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Name: Christopher Lane Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 31 22:39:58 2001 Comment: As soon as possible please!!!!!
Name: Alan Crawshaw Country: Wales Date: Wed Oct 31 15:53:37 2001 Comment: I bought it when it first came out but in 1995 we decided to get rid of all our scratchy old vinyl and rebuild our collection on CD. I hesitated on discovering one of my favourite albums wasn't available but figured it was just a matter of time and offloaded the whole load, including OTB on vinyl. Sigh...
Name: Eric Urbanich Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 30 22:56:00 2001 Comment: Please release this. We need more Neil!
Name: Sergi Country: Spain (BCN) Date: Tue Oct 30 20:20:30 2001 Comment: For me, this is Neil Young's best album, and includes his best song, "Ambulance Blues"; I passed months listening to it day after day years ago. So "it's NOT hard to say the meaning of this" message: We want it, and we want it now!
Name: Jakob Country: Date: Tue Oct 30 13:42:00 2001 Comment: We want On The Beach..... Now
Name: john thomas Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 30 13:20:28 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Sheheryar Kaoosji Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 29 16:57:23 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jeremy Jones Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 29 16:46:25 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: mitsuji hirata Country: Japan Date: Mon Oct 29 15:57:48 2001 Comment: Back to the Beach!
Name: Melissa Dobbs Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 29 14:19:17 2001 Comment: How could I be 33 years old and only in the last month realize how wonderful this artist is? I can't seem to get enough of him now.
Name: Chris Country: uk Date: Mon Oct 29 13:29:01 2001 Comment: The BBC Online Music Profile has a decent bit about uncle Neil, http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/profiles/youngn.shtml Description of OTB:- "By 1974 he delved even further into his inner darkness with the superb On The Beach. Here he chronicled his dealings with Charles Manson (a well-known visitor to Laurel Canyon in the late 1960s), the fall of Richard Nixon and mused at length on his own loneliness. Here was a record so personal that Young still finds it impossible to this day to sanction its release on CD."
Name: Muskie Mckay Country: Canada Date: Mon Oct 29 04:06:27 2001 Comment: I bought I good copy on eBay but it would be nice if it wasn't so hard to get this album and on a format that is a bit more popular.
Name: Robert Berger Country: United States Date: Sun Oct 28 22:05:31 2001 Comment: Please Neil, let us have it! For a price of course.
Name: Alexis Dujmic Country: Date: Sun Oct 28 20:17:25 2001 Comment: Release on the beach!
Name: Bill Gravengood Country: italy Date: Sun Oct 28 15:40:54 2001 Comment: I'm saddened to hear that Neil doesn't want to re-release this record. I loved it.
Name: Brad Wagner Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 28 15:34:16 2001 Comment: I have it on scratched-up vinyl, a result of playing it too many times in a variety of altered states. How about a disc to listen to?
Name: Scott Fraser Country: Denmark Date: Sun Oct 28 11:07:18 2001 Comment: come on Neil release it!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ed Tombs Country: uk Date: Sun Oct 28 08:06:35 2001 Comment: what can i say that has not already been said?
Name: chris Country: uk Date: Sat Oct 27 17:43:17 2001 Comment: the vynl is wearing very thin, what about the next generation? Hope we're not just pissing in the wind
Name: reed Country: wherever Date: Sat Oct 27 14:14:24 2001 Comment: I was in a record store this week and the owner told me he had just sold a copy of 'OTB' for £60. Anyway, releases Time Fades Away first, as it is much better. Neil is a bit whiney on OTB. (heh, Neil, whiney? never....oh alright then he is - Col)
Name: Chris Country: Austria Date: Sat Oct 27 12:51:24 2001 Comment: Have mercy!
Name: nick Country: belgium Date: Sat Oct 27 12:14:44 2001 Comment: please release on the beach now
Name: John Widdis Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 26 20:52:44 2001 Comment: Please!!
Name: Robert Schwalbe Country: Date: Fri Oct 26 18:38:22 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: rikki nadir Country: u.k. Date: Fri Oct 26 14:30:30 2001 Comment: "on the beach" is 1 of the greatest albums ever recorded & should be released on cd as quickly as possible, along with the abrasive "time fades away" & the aggressive "re-act-or"-lps (& the other 3 albums), both brilliant records; i have them all on bootleg, but i'd buy them willingly as regular releases & a lot of copies for my friends! c'mon neil!!!!! rikki nadir
Name: Jonatan Holgersson Country: Sweden Date: Thu Oct 25 23:09:55 2001 Comment: This is a lovely record. Please let it be free.
Name: Paul Country: usa Date: Thu Oct 25 02:34:50 2001 Comment: I feel like I'm "on the loosing end" please take me back to the beach
Name: Doug Cole Country: US Date: Wed Oct 24 19:51:02 2001 Comment: Please reissue on CD
Name: Wout de Bie Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Oct 24 18:54:50 2001 Comment: It's about time that Neil releases his bluesalbum
Name: Mari Ito Country: Japan Date: Wed Oct 24 16:29:00 2001 Comment: I Love Neil Yong and "On The Beach". Neal!! Please!! Release On The Beach and Others!!
Name: tony feenan Country: ireland Date: Wed Oct 24 14:26:24 2001 Comment: please release me...let me go
Name: tony horning Country: Date: Wed Oct 24 03:46:01 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ger McElone Country: Scotland Date: Tue Oct 23 23:31:45 2001 Comment: I was having a plop when I thought of searching for this album on the internet, and hence found this site. Good luck! (isn't that a strange place to have a computer? ;-)
Name: P Borezo Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 23 21:50:36 2001 Comment: On the Beach is without a doubt one of the best of all Neil albums, indeed the pinnacle of a long string of great records. I'm lucky enough to have a good clean copy on vinyl and it gets regular airings on the turntable. How about rereleasing On the Beach as well as the other 5 unreleased albums as vinyl repressings? A lot of older, out of print stuff is coming out that way in affordable editions. The best of all worlds: cheap, legit, and vinyl!
Name: juliet Country: australia Date: Tue Oct 23 13:30:07 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: freak's angel Country: france Date: Tue Oct 23 12:09:16 2001 Comment: "on the beach" m'a berçé comme rien d'autres,alors,il faut penser à le graver pour que ça continue
Name: Xavi Catchot Country: Date: Tue Oct 23 09:38:02 2001 Comment: I need "On the beach" to be published specially to make happy a friend who need it time ago.
Name: Chris Country: America Date: Tue Oct 23 05:07:39 2001 Comment: I'm dying to hear this album, if you ever read this Neil, See The Sky About To Rain, is one of your most beautiful songs.
Name: elke prielipp Country: Date: Tue Oct 23 03:46:01 2001 Comment: please!
Name: branco Country: france Date: Mon Oct 22 23:29:16 2001 Comment: we all need OTB!!!! the best neil's album ever made (with TTN)
Name: Albert Amargós Sans Country: Spain Date: Mon Oct 22 18:18:26 2001 Comment: Neil please, Mira, yo no hablo muy bien ingles, así que te lo digo en Español; Toda tu obra me parece de lo mas importante de la música moderna. No creo que existan muchos músicos que atesoren tu sinceridad y tu fuerza. Yo tenia el LP de On the beach hasta que alguien se lo apropio. Seria tan feliz si se reeditara o decidieras sacarlo en CD... En Barcelona tienes mas de un amigo. Por cierto que seriamos muy felices de verte por aquí. Te queremos, Albert
Name: david wilson Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 22 17:36:18 2001 Comment: Colin, Would you please remove my last comment from the archive? It does, indeed, read like a multi-issue rant, which I would like to erase from existence. It sounds flip and rude and makes too many assumptions on my part. And, it is troubling me very much. I do not want anyone else to read it. Ienjoy OTB and other non-print NY music very much. That is the only issue, truly. Sincerely, David Wilson (no problem David - consider it removed - regards, Col)
Name: giulio Country: italia Date: Mon Oct 22 08:18:27 2001 Comment: we want it absolutely. ciao
Name: Roman Wowk Country: Australia Date: Mon Oct 22 07:06:50 2001 Comment: Been looking for it!...
Name: Kevin Velasco Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 22 00:53:51 2001 Comment: This album needs to be heard. PUT IT OUT NEIL!! do it for the fans!! it sucks having to shell out $20+ for the LP
Name: Anon Country: Date: Sun Oct 21 22:05:52 2001 Comment: my dad once had this album and said it was very good,i'm 14 and a huge Neil Young fan......please, please release it because i'd love to hear it!
Name: Broken Arrow Country: italy Date: Sun Oct 21 21:29:04 2001 Comment: We are band (six elements) and we sings only Neil Young's songs, On the beach is the preferred album (also to night is the night..sorry, many people during the concert call songs from On the Beach..please Neil do the album on CD tanks!
Name: dorison Country: france Date: Sun Oct 21 20:33:43 2001 Comment: ineed On The Beach !!
Name: Dennis Country: Greece Date: Sun Oct 21 18:33:33 2001 Comment: R E L E A S E I T!!!!!!!
Name: jean-loic sorel Country: france Date: Sun Oct 21 18:28:41 2001 Comment: i need it
Name: Beau Alessi Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 21 17:57:58 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: aidan wylde Country: Ireland Date: Sun Oct 21 17:49:08 2001 Comment: I'm tired of trying to convert my old vinyl copy using shareware! And I can't afford the boot version! Release the live companion also!
Name: BD Country: France Date: Sun Oct 21 08:46:17 2001 Comment: On the Beach and.. Times fades away... PLEAAAAASE
Name: Matthew Shanks Country: United States Date: Sat Oct 20 21:42:09 2001 Comment: One of his best albums. I was able to compile it from Napster, and was blown away with how good it is. I went to go buy it and found that it wasn't in print. It's a crime that it isn't.
Name: John Fritsche Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 19 19:03:54 2001 Comment: My old roommate had this fantastic album. My tape of it is lost. I really miss it and would love to have it on CD. Please release!!!
Name: Robert Busch Country: United States Date: Fri Oct 19 17:58:00 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: mark fighera Country: Date: Fri Oct 19 04:31:38 2001 Comment: Please release this on CD We love you Neil
Name: Arthur C. Longfellow Country: Date: Thu Oct 18 23:08:27 2001 Comment: Lester Wilson makes more sense than David Wilson! (! this was in reply to an entry below by David Wilson who has since contacted me to discuss the issue - I should point out that I wasn't at all offended by Davids entry - it's just that it touched on issues which I hadn't planned on being a part of this petition - you can all blame me - it was my decision to respond to David too ;-)

Name: Klaus-Peter Baumann Country: Germany Date: Thu Oct 18 20:57:15 2001 Comment: I´m a fan of Neil since 1972 and i hope he will release this album in a short time so my LP will not get more scratches. As Rusty Kershaw says: "There is good music on this album"
Name: David Wilson Country: usa Date: Thu Oct 18 18:00:25 2001 Comment: currently under negotiation...
Name: Ken Hackler Country: Usa Date: Thu Oct 18 16:48:09 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Céline Ratié Country: France Date: Thu Oct 18 16:37:33 2001 Comment: bou
Name: Jean-Marc Faure Country: France Date: Thu Oct 18 14:50:46 2001 Comment: Come on Neil ! Please give us those fucking damn' good missing 6 ! We wait for them here in France. By the way, thanx a lot for that great evening in Paris Bercy ! Peace and Love, keep on rollin' !
Name: Alan Lawson (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Thu Oct 18 09:47:59 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Pamela Jankoski Country: Canada Date: Thu Oct 18 06:01:39 2001 Comment: Please release this album. My boyfriend rants and raves about it all the time. Please give me some satisfaction knowing that I can give it to him as a gift. P.S. Don't tell him, I want to keep it secret!
Name: Jim Betts Country: Australia Date: Thu Oct 18 05:16:54 2001 Comment: Don't be such a git, Neil.
Name: Andrew Zitcer Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 18 04:17:42 2001 Comment: Neil-I just heard this for the first time. It is so hauntingly beautiful. Esp "For the Turnstiles." Please let us younger fans get a chance to buy it in a legit way; even a vinyl reissue would do it. Thanks for your generosity. much respect. Andrew Zitcer
Name: Julian Cator Country: England Date: Wed Oct 17 23:37:38 2001 Comment: My wife had it on vinyl but left it with an ex-boyfriend !! I'm considering divorce !
Name: Jug Eared Freak Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 17 22:54:25 2001 Comment: Neil, f*ck off!
Name: chris briggs Country: united kingdom Date: Wed Oct 17 15:45:11 2001 Comment: Neil Young did not like how this sounded in 16 bit CD world.It may be released on DVD Audio?
Name: tim kennedy Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 17 15:02:21 2001 Comment: Release On The Beach Neil. It's a classic. Even if Ambulance Blues rips Bert Jansch's Needle Of Death it does it WELL! Love Tim
Name: Dylan Chambers Country: UK Date: Wed Oct 17 12:54:31 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Kevin Dunne Country: uk Date: Wed Oct 17 12:14:35 2001 Comment: its a crying shame On the Beach is not out it's one damn good album
Name: J. Chavoor Country: usa Date: Wed Oct 17 03:37:25 2001 Comment: Mr. Young Thank you for all your wonderful music over the last 35 years. It has meant quite a lot to me Please release On The Beach; it would mean so much to so many. Thanks.
Name: Casper Country: norway Date: Tue Oct 16 13:17:24 2001 Comment: for crying out loud, make this record available NOW.
Name: Dave W Country: England Date: Tue Oct 16 11:29:41 2001 Comment: I would love to be able to buy a CD rather than listen to an old taped copy of a scratchy LP - Neil must have his reasons though
Name: yossi Country: israel Date: Mon Oct 15 22:24:20 2001 Comment: now please
Name: Zondor Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 15 22:02:12 2001 Comment: Neil ...... Until you release OTB, I guess "We're all just pissin' in the wind".
Name: luca melchionna Country: Italy Date: Mon Oct 15 20:28:25 2001 Comment: I usually regard Operation Nostalgia with some suspicion. Not in this case, though. This album is a milestone of my personal musical life, for no reason in particular, when I come to think of it. It'd be nice to have it on a shelf as a cd.
Name: Bill Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 15 19:50:56 2001 Comment: Went through a divorce when this was originally released. This album saved my life !
Name: ROSS HIGHET Country: uk Date: Sun Oct 14 15:29:51 2001 Comment: i have all neils albums but ive never even heard this! I've heard its one of the best, maybe he's holding it as a swan song!
Name: Henk Dolleman Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Oct 14 11:19:05 2001 Comment: I bought the album when it was released. Made my own copy on cdr, would love to have a cd version. Etc etc...
Name: ron kavanagh Country: australia Date: Sun Oct 14 10:39:19 2001 Comment: please rerelease O T B maybe donate the procedes to the NYPD and FDNY anyway please, please lets have ON THE BEACH , PS i love the DVD of red rocks live . THANX MATE . (hello Ron!)
Name: elizabeth mros Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 14 01:38:40 2001 Comment: Neil- Its time to roll anothr number for the "Beach"
Name: Mike Doke Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 13 20:53:27 2001 Comment: Release the missing 6. The world needs the music! On The Beach is a masterpiece. The world also needs American Stars 'n Bars.
Name: Tim Miejan Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 13 17:39:54 2001 Comment: On the Beach is the best!
Name: Riccardo Andreello Country: Date: Sat Oct 13 15:10:33 2001 Comment: Just do it for us
Name: Wullie Craig Country: SCOTLAND Date: Sat Oct 13 01:10:00 2001 Comment: JUST DO IT NEIL
Name: Gary Russell Country: Australia Date: Sat Oct 13 00:55:58 2001 Comment: I have every CD neil has released as well as some old second-hand LPs of 4 of the 6 not released on CD. I would like to complete my collection
Name: Ben Tuchyner Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 12 21:16:09 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: jim soko Country: usa Date: Fri Oct 12 19:40:44 2001 Comment: just release it !!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ginger Clayton Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 12 17:27:55 2001 Comment: Oh please, oh please, oh please release On the Beach on CD. Brings me back to the best time of my life.
Name: Herbert Wagner Country: Austria Date: Thu Oct 11 22:01:24 2001 Comment: Geh weida Oida, I woat scho so laung drauf. Long may you run.
Name: susan lewis Country: Canada Date: Thu Oct 11 17:48:07 2001 Comment: Neil.... I've loved this album since the first time I heard in about 1975... the world deserves access to this great disc.
Name: steve Country: Date: Thu Oct 11 15:53:19 2001 Comment: Neil young is a bit of a tw.t (which vowel did you omit?)
Name: James Pennington Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 11 04:55:38 2001 Comment: Com'on Neil, It's Your Best. Even all of my non Neil Young fan friends LOVE this one!!! I Know CD's SUCK but Please, Please, Please Don't Give Your Best Work To The Bootleggers. You deserve the money for it buddy.
Name: Micael Wrigdahl Country: Sweden Date: Wed Oct 10 20:07:02 2001 Comment: love
Name: musicaldream Country: Date: Wed Oct 10 19:37:57 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, bring us back to the beach baby !
Name: JM HEDELIN Country: FRANCE Date: Wed Oct 10 15:07:22 2001 Comment: Oui à la réédition en CD de On The Beach, avec si possible des bonus tracks des mêmes sessions. Est-ce quelqu'un sait où je peux acheter le parasol et les chaises ?
Name: ted krever Country: US Date: Wed Oct 10 13:46:47 2001 Comment: One of the great Neil albums. If only for 'Ambulance Blues,' which sums up his whole career to that moment and says 'more to come' loud and clear. And then 'Revolution Blues,' the title tune. And Neil--Levon needs the royalties!
Name: Silvano Navío Country: Spain Date: Wed Oct 10 08:09:33 2001 Comment: Please, release on the beach, it is so difficult to see you live around here, so please let us enjoy your albums on cd. Thank you for making my life happier
Name: Steve Neumann Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 10 08:00:34 2001 Comment: I have an old cassette version that no longer plays. Neil, please release this on CD. This album means so much to so many.
Name: chad davis Country: usa Date: Wed Oct 10 07:52:26 2001 Comment: Definately the best album by Neil. Took me 4 years to hunt down a lp in good condition. I'm 28 and very much in love with his music.
Name: Dumas Country: France Date: Tue Oct 9 23:13:45 2001 Comment: No comment : j'attends On The Beach depuis que les CDs existent !!!
Name: Chris Smith Country: Canada Date: Tue Oct 9 19:40:08 2001 Comment: Time Fades Away would be nice also.
Name: Dan Bethel Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 9 19:30:29 2001 Comment: As an intense listener of every Neil Young song, and with no other way to listen to his music than with the aid of Compact Disc, I would appreciate, as a musician and fan, to finally hear this album, of which I have only heard good things. I hope Neil does release the album, but then again it's his music and his choice. I just hope he makes the right one.
Name: Fan Country: Fanland Date: Tue Oct 9 14:28:47 2001 Comment: Pleaaaze?
Name: Kevin Patrick Country: us Date: Tue Oct 9 03:28:00 2001 Comment: Please release this classic on CD! I have played my LP so much in the past you can play both sides at the same time(?) Thanks.
Name: Jimmy Country: Scotland Date: Tue Oct 9 01:42:09 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, I have played a bootleg copy of this album at least 7 times tonight, gotta have a lyric sheet for something to read when drunk. Remember the Apollo?
Name: George Thompson Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 9 01:14:50 2001 Comment: We need the music, please.
Name: Ian Gillan Country: Scotland Date: Tue Oct 9 01:02:07 2001 Comment: F**k off Ritchie ya cantankerous old bas***d, get a CD player
Name: Ritchie Blackmore Country: Scotland Date: Tue Oct 9 00:59:26 2001 Comment: I've already got it on CD, who's got a spare vinyl copy??
Name: marria Country: the netherlands Date: Mon Oct 8 19:50:35 2001 Comment: i like the music so much it is a part of my yought
Name: CtahhR Country: England Date: Mon Oct 8 16:31:33 2001 Comment: Go On You Know You Want To!
Name: RON Coewell Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 7 08:57:11 2001 Comment: We taped our old record and travelled through the middle of Australia.There is shit house music and reception and it is really relaxing and concerning listening to Neil Youngs "On The Beach " , Even though he is not from this country
Name: murray porter Country: scotland Date: Sun Oct 7 05:26:06 2001 Comment: go on ya cantankorous old goat reissue it on vinyl.
Name: Jono Country: England Date: Sat Oct 6 13:00:28 2001 Comment: Agree Plus Am stars & bars please!!!!!
Name: dom Country: french guyana Date: Fri Oct 5 07:21:13 2001 Comment: ONB, 5 others, archives, everything, please...
Name: Stephen Flinn Country: England Date: Thu Oct 4 20:22:09 2001 Comment: Used to own the vinyl many years ago. I did buy it first time round. However, what with marriage, house moves, etc. lost/had it lost for me. I don't know. Desperately want it on CD!!
Name: John Harper Country: England Date: Thu Oct 4 18:12:47 2001 Comment: Please release On The Beach , the only copy I can get is my friends old worn out copy !!
Name: lynda kelly Country: England Date: Thu Oct 4 16:46:19 2001 Comment: on the beach-one of Neil's best albums! Need to hear AMBULANCE BLUES again!!
Name: David Martin Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 3 19:10:50 2001 Comment: Absolutely, please release the CD version of On the Beach
Name: Tales Pagni Country: Brazil Date: Wed Oct 3 07:37:23 2001 Comment: What a great album... Top-5 Neil... "I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them from day to day..." Thanks for the soulshine, Neil.
Name: Kieron Country: Australia Date: Wed Oct 3 06:06:52 2001 Comment: I think you ought to re-release both "on the beach" & "American stars n bars" I need them on CD
Name: Erin Anderson Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 3 05:14:07 2001 Comment: I'm a Neil Young virgin who needs some sex "On the Beach"
Name: Peter Markham Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 3 05:12:21 2001 Comment: with the state of music these days, the world needs a little "on the beach" to keep the free world rockin'
Name: Devin Nowakowski Country: US Date: Tue Oct 2 22:29:46 2001 Comment: Release On the Beach, all I have is a burned copy of a copy off of vinyl. I would gladly pay to have the official CD.
Name: JACOB Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 2 19:03:48 2001 Comment: this is a win-win situation. We get some of the greatest music of all time and Neil gets to see us smile, he also gets money but it's not about that.
Name: Noel Harte Country: Ireland Date: Tue Oct 2 14:34:14 2001 Comment: If Neil was really concerned with quality he wouldn't have released anything since Rust Never Sleeps, in '79! (Now that is vicious! - Col)
Name: Evan Mazur Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 2 02:05:05 2001 Comment: All Neil Young material should be released! Neil is the greatest, and we all love him dearly.
Name: dave gibson Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 1 18:19:22 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Stevie Country: UK Date: Mon Oct 1 16:42:43 2001 Comment: Come on Neil re-release "on the beach" for all us loyal fans who followed & supported you through the years. Dont deny us this classic album. Thanks for doing what you do the way you do it Neil.
Name: Joe Mason Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Oct 1 03:38:29 2001 Comment: I love this Album. I bought it 3 times and ALL 3 times, it was stolen from me.
Name: sunny Country: canada Date: Mon Oct 1 02:29:55 2001 Comment: release the beach or make us thiefs :)

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