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Name: Eric Damiens Country: France Date: Fri Nov 30 16:05:11 2001 Comment: I bought it the day the LP was released in France and I loved it and I still do (specially 'For the Turnstiles"'). Come on, release it , it is becoming scratchy!
Name: Paul Quinn Country: Scotland Date: Fri Nov 30 14:02:16 2001 Comment: I have almost all of NY's available CD's and would love this one as I looked like I didn't know my stuff when I told my boss I didn't have it.
Name: Phil Jones Country: Liverpool, UK Date: Fri Nov 30 08:41:57 2001 Comment: C'mon you grizzled ol'd f*cker! Release it NOW! I'm sick of being told "i think i can get hold of it next month, sir" !!
Name: remigio paradelo Country: spain Date: Fri Nov 30 01:37:35 2001 Comment: creo que debemos tener la oportunidad de escuchar todos los discos de Neil Young. La música sin publico que la escuche no tiene sentido
Name: juan jose Country: españa Date: Fri Nov 30 01:26:57 2001 Comment: Que voy a decir que no se haya dicho ya!!!!! Hay que sacar a "On the beach" del limbo de los clasicos."On the beach",como Neil Young,inmortal.
Name: DECLAN 0'DONOGHUE Country: Ireland Date: Thu Nov 29 13:32:58 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: kimberly Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 29 12:19:00 2001 Comment: All the hubby wants for Christmas is this CD!
Name: Alejandro Vázquez González Country: Spain Date: Thu Nov 29 11:32:59 2001 Comment: I love you
Name: Aaron Hoffmeyer Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 29 08:14:29 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: brad doll Country: usa Date: Thu Nov 29 04:50:18 2001 Comment: let go of your hang-ups!
Name: heather Bourbeau Country: Date: Thu Nov 29 01:03:07 2001 Comment: This is a beautiful and poignant album, and I am full of sorrow that I cannot find the LP anywhere. My brother sold the album to my chagrin and I am left with only a scratchy cassette. Isn't a CD better than a 2ndhand cassette??????
Name: DJ Marrano Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 28 23:39:04 2001 Comment: stone cold fan....milking blood to keep from running out....i got the vinyl but its pretty chewed up.....got all six to boot but would love the CD format also for the convienience(sp. er.)
Name: Javier GUTIERREZ Country: Spain Date: Wed Nov 28 22:54:34 2001 Comment: No excuses. Release it! Even if you don't like CD's We have no other possibilities
Name: Mike Jackson Country: Great Britain Date: Wed Nov 28 22:51:21 2001 Comment: There is only one album like this - please release it on CD!
Name: Neil Young Country: England Date: Wed Nov 28 22:14:57 2001 Comment: cmon, life's too short
Name: Michael Salmons Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 28 20:47:08 2001 Comment: Please,please release the Album, on the beach. And if possible the other missing 5 Albums. I am one of your qreatest fans and even share the same birth date 12 November but 1947 , Still whats a couple of years!!!!
Name: Tuomas Eloranta Country: Finland Date: Wed Nov 28 14:17:31 2001 Comment: On The Beach!
Name: mikkoruotsalainen Country: finland Date: Wed Nov 28 09:17:18 2001 Comment: release on the beach!
Name: Barry Ede Country: Australia Date: Wed Nov 28 02:08:32 2001 Comment: Gotta release On The Beach & Time Fades Away on cd, please. My vinyl copies are worn after decades of playing these two great recordings. Please Neil!
Name: Jonas Olsson Country: Sweden Date: Tue Nov 27 22:45:13 2001 Comment: I have got the songs on a tape of pretty bad quality, but I love them and I would give a lot to have them on a record.
Name: Dirk Schneider Country: Germany Date: Tue Nov 27 16:30:01 2001 Comment: I hope a dream will become true and a very long search will finally end.
Name: mark taylor Country: australia Date: Tue Nov 27 14:13:12 2001 Comment: My vinyl copy has been pinched - help!!
Name: Justin Alley Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 27 05:19:00 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Rob Wall Country: United States Date: Tue Nov 27 05:18:41 2001 Comment: Come on Neil.You gotta re-release it. You need to keep on rocking in the free world!
Name: April Country: USA Memphis TN Date: Tue Nov 27 05:14:02 2001 Comment: Why are you doing this to us, Neil?!? I want to be On the Beach!!!
Name: Nathan Batesel Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 27 05:02:56 2001 Comment: I will buy this CD if it is released.
Name: Kevin O'Neil Country: United States Date: Tue Nov 27 00:33:19 2001 Comment: 18 year old who loves listening to Neil Young. Flew from Chicago to California to see him.
Name: popox Country: france Date: Mon Nov 26 23:21:22 2001 Comment: On the beach, a masterpiece drifting somewhere, but in our minds reaching the island of the heart, in sweet waves of mellow sounds... Why do i want to be released ? It's a treasure missing in cd ! In LP it's a beautiful format ! I hope in a future release, it will be the same sleeve and preserved music !!!
Name: stephen boullion Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 26 23:16:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jen Gorjup Country: Canada Date: Mon Nov 26 22:59:49 2001 Comment: What the world needs now is more Neil Young!!!!!!
Name: c turner Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 26 17:56:51 2001 Comment: please put it out, neil! we need! we need!
Name: Antonella Country: italy Date: Mon Nov 26 16:25:38 2001 Comment: I understand why you haven't released it till now, but please.. think of us!!!
Name: Melissa Country: italy Date: Mon Nov 26 16:24:16 2001 Comment: I'm a fans of yours from Italy, please release On the beach
Name: Manuela Country: italy Date: Mon Nov 26 16:23:21 2001 Comment: please release it!
Name: Annamaio Country: Italy Date: Mon Nov 26 16:13:31 2001 Comment: I'd like to be on the beach!!!
Name: sara Country: Italy Date: Mon Nov 26 16:08:15 2001 Comment: I've heard it and it's wonderful! Please release it!
Name: Tom Troncone Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 26 15:43:33 2001 Comment: For the love of God, please.
Name: Trip Country: US Date: Mon Nov 26 14:29:12 2001 Comment: RELEASE IT!
Name: dave Country: belgium Date: Mon Nov 26 13:43:11 2001 Comment: Love neil thats all form an innocent bystander in belgium
Name: maayan Country: israel Date: Mon Nov 26 12:53:06 2001 Comment: Releas On The Beach! :-D
Name: dinghy dog Country: south africa Date: Mon Nov 26 12:46:54 2001 Comment: please release it neil, please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
Name: Jussi Country: Finland Date: Mon Nov 26 11:17:27 2001 Comment: We want on the beach!!!!!
Name: Peggy Yiankes Country: The Great USA Date: Mon Nov 26 08:32:22 2001 Comment: Neil doesn't like dissention...haven't any of you gotten to know him through his lyrics? He's a human being, don't forget....don't be so immature as to put curse words and such in your messages...the air is still magic when you play, Neil ! If we could find a beach that clean, we'd probably be on it too ! So help us get there ! There must be some kinda way !
Name: Charlock Javier Country: cockville Date: Mon Nov 26 00:09:41 2001 Comment: why neil? what the f*** is wrong with you man? Ken Coomer loves 'Cock the Beach' and will be very upset if he can't purchase it. He will come to your house and f*****g kill you man. You are not safe Neily boy. Coomer will kick your tall Canadian Ass to the frigging curb, pal. Release the goddamn album buddy. you stupid f***** canuck. you silly little b***h. go f*** David Crosby in the bleep bleep bleep bleep (Charlock my man, this is a whole new world of pain you're bringing to me... not sure I like it. And potty mouth speak will be bleeped - sorry, my site, my rules- Col).
Name: B.Graham Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Nov 25 23:29:10 2001 Comment: If Neil is however uncomfortable re-releasing this album,then so be it. I think by not releasing it, he shortchanges his truest fans.
Name: Harish Pathy Country: U.K. Date: Sun Nov 25 23:12:04 2001 Comment: Neil can do what he likes. I've got a good vinyl copy. I wouldn't buy it on CD if it came out. DVD-A? If it sounds better, I'll buy it.
Name: George Country: Date: Sun Nov 25 19:05:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Benjamin Country: Germany Date: Sun Nov 25 16:17:31 2001 Comment: Please release "On The Beach"! I really love this album! It's atmosphere is very special and touching my soul... There're not many albums which are able to let me be one with everything. But "On The Beach" IS one of these!
Name: Steve Taton Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 25 15:59:03 2001 Comment: I can't really figure out why it's necessary to even have this petition. OTB should have been released on CD a long time ago. If sales volume is the sticking point, why not get together with Grateful Dead Records and put it out there? We all know that most Rusties would drool over the chance to have this on a CD mastered from the originals. Then, of course, the obligitory review in Relix of this classic would ensure that this disc at least paid for itself. Seems like a win-win to me.
Name: Igor Country: Germany Date: Sun Nov 25 15:48:48 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Henry Czaplicki Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 25 14:55:40 2001 Comment: Please release these cd's!! They are all great! I bought them all when they came out and they're getting a little beat up now."Revolution Blues" rocks!!
Name: JOHN HANLY Country: ireland Date: Sun Nov 25 14:16:51 2001 Comment: release it for the fans!
Name: Bill Dorsch Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 25 12:15:01 2001 Comment: Neil: PLEASE release this classic album on CD!It is my favorite album of your entire catalogue. I have been tortured for years listening to my beat up LP. Stop the torture!
Name: Alex Country: Argentina Date: Sun Nov 25 05:32:53 2001 Comment: I own a bootleg copy of "On the beach" (paid $ 20 for it) and it's recorded from a mint condition vinyl. I think Neil would like his fans to have access to this album by buying it, other than making copies from other sources...
Name: julio vilariño Country: Spain Date: Sat Nov 24 16:59:58 2001 Comment: I think taht tihs album must be released in CD, and not only this album, the other 5 Neil young albums without CD release must be released NOW.
Name: jerry Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 24 03:57:20 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Terry Bickers Country: UK Date: Sat Nov 24 00:36:30 2001 Comment: I heard that Neil feared the record company were preparing to rerelease On The Beach, so he hid the master tapes up his arse! Is this true?
Name: Jeff Hammond Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 23 20:01:15 2001 Comment: Neil: Please release ON THE BEACH!
Name: Maarten de Graauw Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Nov 23 18:36:29 2001 Comment: Please, because my ex-wife has taken this album and others with her. This was my favorite. Thanks Neil Maarten
Name: ejh Country: Finland Date: Fri Nov 23 11:55:28 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Tim Kirker Country: Canada Date: Fri Nov 23 02:42:11 2001 Comment: I respect Neil's feelings on this, but classics such as this should not be denied. A very informative site. I agree with your views on mp3's, but not having hear On the Beach for many years, needed to download the songs for a listen. Strangely, Vampire Blues and On the Beach were both playing as Vampire Blues. Your mistake or mine? Great job.
Name: colleen delcarlo Country: u.s.a. Date: Thu Nov 22 21:49:28 2001 Comment: I NEED This!!!!
Name: Rob B Country: Canada Date: Thu Nov 22 15:11:32 2001 Comment: Come on Neil! I've seen Trans on CD, so why not "On The Beach", a far superior album? With all the junk hitting the CD market these days it would be nice to see a classic out there.
Name: Deloumeau Country: France Date: Thu Nov 22 12:22:17 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Rik Brongers Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Nov 22 12:15:40 2001 Comment: On the beach had a big impact on my life. One of the best Young albums ever released in lyrics and sound.
Name: reux jean-pascal Country: france Date: Thu Nov 22 06:50:32 2001 Comment: neil! refais nous le le le !
Name: Reto Wieduwilt Country: Switzerland Date: Thu Nov 22 05:46:57 2001 Comment: release it
Name: snorty Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 21 20:26:43 2001 Comment: Please release On The Beach, Time Fades Away, Journey Through the Past, and American Stars and Bars. These are classics that have stood the test of time and would surely be added to my CD collection when available.
Name: matt hirscher Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 21 03:28:29 2001 Comment: I commend you for doing this. i own a bootleg copy of it, but would much rather have an "original." one of the best albums i have! keep up the work!
Name: Brian Farr Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 20 20:54:57 2001 Comment: Set it free.....set it free
Name: graham coleman Country: england Date: Tue Nov 20 17:32:51 2001 Comment: bought it second hand about 1979, also have it a mp3 & would be first in the queue to buy it on CD - still one of neil's greatest albums
Name: nathan brown Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 20 16:09:58 2001 Comment: ain't heard it but i need it.
Name: Esko Jalonen Country: Finland Date: Tue Nov 20 09:29:24 2001 Comment: Good album, lucky it is in the library here in Helsinki.
Name: Mason Flint Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 20 01:18:53 2001 Comment: I had it in vinyl but my ex-girlfriend snagged it, along with copies of the other "missing six" albums. Bummer! I don't like buying bootlegs so I'd appreciate it if Neil would re-issue this and the others. Cheers.
Name: Greg Potter Country: Canada Date: Tue Nov 20 00:00:29 2001 Comment: On the Beach ranks alongside Tonight's the Night for sheer guts and emotional intensity. As a Canadian and a professional rock writer, I can't understand why I can buy the Shocking Pinks or Life on CD, but not On the Beach and Time Fades Away. Thanks.
Name: Anon Country: US Date: Mon Nov 19 20:43:30 2001 Comment: This message posted in hopes that *On the Beach* is given the chance to find its way to the ears of Neil Young fans present and future. Perhaps Neil thinks the album reflects a paranoid state of mind that he would prefer to forget (especially on "Ambulance Blues"). But besides being a history document of sorts, tapping into the turbulence of the early 70's (Watergate, Manson, Patty Hearst), it sounds f*cking excellent (check out the organ on "Vampire Blues"). I'd put *Beach* alongside Curtis
Name: Michael Goodman Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 19 19:39:47 2001 Comment: It's all one song...
Name: Mark Country: Italy Date: Mon Nov 19 16:23:33 2001 Comment: Neil, Give the people what they want!! release the damn thing.
Name: Dan Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 19 04:44:16 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ikuta Satoshi Country: JAPAN Date: Sat Nov 17 22:29:51 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Cristiano Osti Country: Italy Date: Sat Nov 17 14:48:34 2001 Comment: Neil please release this wonderful album and Time fades away too! I can't find it anywhere!
Name: Bern Country: France Date: Sat Nov 17 13:59:43 2001 Comment: Oh Neil please. On the Beach and Times fades away, with bonus tracks and we will be near heaven.
Name: emiel Country: nl Date: Sat Nov 17 12:59:52 2001 Comment: I hope that neil brings out an DVD audio with his best LP`s
Name: jean laguille Country: france Date: Sat Nov 17 08:00:41 2001 Comment: le retour de on the beach en un vrai et beau cd
Name: Geoff Gibson Country: UK Date: Sat Nov 17 00:27:13 2001 Comment: I'd be on my way to the record shop right now if I heard this one was back on the shelves. And Time Fades Away wouldn't come amiss either. Come on Neil !!
Name: Barry Morris Country: England Date: Fri Nov 16 22:58:40 2001 Comment: Its a great album, but why do you want it on CD ??? vinyl is better by far!!!
Name: ivan garrido poa Country: españa Date: Fri Nov 16 15:08:13 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: peter robinson Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 16 14:55:38 2001 Comment: Please!!!!!!!!!!
Name: AngryBobTree Country: Australia Date: Fri Nov 16 02:32:32 2001 Comment: is this the link for the crocodile hunter web sie,i'm in some sort of haze at the bloody mometns, strewth, ahhhh nevermind
Name: Jeremy Roberts Country: US Date: Thu Nov 15 15:30:48 2001 Comment: Please release this incredible album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Flavio irala Country: brazil Date: Thu Nov 15 13:40:26 2001 Comment: I like On the Beach!!!
Name: Harry Wester Country: Finland Date: Thu Nov 15 13:26:12 2001 Comment: Releas On The Beach --- and the other missing records
Name: Richard Eden Country: England Date: Thu Nov 15 12:46:33 2001 Comment: All of Neil Youngs work should be re-released on CD.
Name: P van kessel Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Nov 14 23:11:13 2001 Comment: Come on Neil ,you don't wanna know how bad my Beach vinyl is,and mp3 is to much water in a drop whiskey.
Name: jeff derby Country: Date: Wed Nov 14 18:16:02 2001 Comment: Still my favorite Neil Album. Got me through some tough times and I'm still listening to the scratchy tape of the album I made almost twenty years ago....
Name: Hal Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 14 17:36:21 2001 Comment: Please release this album again. It's time Neil!!!
Name: adam goode Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 13 22:38:28 2001 Comment: i can't even find it on record
Name: paul Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 13 21:37:34 2001 Comment: i'd just like to say that i bought my vinyl copy for a mere $4 US and it's about as minty as they come. i'm not campaigning for a cd re-release at all, though. i hardly ever listen to the album as it is. while it isn't dreadful, it's certainly not among his best. (Congratulations on your purchase Paul. I mean it's a shame it hasn't gone to someone who really wants it but well done all the same. OK, let's get this straight, you're NOT campaigning for a CD release? Why are you telling us this? - Col)
Name: Brett W Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 13 18:20:51 2001 Comment: Release it already!
Name: Lisetta Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 13 17:42:00 2001 Comment: Please Neil, I know it's your music to do with as you will, but you released it once and it became a part of so many people's lives. Please!!
Name: Doug Shepard Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 13 10:58:14 2001 Comment: Stop sucking up to the prick, you *ssholes!(I think your point would be made a lot better if you offered a constructive alternative - Col)
Name: Chris Meyer Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 13 01:29:20 2001 Comment: Why Neil? Its one of your best albums. why
Name: No, not my name Country: Portugal Date: Mon Nov 12 23:49:03 2001 Comment: I have one vinyl copy of "On The Beach"... I need it in CD format to not ruin the vinyl one! Is this asking for much?
Name: Brian Rowe Country: US of A Date: Mon Nov 12 22:19:42 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, you aren't one for self-censorship. God knows why you aren't letting this one go but know the fans support you and will accept whatever you choose. Let this one out at least on vinyl for the fans please.
Name: Steve Gurney Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 12 03:58:41 2001 Comment: Please Neil! This is one of your best!!!
Name: Angel Tomas Country: España Date: Sun Nov 11 23:52:03 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Miguel Sanjurjo Country: España Date: Sun Nov 11 23:51:17 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Kenji Itoh Country: Japan Date: Sun Nov 11 16:46:22 2001 Comment: Please release this disk,Neil!
Name: Dean Country: Australia Date: Sun Nov 11 16:20:51 2001 Comment: Please.
Name: Olle Widgren Country: Sweden Date: Sun Nov 11 09:55:49 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Harvey Schroeder Country: Canada Date: Sun Nov 11 07:04:39 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Paul Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 11 04:35:31 2001 Comment: Listened to it every day after high school, to soothe my jangled nerves, and it became part of my psche, you know? Can't live without it!
Name: Juan Villar Country: España Date: Sat Nov 10 22:36:01 2001 Comment: Congratulations for this web. I'm amazed for your good sensibility for the music. Thank you, i hope that you will get the reedition in cd.
Name: Michael Diekmann Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 10 21:53:42 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Douglas Beach Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 10 20:57:13 2001 Comment: Well, I just hope this thing gets released. I am one who has never heard it as a result of its long absence. I'm gonna go listen to it now. Sorry, Neil, but because of your stand I'll be listening to 128kps mp3.
Name: No Name Country: Date: Sat Nov 10 20:54:59 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mark DiMino Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 10 19:45:43 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dov Keshet Country: Israel Date: Sat Nov 10 14:21:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dave Fox Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 10 05:51:05 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Arnaud Country: France Date: Sat Nov 10 02:21:21 2001 Comment: Neil! Accept to release again On The Beach! My mom lost her LP and she wants it back in her collection!
Name: terry johnson Country: uk Date: Fri Nov 9 18:47:05 2001 Comment: See the sky about to rain,Ambulance Blues,just two of the classics on a great album that stick in my mind,come on Neil,release it now!!!
Name: Walter Rockett Country: Ireland Date: Fri Nov 9 17:16:51 2001 Comment: Hope I'm not just pissin' in the wind...
Name: ferdinando pollastri Country: italy Date: Fri Nov 9 12:10:52 2001 Comment: please neil, listen to me! we need this album! do you remember?
Name: Ian Brown Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 9 11:20:43 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mark Gibson Country: Australia Date: Fri Nov 9 04:18:31 2001 Comment: The time is right for Vampire Blues again.
Name: John Hatley Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 8 16:55:48 2001 Comment: How can people have a complete collection of Neil's work if all his albums aren't out? I've been a fan of Neil Young's from the start and would like to see this re-released.
Name: nick kemp Country: UK Date: Thu Nov 8 15:28:50 2001 Comment: One of the great all time albums along with Tonight's the Night! Its a crying shame that its not on CD. Instead we are still getting releases of live material with yet more versions of Cowgirl... Please release this album, so people can hear just how good it is!
Name: Chris Townsend Country: Scotland Date: Thu Nov 8 12:58:45 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Joe Stockman Country: Date: Thu Nov 8 03:02:32 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: doug heselgrave Country: Date: Thu Nov 8 01:48:29 2001 Comment: My LP is so old and shredded. Let's get it out
Name: Maurits Rietveld Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Nov 7 12:44:18 2001 Comment: Never been more relaxed then that year. Give us on the Beach on CD
Name: Martin Boon Country: England Date: Wed Nov 7 12:01:49 2001 Comment: Just do it – ya goddamn hippie!
Name: glenn bidmead Country: australia Date: Tue Nov 6 13:26:43 2001 Comment: awesome album.
Name: David Hill Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 6 13:25:08 2001 Comment: I bought this album on release and loved it. Still do. It's the no 1 album I need on cd. The world needs On the Beach on cd.
Name: Nico Singer Country: France Date: Mon Nov 5 17:54:02 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bill Barrack Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 5 00:41:00 2001 Comment: Neil Young fans can debate whether On The Beach is his finest work or not but it should be released on CD regardless. My favourite album during summer 1975.
Name: matthew dunn Country: Date: Sun Nov 4 22:29:35 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jose Ramón Cayero Country: Spain Date: Sun Nov 4 18:32:31 2001 Comment: Running bad times for the music lovers , but it's the moment to be on the beach
Name: Kevin McBride Country: US Date: Sat Nov 3 18:12:50 2001 Comment: I love the album and I just want to be able to buy "On the Beach" on CD. Kevin McBride Dover, Delaware
Name: Don Coats Country: Date: Sat Nov 3 16:45:57 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Mike Cruzcosa Country: Texas Date: Fri Nov 2 05:19:41 2001 Comment: Thanks, Col
Name: Inspector Morse Country: Oxford Date: Thu Nov 1 23:53:19 2001 Comment: Is it more than a coincidence that the only two OTB tracks included on Decade, Walk On and For The Turnstiles, were recorded in San Francisco, and not Sunset Sound, LA, like the rest of OTB?
Name: Ed Bishop Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 1 15:25:44 2001 Comment: Got to have it!

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