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Name: Keith McMahen Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 18:35:28 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Greg Bridges Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 17:48:53 2000 Comment: Neil we really need all the m6 released on CD we can't get enough. As for the sound qualtity I can't tell it's that bad but I wear hearing aids and they keep getting better so all sound keeps getting better to me........Greg Can't Put it Down
Name: Jim Knight Country: Canada/USA Date: Sun Dec 31 17:18:05 2000 Comment: Let's not forget about Time Fades Away...
Name: lou cheffy Country: usa Date: Sun Dec 31 17:14:27 2000 Comment: neil, if mario can "re-release" himself, on the beach should be re-released!
Name: Jack Ingram Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 16:20:38 2000 Comment: It's such great music and he could always re-release in a better format later. Peace
Name: Barney Chanyi Country: Canada/UK Date: Sun Dec 31 15:30:49 2000 Comment: Release the OTB man! .......and I think for the turnstiles is about prostitution.
Name: Yves Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 31 14:32:00 2000 Comment: It's a great album, even really hard to find on vinyl...
Name: Karen Mull Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 12:50:46 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: gamma trick Country: cambodia Date: Sun Dec 31 05:35:50 2000 Comment: i got a vinyl copy, no sleeve and even that is lost at some ex girlfriend's place... i don't think any other trip would matter like this...
Name: Ron Nusca Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 31 04:08:34 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Mary Cotter Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 31 03:16:24 2000 Comment: I don't personally know the album that well, but I have heard some of it and I would love to hear it on CD. I'm on the Rust List, and fans *love* this album...it would please a lot of people to get it on CD and save a lot of people time because they won't have to make so many CD-Rs of it...
Name: Janna Thomas Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Dec 31 03:08:51 2000 Comment: MESA WANT ALBUM ON CD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: ken danis Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 30 19:27:35 2000 Comment: great album - I own a cdr copy which is falling apart. I'd like to get a clean good copy
Name: Noel Kinnane Country: Ireland Date: Sat Dec 30 17:37:09 2000 Comment: Shadows that by the side of the road always remind me of you,to control all the conflicts inside,all the problems beside as the questions are right, "ON THE BEACH NOW"
Name: stephencallow Country: england Date: Sat Dec 30 13:25:37 2000 Comment: well, what needs to be said, other than re-release it. failing that, i'd say it's well worth looking for a second hand vynil copy...no other lp sounds as good on vynil!
Name: andrew byrom Country: england Date: Sat Dec 30 09:31:22 2000 Comment: It is a complete joke that some of Neil's greatest work is unavailable on cd, On The Beach should be released on cd imediately.
Name: Paul Lentz Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 30 06:18:42 2000 Comment: I wish I could remember the last time I saw my old vinyl copy of 'On the Beach'. I suspect it went out in my Ex-wife's hands. :-( Since then, I've had it on my "must find" list, but still enjoyed some of the songs in my head. Let's hope Neil will let it live again. :-) *Paul*
Name: scotti pascull Country: ontario Date: Sat Dec 30 03:25:21 2000 Comment: neil, we need it done,re-release re-release!!, please
Name: Michele Perego Country: Italy Date: Fri Dec 29 21:31:40 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Greg Thiemann Country: Canada Date: Fri Dec 29 21:18:14 2000 Comment: I've only heard the album a couple of times on vinyl, but didn't have a chance to make a copy. My only access to some of the material is a copy of the NYC Bottom Line Club (1974) bootleg, but it's on its last legs! Please Neil, it's great stuff.
Name: Nick Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 29 10:43:49 2000 Comment: One of my all-time favourites, come on Neil, let's have a CD issue
Name: Tom Howie Country: S. Korea Date: Fri Dec 29 05:30:04 2000 Comment: On the Beach is probably my all time favorite Neil Y. album. Please free On the Beach, Neil. My old LP has been played so many times that it is all scratchy now.
Name: chessley sexton Country: usa Date: Fri Dec 29 04:20:40 2000 Comment: Dark& somber this is the one for a night alone in the blackness of night with one candle burning...
Name: Noam Yatsiv Country: Israel Date: Thu Dec 28 22:12:59 2000 Comment: I love On The Beach, and I'm sure Neil doesn't hate it. He's just released Road Rock v.1 now with WALK ON LIVE! I WANT ON THE BEACH ON CD!
Name: Sinead Sweet Country: Monkeyworld Date: Thu Dec 28 20:28:39 2000 Comment: Shag Me!
Name: Lucas Simms Country: Ireland Date: Thu Dec 28 20:18:07 2000 Comment: Neil should

Name: Richard Keeling Country: United States Date: Thu Dec 28 19:00:46 2000 Comment: Bought this album in '75 when I lived in the UK. Remains one of my absolute favorites up there with the Nick Drakes & other classics of the period. Re-Release it please!
Name: David Everett Country: United States Date: Thu Dec 28 17:18:56 2000 Comment: Neil, when the time is right, release it. signed the real "slowpoke"
Name: Timothy Zelasko Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 28 17:05:12 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jone Fredriksen Country: Norway Date: Thu Dec 28 12:45:39 2000 Comment: I first heard this album in a friend's office on crappy computer-speakers, but "Walk On" blew me away anyway, and i immideately copied the album on mp3. It's great!!
Name: jan schlimbach Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Dec 28 10:56:58 2000 Comment: Put 'm all out on cd now!
Name: Tom Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 27 20:14:27 2000 Comment: Release it!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee??
Name: Jamie Papadimas Country: United States Date: Wed Dec 27 17:07:52 2000 Comment: Along with the other "missing" five albums "On the Beach" should definetly be released. Like Neil himself has said "My albums are like paintings in a gallery, you walk through and see my life in pictures.". People of younger genarations should have the opportunity to be exposed to his music and with six missing albums there is alot of unheard material for many fans. As the years pass by these albums become more forgotten and could eventually be lost.
Name: Bill McNeal Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 27 03:46:20 2000 Comment: Great album.
Name: Trevor Carr Country: England Date: Mon Dec 25 21:17:07 2000 Comment: Neil, please release this excellent album to CD format
Name: Paul Newsom Country: England Date: Mon Dec 25 20:07:25 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Neil Prew Country: England Date: Sun Dec 24 17:02:15 2000 Comment: Come on Neil! my vinyl copy is wearing out
Name: dominic marrano Country: usa Date: Sun Dec 24 09:56:58 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Tim Latiolait Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 23 22:55:11 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Michael \hopkins Country: South Africa Date: Sat Dec 23 21:59:55 2000 Comment: I first heard this album at about 10 years(1973/74?) it was probably, along with harvest, my first experience of Neils music. Until now I did not realise that it was not available, Ijust thought it was South Africa. Please Neil release it on cd. By the way, Ihave a vinyl copy of RE-AC-TOR and still listen to it regularly. I would love to be able to purchase it on cd. To me Neil is the king of rock.....
Name: Elke Country: Germany Date: Sat Dec 23 20:30:28 2000 Comment: As I mostly listen to OTB on an old Cassette, I'd really love to hear it clear and nice on a CD or , even better, an audio DVD. Please release it soon! Same goes for the Archives, no "next July", please!
Name: brian eisenback Country: US Date: Sat Dec 23 04:57:31 2000 Comment: i love it baby cant get enough of you neil
Name: aaron manczyk Country: Toronto,Canada Date: Sat Dec 23 02:35:36 2000 Comment: Please give us the beach.
Name: Mike Newman Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 22 23:22:12 2000 Comment: Neil, I've only heard about this album; I've never heard it. Will you please let me?!
Name: Dan Tiken Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 22 20:04:42 2000 Comment: I've been waiting for 10 years to get a CD of On the Beach...
Name: Adam Kufel Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 22 03:08:44 2000 Comment: On The Beach is undoubately one of the best Neil albums ever. It is a shame that most of the fans aren't able to hear a quality recording of the album. Release it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Kenny Kubik Country: Date: Fri Dec 22 00:52:44 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: David Chesnut Country: usa Date: Thu Dec 21 22:56:30 2000 Comment: we're all just pissin' in the wind without this one...
Name: lussault Country: France Date: Thu Dec 21 15:33:13 2000 Comment: "On the beach", yes I agree with this petition, but also this unrealsed cd album: Journey Through The Past, Time Fades Away, American Stars & Bars,Hawks And Doves !!!
Name: Watters Country: France Date: Thu Dec 21 11:42:56 2000 Comment: I've got a tape of it from my brother's vinyl which keeps me going but please re-release it. It really is one of Neil's (your) best.
Name: David Groover Country: us Date: Wed Dec 20 23:52:23 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Candace Egert Country: U.S.A Date: Wed Dec 20 23:34:11 2000 Comment: I'm a huge Neil Young fan, I have this on vinyl and I cherish it. Please, Neil, don't let the bootleggers and others sell your music.
Name: Ray Hanley Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 20 19:58:55 2000 Comment: This album introduced me to my obsession with Neil's music and I miss it horribly. It deserves a welcome reprieve to CD from the demise of the once ubiquitous turntable/cassette format.
Name: CHIP Country: U.S. Date: Wed Dec 20 15:36:08 2000 Comment: My albums wore out,(it's cracking in the background as I write)I'd buy the cd right now!!!
Name: Norman Gaywood Country: Australia Date: Wed Dec 20 11:37:28 2000 Comment: I had all the M6 on vinyl many years ago. I want them back! Please.
Name: Jim Moore Country: Australia Date: Tue Dec 19 21:49:03 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: STEVE FITZGERALD Country: Australia Date: Tue Dec 19 09:55:38 2000 Comment: PLEASE DO IT NEIL THANKS MATE
Name: Mack Crawley Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 19 09:45:03 2000 Comment: PLEASE release OTB in CD format. I paid 50 pounds sterling for a cassette copy of "On the beach +" at a flea market here in the UK. Obviously a bootleg, it included 9 tracks from a 1971 BBC Broadcast.Release a remaster of OTB as a special edition and you could easily command 50 dollars a disc. I have followed your music for years and I believe I speak for all your fans in saying we would be most grateful for the release of this album. For the record, I bought the original on vinyl and wore out s
Name: John Seberger Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 18 22:22:21 2000 Comment: Neil, please allow this album to be remade on CD. I ahve it on vinyl, but please for the sake of the thousand odd people that have signed this, please rerelease it on CD
Name: Tim Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 18 19:40:06 2000 Comment: I WANT ON THE BEACH ON CD.
Name: Greg Guy Country: Australia Date: Mon Dec 18 10:12:13 2000 Comment: We all have memories of certain music that impacts us at a specific time of our lives, and On The Beach was an important piece for me. Does laid back blues get any better?
Name: Elliot Winard Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 18 06:33:43 2000 Comment: I found an 8 Track of this beauty and fell in love with it. Vampire Blues is the most wonderful song. It's the blues that I sing most often.
Name: rich Country: usa Date: Mon Dec 18 05:27:51 2000 Comment: there's beauty and hope in that pain. it got you and me through, why not let it do the same for others?
Name: Ron Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 17 23:43:52 2000 Comment: As far as I'm concerned, this is and always was the best album. I got tired of waiting Neil, so I used my own copy and transfered it to cd. It's not as good as it would have been from the original tapes, but it sounds great to me!
Name: Michael Uecker Country: Germany Date: Sun Dec 17 16:53:53 2000 Comment: Yep Neil, it's true. We love those little mysteries. But it would be a shame if people only get to know "On The Beach" through a Monster box set. As impressive as "The Archieves" might get, I'd still prefer the album as the result of a moment in Time, regardless if the artist liked that moment or not: Once it's out, it's out - it belongs to everybody.
Name: Daniel Country: Japan Date: Sun Dec 17 09:41:59 2000 Comment: We have all been pretty patient. Especially when you see some of the crap that gets released on CD. I agree with the idea that Neil doesn't like this period of his career. So, what ! Release the 6 !!!!
Name: Jeff Gardiner Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 17 02:42:35 2000 Comment: I have only had the pleasure of hearing the album in spurts on my brothers vinyl player. Unfortunately all the players out there now adays are made for dance crap.It would be SWEET to here loud and clear.
Name: Bram Haartsen Country: The Netherlands Date: Sat Dec 16 18:22:52 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Colin Bell Country: France Date: Sat Dec 16 17:25:36 2000 Comment: Please release me, let me go...
Name: Patrick Country: United States Date: Sat Dec 16 13:50:22 2000 Comment: Neil, if you and I were in a room, and I asked you what this album was (It's before my time). I would guess you would let me hear it. Can I hear it?
Name: Everett_Will___ Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 16 08:41:10 2000 Comment: It's been over 25 years since I heard this ablum and I loved it then. Been looking for it for 25 years since. (Well 25 give or take a couple years. Hey, who remembers those years just the music.)
Name: Chris Country: USA Date: Sat Dec 16 04:17:30 2000 Comment: Neil, your new album is great, especially the version of Cowgirl in the Sand! Your fans respect your decision not to release these albums but I'm missing out on something so fine. Please release. Thanks!
Name: amit Country: Israel Date: Fri Dec 15 22:33:24 2000 Comment: One of neil's best albums.
Name: Jon Patterson Country: Date: Fri Dec 15 13:49:31 2000 Comment: c'mon Neil, my vinyl is getting damn near past its best...just re-release on vinyl in fact - think of the PR value of not doing it on CD? You'd get acres of coverage...
Name: PA Country: USofF*ckinA Date: Fri Dec 15 12:46:04 2000 Comment: One of his greatest and most missed LP's. Vinyl, tape, whatever. Buy it where you can and have your own personal religious experience...
Name: G Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 15 05:12:57 2000 Comment: Good times are comin' I hear them everywhere I go Good times are comin' But they sho comin' slow
Name: Rocky Morrow Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Dec 15 04:39:59 2000 Comment: Rrrrrelease it!! Please. And "Time Fades Away".
Name: John Hoey Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 14 20:21:14 2000 Comment: One of the best musical causes I've ever seen! Release the M6, please, please, please!! I might be part of the vocal minority looking for Hawks and Doves, too! Love that one. John
Name: Dano Pomroy Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 14 20:02:49 2000 Comment: On the Beach is my favorite album. I've been listening to my scrappy casette copy for about 20 years. I originally recorded it from a rather worn vinyl album. I would really love to upgrade this album to CD, or at least get a better version on tape. Same goes for the American Stars 'n Bars on the flip side of the tape. Both albums are in danger of perishing. Please rerelease them!
Name: joe Country: scotland Date: Thu Dec 14 11:47:24 2000 Comment: it's a damn shame, but i've got the vinyl any offer?
Name: Alex Mathieson Country: Scotland Date: Thu Dec 14 09:47:30 2000 Comment: PLease relaease this on SOME format - I'd even take vinyl!
Name: Antonio Robleda Country: Espaa Date: Thu Dec 14 09:31:09 2000 Comment: Deseo este disco porque es una belleza.
Name: Jonathan Poirier Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 14 05:27:23 2000 Comment: I have been desperately hoping for a long time that this album will be rereleased on CD (or any medium for that matter!) PLEASE release it. It is such a fantastic album.
Name: Rick Pauley Country: US of A Date: Thu Dec 14 00:46:54 2000 Comment: I love On the Beach, it's truly a classic. Please please PLEASE release it. Rick Yukon. OK
Name: Lynne Merrell Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 14 00:33:40 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Keith Haman Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 13 20:39:59 2000 Comment: Ya know, this album is just unbelievable, it's such a shame I can show none of my friends this album as well as the other missing 5 (all their exposure to Neil is in the car, and I can't play vinyk in that). Anyway, Neil, PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!!
Name: Daniel Wineman Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 13 20:28:28 2000 Comment: Even though Neil sounds pretty pissed off in this album, it has to be one of the 3 best albums of his entire career!! I've worn out my vinyl listening to it and would love to get it on CD!!!!
Name: scott ross Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 13 19:37:33 2000 Comment: my vinyl copy was destroyed in a flood & the tape is worn out... this is my all-time favorite NY album -- PLEASE release it on CD!!! thanks, neil. -s.
Name: marcus brown Country: Canada Date: Wed Dec 13 19:32:23 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Stuart Shaklee Country: usa Date: Wed Dec 13 19:04:43 2000 Comment: PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEE release ON THE BEACH (and the others too). if you won't release the cd's, how about re-releasing them on vinyl. i have multiple copies of them all, but they're all wearing out, and all my friends want to steal them. thanks for rocking my world. stuart shaklee. a fan.
Name: Fred Hutchinson Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 13 14:48:50 2000 Comment: Simply a Neil Classic that is sorely missed since I lost the cassette that I wore out back in college. This album is with Harvest, Gold Rush, Everybody Knows, Rust Never Sleeps and Zuma as Neil masterpieces. Please release it again Neil!
Name: Peter Gatens Country: England Date: Wed Dec 13 14:16:52 2000 Comment: "Back in those old folky days" when my tapes and vinyl wore out I bought them again. Please release On the Beach on CD. I want to hear it properly again.
Name: Stefan Country: germany Date: Wed Dec 13 13:47:51 2000 Comment: I keep a worn and torn tape cassette of On The Beach, and from time to time I habe to listen to Neil sing: "There aint nothing but a friend who can tell you youre just pissing in the wind." Dont you think, Mr Young, people nowadays need such a friend more than ever?
Name: spenny Country: belgium Date: Tue Dec 12 23:42:02 2000 Comment: a must a real must, neil !!!
Name: Kevin Camp Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Dec 12 21:22:03 2000 Comment: I have heard this album in its entirety before from a bootleg, but the sound quality leaves much to be desired. Please digitally remaster this classic album.
Name: James Pratt Country: Date: Tue Dec 12 18:09:06 2000 Comment: Such a good album - CD might be a compromise of quality, but many of us are listening to it on a cassette recording of an old and scratched vinyl album.
Name: MARC CHASE Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 12 16:01:50 2000 Comment: I literally wore out my cassette of this and have an album that was overplayed and mistreated. I still think it's one of his best albums.
Name: Corrado Rossi Country: Italy Date: Mon Dec 11 22:10:23 2000 Comment: There's a lot of good music in that album!! See The sky about to rain, ambulance blues and other. Please Neil, can you do survive that album?
Name: Tony Keeling Country: England Date: Mon Dec 11 17:38:09 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Dan Misko Country: Canada Date: Sun Dec 10 22:09:36 2000 Comment: I never had a chance to buy this album when it first came out considering I was born in 1977. I can't even find a used copy on vinyl anywhere. Please re-release On the Beach, either on vinyl or on CD.
Name: Tyler Peterson Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 10 15:32:39 2000 Comment: I wasn't born until '76 so I kind of missed the boat on this the first time around. I'd like the opporutnity to hear the album, since I never have besides the 2 songs on the Decade anthology.
Name: Al Wise Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 10 13:45:32 2000 Comment: Truly my favorite Neil album, I got to see and hear Neil sing, On the Beach in Chicago 5-1-99 on his solo tour. It was one of few times Neil has sing this song on tour(ever).
Name: Yves Van Hoof Country: Belgium Date: Sun Dec 10 13:13:16 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Pat O'Brien Country: Australia Date: Sun Dec 10 08:01:13 2000 Comment: "On the Beach" would be great but when is Neil coming back to Oz?
Name: Rob Bromund Country: USA Date: Sun Dec 10 02:02:47 2000 Comment: Release the missing 6, and play Buffalo, NY PLEASE
Name: jan op de beeck Country: belgium Date: Sat Dec 9 17:01:17 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: marek kaczmarczyk Country: uk Date: Sat Dec 9 15:57:53 2000 Comment: Go on release it, pleeeaaaase !
Name: Andr Johannessen Country: Norway Date: Sat Dec 9 12:49:33 2000 Comment: cool site !! On The Beach, one of my favourites. I`ve got all M6 on bootleg cd`s. I bought American Stars And Bars and Time Fades Away on vinyl to compare the sound, didnt sound as good as my bootleg copys though. When youre used to play a version of a recording, its easy to dislike the new one. I may hear total differences when comparing. A lot of guitar details are mixed lower on my vinyl version. This is caused by t (sorry Andr, the guestbook only allows a few words)
Name: russell reeder Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 9 02:34:24 2000 Comment: one of the best but ive got the record so im cool (Col sez: hey Russ that's why I'm doing this, others don't have it ;-)
Name: Kevin Sanderson Country: England Date: Fri Dec 8 19:07:44 2000 Comment: All Neil's work should be available on all formats so upcoming generations can hear what has made the man. Neil may find these songs too personal but as he has already shared these songs with the world on vinyl surely the world should share them on CD.
Name: Dr Simon Gallacher Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 8 14:12:21 2000 Comment: ...please? ...and for that matter, 'Time Fades Away'...lost my vinyl versions, and would be SO happy to have these two recordings again.
Name: ak Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 8 07:32:26 2000 Comment: Neil, please re-release On the Beach on CD and the other 5. Oh yeah...the Archives too.
Name: Matthew Myers Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 8 04:40:17 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Steve Country: England Date: Fri Dec 8 01:37:54 2000 Comment: Ambulance Blues greatest song ever. Neil please release On The Beach on CD, it's the only way we are going to hear this great album, even if you don't like CD.
Name: Daniel Wilson Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 7 17:43:28 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Dave Thomas Country: UK Date: Thu Dec 7 16:50:56 2000 Comment: I've got most of his other stuff in one format or another. Really would like this one to complete the set (as I've never even heard it!)...
Name: Renard Slaub Country: Ireland Date: Thu Dec 7 16:16:02 2000 Comment: A great companion piece to Tonight's the Night and a true postcard from the edge. Let's hear it again
Name: George Kopec Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 7 15:43:27 2000 Comment: On the Beach is one of the very best Neil Young albums. It NEEDS to be reissued! It should be heard by as many people as possible.
Name: sandro Country: italy Date: Thu Dec 7 13:44:45 2000 Comment: hey Neil come on!
Name: Sascha Country: Germany Date: Thu Dec 7 09:07:54 2000 Comment: Hi everybody!! Come on Neil, do it, its one of your best releases ever!!!
Name: William Bailey Country: USA Date: Thu Dec 7 05:05:41 2000 Comment: I had the vinyl version for years. While it's not my favorite Neil album, it does have some great tunes available nowhere else and needs to be released on CD.
Name: ron busloff Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 6 19:47:42 2000 Comment: Release it!!
Name: Rob Veith Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 6 18:11:15 2000 Comment: I heard this on vinyl from a friend who still has a record player. Since it's not on CD, I had to buy a bootlegged CD. Neil made me break the law! Would much rather have had an official release.
Name: Richard Murphy Country: Ireland Date: Wed Dec 6 15:01:39 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: giles Country: england Date: Wed Dec 6 14:15:49 2000 Comment: gan on son.
Name: Phil biaggi Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 6 13:08:17 2000 Comment: PLEASE.
Name: travis robertson Country: united states Date: Wed Dec 6 04:23:39 2000 Comment: neil young needs to rerelease on the beach because it is a really good album and i have wanted it for some time now.
Name: Joseph Davolt Country: USA Date: Wed Dec 6 03:39:41 2000 Comment: Neil! Release this album! This and "Time Fades Away" are my favorites. And I know I'm not the only one. I taped it from my Dad's vinyl and it is crappy quality. And that is the only place I heard it, and it is still my favorite! So what if CDs are crappy compared to new vinyl? It is still better than 26-year-old vinyl!!!
Name: Craig Olstad Country: Japan Date: Wed Dec 6 02:46:38 2000 Comment: Am dying to have all 6 albums re-released on CD/DVD, whatever. There are all some of my favorite albums, and I would love to hear them without LP and/or tape scratches and hiss. Hope it happens!!
Name: Darren Street Country: Canada Date: Wed Dec 6 00:58:51 2000 Comment: Please re-release On The Beach . My well worn album was stolen in 1993 and I haven't had any luck finding another for SEVEN YEARS! God, I miss listening to it! OTB is brilliant, nuff said.
Name: jason b. harmon Country: Date: Wed Dec 6 00:22:55 2000 Comment: Only the finest album crafted by Neil. Please, sir, release this album as a tribute to your living legacy.
Name: Francis MacDonald Country: Canada Date: Tue Dec 5 22:24:08 2000 Comment: I remember this album - I love it!
Name: Joe Penczak Country: u.s.a. Date: Tue Dec 5 21:07:07 2000 Comment: "...though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away." If ever a single line from a song from the '70s defined the typical teenage angst from anyone who grew up in that decade, this is it. Side Two: the perfect album side.
Name: mothy ham Country: usa Date: Tue Dec 5 20:40:42 2000 Comment: release it you c*** (language pal!)
Name: john Country: usa Date: Tue Dec 5 17:42:37 2000 Comment: release all of the missing 6...please!!!!
Name: Jennifer Powers Country: U.S. Date: Tue Dec 5 15:44:34 2000 Comment: Please release On The Beach on CD format. I've heard many great things about this album and cannot find it any where! Thanks a bunch!
Name: Flix Jasmin Country: Canada Date: Tue Dec 5 14:00:39 2000 Comment: "Going back to T.O., keeping jive alive..."
Name: Robert Simeon Country: Australia Date: Tue Dec 5 07:38:10 2000 Comment: OTB was the first NY album I ever heard, it was 1975 and I was 12 yrs old (my sister had it). The songs on this album are absolute gems. They are the stuff of true greatness - emotion, heart and a whole lotta soul.
Name: Bill Caneer Country: USA Date: Tue Dec 5 03:10:56 2000 Comment: I play tunes from this album all the time. I have the original vinyl(pretty well played)and have been listening to a I made for at least 15 years. Please let my friends hear it without the pops. its kept me sortof sane all these years. Time Fades please too.
Name: Edmund Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 4 23:09:22 2000 Comment: I am a HUGE but critical fan of music all genres. (approx. 700 concert experiences to date) I have always felt there are very few studio recordings that are true masterpieces of art, where everything flows 'in to the mystic' if you will. I consider 'On The Beach' one of the rare exceptions in which the song quality, selection, sound and overall ambience blend flawlessly to create a unique universe. I consider this record right up there with Miles Davis
Name: Stu Henderson Country: Canada Date: Mon Dec 4 21:01:09 2000 Comment: I wrote my Honour thesis on the way On The Beach can be understood as a reflection of artistic identity in jeopardy. Not my favourite album by Neil, *Tonight's The Night*, but certainly the most fascinating with regard to Neil's life as an artist. Nothing so nice as Ambulance Blues.
Name: LOZAC'H Country: France Date: Mon Dec 4 19:02:28 2000 Comment: I personnaly think that the CD should be reissued, because that's a really good sound. Thanks.
Name: Bruno Langer Country: Date: Mon Dec 4 16:46:02 2000 Comment: Neil, please...
Name: Mike Baron Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 4 13:03:30 2000 Comment: More Neil is better!
Name: Emma Poulton Country: England, UK Date: Mon Dec 4 12:56:09 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jens Mikkelsen Country: Denmark Date: Mon Dec 4 09:20:45 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Wesley Tracy Country: USA Date: Mon Dec 4 08:47:47 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Brian O'Neill Country: Canada Date: Mon Dec 4 03:06:25 2000 Comment: Releasing that album will only please your most devoted fans.
Name: Bill McCann Country: Texas Date: Mon Dec 4 02:12:24 2000 Comment: My vinyl is trashed. Crappy bootlegs abound. Please Neil, in the name of God, re-release On the Beach.
Name: thad Country: america Date: Sun Dec 3 19:44:08 2000 Comment: motion picture is one of the most amazing songs. this is great album. i want to see all m6 relaeased.
Name: Fernando Country: Brazil Date: Sun Dec 3 18:24:52 2000 Comment: ...and also Time Fades Away! I don't think this has anything related to Neil's dark memories. If so, why did Tonight's the Night was released? I almost can smell commercial reasons here. Thanks.
Name: John Strawson Country: England Date: Sun Dec 3 15:41:15 2000 Comment: I have been after this on cd for ages.
Name: chris magan Country: u.s.a. Date: Sun Dec 3 11:52:52 2000 Comment: this is a great album! the only copy i have is an old tape recording i think is from a 8 track. if you know where i can get a copy on record for a reasonable price please e-mail me.
Name: moonbaby Country: u.s.a. Date: Sun Dec 3 06:26:04 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: David Magda Country: usa Date: Sun Dec 3 02:01:19 2000 Comment: It is wierd isn't ... but of course we all know that the neilster has a bit of wierdness about him, now don't we? Peace all.
Name: Felipe Country: Spain Date: Sat Dec 2 13:38:48 2000 Comment: Why old Young doesn't like CD's? Maybe be because their easy copyin'?
Name: Paul Lke Country: Germany Date: Sat Dec 2 13:30:05 2000 Comment: Please Neil, this album changed everything so far. It`s one of the finest pieces of music ever. --------
Name: Phil Zisook Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 2 02:52:33 2000 Comment: I have 3 copies on vinyl. I've had the cover framed and hanging in my office for 20 years! My favorite NY album. Please release it in my lifetime!
Name: Steve Gallo Country: usa Date: Sat Dec 2 01:59:18 2000 Comment: You're all just pissing in the wind...
Name: Johan Country: Sweden Date: Sat Dec 2 00:06:31 2000 Comment: Please Neil we all want it on Cd and not just on vinyl.
Name: Brian Adams Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 1 22:51:04 2000 Comment: Album is mind-blowingly good! i don't care what kind or source it is re-released on, but just do it. somebody, do some justice.
Name: Paul I Henderson Country: UK Date: Fri Dec 1 20:19:23 2000 Comment: Neil, Your fans are getting ripped off (as are you) by deadbeats selling poor copies of this album for scandalous prices.Your fans want acess to all your works. Please.
Name: jimmy newark Country: england Date: Fri Dec 1 20:02:00 2000 Comment: one of neils best , i heard a rumour that sony have the rights to this and maybe its about money can,t say i believe that though.
Name: John parker Country: USA Date: Fri Dec 1 18:16:50 2000 Comment: This solid effort is unlike anything else Neil's put out before or since. Everyone who loves his music deserves the opportunity to hear it.
Name: Xander Country: netherlands Date: Fri Dec 1 15:58:33 2000 Comment: I'm from Holland and even over here there are a lot op people who want ON THE BEACH. So.......???
Name: Anthony Frazer Country: Australia Date: Fri Dec 1 12:41:46 2000 Comment: See the sky about to rain We shall hear On the Beach again
Name: funked up kid Country: france Date: Fri Dec 1 12:24:03 2000 Comment: We want 2 B on da beach again, mista.
Name: Gorwel Roberts Country: Wales Date: Fri Dec 1 11:51:19 2000 Comment: Would love to hear 'On the Beach' again. I haven't heard it since I was in school!
Name: Kristian Red Country: Date: Fri Dec 1 10:49:21 2000 Comment:NONE

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