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Name: cayzeele Country: france Date: Thu Nov 30 23:43:41 2000 Comment: un des albums que j'attends depuis des années dans les bacs...
Name: John Thorne Country: Britain Date: Thu Nov 30 22:57:15 2000 Comment: My copy has now worn out, please release on cd, Ambulance Blues is a real classic.
Name: Doug Driever Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 30 22:24:42 2000 Comment: Have been looking for a tape or record for 20 years. It is truly on of my favorite Neil Young works and brings back a ton of memories . Besides , I just loved the album.
Name: GAYET Country: FRANCE Date: Thu Nov 30 17:23:03 2000 Comment: The passion
Name: Fernando Country: Brazil Date: Thu Nov 30 15:58:16 2000 Comment: LOVE
Name: simon dragicevich Country: australia Date: Thu Nov 30 12:57:48 2000 Comment: I no longer have a turntable, the vynil
Name: kevin glynn Country: usa Date: Thu Nov 30 09:45:31 2000 Comment: Release it Neil-
Name: john buckley Country: australia Date: Thu Nov 30 02:51:54 2000 Comment: i love on the beach and i fear one day my vinyl copy will wear out,at the time of bying an omen for me was that my surname is on the newspaper on the front cover it's been of my favourite two neil records ever since with tonight's the night
Name: Martin Davies Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 29 23:28:00 2000 Comment: Possibly Neil's greatest album. Certainly greatest song (Ambulance Blues). Neil, if you ever see this, if it helps I'm into classic cars & model railways too, so I hope we also share a love for this music. Then again, you don't owe us a thing.
Name: bigeon jean louis Country: france Date: Wed Nov 29 21:23:34 2000 Comment: 10 years i'm looking after it ...
Name: lauren Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 29 18:39:55 2000 Comment: I wasn't born to buy this when it was originally out. give me another chance.
Name: dave fullerton Country: UK Date: Wed Nov 29 17:18:29 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: CORTES BRAVO, JUANJO Country: SPAIN Date: Wed Nov 29 16:06:41 2000 Comment: I NEED THIS ALBUM DONE, IS A DAMAGE...TO HAVE IT NOT.
Name: Rob Thorpe Country: England Date: Wed Nov 29 13:42:09 2000 Comment: Please Neil, for all us kids of the 90's who love your music. Dont leave us helpless, We need On The Beach released on CD.
Name: Shawn Silva Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 29 06:05:48 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Wayne Forcier Country: Canada Date: Wed Nov 29 02:53:31 2000 Comment: My album has been beat to crap but I still listen to it painfully. Do us fans a favour for sticking by you, W. F. CANADA / OMEMEE
Name: k schneider Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 29 02:20:24 2000 Comment: i own the lp since 1974. its a little worn out..please rerelease......
Name: Alejandro Bousquet Country: Argentina Date: Wed Nov 29 02:12:07 2000 Comment: Why Reprise didn't reissue albums on CD like Time fades away, Journey through the past, On the beach, Hawks & doves, and Re-ac-tor to get the Neil Young catalogue complete is something that I don't understand
Name: kevin lane Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 29 00:46:20 2000 Comment: my favorite neil young album with some of my favorite neil songs.
Name: Martin Robinson Country: Date: Tue Nov 28 19:53:24 2000 Comment: Please re-release On the Beach on CD. It is a fantastic album and at present I can't get it. Lines like: "Although my problems may be meaningless, that don't make them go away." and "an ambulance can only go so fast"- brilliant
Name: ollie Country: ireland Date: Tue Nov 28 12:39:56 2000 Comment: please release the album - music transforms pain; its very existence is in this case evidence of the transformation of pain.
Name: Michele Pirola Country: italy Date: Tue Nov 28 09:16:19 2000 Comment: ......pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase!!!!!!
Name: Andre DEBLOND Country: Belgium Date: Mon Nov 27 10:09:42 2000 Comment: Please, Neil, be kind with your fans! Don't forget the other 5 !
Name: Jarkko Rannila Country: Finland Date: Mon Nov 27 09:20:25 2000 Comment: I wouldn't mind if American stars & bars came out too...
Name: skoii roy Country: united states Date: Mon Nov 27 03:52:41 2000 Comment: let us here all the music, please.
Name: Christopher Fosdick Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 27 03:27:54 2000 Comment: AND American Stars N' Bars!
Name: Clerix Cyrille Country: Belgium Date: Sun Nov 26 20:04:32 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: peter malim Country: canada Date: Sun Nov 26 18:30:36 2000 Comment: good work trying to apply some pressure for its release; cannot work out why he would let albums like landing on water and the shocking pinks be put out on cd and not some of the earlier classics!?
Name: Phil Country: Thailand Date: Sun Nov 26 07:31:26 2000 Comment: What's the fuss? It's such a great album. Turnstiles, Vampire Blues...I see 10 million dune buggies coming down the mountain, each with the new On The Beach CD blaring out their loudspeakers. What a thought~!!
Name: David Ashworth Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Nov 26 07:16:58 2000 Comment: Release "On the Beach" - please
Name: Stephen Ross Stoner Country: Date: Sun Nov 26 04:01:37 2000 Comment: If I knew at the time I was back stage with Neil in Santa Barbara I would have brought it to his attention.Please contact me Collin.Release "On the Beach" Neil!
Name: Peter Country: Germany Date: Sat Nov 25 09:34:11 2000 Comment: I'm IN NEED of this album on CD - despite several safety-copies on vinyl in different air-raid shelters!
Name: bart Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 25 01:20:04 2000 Comment: pleeeeeeeeeease?
Name: josé aguiar-nogueira Country: portugal Date: Sat Nov 25 00:30:28 2000 Comment: I have a very dim memory of hearing "on the beach" on the radio but the more I get to hear it again the more I see the foolishness of hiding it. What the hell!! This is one of your best recordings. Please let us hear it again in its full glory!
Name: Clark Williams Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 24 20:57:46 2000 Comment: I just located a copy, so I don't care that much. But release it anyway, why not.
Name: S Tait Country: holland Date: Fri Nov 24 20:53:28 2000 Comment: You are right it should be released.
Name: PAUL A. SANTISTEVAN Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 24 18:13:43 2000 Comment: MOANA, GROANA --- HOO HOO WE MISSSSSSS NEILY!
Name: Steve Burns Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 24 17:27:30 2000 Comment: The material on this album is too good to let it sit. I know that Neil is a man of principle and there are many fans that are as well. Give us a chance to appreciate the music again while you are still around to share it with us.
Name: Rick Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 24 17:02:53 2000 Comment: A great work. Also would like to see Time Fades Away and REACTOR released. I have vinyl copies of these...but I seldom pull them out because my turntable (circa 1978) doesn't work so well anymore. It is a shame that a new generation of listeners will not have access to these great works.
Name: riccardo andreello Country: italy Date: Fri Nov 24 14:21:57 2000 Comment: Why? We want ON THE BEACH
Name: Bethenod Country: FRANCE Date: Fri Nov 24 07:53:56 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Arnaud Moiroux Country: France Date: Fri Nov 24 07:13:05 2000 Comment: It took me 2 years to get 2 of the missing six on vinyls. So, I have to wait 4 years more to get the 4 others. Please Neil, save me one year ! Release On The Beach !
Name: clyde parry Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 24 01:01:47 2000 Comment: please!
Name: candace lesak Country: US Date: Thu Nov 23 18:57:48 2000 Comment: It's my favorite and I ditched my turntable too soon. I would love the CD to listen to in the car! Please!!
Name: Chantale Lalancette Country: Canada, Québec Date: Thu Nov 23 17:28:57 2000 Comment: Just do it !!!!!
Name: yan Country: france Date: Thu Nov 23 12:23:29 2000 Comment: still waiting this reissue !
Name: michael rietzsch Country: germany Date: Thu Nov 23 10:23:02 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Mike Brown Country: England Date: Thu Nov 23 03:39:15 2000 Comment: Its a great idea Colin best of luck ! I have wondered why its never been released its my favourite all time album by Neil & its a tradgedy that it has'nt been released i've got it on both vinyl & cassette but the cd would be brilliant. How about "Time Fades Away" thats another hidden gem.
Name: Bruce Colosimo Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 23 00:55:20 2000 Comment: I am a Neil Young fanatic and I heard this album for the 1st time on 11-17-00 and I WANT IT!! Please re-release it for us starving classic Neil Young fans, Bruce
Name: Umberto Leoni Country: ITALY Date: Wed Nov 22 21:41:54 2000 Comment: I have the vinyl, and mastered a Cd from it! Hope Neil will change idea,but respect his choice.
Name: Mark Draughn Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 22 13:45:55 2000 Comment: My old vinyl album just didn't transfer to cdr like Neil can through remastering. I remember seeing Neil speak about why he didn't allow the cd release, I think it BULL. I want ON THE BEACH on cd!!!!!!!!!
Name: Christian Winter Country: Germany Date: Wed Nov 22 13:25:14 2000 Comment: I was looking for the "On the beach" album for some time, because it is one of my favourite Neil young albums along with Zuma.
Name: Evan Hayden Country: Ireland Date: Wed Nov 22 10:48:45 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Craig Jones Country: Date: Wed Nov 22 03:06:54 2000 Comment: Please release it! My record is starting to skip on Ambulance Blues! PLEASE!!!!
Name: andy Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 21 22:34:08 2000 Comment: I've got 3 of the missing six on vinyl - On the Beach, Hawks and Doves & Am.Stars & Bars. They're all wonderful and I'd love `On the Beach` to be out on CD. A beautiful album.
Name: Martin Horsfield Country: UK Date: Tue Nov 21 22:23:14 2000 Comment: It's a cracker. My second-favourite Neil album after 'Zuma'. As for 'Vampire Blues', it shouldn't be taken too literally. The references to "20 barrels' worth" and "high octane" suggest that Neil's singing about oil companies "sucking blood from the earth".
Name: bunny (get there in the end) Country: britain Date: Tue Nov 21 18:04:56 2000 Comment: its a great album neil.
Name: Dave Murphy Country: Canada Date: Tue Nov 21 16:13:45 2000 Comment: As a long time fan of Neil and his diverse collection of work, I look forward to the day that Neil once again makes available "On the Beach" so that those belonging to the younger generation (and older) can continue to further their Neil experience. Nobody wants to put on the brakes!
Name: adrian reed Country: uk Date: Tue Nov 21 13:07:05 2000 Comment: if you can buy dead man and arc on cd which few would describe as his best work why not release the missing six ?
Name: John Country: Canada Date: Tue Nov 21 12:25:56 2000 Comment: Don't release anymore new stuff till you've remastered OTB. There's already a bunck of sorry-asses that have spent a lot of $$$ buying the bootlegs off E-Bay. -C'mon!
Name: Clint Spaar Country: Date: Tue Nov 21 05:26:19 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Bob Byrne Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 21 04:15:27 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: LRR Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 21 00:19:10 2000 Comment: If you don't want to release it on CD, remaster it with 24/96 and release it in DVD! You can even do a 5.1 mix, Neil!!!! Just release this classic!!!!
Name: Matthé Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Nov 20 11:33:03 2000 Comment: Absolutely incredible that some 6 (!) Neil Young albums are not issued on CD. I want On the Beach & the other 5 on Compact Disc now!
Name: Sylvain Vrot Country: france Date: Mon Nov 20 08:47:43 2000 Comment: JTTP on cd would be great !!! petition on it soon
Name: Robert Myers Country: Date: Mon Nov 20 01:58:04 2000 Comment: One of my favorite Young albums, 2nd only to Tonight's the Night. Depressing, but worth it,
Name: Marco Antonio Fernández López Country: España (Spain) Date: Mon Nov 20 00:11:40 2000 Comment: I have been looking for that album for so long but I have just noticed it does not exist. It is unjust. I have listened to it in an old and very cassette copy but... it was so exciting!
Name: Kent Burt Country: Canada Date: Sun Nov 19 23:02:52 2000 Comment: On The Beach is a terribly moving album. It stays with you long after you play it. I would love to have it on CD.
Name: John Lakin Country: UK Date: Sun Nov 19 18:22:45 2000 Comment: I gave my vinyl copy away and now regret it. Still my favourite Neil Young album.
Name: Hans Jansen Country: The Netherlands Date: Sun Nov 19 16:17:19 2000 Comment: Neil, I'm still waiting.......................
Name: Günther Reisenzan Country: Austria Date: Sun Nov 19 16:12:09 2000 Comment: I am Mr Rossi and i am searching for the luck!
Name: Tom Caldwell Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Nov 19 08:36:37 2000 Comment: Gotta do it Neil.
Name: alan sinclair Country: Scotland Date: Sun Nov 19 01:43:22 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: mark ormsby Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 18 23:57:57 2000 Comment: still have my orginial copy. love the cover. i listen to my tape copy in order to perserve my album.
Name: Yves Collin Country: Belgium Date: Sat Nov 18 22:38:13 2000 Comment: I'm waiting that you end to piss in the wind!
Name: chris Country: australia Date: Sat Nov 18 21:36:13 2000 Comment: i am sure others have said it all so....please release on the beach, on cd chris
Name: elwood Country: france Date: Sat Nov 18 16:58:40 2000 Comment: please, please us, Neil. My LP gives more scratch than music. When the music is over... thanks
Name: francesco meucci Country: Italy Date: Sat Nov 18 15:59:12 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Frendo Country: Italy Date: Sat Nov 18 15:58:31 2000 Comment: ci siamo.
Name: Le Maudit Country: France Date: Sat Nov 18 15:00:37 2000 Comment: On The Beach, NOW ! Peace and love.
Name: Dugald Anthony Country: Philippines Date: Sat Nov 18 06:09:29 2000 Comment: Neil, On the Beach is one of the gritiest,visceral and pure albums ever released in my opinion. In my earlier days, I wore it out and can still remember the impression it left on my friends and I. 'See the sky about to rain' is too perfect not to be able to re-release and share with your new and old friends.
Name: Twilight Country: France Date: Sat Nov 18 05:21:03 2000 Comment: One of my all times favorite Neil albums. I cant play the vinyl anymore so please release On The Beach on CD, merci.
Name: Barbara Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 18 04:14:12 2000 Comment: aw...come on neil, everybody loves on the beach.
Name: ryan graham Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 17 22:06:59 2000 Comment: The first time I heard OTB, I danced all night!!! The second time, it made me forget how fat and lonely I am. I want to lose weight and feel great to "Ön The Beach" Neil!!!
Name: shane attridge Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 17 21:57:34 2000 Comment: the official release of "On The Beach"on cd would stop bootleggers from unlawfully profiting from the distribution of it on cd.
Name: MoMo Country: France Date: Fri Nov 17 21:47:59 2000 Comment: I already have OTB on vinyl since the day he was released in France. The songs are still relevant. So Neil, don't rack your brains, release it (and the other 5 too) !!! And don't forget, as a friend of mine told me, now with Internet, mp3, trading, everyone can have the songs..... but in a very bad condition, worse than vinyl.... Do you really want that ???
Name: Markus Krämer Country: deutschland Date: Fri Nov 17 21:36:26 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Brian Tarney Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 17 19:54:29 2000 Comment: It is a shame that Neil will not only release his best album but 5 other excellent pieces of work. We can only hope that he will change his mind so I dont have to listen to my crappy cdr copy anymore.
Name: raphael Country: France Date: Fri Nov 17 09:06:01 2000 Comment: cet album se vendrait à des millions d'exemplaires s'il sortait demain Neil please take my advice
Name: theo heinink Country: netherlands Date: Thu Nov 16 21:39:09 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: platty Country: UK Date: Thu Nov 16 21:12:43 2000 Comment: Where's Neil's head at? There must be reason for it all but I can't see any REASONABLE reason for it. Release the album on anything. ANYTHING A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G fer gawds sake I hate CDs too but I buy them and I listen to them and I enjoy them. OK?????
Name: f'glfg'; ( Country: Date: Thu Nov 16 17:39:00 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: vickie fair Country: US Date: Thu Nov 16 13:09:20 2000 Comment: on of my favorite albums in high school, dark, dry and humorous! yeah I've still got the vinyl but I can't play it in my car.
Name: Jon Country: Sweden Date: Thu Nov 16 12:46:08 2000 Comment: I beg beg beg on my knees...I´d be glad if the beach was released...so Neil, please...
Name: Sherry Davis Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 16 08:40:07 2000 Comment: I am a Native N. American Indian that feels the spirit in all your music, especially On The Beach. Please release On The Beach.
Name: Damian Rine Country: United States Date: Thu Nov 16 02:58:51 2000 Comment: ON THE BEACH,BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sand never sleeps!
Name: David Jones Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 16 01:38:24 2000 Comment: I have a good quality copy of OTB on vinyl, so it's not a question of not being able to hear it for me...quite simply, this is some of the best music you (Neil) have ever made, and it deserves to be heard by those not fortunate enough to have access to it. OTB helped me through some down times when I was a teenager, and perhaps others might be able to embrace it the same way I did at 15...
Name: Renegade Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 15 22:36:04 2000 Comment: I'm looking for any free downloads and live concerts especially at Red Rock or MSG. Possibly trade some tapes, I have to dig them out. Please release "On the Beach"! Let's try and get a complete catalog available!
Name: chris young Country: uk Date: Wed Nov 15 22:19:10 2000 Comment: Please neil release "on the beach" let us relive the pleasure!
Name: Maura Dillon Country: Ireland Date: Wed Nov 15 22:17:06 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jon Work Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 15 21:45:21 2000 Comment: Hi Neil, Been listening to you since I was 8 in 1970 and got heavily into your music by the time I was 13. I'm one who loved On The Beach so much I wore out the vinyl and bought a 2nd copy and basically wore that one out too. When I was at the shows you did in NYC at the theatre and finally heard Ambulence blues for the first time I said I could finally die in peace. Then i heard you perform Last trip and I could really be happy. In any event there are some of us out there who would really (snipped by guestbook software max 40 words please!!)
Name: Marc Coppolino Country: Canada Date: Wed Nov 15 14:16:19 2000 Comment: Neil. seriously. On The Beach is some of your finest work. my older brother had the album back in the 70s. i listened to it endlessly. i fell in love with your music through it. i have been unable to replace it since i moved out in 1986. i have heard it twice since then. i'm dying here.
Name: Tom Ragusa Country: Date: Wed Nov 15 13:35:42 2000 Comment: This is typical Neil. The USA is just now getting the Geffen "imports".Release the album( there are six of them!).
Name: Sidra Pauly Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 15 07:08:28 2000 Comment: I have the vinyl version, but never get a chance to play it. I would like to see it released, so I can listen to it whenever I want to. It is one of my all time favorite albums.
Name: Rod Hooker Country: Australia Date: Wed Nov 15 05:01:57 2000 Comment: I have looked all over Australia for "On The Beach" with no luck, yes it is probably his best album. Keep up the great work your doing. regards Rod Hooker
Name: ddave Country: Date: Wed Nov 15 01:28:46 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: neil svendsen Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 14 22:49:10 2000 Comment: please unveil otb for the big parade
Name: c mace Country: usa Date: Tue Nov 14 22:05:46 2000 Comment: Please release me.....
Name: Norbert Country: Germany Date: Tue Nov 14 21:45:48 2000 Comment: "ambulance blues" is the song I want to listen to when I'm dying. Please release On the beach on CD, even a bad CD is better than my old tape of the album!
Name: Ed Mulholland Country: Sweden Date: Tue Nov 14 20:37:27 2000 Comment: Neil, I just picked up otb on bootleg cd and I could not believe how good the album is. Before you get round to releasing your archives throw your fans a bone!
Name: tony kennedy Country: u.k. Date: Tue Nov 14 18:44:39 2000 Comment: stop f*ckin about think of the people who put you where you are for a change
Name: BAJIC Country: FRANCE Date: Tue Nov 14 14:48:26 2000 Comment: Hey Damned Old Neil ! Hurry up to release this god damned old OTB Album on pure digital CD.
Name: chris grehan Country: us Date: Tue Nov 14 14:35:01 2000 Comment: have a crummy cassette copy which I love but is falling apart
Name: Robert Sampimon Country: Australia Date: Tue Nov 14 11:40:47 2000 Comment: Free the Missing 6
Name: David Swalin Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 14 07:32:19 2000 Comment: This album is too good to not be available!
Name: Jarett Griguts Country: USA (Va.) Date: Tue Nov 14 03:32:44 2000 Comment: For the love of god...please give it to us. I can't afford to buy a new phonograph for my precious vinyl copy.
Name: Anonymous Country: Date: Mon Nov 13 19:37:37 2000 Comment: Do it! I nearly killed my oncel just to get it!
Name: Patrick Horan Country: Ireland Date: Mon Nov 13 19:14:41 2000 Comment: DVD -Audio!!!!
Name: Dave Reid Country: Scotland Date: Mon Nov 13 18:02:18 2000 Comment: Been a 20+ year fan and have EVERYTHING on CD, but would still buy the "official" Release.We've got the technology too make 'em sound the way you want 'em to Neil, DVD,DVD-Audio.....
Name: Peter Country: Belgium Date: Mon Nov 13 17:40:14 2000 Comment: It's a shame that such a beautiful album isn't available anymore
Name: Steve Coryell Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 13 16:21:22 2000 Comment: My LP is worn out!! When is BeachAid??
Name: Jack Scanlon Country: USA Date: Mon Nov 13 16:14:50 2000 Comment: This album must be released on CD.
Name: Marten Lowkvist Country: sweden Date: Mon Nov 13 13:38:00 2000 Comment: I´m a true Neil Young fan and I´ve got this album on LP but in very bad shape so a CD would be great!! Rust on! //*starlight*

Name: Ulli Country: Germany Date: Mon Nov 13 10:49:20 2000 Comment: For your german-speaking fan community as well: please, Neil, re- or rerelease "On the Beach"!
Name: margret kogelman Country: holland Date: Sun Nov 12 19:49:28 2000 Comment: let us walk on the beach, Neil !
Name: bill hill Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 12 17:22:36 2000 Comment: Neil- Don't let it bring you down- release the old vinyl.
Name: antti valtasaari Country: finland Date: Sun Nov 12 16:48:56 2000 Comment: a lot of greetings from norhern part of europe.we also want neil to release on the beach in cd.please do it.and thanks for your fine music.
Name: Salle Country: Sweden Date: Sun Nov 12 13:12:48 2000 Comment: Because it´s a beautiful album to look at, and listening to.
Name: Juan M Campo Country: España Date: Sun Nov 12 08:13:36 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: byron shutt Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 12 04:05:48 2000 Comment: "all my problems are meaningless but that don't make them go away. the world is turning, i hope it don't turn away." great then great now, let the kids here it, neil. love as always.
Name: Michael A. Riley Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 11 18:28:06 2000 Comment: Neil: Please make available ALL your material as inexpensively as you can. I want my kids to know your music, to see your videos if they can't experience YOU. You have received gifts - please GIVE in turn - in this way the love of God moves through you to others.
Name: charles lee Country: usa Date: Sat Nov 11 15:51:23 2000 Comment: I still have my original vinyl purchased right after it came out and it still spins nicely. I liked it immediately, especially the "dark" side two. Didn't have the honey slides but was usually in the right "frame of mind" in those days. This was in the days when you could still hear the new songs from an artist like Neil on the radio. I worked my first job ever, in an American Legion kitchen and always got jazzed when "Walk On" came over the airwaves. Ah, 1974! Truly a great year and truly
Name: A. Bellhoff Country: Good ol' U.S.A. Date: Sat Nov 11 04:47:01 2000 Comment: We all have demons. Neil's are just recorded for all to hear.
Name: Jack Sargent Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 11 03:42:37 2000 Comment: I've just stumbled upon to this world of interest in On The Beach. I've been a fan of Neil's since the mid seventies when I was in H.S. OTB was my first NY album and it remains as my favorite
Name: jacky Country: france Date: Fri Nov 10 23:04:05 2000 Comment: that would be great ! such a beautiful present for 2001. Should i say " such an offering " thank you neil
Name: Brad Country: U.S. (Utah) Date: Fri Nov 10 21:50:20 2000 Comment: Hey Neil! You rule...however, you'd rule that much more if I could just hear any of the M6 cuts, particularly 'ON THE BEACH' - From what I've heard from other NY junkies, it's one of the best ever. I'd like to find that out for myself. Put it on CD!
Name: Kevin Cleary Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 10 21:39:35 2000 Comment: I already have it on albulm, my 8-track died a while back. I love on the beach and tonight's the night. To me, it is the heart of neil.
Name: Ben Salmela Country: Date: Fri Nov 10 21:31:36 2000 Comment: I'd like to get Journey Through The Past and After the Goldrush released on video.
Name: vince Country: usa Date: Fri Nov 10 00:45:43 2000 Comment: PLEASE RE RELEASE NEIL. IT IS MY FAVORITE ALBUM , THANKS
Name: Andreas Neve Country: Germany Date: Thu Nov 9 23:41:14 2000 Comment: I want that album.
Name: Xris Moir Country: England Date: Thu Nov 9 19:08:29 2000 Comment: I mean,I've got a dodgy cd,but i'd still buy an official release.And i'm not even a slavering fanboy.It is,without doubt a true classic.Also Mr Young himself played 3 tracks from it the last time he was in the U.K.
Name: Barry Hohstadt Country: U.S. Date: Thu Nov 9 17:56:12 2000 Comment: Neil, you are just pissin' in the wind if you don't release On the Beach! Please? Barry
Name: Spud Bluesman Country: USA Date: Thu Nov 9 16:57:57 2000 Comment: release this, along with Journey Through The Past, American Stars & Bars (CD), Homegrown.
Name: Stafan Oehler Country: Switzerland Date: Thu Nov 9 15:19:17 2000 Comment: Even in a quality of sound you don`t approve, this music can mean a lot to so many people. You are a great artist, Neil, and it`s up to you to decide. I can only ask you to release it. Please, Neil, do it.
Name: Greg LaPointe Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Nov 9 09:14:43 2000 Comment: I bought the album many years ago and have enjoyed it ever since. I would like to see Neil release it on cd along with the other m6. There is some very good music on these albums!
Name: Jans Nijboer Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Nov 9 08:21:09 2000 Comment: NEIL, PLEASE RELEASE THIS ALBUM
Name: Trevor Hill Country: Canada Date: Wed Nov 8 20:37:47 2000 Comment: Neil...from a Canadian soldier to a Canadian icon, please release it! Cortez is a squirrel living in a roof in Kitchener.
Name: nathaniel Country: usa Date: Wed Nov 8 19:41:32 2000 Comment: without a doubt this record should be released in any form possible. My favorite Young record. But ultimately, the desision rest with Young not us. Peace.
Name: Steve C. Country: US Date: Wed Nov 8 15:37:45 2000 Comment: Please release all 6. We need 'Like A Hurricane' and 'Homegrown' on CD.IT IS A MUST. Name: derek bell Country: england Date: Wed Nov 8 15:22:10 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Martin Nirdahl Andersen Country: Norway Date: Wed Nov 8 10:52:02 2000 Comment: There are already three tracks from this album on the compilation "Decade". And the album IS out there somewhere on vinyl. So why can't we have it on CD ? If it's the sound quality of a cd that causes trouble, rerelease it on vinyl !
Name: Chris and Zelda Langton Country: Australia Date: Wed Nov 8 10:30:24 2000 Comment: Autsralian Rust also Never Sleeps! We are avid fans, but we have never heard the album. Neil has a big following here and everyone we know wants it released on CD. Keep up the good work!
Name: Tony Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 8 01:00:25 2000 Comment: One of the greatest Neil Young albums ever. It includes some of Neil's most creative and soulful music.
Name: Kevin St. John Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 8 00:11:35 2000 Comment: Please free this album
Name: Jerry Smith Country: USA Date: Tue Nov 7 05:41:12 2000 Comment: This is easily the greatest album of the 70's.
Name: linda taylor Country: Date: Tue Nov 7 00:03:05 2000 Comment: please neil put it out.My husband is driving me nuts
Name: Arnold van Essen Country: Holland Date: Mon Nov 6 22:07:02 2000 Comment: Neil, it`s one of the best albums you`ve ever made Do it for all your fans worldwide, please release this great album again.................on CD !
Name: jan petter andorsen Country: NORWAY Date: Mon Nov 6 17:23:40 2000 Comment: I REALLY MISS THIS ALBUM , MY OLD LP IS NOT PLAYABLE ANYMORE.
Name: bruce gardner Country: united states Date: Sun Nov 5 19:54:07 2000 Comment: yes,release it,there comes a time on the beach.
Name: Del Taylor Country: Date: Sun Nov 5 17:10:51 2000 Comment: Do it for Canada
Name: LarryPayonk Country: us Date: Sun Nov 5 16:24:21 2000 Comment: there s great music on that album i need to hear again
Name: Pixel Country: France Date: Sun Nov 5 14:35:57 2000 Comment: Come on Neil ! It's a non sense to listen a f*ckin' MP3 cause the HDCD is not yet released ! We want On The Beach on CD and Re-ac-tor too :) See ya on the Southern Pacific and near the Beach.
Name: favad ahmed Country: UK Date: Sun Nov 5 12:37:00 2000 Comment: I cannot believe this. i heard ambulance blues ann vampire blues and immediately considered this a must buy especially as a Young afficionado. I am staggered i cant buy this on Cd. Bizarre.
Name: Gordon Christie Country: Scotland Date: Sun Nov 5 12:18:37 2000 Comment: Come on Neil, please release this excellent album. Getting fed of listening to bootleggers ripping you off.
Name: Bjorn Lindahl Country: Norway Date: Sun Nov 5 10:22:51 2000 Comment: I hope THE FATHER og rock and Grunsh, soon will please all of us that loves his music. Please serve the CD. Love you, Neil
Name: joe collins Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 5 04:32:43 2000 Comment: and Hawks & Doves, and Reactor, and Rust Never Sleeps (that one is available Joe - Col)
Name: Warren Houston Country: New Zealand Date: Sun Nov 5 04:01:37 2000 Comment: Please Neil ,release this wonder set of songsso that I can hear them again without all the scratches and the like. This Rates up there as one of my favourite albums, along with you first 6 And, please come back and play in New Zealand again. Ive seen you every time you have visited here Kind regards Warren Houston Rotorua New Zealand
Name: Karen Dunn Country: USA Date: Sun Nov 5 02:36:49 2000 Comment: One of my all time Neil favorites. I loved it then and would buy the CD now.
Name: mike moran Country: usa Date: Sun Nov 5 00:45:38 2000 Comment: Hey Neil, Please re-master and re-release on CD. This is really some good music.
Name: Matt Kenary Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 4 19:27:28 2000 Comment: I wrote a little while ago, and I still have that taped version of "on the beach" and "stars and bars", I just recently purchased from a australian company C.D.'s of "RE_ACTOR",Hawks and doves" and "Time fades away"....After hearing all these "lost" albums (on the beach and re-acter kick royal butt) i have to wonder why stuff like "everbody rocking's and Landing on water" is so avaliable and these aren't. Neil you're so against bootlegging but sometimes you leave us no choice. I could understan
Name: Brett Buckwalter Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Nov 4 15:57:00 2000 Comment: This album needs to be released
Name: John Gettel Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 4 15:51:56 2000 Comment: I love your music. I love this album. Please reissue it.
Name: Simon Boyd Country: Britain Date: Sat Nov 4 14:16:30 2000 Comment: Save me from shit pirates
Name: Ralph Hepperle Country: Canada Date: Sat Nov 4 03:59:32 2000 Comment: Neil: On the Beach is an amazing piece of work, which in my opinion, ranks as one of your top five albums....right up there with Rust Never Sleeps,Mirror Ball, Silver and Gold, and Ragged Glory. Please release it again. Thanks, Ralph
Name: ganymede Country: Australia Date: Sat Nov 4 02:21:40 2000 Comment: "When you hear music, after it's over, it's gone in the air. You can never capture it again." - Eric Dolphy, 1964.
Name: adam schragin Country: USA Date: Sat Nov 4 00:29:12 2000 Comment: On the Beach is a landmark! Don't let it stagnate! People need this album.
Name: Harry L. Funk Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 3 23:12:21 2000 Comment: This is my favorite Neil Young album, and I've been waiting for it to be released on CD for years. I still have a vinyl copy, but I pretty much wore it out 20 years ago!
Name: PAUL PEETERS Country: BELGIUM - EUROP Date: Fri Nov 3 19:09:47 2000 Comment: In 1974 when I was 13 years old I had the album in my hands because of the cover. I foud it real strange. I was to young then to know N.Y. Now so many years later I have to pay almost 100 USD to buy a second-hand copy. Please give us te CD Neil
Name: S.E. McGill Country: USA Date: Fri Nov 3 17:16:21 2000 Comment: OK, Neil, let's give it up now.
Name: Jodi Birkholm Country: Canada Date: Fri Nov 3 17:06:44 2000 Comment: There are only two albums I can recall that were so sensitive, so introspective--so much so that it's hard to believe their creators ever released them. One is Joni Mitchell's BLUE album. The other is OTB, a true masterpiece.
Name: simon rowling Country: England Date: Fri Nov 3 14:16:14 2000 Comment: we have waited long enough for this classic album so come on Mr Young do us all a big favour and release it for christnas 2000. it has been too long. S. Rowling
Name: Steve Lowe Country: UK Date: Fri Nov 3 14:03:35 2000 Comment: I shouldn't really be encouraging my friend in his obsession, but he's asked me to sign. Anyway, I quite like Neil Young, especially the more tuneful songs. Heart of Gold is my favourite. Some of the others are a bit noisy. I think he takes drugs you know.
Name: Willy Beijers Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Nov 2 21:29:14 2000 Comment: Neil come on I,m allready waiting for such a long time.
Name: Chris Boland Country: England Date: Thu Nov 2 19:56:41 2000 Comment: Even though i love this album all the more because of the struggle I went through to find it - deep down I just want everyone who'd like to hear it - to be able to. Anyone please feel free to email me if you want it copied. Thanks.
Name: Ronan O'Connor Country: Ireland Date: Thu Nov 2 18:44:43 2000 Comment: Neil Young is the greatest artist ever and I need to complete my collection!!!
Name: M Wheeler Country: Hong Kong Date: Thu Nov 2 13:40:59 2000 Comment: Get it out now !
Name: Richard van der Kamp Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Nov 1 20:11:16 2000 Comment: Neil Young man: your music has never failed to make me understand my little self just a little bit better. On the Beach really made a difference to me and innumerable fans around the world. So do it, please!
Name: Jon Ward Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 1 17:51:09 2000 Comment: I am a 48 year old Neil Young fan and have been since I saw Buffalo Springfield represent the "West" and perform in a Battle of the Bands on television. "On the Beach" is one of my favorite albums. Please reissue it.
Name: Jason Herche Country: USA Date: Wed Nov 1 14:03:12 2000 Comment: Neil, nothing would make my collection more complete than owning a copy of On The Beach. Thanks.
Name: Miriam Moynihan Country: Texas, USA Date: Wed Nov 1 05:28:42 2000 Comment: Neil - your fans are loyal. We want the record.

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