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Name: Mc Peyton Country: france Date: Thu Aug 31 23:37:04 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: darren reeves Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 31 23:20:30 2000 Comment: Neil, you are one of my true musical heroes...Many of the major times in my life have been marked by your music...please make On The Beach available on cd for those of us that scan every possible source for this relic we miss and love....my album is sorely worn...thank you for a lifetime of experience of your music...////dR
Name: Gary L Country: England Date: Thu Aug 31 22:33:19 2000 Comment: Release On The Beach
Name: Peter Stranne Country: Sweden Date: Thu Aug 31 14:40:18 2000 Comment: "Please release it, let it go..."
Name: Anders Olsson Country: Sweden Date: Thu Aug 31 11:41:55 2000 Comment: Release it now!!
Name: Ryan Nalley Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 31 08:02:18 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Mike Gross Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 31 07:28:56 2000 Comment: We need these albums to be released. It's neils duty as a rock and roll pioneer. We musn't be prisoners of rock and roll anymore!!!
Name: Brandon Paul Country: United States Date: Thu Aug 31 06:21:47 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: bill sigmon Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 30 22:07:17 2000 Comment: i have copied from napster all the tracks and burned it to a cd. It sounds like shit, and i know this is wrong. but i had to have it on cd, so i did. release it, and i promise i'll buy it first day out , and then i'll burn my napstered copy, i promise. VAMPIRE BLUES, For the turnstiles, walk on, see the sky.., shit, the whole album is amazing. do it!!
Name: paul roche Country: us of a Date: Wed Aug 30 21:50:59 2000 Comment: so i said to myself, "what would God do?"
Name: Gary Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 30 21:12:59 2000 Comment: Neil, please release On The Beach and the rest of the missing six!!! They are great albums.
Name: Daryl Faulkner Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 30 20:21:23 2000 Comment: Neil, Sure you're free to do what you like and have your reasons but dude....I need this album!
Name: Tommy Lofgren Country: Sweden Date: Wed Aug 30 19:56:20 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Doug Slivinski Country: Date: Wed Aug 30 19:08:07 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Joshua Harris Country: Date: Wed Aug 30 18:33:48 2000 Comment: Please.
Name: Gary Clark Country: Australia Date: Wed Aug 30 09:04:59 2000 Comment: Hi I'm a long time Neil Young junkie. i started wiht Decade back in the mid 70's (in my surfing days)but have never heard on the beach. I'm currently collecting all the NY collection on CD (our big department store in Melbourne has a big collection as does HMV store- there muct be a few rusties like myself revisting their youth). I would think that any music that Neil Young has prodcued over the last thirty odd years is worth listening to!
Name: Werner Opberger Country: Austria Date: Wed Aug 30 06:51:31 2000 Comment: Please release it !!!!!!!!!!!! Neil you are the best !!!!!!
Name: Peter juniper Country: Australia Date: Wed Aug 30 05:48:23 2000 Comment: Neil Ive so enjoyed your music over the years. Id heard On The Beach once years ago and thought it was great. It'd be good to hear it again.
Name: Simona D'Agostina Country: Italy Date: Wed Aug 30 01:49:47 2000 Comment: One of my favourite records ever. As my old LP is too strached, why can I haven't it on CD? It's important for my mental health!
Name: Mike Touchstone Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Aug 29 20:33:01 2000 Comment: I bought "On The Beach" about 12 years ago at a used record store and wore it out on my turntable. Recently my cat ruined the cover so I do need to replace it, preferrably on CD. Although the scratches and crackles on LP does make it sound more authentic.
Name: Henning Schmidt Country: Germany Date: Tue Aug 29 20:14:29 2000 Comment: Indeed ! On The Beach is the greatest Album ever !!! I love it - and i want it to be re-released, as i want Hawks and Doves (for Little Wing and The Old Homestead) and American Stars And Bars (for Will To Love). So Neil, please give you a twist.
Name: Paul Turnham Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 29 17:50:19 2000 Comment: please release on the beach and hawks and doves and reactor and time fades away on CD, the first three are my favaorite NY albums but now pretty sratched up ------------------------------------------------------------
Name: Mark Clements Country: England Date: Tue Aug 29 11:55:08 2000 Comment: I have just purchased this on CD on a German bootleg and it is fantastic, I would rather have an official release. I agree with most people it is one of Neil's finest albums.
Name: Richard Stacey Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 29 09:54:10 2000 Comment: I don't even buy cd's unless something isn't available on vinyl - I have a copy of OTB on vinyl and I won't be replacing it - but it is an awesome album and there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who NEED to hear it who don't have decks
Name: steve mader Country: usa Date: Tue Aug 29 03:52:15 2000 Comment: to be honest i never had the chance to hear it but would be excited and hopefully moved if so think that is good reason, for us, thanks
Name: Simone Reisenzan Country: Austria Date: Mon Aug 28 23:04:26 2000 Comment: I searched a long time for this LP and 2 years ago a found it - better would be on CD but i'm happy to have it (although it was a present to my father)
Name: justin cook Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 28 22:36:51 2000 Comment: hope it gets released
Name: Andy Stiles Country: England Date: Mon Aug 28 21:12:17 2000 Comment: I have a v poor 'musicassette' from 25 yrs ago. cd would be a little better.
Name: Dennis M. Widdows Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 28 20:04:49 2000 Comment: Quit pouting about past slights from whoever, I am a loyal fan who still has an original 8 Track version of this album, and I am tired of fixing my old Akai/ Roberts Reel to Reel with an 8 track input.
Name: Hakon Tonne Country: Date: Mon Aug 28 12:54:38 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ken Cornford Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 28 10:10:36 2000 Comment: Just release the damn thing OK!!!!
Name: chris harrington Country: usa Date: Mon Aug 28 02:53:15 2000 Comment: PLEASE NEIL! I burned my credit cards for fuel. I have longed for on the beach on cd. I,ll pay triple price for it! thanks from your greatest fan & imitator!
Name: kevin wadzinski Country: U.S. Date: Mon Aug 28 00:00:09 2000 Comment: we all need more neil.
Name: Brian Fitzgerald Country: UK Date: Sun Aug 27 22:20:44 2000 Comment: I have waited for so long. Please release on any format. My vinyl copy is wasted.
Name: B Country: Date: Sun Aug 27 22:17:43 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Thomas Horan Country: US Date: Sun Aug 27 21:33:14 2000 Comment: His best work
Name: krier sylvain Country: France Date: Sun Aug 27 19:50:11 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ed Cunicelli Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 27 13:50:07 2000 Comment: On the beach is an absolute diamond in the sand. Come on Neil get out your shovel the tide is coming in!
Name: Shannon Chapman Country: U.S. Date: Sun Aug 27 05:39:22 2000 Comment: I am a dedicated fan of Neil, and I would love to hear On the Beach on CD. I for one love all Neil's music to my soul. Neil is #1
Name: Brian Country: US of A Date: Sun Aug 27 03:35:57 2000 Comment: Please put on another format soon. My 8-track can't take much more.
Name: jason brantley Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 26 23:33:42 2000 Comment: On the Beach deserves a re-release, as it tied a poll in broken arrow magazine for #1 album! even a cassette would be great!
Name: Gregg Country: Long Beach, CA Date: Sat Aug 26 21:23:02 2000 Comment: I already have it from napster, but I would buy it if was released just to contribute to Neil's Bridge School. Please give us Reactor too!
Name: RoadDog Country: Home Date: Sat Aug 26 07:09:40 2000 Comment: Release it Now. or don't. It still will kick ass forever.
Name: john lipisko Country: north america Date: Fri Aug 25 21:15:00 2000 Comment: My only influence to the studio recording came from an old beat up vinyl I aquired from a vendor in a flea market in the village of New York. This was well after marketing fact, as is most the music I hunt down these days. A live tape from a bar some where has an acoustic version of Revolution Blues into On The Beach and is a staple of true patrotism played every week at our local bar by admiring musicians. So to conclude the world is turning, I hope it don't turn away. Have mercy on the ones wh (this message was too long - sorry, Col)
Name: LAMMENS Christian Country: France Date: Fri Aug 25 21:05:24 2000 Comment: I look for this album for a so long time and i'm realy happy to join all the people telling you "PLEASE"
Name: Mark Griffin Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 25 18:35:09 2000 Comment: Please re-release "ON THE BEACH", a classic. When it came out during the Arab Oil Embargo, the song "Vampire Blues" was hugely relevant. Anyway, the song "Walk On" is my favorite, and I love "Motion Picture Blues". Many, like myself, still have the original album, but it is so scratched that it does not play well. I would like to get a CD or DVD copy. Thanks.
Name: Mark Blankenship Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 25 18:28:18 2000 Comment: Neil Young has and always will be my favorite musician. I wish his entire album collection would be released on CD. Hey how about a box set(s)? MB
Name: Heath Keane Country: Canada Date: Fri Aug 25 18:10:22 2000 Comment: Ive always had it on tape and would love to slip in a cd when i want to listen to ambulance blues,see the sky about to rain etc... ,also going tommorrow to see neil in detroit aug 26 Silver and Gold can't wait ,28 albums and 10 concerts so far long live neil.........
Name: Fekete, Zsolt Country: Hungary Date: Fri Aug 25 18:03:45 2000 Comment: Neil is my favorite singer. I would really like to listen to this album and the other missing albums.
Name: patrick neil Country: uk Date: Fri Aug 25 12:01:39 2000 Comment: I had a really beaten-up old vinyl copy b4 I got my records burgled...Ambulance Blooz and Motion Pictures, yep I liked that one and probly would buy it if I saw it released on C.D
Name: Odd-Arild Bugge Country: Norway Date: Fri Aug 25 09:51:46 2000 Comment: Keep up the good work!
Name: Jon Sansom Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 25 05:57:28 2000 Comment: Yes, please release the album. Vampire Blues!!
Name: michael elliott Country: Australia Date: Fri Aug 25 05:41:51 2000 Comment: Neil, my original cassette is totally stuffed. Pleeeeeeezzzzeeeee I need a CD version NNNOOOWWWW
Name: Blair Durant Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 25 04:25:10 2000 Comment: I was on the beach for a long time and this album really helped me out. Neil, please let us all hear it again.
Name: walsh Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 24 20:25:21 2000 Comment: This is a classic that must be reissued! I have worn the album out.
Name: Eamon Keenan Country: Date: Thu Aug 24 17:31:05 2000 Comment: please release on the beach, time fades away, stars and bars, hawks & doves, journey through the past. i miss hearing them..:(
Name: M.Broer Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Aug 24 14:32:25 2000 Comment: Come on Neil! Be a good sport. It can't be that bad!
Name: Don Thomas Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 24 13:31:06 2000 Comment: One of many NY CD's that needs released !
Name: Duck Chowles Country: South Africa Date: Thu Aug 24 11:23:13 2000 Comment: All the Geffen albums are available on CD from "Landing on water" to "Life". Now are ask with tears in my eyes why not "On the beach" , "Re-actor" or the others!This is crazy and selfish! During "On the Beach" priod you were so cooool!
Name: Tony Spires Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 24 01:23:10 2000 Comment: Neil, I'm in the retail consumer electronics game and I do not think DVD audio will ever take off. I would suggest Super Audio CD (SACD) as an alternate high resolution format. One big advantage is that SACD discs can be played back on normal CD players.
Name: Keith Tomaszewski Country: U.S. Date: Wed Aug 23 22:53:59 2000 Comment: Gimme a petition for the other missing 5. Please!
Name: Mike stark Country: U.S. Date: Wed Aug 23 22:30:02 2000 Comment: By far one of my favorites. If it came out I would wait in line to purchase it.
Name: Timothy Hatcher Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 22:22:15 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Tom Wallis Country: US Date: Wed Aug 23 22:01:51 2000 Comment: Please Neil. I can't even find a vinyl copy!
Name: Brad Wulfkuhle Country: United States Date: Wed Aug 23 20:18:08 2000 Comment: I have never heard this album, but I would really like to.
Name: Scott Mitchell Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 19:49:40 2000 Comment: Puh-leeez!!!
Name: Hugh Sloan Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 19:09:48 2000 Comment: On The Beach and Time Fades Away still frequent my turntable. I could cry that they are not available on CD. Just do it!
Name: D. Edgren Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 17:08:30 2000 Comment: Neil: At least put "official" MP3's on your "official" web site. You might be making a valid point by withholding this and the other albums from the commercial market but, for your fans, it's about the music- not the esoterics.
Name: Zac Real Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 23 15:40:19 2000 Comment: Yes, I want to buy "On The Beach" as well as "Time Fades Away" on CD. Why not a value CD two for one, just to tide us over until HDCD.
Name: pj Country: cal-USA Date: Wed Aug 23 15:30:04 2000 Comment: look, i know you have your reasons... but that album got me through college... a lot of LONG nights. (and it doesn't help that my roommate STOLE it from me!) couldnt' your release it for what it is, a GREAT piece of work? thanx.
Name: Patrick Country: Switzerland Date: Wed Aug 23 13:49:13 2000 Comment: Rust never sleeps, Reprise do!
Name: William G Shea Country: Ireland Date: Wed Aug 23 11:29:28 2000 Comment: Come on Neil just let us have the "missing 6" .Ambulance Blues is one of my favourites tracks from On the beach...
Name: Lauri Kitsnik Country: Japan Date: Wed Aug 23 04:54:42 2000 Comment: Just do it man!
Name: jon learned Country: usa Date: Tue Aug 22 20:39:48 2000 Comment: dont be denied!
Name: Hans Peter Strauch Country: Germany Date: Tue Aug 22 20:32:23 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: ed ribbink Country: the netherlands Date: Tue Aug 22 17:26:20 2000 Comment: best album of all time best song: On the beach
Name: John Shingler Country: Date: Tue Aug 22 15:35:14 2000 Comment: NONE

Name: Tom Noto Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 21 05:21:53 2000 Comment: Please Neil, we want to hear the missing stuff too! (I'm listening to an old Copy of Hawks and Doves as we speak)
Name: tommy bagwell Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 21 05:03:17 2000 Comment: It's already a travesty this clssic album was not released to begin with. Even more so if it remains shelved. If it's not released though, hey just listen to On The Beach side 2 on tape, and that help might explain life's unfair turns.
Name: Michael Graham Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 21 01:28:50 2000 Comment: Neil, if you're worried about the critical response, you said it best in *Ambulance Blues* - "All you critics sit alone, etc." *Everybody's Rockin'* is available on CD, for God's sake! Why not *On the Beach*?
Name: donna l Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 20 23:16:23 2000 Comment: neil, would love to have on the beach vinyl put to CD ...
Name: Tim Gray Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 20 19:23:34 2000 Comment: On the beach is my favorite album of all time and I am unable to listen to it. Words can't discribe my disapointment
Name: Bob Kalman Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 20 16:44:39 2000 Comment: I saw the show last night (8/19/2000) at PNC Bank Arts Center and was so happy to hear "Walk On". Please re-release this album on CD! The only way I have to listen to this album is a 22 year old tape that I made in college. I have a vinyl copy but need to dig up my old turntable so I can listen to it. Also, I've always loved the artwork and the imagery of the Caddy buried in the sand. Also, did anyone ever notice that the pattern inside of the umbrella is repeated inside the record sleeve?
Name: Sean Higgins Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 20 13:58:07 2000 Comment: This album is one of the best ever! Even though I have it on record, there are a lot of folks out there who need it too, folks that will only buy CD Also, there are a whole generation of WSP fans that would make it Platinum+ just for 'Walk On'!
Name: William Higgins Country: Date: Sat Aug 19 23:06:42 2000 Comment: This must be on CD now!!!
Name: Stephan Country: Norway Date: Sat Aug 19 20:09:08 2000 Comment: I love Neil. I`ve never heard On The Beach. I would love to. American Stars`n`Bars? Time Fades Away? Hawks and Doves? Jouerney Through the Past? I would love to sit down on the top of a mountain, and just fly away with the fantastic music. How long, how long? Stephan, 26 years old.
Name: Jeremy Wagenmaker Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 19 13:14:00 2000 Comment: This would be a great addition to my Neil collection...
Name: danny romano Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 19 05:47:32 2000 Comment: my copy of on the beach sounds like bacon sizziling. i can't even locate on the beach at a used record store.
Name: Stan Dean Country: U.S. Date: Sat Aug 19 03:26:06 2000 Comment: Neil, Please re-release ALL your "missing" albums! As a huge fan, I want it all!!! Thanks!
Name: Michel Couzijn Country: The Netherlands Date: Sat Aug 19 02:47:27 2000 Comment: If you are determined on *not* re-releasing On The Beach, you are either sadistic or masochistic. I haven't decided upon that yet. Why not make one of your best personal albums available to the larger audience? Please do.
Name: Kevin Cammarata Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 18 21:32:05 2000 Comment: More Neil!
Name: chad Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 18 19:28:16 2000 Comment: Please someone twist neil's arm and get ON THE BEACH released on cd!!!!!!!
Name: Michael Foley Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 18 16:46:29 2000 Comment: I was only 4 years old when the album was released, so I would like a chance to listen to it now. Please.
Name: richard harris Country: uk Date: Fri Aug 18 15:34:58 2000 Comment: heard on the beach years ago and loved it, been trying to find it unsuccesfully ever since!
Name: Gene Douthit Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 18 01:01:20 2000 Comment: PLEASE!!!What a great album.I brought this on LP when it was released back in 74.TIMELESS ALBUM and a treasure to share with OLD RUSTIES and those who have not yet heard this masterpiece. PLEASE!!!release it on CD,My turntable is wearing out....
Name: Neil Macdonald Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 17 20:38:40 2000 Comment: BOY, do I want this on CD!!! I had bought NY's previous albums, but this (and Tonight's the Night) were the ones that made me realize how great NY really is and turned me into a life-long fan. PLEASE, Neil - we're beggin' ya! And what about Stars 'n' Bars, or Time Fades Away, or Hawks and Doves? Haven't we waited long enough???
Name: Jan Regner Country: Germany Date: Thu Aug 17 19:27:09 2000 Comment: hey, i've never seen a used copy of the album, and until now haven't been able to listen to it. alway heard it was a good one, and it is! so, since many people where too young for neil in 74 - it shall be released!
Name: Derek Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 17 16:54:24 2000 Comment: I have this album on vinyl but I don't have a deck anymore. I always thought it was a brilliant, beautiful work but then I'm 42! Please, let's have it on CD.
Name: Russell Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 17 06:12:56 2000 Comment: I finally got the LP, but my record player's in storage, please release it on CD to put the bootleggers out of business, they're charging a fortune!
Name: Warren Country: USA{New York} Date: Thu Aug 17 04:53:44 2000 Comment: A friend of mine used to have this, but I never heard it. Heard "See the sky..." by the Byrds. Sounds pretty interesting. I have alot of his stuff, but this seems legendary from what people have said about it. Release it!!!!!
Name: Aaron Bibb Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 17 04:45:38 2000 Comment: Certainly needs to be on CD! I'd definitely buy a copy.
Name: Robin Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 16 23:28:10 2000 Comment: I bought what I thought to be a legit CD version of this great album in a local record store. When I got it home I discovered it was only an LP burned onto CD. Imagine my disappointment. This record got me through some tough times in my life. It would be wonderful to have a genuine copy of it on disc. Come on, Neil, relent and let us have some of your better music on CD and not that Geffen crap.
Name: Jody Smith Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 16 21:34:06 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Andrea Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 16 20:41:16 2000 Comment: I remember when this album first came out. It was absolutley one of my favorite albums. I lost all of my albums in a flood and I have searched high and low for a copy of this album. I wish that it would be rereleased in CD format. It would really bring back great memories of my teen years.
Name: Rich Madl Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Aug 16 18:51:30 2000 Comment: I loved this album when it first came out and still do. But, nowadays my ol' record is showing it's age. Snap crackle pop. I sure wish I had a CD of this one, along with a few other NY albums.
Name: steve boughner Country: slc ,utah (USA) Date: Wed Aug 16 17:50:26 2000 Comment: maybe the best Neil Young album from [end]
Name: Matthew West Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 16 17:38:51 2000 Comment: Never heard most of the tunes on this album. I have most everything else. Sittin' and waiting for the Pearl Jam concert to begin last night in Memphis, and they're playing the album. There and then I make up my mind that I have to have it. Using "For the Turnstiles" as a reference,(It's the song I recognized)I tracked the album to here. Imagine how bummed I am to find out that I can't even get it. Does somebody have a tape they could send me, or something??? If so, email me, and I'll get {end]
Name: Chuck Country: East Tennessee Date: Wed Aug 16 16:00:22 2000 Comment: The dew is falling, the ducks are calling. Will I get mine? Twice on 8 track, twice on vynl, ever on CD?
Name: Phil Neri Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 16 15:19:52 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: S. Beaupre Country: Date: Wed Aug 16 15:05:29 2000 Comment: Why the "On the Beach" embargo? I have no idea. Surely, there must be some sort of biz-intrigue standing in the way. Can't we all just get along? Release "On the Beach" now! Thank you. Be good to your waitress.
Name: J.R. Dietrich Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 16 03:13:38 2000 Comment: Why? I have import, but as a fan and collector, I want them all.
Name: Mark Melnitsky Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Aug 15 22:45:47 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Matt Beary Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 15 21:29:02 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Juan Jose Martiarena Country: Argentina Date: Tue Aug 15 21:11:23 2000 Comment: I donīt speak english, but i try: thanks for you preocupation about the re-editing of Neil's delete albums. I hope "Time Fades Away" and "...Stars and bars" too!
Name: Johnny Gibson Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 15 04:01:06 2000 Comment: I love playing along with your music. If I only could sing a little better!
Name: Katherine Nau Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 15 03:31:41 2000 Comment: Can you believe it?--2000! Anything is possible
Name: Pauline Mulanix Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 14 22:45:43 2000 Comment: i've recently gone digital and would love to be able to update this lp...just in case my turntable croaks!!!! god forbid...cuz vinyl rules!!!!
Name: tom Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 14 20:38:51 2000 Comment: Release ON the Beach - Please, we've been patient enough. Please include some outtakes as well.
Name: Pete Bowers Country: Canada Date: Mon Aug 14 14:12:36 2000 Comment: On The Beach, American Stars 'n Bars, Hawks and Doves... My lord what a collection of music that we don't have access to! There may be issues about sound that you are concerned about, but those scratchy albums and warbly tapes have sound problems too! Go ahead and release the CD's, then the DVD's as well when you can, for those who are keen to (and can affort to) hear it the way you want them to. I like good sound too, but OK sound is better than silence! These really are [end]
Name: Glen Woodrow Country: Australia Date: Mon Aug 14 11:02:06 2000 Comment: Neil, Lets get it together! On the Beach, Time Fades Away (ala Aloha Bobby and Rose), Hawks and Doves. Captain Kennedy never knew what hit hit him. Do it man. Do it soon! I'm getting too old to rely on memories or 33's.
Name: andrew percy Country: Scotland Date: Mon Aug 14 07:51:29 2000 Comment: my vinyl's f*cked,my tape's stretched my boot cd sounds shit it's the needle and the damage done remember Milngavie,Glasgow! come on Neil release it.
Name: Michael Wyatt Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 14 07:14:52 2000 Comment: Please release all of your back catalog. I have worn out On The Beach and Time Fades Away. Do a favor for all of us poor folk that can't afford to buy DVD players. Michael
Name: Gary Werkheiser Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 13 22:51:11 2000 Comment: I have had at least four ON The Beach records they are all worn out the music is great Please Neil give us a CD and while your at it how about Time Fades Away too !!!
Name: Edwin Chowles Country: South Africa Date: Sun Aug 13 13:55:23 2000 Comment: By far my favourite Neil Album - the sureal cover sets the mood - I have looked for this CD and eventually found some trace of it in Tower Records japan apparently released in 1996 - but out of stock! - Any explanation??
Name: Charlie McBride Country: Ireland Date: Sun Aug 13 10:34:21 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ron Country: Holland Date: Thu Aug 10 10:23:14 2000 Comment: Still missing!
Name: Rob M Country: Canada Date: Thu Aug 10 05:22:02 2000 Comment: I own several works of Neil on CD and LP. I would love to be able to add this one to my collection of fabulous listenings.
Name: Brian Solomon Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 10 04:44:59 2000 Comment: This web site is really something. I never realized there were so many others who feel about OTB as I do. This may be your greatest album, Neil, don't be shy about letting a larger audience in on this masterpiece ;-)
Name: Douglas Country: Date: Thu Aug 10 01:02:02 2000 Comment: Totally underrated classic. There is no better Neil album. Still as good as it was 26 years ago when I bought it. The whole Neil catalog thing is a real shame. Time Fades Away, Journey Through The Past, tons of live stuff. All I can say is why.
Name: Shawnee Luciani Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 9 21:02:54 2000 Comment: Best damn album around. Still taping it off LP. But getting scratchy and old sounding. Bring on the CD!
Name: Steve Sisung Country: US Date: Wed Aug 9 20:05:24 2000 Comment: All that I have is an old worn out copy of the "On The Beach" album that I played all the time 2 decades ago. I would love to have a CD version or even a cassette of this classic album. Neil Youngs music inspired me to play the guitar and I play "Ambulance Blues" and "See The Sky About to Rain" from memory.
Name: Andy Solomon Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 9 19:35:36 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Mike Wells Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 9 13:44:29 2000 Comment: Every time I go to the record store - for the last 11 years now, I look in the Neil section for the "missing six." They're never there! Please release them on your terms so I don't have to settle for bootlegs. "The darkness is so cold when you've got the whole night!"
Name: Cameron Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 8 21:25:36 2000 Comment: I need ON the Beach. It helped me through a lot of changes in my life when I was 'on the beach' in Salzburg, Austria a long way from home. And please please Journey through the past Cameron
Name: Matt Perry Country: Canada Date: Tue Aug 8 19:08:22 2000 Comment: Neil, you are my lyrical god please give it all to me! Long may you run, Love Matt
Name: Steve Gould Country: usa Date: Tue Aug 8 18:16:24 2000 Comment: I can buy the entire Kiss catalog remastered but not Neil Young? Let's get the entire catalog done right, this is music worth preserving
Name: Bill Seed Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 8 17:32:09 2000 Comment: As with all the others who have found and support the the efforts of this website, I would love to see Neil release all the missing albums from his catalogue, especially "On the Beach," and "Hawks and Doves."
Name: Randal Foley Country: Australia Date: Tue Aug 8 09:08:49 2000 Comment: I did own OTB until it was stolen a few years ago and it was the most treasured lp I had owned. The lyrical content was excellent, although similar to Tonight's the night. Come on Neil I really want to replace my purloined copy. "We've got 25 rifles just to keep the population down" if it will help....
Name: johnny Country: australia Date: Tue Aug 8 07:21:51 2000 Comment: I haven't heard On the Beach for 23 years but its haunting themes and brooding melodies remain. Someone at the local Armidale library in New England, NSW, had good taste in music and On the Beach was one of the cassettes library users could borrow. I had it out for two weeks and played it relentlessly. When I returned it I knew I'd pick it up on vinyl one day but there were always new records been released and money was scarce and then CDs were introduced and well, Jeez it'd be great if it were[released?]
Name: Ulf Lindblom Country: Sweden Date: Tue Aug 8 06:36:52 2000 Comment: Give me On the Beach on CD,Iīve never found the vinyl.
Name: Lisa Zoe Country: USA Date: Tue Aug 8 04:11:06 2000 Comment: C'mon Neil!!! Stop pissing in the wind and release this CD!!
Name: Peter Zwarts Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Aug 7 13:10:13 2000 Comment: Please release On the beach. Been waiting for so long ...
Name: Mark Nichols Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 7 13:05:55 2000 Comment: Rerelease not only OTB, but any other missing titles from the catalog - this will stop the bootlegging and please many many fans
Name: David Dixon Country: United States Date: Mon Aug 7 04:39:47 2000 Comment: "On The Beach" is a fascinating slice of life which should be celebrated by release on CD. And while I'm at it "Hawks and Doves" should not be passed over either. Listen to your fans Neil and release these wonderful albums ASAP!
Name: mike f Country: USA Date: Mon Aug 7 04:06:07 2000 Comment: I have stopped from buying bootlegs of this now for five years. I don't know how long I can last. mike
Name: uri ben- shaul Country: israel Date: Sun Aug 6 12:06:30 2000 Comment: it took me 2 years to find and purchase the perfect "on the beach" bootleg on c.d. (including artwork and colour sleeve (!!!) ) ,the sound is amazing , but i still need an official realese badly...it's one of my all-time favourit records !!!
Name: Paul Docker Country: England Date: Sun Aug 6 10:03:50 2000 Comment: I have seen a lot of CD bootleg copies of OTB for sale. The sound quality of these can't be as good as what you would put out officially. Fortunately I have an original on vinyl but that is getting worn out. Why let the bootleggers give us inferior quality stuff whilst we wait for the Archives?
Name: gina o'feral Country: usa Date: Sun Aug 6 05:07:25 2000 Comment: This is my alltime favorite album and I lost my turntable.
Name: Noel Wray Country: Ireland Date: Sun Aug 6 00:24:01 2000 Comment: Got 'OTB' & 'American Stars..' last year on a perfect quality bootleg double CD so I'm quite happy, but I spent about 2-3 years looking for the damn thing...It IS a great album and giving people a teaser (Turnstiles & Walk On) on 'Decade' is a little unfair...the kids need more NEIL
Name: Steven A. Kramer Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Aug 13 06:53:04 2000 Comment: Wow I've never seen "ON THE BEACH" Lets have it! I've heard "Ambulance Blues" on a double bootleg "Last plane out of here". It is the pride of my record collection , 1973 N.Y.C. NEIL IS REAL!!!
Name: Patrick Troy Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 13 05:10:13 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ron Stuchell Country: USA Date: Sun Aug 13 03:29:34 2000 Comment: A lost piece of artwork so fine that it's not really fair if it could be replaced and isn't. We all suffer seriously.
Name: Stephen Baker Country: UK Date: Sun Aug 13 01:45:23 2000 Comment: Release it NOW!
Name: Clive Griffin Country: Date: Sat Aug 12 23:37:18 2000 Comment: I was a kid in 1974 with a very lim (clive mail me if you want your entry updated - ed)
Name: Steve Heavisides Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 12 23:18:11 2000 Comment: it's a great record what else is there to say?
Name: Kevin Stauffer Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 12 22:22:58 2000 Comment: On The Beach is my 4th favorite Neil album behind Rust Never Sleeps, After The Gold Rush, and Zuma. I have the lp and cassette, but I would love to have the cd. Please release this masterpiece, Neil, for your fans. Thank you.
Name: David Harry Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 12 18:32:19 2000 Comment: An ambulance can only go so fast!I hope to see On The Beach on disc even quicker! Those seagulls are still out of reach.
Name: Luke Crawley Country: UK Date: Sat Aug 12 16:53:23 2000 Comment: This is an excellent album and it ought to be available.
Name: Jerry Jacobsen Country: Scotland Date: Sat Aug 12 10:55:09 2000 Comment: The first Neil album I bought, aged 14, out of a bargain bin a couple of months after it came out because I was so taken with the stange ominous quality of the cover. Twenty seven years later it's still my favourite sleeve, while the washed out beauty of the music hasn't aged at all, maybe because it pins the mood and time it was created in so perfectly. It would be great to hear it without the crackles though.
Name: John Bostick Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 12 04:32:03 2000 Comment: Neil, Please release OTB and Time Fade away. They are very important comfort fators in my life Those 2 albums especially got me thru hard times living in my van in the smokies. Keep on Rockin, John Bostick
Name: N, Young Country: Cana..oops..USA Date: Sat Aug 12 02:27:25 2000 Comment: Love your site. OTB will come out with the archives. NY
Name: Jim Melia Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 12 02:18:43 2000 Comment: Love this album. Mine is worn out and I rarely listen to albums anymore. Please Neil, even if oyu are unhappy with the sound, it has to be better than a worn out album. See you in Chicago again!!!
Name: Rick Country: US of A Date: Fri Aug 11 22:58:23 2000 Comment: Actually, I have an excellent CD copy of OTB, but it's a pirate that an Italian friend picked up for me in Rome. It's high time that Neil releases this great LP legitimately. Free the Missing Six!
Name: Bruce Tyler Country: Scotland Date: Fri Aug 11 22:14:52 2000 Comment: This album has achieved near-mythical status in the music press. So if it's pleased those jaded, spoilt, deaf and dumb gobshite's, then don't you think it's time for a re-think? Go on Neil - On the Beach, put it in reach!
Name: Rich Detar Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 11 21:42:10 2000 Comment: The single most important influence in my life was this album. Met Neil once and shook his hand. Thanked him for what he gave to me and my friends. Neil... Let it go!
Name: Mike Country: usa Date: Fri Aug 11 18:56:44 2000 Comment: Maybe including 'Walk On' during the current tour is a good sign.
Name: Meleya Ballou Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 11 18:31:45 2000 Comment: This is one of my favorite albums. When I was learning to play harmonica and guitar I chose the song Motion Pictures to learn to play them simultaneously. I only have this album on vinyl and would love to get it on CD so I can once again play with Neil. I love you Neil!
Name: Charlynn Burks Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 11 18:27:17 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Michael Blanski Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 11 17:21:49 2000 Comment: I can't listen to it, in my car nor at work, because I only have it on vinyl.
Name: Eric Hradecky Country: Date: Thu Aug 10 22:34:55 2000 Comment: I am planning to purchase a cd burner based mostly on the fact that "On The Beach" and the remaining "Missing Six" are not available on cd. I'd rather give Neil the money and get the art work...but I need the music more!
Name: Mikko Arola Country: Finland Thu Aug 10 19:37:04 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: daria Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 10 19:00:57 2000 Comment: MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!! I just want it on disc so bad. My ancient vinyl is getting really crusty. I consider Motion Pictures, On the Beach & Ambulance Blues his most beautiful songs (plus Will to Love, on yet another unrealesed album!!!!!) I was just a baby when Beach was realeased so don't blame me for not liking it then!! Come on Neil!!
Name: Rob Bromley Country: Date: Thu Aug 10 17:42:08 2000 Comment: I want revolution blues, walk on and everything else. It's all about me Neil
Name: jenna skopp Country: usa Date: Sat Aug 5 09:07:35 2000 Comment: i feel like i should write something really profound here, but all i really want to say is that 'on the beach' is my favorite of neil's albums.
Name: Cee Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 5 02:34:33 2000 Comment: Some of the best Neil Young is on this album, but I can't carry my turntable around with me.
Name: Joey Nelson Country: USA Date: Sat Aug 5 00:02:49 2000 Comment: I've got the LP, but no record player. I'll probably buy a player just for this album, well this and Time Fades Away. Damn good stuff.
Name: sterlu Country: usa Date: Fri Aug 4 23:09:38 2000 Comment: i am a huge fan of neil and on the beach is easily among my top 5 favorites, which is really saying something since every neil album i own is incredible. this album needs to be re-released before all existing copies disappear. the world is ready to hear this beautiful work of art.
Name: Eston Martz Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 17:36:43 2000 Comment: For God's sake, just rerelease the damned thing already. And "Time Fades Away" while you're at it.
Name: Omar Ahsanuddin Country: US Date: Fri Aug 4 15:19:00 2000 Comment: On The Beach, YEAAAAHHHHH!
Name: RJ Myers Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 14:07:57 2000 Comment: The OTB tunes are some of my favorites on Decade, I would like to hear the rest of the LP as well as the songs I know in their original setting.
Name: Jules Country: England Date: Fri Aug 4 12:31:05 2000 Comment: All major artists should by now have their entire back catalogues available on CD. Come on, Neil, release On The Beach!
Name: c stocker Country: usa Date: Fri Aug 4 09:35:44 2000 Comment: i have thought of buying a burned cd from ebay but i would rather that you got the money yourself.
Name: mapdude Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 05:21:37 2000 Comment: OK Neil, if your not gonna release On the Beach, and my cassette is wearing out, you gotta tell me where I can get a new belt for my turntable so I can make a new copy to listen to in the car.
Name: Jason Witherspoon Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 04:59:10 2000 Comment: HDCD! They'll be plenty of room for DVD-A later!
Name: Matthew McKenna Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 02:59:16 2000 Comment: also he should bring journey through the past back
Name: Hang The DJ Country: USA Date: Fri Aug 4 02:42:18 2000 Comment: I dare to be different...Neil, never rerelease On The Beach...Take that! Just kidding...I love that record and would like to have it digital some day. Name: mike miller Country: US Date: Thu Aug 3 22:34:59 2000 Comment: Comon neil release it
Name: bob donaldson Country: u.s.a. Date: Thu Aug 3 21:51:37 2000 Comment: need to hear some good music!!! tired of this newer junk. please release the cd on the beach. thank you! do it to keep the music alive.let me teach my kids the value of good music. thanks
Name: Rob Thornton Country: Date: Thu Aug 3 21:47:11 2000 Comment: why no "on the beach," neil? let us have it? HDCD is nice but optional, in the end....
Name: Jetro Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 21:45:11 2000 Comment: Hey Neil -- it's a great LP. I have it on vinyl, but those turntable-deprived among us should have a chance to enjoy it as well....
Name: John Magee Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 21:44:19 2000 Comment: It's a crime that this record - as well as Time Fades Away and American Stars and Bars - is not available on CD.
Name: Gregory D. Howe Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 21:30:17 2000 Comment: I bought it then, I'd buy it again for certain. Once in awhile I'd hear a track or two played on the radio in Chicago years ago. My turntable hasn't been connected in years so I haven't heard it played in its entirety for a long, long time.
Name: jim Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 3 21:25:21 2000 Comment: neil we need it back i dont have a phonograph no more
Name: Corey Cosmos Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 19:45:03 2000 Comment: Neil, Come on! Pleeeease? xoxo
Name: Don Riggin Country: US Date: Thu Aug 3 19:04:13 2000 Comment: I was in the US Army in Germany when On The Beach was released in 1974. It, along with so many other great Neil albums, defines a place in time for me; a memory. I've collected every older Neil album released on CD; On The Beach is missing. Thanks.
Name: Matt Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 17:16:36 2000 Comment: Neil, we need On The Beach! Bring it back!
Name: Kev Woods Country: UK Date: Thu Aug 3 16:04:00 2000 Comment: Why deprive us?I only got into Neil in the last 10 years or so,so I dont have it on any format. Classic albums like this should be available.
Name: arlone Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 3 16:02:08 2000 Comment: we have two copies on vinyl and it's one of my favorites.
Name: Knut Folland Country: Date: Thu Aug 3 14:10:42 2000 Comment: OTB - one of the best albums ever. Please release it !
Name: m madlock Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 3 08:30:31 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: 2betheman Country: united states Date: Wed Aug 2 22:44:17 2000 Comment: i was turned on to neil back in the sevenities and since then i have been an addict of neil's music i bought all the album which i still have and every cd i can find been waiting 4 on the beach ,time fades away one of the best neil young albums i think.. love in mind and L.A. are my favorites and the whole album is great also would like to get american stars and bars i got these on vinyl but not cd and my turntable has cobwebs lol thxs 4 hearing me 2be
Name: andres Country: Date: Thu Aug 3 09:46:19 2000 Comment: I never really quite understood the reason why Neil doesn't want On the Beach on CD. Is he ashamed of the yellow jacket he's wearing on the cover or what? ----
Name: m madlock Country: usa Date: Thu Aug 3 08:30:31 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Howie Fishman Country: USA Date: Thu Aug 3 05:45:39 2000 Comment: In as much as I would love a CD edition of On The Beach, I whole-heartedly respect Neil's obvious right to control the distribution of his own work.
Name: stephen newell Country: England Date: Wed Aug 2 22:03:59 2000 Comment: Everytime I read about classic albums, or Neil Young articles this album is always mentioned! C'mon Neil, this is the holy grail, one of the finest albums of the 70s, happy days, maybe not, but if Brian Wilson can give to go-ahead for Surfs Up to be re-released, surely the great Neil Young will give the thumbs up, and make thousands of people very happy indeed! Oh, and please release it on vinyl, along with all the other formats! Cheers!!! Comment: Me again! What's this? "Missing six"! I thought this along with American stars and Time fades away, were the missing links? Oh, isn't there some complication with Arc/Weld too? That would be four, if we're getting into his Geffen days, then I'm not going to lose too much sleep! (that's cheating stephen! Ed.)
Name: Kip Haddix Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 2 20:31:07 2000 Comment: I strongly encourage you to re-release all of the 'missing six'. We've all been captivated by your art for so many years that pieces of our persona are missing without them. Please be kind to us; we who really care. Take this request from your humble listeners. I wish you and your family happiness and health! Kip
Name: Joseph Bugeja Country: Malta Europe Date: Wed Aug 2 20:06:10 2000 Comment: I have ON THE BEACH on vinyl as I have been following Neil since his Buffalo Springfield days. It is one of my favs and I would love to have it on CD as my Vinyl copy can't take it any more!!!!!
Name: Mason Flint Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 2 19:13:16 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Tony Penaluna Country: UK Date: Wed Aug 2 19:12:05 2000 Comment: Never mind on the beach - what about all the other titles yet to see CD release??? Neil expected us to buy them originally why not now? Is it Neil or the just the labels?
Name: Tanya Cristini Country: U.S. Date: Wed Aug 2 19:05:29 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: mark lockwood Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 2 15:55:20 2000 Comment: Would you please consider releasing this album as well as the other missing titles to CD? Thank you.
Name: andy coleman Country: usa Date: Wed Aug 2 15:43:07 2000 Comment: Neil please rerelease ON THE BEACH, I have only heard Walk On off Decade but it is one of my all time favorites, Thanks Neil.
Name: Eric Schultz Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 2 15:41:59 2000 Comment: Quit stalling and just release it on CD along with the other "missing" CD's.
Name: Terry Country: Canada Date: Wed Aug 2 13:36:33 2000 Comment: Please release On the Beach. But before you release that album, please release Time Fades Away. Thanks.
Name: Sunny Castor Country: Date: Wed Aug 2 10:55:33 2000 Comment: I've been looking for this album everywhere, it's starting to become more of a challenge than anything. i just don't understan why so many neil young albums have gone un-reissued, when there is so many neil fans out there that they will buy mostly every neil young thing they can get their hands on. I guess i'll have to shop goodwills and salvation army's for it, and record it onto a CD, for personal listining pleasure. signed, sunny sunny
Name: pete Country: finland Date: Wed Aug 2 10:39:51 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Ken B. Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 2 03:34:24 2000 Comment: Neil Young's best album? Hell, "On the Beach" is one of the best *albums* -- period -- of the rock era. Yes, it's absence on CD has lent it a certain mystique over the years, but enough's enough! This is beautfiful music that needs to be heard, and a lot of people can't hear it.
Name: David C. Llewellyn Country: USA Date: Wed Aug 2 00:44:26 2000 Comment: One of my favorite Neil albums. Glad I got it on vinyl when I did.(about 15 years ago) Never understood why it was never released onCD!!
Name: Paul Margree Country: UK Date: Tue Aug 1 23:13:55 2000 Comment: Come
Name: Andrea Country: Italy Date: Tue Aug 1 20:50:24 2000 Comment: My vynil version ask it!!! Mercy please....
Name: vincenzo Country: Italy Date: Tue Aug 1 20:23:18 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Thomas Hentrup Country: Germany Date: Tue Aug 1 13:50:27 2000 Comment: A german mail order advertised On the beach couple of weeks ago. I nearly got a heart attack. But -you know allready -it was a fault. The definitive best album is not available. Now I Just downloaded couple of the songs from napster, tastes like hope. Donīt be cruel!!
Name: Fred Country: US Date: Tue Aug 1 06:27:58 2000 Comment: best $3 i ever spent was for "on the beach" on vinyl. you can just smell the garfong that went into it. get him to release "time fades away" too, while yer at it!
Name: Michael Algie Country: New Zealand Date: Tue Aug 1 05:06:17 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Aled Owen Country: England Date: Tue Aug 1 00:55:07 2000 Comment: I have this on CD already, but it would be nice to have the official release.
Name: John Koziarski Country: usa Date: Tue Aug 1 00:43:02 2000 Comment: NONE

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