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Name: Nathan Stohler Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 31 23:52:02 2000 Comment: I've been bidding on this album (unsuccessfully) on Ebay. I'm assuming what I'm bidding on is a bootleg...I'd rather buy an official release. How about it, Neil?
Name: Peter Duddy Country: Date: Tue Oct 31 20:06:02 2000 Comment: I'm a student in Ireland. I got into Neils music about a year ago and already own around twenty of his albums, so I'm a huge fan. I'd like to get them all, so hopefully Neil will re-release the "missing 6" and I(and everyone else) can collect them all. Good luck with the petition PETER
Name: Edward McDonald Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 31 18:13:41 2000 Comment: Bring it out.
Name: Matthew E. Murphy Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 31 05:18:50 2000 Comment: This album helped get me through some tough teenage years in the late 1980s. I think i sold my 2nd hand vinyl years ago and now can't find it! Please re-release this work of art for your fans
Name: rich schisler Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 31 04:26:40 2000 Comment: It's a great album. For the turnstile is the best song.
Name: Craig Wade Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 30 23:58:09 2000 Comment: I Have tried everything to get the missing 6 on cd and would hope that I may be able to complete my collection.
Name: Ingemar Hansson Country: Sweden Date: Mon Oct 30 23:44:00 2000 Comment: On the beach is one of my great favourites among Neil's records(I've got all records released in Sweden but Journey Through the Past and Decade) and it's really a shame you can't get hold of it in the CD format.
Name: JJA.Nieuwenhuijse Country: Holland Date: Mon Oct 30 11:12:16 2000 Comment: two great songs on that album: title song and revolution blues
Name: Gaye Country: Date: Mon Oct 30 04:22:00 2000 Comment: I love this album. My memories of this time may not be the ahpiest either, but the music is so good. It's like all Neil's music (except that weird techno attempt)...it touches me. I would love to have it re-released. My old album was carried off by my sister when she went away to college and I never saw it again. Please make it available someday.
Name: martin Country: france Date: Sun Oct 29 17:16:13 2000 Comment: Hi Neil, Please release On the Beach on Cd, even if the sound quality is not great. Me and my friends got it only on tape. So please.. Thanks
Name: o. kfir Country: Date: Sun Oct 29 16:16:45 2000 Comment: many bad albums are being printed everyday! instead I advice to print few copies of this one - it is much better
Name: lionel p. mello Country: usa Date: Sun Oct 29 14:47:43 2000 Comment: greatest most diversified artist of all time.Simply the best! Please rerelease this album! --
Name: stephen webster Country: usa Date: Sun Oct 29 13:01:50 2000 Comment: on the beach and the archives too please mr. young
Name: Keith Hodgekins Country: England Date: Sun Oct 29 09:33:04 2000 Comment: Without doubt the finest recording of the 'rock' era to date.Subtle,clever,emotional - if Neil had stopped here he would have achieved more than most in the business.
Name: Scott McKay Country: England, UK Date: Sun Oct 29 01:49:58 2000 Comment: I NEED to have this album on CD!! SO GIVE IT TO ME!!
Name: rich freitas Country: usa Date: Sat Oct 28 16:20:03 2000 Comment: re-release the vinyl, as well..........
Name: Geoff Roberts Country: England Date: Sat Oct 28 12:49:26 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: tim adelizzi Country: usa Date: Sat Oct 28 01:45:43 2000 Comment: it's all about the music(and seeing you at the strasburg railroad in lancaster pa
Name: Ginger Bernholt Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 27 23:53:02 2000 Comment: I did a bad thing and got the bootleg!! But, ONLY because I love Neil so much!! Release it Please
Name: Marti Country: Date: Fri Oct 27 21:04:49 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: stuart, scrape the sky Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 27 20:11:58 2000 Comment: I am a jerk for not buying this when it was in print. I've always loved the cover, being a beach and ufo lover! Neil, release it when it's time. Try and not make it too long though. Thanks!
Name: bernard Country: Date: Fri Oct 27 15:21:34 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Alexander Reichhold Country: Austria Date: Fri Oct 27 11:20:17 2000 Comment: Please release!
Name: Nunzio E. Esposito, Jr. Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 27 06:55:22 2000 Comment: I have yet to hear any of this album, but I am familiar with the legend surrounding it and have read several critics praise it in old reviews and recent overviews. It's Uncle Neil! How bad could it be? Release the album!!!! muchlove-j.r.e.
Name: tony Country: U S A Date: Fri Oct 27 02:32:14 2000 Comment: Would also like to see the the movie journey thru the past the motion picture relised.
Name: Susan Vibert Country: Canada Date: Thu Oct 26 15:39:22 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Mac P. Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 26 15:05:54 2000 Comment: Release ALL music. Music shouldn't be jailed.
Name: Dan Grovemiller Country: usa Date: Thu Oct 26 14:44:30 2000 Comment: I'm a 23 year old Neil fan and I never got to hear this record the first time around. This is one of my favorite Neil records and I would love to see it re-issued. Unlike Neil, I like CD's and would listen to it all the time!! So come on, Neil, what're ya waiting for???
Name: pete Country: UK Date: Thu Oct 26 02:04:11 2000 Comment: goooonerrrrzzz say neil rocks
Name: Jaromir Janecek Country: Czech Republic Date: Thu Oct 26 00:06:55 2000 Comment: I bought all six as pirates CD copy in Tokyo (Japan). I must pay such a "bloody" money... and in the end..., is it shame to buy pirates bootlegs when it`s impossible to buy regular ones? I was waiting too long to release M6 on CDs. So you lost one of customers. Maybe next time...
Name: Eric Swanson Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 25 19:50:41 2000 Comment: Neil, I share the opinion of many critics and fans that "On the Beach" and "On the Beach" and "Time Fades Away" are 2 of your finest albums. In fact, "Time Fades Away" is my favorite. Please release the "Missing 6" on CD - they've meant so much to your fans and obviously mean alot to you. I agree with your points about CD sound, up to a point - your whole catalog, especially
Name: COLCANAP Michel Country: France Date: Wed Oct 25 14:15:46 2000 Comment: Merci d'accepter que On The Beach puisse être disponible en CD pour tous les français qui aiment Neil Young et surtout cette période de sa vie et de la notre
Name: James Tiller Country: Canada Date: Tue Oct 24 19:42:12 2000 Comment: the fact that this melancholy masterpiece has not been released on cd yet is just flat out bizzare. i think this album is even better than 'tonight's the night', so why has neil not bothered to release it? i found my copy at a record show in windsor, ontario, canada for about $10, but it is in mediocre shape. this is the only time i have ever found this album, and it MUST see the light of day once again. same goes for the album before this, from 1973, which i have never heard, because i can't fi
Name: Dean DelTosta Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 24 18:16:16 2000 Comment: AMEN! Not having the M6 in any format is a shame! Tho I remember fondly, prior to being a rabid fan seeing the albums (in vinyl, of course) on the shelves.
Name: Aldo Benincasa Country: Chile Date: Tue Oct 24 16:33:13 2000 Comment: My english is not too good, i speak in spanish, but i tried to express myself. I live in the south of the planet earth, and you can't imagine the meaning of this album. You got to be here to know how does it feel heard "on the beach"(the song), looking at the sky. This album make me "FEEL". Adios amigos.
Name: Pat Kramer Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 24 04:47:18 2000 Comment: Hook it up Neil!
Name: benwa Country: us Date: Tue Oct 24 03:50:13 2000 Comment: I got it on vinyl a year ago for six bucks. I'll never listen to it on cd, but I'm signing this petition so anyone can hear one the of THE GREATEST ALBUMS EVER!
Name: Rick Lewandowski Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 24 01:57:51 2000 Comment: PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Scott Steiner Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 24 00:56:04 2000 Comment: I had this on 8 track. I just palin wore it out. From the first time I played it, I was mesmerized. One of the best albums of all time by anybody and in any genre.
Name: Allison Dehmer Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 23 22:32:58 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Aaron Lieber Country: israel Date: Mon Oct 23 19:20:55 2000 Comment: Neil, I've got OTB on warped vinyl and it still sounds great. PLEASE release it on cd so we can all enjoy it (even those w/o record players). Ambulance Blues is an incredible song! Also, look how true Vampire Blues is ringing lately. aaron
Name: Rob Henry Country: Hong Kong Date: Mon Oct 23 15:25:41 2000 Comment: Hey Neil, I was too young to buy it first time out. Instead I have a second-hand copy that I taped once. This is one of my favourite Neil Young albums and deserves to see the light of day again, please re-release it.
Name: DROOLER Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 23 15:20:18 2000 Comment: PLEASE, MAN!
Name: tim Country: us Date: Mon Oct 23 04:27:58 2000 Comment: I had the album but it was destroyed in a flood I have looked everywhere to replace it would love to have it on cd since the old turntable has been retired
Name: jim anelo Country: Date: Sun Oct 22 23:15:41 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Adam Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 22 21:33:51 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Roger Maki Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 22 17:42:34 2000 Comment: I am collecting Neil's albums, and "On the Beach" is one of three remaining albums I do not have. It would be a great addition to my music archives.
Name: Villy Christensen Country: Denmark Date: Sun Oct 22 16:53:17 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jim Johnston Country: Scotland Date: Sun Oct 22 13:06:51 2000 Comment: I bought a crap quality bootleg of this album just so I could hear it. Outstanding piece of work, get it out soon Neil along with the others.
Name: luther Country: u.s.a. Date: Sun Oct 22 12:53:14 2000 Comment: cd's are f*cking fine, don't worry about it. if "old ways" is available, then why the hell not "on the beach" and for sure "time fades away", in my opinion, his best record. Why? It f*cking rocks, is totally personal, yet live and utterly original, and would sound even BETTER on cd, because live albums in my opinion, suck on vinyl compared to cd. Anyhow, release the M6!!!!!
Name: Ed Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 22 07:54:51 2000 Comment: Please give fans a new chance to hear this remarkable work. Thank you.
Name: Chuck NAughton Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 22:58:58 2000 Comment: Support the release of "On The Beach"....Don't be Denied....
Name: Steve Patterson Country: USA-Iowa Date: Sat Oct 21 19:23:34 2000 Comment: Hey, Hey, My, My,Neil, Along with "Time Fades Away" "On the Beach" has to be one of your Best Down and Out Blues Pieces. I first heard them and owned them on both 8 Track and Vinyl while I was in High School. Talk about down, Come to Iowa for Once. What did we do to deserve a Neil Young Ice Age?
Name: ken butland Country: Canada Date: Sat Oct 21 16:14:05 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Gene Pierce Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 14:45:36 2000 Comment: On the Beach is one of my all time favorites. I have transfered my vinyl to CD but it`s not the same.
Name: James A. Faulkner Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 06:41:00 2000 Comment: I really loved this album! it somehow vanished from my record collection when I went off to college in England in the mid 70's. I never really new why I could never find it on the record shelfs of my favorite music stores. I was living in Santa Cruz during 1974 and I understand Neil had a ranch close by. Please release this excellent part of music history.
Name: J.H. Sanning Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 04:46:39 2000 Comment: I have has 6 of the albumns.. 5 have been worn out or broke from playing so much.. I am down to my last one and I won't play it so I have it. I searched all over the USA to find one (I finally found it in Charlotte, NC in 1995. Quit teasing us...put it out for a limited time... then pull it
Name: John Coyle Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 03:33:05 2000 Comment: Hi Neil, I would love to have this album on compact disc. The only songs I know onit are Walk on and Ambulance Blues, but I like both tracks.
Name: Wayne Baxter Country: Canada Date: Sat Oct 21 02:33:59 2000 Comment: Neil: Its your best album next to Tonights the Night. The best Album cover. I'm tired of listening to it on Napster. I want it on big sound. I left my old record collection in Banff, Alberta. I haven't heard the entire album in 14 years.
Name: Andy Jackson Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 21 01:30:48 2000 Comment: Please release the Album.
Name: lee Country: usa Date: Sat Oct 21 01:19:56 2000 Comment: Thirty words are nowhere near enough to express my love of this record.Please ,let's have a crack at it again!
Name: CARL KLEJNA Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 20 22:16:38 2000 Comment: RELEASE THIS AND THE REST OF THE MISSING SIX
Name: breck witte Country: Date: Fri Oct 20 21:50:32 2000 Comment: it's a great albumn, sorely missed.
Name: Jules Country: uk Date: Fri Oct 20 19:13:28 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jay MacKenzie Country: Canada Date: Fri Oct 20 18:00:58 2000 Comment: On the Beach is a classic hangover/depression album. You put it on and realize that nobody is as sad and alone as Neil sounds on this record and everything is O.K.
Name: Peter Wallerstedt Country: Sweden Date: Fri Oct 20 17:46:28 2000 Comment: C´mon Neil... Don´t hold it back...
Name: Paul Grainger Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Oct 20 14:54:02 2000 Comment: Favourite album is Tonight's The Night. Would love to have oppurtunity to hear this. Have heard it is equally ggod if not better.
Name: Anne Country: the Netherlands Date: Fri Oct 20 09:21:58 2000 Comment: Neil, pretty please? I was lucky enuff to find OTB on vinyl but I think it should be heard by MILLIONS!!! Please try and find a way to make the CD version sound as good as the vinyl version and RELEASE!!!
Name: John Stevens Country: US Date: Fri Oct 20 06:47:14 2000 Comment: I think 1974 was the first time I saw Neil; I was eleven. I have seen him over a dozen times since. No one even compares!
Name: Ryan Koeneke Country: US Date: Fri Oct 20 05:40:57 2000 Comment: Last year I discovered TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT. I've been giving Neil a chance for over a decade. It took this album to open the floodgates of fandom. I'm craving TIME FADES AWAY and ON THE BEACH for a deeper understanding of this period of his career... and for that monumental catharic TONIGHT provided. Please Neil, Ryan
Name: Mark Christensen Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 20 04:27:45 2000 Comment: Do it for the sake of humanity Neil!!
Name: Lori Finch- Country: US Date: Thu Oct 19 07:38:11 2000 Comment: Make us happy Neil, release the beach
Name: ryan sterling Country: australia Date: Thu Oct 19 01:46:34 2000 Comment: all i have is a very scratched lp of On the Beach. Why doesn't Neal re release it on vinyl if he hates cds so much?
Name: Antonio Soares Country: Portugal Date: Wed Oct 18 22:27:05 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Jack E. Brown Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 18 22:10:19 2000 Comment: I've got the "On the Beach" blues...
Name: Clare Country: Great Britain Date: Wed Oct 18 22:03:38 2000 Comment: Come on Neil!! I am DYING to hear this record. It would make alot of people (esp. me)very happy and earn you a few quid as well.
Name: Juha Nikkanen Country: Finland Date: Wed Oct 18 19:56:07 2000 Comment: "On The Beach" is one of Neil's best albums. I have it on tape (very old) but I wan't it on CD!!!
Name: Vittorio Di Mambro Country: Italia Date: Wed Oct 18 19:38:00 2000 Comment: Ok
Name: Skibba Country: California, USA Date: Wed Oct 18 19:26:58 2000 Comment: The music that spins from the earthly delights... should and must be heard again. Across the great valley, through the skys, over the oceans right smack down on the beach. Shall you allow the sounds of love to remain hidden forever or will you release them all so that we may fly upon their wings to a higher plane. the album was made to be heard, and heard it should be, again.
Name: Björn Eriksson Country: Date: Wed Oct 18 14:49:23 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Bob Leeper Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 17 23:06:49 2000 Comment: On the Beach, Hawks & Doves, Time Fades Away, American Stars & Bars, and Re*Act*or are amazing albums. Why deny a new generation's access to this music?
Name: Jared Smith Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 17 22:11:09 2000 Comment: Any NY is good NY. No good reason to deprive the world of good music.....
Name: Dan Dukich Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 17 02:06:12 2000 Comment: This is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Please, Neil, re-release it- for us.
Name: Anthony C. Morgan Country: Australia Date: Tue Oct 17 00:20:55 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: m.ike darke Country: Date: Mon Oct 16 22:23:18 2000 Comment: for me the best´- what more can I say
Name: patric Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 16 15:11:19 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Franz Reisenzan Country: Austria Date: Mon Oct 16 13:08:06 2000 Comment: I´ve got the LP from my daughter. Great!!!
Name: ryan Country: us Date: Mon Oct 16 09:28:13 2000 Comment: On the beach is one of the only albums I do not have. I heard revolution blues on the radio(WMMR)or community radio in Tampa Fla and enjoyed the substance. ryan again:I don't live in a trailer or anything and I acually don't want the album released. ryan againagain:acually, I would live in a trailer with rifles but only if there were cats, so yes ??Col
Name: Pam Greenlee Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 16 06:45:51 2000 Comment: This is a CD recording which I can only find as an import.(as a bootleg of course - Col)
Name: Ron Country: Israel Date: Mon Oct 16 02:08:50 2000 Comment: Yo, Neil, What's the deal with OTB? It's an amazing record and so many people want to listen to it so how can you ignore this world wide cry?
Name: Damian Vandenberg Country: Australia Date: Sun Oct 15 22:44:48 2000 Comment: It's my favourite , so please release "The Beach"
Name: Piet Wijdenes Country: Nederland Date: Sun Oct 15 21:30:48 2000 Comment: Your Neil Young collection is not\ completed without "On the beach"!
Name: Ed Vonk Country: The Netherlands Date: Sun Oct 15 19:58:59 2000 Comment: For me the most wanted CD in the Universe
Name: Ted Wilson Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 15 17:05:46 2000 Comment: One of the best albums of all time...
Name: chris webb Country: England Date: Sun Oct 15 12:56:10 2000 Comment: Cannot understand Neil's decision not to release on the beach, or the others, given the release of Tonights the Night. Also fed up waiting for the Archives. Come on Neil release them soon. Its been a long time coming Chris
Name: dale fisk Country: U.A.E. Date: Sat Oct 14 23:10:20 2000 Comment: jUST DO IT
Name: Jon Dakin Country: Date: Sat Oct 14 19:58:25 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: morgan Country: norge Date: Sat Oct 14 00:31:25 2000 Comment: free the beach now. please
Name: shawn purdy Country: u.s.a. Date: Fri Oct 13 22:53:55 2000 Comment: We need this one!!!!
Name: Joshua M. Parker Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 13 21:52:11 2000 Comment: Why not?
Name: Andrea Country: italy Date: Fri Oct 13 14:26:31 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Zoran Marincevic Country: Serbia Date: Fri Oct 13 03:17:02 2000 Comment: Ajde bre Neil daj taj album!!!
Name: Steve Finch Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Oct 12 16:37:11 2000 Comment: I only have a scratched piece of vinyl left to remember this record by and I am dying to obtain it on C.D. Please Neil and while you're at it how about Time Fades away also?
Name: Andrew Grant Country: Australia Date: Thu Oct 12 11:44:09 2000 Comment: Release Time Fades Away as well !!!
Name: Matt Dawes Country: usa, usa Date: Thu Oct 12 10:44:47 2000 Comment: This is one of only a handful of albums that I can listen to anytime and always find something new in it. Music is art!!!
Name: John Lundgren Country: Canada Date: Thu Oct 12 05:26:11 2000 Comment: OTB is a killer sounding album production wise. I can't say objectively that it sounds better than a CD but if you think so Neil then re-release it on vinyl. As far as this petition goes...Yer all just pissin' in the wind.....
Name: Paul DeKoning Country: usa Date: Thu Oct 12 04:42:48 2000 Comment: Thanks for setting up this petition!
Name: Steve Anderson Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 12 00:22:16 2000 Comment: How about a twofer. On The Beach and Time Fades Away together on one disc. Steve
Name: Roberta Fredericks Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 11 22:26:44 2000 Comment: Please Please Please!!!
Name: Thomas Reaves Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 11 22:21:01 2000 Comment: Everyone needs to hear "Vampire Blues"
Name: roberto Country: Italy Date: Wed Oct 11 10:33:39 2000 Comment: Hi Neil! Why not? Make my day: let me listen again to those sweet-sad songs. Ciao
Name: Francisco Falero Country: Spain Date: Tue Oct 10 19:38:49 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Ton Smeerdijk Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Oct 10 12:03:58 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Marina Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 10 07:28:29 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: bobby moran Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 10 06:32:16 2000 Comment: Neil I am having serious On the Beach withdrawal. Please (and how about American Stars n Bars while your at it) !
Name: Kate C. Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 10 04:56:32 2000 Comment: This may be the greatest single rock album of our time, please re-release this masterpiece and show the world the beauty of On the Beach.
Name: Barbie Bittner Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 10 04:51:41 2000 Comment: Neil, You rock my world, please don't deny us of the coolest rock album in history!
Name: Bob McClymond Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 10 02:49:21 2000 Comment: Now I know why I could never find the CD. Hey Neil, what gives?
Name: BELLAMY FRANCOIS Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Oct 9 13:33:01 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Dan Harvest Country: Australia Date: Mon Oct 9 03:13:03 2000 Comment: Please Mr Young.
Name: Mat Carr Country: Australia Date: Mon Oct 9 03:06:56 2000 Comment: As well as On The Beach, please give us American Stars n Bars too.
Name: Sisto Country: Italy Date: Sun Oct 8 15:34:53 2000 Comment: I like it
Name: Ryan McNamara Country: Date: Sun Oct 8 09:27:20 2000 Comment: I bought the LP this summer in London after searching the entire city. This was probably at the twentieth vintage record shop I tried. I love the album, and I am currently editing it so I can burn it to use on CD until I have enough money for a record player (I went to my parents' house to record it onto my computer). Please just remaster and release it. Then my Neil Young collection will be a little more complete.
Name: Tony Bouillon Country: USA Date: Sun Oct 8 04:28:22 2000 Comment: I have always loved this album. Bought it a couple of years after its release and now am heartbroken to learn that CD not available. I miss not being able to listen when I feel the need for this work of art ( as an artist I dont use that phrase loosely ) Admittedly never understood lyrics but that was part of the experience and the attraction. Excellent for an artist to listen to as they sketch ( or however they create ). Remember
Name: Dave Underwood Country: UK Date: Sat Oct 7 20:40:35 2000 Comment: This album is still influencing bands in the uk. Bring it out Neil!
Name: Mark Fontanella Country: USA Date: Sat Oct 7 03:08:08 2000 Comment: Please release On The Beach and let the rest of us hear this in digital.
Name: Rasmus Nielsen Country: DK Date: Fri Oct 6 23:48:22 2000 Comment: This record is for sure one of my all time favorites. So is it to two of my friends in the T-bone Brotherhood!!
Name: allan maving Country: Date: Fri Oct 6 21:05:08 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Joy Hertzog Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 6 16:32:43 2000 Comment: I have the cd and record already so I really don't care,, but the website was cool and you seem so dammmmm committed..
Name: Jim Las Country: USA Date: Fri Oct 6 04:08:03 2000 Comment: It's simple. His music is just the best.
Name: Mike Lingo Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 5 19:30:46 2000 Comment: Neil, On The Beach was my favorite NY record back in the day and recently i had a friend pass away and felt a lot of guilt about leaving him in the state he was in about 8 years ago...when we last talked. He was shot and killed by police in NJ, and we learned to play guitar together listening to your records. We jammed every track on OTB to death...and when i think about it -- i am proud of you for giving this to us. Thanks. Mike Lingo
Name: Mike Lovato Country: USA Date: Thu Oct 5 18:40:16 2000 Comment: I can buy Landing on Water at any store that ever sold music, but I can't buy on the Beach anywhere? That's not the America our forefathers died for!
Name: JR Country: Norway Date: Thu Oct 5 12:44:05 2000 Comment: Please release som warm music for us cold up here north!
Name: Will Marwood Country: England Date: Thu Oct 5 11:47:10 2000 Comment: It's much better than Chris Rea's version.
Name: Paolo Annicchiarico Country: Italy Date: Thu Oct 5 00:35:26 2000 Comment: We want it! Yes we want it! Please Neil reissue this beautiful album we all want it, wa all need it
Name: gene pierce Country: us Date: Wed Oct 4 13:27:29 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Mark Giordano Country: USA Date: Wed Oct 4 00:57:11 2000 Comment: One of my favorites by Neil, or anyone. Still clinging to my 25 year old vinyl copy...
Name: bob patterson Country: usa Date: Tue Oct 3 21:02:52 2000 Comment: See the sky about to rain is one of my 10 favorite songs of all time...!!
Name: Larry Thompson Country: USA Date: Tue Oct 3 19:51:56 2000 Comment: My vinyl album just won't last. Sometimes it's good to get buried in the past. Please release On The Beach
Name: Jan Vidin Country: Sweden Date: Tue Oct 3 10:38:12 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: janice oakes Country: canada Date: Tue Oct 3 01:31:37 2000 Comment: You should check out the inside of the album sleeve. The pattern matches the underside of the beach unbrella on the front cover.
Name: jack scheinman Country: usa Date: Mon Oct 2 21:25:58 2000 Comment: i had all of the lost 6 on vinyl as a kid and desperately wish i could own them again
Name: Peter Schmitt Country: USA Date: Mon Oct 2 01:52:40 2000 Comment: This is long long overdue (as is the release of Time Fades Away)
Name: Morten Engh Country: Norway Date: Sun Oct 1 21:31:06 2000 Comment: On The Beach is one of Young's finest moments, but why is it not released on Cd ? I'm getting desperate 'cause i've sold my LP's. By the way, i love this site !!
Name: masaki Country: Switzerland Date: Sun Oct 1 02:33:50 2000 Comment: NONE

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