Mon Oct 14 16:59:15 2002 Comment: i have OTB on long-play(i bought it second hand and i paid it very much)but it's getting old.i need it on modern tecnology(cd).i wanna greet to all the neil fans....ciao!!!
Name: Tim Wakeman Country: U.S.of A. Date: Mon Oct 14 15:03:55 2002 Comment: A CD release of this would be great! The one thing I'd surly miss are the snap, crackle and pops of the record. It REALLY seems to add to the mood of the whole album. Tim
Name: Abel Renton Country: Canada Date: Mon Oct 14 00:33:44 2002 Comment: I hunted down this record for all my friends...it is one of the greatest albums of all time, and needs to be heard.
Name: Peter Kuebber Country: Germany Date: Sun Oct 13 13:05:30 2002 Comment: This is a very fine record, so please release it. I got it on vinyl and cassette but I want to get it on CD!
Name: Phil Country: Thailand Date: Sun Oct 13 12:48:20 2002 Comment: I see 10000 dune buggies comin down the mountain...and right over your house Neil if ya don't stick this artifact on CD so we can all groove..it's public property now and ya owe it to tha world...I hear that Laurel Canyon is full of famous starts...well, Ill chisel ya up there if ya do this lil ole fava
Name: Joe Knycha Country: Canada Date: Sun Oct 13 07:15:22 2002 Comment: My only vinyl copy of On the Beach was melted in 1976 in Charlottetown, PEI, a victim of forced hot-air heating ... and summertime carelessness. I lost about 20 great albums with that misfortune, and On the Beach was one of them. Love your music, Neil. Love On the Beach, especially.
Name: David Lindenfeld Country: usa Date: Sun Oct 13 06:16:31 2002 Comment: What's the holdup?
Name: Darryl Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 13 02:55:57 2002 Comment: I don't understand why such a classic album is not out on CD.
Name: RODY Country: France Date: Sat Oct 12 23:37:30 2002 Comment: please re-edit on the beach !!!
Name: Ruaidhri Moran Country: Ireland Date: Sat Oct 12 22:58:20 2002 Comment: The best Neil Young album there is! I have two copies on vynl, one copy has hardly been played at all I keep it for posterity. I have put the album on cd so I can listen to it all the time. The same applie for Time Faeds Away & Hawks & Doves. Bur On The Beach is still the best. Pleas ererelease on CD, you know you want to!
Name: lauren Country: US Date: Sat Oct 12 17:28:04 2002 Comment: this is for my love
Name: antonio Country: spain Date: Sat Oct 12 03:11:18 2002 Comment: don´t miss our page.pure rock.
Name: Marc PULLI Country: Luxembourg Date: Fri Oct 11 21:07:08 2002 Comment: pleaaaaaase, release ont the beauch
Name: Shahen Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 11 18:29:06 2002 Comment: For the love of God, Neil- re-release the album already!
Name: Eric McDonald Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 11 16:34:51 2002 Comment: Please Neil! For the love of God!!
Name: Rouven Wool-Lewis Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 11 16:23:12 2002 Comment: NEIL! Please release On the Beach!!!!
Name: Miss K. Lurina Country: Alabama Date: Fri Oct 11 12:06:28 2002 Comment: None
Name: Michele Country: Italia Date: Fri Oct 11 12:02:27 2002 Comment: Thinking about you
Name: MICHAEL TRAVISANO Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 10 07:10:45 2002 Comment: None
Name: Joe Knycha Country: CANADA Date: Thu Oct 10 05:29:38 2002 Comment: Neil: I'm a long, long-time fan -- your music has sustained me through both great and unpleasant times and too many years of woefully unfulfilled expectations. Please give us back 'On the Beach' on CD, or in any form you deem appropriate. Just please, give it back. My own copy was melted, inadvertently, many years ago, and I've never been able to replace it. Sometimes, life just isn't fair ... You paint musical pictures like nobody else. - Joe Knycha
Name: Dave Brown Country: England Date: Wed Oct 9 22:59:33 2002 Comment: I would do anything to hear On the Beach and the other missing 5. Anything? Please give us some light at the end of this dark dark tunnel. Come on Neil don't be so tight!
Name: Jordan Sanford Country: usa Date: Wed Oct 9 21:05:43 2002 Comment: Make it happen
Name: Stefano Agostini Country: ITALY Date: Wed Oct 9 18:15:58 2002 Comment: I think that on the beach is in the neil's top five album. Ambulance blues is my favourite acoustic song.
Name: Dave Webb Country: England Date: Wed Oct 9 14:56:53 2002 Comment: Come on you old curmudgeon let it go!
Name: Andrew Moon Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 9 12:16:09 2002 Comment: Why hold back one of your best albums?
Name: Paulo Aleixo Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 9 11:46:18 2002 Comment: Yep - this must be realease - as should be Time Fades away. MY record is pretty worn out and my deck needs fixin' My CD is good. and I do understand the quality issues - Everybody Knows sucks on CD but I've still got it!!! Please release it Thanks
Name: Jeremy Turner Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 9 09:20:11 2002 Comment: I love Neil Young, and this is my favorite of his albums.
Name: John Young Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 9 02:50:18 2002 Comment: None
Name: Rob Thompson Country: Canada Date: Wed Oct 9 02:27:33 2002 Comment: Would love to add this to my collection. "Ambulance Blues" is one of my all time favourites. Thanks for so many years of great tunes.
Name: J .M. Black Country: U.S.[Tennessee] Date: Tue Oct 8 17:50:36 2002 Comment: i bought O.T.B. when i was a young'un.love it.about 10 years ago my brother borrowed it and the original SOME GIRLS album [r stones].guess i'll have to shoot him to git them back.
Name: Victor Country: Date: Tue Oct 8 15:48:19 2002 Comment: Please just release this record on cd Everyone does not have a chance to get this album on vinyl And it is not the vinyl that makes this album so good
Name: carole johnston Country: ireland Date: Tue Oct 8 12:02:19 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach, because my dad has been looking for it for ages, and well obviously he cannot get it. I was going to get it for him on the internet, and i have come across this site, and now we know why we cannot find it anywhere!!! PLEASE RELEASE ON THE BEACH
Name: Iain Schweitzer Country: Date: Tue Oct 8 04:54:35 2002 Comment: None
Name: emanuele Country: italia Date: Mon Oct 7 23:56:39 2002 Comment: vogliamo on the beach
Name: Per Country: Date: Mon Oct 7 23:23:33 2002 Comment: Yeah, give it to me.
Name: Geert Van De Velde Country: Belgium Date: Mon Oct 7 15:07:57 2002 Comment: None
Name: Pat Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 7 01:34:51 2002 Comment: I alwyas thought this record was a redemption song. I'd rather five NY my money than buy the bootleg. And copying the MPG blows. To NY: "Hey. We gave you the money - give us what we want!"
Name: CortezTheKiller Country: UK Date: Sun Oct 6 20:16:26 2002 Comment: Release 'On The Beach' you old bastard!!
Name: Phil Mills Country: England, UK Date: Sun Oct 6 20:08:37 2002 Comment: Release 'On The Beach', give us fans a chance to complete our collections :)
Name: Simen Ulsaker Country: Norway Date: Sun Oct 6 20:04:55 2002 Comment: None
Name: Howard Gurney Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 6 14:42:52 2002 Comment: None
Name: whammyboy Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 6 14:21:56 2002 Comment: Sorry Neil. but I had to have my fix. I got it at winmx. Hello Mr Soul, come on and release the album already!!!
Name: Jair Motta Country: Brasil Date: Sun Oct 6 01:04:24 2002 Comment: Go Neil go, release this fucking album! What's your problem?
Name: Harry Hambel Country: Date: Fri Oct 4 15:22:00 2002 Comment: None
Name: Steve Wilson Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 4 03:34:01 2002 Comment: My favorite Neil Young (work), other than his very first solo effort - please... release On The Beach.
Name: Neal Valente Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 4 01:02:42 2002 Comment: Remember seeing Neil hold the album up in concert once, joking that the record execs hated it because it sold so few copies! I used to have a s#itty record player, so I must have gone through 3 or 4 copies myself. AWESOME record, not for everyone, but everyone who loves this record is a soulmate of mine. PLEASE RELEASE IT SOMEONE!!!
Name: Jones Country: UK Date: Thu Oct 3 22:52:43 2002 Comment: We can NEVER have too much beauty, and On The Beach is a beautiful, big-hearted album. I first heard it when it came out, and have never stopped loving it. Please make it available for everyone. Love and only love.
Name: david williams Country: england Date: Thu Oct 3 14:17:25 2002 Comment: None
Name: ANDRIEU Philippe Country: FRANCE Date: Wed Oct 2 15:21:48 2002 Comment: Walk on. Rust never sleeps
Name: Jim Murray Country: Canada Date: Wed Oct 2 03:59:43 2002 Comment: I had almost given up hope! I have searched for this album for years with no luck. I have owned all of Neil's works over the years, and don't know why I let them go. Now I want to get the whole works back, so I hope this petition is successful. But I also hope this will bring back all of the six albums; why just stop with this one?!
Name: Keith Elliott Country: Canada Date: Wed Oct 2 03:21:48 2002 Comment: Hey Neil you old fart, just authorize the release of OTB & TFA. Harvest sucks!
Name: Stuart Neill Country: N. Ireland Date: Tue Oct 1 14:40:41 2002 Comment: FREE THE NEIL YOUNG 6!!!!
Name: David Country: Date: Tue Oct 1 07:09:41 2002 Comment: Please release ON THE BEACH!
Name: Mark Griffin Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 1 03:35:57 2002 Comment: A tragedy of great proportions to not re-release this fine work. Donate the profits to the Bridge School. Pirated copies abound on eBay. It is your choice. Retro music will always be in demand.

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