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Name: Mike Robinson Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 31 23:07:47 2002 Comment: On the Beach is one of my top 5 Neil albums! Please release it on CD.
Name: Joel Knif Country: FINLAND Date: Tue Dec 31 23:06:24 2002 Comment: So here in Finland we've got a new year. But rust never sleeps, right Neil?
Name: Rick Thompson Country: US Date: Tue Dec 31 20:30:39 2002 Comment: None
Name: jens gammelgaard Country: denmark Date: Tue Dec 31 15:02:21 2002 Comment: I just heard Revolution Blues...It's fabulous!
Name: Carla Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 30 21:36:05 2002 Comment: I just heard "On the Beach" for the very first time today, and I was completely blown away. I think this definitely deserves to be made available to the masses. I know Neil has new fans now-some weren't even born when "On the Beach" was originally released!
Name: Dave Dykstal Country: US Date: Sun Dec 29 21:16:04 2002 Comment: Need it, want it, gotta have it!
Name: Fred P. Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 29 00:52:12 2002 Comment: One of my favorite albums!
Name: Steve Country: U S of A Date: Sat Dec 28 18:17:48 2002 Comment: This is an important album from a truly great artist. Not to release it, or any of the remaining 'missing six', would be a crime against humanity.
Name: Edward Martland Country: Britain Date: Sat Dec 28 01:04:31 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach, I want to be able to buy a legit copy
Name: Matt Driscoll Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 28 00:37:22 2002 Comment: None
Name: Kevan Smith Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Dec 27 23:27:02 2002 Comment: This album should be released simply because it is the most depressing collection of music EVER. Plus, Vampire Blues needs to be played every day on yuppie radio.
Name: guy fitz Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 27 23:04:57 2002 Comment: None
Name: Ron Sutherland Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 27 22:29:11 2002 Comment: I've got the cassette but would now like the CD
Name: Rick Pittelko Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 27 00:16:48 2002 Comment: I can only listen to it on tape. I want CD.
Name: Bill Heindel Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 26 15:18:18 2002 Comment: On The Beach is my favoarite Neil Young Album. I do have the record, but really want it in CD format. If you ever discover that it has been release, please contact me!
Name: Dave Bell Country: England Date: Thu Dec 26 00:21:51 2002 Comment: Erm, I dunno. I guess I respect Neil's decision not to release this record. I mean, after all, it's HIS record. But, well, I'd very much like it if he would release it. I'm 17 and really can't afford to pay collector's prices, yet I would really, really like to hear this work.
Name: Matt Pahl Country: Canada Date: Wed Dec 25 19:40:49 2002 Comment: Neil: I'm gonna kick your ass if you don't release this album again!
Name: Eric Pruitt Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 24 09:12:42 2002 Comment: kinda cool.
Name: Evil Roy Country: Australia Date: Tue Dec 24 07:49:08 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil, it's one of my favourites and the vinyl's wearing out. Re-release the vinyl or release the CD. Please!!
Name: Richard Machado Country: Puerto Rico Date: Tue Dec 24 04:51:10 2002 Comment: None
Name: James W. Tegethoff Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 23 19:36:06 2002 Comment: Please release "On The Beach" on CD. I must have it!!!!
Name: LEBLON François Country: BELGIUM Date: Mon Dec 23 15:43:36 2002 Comment: Can't understand why this marvellous album has never been released on CD so far. How long do we have to wait?
Name: Jose Country: Spain Date: Mon Dec 23 13:33:30 2002 Comment: On the beach and the other five, please!
Name: Kevin McDonough Country: U. S. Date: Mon Dec 23 04:51:20 2002 Comment: Could'nt agree with you more! Great site, make a change...I want it my CD collection.
Name: Derek Ambrose Country: Canada Date: Mon Dec 23 04:17:55 2002 Comment: Excellent album..
Name: Jordi Posada Country: Catalonia Date: Sun Dec 22 19:26:03 2002 Comment: Hey, neil, a lot of people want to listen On The Beach (an Journey through the past, too !) Free it, please
Name: Robert Greer Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 22 16:41:48 2002 Comment: I have the album, love it, and want a copy on CD also.
Name: chocolate girl Country: uk Date: Sun Dec 22 13:39:22 2002 Comment: I haven't heard On the Beach for nearly 15 years but it doesn't stop me singing Ambulance Blues. Please don't tell is "we're all pissin' in the wind". Love and peace ~~~ Dee *the D stands for Dying to hear it again*
Name: Big Paul Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 21 17:24:06 2002 Comment: Neil, I was 3 FREAKING YEARS OLD when you released this album. So I wasn't really able to get a copy then. It sounds great, even on crappy mp3's. Please rerelease it.
Name: Johannes Perry Country: Sweden Date: Sat Dec 21 15:27:23 2002 Comment: Not needed.
Name: rob Country: England Date: Sat Dec 21 02:41:52 2002 Comment: I have really gotten into On The Beach. It's as good as, Berlin & Death of a Ladies Man. By "Berlin" & "Death Of A Ladies Man" I do of course mean, other famous, wasted albums. The former being by Lou Reed, and the latter, by Leonard Cohen. People sitting waiting for On The Beach should prime themselves with these fantastic albums. Which their makers have deemed worthy of release. Liking music has little to do with format. I have heard some great music on some shit stereos. Now I can afford a good stereo, I yearn for the days when I had 30 tapes that I played over & over again. Rob
Name: Jose ZAmudio Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 20 22:04:22 2002 Comment: Is there a soundtrack available for the work Neil did in the movie Dead Man?
Name: ASH Country: England Date: Fri Dec 20 18:16:28 2002 Comment: I first heard this album when I borrowed it (vinyl, of course!) from Liverpool library in the early nineties. It's one of my favourite albums of all time - I never tire of hearing it. I'm astounded that it's never been released on CD - especially when you think of all the shit (not NY!) that has.
Name: Dr Marek Houra Country: Czech rep. Date: Fri Dec 20 09:07:24 2002 Comment: None
Name: alain bascou Country: france Date: Fri Dec 20 01:34:53 2002 Comment: Come on Neil ! ALL your records should be issued on Cds. If you don't want to make it for you (i suppose you've got the original tapes )do it for us,the people who like and listen to your songs! Thank's in advance alain
Name: Jeff Country: usa Date: Thu Dec 19 23:27:29 2002 Comment: None
Name: brian stacey Country: england Date: Thu Dec 19 20:20:03 2002 Comment: Some artists have no control over there own songs therefore Neil should be allowed to do as he wishes with his. However some of us are genuinely interested in what he does and he gives immense pleasure to us through his work. So I hope Neil can find a solution to this problem and release the six. Music should live forever
Name: Sebastien Andrivet Country: France Date: Thu Dec 19 12:28:30 2002 Comment: Please
Name: steve giblin Country: usa Date: Wed Dec 18 22:05:24 2002 Comment: I would also like to see re*act*or & hawks & doves released on cd , as well as time fades away Thanks
Name: johan haegeman Country: belgium Date: Wed Dec 18 19:33:41 2002 Comment: None
Name: Dann Country: Usa Date: Wed Dec 18 19:28:55 2002 Comment: Please release On thE bEACH , Please
Name: Phil Butler Country: UK Date: Wed Dec 18 19:10:30 2002 Comment: It really pisses me off seeing all the cd bootlegs of this album going for £15 a shot. Neil obviously isn't getting any money from those sales, so why not release it and claim your cut. Don't want the money? - Then give it to a charity! Hey, while you're at it, what about Hawks an Doves and Time Fades Away?
Name: Petter Osbak Country: Norway Date: Wed Dec 18 12:17:59 2002 Comment: I just love this album. I have it on vinyl, but sadly enough, no turntable available anymore. Ambulance blues is one of the best tunes Neil ever have written!
Name: Jon Sussman Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 17 18:29:27 2002 Comment: It is my great hope that On the beach is re-released...Nothing like having an old fashioned CD version of a great album
Name: john-patrick classen Country: germany Date: Tue Dec 17 12:33:57 2002 Comment: None
Name: Andreas Wunsch Country: Germany Date: Tue Dec 17 00:48:47 2002 Comment: None
Name: Oded Shchori Country: Israel Date: Mon Dec 16 14:30:57 2002 Comment: None
Name: Charles Leek Country: UK Date: Mon Dec 16 12:03:12 2002 Comment: This is my favourite NY album. Unfortunatley for me I lent my only copy of the vinyl to someone years ago, and never got it back. They obviously thought the same! Been waiting to get another copy all these years. Please, Neil, release this gem!
Name: Matt Boland Country: Australia Date: Mon Dec 16 12:02:15 2002 Comment: None
Name: LEE FISHER Country: usa Date: Mon Dec 16 07:13:32 2002 Comment: love this record. i have it on vinyl, bu i'd love to have it on cd. such a sad album, one of my favorite albums of all time.
Name: oumo Country: UK Date: Sun Dec 15 12:05:52 2002 Comment: None
Name: Shahen Country: United States Date: Sun Dec 15 02:14:29 2002 Comment: Neil Young, I'm ashamed of you for jobbing your fans for so long- release it on CD already!
Name: Greg Lynd Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 15 00:50:05 2002 Comment: One of my favorite albums a CD would be nice so I can share it with my Grandchildren.
Name: Eldar Country: Israel Date: Sun Dec 15 00:26:07 2002 Comment: Set This Masterpiece FREE!
Name: zé maria Country: brasil Date: Sat Dec 14 18:25:15 2002 Comment: release it, neil... you can send the money from the sells to a charity institute and make your fans very glad...
Name: Charles Flagg Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 14 15:20:34 2002 Comment: I have such wonderful memories of listening to this album at a different time in my life. I have been looking for a re-release for years now. Please re-release this music, set it free again.
Name: Simon Österhof Country: Sweden Date: Sat Dec 14 13:51:32 2002 Comment: I love this album, and would love to have a legit copy of it.
Name:Robert McMann Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 14 04:31:46 2002 Comment: Some of Neil's finest stuff!
Name:Eric Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 13 20:37:57 2002 Comment: This classic album needs to be heard.
Name:Bill Hernandez Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 13 07:45:15 2002 Comment: This is an awesome incredible album. Ambulance Blues is my favorite all-time Neil Young song...and all I have is an old shitty scratchy album version.
Name:Tomppa Country: Finland Date: Thu Dec 12 23:30:26 2002 Comment: None
Name:Itay Greenberg Country: israel Date: Thu Dec 12 23:29:12 2002 Comment: "i need a crowd of people, but i cant face them day to day"..one of neil's greats albums. i want the cd !
Name:Tom Rosenberg Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 12 17:30:15 2002 Comment: A true group favorite until it was sat on. That dam Paul! Please bring it back so we can forgive him.
Name:ted shiress Country: England Date: Thu Dec 12 10:06:15 2002 Comment: lf you care so much about your fans with CP you will know that most of them cant handle vinal. SEEMS A SHAME TO DEPRIVE THEM OF ONE OF YOUR BEST ALBUMS!!!!!
Name:jamie Country: scotland Date: Thu Dec 12 05:45:48 2002 Comment: Neil, just release the goddamn thing. You'll even make some money. Oh, and while your at it get time fades away & american stars and bars out too (its my dads favourite). Also get yer finger out and finish farting about with the archives set.
Name:paul Country: australia Date: Thu Dec 12 05:17:49 2002 Comment: Heard about this album from a friend able to find so i just downloaded it off the net via shared files and burnt it onto cd. What artist wouldnt want to show off their art anyway?? Everything is accessable off the net !!
Name:Ryan Giff Country: Canada Date: Thu Dec 12 02:26:06 2002 Comment: Please re-relase this album. I have been unable to buy it.
Name:Andrew Wong Country: Malaysia Date: Thu Dec 12 02:01:52 2002 Comment: None
Name:Scott Barksdale Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 11 23:04:16 2002 Comment: A CD is better than nothing at all.
Name:George Brown Country: Date: Wed Dec 11 20:43:49 2002 Comment: None
Name:Peter Beaufays Country: Belgium Date: Wed Dec 11 17:04:31 2002 Comment: Do it!
Name:MR G F ROLLO Country: UK Date: Wed Dec 11 16:06:54 2002 Comment: Issue all unreleased stuff by Neil
Name:David Cuthbert Country: UK Date: Wed Dec 11 15:51:51 2002 Comment: None
Name:Erik Country: Norway Date: Wed Dec 11 13:54:33 2002 Comment: Aw, come on Neil! It's about time you release it!
Name:Robert I. Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 11 13:16:18 2002 Comment: It is just a crying shame that something like this is just not around in an available format that is not so outdated. Even if we are doomed to use CD's there's no need to punish us further bu not releasing the album
Name:Christian Claveau Country: Québec,Canada Date: Wed Dec 11 04:03:39 2002 Comment: neil,get back on the beach!now!
Name:per Country: Date: Tue Dec 10 23:51:05 2002 Comment: good music should never be silent
Name:matt woody Country: uk Date: Tue Dec 10 17:02:27 2002 Comment: I will be doing a ukelele cover oversion of this album if its not rereleased soon. Ill release it under the name Nile Yung and tour it round the world. People will soon forget the awkward original. (good lord, if that isn't enough reason, Neil - release it! Think of the innocent lives spared... Col)
Name:johnirv Country: usa Date: Tue Dec 10 11:38:28 2002 Comment: I'm recording "On The Beach" from an old tape of an album right now. I would rather just pay $12 - $15 for a remastered CD - maybe Rhino would do it justice!
Name:phil taylor Country: Date: Tue Dec 10 11:31:25 2002 Comment: after years of not hearing the album in any format it was superb to hear it again.Even with the reduced quality of mp3 the tunes still cut it.
Name:Colargol Country: France Date: Mon Dec 9 21:07:29 2002 Comment: I need this record for a long time
Name:Allez Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 9 19:29:15 2002 Comment: 'on the beach' and 'revolution blues' are two of neil's finest songs. revolution blues is made even better with levon helm's drum work and rick danko's low end. uhh...SO CLEAN!!!
Name:Jon Neidigh Country: Date: Mon Dec 9 18:08:46 2002 Comment: None
Name:art krause Country: usa Date: Mon Dec 9 15:23:19 2002 Comment: i was wondering what happened to this album. had the 8 track a long time ago and have been looking for a cd version. yes, please put it back on the shelves. i have been a fan for many many years.
Name:Rod Preedy Country: Australia Date: Sun Dec 8 20:56:14 2002 Comment: I have been looking for this album for about 20 years. I didn't even realise it hadn't been released on cd. A friend had the cassette when we were kids and after we lost touch, I decided to buy the album myself but have had no luck finding it.
Name:Stephen Ormsby Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Dec 8 18:28:36 2002 Comment: It was the summer of 74,Ortley Beach N.J. this album rarely left my turntable beerstained and scratched just before where the seagulls are out of reach I've long wished for this jewel to come out on c.d. There hasen't been a trip to the record store that hasen't started with a stop to see. I never knew it was due to Neils wishes I always thought it was the necktie people. Neil's a GOD keep praying. Sooner or later it all gets real ! Walk on. Peace. Stevon.
Name:allan Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 7 15:52:48 2002 Comment: good idea. my vinyl is scratchy.
Name:ford Country: Date: Sat Dec 7 04:46:02 2002 Comment: None
Name:Rob Wallace Country: NZ Date: Sat Dec 7 03:33:39 2002 Comment: Always been my favourite NY album, would love another copy on disc.
Name:littleblakos Country: ethiopie Date: Fri Dec 6 17:14:05 2002 Comment: arghhhhh!!!shit a personnal mine
Name:Alan Murphy Country: France Date: Fri Dec 6 17:10:37 2002 Comment: Go on Neil, you know you want to...
Name:Luke Bush Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 6 05:56:38 2002 Comment: I almost cried when i finally found this record- pure classic, in my opinion, the best album ever
Name:Mike Jacobson Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 6 04:55:18 2002 Comment: CD/ Casette/ or Vinyl i don't really care. But don't release it for me, do it for Rusty Kershaw. He would have said don't think about it Neil just do it!
Name:re-maitre Country: france Date: Thu Dec 5 20:47:34 2002 Comment: urgent la réedition de ce superbe disque"sur la plage" merci pour ce site et pour l'initiative de cette petition a plus++++++++++ bravo pour ton site carrement necessaire bye!!!!!!!!!!!
Name:Ashley Paxton Country: Channel Islands Date: Thu Dec 5 19:37:51 2002 Comment: None
Name:linda mckellar-stewart Country: australia Date: Thu Dec 5 13:56:53 2002 Comment: I thought I must have dreamed this album, things were a little hazy back then... I had a copied tape but it disappeared. so sad.
Name:Antonio Vilanova Neto Country: Brasil Date: Thu Dec 5 00:13:26 2002 Comment: Neil, Please do it !!!!!
Name:Dr. Chris Norden Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 4 22:16:20 2002 Comment: Hey Neil, I'm a college professor in Northern Idaho, and my colleagues and I respectfully ask that you let On the Beach and Time Fades Away come out on CD. I have the vinyl, and the means to reproduce it onto CD-R, but that's not the point, man. It's our students, the young up and coming ones, who need this stuff, just as I needed it when I was a college student in the late 1970's.
Name:Bengt Skarin Country: SWEDEN Date: Wed Dec 4 11:58:46 2002 Comment: "On The Beach". Please....
Name:David J Van Hoesen Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 4 05:36:08 2002 Comment: i have a copy of this a friend gave to me that was downloaded on mp3 from a vinyl source. id love to get a legit high quality copy of this. it's amazing!!!
Name:Bryan McGeary Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 4 01:00:15 2002 Comment: Neil, we want "On The Beach". Please re-release it.
Name:Martin Country: Germany Date: Mon Dec 2 23:40:17 2002 Comment: Just Re-Release
Name:Tricia Riccobene Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 2 20:33:47 2002 Comment: None
Name:wickedprincess Country: Date: Mon Dec 2 16:11:43 2002 Comment: Hello, I just want to say that I was never a really big Neil Young fan until a friend of mine wanted to see if I could get "On the Beach" on a CD for them. After searching on the web and only finding crappy MP3's, I began compiling the CD and really listening to the album. I absolutely love it! The songs have great arrangements and wonderfully, brooding words (I am a painter, and good music makes all the difference!). It would be great to have this album on a CD, the MP3's don't do it justice! I
Name:psyk Country: France Date: Mon Dec 2 15:56:31 2002 Comment: But I won't buy, sell, borrowed or trade… Anything I have, to be like one of them… I'd rather start all over again… Well, give on the beach a new start…
Name:Barbara Gargano Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 2 15:32:30 2002 Comment: please.
Name:Laura G. Country: Italy Date: Mon Dec 2 11:47:56 2002 Comment: We want it now!!!
Name:Jone KŠllsŠter Country: sweden Date: Mon Dec 2 11:13:03 2002 Comment: release it, please
Name:lou Country: canada Date: Mon Dec 2 03:09:23 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil, loosen up....got the album and love it. could cd it myself but there isn't anything better than the original!!!
Name:George Bernet Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 2 00:28:55 2002 Comment: Not for me, but my brother is crazy to get this album, and i was hoping to give it to him for a Christmas present. Please tell me I can gift him next year!
Name:mark mcwilliam Country: uk Date: Mon Dec 2 00:08:52 2002 Comment: one of the must have albums to have in your collection, its got the lot. let people hear it its real.
Name:Eric Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 1 22:41:21 2002 Comment: Please release me, let me go
Name:joe hoffman Country: US Date: Sun Dec 1 20:12:23 2002 Comment: Just used two of them old albums to make a "training" tape for my friend. Never knew how lucky I was to have all "six". When they're scratched as hell like the Monkees ones I'll die.
Name:Joe Country: Date: Sun Dec 1 12:13:15 2002 Comment: Hey release the shit man, love that where ever I lay my hat song.
Name:vincenzo cianciaruso Country: GALLIATE(ITALY) Date: Sun Dec 1 11:25:12 2002 Comment: O.K.
Name:Nick Tapalansky Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 1 11:12:37 2002 Comment: All I have left of that album are scratchy recordings-could use a fresh copy. Ex-wife stole my original.
Name:paulzo Country: maryland USA Date: Sun Dec 1 01:44:05 2002 Comment: Please, Neil, RELEASE THIS! Not only do I need it, but I must also replace my roommate's copy, which I destroyed when I accidentally sat on the LP! If not for me, then at least do it for him. RELEASE ON THE BEACH!
Name:stephen walsh Country: cameroon Date: Sun Dec 1 00:55:20 2002 Comment: release the fucker man!

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