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Name: David Skog Date Aug 30 Message: Hi Colin. Nice effort! Please add my name to the petition. Info you might (and might not) want to know about me: Name: David Skog Age: 23 Gender: M(ale) ;-) Occupation: Student Live in: Lund, Sweden Quote of the day: "Don't let that scare you... It's just Halloween! I have my Bob Dylan mask on..." (Bob Dylan, on stage 1964) Cheers /David
Name: Phil Steers Date: Aug 30 Message: NONE
Name: Doug Baker Date: Aug 30 Message: Sign Me up! Name: Forrest C. Card III 2103 242 St. Lomita Ca. 90717 Date Aug 29 Message: On the beach is one of my favorite albums. I have had two copys on cassette recorded from vynal and both have been stolen. YOU CANNOT GET THE RECORD and that makes me sad. please please please Neil.. It does add a bit of mystic to the album knowing that when you get a copy the thing is worth it's weight in gold.... Not for the 100 bucks and finding a record player to make a copy, but for the shear power and heart of the lyrics and music... Thank you Colin for the effort!!! Forrest C. Card III
Name: Ronald Lowell Date: Aug 29 Message: Since 1985 or so (when music CDs first hit the stands) I've been on a HUNT for "On the Beach". I want to be on the Petition list! WALK ON!!!!!! Ronald E. Lowell
Name: Lynn Wright Date: Aug 28 Message: Please add my name to the petition. Lynn Wright Brooklyn, NY
Name: Playe(Franck) Date: Aug 27 Message: Hi ! I dubbed my own cd of "On the beach" from a vinyl that I preciously treasured and that is about as good as it was on the day I bought it. It offer copies of it on a french site (for the price of the technical support - roughly 1 £ including mailing costs). I basically agree with you. I got a cd equipment in '84, and I 've been waiting long for Zuma to be relseased, and I'd be sorry too if it hadn't. Yet why should this music not be kept for those who really want, need (or deserve) it ? The Web might well be the solution for them. CD/ vinyl renditions of pre '84 music are just what we were listening to back in the old folky days. Friendly, Franck.
Name: Andy Burley Date: Aug 26 Message: I have recently purchased a copy of On The Beach + in Borderline Records, Brighton for £13.99. It features the 1971 "BBC 2 In Concert" in its entirety. It was released on Crazed Records in 1999. Appreciate comments!
Name: Mark Gosnell Date: Aug 25 Message: Would love to see this available again- used to listen to it on vinyl in a friend's basement, also had an 8 track (ugh) version at one time. Digital's ok. One of my all time favorite Neil albums- bring it back. Neil Young is the greatest singer and songwriter short of Dylan. And, if we're missing just one album on CD (but available on cassette) by Dylan, why are we missing six (on both CD and cassette) from Neil Young?
Name: Rob Kett Date Aug 25 Message: I have been a fan about 6 weeks, and I've bought 6 of Neil's solo albums (5 on CD, 1 on vinyl), his '70s work with CSNY (Deja Vu and 4 Way Street), the Springfield's boxed set and their '69 Retrospective. I have never bought albums this fast. I've got to have them all. Neil Young is a hero to us all. Bring back the M6! (Or I, myself, might have to go buy the albums on vinyl, and pay to have them converted onto CD. I know a site that does it.)
Name: Antoine Rocher Date: Aug 25 Message: Hello This site is a wonderfull idea - WE NEED "ON THE BEACH" !!!!! GOOD LUCK Antoine R. - Paris
Name:Leilani Arthur Date: Aug 25 Message: I wish Young would release ON THE BEACH, I would be thrilled to death. That is one of my favorits. But then again they all are. He is my favorite. Every time he comes I go and see him. Leilani Arthur
Name: Aimee R. Mazurek, Nashville, Tennessee USA Date Aug 24 Message: you can put my name down
Name: Nancy Fredericks, Massachusetts (USA), Date Aug 24 Message: Please add me to the petition Name: Sharon DeLiso from Shelby Twp., MI. Date Aug 24 Message: Please add my name to your petition to get Neil Young to re-release his On The Beach album. Thank you.
Name: Nicholas Taylor Date Aug 23 Message: Please issue N.Young's On the Beach on CD!!!!! Nicholas Taylor NY NY
Name: Thorbjörn Ivarsson Date: Aug 22 Message: My name is Thorbjörn Ivarsson(Male), from Hässelby, Stockholm Sweden. I just happened to come across your petition about a CD-release of N. Y's "On The Beach" album. Since it's one of MY all time favourite albums as well I immediately thought "Must support that". But this is what happens when I click the "sign the petition" button:Connection refused So, Colin, can you please register my singning of the petition this way? Best Wishes Thorbjörn Ivarsson
Name: Jim Smith Country: UK Date: Mon Aug 20 15:39:51 2001 Comment: Veedon Fleece is Van Morrison's second best album! On The Beach is Neil Young's fifth best album! Veedon Fleece is better than On The Beach! (and I'll be sure to amend the site to reflect that fact. One day - Col)
Name: Dave Cawthorn Country: Scotland Date: Sun Aug 19 11:44:37 2001 Comment: my bootleg copy is wearing out(thanks to Polar Bear Headingley leeds.)
Name: Jan Blomberg Country: Sweden Date: Sun Aug 19 09:14:16 2001 Comment: Its a complete mystery to me why these albums are not available. I couldnt understand why I never could find American Stars'n bars in the shops. CD is at least much better than MP3.
Name: wally alapic Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 18 02:26:27 2001 Comment: "the dark side" is as good as "this note's for me" let the main stream know neil! please......please. thank you.
Name: AngryBobTree Country: get stuck Date: Sat Aug 18 00:38:10 2001 Comment: Ey, for all the w*nkers that bash Neil's music, get fooked. For all those w*nkers that bash Neil the man, bloody cheers ya c***. By the way, I heard Crazy Horse will soon be releasing some dinousaur rock and roll album. Hang in there boys, can't wait ta fookin here it. Tree (one day Bob you will find true happiness. One day. Col)
Name: A.P. Country: usa Date: Fri Aug 17 23:39:03 2001 Comment: WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!??? NEIL, WHAT IN GOD'S NAME ARE YOU THINKING OF???!!! Even if you aren't happy with the sound quality of CDs, why limit the number of formats the rest of us have available to listen to such a masterpiece? I don't understand? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE release "On the Beach" on CD. I had been trying to find it for some time and couldn't and was shocked to hear from my local used vinyl seller that you simply aren't giving the go-ahead. PRETTY CRUEL NEIL.
Name: Michael Shepherd Country: UK Date: Fri Aug 17 19:55:45 2001 Comment: put it out Neil!
Name: Christiano Prado Country: Brazil Date: Fri Aug 17 19:04:42 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dan Country: Date: Fri Aug 17 17:19:15 2001 Comment: Neil, I was an adolescent when I got "On the Beach". I listened to every word, over and over. It was my gospel for a year. Perhaps you feel this album was too personal and no longer wish to share it with us. I can respect that, but keep in mind, the genie is out of the bottle - it's already been shared. All we're asking for now is to get new copies on CD. (Same with Journey Through the Past, and the others).
Name: Henri Rosenblum Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 17 15:32:03 2001 Comment: Look for a plea to release On The Beach in my hopefully soon to be published novel 'Fall Without Jerry'. An ambulance can only go so fast.....
Name: Chris Reddy Country: UK Date: Fri Aug 17 14:55:08 2001 Comment: Have all the missing 6 on vinyl but no player and want them now on CD or MD. Come on Neil
Name: Martens Country: Belgium Date: Fri Aug 17 13:07:28 2001 Comment: It's one of my favorite album. My LP is worn and I'm expecting its release on CD since years. Thanks for releasing it.
Name: Claudio DiMarco Country: Italy Date: Fri Aug 17 09:28:15 2001 Comment: Yeah!!! It's time to do it !!!
Name: Allen Hebert Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 17 04:13:19 2001 Comment: This is one of your best albums. We've waited long enough. Please!
Name: M Roverse Country: us of a Date: Fri Aug 17 03:43:18 2001 Comment: Miss the six. My vinyl went up in smoke and CDs have replaced the original copies. I've got the ambulance blues....
Name: Patrick Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 16 19:50:44 2001 Comment: Such a fine piece of work should not go unavailable to new and old fans alike. Please rerelease this great album.
Name: John Kieffer Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 16 17:13:24 2001 Comment: Let's have a high grade vinyl re-release too
Name: Villessuzanne Country: France Date: Thu Aug 16 11:42:16 2001 Comment: 'On The Beach' is Neil Young's best album, from the old times when he had sun in his head.
Name: Wayne Country: US of A Date: Thu Aug 16 07:19:40 2001 Comment: Ah come on Neil! Let's quit pissin in the wind here.
Name: Keith Nelson Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 16 05:11:13 2001 Comment: Been a fan of Neils for 20 years...and I am always looking to improve my collection of his music.
Name: R Country: America Date: Thu Aug 16 05:03:27 2001 Comment: Great site. Great album. Walk On.
Name: Uli Seifert Country: germany Date: Wed Aug 15 23:43:25 2001 Comment: we need all of your music!
Name: Colin The Webmaster Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 15 22:39:05 2001 Comment: JC and R... GUYS GUYS! This is not a message board - this is where you leave entries to my petition - if you continue lambasting each other I'll have to start deleting your posts. I mean it - this ends now - Colin. (I run this site by the way)
Name: Jeff Camden Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 15 18:15:19 2001 Comment: R, I prefer to keep things crude and simple, rather than offering some cheap philosophy via a crude and simple comedian! -------------
Name: jon mills Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 15 15:27:38 2001 Comment: Neil! It's a masterpiece!! What's the matter with you, man? It's damn near impossible for younger fans to get "On The Beach" on vinyl. It deserves to be heard.
Name: Ben Blackwell Country: England Date: Wed Aug 15 15:23:28 2001 Comment: Please Neil let us have an official release otherwise those dirty bootleggers will have your very hard earned cash.
Name: Phil Sandys Country: England Date: Wed Aug 15 14:53:29 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, please do the right thing and release this album on CD. It's not fair!!!!!
Name: Richard Wright Country: England Date: Wed Aug 15 12:49:48 2001 Comment: My cousin borrowed my copy and brought it back scratched,and now it jumps halfway through Ambulance blues! Apart from not being able to find another copy, I'd like a copy on CD too so come on Neil!
Name: Samir H. Koeck Country: Austria Date: Wed Aug 15 12:32:39 2001 Comment: "Revolution Blues", "Vampire Blues" and above all the incredible "Ambulance Blues" - is there anybody out there, who has heard one of those songs live????? : On the Beach, to me, was always Neils most intensive recording.....his best record of all time. I am glad that I own a vinyl copy but would love to have it on CD too!
Name: Doug Frank Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 15 04:25:15 2001 Comment: How can anybody NOT like "Walk On?"
Name: R Country: America Date: Wed Aug 15 02:11:50 2001 Comment: Jeff Camden, have you ever heard the Jake Johansen bit about "making the toast darker?" Track it down, perhaps you can misunderstand that too...until then, hold your breath for the Bus Crash album...
Name: Keith Hill Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 14 23:54:03 2001 Comment: Hurry Up - we've been waiting for years for this - one of Neil's finest works!!!
Name: Nick Hill Country: Scotland Date: Tue Aug 14 21:22:41 2001 Comment: Go On, Release On the Beach !!!
Name: Jared Ian Goldman Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 14 18:46:05 2001 Comment: PLEASE NEIL, HELP THOSE WHO CAN'T HELP THEMSELVES!!! RELEASE ON THE BEACH.
Name: Phil Laycock Country: England Date: Tue Aug 14 08:10:06 2001 Comment: I've never heard the album, but I believe it's supposed to be maybe his best. Great art should be accessable to everyone and I'm looking forward to it's eventual release.
Name: Jeff Camden Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 14 07:39:21 2001 Comment: R, if you want this crap released, start your own site! (and both you and R can find your own mail list to argue with each other. Just don't do it here - Col)
Name: R Country: America Date: Tue Aug 14 05:11:44 2001 Comment: This is nice, but a site devoted to getting the Neil/Graham Nash 45 "War Song" on disc would be more constructive (maybe as an EP with the "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" cover from the Sleeps with Angels outtakes, "Will to Love" from Stars N Bars and that duet with Joni Mitchell from the "Mingus" outtakes??)
Name: Simon Broadhead Country: Date: Tue Aug 14 03:00:22 2001 Comment: excellent album! i have the LP and it's in almost mint condition!
Name: Lester Wilson Country: Pluto Linolium Date: Mon Aug 13 21:23:18 2001 Comment: Rainy bloody trout face rebel meets market place house hunting priest in a water bed showroom for sandwiches!
Name: martin hrunek Country: austria Date: Mon Aug 13 15:59:48 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Juan Nicenboim Country: Argentina Date: Mon Aug 13 05:22:28 2001 Comment: the search for this obscure album started a few years ago, by a request of my dad who wanted to hear it again, and now im kind of obsessed by this album, i even held it in my hands once...but the owner was far from selling it...so...
Name: aaron moser Country: Canada Date: Mon Aug 13 00:16:38 2001 Comment: On the Beach ranks up there with Tonight's the Night and Zuma as my personal favorites. Unfortunately, I do not have a turntable in my truck, only a cd player!!!
Name: Peerdeman, Arnoud Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Aug 12 21:13:23 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Norris Country: Ireland Date: Sun Aug 12 20:54:56 2001 Comment: Ruinous anticipation will destroy the stature of this album upon its eventual release!
Name: Reed Gusciora Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 12 20:41:24 2001 Comment: re-Release TIME FADES AWAY while ur at it.
Name: Richard Country: Exeter, UK Date: Sun Aug 12 10:42:08 2001 Comment: Excellent website.
Name: Lester Wilson Country: Pluto Linolium Date: Sun Aug 12 00:45:39 2001 Comment: Neil wags an eggcracker in the 80s, so on the beach might be just an imagination, or left shoe!
Name: Ben colson Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 12 00:05:50 2001 Comment: Get a Tan! Get on the Beach!
Name: gal rochman Country: israel Date: Sat Aug 11 22:55:42 2001 Comment: release "on the beach"
Name: Claire Williams Country: Date: Sat Aug 11 21:50:54 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Williams Country: UK Date: Sat Aug 11 21:47:34 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: John Bettis Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 11 13:40:56 2001 Comment: Colin, please add another rule to your site: Anyone who uses the line 'pissin' in the wind'(excluding pisstakers) will be hunted down and shot in the street like dogs!(I did think of that - rather like banning 'Stairway to Heaven' from music shops. But I'm happier laughing!) - Col)
Name: Jennifer Gilson Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 11 00:45:33 2001 Comment: what are you waiting for man?
Name: John Pinamonti Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 10 21:58:08 2001 Comment: I want all those records out on CD, and I want them now! You hear me Neil?
Name: Steve Holtje Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Aug 10 21:51:18 2001 Comment: On the Beach is my favorite Neil Young album, bar none, and to not have it on CD is a crying shame. I have two cats, and playing LPs is always a hazardous operation, as they think the spinning turntable is for their amusement, so I primarily listen to CDs at this point.
Name: Matthew T Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 10 19:46:24 2001 Comment: show them that "...they're all just pissin' in the wind..."
Name: adri nieuwdorp Country: netherlands Date: Fri Aug 10 14:45:00 2001 Comment: neil, your album came to me in a dream and it screamed : please release me... let me go ...
Name: ron dixon Country: netherlands Date: Fri Aug 10 14:43:17 2001 Comment: all neil's albums should be availble on cd espec. this one
Name: Helpful Eddie Country: UK Date: Fri Aug 10 14:27:13 2001 Comment: Re Tony Davies: It's not illegal to make back-up copies of your discs for your own use!
Name: tony Davies Country: UK Date: Fri Aug 10 13:24:38 2001 Comment: I've got all of the M6 on vinyl. The ones I really like are On the Beach, American Stars n Bars and Reactor. In fact, although I know it's illegal, I have recorded my album to minidisc. Well what else can I do? I will, of course, buy the CD's or DVD's as soon as they come out. I hate to say this, but I sometimes think the only way the m6 will get put out is when NY dies and the record company want to cash in. Shame (as Helful Eddie so helpfully poiunted out - recording onto your minidisc is NOT illegal - it's only illegal if you then sell the recording on - Col)
Name: Jeff Giffin Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 9 22:45:03 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Pete Lipstick Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 9 20:22:53 2001 Comment: CON CON CON CONTROVERSIAL SONG TITLES - NO 1: Raped On The Bus (By A Refugee) Worth waiting for, eh! (I can smile most of the time but you're stretching my patience mate - Col)
Name: sergio gorla Country: italy Date: Thu Aug 9 19:43:00 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Suzy Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 9 13:39:36 2001 Comment: Dear Neil Young: Your music has touched my heart & has been part of my life for 20 years. It is something I can always count on to be there for me when I need it. Even if you don't like the M6, please release them because there are some of us for whom this music is food for our souls & good medicine for our hearts. You have a gift for expressing feelings in music that few people have ever had. Love, Suzy
Name: Ken Sweeney Country: Date: Thu Aug 9 13:33:04 2001 Comment: Is it true that a monkey invented tipp-ex?
Name: HUET Country: FRANCE Date: Thu Aug 9 13:23:58 2001 Comment: J'ai cherché desespérément depuis des années le CD de cet album magnifique. En attendant, je caresse avec nostalgie mon vinyle que je garde précieusement. Allez, Neil, un bon geste ! Amitiés à tous les fans, PASCAL
Name: Lauge Stendahl Country: Denmark Date: Thu Aug 9 11:01:42 2001 Comment: On the beach should be in my cdplayer and in my head
Name: Sammy Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 9 01:39:03 2001 Comment: Don't release it unless it is on DVD audio!
Name: steve Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 8 20:41:20 2001 Comment: neil.....don't be silly.... this record is dark, brillant, disturbing and inspiring...All the things we miss in music today.....release it with extras!!!!! thanks... it's hard to say the meaning of this post....it's meaningful to get buried in the past!!!!!!!!!
Name: Gianfranco Noia Country: ITALY Date: Wed Aug 8 17:19:32 2001 Comment: think it's a crime not to re-release it! I'm eager to listen to it!
Name: roberto Country: italy Date: Wed Aug 8 15:52:48 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: stanz Country: Italy Date: Wed Aug 8 15:47:39 2001 Comment: Neil, can you re-release this masterpiece? Thanks..
Name: Tim D'arcy Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 8 15:32:15 2001 Comment: I received my first blow job to the sound of On The Beach. Although my sister claims it was Time Fades Away! (that's, uhh,... slightly more information than we required Tim... - Col)
Name: Michael Watson Country: United Kingdom Date: Wed Aug 8 13:43:57 2001 Comment: If Neil feels so strongly about releasing it on CD, why not put it out on vinyl?
Name: A Bird In The Kettle Of Fish Country: Cliche City Date: Wed Aug 8 11:37:32 2001 Comment: Hey Gallagher, you're just pissin' in your pants!
Name: Marty Priller Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 8 04:09:16 2001 Comment: Come on Neil......It's been a long time favorite of mine that I want to share with my kids... My vinyl copy is almost inaudible now.

Name: John Gallaher Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 8 03:56:23 2001 Comment: You're all just pissin' in the wind. You don't know it but you are. And there ain't nothin' like a friend who'll tell you you're just pissin' in the wind.
Name: P. R. O'Brien Country: United States Date: Tue Aug 7 22:58:03 2001 Comment: Great idea. Overlooked and forgotten album which has obviously attained cult-like status. Could it be that Neil won't release because the work took quite a pummeling from some rock critics when OTB was released? At the top of my NY list of all-time favs. Have been living with a bootlegged CD that I found in an indie store about 2 years ago. Would love to have NY at the board cleaning the sound up (like the new Springfield box) and releasing soon. Good luck.
Name: Leif R. Evje Country: Norway Date: Tue Aug 7 22:46:27 2001 Comment: It's about time, isn't it?
Name: Dave Culture Country: Pink Date: Tue Aug 7 17:08:47 2001 Comment: Neil, my arse your face!(please accept my sympathies for you and your arse. I'd call the Samaritans if I were you! - Col)
Name: Tommaso Carovani Country: Italy Date: Tue Aug 7 16:41:29 2001 Comment: Release On The Beach! Please ... Please!
Name: niall holmes Country: scotland Date: Tue Aug 7 14:05:44 2001 Comment: Would love to own an offical copy of this I just have it on tape. When "On The Beach" gets released, why not make it part of a double album with "Time Fades Away". They are both brilliant
Name: Paul Hopeman Country: Date: Tue Aug 7 11:14:15 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Davide Country: Italy Date: Tue Aug 7 10:42:56 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Neil Country: Date: Tue Aug 7 06:43:18 2001 Comment: you've got some good arguments...I had no idea...thank you very much. We'll see (we will indeed Neil, we will indeed...)
Name: Matt Pahl Country: Canada Date: Tue Aug 7 06:34:57 2001 Comment: "On the Beach" is my favorite Neil Young record. I own a cassette version of it. It sounds fine to me (even with a bit of a hiss). With this I'd like to point out that anyone who truely knows their stuff understands that it is possible to listen "through" the quality / format of any record. Heart and soul can be felt through any medium, good or bad. But I also do not believe that the human hear can not really detect any of the audio differences between that of vinyl & CD. I think the only time t
Name: Bruce McKinney Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 7 03:39:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mike Leeds Country: usa Date: Tue Aug 7 02:25:04 2001 Comment: On the Beach is a great album,I would be thrilled if it was released on cd!!
Name: Markus Schur Country: Germany Date: Mon Aug 6 15:43:54 2001 Comment: I only know two songs of the album, "walk on" and "for the turnstiles". Those two are very good. I´ve heard its one of Neil´s most personal and best albums. I would love to listen to it.
Name: Sara Bonichi Country: Italy Date: Mon Aug 6 14:05:06 2001 Comment: Please release it
Name: Robert Country: Slovenia Date: Mon Aug 6 13:38:56 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Tom Blauensteiner Country: Austria Date: Mon Aug 6 11:42:10 2001 Comment: I saw Neil live on July 19th this year. Since that day I need more and more NY-stuff !!!!!
Name: Stuart Douglas Country: Scotland Date: Mon Aug 6 11:11:27 2001 Comment: My vinyl copy has a dirty great scratch on side 1.
Name: Martin Ay Country: Germany Date: Mon Aug 6 09:19:03 2001 Comment: I`m a lucky one who is owner of an old vinyl copy. So the sound quality is okay ( i`ve made a copy for tape ) i would like to line it to my cd-collection of one of the greatest artists i`ve ever heard and seen for so many times.
Name: Gary Russell Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 6 03:48:29 2001 Comment: While you are at it I would like Hawks & Doves, American Stars 'N Bars, Time Fades Away as well
Name: george elder Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 6 02:05:17 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bob Follicle Country: Bulhairia Date: Sun Aug 5 20:12:31 2001 Comment: Elton John is the evil wigmeister!
Name: Fran McGrath Country: Ireland Date: Sun Aug 5 17:02:35 2001 Comment: My car was stolen last year and on the beach was in it. ever since then I have been looking for this album. Please put me out of my misery.
Name: Derek Markwarth Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 4 22:29:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: JOHN THIER Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 4 20:37:17 2001 Comment: yes please release it.
Name: David Weld Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 4 18:28:46 2001 Comment: Blast from the past!
Name: John Zibrida Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 4 16:45:03 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dan Banina Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 4 05:18:31 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, if you can release The Shocking Pinks get with it and rerelease "Beach", "Time Fades Away", etc. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jonas Kvinge Country: Norway Date: Sat Aug 4 03:02:02 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Charlie Burns Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 4 02:32:59 2001 Comment: Side 2 of On the Beach is the best single side of any Neil Young record. No words can not describe this effort.
Name: Randy Hope Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 4 00:08:34 2001 Comment: Hey Bangladosh, stick it up your own fucking hole!
Name: Have Mercy On My Soul Country: For The Country Date: Fri Aug 3 21:49:10 2001 Comment: Forget this old git who hasn't made a decent record in over twenty years. Embrace the inheritors of Neil's crown, Joe Pernice, or John Crooke, for instance!
Name: W.I Meeder Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Aug 3 19:33:17 2001 Comment: One of his best albums should be on CD or DVD..
Name: Wolfy Smith Country: Tooting Date: Fri Aug 3 16:33:53 2001 Comment: I once pissed in the wind and contrary to common belief it did not blow back on me. Come to think of it though, it wasn't actually that windy! (sure it was windy Wolfy mate, you were just lying on your back that's all - Col)
Name: Rice Cream Man Country: Bangladosh Date: Fri Aug 3 14:41:33 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, stick On The Beach up your f*cking hole!(the moron count is pretty high this month and it's only the 4th of the month....oh well)
Name: Agustin Iglesias Country: Spain Date: Fri Aug 3 13:17:47 2001 Comment: I have seen Neil in La Coruña, Vilar de Mouros and Cádiz., in the European Tour 2001. Please release M6.
Name: Rodney Birch Country: Ireland Date: Fri Aug 3 12:17:09 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: E. Barlund Country: Finland Date: Fri Aug 3 07:58:10 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Aaron Holloway Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Aug 2 23:29:38 2001 Comment: This is a great album, it needs to be on CD!
Name: Matthew Ross Country: U.S. Date: Thu Aug 2 19:22:33 2001 Comment: Let's Keep Jive Alive
Name: Brian Smith Country: England Date: Thu Aug 2 18:34:09 2001 Comment: If Neil was alive today he'd be Ocean Colour Scene! (Oh how I hate Ocean Colour Scene. Now you know...)
Name: h seegers Country: netherlands Date: Thu Aug 2 17:23:03 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bill Murphy Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 2 15:57:44 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: bob hixson Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 2 14:20:42 2001 Comment: GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR FAMILY MR YOUNG
Name: Wim ten Have Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Aug 2 12:01:34 2001 Comment: This album belongs absolutely to the Neil Young cd-collection (bring it out on cd!)
Name: Steven Harris Country: Australia Date: Thu Aug 2 08:25:39 2001 Comment: Great album. Worth re-issuing.
Name: Darcy Hargrove Country: California Date: Thu Aug 2 04:23:24 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Matthew Hargrove Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 2 04:21:29 2001 Comment: I found the record about 9 years ago, but have never actually listened to it due to the fact that I have not had a turntable since the eighties. RELEASE the CD!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Gordon Murray Country: Australia Date: Thu Aug 2 02:23:46 2001 Comment: It sounds great on CD. I've copied it from cassette to CD and all the hisses & pops have been dropped.
Name: David Faulkner Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 1 21:27:56 2001 Comment: On The Beach is my favourite of the Missing Six and my vinyl copy is now less than perfect. If Neil is happy (and I am too) for us to hear the 35-year old music in the Buffalo Springfield 'Box Set' in CD format, much of it in impressively good sound, then it should be OK for us to hear the best sound that is currently available for On The Beach - at least until something better comes along.
Name: carlos luiz kern neto Country: brazil Date: Wed Aug 1 19:37:37 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Don Spears Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 1 16:53:38 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ed Bailey Country: US Date: Wed Aug 1 15:40:34 2001 Comment: I estimate 10 additional years of life if only you will relent and release OTB. Thanks for your assistance in this worthy goal.
Name: Rob Rietveld Country: Holland Date: Wed Aug 1 14:47:13 2001 Comment: Releaaaaaasssseee ON THE BEACH as soon as possible
Name: Stephen Miegel Country: Australia Date: Wed Aug 1 13:46:00 2001 Comment: 'bout time Neil!!!
Name: Tony Golding Country: US Date: Wed Aug 1 12:45:52 2001 Comment: I bought this album when it first came out and I would love to be able to purchase it again on CD! Bring it back!
Name: Matthew Rawlings Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 1 04:35:46 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Sal Barone Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 1 02:53:50 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, release "On The Beach". I love your music, I think you're great, but please release The album.
Name: David Scamporlina Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 1 02:03:56 2001 Comment: release on the beach. Your New fans would love to get there hands on some more of your work if only you made it available.

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