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Name: John Kiker Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 30 22:06:51 2000 Comment: The rest of the missing albums should be relased
Name: Tom Moriarty Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 30 17:55:33 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Jason Roques Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 30 17:21:16 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ollie Country: England Date: Sat Sep 30 16:37:13 2000 Comment: Please, please, please release this album. I heard it was really good, but as a poor student couldn't afford the £120 price tag in a 2nd hand record shop!
Name: brian kalbfleisch Country: canada Date: Sat Sep 30 07:30:40 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: gj den heeten Country: netherlands Date: Fri Sep 29 23:49:11 2000 Comment: ofcourse we can petition neil, but i think we're all just pissing in the wind
Name: Gregg Beebe Country: U.S. of A. Date: Fri Sep 29 19:04:57 2000 Comment: Mother Goose Shes on the skids Shes not happy Neither are the kids To mom and dad I just dosn't matter It's either that Or pay off the kidnappers
Name: Ellen terhaar? Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 29 18:20:26 2000 Comment: Nice work great site and a worthy effort. Wonder if the Man ever stops by?
Name: Tom Terhaar? Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 29 17:37:23 2000 Comment: To the Emporer of Wyoming Hi: Just saw you in Hershey Pa. You are the only. I have this on 8 track!!! and cassette. Ii is one of my top ten's, as is your first album. I once wrote to Warner Bros. for a copy! Ironically it was playing in my Miata on the way to work today! Really, whatever you do, you, like Clint Eastwood, are irreplacable. Keep up your fine talents. Long time fans, Tom and Ellen
Name: Fred DePalma Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 29 16:28:09 2000 Comment: I'm not sure how much longer my tape will last. A picture is worth a thousand words. Just give me a white cane and a polaroid avoid.
Name: bill stigliano Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 29 13:24:31 2000 Comment: I can only agree with the rest on my fellow petitioners that it is one of Neil's best works. I constantly look for it. Please!!!!
Name: Patrick Bransby Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 29 13:06:13 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: chris moise Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 29 08:21:36 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Frank Romero Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 29 07:12:15 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Kevin Greenwood Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 28 19:59:59 2000 Comment: We need this real bad...
Name: Darrell Fuller Country: Date: Thu Sep 28 18:50:52 2000 Comment: I bought "On the Beach" in 1974 on 8 Track tape. I still have the 8 track, but of course cannot listen to it any longer. I was just out if high school, then. I love "On the Beach"
Name: charlie kennedy Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 28 18:01:10 2000 Comment: Bring the Music Back!
Name: Brad A. Stoyer Country: US Date: Thu Sep 28 14:37:08 2000 Comment: Please release "On the Beach" on CD. It has always been one of my favorite Neil Young works.
Name: Sandy Houston Country: Australia Date: Thu Sep 28 12:56:56 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: sam Country: australia Date: Thu Sep 28 06:20:45 2000 Comment: on the beach is one of my all time faves
Name: Geoff Moore Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 28 02:54:00 2000 Comment: Ambulance Blues is easily one of his finest songs. I wore out my bootleg CD copy somewhere traveling out west summer of '99 after seeing him perform that song live at the beautiful Fox theater in St. Louis. Release it or not Neil, I'm just glad you made it. Thank you.
Name: Shawn C. Scheitler Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 27 23:34:02 2000 Comment: Next to "Tonight's the Night" this is my favorite Neil Young album. Thank God I collect vinyl, because I would never be able to hear the album, except for the few songs he put onto the "Decade" album.
Name: Birgir Mar Hannesson Country: Iceland Date: Wed Sep 27 21:42:53 2000 Comment: I think that On the beach is one of Neil´s best albums. I borrowed an old copy from a friend and now my recorded tape is nearly outworn. I just can´t understand why younger fans like me can´t get out hands on albums like this one, Hawkes and doves, American s&b.
Name: dave white Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 27 21:22:30 2000 Comment: I saw Neil do 'Walk On' live at Redrocks last Friday night in the snow (9/22/2000). It was one of the greatest moments of my concert going life!!! I really want to see the whole album released on CD.
Name: Philip Korsnes Country: Germany Date: Wed Sep 27 19:20:56 2000 Comment: Neil, I proposed to the woman who is now my wife by writing on this album's cover 'will you marry me?' She still has the cover to this day, but nobody's quite sure what ever happened to the record itself. Please let me be able to give my wife the perfect anniversary gift.
Name: Cointe Julien Country: France Date: Wed Sep 27 17:04:14 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Andrew Goodson Country: England Date: Wed Sep 27 15:17:23 2000 Comment: This has to be one of the most hauntingly beautiful albums of all time - if Neil Young has reasons for not re-releasing it, then we the listeners can only accept and value his stance. But what pain that acceptance causes me...
Name: Rose Mankowski Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 27 05:55:08 2000 Comment: Just saw Neil and the Pretenders at Red Rocks! He played "Walk On" I've got the LP, but I really need this on CD. C'mon Neil! :D
Name: Mark Hiller Country: U.S.A Date: Wed Sep 27 01:34:06 2000 Comment: memoradle album, neil, c'mon!!!!!
Name: billy mandrell Country: U.S.A Date: Wed Sep 27 00:48:06 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Brian Kuhlman Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 26 23:12:26 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Joel Engelhardt Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 26 22:30:01 2000 Comment: i miss it. bring it back.
Name: Wim koetsier Country: holland Date: Tue Sep 26 18:02:11 2000 Comment: Please let Neil release on the beach, as well as the live album: Time fades away.
Name: Peter Country: Date: Tue Sep 26 11:32:22 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Robert Sampimon Country: Australia Date: Tue Sep 26 10:50:20 2000 Comment: On the BEach is one of my favourite Neil albums and I would love to hear it on CD
Name: Scoop Brady Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 26 07:37:56 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Tim Brady Country: US Date: Tue Sep 26 07:09:49 2000 Comment: Neil, stop f*cking up...release On The Beach.
Name: Neal Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 26 05:44:47 2000 Comment: ...and Re*ac*tor too, my favorite.
Name: Ray Prest Country: Canada Date: Tue Sep 26 04:15:21 2000 Comment: Please Neil, let everyone hear this incredible album. Re-release it this Christmas as a gift to all of your fans. Pretty please? with sugar on top?
Name: Jason Rich Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 26 03:51:30 2000 Comment: Release the album on HDCD! Or at least re-issue on vinyl!
Name: Anne Henriksen Country: Norway Date: Tue Sep 26 01:54:37 2000 Comment: LPs get worn down when played often - - may 'On The Beach' finally be re-released --
Name: Robert Dowsley Country: United States Date: Tue Sep 26 00:10:47 2000 Comment: Well at least I now know it's official...It's simply not out there! On my last trip home to Canada, (yep I'm Canadian too), I dug out all the Neil Young tapes I'd made over the last twenty some years for the six hour drive...and saved the best for last..On The Beach and Time Fades Away.
Name: joe Country: us Date: Mon Sep 25 22:35:59 2000 Comment: hurry.
Name: robert flick Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 25 21:26:07 2000 Comment: bring it back! --------------
Name: Harry Oesterreicher Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 25 21:11:14 2000 Comment: Thank you Neil!
Name: Gregg Beebe Country: U.S. of A. Date: Mon Sep 25 20:23:37 2000 Comment: Your all just pissin in the wind.
Name: Balanche Country: France Date: Mon Sep 25 20:20:39 2000 Comment: My LP is too old now, I can't used it anymore
Name: Dennis Moore Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 25 18:12:41 2000 Comment: Please release OTB as a cd, for the fans
Name: borja Country: spain Date: Mon Sep 25 12:37:22 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Jack Clark Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 25 04:25:19 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Chris Hughes Country: US Date: Mon Sep 25 04:17:01 2000 Comment: Neil, if you read this, please reconsider your stance on On the Beach. It really is one of your best. This album conveys as much raw emotion as any of your others. I am rapidly wearing out my vinyl copy, so don't delay! Thanks for making this and all of your other albums! Peace, Chris
Name: JR. QUINN Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Sep 25 03:37:30 2000 Comment: THE WORLD IS TURNING I HOPE IT DON'T TURN AWAY
Name: Jens Tucholke Country: Germany Date: Sun Sep 24 22:21:40 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Keith Anselm Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 24 20:47:42 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Matt Musson Country: Canada Date: Sun Sep 24 19:43:17 2000 Comment: Please! Release the CD!
Name: George Abbs Country: Northern Ireland Date: Sun Sep 24 11:07:17 2000 Comment: Neil Release the f****n album.
Name: James Larrain Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 24 05:26:35 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: doug pierce Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 24 04:28:26 2000 Comment: my copy is wore out please sell me a new one
Name: gail scase Country: US Date: Sun Sep 24 03:37:14 2000 Comment: give the people what they want-ON THE BEACH-a classic forever
Name: George Scase Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 24 03:15:21 2000 Comment: C'mon Neil. CD's only sound bad if they're poorly enginered. Saw you guys at Red Rocks (Wed. The day it didn't rain). It was great.
Name: ken kreta Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 24 00:15:52 2000 Comment: walk on.........walk on
Name: Bryan Thomas Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 23 23:05:20 2000 Comment: "Ambulance Blues" is amazing.
Name: Tore Haaland Country: Norway Date: Sat Sep 23 19:46:54 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Scott Vogt Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 23 18:20:30 2000 Comment: I'll have the vampire blue's till it's released on cd. But my wife support's Neil's decision and trusts when he does release it will be what neil want' it to be.
Name: Phil Bey Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 23 17:53:44 2000 Comment: Purchased this album as a high school freshman; this LP, along with Time Fades Away, Stars and Bars, Tonight's the Night (my fave), and Zuma were the ones I enjoyed the most. Please bring 'em back.
Name: Bill Money Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 23 11:22:34 2000 Comment: Neil,I have listened to your music since the very early 70's.I have been waiting for you to release"On the Beach"and the other 5 for years. That would be cool to have it on CD with some bonus tracks of unreleased songs from that period. If anything at least make it available on a web-site or something.
Name: Scott R. Morrill Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Sep 23 06:20:46 2000 Comment: I was only three years old when 'On the Beach' was released, but I'm a huge NY fan! I want to hear every piece of recorded music I can get my hands on, and right now that is via CD's. Please Neil, let those of us who haven't heard this music listen for the first time.
Name: Takehiko Ohta Country: Japan Date: Sat Sep 23 03:41:29 2000 Comment: Please please please release! My vinyl is too *_* to listen to.
Name: Alex Klajic Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 23 03:14:29 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: brad Country: Date: Fri Sep 22 22:51:08 2000 Comment: i have at least 10 friends that would love to have it!!!!!! and hawks and doves ; reactor ;stars n bars also pleeeesssseee !!!!!!
Name: Mark Fancey Country: US Date: Fri Sep 22 20:59:07 2000 Comment: NONE Name: Sean Ardussi Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 22 19:49:28 2000 Comment: I love the album too!!
Name: Susan Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 22 19:18:37 2000 Comment: Please........I need this CD
Name: Jim Relling Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 22 17:48:45 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ben Country: Canada Date: Fri Sep 22 16:23:49 2000 Comment: Perhaps if Neil saw how many people were making money selling bootlegs of of OTB on Ebay, he'd change his mind. Sound quality concerns are one thing, but having others profit from his work and Neil himself getting nothing? OTB is my favourite NY album and it really burns me that I can go into any music store and buy "Landing On Water" but not OTB. One of music's biggest tragedies, IMHO!
Name: Thor Jansen Country: Norway Date: Fri Sep 22 02:04:46 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Scott Kemmeries Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 21 23:48:00 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Charles Zepp Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 21 22:21:16 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Paul Country: America Date: Thu Sep 21 20:31:19 2000 Comment: Excellent album please release it mon cd
Name: R.S.C. Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 21 19:32:11 2000 Comment: my best friend asked to barrow my dad's army boots and yellow jacket told me about what the pic would be b4 the album was out michal killed himself good luck 2 u all richie
Name: charles beem Country: united states Date: Thu Sep 21 15:55:36 2000 Comment: On The Beach is as essential a work as anything in the Neil catalogue. For those of us who saw the CSNY 1974 tour, many of those songs were performed live. Personal favorites include Revolution Blues, and Ambulence Blues, Motion Pictures. Please, Neil, give your fans the missing 6!
Name: e Loner Country: Date: Thu Sep 21 02:29:43 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: chuck mccue Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 20 15:21:13 2000 Comment: I love the album and all i've got left is a scratchy copy.
Name: Rich Habeeb Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 20 13:18:02 2000 Comment: I hold this gem! Hope all of us can!
Name: Chris Bravos Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 20 04:26:39 2000 Comment: Neil, I just love On The Beach, one of my favorite albums of all time. However, my copy is old and wearing out, PLEASE put it out on CD! Thank you, you a Rock God!
Name: Evan Tillman Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 20 01:46:13 2000 Comment: Please release On the Beach
Name: denise ehret Country: u.s.a. Date: Wed Sep 20 00:55:01 2000 Comment: and I'm still waiting for Time Fades Away, Journey Thru the Past and Trans
Name: good buzz Country: Ireland Date: Tue Sep 19 14:38:24 2000 Comment: Im am a songwriter + Neil young is a legend. Im only 19 but 2 anyone out there check him and Vampire blues.
Name: Jon Work Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 19 14:07:20 2000 Comment: Neil, I've been listening to you since 1970 when I was 8 years old and On The Beach happens to be my favorite Album of yours and i have them all to date. I love this album so much, I had to buy another one because I wore the first one out. I currently have all of your cd's but do miss this one as well as Time Fades Away very much. Please make all of your music available so us fans can continue to enjoy your talent.
Name: minjolle Country: FRANCE Date: Tue Sep 19 13:58:05 2000 Comment: Please Neil, we want it now, and also American Stars and Bars
Name: Brian Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 19 01:49:21 2000 Comment: Neil, I'm personally working on the DVD technology necessary to tailor this album's sound to meet your lofty standards. I sincerely wish what I've just said were true. (release OTB!)
Name: Lyle Gamm Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 18 23:48:17 2000 Comment: Release on the beach.
Name: Woody Country: Australia Date: Mon Sep 18 23:13:20 2000 Comment: Jeezus, Neil, are you crazy or what? Put this thing out!!
Name: Chris Kirby Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 18 23:10:25 2000 Comment: My CD collection is incomplete until On The Beach is released on CD!!! Help me!
Name: Chris Pickford Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 18 20:27:32 2000 Comment: My friend found this album for 25 cents in the used record bin at Rhino Records in Claremont CA. It's an awesome album. Bring it back!! The cover concept alone is worth it. From the Keith Giffen lettering to the patio furniture print on the inside of the cover.
Name: Matthew Baugher Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 18 19:49:14 2000 Comment: I have heard about half of these songs from various bootlegs and such and I love them all! I would love to see the album released again! Do it Neil! For a fellow player of music.
Name: marco Country: italy Date: Mon Sep 18 14:38:43 2000 Comment: i want it
Name: g faulkner Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 18 13:40:49 2000 Comment: i can't remember how many dune buggies...
Name: jennifer Country: Australia Date: Mon Sep 18 10:47:49 2000 Comment: i've been looking for on the beach for over 10 years. i'd just love to have it and hear it again because it's just so good
Name: dave cintron Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 18 05:24:55 2000 Comment: one of my all time favorite albums by anyone. i still have my vinyl, but...well it's 2000, and it's beat from too many years on the turntable.
Name: andy schenck Country: usa Date: Mon Sep 18 03:03:33 2000 Comment: please! please! please! we need it. give it to us! come on! you rock! thanks for everything else.
Name: Timothy Rabbitt Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 17 23:40:46 2000 Comment: I love this record. Defenetly a desert island disc.
Name: Alex Kern Country: Date: Sun Sep 17 21:59:03 2000 Comment: I have been a Neil Young fan since high school, and i am 21 years old. Recordings like this I was not able to hear the first time, so please release it. Alex Kern
Name: Stefano Boni Country: Italy Date: Sun Sep 17 20:04:49 2000 Comment: I'd like to listen to ON THE BEACH very much!!!
Name: Oddmund Berge Country: Norway Date: Sun Sep 17 19:47:06 2000 Comment: It is not much (in music) I want more than to own "On the Beach" on CD or whatever. Please. I no it is great music.
Name: Jan Vidar Stensønes Country: Norway Date: Sun Sep 17 17:06:22 2000 Comment: Neil,please release OTB and those others missing 5.
Name: Justin Berg Country: US Date: Sun Sep 17 08:15:02 2000 Comment: I remember the LP my dad had long ago, and loved the album... hadn't heard it until the mp3s, which don't do it justice... this is an album full of gems.
Name: Eric Benson Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 16 22:11:44 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: John Benson Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 16 20:01:53 2000 Comment: OK Neil, my name is finally on the petition. Are you satisfied? Now release the damn album.
Name: Michael Steinbacher Country: Germany Date: Sat Sep 16 19:03:09 2000 Comment: I simply need "On the Beach" - it´s part of my youth!
Name: Urs Dermont Country: Suisse Date: Sat Sep 16 03:20:32 2000 Comment: Prière de réediter On The Beach mais aussi American Stars & Bars. Merci.
Name: Ben Krieger Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 15 23:50:16 2000 Comment: First time I heard See the Sky About to Rain I picked up my guitar and started writing material. It was that inspiring
Name: Charlie Country: Date: Fri Sep 15 22:55:56 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Shelley Groves Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 15 17:09:02 2000 Comment: Neil I have been searching for this CD forever, I have the original vinyl, but it's worn out. Please re-release my record.
Name: Bob & Bonnie Olsen Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 15 04:02:39 2000 Comment: Do It Neil.......Please
Name:No Name Country: uk Date: Thu Sep 14 22:39:05 2000 Comment: get this out now
Name: Greg Reeves Country: U.S. Date: Thu Sep 14 22:26:08 2000 Comment: C'mon already
Name: Mike Grubb Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 14 21:59:22 2000 Comment: Neil - this album inspired me to write some of the songs I'm most proud of. This album is a valueable asset to musicians everywhere.
Name: Chris Phillips Country: Wales Date: Thu Sep 14 19:18:24 2000 Comment: Having fallen for the music of Neil Young in a big way over the past couple of years, i feel i'm missing out on something special, having never heard OTB. does anyone know where to get a vinyl copy? email me
Name: mike schwartz Country: usa Date: Thu Sep 14 18:52:22 2000 Comment: bring it back!!! i cant even find a used vinal album! help us, neil, we need this, dog!
Name: Ben French Country: US Date: Thu Sep 14 16:09:47 2000 Comment: This album is among Neil Young's finest works. The fact it is not available on CD is outrageous.
Name: Rod Szasz Country: Canada Date: Thu Sep 14 12:08:59 2000 Comment: OK. I'm lucky I guess. I got a copy put onto cassette from 1974 and then I burned a copy into CD form. But I still look for the CD in every store I go to. I thought it was just the fact that this music shops had no taste. For God's sake Neil release the damned thing. My fingers are bleeding from learning Ambulance Blues and violinist I play complains that he wants to hear a better quality. Well
Name: Mats Pellbring Country: Sweden Date: Thu Sep 14 12:07:35 2000 Comment: Sorry about being a pain in the ass, but although I've heard that you don't like CD releases there's still something vital missing in my life until On the Beach is available on CD. /Mats
Name: gregg schulze Country: u.s. Date: Thu Sep 14 06:49:45 2000 Comment: you are one of few genuine musicians left. you're the man. do whatever you want.
Name: Paul Kopeikin Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 14 01:08:39 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ian Doig Country: Scotland Date: Wed Sep 13 20:49:46 2000 Comment: Come on Neil This has got to be re-released To me it was the album which sent you in the direction that made you one of the all time greats. I bought this when it was first released and now is needing replaced badly Please Please give us what we want
Name: David Fleser Country: Date: Wed Sep 13 20:42:57 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Tim Erickson Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 13 20:29:16 2000 Comment: Neil--PLEASE! Help another generation keep rockin' in the free world. My kids want to hear this with more clarity than my old cassette will allow. Thanks.
Name: SAM Country: Australia Date: Wed Sep 13 14:22:47 2000 Comment: Release it now, Neil - on DVD , yeh.
Name: shawn m peterson Country: Date: Wed Sep 13 04:06:09 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: jim canning Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 13 03:03:02 2000 Comment: i grew up and learned to deal with things by these songs. forget walk on the popo charts the album is a gem . to moch detail to go into for this venus if this album does not reflect personals doubt and choices in life then you are clueless get in a honda turn it up till you cant understand it and hit sombody. i'l stay with neil ,thank you!
Name: Christine Jaschinski Country: Germany Date: Tue Sep 12 19:51:46 2000 Comment: C'mon, please re-release it, because it's the most favourite album of my boyfriend
Name: john ducharme Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 12 17:08:07 2000 Comment: im only 19 yrs old and im getting to neil alot. Albums like these need to be released for upcoming fans who like to buy the whole back catalog.(including me!) Please re-release this CD and let the fans speak for themselves if the album is not worth it.
Name: Pat Kolb Country: usa Date: Tue Sep 12 16:25:14 2000 Comment: C'mon Neil, don't be a dick.
Name: Jack Trudell Country: Date: Tue Sep 12 12:14:16 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: jean-michel pascal Country: france Date: Tue Sep 12 08:00:11 2000 Comment: Je veux que Neil réédite "On the Beach". Super Album ! Et "Hawks and Doves" aussi !! Etc...
Name: Ladd McDaniel Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 12 00:10:39 2000 Comment: This is one fan who appreciated it the first time around. I had it on cassette while travelling around Japan so many summers ago when it first came out. Lost the lp somewhere and the threw out the cassette several years ago when it finally gave up the ghost. Wouldn't have done that if I knew it was unavailable. Just saw Neil two nights ago at the Gorge in George, Washington State. Great concert and he did Walk On!
Name: brian murphy Country: humboldt county Date: Mon Sep 11 23:27:02 2000 Comment: yeah rerelease it and how about time fades away too
Name: MikeCountry Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 11 21:40:40 2000 Comment: Of the missing six, this album is easily the best. Neil, please, release this album on CD.
Name: Jeff Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 11 17:05:53 2000 Comment: Definitely re-release this album Neil!
Name: Rodney Byman Country: Canada Date: Mon Sep 11 09:36:06 2000 Comment: I'd like to see a vinyl and a CD release. Come on Neil, I need this album at least on CD
Name: Zac Binks Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Sep 11 05:21:22 2000 Comment: I put in lots of time downloading it from Napster, but the sound quality could be better.
Name: Barry Don Country: New Zealand Date: Mon Sep 11 03:02:34 2000 Comment: C'mon Neil, my only copy is so worn the needle plays the other side. Ambulance Blues is "the" song of the century. Any format is cool, it's hard to play vinyl in the car.
Name: Sam Alexander Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 23:54:34 2000 Comment: I'm not an expert on sound technology, but I love the album, and re-release on anything would be fine with me!
Name: Stephen Weissberger Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 21:14:16 2000 Comment: "Ambulance Blues" is among the best works of art from the latter half of the twentieth century; as well as a wonderful companion piece to Dylan's "Desolation Row". Let's experience it again, you b*st*rds!
Name: Levi King Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 19:53:01 2000 Comment: I would really love to own a copy of Neil's "on the beach," but i'm afraid that i might never have the complete neil recordings until it is released.
Name: Bruce Freeman Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 19:28:40 2000 Comment: Certainly one of my favorite recordings. Wish I had one. Someone ripped off my lp
Name: Brian Gerosa Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 16:17:26 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: marcel Country: netherlands Date: Sun Sep 10 15:43:41 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: mike collins Country: Date: Sun Sep 10 08:42:31 2000 Comment: i know it's "easy to get buried in the past", neil, our freind, but...on the beach release is what we need "to make a good thing last". please don't "walk on" this. thx & regards
Name: Mike Brown Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 07:32:51 2000 Comment: I never knew a man, who could tell so many lies, he's got a different story, for every pair of eyes, how can he remember who he's talking to.....this is a classic and needs to be reissued in CD so I can get it!
Name: David Jennings Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 10 03:57:45 2000 Comment: Come on Neil (if it is your decision to not re-release), why not? Thanks for the 3rd show at Red Rocks - after listening to your albums since 1972 or so (and I've bought about 15 of them) I never made it to a show (haven't made it to many live shows). My wife Maryann and I will be there 9/22.
Name: Mark Higbee Country: Date: Sat Sep 9 23:43:27 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Denny Driscoll Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 9 15:27:16 2000 Comment: long overdue for release
Name: Tom Peters Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 9 12:42:21 2000 Comment: I love this album. I bought it in 1974 and it became an instant classic for me. I am glad to know that time has proven me right. I wore out my original record and the cassette I bought in 1977. I have a bootleg CD made from a german vinyl pressing. It is okay. It is better than my snap, crackle and pop record. I really want a REAL cd version of this album.
Name: Mark H. Johnson Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 9 06:08:47 2000 Comment: Neil, sooner or later it all gets real. Please release this gem. Comet In The Sky
Name: James,Beth,Three,John Maret Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 23:29:20 2000 Comment: Please....
Name: C.Chattaway Country: u.k. Date: Fri Sep 8 20:56:16 2000 Comment: Loved the album from the day of release.
Name: Mike Pettinato Country: United States Date: Fri Sep 8 18:26:08 2000 Comment: The next time I hear this album would be my first! Since I cannot get it anywhere (unless I want to pay $40-50 on eBay, which I can't afford), I can only imagine what I'm missing since I've heard from many what a GREAT album this is. If On The Beach (as well as the rest of the "missing six") is officially released, you can rest assured that I'll be one of the first in line to buy it.
Name: Patricia George Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 12:20:20 2000 Comment: On The Beach. Time Fades Away. Please re-release them. Enough said.
Name: Bouchet Country: France Date: Fri Sep 8 11:03:21 2000 Comment: We want onr the beach but also American stars and bars and time fide away and so on...
Name: Jeff Smith Country: Date: Fri Sep 8 07:54:16 2000 Comment: This album saved my life, & more than once... I'm so grateful that I bought a copy when it came out; I was 13 & I needed it then & 26 years later I still need it from time to time... It needs to be out there & readily available for those that need it & can't find it anywhere, don't even know it exists...
Name: John Reid Country: can Date: Fri Sep 8 06:46:29 2000 Comment: a worthy cause if i ever saw one
Name: David McConnell Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 05:00:20 2000 Comment: The songs are etched in my mind.., long live "On the Beach".
Name: Mike Sobota Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 04:16:44 2000 Comment: I heard "Walk On" on the latest tour and got a lump in my throat for the other songs on this album that so many haven't heard...bring it back.
Name: Jeff Ross Country: usa Date: Fri Sep 8 03:06:15 2000 Comment: I love the album - please let me hear Ambulance Blues again. Please give us Time Fades Away again too.
Name: Johnny Dollman Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 02:59:00 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Matt Bush Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 8 01:24:00 2000 Comment: Neil- we beg you!! My vinyl is worn out and I',m on my last casette backup!! The album is one of your best. Please release me.
Name: Cinnamon Country: US Date: Fri Sep 8 01:18:20 2000 Comment: I would very much like to see "On The Beach" become available as well as a few others which seem to have gotten lost in the transition process.
Name: Craig Adams Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 7 18:03:42 2000 Comment: I want to buy this album, so that I may listen to it for the first time. I've listened to a good half of the songs and they are among Neil's finest.
Name: David Hewitt Country: USA Date: Thu Sep 7 15:49:43 2000 Comment: As a musician, I can really appreciate this album. I have always been interested in this period of Neil's career, it is a door to a man's soul that has been at the bottom.
Name: Arch Stanton Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 6 20:30:44 2000 Comment: I have never heard anything from this album. But, as usual, I'll buy anything with Neil Young on it. Come on Neil, let 'er rip!
Name: Kc Stanton Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 6 20:20:45 2000 Comment: Side 2 of On the Beach is possiblly the best album side of all time. Please let those without turntables in on it.
Name: John Sumi Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 6 20:08:31 2000 Comment: My vinyl copy of this great record disappeared in the late seventies. I've missed it ever since.
Name: mark Country: usa Date: Wed Sep 6 16:50:58 2000 Comment: On The Beach has always been one of my favorites. Ambulance Blues, Motion Pictures,... wonderful songs.
Name: andy mclean Country: england Date: Wed Sep 6 12:39:47 2000 Comment: on the beach is being re-pressed available from www.gemm.com on jap. import from he u.s. formats: cd, cd-rom, vinyl(some second hand available)I'm not winding you up!!! Happy hunting!!!!
Name: David Keesey Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 6 06:54:48 2000 Comment: Neil- Every album I've bought on cd I love to death. Your music connects to my emotional experience like nothing else. I've never ever heard anything from On the Beach. I'd really love to have it on cd. It would mean a lot to me and many many others if it came out on cd.
Name: Fred Brown Country: US of A Date: Wed Sep 6 05:37:24 2000 Comment: I'm gonna buy the bootleg to get this if I have to. One of Neil's very best.
Name: Cathy Harris Country: USA Date: Wed Sep 6 03:55:06 2000 Comment: Please re-release this masterpiece. Share the music!
Name: Nick Dunning Country: UK Date: Wed Sep 6 01:20:19 2000 Comment: The world needs this freakin' album on CD. One of the three best Neil albums ('Tonight's The Night' and 'Time Fades Away' are the others)
Name: Tom Bolan Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 5 21:59:41 2000 Comment: This music should be on CD.
Name: Gregg Beebe Country: Date: Tue Sep 5 00:28:33 2000 Comment: I got The Revolution Blues I'v seen the bloody fountians Ten thhousand dune buggies Commindown the mountian I hear that Laural Canyon is full of stars I hate them worse than leppers I'll kill em in their cars
Name: David Country: USA Date: Tue Sep 5 00:07:59 2000 Comment: I just heard "Rock On"(you mean Walk On, Ed.)for the first time at Neil's shows on the Music in Head tour in Milwaukee and Chicago. I searched around to see which album the song is from, and stumbled onto this Website. Neil, as a new Neil Young fan, please give me the opportunity to bring this amazing song into my home!!! Thanks!
Name: HENRY Jean Louis Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Sep 4 19:02:12 2000 Comment: Albun incontournable dans la discographie de Neil.
Name: Dag Ivan Homlong Country: Norway Date: Mon Sep 4 13:53:41 2000 Comment: It's one of Neils best albums, it should be available on CD!
Name: K Elliott Country: Canada Date: Mon Sep 4 07:27:49 2000 Comment: My favourite NY record which I'd like released on CD along with Time Fades Away and American Stars & Bars (to replace my old vinyl copies).
Name: Manuel Fernandes Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 4 06:05:13 2000 Comment: Your music is a inspiration to rock and roll.Neil your a legend I enjoy every bit of music you ever did.Please release the CD. MF
Name: Jerry Novotny Country: U.S.A Date: Mon Sep 4 03:46:15 2000 Comment: One album that moved me to tears when I was Nineteen was the beach.C`mon Neil please release it.Now what about Time fades away. Jerry
Name: Chuck Seiders Country: USA Date: Mon Sep 4 03:38:08 2000 Comment: Please Neil, my vinyl is shot man!
Name: tim Country: australia Date: Mon Sep 4 02:07:25 2000 Comment: i would also like Time Fades Away released, all the best
Name: Karen Country: United States Date: Sun Sep 3 23:38:26 2000 Comment: It would mean so much to us (my husband and myself) to be able to buy On the Beach on CD! Neil should rerelease On the Beach for the real fans!
Name: Garrett Carmody Country: Ireland/Jamaica Date: Sun Sep 3 23:19:33 2000 Comment: I've been dying to hear this album for about 10 years now, ever since I got my hands on Decade.
Name: Mark Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 3 21:14:15 2000 Comment: I loved the album when it first came out. It has my favorite line of Neil's, "Although my problems seem so meaningless, that don't make them go away". I wish he'd re-release it. Don't have a turntable anymore to play my vinyl copy.
Name: Owns Used Vinyl Copy Country: Date: Sun Sep 3 15:40:01 2000 Comment: Please! I can almost see through the grooves on this album. When I play it for people they notice that first, the music second.
Name: linda coffey Country: canada Date: Sun Sep 3 07:57:35 2000 Comment: Please Neil, I have been searching for On The Beach forever. Id be happy to find an old scratchy copy but a new cd would make alot of people smile. thanks for a lifetime of music.
Name: Chris Nelson Country: USA Date: Sun Sep 3 05:55:04 2000 Comment: Please release On The Beach and all of your other unreleased albums. Do not wait for DVD audio, please. Thank you, for this, and for the great music.
Name: mike machado Country: usa Date: Sun Sep 3 03:42:47 2000 Comment: Please re-issue On the "Beach." You music catalog is a national treasure.
Name: James Debruler Country: United States Date: Sun Sep 3 03:26:25 2000 Comment: How about Time Fades Away too!
Name: Blaine Broderick Country: Canada Date: Sun Sep 3 00:34:49 2000 Comment: Please release the album man. BB
Name: David Schles Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 2 21:19:52 2000 Comment: Please not only on DVD audio!
Name: milton crandall Country: usa Date: Sat Sep 2 11:28:57 2000 Comment: I live 3 blocks from the beach. We love you neil take care
Name: w wilson Country: england Date: Sat Sep 2 10:09:05 2000 Comment: we need this like yesterday
Name: b l Zeebub Country: USA Date: Sat Sep 2 09:34:24 2000 Comment: ;-)
Name: Michael D. Herbage Country: UK Date: Sat Sep 2 09:32:00 2000 Comment: I need this recording to be released. D
Name: Jeff Darling Country: us Date: Sat Sep 2 04:36:54 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Ryan Donovan Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 20:41:16 2000 Comment: After first seeing Neil w/CSNY at MSG in April, and then Neil at Jones Beach two weeks ago I have been quickly becoming a fan; buying 17 of his cd's within two weeks. i'd love to get "On the Beach', 'Stars & Bars', 'Time Fades Away', etc. Please Neil give us one more chance(release them as limited editions or something...) Ryan -- Lindenhurst, NY
Name: Lynel Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 19:50:25 2000 Comment: My older brother had this on Album and I used to spend hours listening to it. The album, like many others, was melted in the back of a stationwagon. I have a really bad recording of it on a tape, but would LOVE to have it on CD. Please Neil re-release this album, if not for anything else but to take me back to the age of wonder. By the way I'm 27 and I was in the second grade when I first heard this.
Name: Les Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 18:30:02 2000 Comment: I bought 2 copies of the album because I wore the 1st one out..Please release this on CD...I made a CD copy from my album I want the CD Have Mercy, Neil
Name: scott rosen Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 18:13:36 2000 Comment: One of my all-time favorite Neil albums is just that-a scratched up lp. Please, please release this on CD. Thank You
Name: Steven Reule Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 15:56:12 2000 Comment: Neil - The CD is bootlegged anyway so why not release the REAL version. Please?
Name: Joshua Martineau Country: United States Date: Fri Sep 1 15:31:22 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: sainlot Country: France Date: Fri Sep 1 10:56:27 2000 Comment: Please, please I would like to listen again this wonderful album. I've bought it in 1974 and since this date i ve never forget this atmosphere. PLEASE NEIL reedite it THANKS ! !
Name: Steve the Toad Country: Canada Date: Fri Sep 1 02:42:35 2000 Comment: Please release this album on CD immediately! My old vinyl copy is horribly worn and I need to replace it to continue getting my fix... Thanks, Steve the Toad
Name: Scott Rogers Country: USA Date: Fri Sep 1 02:03:00 2000 Comment: I was lucky enough to find a beat up copy at a used record store along with some other missing works. Truly one of his best electric albums.

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