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Name: Tor Aksel Heirung Country: Norway Date: Tue Apr 30 18:54:51 2002 Comment: The Beach is the most amazing album I have ever heard! Please, someone, let this album be released on vinyl, or at least on CD! Please!
Name: Josh Masten Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 30 10:38:14 2002 Comment:None
Name: Jordy Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 30 06:25:11 2002 Comment:None
Name: No Name Country: Date: Mon Apr 29 17:12:23 2002 Comment:None
Name: Bill Mocsan Country: Canada Date: Mon Apr 29 04:41:32 2002 Comment:None
Name: John Sullivan Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 29 03:34:41 2002 Comment: I have the original album (vinyl) copy in my collection. I'm still trying to get used to calling the albums vinyl...as even a cd will always be an album to me. But this recording is a classic and well worth the re-issue both in cd and album. Nice website...keep up the creativity! John
Name: Tim Swaddling Country: Canada Date: Mon Apr 29 00:06:55 2002 Comment: Everything Neil Young has ever done, no matter how good or how bad, should be available as it was originally released. Part of modern music history. Dylan still has Knocked Out Loaded available, how bad could on the Beach really be?
Name: Mark Ginzler Country: germany Date: Sun Apr 28 22:14:24 2002 Comment:None
Name: Josh Brown Country: canada Date: Sun Apr 28 20:11:38 2002 Comment:None
Name: Ken Beal Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 28 17:32:48 2002 Comment:None
Name: aaron Iverson Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 28 09:28:06 2002 Comment: Heard the album many years ago. I haven't seen it in the store for years. I've wondered what happened to it. I remember it got some bad reviews when it was released but I liked it.
Name: littlesky Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 28 06:06:49 2002 Comment: Please release it on CD, Neil!
Name: Umby Country: Italy Date: Sun Apr 28 03:38:22 2002 Comment: Please release "On the Beach" in CD! Thanks.
Name: vince Country: us Date: Sat Apr 27 05:11:19 2002 Comment: release the 6! it's great music
Name: Jean-Guillaume Country: France Date: Fri Apr 26 16:09:59 2002 Comment: Release "On The Beach" on vinyl AND cd please. Thanks, JGT
Name: Ly Country: Spain Date: Fri Apr 26 13:53:12 2002 Comment: We NEED On the Beach in CD!
Name: mike sargent Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Apr 26 11:21:23 2002 Comment: Release release
Name: Skye Paine Country: America Date: Fri Apr 26 00:47:25 2002 Comment: I was lent this wonderful album by my sister in law. She had copied onto a tape and lent it to me. Someone had stolen her hard copy long ago. In my youthful stupidity I lost the tape. For the last six years I have felt ashamed about this mistake. The whole time I have been saying to myself, "He'll release it, he's gotta release it." I find myself sending her an MP3 CD as a sorry replacement. True Neil Young fans are known for their enthousiasm for all of his work. This album is no exception.
Name: Walter Galimberti Country: Italy Date: Thu Apr 25 14:32:47 2002 Comment: It's wonderful, but I hope that re-release on CD all the Missing six
Name: P. Ward Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 24 23:58:57 2002 Comment: I've got my umbrella out Neil. Don't make me cry.
Name: Anthony Childs Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 24 17:11:54 2002 Comment: one of my ALL TIME TOP 5 ALBUMS EVER
Name: Micah Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 24 14:59:02 2002 Comment: Good luck! I'm about to buy this from an area record shop (if they have it) or off ebay, i'm hoping I can find a copy without too many scratches.
Name: GJA Country: N Ireland Date: Wed Apr 24 12:11:31 2002 Comment: The release of this album on CD is like the release of the Birmingham 6 over here: long overdue and a rectification of an injustice
Name: Tim Allard Country: Canada Date: Wed Apr 24 03:41:00 2002 Comment: I NEED IT!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD NEIL IS THE KING!
Name: Joe Kowalczyk Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 23 23:32:08 2002 Comment: I'm an avid Neil Young fan but don't have ON The Beach. I would love to have it available to buy since Wilco's Yankee Foxtrot Hotel has been reviewed as an update of this album!
Name: Aaron Murphy Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 23 18:25:52 2002 Comment: I had a pirated copy of this for years and it got ruined. I'd love nothing more than to buy a real copy, but, sadly, it is nowhere to be found. It is absolutely crazy that one of Neil's best records is out of print.
Name: Lachlan Country: Australia Date: Tue Apr 23 16:18:47 2002 Comment: I was fortunate enough to get a copy of On The Beach on CD - the guy in the record store bought them in Germany, but anyway Neil, release Time Fades Away - We won't be denied
Name: josh Country: canada Date: Mon Apr 22 05:30:04 2002 Comment: set neil's music free.
Name: Roland Hélié Country: France Date: Sun Apr 21 10:58:24 2002 Comment: I do like this record. I would like to find it in CD (Digipak, if possible). I wish…
Name: Kathy Verdugo Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 21 00:53:44 2002 Comment: Such an excellent album....... but is now needed on cd.
Name: Ru Country: UK Date: Sun Apr 21 00:50:26 2002 Comment: I have all of Neil's albums except for "On The Beach", "Time Fades Away", "American Stars 'n' Bars", "Hawks & Doves" and "Re-ac-tor". Please please please release "On The Beach" (and the others). Please!!
Name: will Country: usa Date: Sat Apr 20 22:59:29 2002 Comment: NEIL, YOU'RE PISSING IN THE WIND BY NOT RELEASING "ON THE BEACH"! GO RED SOX
Name: Axel Country: Sweden Date: Sat Apr 20 18:24:11 2002 Comment:None
Name: Francisco Neto Country: Brazil Date: Sat Apr 20 14:35:47 2002 Comment: No comments. My signature on this petition says it all.
Name: Michael Country: Date: Sat Apr 20 00:08:12 2002 Comment: C'mon, Neil! Get it out!
Name: Johan Geunens Country: Belgium Date: Fri Apr 19 23:36:44 2002 Comment: Please Neil, release the album on CD. I love it!
Name: Calvin RYdbom Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 19 22:47:29 2002 Comment: One of my all time favorite albums, please Neil, just release it already.
Name: Chris Markham Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 19 21:24:11 2002 Comment:None
Name: Jan Lekang Country: Norway Date: Fri Apr 19 20:03:53 2002 Comment: My vinyl record is nearly pulvorising, and it's almost impossible to get my hands on a new one. Im waiting with exitement on a cd release soon.
Name: Patrick Lewington Country: U.K Date: Fri Apr 19 16:41:52 2002 Comment: I,m sick of reading about on the beach and not being able to listen to it. Please Neil, I just want to hear it.
Name: christopher meseke-wren Country: Date: Fri Apr 19 15:09:06 2002 Comment: on of my favorite ablums from college
Name: Ken Fullam Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Apr 19 12:50:09 2002 Comment: This album meant a whole lot to me during an important time of my life as a teen. It has become a part of my life. The old cassette tape I have of OTB was eaten, spliced and had the case replaced to preserve what's left. I need a CD of it!
Name: Werner Geevers Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Apr 18 17:27:09 2002 Comment: No comment, just do it Neil !
Name: Andrew Hummel Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Apr 17 23:51:32 2002 Comment: Neil, please re-release "On the Beach."
Name: john goodall Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 17 17:33:55 2002 Comment: come one Neil - it's a classic ! i need a CD of it !
Name: Drew Vahrenkamp Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 17 16:43:54 2002 Comment: On the Beach is one of the greatest albums of the 20th century -- to keep it from the general public is a real travesty. I believe that every human on the planet needs to listen to the trilogy: Time Fades Away, Tonight's the Night, and On the Beach -- together, they tell a dramatic story of loss, depression, and reawakening. By the time you reach the end of Ambulance Blues, everything just tastes better...
Name: Rik 't Jong Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Apr 17 15:47:13 2002 Comment: This early-Young masterpiece should be in everybody's cd collection. True Art!!!
Name: Eric Sweenor Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 17 05:07:18 2002 Comment: Any album that includes a song as great as "Revolution Blues" deserves to be made widely available for all, not just record collecting geeks like me. C'mon, listen to that bass!
Name: Ben Jones Country: England Date: Tue Apr 16 22:57:19 2002 Comment: Come on Neil release it before the sky begins to rain for good.
Name: Keith Robertson Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 16 20:35:27 2002 Comment: Wore a yellow tux to my high school prom because of this album. Gotta relase it!
Name: Danny Hallum Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 16 19:49:16 2002 Comment: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I had a copy until my little brother stepped on it.
Name: Andreas Gerber Country: Switzerland Date: Tue Apr 16 17:42:25 2002 Comment: Please release On The Beach again!
Name: Michael Cooper Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 16 17:13:21 2002 Comment: This album is one of my all-time faves and has been since high school! I have it on vinyl and made an MD for myself. I figured I'd eventually get the CD but I just found out about this whole issue. Neil, you can always give us a better recording when there's better media available. Don't punish us until then!
Name: Kor Buist Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Apr 15 22:36:19 2002 Comment: Best Young album ever!
Name: benjamin fowler Country: uk Date: Mon Apr 15 18:52:31 2002 Comment: I have been a neil young fan for as long as I can remember: in fact, his is the first music I can remember hearing. As a result, the fact that the album commonly heralded as his best is withheld is a massive pity, bordering on a crime. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release it, Neil!
Name: john eisenman Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 15 18:02:37 2002 Comment: I'm 50yrs. old,met Neil in a bar in Scotsdale Az. Had a great time and play alot of his songs on guitar, piano and harmonica and even though I have a classical guitar background I need to listen to Neil play the music to feel it. Please Neil, release the Onthe Beach.
Name: Neil MacDonald Country: Ireland Date: Mon Apr 15 17:24:03 2002 Comment: Please re-release this album on CD!!
Name: Paul Crowe Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 15 05:44:51 2002 Comment: Why not?
Name: madrone Country: usa (not proud Date: Mon Apr 15 05:22:10 2002 Comment: ok neil, i'm sure you think this is very funny, if you give a shit at all. but notice this, we are all not entirely insane and still we are here asking you to ok On The Beach. all this is your fault so get over the past and free the music. ok i need to go take my medication. thx
Name: Lachy Country: Australia Date: Mon Apr 15 02:51:14 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil, release On The Beach and Time Fades Away - your two best albums. And while your at it, release American Stars 'n Bars too. I love that song Bite the Bullet Lachy
Name: Bevin jackson Country: Australia Date: Mon Apr 15 02:18:20 2002 Comment: In Australia we don't get very much bootleg of Neil,if they could release all of his matteral that would be great
Name: Gordon Treasurer Country: Scotland Date: Mon Apr 15 01:37:10 2002 Comment: ALL Neil Young material should be available on CD. That's all I've got to say on the matter!
Name: Oliver Krings Country: Germany Date: Sun Apr 14 23:30:20 2002 Comment: Neil please please release this gem on CD!
Name: Rob Garratt Country: UK Date: Sun Apr 14 21:42:46 2002 Comment: I respect that Neil may not want to release it for emotional reasons, and once read an interview with him that indicated this was indeed the case for it's abscence, but if the reason is not that sinister then a release would be good, because my bootleg is truly great.
Name: Steve Whiteside Country: U.K. Date: Sun Apr 14 20:03:46 2002 Comment: Despite all my NY albums, my favourite NY song (OTB), I have only ever heard as a cover. If it's the fidelity that matters, will you only be able to buy the audio DVD if you have a letter from your Mum to say your system is up to scratch?
Name: dean T Country: England Date: Sat Apr 13 23:23:55 2002 Comment: come on man, bring it back out! we all love it neil. What's the deal?
Name: Dustin Campbell Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 13 22:02:59 2002 Comment: The albums reads unbelievably, but like any neil lyrics I would rather here them behind a steal guitar, then skim through them on an internet page.
Name: ursus666 Country: germany Date: Sat Apr 13 19:44:08 2002 Comment: neil forever!! the time's right for the missing six...
Name: jeff vernon Country: usa Date: Sat Apr 13 15:41:45 2002 Comment: my lp is getting worn !
Name: Mark Willaman Country: U S A Date: Sat Apr 13 07:13:53 2002 Comment: One of my all time favorites. I have the vinal but would love to have the CD.
Name: pippin Country: england Date: Sat Apr 13 03:26:50 2002 Comment: Re-release on the beach, today..........
Name: Gregg Grossman Country: Omaha, Ne. USA Date: Sat Apr 13 00:51:04 2002 Comment: What he said.
Name: Chris Kohler Country: US Date: Fri Apr 12 22:43:02 2002 Comment:None
Name: Toby Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 12 13:53:33 2002 Comment: I've got more Neil Young CD's than I've had Birthdays........ I'd really like to complete my collection
Name: simon beesley Country: Australia Date: Fri Apr 12 08:53:27 2002 Comment: it's a beautiful beautiful record and it's a crying shame it's not available. on the beach (the song) is right up there with cortez. get it out there
Name: Dave Posthumus Country: USA!! Date: Fri Apr 12 04:39:18 2002 Comment: Neil Young is one of the greatest singer/songwriters ever and everyone loses something if we lose a chunk of his work. Release "On the Beach"!!!
Name: Roger Davis Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 12 01:30:46 2002 Comment: I have all the missing six albums on vinyl however all of them are scratched and hence replacement cds would be much appreciated. I should also like to obtain a copy of the film "Journey through the Past" as I've never seen it.
Name: Jerry J. Country: Minnesota Date: Fri Apr 12 00:22:55 2002 Comment: My first album was Everybody Knows ..., second was Journey... By then I was hooked and bought everything I could afford (in vinyl). Those times were good times, I'd like to revive some of those memories with some of your music.
Name: Dan Fazendin Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 11 23:46:39 2002 Comment: What's up with hoarding your own records? I haven't even heard and just reciently heard OF it. Please release it on CD.
Name: heath Country: usa Date: Thu Apr 11 23:06:15 2002 Comment: jesus christ, re-release it so i (we) can save some money and NOT buy it on ebay!
Name: David Scace Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 11 37 2002 Comment: And there ain't nothin' like a friend Who can tell you you're just pissin' in the wind.
Name: Bob Eichler Country: US Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 Comment: Other than the tracks included on Decade, I had never heard most of these songs until finding this web site. I'd definitely buy On the Beach if it was released on CD. How can "Everybody's Rockin'" exist on CD but not this album?
Name: Whit Walker Country: usa Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 Comment: I have only heard about the album, I am a huge fan, and want to hear it in any format. Come on man, I own Old Ways
Name: Jo Matranga Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 Comment: I just wore out my cassette that i've had for 25 years. i would only listen to it sparingly. please release on the beach. it was my favorite neil young cassette. but make it cd so it'll wear out slower.
Name: Nicholas Giles Country: England Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 Comment: Neil Young is a genius and, as such, none of his work should be out of print. Enough said!
Name: Chris Fries Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 Comment: I loved On the Beach back in the late 70's when I was just starting to try and play guitar. Neil's tunes became staples in every garage band I was in. On the Beach was one of my favorite albums and my CD collection will never be complete until I get a copy on CD. C'mon Neil, why not? It's a great album!
Name: JD Kober Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 10 2002 Comment: Neil Young is pure genius. To not re-release would be a tragedy.
Name: johan Country: france Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: everybody is saying it's one of your masterpiece and i will never be able to hear it if it is not released on cd! please release ON THE BEACH !!
Name: julek Country: Iceland Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: please have "On the Beach" released on DVD or CD
Name: Ian Country: Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: In an interview in a UK paper, it is stated that all his back catalogue will be released this year on VINYL....so maybe the long wait is over
Name: arno cools Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: esaelp!
Name: Tony Henderson Country: UK/USA Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: First heard it, and bought it, c.1976. It, cliche I know, became the theme music for that summer for me and my friends. Played the vinyl into the ground subsequently.
Name: Joe Wall Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 9 2002 Comment: I have the original album and it is a wonderful peice of art and should be rereleased.
Name: mark Country: ireland Date: Mon Apr 8 2002 Comment: come on man! get your finger out!
Name: Phil Belland Country: Canada Date: Mon Apr 8 2002 Comment: Good idea! (I guess that's less than 500 chars...) (heh, yes.. it is.. - Col)
Name: gary p. Country: us Date: Mon Apr 8 2002 Comment: neil, let's put"on the beach"& "time fades away"on cd. let all the earnings go to the school. hope all is well.
Name: Norm Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 8 2002 Comment: My favorite all time Neil Young song is Ambulance Blues. Neil, I named my sin Neil in your honor! Please release On The Beach on CD!! (I hope you meant you named your SON Neil??! - Col)
Name: Jayson Henderson Country: California,USA Date: Sun Apr 7 2002 Comment: I am still playing the original lp version I purchased back in 1974. Its pretty chewed, but I love it just the same. Please re-issue ON THE BEACH on CD Neil!! And thanks for a great show in San Diego with CSN!!
Name: David Wright Country: Scotland Date: Sun Apr 7 2002 Comment: Freedom of choice is always a compromise. Neil doesnt want this out on cd, the fans do. Put it out Neil, but don't promote it. Thanks
Name: Harald Johnny Tomren Country: Norway Date: Sun Apr 7 08 2002 Comment: Please !!!!!
Name: VAL HANS Country: Australia Date: Sun Apr 7 2002 Comment: I was a waitress crying in the rain when I first listened to this and I would be very happy to hear it again.
Name: Edgar Albo Country: MEXICO Date: Sun Apr 7 2002 Comment: Mr. Young, I think On the Beach is a great album. Yuou can expect nothing but good things if you re-release "On the beach" in CD. Thanks
Name: Matthias Schmidt Country: Germany Date: Sat Apr 6 2002 Comment: RELEASE IT! IT'S SO GOOD
Name: Robb Lukasik Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 6 2002 Comment: One of the best
Name: Ismael Country: Spain Date: Fri Apr 5 2002 Comment: If you can find Trans in cd, there's no reasonable explanation why you can't buy On the beach, probably one of Neil's best records.
Name: Claude Kuhnen Country: Germany Date: Fri Apr 5 2002 Comment: I never had a chance to hear this fine album. Thanks for the MP3 but I want a legal copy asap and will pay hard-earned money for it.
Name: Vinnie Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 5 2002 Comment: If Neil Doesn't care, neither do I
Name: Andrew van Eck Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Apr 5 2002 Comment: Hey Neil you made once "On the beach". You made for yourself bud aswell for us, and we loved it than, we love it now (digi), but that's the problem.
Name: Nige Country: England Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment: Never heard it but heard of it. Come on Neil
Name: Jim Charette Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment: This album is etched into the memories of my first years at college - we listened to Ambulance Blues and the other tunes again and again ... I have always wondered why I couldn't find it anywhere (although I have 2 unopened copies of the LP at home)
Name: Shawn Smith Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment: #
Name: Richard Dawson Country: UK Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment: My favourite Neil Young album for over 25 years. Vinyl copy worn out, CD-R stopped playing. It's all still in my head but I want the real thing!
Name: Kostis Kilimis Country: Greece Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment:None
Name: Richard Horne Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 4 2002 Comment: I love this album and would like to recommend Lambchop's newest release "is a woman" for anyone who enjoys "ON the Beach." ...check it out!
Name: Simon Jeffries Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: I've just heard Neil's new album, and it's truly awful! He should instantly delete this piece of crap, and reissue On The Beach and Time Fades Away? (well, that's not
Name: Alan Kirkham Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: Any album by Neil Young is worth having - and On The Beach is up there with his greats.
Name: Theunis Bates Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: It's a crime that Neil hasn't re-released this album. Revolution Blues is his best song ever and should be heard by more people.
Name: silvio gallione Country: italy Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: They have have released all sorts of things on CD, so why not this fine record. Thanks to Col for the initiative, hope it works !
Name: Dennis Dahl Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: I bought a crispy vinyl copy for mucho dinero and burnt it to disc, but I gladly throw Neil a few bones for an official cd release.
Name: Paul Bertolino Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: Neil, if you hate CD's (which is understandable) then why don't you just do a nice vinyl reissue? That's very common these days.
Name: david greenberg Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: Please Release!
Name: nancy smith Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 3 Comment: have been looking for this cd.
Name: jim clark Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 3 2002 Comment: Please release any neil young albums on cd especially time fades away!
Name: Matt King Country: UK Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment: I have a terrible 3rd gen tape of this which plays the left channel only. But I still listen because I love On The Beach. Please release it.
Name: michael mcintyre Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment: Let's look at the bright side: the longer we are denied the CD of ON THE BEACH, the bigger its reputation grows and the more collectable the orignal vinyl album becomes. Bob Seger won't release three of his early LPs, either. Sounds like a "Dylan" carer move.
Name: Brendan Mc Hugh Country: Ireland Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment: I was born in 1976, so I cant be blamed for not listening to the album when it first came out!!! please Neil re release this album, as "Tonights the night" is one of my favourite albums, id love to hear its partner. Also I dont own a record player so CD is my only way of listening to your albums. Please release the album, for young people like me!!
Name: Simon Hayhurst Country: UK Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment:None
Name: Phil Le Guennec Country: france Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment: Hey, i've this record on vinyl, but it is beginning to sound messy. Please release it on CD !!!!
Name: ashley nock Country: uk Date: Tue Apr 2 2002 Comment: just do it
Name: David Cline Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 1 2002 Comment: Great little album! It deserves the digital treatment!
Name: Mark Erickson Country: California Date: Mon Apr 1 2002 Comment: I grew up down the street from Frank Zappa on Laurel Canyon... the Mothers, The Dead and early Neil were my lifeline to reality. On The Beach was the one album that even shocked me. It was brilliant!!!!! I now have a copy of a Japanese import.Haf'nt heard this lp for years. It's still brilliant!!!!!
Name: Joe H. Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 1 10:09:39 2002 Comment: This is beautiful music. It deserves to be remastered and rereleased! Don't neglect this beautiful album!





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