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Sorry everyone, some *sshole sent 40 blank entries to the guestbook on Sep 23 which had the effect of bumping off the last 4 1/2 pages from my guestbook before I could save them for the archive. Some names have been lost from the petition between Fri Sep 7 22:09:02 and Tue Sep 11 03:22:53 if your message was sent within these dates it has been lost - please send it again and accept my apologies on behalf of the idiot who sent the blank messages - thanks pal.

Name: Mark Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Sep 30 21:40:19 2001 Comment: Neil, I wasn't even born when OTB was released, but I have fallen in love with my father's vinyl copy. Though he has kept his records in great condition, there are still signs of wear and tear in the music. Please release it on CD (you *must* know most people disagree with you about them anyway).
Name: Thomas Griffin Country: United States Date: Sun Sep 30 19:58:36 2001 Comment: I am a freshmen in high school and I've just started listening to Neil Young. He now is one of my biggest role models and I want to hear more of his work.
Name: Joyce Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 30 17:20:28 2001 Comment: Now is the perfect time to release it!
Name: Richard Doyle Country: England Date: Sun Sep 30 16:51:52 2001 Comment: I got a bootleg CD of the album, but want an official release!
Name: Christopher Country: N. Ireland Date: Sun Sep 30 14:37:51 2001 Comment: Pretty please?
Name: Tommy Bagwell Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 30 05:37:35 2001 Comment: If Neil would listen to a critic ONLY NOW...Like hey man, not giving the public access to one of your best albums on CD just ain't too cool ya know..
Name: Stig Andre Sunde Country: norway Date: Sun Sep 30 02:48:29 2001 Comment: It is just the greatest, the fact that this album is not available in the music stores is one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history ever ! Whenever I`m in a bad mood this album always gets me going by the sheer beautifulness of its existence.
Name: Damo Suzuki Country: US Date: Sat Sep 29 23:47:54 2001 Comment: What a great record! Re-ac-tor is excellent as well, very underrated. Release them all!
Name: Sandy Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 29 17:57:18 2001 Comment: I love this album!!!!!!!!
Name: Les Spalding Country: England Date: Sat Sep 29 16:59:00 2001 Comment: Great Idea, release On The Beach, even better to petition for the release of Hawks and Doves
Name: Etthan Boylan Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 29 14:45:46 2001 Comment: An entire generation remains in the dark about what I feel are two of Neil's greatest works (Time Fades Away being the other). I don't know the problem with releasing these two masterpieces but I wish Neil would resolve it so I can quit dubbing this for my friends and let them enjoy their very own copy(cover,sleeve and all).
Name: Anthony Smith Country: UK Date: Sat Sep 29 13:38:52 2001 Comment: Long overdue a release on CD! RE: Sept 11, I'd prefer to see money raised go to starving Afghan civilians, rather than to people who will rightly receive millions in compensation!
Name: Chris Scoffield Country: UK Date: Sat Sep 29 08:52:00 2001 Comment: Pleeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeee !
Name: yoshiro Country: japan Date: Sat Sep 29 08:17:17 2001 Comment: Thank you.
Name: Greg Messinger Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 29 06:34:44 2001 Comment: I have been a huge Neil fan since the late 70's and it was several of the M6's that made me into the huge fan I still am today. Thanks Neil...release 'em soon!!!
Name: JaymeSteege Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 29 00:06:19 2001 Comment: all neil is good neil. dont sell yourself short.
Name: Sergio Country: Italy Date: Fri Sep 28 21:51:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: STEVE HUNTER Country: Australia Date: Thu Sep 27 13:31:33 2001 Comment: had it on vinyl back in ,74 before I migrated from England to Australia. would love to have it again on cd
Name: matt Country: u.s. Date: Thu Sep 27 05:02:34 2001 Comment: please neil,take care of your brothers and sisters. release your best album on cd.
Name: nick Country: scotland Date: Wed Sep 26 14:43:00 2001 Comment: Release On The Beach NOW! I saw Crazy Horse in Glasgow on June 10th this year and they were excellent despite the bust-up on stage and shortened encore.
Name: michael dworschak Country: austria Date: Wed Sep 26 14:00:21 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: YARON KARSHAI Country: ISRAEL Date: Wed Sep 26 08:54:13 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Daniel S.-Legault Country: Québec Date: Wed Sep 26 07:05:44 2001 Comment: I also believe that ON THE BEACH is one of the 3 best albums of Neil Young (with After The Gold Rush and Harvest). Dark but serene, bluesy and melodious, please, Mother Goose, promote it.
Name: Andrew Wiitala Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 26 01:35:22 2001 Comment: On The Beach is a great album! I want it to be released on CD because I don't even have a record player. CDs are much better quality too.
Name: Bjarte Heide Country: Norway Date: Tue Sep 25 18:03:42 2001 Comment: PLEASE! I`ve just got it on MP3, but I would SO love to have "the original".
Name: Bret Miller Country: Date: Tue Sep 25 16:53:07 2001 Comment: I have the album-and once I get a 24 bit cd burner I'll distribute it free. The DVD audio quality sound is great- the fatness of the sound is almost comparable with close to that analog curve sans the hiss. I feel it in my soul Neil. It looks like cows in the field under the magnifying glass to me, even if its not kodachrome.Also have/love Hawks&Doves side 1.
Name: osaka Country: Japan Date: Tue Sep 25 15:55:30 2001 Comment: Hi I am looking for the 4CD"CSNY/The Complete 1974 Tour Anthology"(Original NOt CDR).I can Pay about $100 .If there is one Who may sellit me Please mail me (sorry mate, this isn't an auction site!)
Name: mari ito Country: japan Date: Tue Sep 25 15:38:27 2001 Comment: I wish!
Name: Andrew Arro Country: UK Date: Tue Sep 25 14:19:06 2001 Comment: Hi! Your site is rather cool - but i have just see one KOOl - real WEBICQ - with firewall support and so on... 13 (!!!) languages are supported (err,...Andrew, earth calling Andrew - what are you talking about? -Col)
Name: cookiemookie Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 06:23:36 2001 Comment: I am such a fan! Have been since Buffalo Springfield! I need this album to complete my collection. Please release it,vinyl,CD,DVD whatever! I have the other five. Some reason didn't get the chance to pick that one up.
Name: Reed McCauley (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 05:12:29 2001 Comment: Man, "ON THE BEACH" pleases the soul like few recordings I've ever heard - brilliant! True fans need the CD. Where's the artwork on the album covers inside, where the record goes?!
Name: Jason Shelton Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 04:17:38 2001 Comment: Incredible album- I am fortunate enough to own the original vinyl but many others could enjoy it on cd. The fact that this page exists made my day.
Name: Ken W. Sutton (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 02:56:43 2001 Comment: Fire It Up
Name: TERI PAUL Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 25 01:01:57 2001 Comment: PLEASE NEIL,RELEASE ON THE BEACH ON CD.IT WOULD BE A GOOD OPPORTUNITY TO RAISE MONEY FOR THE VICTIMS OF 9-11-01.(I thoroughly second that motion! - Col)
Name: Thomas Cornwell Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 24 19:09:21 2001 Comment: I've been looking forever...please.
Name: Kelly Cornwell Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 24 17:56:14 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Bobo-T Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Sep 24 14:52:44 2001 Comment: Neil, please release my favorite of your records! Motion Pictures, Ambulance Blues, Vampire Blues-OH MAN! On your Silver & Gold acoustic tour, in Chicago, at a quiet moment in between songs, my buddy screamed "On The Beach!" and you looked right at him, angrily scowling. Had you already planned to play it as an encore, or did you do it for him? I'll never know, but thanks for playing it!
Name: dirk aspeslagh Country: scotland Date: Mon Sep 24 12:51:39 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Philippe Parpaillou Country: France Date: Sun Sep 23 16:45:08 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Roy Young Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 23 09:14:17 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Shane "Spanky" Attridge Country: USA/Oregon Date: Sun Sep 23 03:56:22 2001 Comment: Dear Neil, On The Beach makes me feel like a "happy camper!" All these years, I've been hoping that you would release it, but since you haven't, "my sky is about to rain." I really hope you release it officially. If you do, I'll flip!! Rock on ol' buddy! "Spanky"
Name: Brant Westbrook Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 23 00:24:39 2001 Comment: want to hear "motion pictures" again
Name: Thomas Westbrook Country: United States Date: Sun Sep 23 00:21:16 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Jack Herter Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 22 23:58:21 2001 Comment: Hope this works!!!
Name: Kim Country: US Date: Sat Sep 22 18:44:14 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil! We love you no matter what the quality of the recording!
Name: andy plant Country: england Date: Sat Sep 22 14:06:25 2001 Comment: just read the Johnny Rogan book "Neil Young Zero to Sixty" excellent !,saw him LIVE at the NEC B HAM excellent !HEY YOUNGY COME ON MAN ,RELEASE THE MISSING SIX
Name: Ned Bridgers Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 22 01:45:02 2001 Comment: sadly i am relying on mp3 versions of these fine songs.
Name: Brian Issa Country: Date: Fri Sep 21 22:22:42 2001 Comment: Great album!!!!Revolution blues rocks!!!
Name: KEITH STAFFORD Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 21 16:24:45 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Heales Country: UK Date: Fri Sep 21 14:40:34 2001 Comment: I've read so much about this album, but heard so little. Please bring it out.
Name: michael nyhof-demoor Country: Canada Date: Thu Sep 20 21:51:44 2001 Comment: a room is only as big as the music in it- my living room is too small and neil young is the finest architect this side of townes van zandt
Name: dave brunt Country: england Date: Thu Sep 20 14:07:29 2001 Comment: always loved this album. Wondered why I could never find the cd in the shops.
Name: Simon Combe Country: Australia Date: Thu Sep 20 13:59:14 2001 Comment: Whilst Neil has released many fine albums / Cd's this remains by far my favourite. The chance to have this on CD would enhance my life no end (my vinal copy is coming to the end of its life)
Name: Eric Carlile Country: near Zuma Beach Date: Thu Sep 20 07:11:06 2001 Comment: I never knew a man could tell so many lies/ He had a different story for every set of eyes Come on Neil... I even listened to all of Arc... you owe us this much!
Name: Mike Davis Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 19 21:05:36 2001 Comment: RELEASE!
Name: Satsuma bin Liner Country: An Afghan Cave Date: Wed Sep 19 18:34:53 2001 Comment: Yes Neil, please release it very soon!
Name: Stuart Wallace Country: Scotland Date: Wed Sep 19 16:48:55 2001 Comment: On the Beach and Will to Love (Stars n Bars) are 2 of his best songs. Whats he doing?
Name: Dwight Fake Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 19 16:38:08 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Bill Gelin Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 19 16:10:48 2001 Comment: My tape of "On the Beach" and "Stars and Bars" is wearing too thin for comfort.
Name: hazel demonteverde Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 19 09:27:05 2001 Comment: I love Neil Young! Please please it!
Name: Noah K. Tilton Country: Les Etats Unis Date: Wed Sep 19 08:57:37 2001 Comment: I've seen beaches in Cancun, the Bahamas, and Greece. But this Beach is by far the best one. nkt
Name: fred berg Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 19 05:22:57 2001 Comment: release a cd please donate proceeds to the victims of 9-11-01
Name: DAVID WILSON Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 18 23:51:01 2001 Comment: I write. I've recorded. Most of my music is out of print. May not re-release my stuff either. Lots of reasons. No reasons. I have an LP of OTB. Iv'e felt that way too. I'd buy a cd of OTB. But I understand if he says no. best to ny.
Name: Jenee Clark Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 18 21:09:14 2001 Comment: There's no reason not release music that touches and inspires people. Keeping it hidden from the world only lets it go to waste.
Name: Andrew Mckay Country: South Africa Date: Tue Sep 18 19:30:01 2001 Comment: Difficult to get any of Neil's old albums here so come on release it and while you at it come out for a tour here.
Name: Alison Country: Ireland Date: Tue Sep 18 16:54:14 2001 Comment: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE relaease 'On the Beach' If you do I'll lap-dance for you : )
Name: Ricardo Nobrega Country: Brazil Date: Tue Sep 18 10:19:47 2001 Comment: and Hawks & Doves, Reactor and all missing albums Please Neil, for the older fans who loved this tracks.
Name: Terry Holliday Country: great britain Date: Tue Sep 18 09:34:58 2001 Comment: get real neil,don't let it die on the diamond.
Name: Lester Wilson Country: Pluto Linolium Date: Tue Sep 18 01:28:43 2001 Comment: Rampant rabbit eared pencil seeks school going ice-skates for illicit fingernail chewing, of the cream cake variety!
Name: Jonathan Darby Country: IRELAND Date: Mon Sep 17 16:29:38 2001 Comment: PLEASE release on the beach.... I feel lucky, I have a CD which was burned from DAT... which was copied from CASSETTE.. which was dubbed from VYNIL I love this album... even in it's 4th generation noise!!!... but I'd love some clarity!!... c'mon Neil!
Name: simon Country: Australia Date: Mon Sep 17 12:01:16 2001 Comment: My friend has this on record and it is probably my favourite Neil Young album. I would love to own it myself on CD, so please release it!
Name: Mike Kelly Country: UK Date: Mon Sep 17 11:28:46 2001 Comment: I have the vinyls (Beach, Time, Stars & bars & H&Ds) - they are now getting too precious to play and while I could copy to minidisc, I would REALLY like the CDs. Also no way way I am now going to start upgrading a 2500 CD collection to DVD!!
Name: william mason Country: Date: Mon Sep 17 05:13:20 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Dale Fry Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 17 01:25:50 2001 Comment: One of Neil's very best albums, and the lack of this release is another example that the record companies are not concerned with artistic endeavor. (Dale then corrects himself) Apologies for the redundancy and mistake. Read the Home page after my first signature. Neil - release your best work for your authentic listeners. -----
Name: andy chalmers Country: Date: Sun Sep 16 23:00:56 2001 Comment: Heard It was good. I'm always interested in anything Neil put's out. Especially it it's a lost classic.
Name: Kieran Kavanagh Country: Ireland Date: Sun Sep 16 18:58:21 2001 Comment: I know an OTB CD release was planned a few years back - there was even a (as it turned-out, premature) review in Mojo. I wonder if copies of this aborted release were manufactured, or if Mojo's scribe was reviewing his original vinyl copy? (I am not aware of ANY preview copies in existance. I'd be VERY interested if any do exist - Col)
Name: mike burgess Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 16 18:41:10 2001 Comment: I've never heard the whole thing, but am a huge Neil fan and would like all of his work on cd. Period.
Name: Miguel Country: Spain Date: Sun Sep 16 17:04:27 2001 Comment: Release it officially before someone starts selling a pirated version. By the way, does someone knows of a pirated version I can obtain?
Name: Johannes Girmindl Country: Austria Date: Sun Sep 16 16:42:31 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Will Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Sep 16 05:18:16 2001 Comment: You goofy bastard, release your album.
Name: riallain Country: france Date: Sun Sep 16 03:24:46 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Charlie Korschun Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 15 18:10:57 2001 Comment: 17 and becoming Neil believer-No OTB denies those just discovering the greatness of Neil Young
Name: Charles Hein Country: United States Date: Sat Sep 15 08:31:35 2001 Comment: I have been so sad that what I always considered the best overall album is not available. "On The Beach" & "Time Fades Away" have always been my two favorite NY LPs. The emotion in all the songs on these two albums in my opinion easily rival "Tonight's The Night" . In college I was a FM DJ and always signed off with "Motion Pictures", it just seemed to me to be about watching the day end and reflecting on the events of the day. "Ambulance Blues" can hold it's own against "Last Trip To Tulsa". As for the quality issue... The original was released on 8 Track too, you can't get much lower quality than that. SO come on, a bad format is better than none, for now
Name: Paul Zwolak Country: Canada Date: Sat Sep 15 06:47:29 2001 Comment: On the Beach is a great album.
Name: Sean Robinson Country: Date: Fri Sep 14 15:47:16 2001 Comment: im pretty partial to the live one too... cmon!!
Name: JEFF HOPSON Country: Wales Date: Thu Sep 13 18:25:47 2001 Comment: On the Beach has to be released as a fan for many years I would like to fill in the missing parts to my cd & record collection
Name: Stéphane Monclaire Country: France Date: Wed Sep 12 14:59:49 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Tim Hibberd Country: U.K. Date: Wed Sep 12 14:13:15 2001 Comment: realy need to hear this again and play to my son who is now beginning to appreciate the music of my youth!
Name: Jake Souder Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 11 16:50:48 2001 Comment: please!
Name: Lorenzo Quirino Country: Italy Date: Tue Sep 11 11:13:05 2001 Comment: please neil, let us hear "on the beach" o a original compact disk.i don't want hear mp3!
Name: Morgan King Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 11 06:24:39 2001 Comment: please release the album!
Name: ron kavanagh Country: australia Date: Tue Sep 11 03:22:53 2001 Comment: please rerelease on the beach as my 14 year old daughtrer would love to hear it. , not to mention me , such great songs .,(Thanks Ron, by the way I've already counted your entry from before so I'm on to you ;-) - Col)
Name: Paul Rigby Country: England Date: Fri Sep 7 22:09:02 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Hans Koudijs Country: Holland Date: Fri Sep 7 21:38:07 2001 Comment: Hopefully this will help but I think the problem lies with the record-company,not with Neil. It,s gonna take a long time to solve.
Name: george daly Country: England Date: Fri Sep 7 20:50:47 2001 Comment: Please Mr Young release this album. I've never heard it - but I've heard all the fuss about it.
Name: thomas schwarz Country: germany Date: Fri Sep 7 20:23:26 2001 Comment: You see, mr. young is obviously thinking very much about the subject and for sure he`ll know best what to do. so wait and see and keep on rockin´
Name: Ben Anderson Country: USA/Canada Date: Fri Sep 7 16:53:59 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Nick T Country: United States Date: Fri Sep 7 00:04:33 2001 Comment: Neil, if "Everybody's Rockin'" was re-released, what are you waiting for?
Name: luciano bertazzoni Country: Italy Date: Thu Sep 6 22:23:40 2001 Comment: It's time making CD
Name: Malcolm Leeder Country: England Date: Thu Sep 6 19:13:47 2001 Comment: Sold all ( close to 1000 ) of my vinyl four years back. Kept only five records, On the Beach and Time Fades Away being two of the five. No record deck now and I'm truly desperate to hear both these esssential CD's again. Please, Neil, allow fans old and new to rediscover and enjoy. Them Revolution Blues just won't go away.
Name: kevin rookstool Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 6 18:45:30 2001 Comment: cmon neil. i graduated in the class of 74 and "on the beach" was my party anthem. wore out the lp and while searching for it on the web i found this site. i have several of the missing 6 lp's and didn't know ya won't let em out again.
Name: Randy searcy Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 6 18:00:26 2001 Comment: an artist is not always the best judge of their own work.
Name: Phil Meier Country: States Date: Thu Sep 6 04:38:22 2001 Comment: Comes a time!
Name: Robert Country: Canada Date: Thu Sep 6 02:36:25 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Redskin Country: Date: Wed Sep 5 22:45:56 2001 Comment: There is some great vinyl software available that allows you to transfer to CD. However, I still want the original so that I hve the artwork. I would rather have a vinyl re-release as Cd is definatly not as good. Also, Time Fades Away must get a release. But if neither does then that is up to Neil Young and only adds to the mystique of a beautiful pair of albums.
Name: Jim May Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 5 22:15:19 2001 Comment: PLEASE!
Name: Hector Zelone Country: Argentina Date: Wed Sep 5 21:45:13 2001 Comment: Please re-edit the six missing CD´s, you´ll make your fans a great favour and I think they deserve it.I told my kid about those CD´s and he´d love to listen to them.
Name: Randy Roth Country: Date: Wed Sep 5 21:28:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Charlie Sokolow Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 5 03:44:02 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: david southworth Country: Date: Tue Sep 4 20:42:38 2001 Comment: One of the best.
Name: Mike walsh Country: United Kingdom Date: Tue Sep 4 15:22:09 2001 Comment: Dont cut your nose to spite ..... dont waste forget or deprive
Name: fred naizot Country: france Date: Tue Sep 4 14:05:01 2001 Comment: Alors, ça vient Neil ?
Name: Alexander Country: Germany Date: Tue Sep 4 11:54:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Peter Hellström Country: Sweden Date: Tue Sep 4 11:11:18 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Deal Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 4 00:30:34 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: carol richards Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 3 17:09:31 2001 Comment: yes! and re-release time fades away, too.
Name: Tiffany Hawkins Davis Country: Date: Mon Sep 3 16:15:34 2001 Comment: PLEASE! PLEASE! My LP is old and worn out. A CD would be nice . . .
Name: Steve Tann Country: England Date: Mon Sep 3 15:59:57 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Brad Country: Canada Date: Mon Sep 3 14:31:14 2001 Comment: "Ambulance Blues" alone is worth the Cd itself, never mind the title track and many others such as "Motion Pictures". I once had this on Vinyl many years back and it got lost in a move from home...haven't heard it since. Come on Neil there are bigger things to contend with...release this on Cd please, it will make life easier for all of us & I'm sure you'd want that!
Name: chris peters Country: UK Date: Mon Sep 3 14:01:31 2001 Comment: Release it!
Name: Adrian Shorland Country: Australia Date: Mon Sep 3 11:44:41 2001 Comment: It's sad that we can't hear a lot of Neils music when there is a lot of crap being put out these days.
Name: tom cikot Country: netherlands Date: Mon Sep 3 09:25:05 2001 Comment: Bet 'On the beach' on CD wouldn't sound half as bad as last year's 'Road rock'. Release !.
Name: ANDREA SMARGIASSO Country: ITALY Date: Mon Sep 3 00:00:41 2001 Comment: I'm searcning for it from 1991! Finally I have downloaded the album song by song from WINMX (what a patience),when now I discover this site...anyway it's not the same, MP3 really sucks and I want the ALBUM, with the cover and all the stuff: hey, Neil, if you don't like CD's why don't you re-release it (also)on vynil? I'm faithful,bye.
Name: Charles Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 2 23:53:41 2001 Comment: We need 'em all. Let's get this one back into circulation.
Name: Drew Slayton Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 2 22:26:16 2001 Comment: I want to hear the songs. I heard that danko and helm were a part of the recording.
Name: Bill Wade Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 2 13:41:31 2001 Comment: "on the beach" and "tonights the night" are some of the most honest and heartful music ever. please release "on the beach" on cd.
Name: Jonathan Prink Country: U.S. Date: Sun Sep 2 00:16:55 2001 Comment: To Neil: Please, please release "On The Beach" on CD. This is truly one of my favorite albums of all time. yours, Jonathan

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