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Name: al ward Country: england Date: Sat Nov 30 13:12:51 2002 Comment: for the turnstiles features some of the most controlled tasty slide work i have heard,having given my entire vinyl collection to my son,to my horror i can`t replace loads of it r.crumb and on the beach for example.we have been conned by the recording industry these cd`s are cheap crap and that is what they sound like(if you could actually hear crap)but there you go,i`ve turned 50 and turned into my dad
Name: gavin krawchuk Country: Australia Date: Fri Nov 29 22:21:05 2002 Comment: I had this album on vinyl until it 'dissapeared' one day. A thousand garage sales and vinyl trade days later where my timing has been slightly off because some other lucky soul has "just bought it'... and I'm still searching. A new release of one of Neil's (many) finest hours would be awesome.
Name: neal jackson Country: england Date: Fri Nov 29 20:07:40 2002 Comment: i've never heard 'on the beach' but have heard people say it's good neil young album.that makes it an excellent album by anyone else's standards.
Name: Ben Gregory Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 29 17:25:36 2002 Comment: Please.
Name: Annie Z Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 29 17:20:14 2002 Comment: PLEASE re-release it! IT's the best!
Name: Patrick Jansen Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Nov 29 15:51:10 2002 Comment: Please Neil! I have it on tape. It's one of the best albums!
Name: Pat Carty Country: Ireland Date: Thu Nov 28 14:39:28 2002 Comment: As good as, if not better than, Tonight's the Night. I'm sure Neil has his reasons as it sounds like a personal, painful record, but I went through a lot of pain listening to Trans so this should be released as payback for that alone.
Name: Michael Roche Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 28 00:26:05 2002 Comment: I consider On the Beach to be one of youngs more underrated records;
Name: Noam Country: israel Date: Wed Nov 27 23:30:50 2002 Comment: Neil if your reading this weve just made history.
Name: John Glover Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 27 23:10:35 2002 Comment: Bring it back! My vinyl is almost dead. On the beach is a my favorite Neil Young album.
Name: Franck DUMAINE Country: France Date: Wed Nov 27 21:39:09 2002 Comment: The release of On The Beach is an absolute need. Before the next beach season. I don't want to sing the bues in that ambulance. Franck
Name: MIchael Baxandall Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 27 17:45:24 2002 Comment: Almost everything I ever had on vinyl has been replaced on CD, yet still no "On the Beach". C'mon you ornery ol' Canuck, release the damn thing!
Name: Lorenzo Fava Country: Italy Date: Wed Nov 27 13:07:12 2002 Comment: I liked it a lot!
Name: Adrian Country: U.K. Date: Tue Nov 26 19:55:09 2002 Comment: I didn't realise it wasn't available any more. This can't be right. No wonder people look blank when I mention Revolution Blues.
Name: James Grosse Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 26 15:20:35 2002 Comment: Neil - You gotta let your fans have this one!
Name: Jon Martin Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 26 13:45:01 2002 Comment: It would be nice to have a version of this great album without the 'atmospheric' legacy of worn-out vinyl.
Name: Simon Malia Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 26 12:02:36 2002 Comment: I know Neil doesn't want this album "ruined" by digital transfer - BUT it's far too important to remain in the domain of the few who cling to vinyl.
Name: Mike Twiggs Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 26 10:44:46 2002 Comment: Please Neil......................
Name: Scott Lane Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 26 06:59:13 2002 Comment: This is one sought after album, CD whatever..... I don't understand why he doesn't want to release it, unless he feels it would tarnish his image...?
Name: Earl Logan Country: Canada Date: Tue Nov 26 00:57:25 2002 Comment: Online petitions rule! Neil Young is the king of the planet known to we humans as earth. Walk on is a killer song! Giver on ON THE BEACH. How 'bout it?
Name: grant duffort Country: U.K Date: Mon Nov 25 16:15:18 2002 Comment: By not releasing on the beach the mystique carries on, gives the music an added vibe, you can get a decent bootleg c.d anyway if you look harn enough.
Name: Sigurdur Pall Gudbjartsson Country: Iceland Date: Sun Nov 24 18:17:42 2002 Comment: Being new to Neil, I've been looking for the albums that my favorite numbers on Decade come from. Too many of them come from the "lost six". All Neil is good, Neil!
Name: rb Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 24 16:10:00 2002 Comment: if anybody has the vinyl please email me. thanks in advance
Name: Tim Holdener Country: Date: Sun Nov 24 09:31:24 2002 Comment: None
Name: jim nowns Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 24 02:01:36 2002 Comment: i heard this album being played in a record store and thought it was great. it wasn't until trying to buy it on the internet that i realized it isn't available. it would be nice if i could buy it at a reasonable price.
Name: Jerry Misk Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 24 01:28:34 2002 Comment: None
Name: Dan Cunningham Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 22 23:05:42 2002 Comment: finally purchased a new 750$ turntable just to enjoy On The Beach; unfortunately, can't take in car for road trips to Neil shows. Help me out Neil!
Name: M.M.G. Country: Canada Date: Fri Nov 22 21:47:43 2002 Comment: This is truly one of the best albums ever recorded. What makes me sad is that this sits on the shelf while Neil has said many times that Tonight's The Night is his most lasting work. Wait, why am I saddened by this? Because ON THE BEACH is the undeniable COMPANION OF TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! FREE THE ON-THE-BEACH EIGHT!!! matthew
Name: Peter Longva Country: Norway Date: Fri Nov 22 18:01:07 2002 Comment: Please release this great album!
Name: Scott Burnett Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 22 06:24:28 2002 Comment: It's time.
Name: pete pongibove Country: u.s.a. Date: Thu Nov 21 22:03:25 2002 Comment: i guess we're all just pissin in the wind.
Name: marko Country: canada Date: Thu Nov 21 21:49:14 2002 Comment: it's quite possible that neil thinks this album is shit, or he's not happy with the production. perhaps he's embarassed by the lyrics or whatever. anyways, i don't understand why it isn't available even on vinyl....i bought "tonight's the night" brand new on vinyl just the other day. as well, why does he bother releasing crap like "are you passionate" at all? he'll put out shit new albums, but withhold the good stuff......nice work, Neil.
Name: bradford c bennett Country: Date: Thu Nov 21 20:52:44 2002 Comment: a great album
Name: Rhonda Gallinger Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 21 20:11:27 2002 Comment: Can never get enough of Neil's work. Come on!!
Name: Paul Chauvin Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 21 17:37:06 2002 Comment: I have it on scatchy 33. I would love it on CD
Name: Willem Geertse Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Nov 21 15:02:28 2002 Comment: None
Name: Jim Sumner Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 20 22:26:28 2002 Comment: LP copy wore out long ago.
Name: Tom Kasmir Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 20 19:57:29 2002 Comment: what're you afraid of?
Name: Steve Fenton Country: Scotland Date: Wed Nov 20 15:28:30 2002 Comment: Come on Neil, OK the vinyl version is going to be worth a lot of money, but who cares!!
Name: hadrian Country: uk Date: Tue Nov 19 14:29:52 2002 Comment: I have a bootleg copy. I want a real one so that Neil is paid for his work.
Name: Damien Haussling Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 18 21:14:25 2002 Comment: Fuck. Release them all!
Name: jeb Country: usa Date: Mon Nov 18 00:36:51 2002 Comment: seeing the cover took me way back...would love to hear it again...even on cd!
Name: Steve Country: uk Date: Sun Nov 17 18:18:08 2002 Comment: its a great record, keep looking for it on cd, cant play my original LP as dont have a player!
Name: Patrick Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 17 17:53:17 2002 Comment: Let's get it out! And while we're at it, "American Stars and Bars" too....Cheers!
Name: oli king Country: Date: Sat Nov 16 13:56:44 2002 Comment: None
Name: Maciej Devy Country: Poland Date: Sat Nov 16 12:24:05 2002 Comment: None
Name: WolfgangKahlert Country: Germany Date: Fri Nov 15 21:51:27 2002 Comment: It was the first of your albumīs that I got ! So please RELEASE IT ON CD !
Name: Martin Hill Country: Unied Kingdon Date: Fri Nov 15 18:43:09 2002 Comment: I think it is selfish. The fact he doesn't like CD's makes no sense. Why release all his other records? He says MP3s are rubbish yet forces us to use them. So full of hypocracy...
Name: dan martin Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 14 23:45:44 2002 Comment: Dear Santa, please bring world peace, an end to racism, feed ALL the poor and if you can get his ear get Neil to release "On the Beach"
Name: Stan Hall Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 14 21:38:32 2002 Comment: Neil...I know CDs are crap, but PLEASE release "On the Beach"! My record player is broken!
Name: Rick the Mick Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 14 10:42:53 2002 Comment: Let it out.
Name: Aaron Cunningham Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 13 23:08:38 2002 Comment: Come on, Pilgrim, You know we love you!
Name: Ben Taylor Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 13 20:48:06 2002 Comment: For three years now I have been bugging my freind in Boise to record OTB for me, but his stereo has a channel out. Neil, I know you don't like the digital one dot two dot deal and prefer true analog recording, but come on man, this site shows you that alot of us are dying for another taste of these most soulful tunes!
Name: oscar Country: spain Date: Wed Nov 13 20:15:09 2002 Comment: i have just heard it complete for the first time and i still wonder why it hasn't been reissued. Got trapped by this album through versions by Pixies and Mercury Rev.
Name: Mike Boursnell Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 13 18:12:11 2002 Comment: None
Name: Marc Bose Country: Germany Date: Wed Nov 13 09:53:33 2002 Comment: From a fan side: this was one of your strongest musical periods. Tonight's the night and Zuma are among my favorites. So please release the missing link On the Beach. I listened to it once in 1990. Will I get the chance to listen to it a second time? marc
Name: Mark Betchey Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 12 22:40:54 2002 Comment: I desparately need On The Beach ASAP!
Name: george Country: canada Date: Tue Nov 12 21:55:31 2002 Comment: mr young, i am a 50 year old, black, ex-american. i've been in your home country since '68 and have called it home for a long time. this only matters because on the beach was part of my becoming who i am today. when i was dealing w/ all those demons re: civil rights, viet nam, marriage, children, mortality, etc., on the beach quite often was the backround music. I had no idea that you didn't want the record re-released until I put the title into a search engine and found this site. Previousl
Name: Duncan Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 12 19:28:15 2002 Comment: If he released Trans on CD surely he can't have any qualms about releasing On The Beach!
Name: John Quinton Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 12 16:37:52 2002 Comment: None
Name: Gomarus Country: Holland Date: Tue Nov 12 12:06:23 2002 Comment: It sure is a pitty but currently a decent (vinyl rip) can be downloaded at alt.binaries.sounds.mp3.1970s at 192kbps and covers scans are included!
Name: david dunlap Country: usa Date: Mon Nov 11 21:30:47 2002 Comment: Without a doubt, the greatest release by the greatest artist that is NOT commercially available.
Name: Stuart Phipps Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 11 20:49:30 2002 Comment: I owned On The Beach on vinyl and cassette. Both have been played out!
Name: Teresa Matulewski-Phipps Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 11 20:44:36 2002 Comment: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE . . . . On The Beach and Zuma are my favorites!
Name: Menno Peters Country: The Netherlands Date: Mon Nov 11 15:27:24 2002 Comment: I'm a considerably young, Neil fan, and would like to hear more from that period. I have never seen it on vinyl, so please Neil?
Name: Vince Thorne Country: UK Date: Mon Nov 11 00:57:14 2002 Comment: I've heard review after review praise this so why not release it. It would be a fine addition to the collection.
Name: Jon Dunkelman Country: England Date: Sat Nov 9 21:01:34 2002 Comment: None
Name: Paulo Country: UK Date: Sat Nov 9 00:47:23 2002 Comment: Well I still have it on vinyl of course..... but that doesn't play too well in the car.
Name: Starhat Country: Date: Fri Nov 8 15:04:24 2002 Comment: You're all just pissing in the wind - you don't know it but you are... See ya down the road.
Name: Joseph Gallo Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 8 10:19:12 2002 Comment: The book "MOJO:The Greatest Albums of All Time", a British release, has "On the Beach" as one of those albums. I do believe that N. Young will release this and others in due time as he will the behemoth box set that an issue of Rolling Stone had mentioned awhile back. Thanks (Unfortunately still no sign of either... Col)
Name: Joe Soss Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 8 03:13:03 2002 Comment: None
Name: Ron Dunbar Country: Scotland Date: Fri Nov 8 01:13:46 2002 Comment: One of many Scots who remembers his concerts from the 70's thru the 90's
Name: Federico Tixi Country: Italy Date: Fri Nov 8 00:34:25 2002 Comment: hang loose!
Name: Matteo Country: Italy Date: Fri Nov 8 00:30:41 2002 Comment: I even studied the cover image at my Contemporary Architecture History classes!
Name: sharon musgrove Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 8 00:15:12 2002 Comment: This album is so GREAT I want it on CD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mike Clark Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 7 23:19:05 2002 Comment: Okay, if you only want real fans to get this, set up a system that you must bring an 8 track, tape or album to show you owned the orginal. Thus you are entilted to a CD copy. Same can be said for the rest of the missing 6. (What about those who weren't born at the time?... Col)
Name: Cor Janse Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Nov 7 21:51:37 2002 Comment: I've got the LP !
Name: Alex Nielsen Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 7 21:29:13 2002 Comment: Just release the album please!!!!!!!
Name: Richard T Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 7 20:18:02 2002 Comment: Saw Neil & REM do Ambluance Blues at Bridge '98. So beautiful.............
Name: Goerge Sinclair Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 7 19:45:25 2002 Comment: This album is genius. It needs to be available to spread beauty around the world.
Name: peter durando Country: Date: Thu Nov 7 19:31:22 2002 Comment: I have already downloaded the vinyl off a peer to peer site. Still, I would gladly pay for a copy with the original artwork on CD. In other words - release the album!
Name: Johan Country: Sweden Date: Thu Nov 7 17:54:34 2002 Comment: and it all seems so simple to us: it's a great album, therefore it should be released...
Name: davide Country: italy Date: Thu Nov 7 14:36:09 2002 Comment: None
Name: Ryan Boldt Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 7 04:53:25 2002 Comment: Please release this album!! I've been trying to find it on vinyl for a long long time and I really would like it on CD!!
Name: Matt from the band inchWORM Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 7 02:08:59 2002 Comment: I got a tape of this and it rocks! Release it Neil!! I share your birthday. 11/12/79. You should listen to me.
Name: Steve Lindner Country: US Date: Wed Nov 6 17:33:34 2002 Comment: Heard Ryan Adams mention this album on NPR. Never knew that it even existed. Would love to hear it. Come on, Neil, set it free.
Name: Garry Messick Country: Date: Wed Nov 6 04:48:43 2002 Comment: Listened to OTB while away from home in the Coast Guard on a $29.95 record player. Sounded great then. Would love to be able to hear it again. Thanks
Name: Becky Bellah Country: US Date: Tue Nov 5 23:14:14 2002 Comment: Very surprized that it's not on CD. I have the album saved just in case and pull it out from time to time. I love this album, but it's getting a little hard to listen to-please release the CD.
Name: Tom Winskill Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 5 21:15:50 2002 Comment: Can't even find it on vinyl!
Name: Harry Kaptein Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Nov 5 19:51:04 2002 Comment: None
Name: Jeff Stout Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 5 16:32:41 2002 Comment: Neil, On The Beach was a very big piece of music in my life. Please make it available! Thanks, JS
Name: Brian Country: United States Date: Tue Nov 5 06:59:25 2002 Comment: Ryan Adams mentioned it on NPR All Things Considered. Even though he admitts he liked Bill Clinton and called Ayn Rand books crap, he knows music and that's good enough for me.
Name: Brian Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 5 02:40:29 2002 Comment: Really a great album. I bought it when it first came out. Ambulance Blues still one of my favorites, as well as About to Rain. Sure would be nice to get a CD version out there. Might as well get Reactor (Surfer Joe!) and H&D out there as well! Ain't getting old, ain't getting younger though......
Name: walter a. tackett Country: usa Date: Mon Nov 4 19:32:35 2002 Comment: This is my favorite Neil album - and I have almost all of them.
Name: Galla Country: Italy Date: Mon Nov 4 16:11:23 2002 Comment: Never listen to it...
Name: Peter Soetens Country: belgium Date: Mon Nov 4 15:40:01 2002 Comment: I don't understand why it's not released basically. I would challenge neil young to sit in a room and detect the difference between a CD and a normal album. He would fail. (I wouldn't be so sure about that... I can tell the difference... I'm sure Neil could too...Col)
Name: Charles Burst Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 4 10:56:02 2002 Comment: My vinyl is wearing out fast.
Name: Guido Pellegrini Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 4 02:19:37 2002 Comment: None
Name: Jerome Solberg Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 3 21:43:58 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach. And REACTOR, too. I can only listen to REACTOR on a cheap tape copy of the Album, since my vinyl copy is nearly worn out.
Name: Alain Country: France Date: Sun Nov 3 17:36:12 2002 Comment: Nous voulons le CD de 'on the beach'
Name: david Country: Italy Date: Sun Nov 3 03:39:19 2002 Comment: Come on Neil, do the right thing!
Name: greg brigham Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Nov 3 02:29:02 2002 Comment: Plz release this fine album on CD. Revolution Blues is one of my favorite road trip songs. Thx.
Name: Terrie McClay Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Nov 2 23:11:32 2002 Comment: Please release ON THE BEACH. It was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, my dog at the cassette. PLEASE PLEASE RE-RELEASE it!!!!
Name: KENNETH MULLIGAN Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Nov 2 18:54:19 2002 Comment: Jesus Christ Neil!Just put this and the other five missing albums out before I'm on Social Security there,eh?
Name: Anonymous Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 2 16:16:02 2002 Comment: the best record he ever put out is not on cd. proof that the world is far from perfect.
Name: mike lehner Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 1 21:16:38 2002 Comment: release on the beach
Name: Andy Miller Country: England Date: Fri Nov 1 18:26:21 2002 Comment: Do it. Do it NOW.
Name: No Name Country: Germany Date: Fri Nov 1 16:57:44 2002 Comment: I'm after that record for five years now!!! Heard so many good things 'bout it and I hope I can listen to it before I gotta die!
Name: Shawn Levy Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 1 16:30:52 2002 Comment: PLEEEAASSEEE..... (I'm a vampire, baby)
Name: Turlough O' Brien Country: Ireland Date: Fri Nov 1 14:58:07 2002 Comment: If Neil releases On the Beach, I will personally stand him a nights drinking in The Pier House the next time he visits Dublin. Can't say fairer then that.
Name: Steve Lord Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 1 11:48:18 2002 Comment: just do it, Neil...
Name: Lou Gambino Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 1 03:38:19 2002 Comment: A must have on CD. What's the problem?

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