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Name: Peter Murphy Country: US Date: Fri May 31 18:43:51 2002 Comment: One of his best.
Name: Jeff Goodman Country: USA Date: Fri May 31 14:20:31 2002 Comment: Hey, I'd buy that, even with my own money! Name: Jeff Sweeten Country: USA Date: Thu May 30 15:28:35 2002 Comment: My favorite LP, would dearly love CD. Please.
Name: rob Country: UK Date: Thu May 30 13:01:16 2002 Comment: It will be a sad day if this is released. Who really wants to see this great album mass produced on the shelves of HMV. Keep it for those who have a real passion for neils work.
Name: Giles McClelland Country: U.K. Date: Thu May 30 12:57:07 2002 Comment: I don't want On the Beach or any of the other 5 deleted albums mass released again. This is purely because at the moment these records belong to the people who are really passionate about Neils work. If you really want this album go to a good second hand record site and buy a nice vinyl copy. You will treasure your copy. You honestly don't want to go into HMV or Virgin and see 'On the Beach' or'time fades away' on the shelves do you? Speaking on behalf of a lot of Neil Young fans that will
Name: Michele Country: Date: Thu May 30 11:30:23 2002 Comment: PLEASE! release this masterwork!!!!!!!!
Name: Steven Powell Country: USA Date: Thu May 30 05:45:35 2002 Comment: Why? Why? Why? Why, Neil, won't you put this out on either vinyl or CD. You probably like the drama? Is that it? It's one of your best. For God's sake. Don't make me buy a German bootleg!
Name: Damon Country: Canada Date: Thu May 30 04:56:03 2002 Comment: Dig your stuff man, like to hear it all...
Name: Cor Janse Country: Netherlands Date: Wed May 29 23:13:35 2002 Comment: I've got the LP !
Name: Martin Coburn Country: Republic of Ireland Comment: (long message input by hand) Colin, thank you for this excellent effort. Neil, I have been with you since 1967. I well remember what you said in Slane, Ireland on July 10th '93. You said "What I love about coming back to Ireland is when the people say 'Hello', they really mean it." In ' 74 I lived without food for 4 days to buy my ticket to Wembley that August. In ' 97 I travelled from my home in Drogheda to Saratoga Springs and then on to Jones Beach for the show there. It is one of my most memorable moments that I went across the Atlantic ocean to see and hear you. I have heard it said Neil that you don't like CD's and you are reported as having said "CD's fool the mind but leave the heart sad".I respect your opinion Neil and my view is that, as far as I am concerned, in the performing art of music, nothing compares with the sight and sound of Neil Young on a stage. Each show is unique, as is each note you play, and each and every word you sing, and no format except the raw live recording can capture this uniquesness. So what does it matter about CD's? I did not enjoy the show at Jones Beach,LI on August 12th ' 97, and neither did you Neil, you stopped playing ' Big Time', but I don't go to your shows Neil only to enjoy myself, I go to BE in your presence, to experience the presence of YOUR being, to have my share in ALL you have to offer: your sadness,gladness, lonliness; your fear, guilt, inadequecy, your love, your hate, your joy, your sorrow, to experience everything. All the people who have signed this petition Neil just want to hear the music and I am delighted to join them. I am a great believer in letting things happen, and there is a reason for everything and until it happens I will just Carry On waiting, as I waited for 14 long years to hear ' Country Home'. In the meantime I'll tell you what I want: I want you to release ' On The Beach ' and the other 5 too. Thanks for listening Neil, and thanks for everything else as well.
Name: Rob Country: Canada Date: Tue May 28 19:33:24 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach. It features some of your best work.
Name: Jeff Country: usa Date: Tue May 28 19:31:25 2002 Comment: i've heard about this album for a long time, but have never heard it. please neil...
Name: Bert Denckens Country: Belgium Date: Tue May 28 13:44:34 2002 Comment: Neil, please re-release 'On the Beach'. As a 26y old fan it's the only record you ever released I don't have (well on tape, but...) and I want it badly !! Bring it out on vinyl or SACD cause you're right about CD!
Name: Jack Baker Country: USA Date: Tue May 28 08:19:07 2002 Comment: Please re-release On the Beach. I have the album on vinyl and it's the most amazing, dark, beautiful thing I've ever heard. It deserves to be heard by more people.
Name: Graham M Country: Scotland Date: Mon May 27 21:17:00 2002 Comment: Hope this album gets released soon, 'Motion Pictures' is one of my favourite Young songs.
Name: Ron Harrell Country: USA Date: Mon May 27 06:38:24 2002 Comment: Gotta have it, babe
Name: Dave Edwards Country: New Zealand Date: Mon May 27 01:18:11 2002 Comment: Well done for hosting an admirable site!! Good luck. Name: Giuseppe Cipriano Country: Italy Date: Sun May 26 16:23:05 2002 Comment: I was astonished when I realized that I wasn't the only one in the world to want this album to be released! Please advise me, in case. GC
Name: thom kwiqfalle Country: england Date: Sat May 25 22:41:02 2002 Comment: aw c'mon neil, do it for the kids. no seriously, on the beach is a great album. especially like 'revolution blues'and the title track. keep up the good work
Name: Marc Gunby Country: uk Date: Sat May 25 22:18:38 2002 Comment:None
Name: 1959 Caddy Country: the Netherlands Date: Sat May 25 20:24:19 2002 Comment: Lucky me, i have got the original album and have put it on CD; great to hear it again. Hope the rest of you get your way soon.
Name: mauro Country: Italy Date: Sat May 25 10:58:13 2002 Comment: pls pls pls I had this album but , since I have travelled for the last 20 years , it got lost and are some years now that I try ti rebuy it obviously without success . Pls pls pls re-release the album in any form you like but do so.
Name: deb springer Country: usa Date: Sat May 25 07:45:49 2002 Comment: Love that album, want the CD and any other form possible. Will be painting a mural in Ft. Lauderdale, private home.....the theme? You got it ...On the Beach!
Name: Henry Rowe Country: USA Date: Fri May 24 19:18:44 2002 Comment: One of my favorites, slept on and broke my original - Please Neil!
Name: David Anderson Country: North Ireland Date: Fri May 24 14:41:28 2002 Comment: Release it. Go on. Go on, go on,go on,go on,go on,go on,go on,go on,go on,GO ON. Please.
Name: tony morgan Country: UK Date: Thu May 23 23:41:58 2002 Comment: One of my favourites, and my vinyl copy is worn out.
Name: Martin Country: England Date: Thu May 23 17:21:22 2002 Comment: CD, LP, Cassette, DVD, 8track..... Who cares, I'd rather listen to Neil down a bad telephone line than ******* in the 'king studio! Let's have the music, man
Name: Axel Kuner Country: GERMANY Date: Thu May 23 17:00:24 2002 Comment: THIS ALBUM HAS TO BE REMASTED FOR CD IT'S A MUST Axel
Name: Andrew Davies Country: Australia Date: Thu May 23 13:55:21 2002 Comment: I gave away my vinyl copy of On the Beach when I moved interste, thinking I'd get it on CD....
Name: Matt Azano Country: USA Date: Thu May 23 04:47:00 2002 Comment: This is one of Neil's best albums from possibly the most creative period in his career (certainly the most interesting). I was lucky enough to hear it on a bootleg CD version, and would like to have a REAL CD copy of this brilliant album.
Name: jane Country: Austaralia Date: Thu May 23 04:45:21 2002 Comment: Help! I have a scratchy old tape of 'On the beach' and my friend who taped it for me put some Leo Sayer songs at the end of it.Aaaargh.....Every time I sit back in reverie listening to Neil Young I have to leap up and turn off the tape before the end as the Leo Sayer songs jolt me back into some horrible 80's fantasy.Help!!!!! CD me NOW!
Name: Rob Country: Australia Date: Thu May 23 04:11:31 2002 Comment: Ok, maybe you now have friends in Laurel Canyon and 'I need them all like lepers' is a bit harsh....but there are some beautiful,beautiful songs on that album. Don't let it go the way of the black rhino!
Name: Stephen Hughes Country: US Date: Thu May 23 00:34:57 2002 Comment: I am one of the lucky ones who has a friend who burned a copy of On the Beach that he found on the internet. The album is one of his best and should be a part of any collection. It's time to re-release it.
Name: Rick Brache Country: USA Date: Wed May 22 23:06:22 2002 Comment: All I can say is that any fan of Neil Young will want to hear "ambulance Blues" at some point in thier lives........definately one of the best songs hes ever written, so please re-relese OTB!
Name: John Williams Country: USA Date: Wed May 22 22:20:15 2002 Comment: Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Enough is enough.
Name: Doug Hughes Country: Date: Wed May 22 20:13:40 2002 Comment:None
Name: Maarten Country: NL Date: Wed May 22 13:48:26 2002 Comment: Great album for dreamers when I was young. It's still a special album years after that now in 2002 when reality is more daily stuff. Thanks Neil, do play/record it again! My compliments to all of the website-designers/builders/helpers! Keep up the good work!
Name: vivek Country: India Date: Wed May 22 10:12:45 2002 Comment: Young and old, both implore you Mr. Young! You're definitely one of the coolest guys ever to have been around - give us a lill gift cheers!
Name: Carly Lipski Country: Australia Date: Wed May 22 05:04:00 2002 Comment: Please Neil, re-release On the Beach.
Name: Pat Evers Country: NZ Date: Wed May 22 04:34:31 2002 Comment: I remember hearing this album YEARS ago, and was really struck by it! Since then I have searched for it all over the world, but to no avail. I would be grateful for its release...
Name: Francis Greene Country: UK Date: Tue May 21 17:01:08 2002 Comment: I bought the album back in 1974. I loved it then and I still do. I mainly listen on tape so my vinyl's in pretty reasonable nick. I recently burned a copy to CDR on my Philips stand-alone so I guess I'm sorted. I wish everyone was.
Name: rob Country: UK Date: Tue May 21 13:40:18 2002 Comment: i'm a big fan of neil, but I think its unfair on his younger fans never to give them a chance to hear (what i have been told) one of his best albums.
Name: Chris Pardos Country: Australia Date: Tue May 21 03:39:29 2002 Comment: Neil, I am listening to an old tape of 'On the Beach'as I write this and I am afraid I will wear it out!! Don't release it on vinyl as I can't get a stylus anymore for my old disc player. CD is the only option! It is album of the year EVERY YEAR...don't deprive us of the opportunity to immerse ourselves in its magic.
Name: Sean D. Sampson Country: USA Date: Tue May 21 02:59:54 2002 Comment: I think this album and the other 5 are long overdue.
Name: Gerald Thomas Country: USA Date: Mon May 20 23:23:22 2002 Comment:None
Name: Eric Amundsen Country: USA Date: Mon May 20 22:43:40 2002 Comment:None
Name: Mark Williams Country: USA Date: Mon May 20 22:32:29 2002 Comment: Neil, You are the greatest!
Name: philippe Homar Country: france Date: Mon May 20 20:57:17 2002 Comment: release it again, my lp is old and tired. Please!
Name: chamoulaud fabienne Country: france Date: Mon May 20 20:46:15 2002 Comment: re-release it soon, please. Life is short ! come on !
Name: vervoort rud Country: belgium Date: Mon May 20 20:23:27 2002 Comment: save the whales, save the earth, save nature, save the oceans....save On the beach.
Name: maya Country: france Date: Mon May 20 11:39:39 2002 Comment: no comment, please just release on the beach ...
Name: Neil Wulfricson Country: England Date: Sun May 19 18:39:53 2002 Comment: Please release On The beach! Thanks for the opportunity to sign this petition regards Neil
Name: David McKee Country: USA Date: Sun May 19 18:32:26 2002 Comment: Have been waiting with great anticipation the CD release of both On the Beach and Time Fades Away. C'mon Neil!
Name: jeff wells Country: australia Date: Sun May 19 13:59:57 2002 Comment: I'm 60.first heard neil in toronto in 1969. had a friend who lived on isabella. I lived near the riverboat. this was my favourite neil album, played endlessly. vinyl got scratchy so threw it away thinking I could get it on CD. can only live in hope. keep up the good work.
Name: khatru Country: australia Date: Sat May 18 23:48:18 2002 Comment: One of his best albums.I wish I had not got rid of the vinyl version I had!
Name: Calvin Tarr Country: Canada Date: Sat May 18 03:44:48 2002 Comment: It was great to hear cuts from Beach. Had album,await CD. Thanks Calvin
Name: Kevin Coleman Country: US of A Date: Fri May 17 16:23:28 2002 Comment: The absolute best Neil Young album - and I have them all! Please get this on CD asap!
Name: Brian Country: USA Date: Thu May 16 21:49:09 2002 Comment: Release it! On the Beach was a significant part of my life and I miss it terribly! Ditto for Time Fades Away. Great music that for now only exists in memories. sad sad sad
Name: steve s Country: usa Date: Thu May 16 20:12:47 2002 Comment: its just about time
Name: John Bailey Country: usa Date: Thu May 16 19:17:05 2002 Comment: Bring on "On the Beach!"
Name: Greg Country: USA Date: Thu May 16 14:13:24 2002 Comment: I, being a younger fan (15 years old), have never been able to listen to On The Beach because I can not find it anywhere. My father first told me about this album, and ever since I've been looking for it. Please, Neil, release the music.
Name: Jeff Weir Country: Canada Date: Thu May 16 06:40:35 2002 Comment: Neil - please don't censor you work.
Name: Pat Country: USA Date: Thu May 16 06:05:48 2002 Comment: How far would I go to hear ON THE BEACH again without the sound of bacon frying in the background? Well how about naming my only son Neil? (Of course that was 19 years ago). Puuuuuuhhhhhlleeeeeezze?
Name: david Country: France Date: Wed May 15 20:34:51 2002 Comment: I love this album and I only got a bad copy downloaded on napster ! Neil, give us "on the beach" back !
Name: David Pugh Country: USA Date: Wed May 15 16:43:54 2002 Comment: On The Beach has always been one of my favorite Neil albums. I'm eagerly awaiting it's CD release, as well as American Stars'N'Bars and Time Fades Away. C'mon, Neil. And where's that box set we've been hearing about for years?
Name: Mike Nabinger Country: USA Date: Wed May 15 02:37:26 2002 Comment: Ya know, just put out all the albums. "Time Fades Away". "American Stars N Bars". "On The Beach". Put 'em all out. How can you hold back all those songs, especially "Like a Hurricane". Why is that not out on it's original album?
Name: Matt McQuade Country: USA Date: Wed May 15 02:33:42 2002 Comment: What da hell do you mean?!?!?!?!....Just put the damn thing out!!!!
Name: Mark Slinger Country: USA Date: Tue May 14 21:11:13 2002 Comment: Release American Stars N Bars and Hawks & Doves too.
Name: nick Country: wales Date: Tue May 14 11:07:14 2002 Comment: I saw a very bad bootleg 'OTB' cd for sale in Liverpool recently. Please release this album to relieve the suffering!!
Name: Tristan Miller Country: Australia Date: Tue May 14 04:12:47 2002 Comment: On The Beach is a great album and the only copy I have is an aging tape of it. CD would be great.
Name: Erik Country: Amsterdam Date: Mon May 13 23:33:12 2002 Comment: It took me three years to locate it on vinyl. It was well worth the search but I had rather bought it on CD. Remastered and all. I hope you're listening Neil. It's one of your best. Nothing to be ashamed about me thinks.
Name: Mike Close Country: England Date: Mon May 13 23:03:19 2002 Comment: I must admit that I have most of the album on my old reel to reel. Every track is great.Locally 2nd hand "OTB" LP's selling from 40 to 90 so there is obviously a big demand. I just can't understand why yhey won't re release it.Keep up the good work
Name: Monty Bohanan Country: USA Date: Mon May 13 20:55:08 2002 Comment: I have been lokking all over for "On the Beach"! I hope it is re-released soon. Thnaks for petitioning for its release.
Name: Jacob Eliosoff Country: USA/Canada Date: Mon May 13 08:21:17 2002 Comment: I remember hearing CBC radio host David Wisdom play this (a live version, I think) a few years ago and being blown away. Also there's a busker here in Somerville, MA who's always playing it and I find myself humming it all the time. Unfortunately I'm a loser who not only cannot hum but doesn't even own a record player. Neil, I know you don't care about losers like me, but we care about you, man. It's a great tune. I just thought you should know.
Name: Sejun KIm Country: USA Date: Sun May 12 01:02:15 2002 Comment: I desperately need this album to complete the Neil Young record collection that I have. So please release ON THE BEACH!!v
Name: BRYAN WILSON Country: USA Date: Sat May 11 20:11:23 2002 Comment: Give it up buddy -- there are not enough good reasons to hold out on us any longer.
Name: Jonathan Rushdoony Country: United States Date: Sat May 11 06:07:31 2002 Comment: Neil, please re-release this classic. It's been one of my favorites since it was released. I had the original vinyl since 1974 until a flood in my basement wrecked it and other albums a few years ago. Now I am at your mercy.
Name: Brent Winkelman Country: USA Date: Sat May 11 01:07:54 2002 Comment: It is the best Neil Young album ever. I even did a term paper on it in high school, which tells you how old I am. If a CD reissue came out, I'd be one of the first in line to buy it!
Name: Nick Country: South Africa Date: Fri May 10 13:18:01 2002 Comment: Recently rediscovered my vinyl Neil Young collection. They sound great. OTB a glaring ommission.
Name: David Sell Country: USA Date: Fri May 10 04:13:15 2002 Comment: Come on Neil. There's no valid reason why you should not release this on CD for your fans.
Name: h.w.neff Country: usa Date: Fri May 10 03:25:54 2002 Comment: please....
Name: Russell Hubley Country: USA Date: Thu May 9 19:06:55 2002 Comment: This is my favorite Neil album and one of his most moving and personal - this is the album that separates real Neil Young fans from those who think every album should be another rehash of Harvest.
Name: glendon jones Country: usa Date: Wed May 8 22:23:17 2002 Comment: None
Name: Alan Magee Country: England Date: Wed May 8 17:29:36 2002 Comment: None
Name: rannie Country: netherlands Date: Wed May 8 15:07:34 2002 Comment:None
Name: david worley Country: uk Date: Wed May 8 10:52:34 2002 Comment: as the album was widely regarded as one of the best, I am patiently hoping there will be a chance of getting a copy if re-issued.
Name: John Eberhart Country: USA Date: Wed May 8 07:23:05 2002 Comment: PLEEEEEEEEZ
Name: David Levin Country: USA Date: Wed May 8 05:42:31 2002 Comment: Please release all six of these albums on CD - they are the greatest. They would sound good coming out of the speaker of a telephone! Have mercy.
Name: Scott White Country: USA Date: Wed May 8 03:40:01 2002 Comment: I want this album!
Name: Lemmy Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue May 7 18:57:18 2002 Comment: Reward those of us that have faithfully collected your music as well as paid top $ for your shows! Such pleasure from such a simple request! The way I figure it, I've got only another 30 years before I assume room temperature, and my first 40 were made enjoyable by the sweet sounds of your music. Pleasssssssse!!
Name: Joe Ross Country: USA Date: Tue May 7 17:38:54 2002 Comment:None
Name: Erik Frank Country: Date: Mon May 6 21:41:06 2002 Comment: NEIL YOUNGGGGGGGG!!!!!
Name: Ralf Remshardt Country: United States Date: Mon May 6 20:30:51 2002 Comment:None
Name: Anastasios Kozaitis Country: USA Date: Mon May 6 20:11:26 2002 Comment: It is my favorite album -- BY FARRRRRRR.
Name: glenn boyle Country: new zealand Date: Mon May 6 09:01:53 2002 Comment: None
Name: Matthew Kupchinsky Country: USA Date: Sun May 5 20:40:39 2002 Comment: Neil, On The Beach seems to be a fine record, from what I can hear. Walk On is fantastic and I really think you ought to consider putting it out for the public to embrace. However, its your deal, and if you have reasons for it, then that's all on you. I respect an artist who isn't putting something out just for some extra income. Much love and peace, and I hope to see you this summer in Central Pennsylvania All the best: Matthew
Name: paul van kempen Country: Netherlands Date: Sun May 5 16:09:53 2002 Comment: None
Name: Pascal Parra Country: US Date: Sun May 5 10:54:06 2002 Comment: Release them on 78's for all I care, just release the damned things.
Name: Mary Country: usa Date: Sun May 5 02:48:10 2002 Comment: my brother's copy has disappeared, as has my much-copied casette of it. my favorite neil album. one of my favorites of anyone ever. good luck, and thanks.
Name: Josh Whitney Country: USA Date: Sat May 4 23:32:35 2002 Comment: By not releasing the album on CD Neil has elevated the album to an even higher status, causing fans to cherish this wonderful album even more. This is not an excuse, just the facts. Why this album ever went out of print is a mystery to me - I guess there's no acounting for the general public's lack of taste. Anyway, my vinyl copy is getting worn out from taping it off for friends as much as casual enjoyment. I hope it's true that Neil will release his back catalog on vinyl - it sounds much b
Name: bert cochrane Country: scotland Date: Sat May 4 23:26:38 2002 Comment: lots of fond memories of this album, maybe even my favorite Neil Young album
Name: P. Stahl MacIntyre Country: Canada Date: Sat May 4 22:10:39 2002 Comment: Fantastic album...a true shame that neil is keeping it from his newer fans !!
Name: Chris Chattaway Country: uk Date: Sat May 4 18:19:00 2002 Comment: My original vinyl bought the day it wasreleased in the uk is about worn out. Come on neil!!!!!!
Name: Ohad Greenberg Country: Israel Date: Sat May 4 00:33:07 2002 Comment: None
Name: itay Country: israel Date: Fri May 3 22:50:31 2002 Comment: free 'on the beach'! power to the people! whatever
Name: Paul Taylor Country: England Date: Fri May 3 15:06:48 2002 Comment: Please, please re-release "On The Beach".
Name: mario Country: italy Date: Fri May 3 12:37:54 2002 Comment: Italy wants on th beach on CD!
Name: Bill Zormeir Country: USA Date: Thu May 2 17:25:52 2002 Comment: One of Neil's BEST. I can't believe it has not been released! I'd like to see it released on DVD or HDCD at a minimum. Why are we relegated to CDs burned from vinyl? Talk about poor audio quality!
Name: Chris Mottes Country: Denmark Date: Thu May 2 10:34:40 2002 Comment: I support this petition with all my heart! Revolution Blues must be made available to the masses!
Name: mcelroy, xavier Country: usa Date: Thu May 2 06:17:16 2002 Comment: thanks for the music neil.
Name: Rob Wight Country: UK Date: Wed May 1 20:25:50 2002 Comment: I've been waiting patiently for 10 years to hear my favorite album again. Please let us enjoy it again.
Name: Georg Miggel Country: Germany Date: Wed May 1 20:13:55 2002 Comment: Klasse Musik. Will man unbedingt auf CD haben.


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