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Name: Tim Howarth Country: Colombia Date: Mon Dec 31 22:14:17 2001 Comment: Release it on vinyl, for God's sake.
Name: Anja Country: Germany Date: Mon Dec 31 14:48:08 2001 Comment: None
Name: jlndtr Country: france Date: Mon Dec 31 12:33:30 2001 Comment: please
Name: Eric Preston Country: Jackson, Mich. Date: Mon Dec 31 03:32:24 2001 Comment: Neil Young's " On The Beach" Has to be Released! It's an unheard part of Neil's Musical Legacy which has never seen the light of day for fans. Deprivation of Good Music. Please Release It.
Name: chris Country: us Date: Mon Dec 31 01:55:46 2001 Comment: None
Name: G.H. Bohnen Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Dec 30 16:06:24 2001 Comment: It's about time that Neil Young finnish his work!
Name: Mathieu Country: France Date: Sun Dec 30 15:37:51 2001 Comment: Please release On the beach !!!!
Name: michiel mulder Country: holland Date: Sun Dec 30 12:05:56 2001 Comment: please Neil, why not????????????????? Tell me why.......................
Name: david freeman Country: UK Date: Sat Dec 29 21:50:50 2001 Comment: None
Name: Josh Weber Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 29 17:59:17 2001 Comment: Excellent dude
Name: gordon Country: scotland Date: Sat Dec 29 17:54:01 2001 Comment: Far too good an album NOT to be available on CD
Name: Steve Pummill Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 29 04:09:34 2001 Comment: Would like to see all 6 on cd.
Name: w.longworth Country: england Date: Fri Dec 28 21:30:51 2001 Comment: Having loved Neil Youngs'music for many many years,it would be great to see(and hear,of course)this fantastic album take it's proper place alongside all the others in my collection.Please release it.
Name: jez Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 28 16:27:51 2001 Comment: Nothing comes close, come on Neil, you can't deny it, don't sit on it, it just isn't nice. Look, I can't stand the BIZ and CDs either but then my hearing ain't what it used to be.
Name: Da Silva Country: France Date: Fri Dec 28 16:02:31 2001 Comment: quand le CD
Name: Jonathan Ainley Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 28 14:49:36 2001 Comment: 'Bootleg' versions are available in UK, but the original should be released. It is too good to be 'forgotten'
Name: Mike Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 28 13:35:50 2001 Comment: DON'T BE DENIED!
Name: clrbx Country: france Date: Fri Dec 28 11:38:53 2001 Comment: no comment
Name: Ben Hinch Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 28 08:35:11 2001 Comment: Please release the album. Please.....
Name: Brian Summers Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 28 07:03:13 2001 Comment: When finding out I'm a Neil Young fan, many people's first question, "Do YOU HAVE ON THE BEACH?" I answer yes. They reply, "CAN I COME OVER?" Please, I can only entertain so many!!
Name: Erik Jacobson Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 28 05:02:00 2001 Comment: Please release OTB. That's all I want.
Name: Philip Powers Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 27 14:25:40 2001 Comment: Having recently read Johnny Rogan's excellent biography Zero to Sixty I have started to collect Neil's material (get them mostly in the sale bins at HMV normally for 4.99). Would of course love a copy of OTB (did get a copy of RE-ACT-OR vinyl for 2 recently though)
Name: Joo Zina Country: Portugal Date: Thu Dec 27 14:05:23 2001 Comment: Release it!!!! Our old records won't live for ever!!!
Name: John VanDevanter Carter Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 26 19:56:22 2001 Comment: For those of us who lived through the Nixon resignation debacle, and the fearfulness of those times, this album confirmed that we were not alone.
Name: Casey Keenan Country: Date: Wed Dec 26 17:17:24 2001 Comment: Name: Adrian Denning Country: England Date: Wed Dec 26 16:02:22 2001 Comment: hey, i love Neil and i want to see 'On The Beach' released. its a tragedy for it to remain in the vaults for all eternity. we want 'on the beach'!
Name: John Pisano Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 25 20:58:40 2001 Comment: None
Name: michael alexander Country: Canada Date: Tue Dec 25 20:23:44 2001 Comment: Lyrics and music are raw and real. Hits me in the gut like no other album Neil has made. I can't understand why Neil would not want to re-release. Please bring it back.
Name: joseph scott Country: usa Date: Tue Dec 25 19:14:01 2001 Comment: dear mr.young. I have in my possesion an 8 track version of on the beach,if you can imagine that. I have never experienced in any other format I am pleading with you to allow the afore-mentioned treasure to be re-released. Don't make me browse thru acres of flea markets and yard sales to try and find an old 8 track player. On the upside, I do own a copy of Hawks and Doves and I do cherish that. Your friend and fan. Joseph scott
Name: ross godfrey Country: UK Date: Mon Dec 24 18:15:16 2001 Comment: Free all captive music animals.
Name: Peter Astle Country: England Date: Mon Dec 24 17:18:35 2001 Comment: MP3 versions do not suck, as they are digitally remastered. The vinal sounds even worse than the mp3. Also u can download all the song off on the beach from morpheus. and pick the ones that are of the highest quality. Then burn them onto a cd. But yes it would be nice if he re-released it. (Peter is responding to my on-site comments that mp3's suck. I will stand by my comments - mp3 is a compression system which REMOVES parts of the sound information and never gives it back. That is enough reason for me... of course I will not claim to speak for everyone. But as for vinyl sounding worse than mp3 - words fail me...- Col)
Name: Mark McDonough Country: United States Date: Mon Dec 24 03:47:15 2001 Comment: None
Name: Forrest Card Country: CA USA Date: Mon Dec 24 00:51:27 2001 Comment: What can we do? This being my favorite album and my Ex taking it has put a major dent in my music collection, I had a grainy tape recorded off the vinal Like 10 years ago... I guess E-bay has the vinal and I'll have to find a record player... Why Neil Why? Thanks for the web site and a place to vent at the unavailability of the best Neil Young album... I guess it might get a little of it's mystyc from having to work your ass off just to get a cheap copy of the record I dunno... PLEEZE Neil, Rele
Name: jose antonio Country: spain Date: Mon Dec 24 00:24:13 2001 Comment: Yes! I would like to have "On the beach" and the others in CD format. Neil: your concert with crazy horse last summer in Jerez de la Frontera, was really fantastic!
Name: Marc Suttle Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 23 23:45:50 2001 Comment: One of the handful of albums by any artist in any genre that I thoroughly enjoy listening to, usually late at night, from beginning to end because of the overall feeling it exudes and the mood it generates. Doesn't contain my favorite Neil Young songs, but that isn't the point. Laid back and tinged with ennui, Neil summed up the early-mid seventies for all of us.
Name: Paul Carr Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Dec 23 21:22:25 2001 Comment: This music has very deep personal meaning for me, coming out at a very critical juncture in my life. It is important to me to hear it again. In this season of love, what would it hurt you to let us have access to this music again? Thank you for your consideration.
Name: Sven Kroner Country: GERMANY Date: Sun Dec 23 17:14:32 2001 Comment: None
Name: Nigel Lavender Country: UK Date: Sun Dec 23 15:41:11 2001 Comment: I remember buying OTB second-hand (my very first NY album) as a 16 year old 25 years ago, getting home and listening to it 9 times on the trot that evening. I've still got that vinyl album and I treasure it, but please release it (and Time Fades Away also) on CD... New fans need to hear this bleak but majestic record! THANKS NEIL!!!!!!
Name: Rob Hayes Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 23 15:09:48 2001 Comment: Dear Neil, "On the Beach" is my favorite of your records. "Ambulance Blues," and "For the Turnstiles" have helped me several times when a relationship ran its course. I have the vinyl, I'd really like to have a CD. I hope you'll make "On The Beach" available in 2002. Regards, Rob Hayes Berklee College of Music Cambridge, Massachusetts
Name: Mark Craig Country: Date: Sun Dec 23 02:52:12 2001 Comment: Not many people are willing to put the effort into something like this page. Cheers to you for doing it. And thanks to Neil for the original release. My bootleg cassett finally died. Come on Neil, my kid needs to hear this stuff.
Name: Jason Renzi Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 23 01:18:02 2001 Comment: None Name: Miroslav Chvatil Country: Czech republic Date: Sat Dec 22 17:27:47 2001 Comment: I like it for many years and I miss it!!!!!
Name: Frasca Corrado Country: Italy Date: Sat Dec 22 09:18:39 2001 Comment: None Name: James Eaton Country: New Zealand Date: Fri Dec 21 22:20:32 2001 Comment: I have liked this album since I first heard it. I need a new copy.
Name: Chas Wilson Country: England Date: Fri Dec 21 21:11:02 2001 Comment: Please re-release the 'missing six' particularly 'On The Beach'. My collection has a hole that needs filling and completing !!
Name: Bruce McLean Country: Australia Date: Fri Dec 21 00:28:21 2001 Comment: How can the best NY blues album be left out? My old cassette tape is nearly in tatters.
Name: Eric Wright Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 20 18:19:01 2001 Comment: I had my vinyl copy nicked some years ago and just want to be able to play the album again. Is that too much to ask? Come on Neil get your finger out.
Name: Jamie Byrd Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 20 16:40:09 2001 Comment: None
Name: descatoire david Country: france Date: Thu Dec 20 13:44:36 2001 Comment: None
Name: Alan Roberts Country: Us of A Date: Thu Dec 20 06:28:37 2001 Comment: A classic in so many ways. A CD release with outtakes would be a real treat for us all. The lst of great songs just blows my mind. I bought a used LP (better than my wore out copy) and recorded it to CD for my own pleasure. Please release that thing an do it now!
Name: Brian Bennett Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 20 03:14:35 2001 Comment: I have the vinyl of this but dammit I want a cd version.
Name: Christopher Small Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 21:38:39 2001 Comment: Got it on vinyl, Neil, but want it on CD.
Name: Miranda Haitz Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 20:54:26 2001 Comment: Need we really wait any longer? Please release this on CD!
Name: Grahm Hawkes Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 16:14:36 2001 Comment: Please release that CD!!!!!!!!
Name: Ken Brown Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 15:09:09 2001 Comment: I've always felt this one one of his best albums from his best artistic period. It's a shame it's not available. I heard Widespread Panic cover Walk-on live (one of the few songs from the album that has seen the light of day on Decade) and it was a great cover. But I was probably the only one in the audience that knew the words! Free On the Beach. And Time Fades Away, too!
Name: Ian Marshall Country: AUSTRALIA Date: Wed Dec 19 11:07:36 2001 Comment: Surfin' mates put me onto Neil round '76,got his back catalogue on vinyl,still surfin' now 15 y.o. son comes 'down the beach' with me and is listening to On The Beach ( taped off vinyl), thinks its cool. Wanna a CD version!!
Name: Andrew Lee Country: U.K. Date: Wed Dec 19 08:45:59 2001 Comment: The gap in my CD collection is getting very dusty!
Name: David Rich Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 19 00:26:47 2001 Comment: I love this album. The first side is some of the best stuff Neil has ever done. I feel very lucky to have it on vinyl and would like to see it reissued on DVD-Audio.
Name: Gualtiero Country: Italy Date: Wed Dec 19 00:01:33 2001 Comment: To me it was puzzling why this marvelous album was never published as a CD. I understand that NY in person doesn't want it, and my question is "why". I consider On the Beach among the three best of NY albums, and Ambulance Blues the song I love most. I hope NY will be convinced by the amount of petition I see on this site. My e-mail is gtramonta@libero.it
Name: Bill Rivers Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 18 23:08:17 2001 Comment: Neil, I really need "On the Beach" and "American Stars and Bars" in CD format. Thanks, Bill
Name: jimi van Country: scotland Date: Tue Dec 18 19:13:41 2001 Comment: 'On The Beach' is undoubtably the single most greatest album ever writen...EVER!!! I strongly believe that no household should be without a copy!! We love you Neil.
Name: CN Nitibhon Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 18 19:01:29 2001 Comment: Some dude gave ON THE BEACH LP to me back in 1975 because he thought it was a lousy album. I loved the entire album the very first time I listened to it and it has always been one of my favorite Neil Young LPs. I'd love to have it in CD format. Please re-release it Neil !!
Name: Karen Kramer Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 18 14:39:44 2001 Comment: Neil, I would WORSHIP a re-release of On the Beach (and Time Fades Away and American Stars 'n Bars too) on CD. IT ROCKS. WORSHIP WORSHIP WORSHIP :o) Thank you in advance for your consideration. Karen
Name: Svein Haglund Country: Norway Date: Tue Dec 18 13:39:13 2001 Comment: And "Hawks and Doves" and "American Stars 'n Bars" too....
Name: Paul Condon Country: Ireland Date: Mon Dec 17 21:52:18 2001 Comment: Why not re-release the 6 on vinyl as well as cd? (well,maybe not "JTTP"...)"Time..." is also a fantastically raw and emotional lp, the type of thing we really need these days, if only to remind us how it still can be done, ie by not conforming to corporate ideas of what is "acceptable", "marketable", etc... Even though this stuff might involve bad memories for Neil, a lot of people really love this dark but life-affirming music... walk on!
Name: Joe DeVries Country: Canada Date: Mon Dec 17 17:17:45 2001 Comment: Haven't heard it yet, but want to...
Name: Ian Black Country: UK Date: Mon Dec 17 12:02:52 2001 Comment: None
Name: Chris Griffiths Country: UK Date: Mon Dec 17 09:48:18 2001 Comment: I've got the album on LP, wondered why I couldn't find it on CD!
Name: Dave Leeke Country: England Date: Mon Dec 17 09:20:57 2001 Comment: I bought it on vinyl when it first came out and the current copy I have I bought in a second hand store a few years ago. The only reason I want to see it released on CD is because I'm worried I won't be able to find another copy - also it's so I can listen to it in the car. It's always been one of my favourite NY albums. Always will be I guess.
Name: Eskil K Dahl Country: Norway Date: Mon Dec 17 09:12:35 2001 Comment: Pleas re-release On The Beach.
Name: TheMan Country: Moon Date: Sun Dec 16 21:29:27 2001 Comment: Don't know what all the fuss is about. Time Fades Away is a much better album(Still got my vinyl version with the Newspaper insert). Don't releases any of them on Cd. I'm totally with him on that. Try and hunt out the vinyl. Don't know why everybody needs to hear things on Cd. The sound quality is crap. (I agree that sound quality on CD is not perfect however most people fail to posess a turntable. They have CD players. They have CD players because the music industry told them CD was better. OK? and TFA is not a better album than OTB just because YOU say so. And you can stop braggingabout your posessions - Col)
Name: Geert Staelens Country: Belgium Date: Sun Dec 16 17:42:01 2001 Comment: None
Name: Avery Rueb Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 16 17:28:19 2001 Comment: This is absolutely ridiculous that we cannot buy "On the Beach". My friend had it for one day, and then got his car stolen. It is our whole-hearted belief that the punk who took my friend's Jeep wanted On the Beach more than he wanted the car. Does Neil Young want me to take up a life of crime in order to hear some more amazing one note solos? If that is the case, then Neil Young can go f*ck himself. Avery Rueb
Name: Morten Larsen Country: Denmark Date: Sun Dec 16 12:41:23 2001 Comment: None
Name: Yngve Monsson Country: Date: Sun Dec 16 10:19:15 2001 Comment: Please! I'm begging you Neil, let us get to hear On the Beach and the other missing albums. Unfortunately I have only got access to cd-player, but please do not punish me for this. Yngve, a big fan.
Name: Bill Markis Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 16 07:05:16 2001 Comment: I have the vinyl version since it first came out but I want to get it on CD. I have been looking for it for years. Please release it, Neal! Thanks! Bill Markis
Name: Chuck Country: Date: Sun Dec 16 06:19:42 2001 Comment: This is a Classic lyrical masterpiece of an album. It should be made available on CD!!!!
Name: Kurt Country: Date: Sun Dec 16 03:53:22 2001 Comment: I miss this brooding album. My turn table has long been history. Please release on a CD!
Name: Jim Dickie Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 15 16:04:53 2001 Comment: My vinyl copy is wearing out - please release it soon. This album is a classic and deserves to be heard by more people.
Name: Gordon Morrice Country: Scotland Date: Sat Dec 15 14:07:06 2001 Comment: I have a good quality CD bootleg of Neil's beguiling masterpiece. It is a pivotal 70's album, and the Dark Period Trilogy (Time Fades Away, Tonight's The Night and On The Beach) is being missed by most Young fans. Side 2 may be the best side to an album in the rock canon, On The Beach then Motion Pictures then Ambulance Blues flow togehter in one of the most spooky and spine-tingling moments in the Young musi
Name: slimJustice Country: USofA Date: Fri Dec 14 22:11:25 2001 Comment: I was gonna run right out and buy this one as my Next Neil addition. Much to my dismay, noticed it's unavailable. Come on Neil, share. Please ????
Name: jamie azzopardi Country: england Date: Fri Dec 14 21:55:06 2001 Comment: what more can i say, neil young is ace and i want to hear this LP now or i'll be mighty miffed. go on neil, you know you want to....
Name: Brian MNeill Country: Scotland Date: Fri Dec 14 18:43:38 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil get off your arse and re-issue OTB! My vinyl copy got stolen and if I find the bastard who stole it he'll be living Ambulance Blues!
Name: John Hopkins Country: Australia Date: Fri Dec 14 15:42:51 2001 Comment: It was always one of my favourite Neil albums, thank goodness I looked after my vinyl copy
Name: donwaits Country: taiwan R.O.C Date: Fri Dec 14 15:08:34 2001 Comment: None
Name: Ed Matthews Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 14 13:21:40 2001 Comment: this album has been soothing to me when I've been in some dark places emotionally. I think that may have been where Neil was when it was written. Wonderful record. wonderful songs. I'm going to give the vinyl a listen. Peace
Name: David Gore Country: England Date: Fri Dec 14 10:59:08 2001 Comment: Why play into the hands of the bootleggers. Release OTB along with the other 5 unreleased ones and let the public be the judge as to quality etc.
Name: Mick Deane Country: Date: Fri Dec 14 10:45:00 2001 Comment: None
Name: Jack E Brown Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 14 09:41:10 2001 Comment: This is quite simply one of the best albums ever made, by anyone. It needs to be released in order to turn on another generation.
Name: Torsten langhammer Country: Germany Date: Fri Dec 14 09:28:55 2001 Comment: This nice piece of music is really not available. I tryed hard-no chance. So i support the re-release request fully.
Name: dave Country: usa Date: Fri Dec 14 00:48:10 2001 Comment: this was a great album. i'm wearing out my vinyl copy. please release in cd.
Name: Gene Harrold Country: U.S. Date: Thu Dec 13 22:46:38 2001 Comment: This album AND the archives have to be released soon. People are dying every day that really wanted to hear this music and it would have added to their lives. Neil, is it REALLY worth waiting any longer?
Name: Steve Roach Country: canada Date: Thu Dec 13 20:45:07 2001 Comment: Neil is a living legend
Name: Richard Ciccarelli Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 13 20:34:06 2001 Comment: On the Beach was the first work of yours I ever heard, and remains one of the most powerful. A masterpiece. Cover design was beautiful and inventive as well.
Name: Eduardo Lemos Country: Brazil Date: Thu Dec 13 18:37:55 2001 Comment: Please release the album
Name: Uwe Langhammer Country: Germany Date: Thu Dec 13 15:40:51 2001 Comment: Why not? We want the CD!!!! Pllleeaaassseee
Name: fredberg Country: usa Date: Thu Dec 13 15:29:25 2001 Comment: someone walked off with my cassette copy. i am devestated please release
Name: Prof. Dr. N. Kortzicht Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Dec 13 13:22:18 2001 Comment: The album is great. My L.P. needs technical updating!!! Please
Name: Scott Gardner Country: Japan Date: Thu Dec 13 05:46:04 2001 Comment: I'm a fan of acoustic Neil and I'd like to hear this album. Neil performs some of these tunes live, so he hasn't forgotten it.
Name: Steve Altman Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 13 04:39:53 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Ray Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 13 00:46:55 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ben Repa Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 12 23:20:57 2001 Comment: Being relatively young for a Neil fan, I never had an opportunity to even hear this on vinyl. The closest I can get is what is on Decade, but that's not enough.
Name: dennis fowler Country: America Date: Wed Dec 12 20:49:14 2001 Comment: My 2 cents say release the album, as it is one of my favorites and one that speeks volumes about Neil at that time, as well as speeking to "Neil solo" fans like myself.
Name: Ian Rosen Country: Date: Wed Dec 12 20:48:07 2001 Comment: There's a lot of people who don't have this album, and this is one of the best Neil albums. It doesn't make sense that this isn't available.
Name: jacobj salmon Country: denmark Date: Wed Dec 12 20:31:39 2001 Comment: yes please, I want On the Beach too, because I was actually born while Like a hurricane, in the On the beach version, was played. much love and respect jacob salm0n
Name: Carol Snyder Country: Date: Wed Dec 12 19:47:56 2001 Comment: Please...
Name: Evan Mazur Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 12 18:40:47 2001 Comment: Please re-release this amazing album. I would be the first to purchase it.
Name: Edward Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 12 15:53:04 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Phil Ronan Country: UK Date: Wed Dec 12 11:54:07 2001 Comment: Darn right! Scratched vinyl copies of this record are changing hands for over 50 here. It isn't fair!
Name: Gary See Country: Singapore Date: Wed Dec 12 03:16:45 2001 Comment: A Timeless Classic...the missing link to my collection of the Man's work. Please release this ASAP before I get really old. Be it CD/SACD/DVD and 180grams Vinyl, I have no qualms at all.
Name: Deborah Brewer Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 12 01:03:40 2001 Comment: Come on Neil - you know we love it!!!
Name: leigh shepherd Country: UK Date: Wed Dec 12 00:23:09 2001 Comment: The greatest album by one of the greatest artists ever - NOT available?!!? DVD-audio is along way from ever taking off and CD will be the medium of choice for the next decade at least, so come on Neil - my vinyl copy's wearing out!!
Name: Ryan McNeilly Country: Canada Date: Tue Dec 11 20:32:00 2001 Comment: OTB is the album that hooked nearly EVERY Neil fan on the Rust List. I demand that it be released as a CD or else people will continue to trade pirates of it!!!! Also, to whoever owns this: Try sending this petition to Neil ot Reprise.
Name: Gary Healy Country: Ireland Date: Tue Dec 11 20:08:46 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: robert gunn Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 11 19:45:02 2001 Comment: ...a nice 180gram vinyl reissue would be nice as well!
Name: Richard Dotor Country: England Date: Tue Dec 11 18:56:57 2001 Comment: Surely what many people consider the best Neil Young album be available?
Name: Michael Mann Country: United States Date: Tue Dec 11 16:54:03 2001 Comment: release the fucker
Name: Maggan Country: Sweden Date: Tue Dec 11 16:52:59 2001 Comment: Please...??
Name: Tom Kearns Country: US Date: Tue Dec 11 14:16:44 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Douglas Hilsinger Country: usa Date: Tue Dec 11 12:26:19 2001 Comment: please release the 'missing six'. they are NOT unwanted children. they ARE some of my favorites. thanks for this site
Name: david mcanulty Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 11 03:39:15 2001 Comment: bring it back
Name: Ted Higginbotham Country: canada Date: Mon Dec 10 19:48:00 2001 Comment: Been looking for this CD for 4 years.
Name: Bruce Turner Country: usa Date: Mon Dec 10 19:17:59 2001 Comment: I appreciate Neil's position on CD vs DVDaudio, but it's inconsistent in that his other older records are available on CD format (tonight's the night, etc.) from the same era. Come On Neil!
Name: chris burke Country: usa Date: Mon Dec 10 18:17:12 2001 Comment: neil i know youre waiting for dvd audio but cmon, life without these discs just aint the same
Name: Bert Janssen Country: The Netherlands Date: Mon Dec 10 09:29:00 2001 Comment: It's about time that this great album is available on cd and I miss Danko's bass "coming down the mountain" on Revolution blues!!
Name: Chi Ooi Country: Australia Date: Mon Dec 10 02:22:13 2001 Comment: It'd be nice!
Name: Tommy C Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Dec 10 00:22:39 2001 Comment: This is where it all began for myself. A Neil masterpiece. Just beautiful Neil.
Name: Keith Country: Australia Date: Sun Dec 9 23:53:00 2001 Comment: Neil, please release OTB. Alot of young fans have never had the opportunity to listen to this Great Album. Free the Six
Name: SCOTT LUBBERS Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 9 18:45:26 2001 Comment: PLEASE
Name: Brian Stanbrook Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Dec 9 14:08:11 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: homar Country: france Date: Sun Dec 9 10:58:30 2001 Comment: il est indispensable que cet album soit redit. merci d'avance tous ceux qui pourront oeuvrer dans ce sens. we'll never walk alone..
Name: Bruce Hobbs Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 8 20:39:19 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bob Johnson Country: US Date: Sat Dec 8 19:46:05 2001 Comment: Hey, what can I say. OTB is one of Neil's best. It desires to be re-released in as many forms as possible so that the greatest number of people can hear it. C'mon, Neil!
Name: Harper Keeler Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 8 19:44:58 2001 Comment: Old friend, missed
Name: Chris McGranaghan Country: Staffordshire Date: Sat Dec 8 17:44:17 2001 Comment: Just release the record man and make these guys happy. I sold my copy about 7 years ago when I cleared out the vinyl not knowing that I could never replace it on CD, even had the special sleeve as well.
Name: Linda Mitchell Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 8 13:10:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Casper Brienen Country: the Netherlands Date: Sat Dec 8 13:04:37 2001 Comment: It's a great album and I'd really like it released again!
Name: John Diller Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 8 12:38:18 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mike Delepine Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 8 11:17:54 2001 Comment: Ambulance Blues will be an inspiration to some further listener of which consequence will be to have even the better. If for no other than this...make a CD please Neil. ambulance blues en la zona rosa...yah
Name: jack clementi Country: italy Date: Sat Dec 8 10:42:45 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jose Pedro Country: Mekico Date: Fri Dec 7 23:23:14 2001 Comment: Senor Neil, as we say here in mekico: El f*cky off oh!(christ almighhty that is just unbelievably WITTY, and funny and amusing and mirthful and ribtickling and oh, f*** off... - Col)
Name: Marieke Driever Country: Holland Date: Fri Dec 7 21:10:10 2001 Comment: Best LP ever!! Want it rereleased!!!!
Name: Andrew Cox Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 7 20:55:53 2001 Comment: I can't rely on audio tape & MP3 forever. Give me a chance to buy these disks, especially OTB
Name: Henk Grooten Country: netherlands Date: Fri Dec 7 20:34:16 2001 Comment: please Neil release on the beach now
Name: New Hat Country: Scotland Date: Fri Dec 7 15:47:36 2001 Comment: both me and my hat want it released so come on !!
Name: Murray Jack Country: Scotland Date: Fri Dec 7 15:34:57 2001 Comment: just release it for fex sake
Name: Forest Schafer Country: Date: Fri Dec 7 08:35:11 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: David Glenn Country: New Zealand Date: Fri Dec 7 07:48:11 2001 Comment: I loved "On the Beach" as a teenager, Wore out my vinyl. I've spent years trying to find a good vinyl copy. Please...release it on CD.
Name: Ethan Hamilton Country: Date: Fri Dec 7 06:23:49 2001 Comment: You have fans that weren't yet born in the 70's, Neil, and we'd love to hear these songs, too.
Name: Steve Hall Country: USA! Date: Thu Dec 6 21:23:02 2001 Comment: A soundtrack to a great period of my life, please reconsider..
Name: Bruce Fairbairn Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 6 17:49:28 2001 Comment: Ambulance Blues is one of the greatest songs of all times--a ghostly, nostalgic reflection on mortality, loss, and [insert own perspective here, the song has a little of everything in it]. By itself, this song justifies a re-release of the album. Please!
Name: Nick Country: Sweden Date: Thu Dec 6 16:50:54 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil, don't make me break the copyright laws
Name: gary craig Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 6 14:27:59 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: AGibbs Country: England Date: Thu Dec 6 11:40:02 2001 Comment: I am sad that we are not able to hear this album. Neil is unhappy with it but surely his integrity wouldn't be harmed at this stage of a great career.
Name: Steve Dashney Country: Canada Date: Thu Dec 6 03:48:04 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: mark sweazey Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 6 03:15:07 2001 Comment: So what's the point!? The only one's being 'punished' are the fans!
Name: Richard C Country: usa Date: Wed Dec 5 22:41:56 2001 Comment: Release it all and take no prisoners!
Name: hagai Country: israel Date: Wed Dec 5 16:14:32 2001 Comment: release it!!
Name: Nick Robinson Country: England Date: Wed Dec 5 14:51:23 2001 Comment: Why deprive us all?
Name: Tim Layton Country: Usa Date: Wed Dec 5 01:37:11 2001 Comment: WE WANT ON THE BEACH NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: thibault dauriat Country: france Date: Tue Dec 4 21:34:03 2001 Comment: Please !!! I've just discovered OTB with the mp3 on this site and I'm totally fan already of this CD! This is one of the best CDs ever, for all categories. What an amazing bluesy and folky album! Every song, every instrument, every piece of song are greats! This is not all about a neil's album... this is about the best neil's album! I'm too young for having bought the vinyls. I've got all the CD which are on sell. I'm trying to hear the missing 6 but i've only got 2,5. On
Name: Toni Country: Finland Date: Tue Dec 4 13:45:09 2001 Comment: Well...nothing more has to be said...
Name: Aldo Pizzini Country: Italy Date: Tue Dec 4 11:55:44 2001 Comment: Neil, why waiting so long?
Name: Trish Hodgson Country: Australia Date: Tue Dec 4 06:34:50 2001 Comment: Why???? It's so good, and I have put my turntable to rest, so I haven't heard it for a couple of years. Please Neil, release the beast.
Name: thomas jensen Country: Denmark Date: Mon Dec 3 22:57:00 2001 Comment: I want rock n' roll. And the only answer is 'On the Beach'. How bout a re-issue of 'Time fades away' and 'American Stars n' Bars'?
Name: Eamonn Hadden Country: US Date: Mon Dec 3 17:44:19 2001 Comment: Great album, great web page. Keep up the good work Colin!
Name: Marcelo Pereira Country: Uruguay Date: Mon Dec 3 16:55:13 2001 Comment: On the Beach has a very special mood that makes it the Neil Young album I like best. It's hard to find normally available CDs in Uruguay. Why do I have to suffer this additional punishment?
Name: Michele Lazzerini Country: Firenze, Italia Date: Mon Dec 3 16:41:49 2001 Comment: RELEASE ON THE BEACH!(and the other 5 too!)
Name: Emoose Country: britain Date: Mon Dec 3 16:27:18 2001 Comment: ah go on. release the lovely album. I have a copy on tape and it is smashing completely. let me have a good quality bargain.
Name: Gilles Navet Country: France Date: Mon Dec 3 12:58:20 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: ron kavanagh Country: oz talia Date: Mon Dec 3 11:20:45 2001 Comment: remaster it neil and then release O T B please ,thanks for all the good stuff over the years mate.(hi Ron - good to see you still care - just to let you klnow that I only count an entry once! - ;-)
Name: fallais Country: Belgium Date: Mon Dec 3 08:40:03 2001 Comment: Music should be heard the question about quality is second. So please please please let us get what we want this time.
Name: Yung Chang Country: Canada Date: Mon Dec 3 05:11:36 2001 Comment: please
Name: Hanna Newton Country: Australia Date: Mon Dec 3 03:12:15 2001 Comment: Release On the Beach Neil!!!!
Name: Peter Mcclean Country: U.K Date: Sun Dec 2 23:47:12 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mick Crabbe Country: Date: Sun Dec 2 22:53:47 2001 Comment: I have OTB on vinyl and I rate it as one of Neil best works. I suspect the subject matters now may embarrass him.. Best of luck
Name: Doug K. Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 2 22:04:26 2001 Comment: (hey, I thought you were dead Doug... or is this a voice from the - warm - grave?)
Name: Saskia Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Dec 2 20:17:28 2001 Comment: I had no idea, was playing the record just yesterday. Now I realize it's even more precious than it already was to me. Did sound great though :-P
Name: Doug Botting Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 2 19:52:32 2001 Comment: It is one of the GREATEST albums of all time. My cassette finally gave out and now I have no way of listening to the album! Very sad. I want to know why Neil isn't releasing this album.
Name: Anne Laehren Country: Norway Date: Sun Dec 2 15:27:57 2001 Comment: I'd really appreciate it!
Name: Thomas Talseth Country: Norway Date: Sun Dec 2 13:27:27 2001 Comment: After 10 years of searching, I finally got the LP in a second-hand store two months ago. It cost me 55, but the copy was in good shape and the music is stunning, so it was worth it - kind of. But really, it should be available to anyone with good taste. "Ambulance Blues"? "Revolution Blues"? WAY too good to reside in the "lost classic" section. Big up to this fabolous site! And Neil, would you please listen? Be nice. Just say "yes".
Name: david Country: liverpool Date: Sun Dec 2 01:37:39 2001 Comment: nice one for puttin the album on mp3,ive been lookin for this for years,ta lad,youve made me day (glad to be of service - now go hassle Neil! - cheers, Col)
Name: Phil Rogers Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 1 17:43:39 2001 Comment: Every month or two, for the last 4, oh, 15 years, I check the Neil Young bin at my record store of the moment, just hoping to find On The Beach (or Stars and Bars) on CD. Here's what I don't get -- the stores are full of crap and I don't need and don't have the great stuff I crave. Some great old music would make these goofy times better.
Name: Stephanie Dunham Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 1 05:36:27 2001 Comment: I already have OTB on vinyl, but I'm dying for a clean copy to listen to in my car, which only has a CD player.
Name: Steve Glore Country: united states Date: Sat Dec 1 02:50:32 2001 Comment: Please release this album already.
Name: Robert Gunning Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 1 02:25:08 2001 Comment: We love Neil Young. Please release this great work on CD. I am tired of listening to my inferior copy...
Name: Ringo McCartney Country: Date: Sat Dec 1 01:43:35 2001 Comment: REAL CAUSE OF DEATH: The USA bombed George Harrison because he wore an afghan coat in the 60s! (this was sent in the day after George Harrison died age 58 of cancer. I'll leave it to others to judge whether it's funny - I certainly won't lower the tone any further by giving you my opinion of it - Col)

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