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Name: Justin Kraus Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 30 23:50:14 2002 Comment: good album, release it!
Name pocumtuc Country: usa Date: Sun Jun 30 21:22:24 2002 Comment: A fine album and very deserving of re-release. Have to say it contains my favorite tunes by Neil.
Name Nori-Yuki Nojima Country: Japan Date: Sun Jun 30 13:28:05 2002 Comment: Hi ! Neil, We want "ON THE BEACH"'s CD.
Name Noah Country: Date: Sat Jun 29 21:04:05 2002 Comment: Hi, I am a young Neil Young fan, I am only 19. I have a friend at work who also loves Neil Young. Both him and I want as much Neil Young as there can be. It is difficult to find his CD's. Please re-release On the Beach, and count us as two votes. One from Mike, and one from myself.
Name James Christian Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 29 19:49:31 2002 Comment: None
Name Josh McCool Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Jun 29 15:36:45 2002 Comment: Come on Neil. Some of us love you but hate vinyl. Can you hold it against us?
Name Stephen Flanigan Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 28 19:36:35 2002 Comment: What a great album! I've been looking for it for almost 10 years- out with it!
Name Larry Jacobson Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 28 18:22:23 2002 Comment: Yes, please!
Name CrabberGuitar Country: us of a Date: Fri Jun 28 05:13:16 2002 Comment: Old man take a look at myself, I'm a lot like you were, can't listen to "On The Beach", and it's causing quite a stir. 54 and there's so much more, that Neil could release for his hard core. C'mon man...
Name Robert Popkoff Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 15:29:54 2002 Comment: Jeez, Neil make this thing available-along with the other five.
Name Brad Griffis Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 06:42:29 2002 Comment: This album is what made me into a die-hard Neil Young fan. Please release on CD or re-release on vinyl! I'm beggin' you!
Name Rebecca Glass Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 27 00:53:19 2002 Comment: A "missing six" compilation would be cool. Imagine "Shots", "Union Man", "Will to Love" and maybe even that hyper-weird Crosby-rant version of "Alabama" all on one CD. Trouble is, at least two of the missing six demand to he heard from first note to last. Time Fades Away, and, of course, On The Beach. There's no other way to hear those two. So let's GO!
Name John Schietinger Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 26 19:29:58 2002 Comment: Would love a re-release of On the Beach!
Name Nick Barber Country: Canada Date: Wed Jun 26 19:10:21 2002 Comment: None
Name Andrew Wetzel Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 26 05:20:46 2002 Comment: On The Beach is a heartbreaker. Please release one of Neil's best albums... aw
Name Diego Ingallina Country: Italia Date: Wed Jun 26 02:09:43 2002 Comment: All I need is "On the Beach"!
Name j. chapman Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 26 00:57:33 2002 Comment: OK...it's a great record...so is time fades away, and re-act-or too, and "capt. kennedy" & "live with me" from hawks & doves, etc. BUT, if neil doesn't want them out, why do you want to needle him? if he wasn't into making bizzare decisions, he never would have written any of those songs in the first place...
Name Chris Carbin Country: England Date: Wed Jun 26 00:31:29 2002 Comment: There are pros & cons to CD certainly, but on balance I'd vote for releasing OTB on CD.
Name Louis Country: UK Date: Tue Jun 25 23:16:17 2002 Comment: Heard On the Beach bootleg today. What is wrong with you Neil realise the beauty, the world has so many bad albums we need more good ones on the shelves.
Name: Rob van Grieken Country: Holland Date: Tue Jun 25 22:41:22 2002 Comment: Hi Neil, I play a lot of your songs. The one record I've been missing for such a long time is 'On the Beach'. Please, re-release this album on CD!!!!!
Name: Peter Labella Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 25 17:20:57 2002 Comment: one of the all time greats!
Name: Chris Scacheri Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 25 17:00:56 2002 Comment: Get that mo-fo back in print!
Name: Tony Iremonger Country: Australia Date: Tue Jun 25 06:35:17 2002 Comment: Whip it out Neil!
Name: Ross W. Scoville Country: Date: Mon Jun 24 22:11:15 2002 Comment: None
Name: Peter D Country: UK Date: Mon Jun 24 20:07:52 2002 Comment: C'mon guys - give the public what they want. Release On The Beach!
Name: Eugene K Country: Japan Date: Mon Jun 24 14:57:44 2002 Comment: Please give it back. I'm crazy about this album.
Name: Bill Farell Country: Taiwan Date: Mon Jun 24 12:47:41 2002 Comment: I have been listening to Neil's stuff for more than half my life now. Today living 1/2 way around the world, I still am still a big fan. There are a few albums of Neil's that I'd love to see released and this one is top of the list.
Name: Jay F Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 24 01:59:28 2002 Comment: Release This GREAT album already!!
Name: Cees Akkermans Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Jun 23 22:47:54 2002 Comment: Neil, are you passionate? I am about OTB. Please give it back!!
Name: John Hastings Country: England Date: Sun Jun 23 22:40:10 2002 Comment: Had the sucker on vinyl since release - a gem of an album, along with Tonight's and Zuma, part of one of the great trilogys in rock history cf. Stones circa 69/72. C'mon Neil, just do it!!!!!!!!
Name: Arlene Mushalko Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 23 05:43:00 2002 Comment: When is boxed set coming out????????
Name: Charley Bagwell Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 23 03:10:42 2002 Comment: In many ways On The Beach is my favorite Neil Young album. It just never gets old. My copy is an old used record that I bought in the 70's. It sure would be nice to have a new copy as mine is about shot.
Name: mike flinn Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 22 18:00:16 2002 Comment: I have always loved OTB,even when other Young fans didn't. My vinyl is wearing a little thin but I've made cassette back-ups that will probably last my lifetime. I still wish I had a newly remastered CD version though, if for no other reason than it's convienient. I know that runs counter to the arist's standards but I'm deaf in one ear and it's questionable that I'll EVER hear it the way Mr. Young intended me to anyway. I hope the release happens, if not, "Thanks, Neil!" for one of my favorite
Name: Dan Medeiros Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 22 05:00:08 2002 Comment: A great album, I wore it out and can't find another....even if I could, I can't go back to turntable and record, so until DVD is the standard, let's have it on CD. Please.
Name: jim Country: Australia Date: Fri Jun 21 03:20:47 2002 Comment: Did a silly thing; and sold my vinyl all those years ago must have this again.
Name: Alex Pudlin Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 20 23:59:03 2002 Comment: Please Neil, release this. It's your best album, most personal, most beautifully produced. I'd cut off one or two of my toes for a release of this brilliant masterpiece.
Name: eye_bags Country: Scotland Date: Thu Jun 20 04:01:37 2002 Comment: I got that Time Fades Away on vinyl here if anyone is interested...
Name: eyebags Country: Scotland Date: Thu Jun 20 03:59:28 2002 Comment: Release the fuckin thing man u c*** (b4 u die) (Hmm,.. Time Fades Away, On the beach. Spot the difference. And I rather think that threats won't help but that's just me.)
Name: alicebaldiga Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 20 00:01:14 2002 Comment: I love you Neil!!!
Name: James Country: El Salvador Date: Wed Jun 19 21:10:46 2002 Comment: I'm going to make a pirate or someone who enjoys selling their record collections happy unless this allegedly fantastic album is re-released. Please stop this from happening.
Name: steve hacker Country: usa Date: Wed Jun 19 16:21:33 2002 Comment: please release time fades away on cd , too
Name: drockofages Country: Argentina Date: Wed Jun 19 13:26:49 2002 Comment: Tks for allowing me to petition. It would be good though not to forget the other five. Keep it up!
Name: Scott Robert Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 19 12:42:01 2002 Comment: Paid $60 for bootleg. Worth every cent.
Name: Lloyd Spitalnik Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 19 03:46:54 2002 Comment: None
Name: Maurice Skogen Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Jun 19 00:35:48 2002 Comment: I have it on vinal from the old days but I played it so fuckin many times that it's worn out !!!!I need a new copy please!!!! Com'on Neil I'm a Guitar player from a paralell universe! I am like you! I understand your pain. I live it. We all need our On the Beach Fix mmaaannnnn! Maurice
Name: john t. Country: usa Date: Tue Jun 18 22:24:48 2002 Comment: every aspect of this album is beautiful, probably my favorite record of his. neil, for the love of god!
Name: Dean Wilson Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 18 22:14:53 2002 Comment: PLEASE re-release this album. I have been looking for it for months now on CD only to find it's out of print. I truly consider this album among the very best. I owned it on vinyl years ago but I have moved so much many things were lost in my travels.
Name: Mike T. Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 18 21:56:48 2002 Comment: It's inconceivable that this incredible album is out of print.
Name: david hill Country: England Date: Tue Jun 18 13:30:26 2002 Comment: Vinyl or CD, I don't mind, but I'd love to a have a clean copy again.
Name: James Harris Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 18 01:49:24 2002 Comment: I still have the record I bought back in '83, when vinyl still roamed the Earth. I recently threw together a mix tape of NY 70's tunes, and my favorite part is when it segues from "The Loner" to "The Old Laughing Lady" to "See the Sky About to Rain" and the title track. Man, talk about a sustained mood...'Get outta town'..."On The Beach" is a classic. Great cover, too, though you gotta admit the "American Stars 'n'Bars" album cover is one for the ages in and of itself.
Name: Sandra Country: Switzerland Date: Mon Jun 17 17:06:32 2002 Comment: I left the US in 1967 and have since then listened and loved all of Neil's stuff. He definately is an ICON.
Name: Eric Anderson Country: united states Date: Mon Jun 17 02:58:02 2002 Comment: My fav Neil song is "on the beach" so what better album to release then "on the beach"! Been a Neil fan for quite a while and hes got real soul on this one.
Name: arto saikkonen Country: FINLAND Date: Sun Jun 16 20:03:05 2002 Comment: It's hard to get it on vinyl ,specially here in Finland. Selling wasn't so much back then and i have heard piece from there and piece from here , so i want it to myself in one package , PLEASE
Name: Joseph Krings Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 16 18:32:19 2002 Comment: This is prime Neil Young. I always liked the misery of his songs the best and these drop misery like flowers at a wedding. Thanks for the petition.
Name: Wim Oosthuyse Country: Belgium Date: Sun Jun 16 09:10:45 2002 Comment: I heard OTB 15 years ago. A friend of mine had the record. I've been looking everywhere to buy it since then.
Name: scott culpepper Country: usa Date: Sat Jun 15 23:21:38 2002 Comment: my vinyl copy shattered.
Name: Andy Coleman Country: United States Date: Sat Jun 15 17:14:50 2002 Comment: Neil your music is truly amazing. I would love to hear On The Beach. I actually bought Old Ways so I feel I definately deserve to hear On The Beach.
Name: Luka Despot Country: Croatia Date: Sat Jun 15 00:48:33 2002 Comment: I would like to own it on a good media, rather then a MC.
Name: paul Country: canada Date: Fri Jun 14 18:48:58 2002 Comment: do it up, baby
Name: Michael Nace Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 14 17:39:19 2002 Comment: Neil-- Please, oh please release "On The Beach." Many of us feel that "Tonight's the Night" is your best album, and from all that I've heard, "On the Beach" is the sister album to it, and perhaps even better overall. The best thing about you is that you have always been so honest with your music; you allow it to connect to the souls of the listeners. Release this last record so we can get the full perspective!
Name: Paul Delamater Country: US Date: Fri Jun 14 17:11:00 2002 Comment: I'm only 24, I didn't have a chance to get the album when it first came out.
Name: Nico Meulendijk Country: The Netherlands Date: Fri Jun 14 15:37:46 2002 Comment: PLEASE RELEASE oN THE BEACH AGAIN ,I HAD THE ALBUM UNTIL 1977
Name: patrizia pozzoli Country: italy Date: Fri Jun 14 12:06:30 2002 Comment: come on neil!
Name: Gordon Country: Australia Date: Fri Jun 14 02:32:45 2002 Comment: I've copied it from cassette to CD and the quality is very good.
Name: Dael Stewart Country: Canada Date: Fri Jun 14 00:51:03 2002 Comment: None
Name: dauriat Country: france Date: Thu Jun 13 21:30:43 2002 Comment: keep up the good work! i'm sure neil will finally do what we've been waiting for long long years. i can't understand that his (or one his) best album isn't (re)realesed. We'll win !!
Name: Eamonn Maher Country: Ireland Date: Thu Jun 13 12:45:03 2002 Comment: None
Name: jeremy sage Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 13 04:08:16 2002 Comment: i would like to hear this album on cd i already have 6 other cd's this is the next one i need do i have to listen to the vinyl only?
Name: Hyland Fisher Country: US Date: Thu Jun 13 01:56:12 2002 Comment: None
Name: Guitarman Country: France Date: Thu Jun 13 00:28:35 2002 Comment: You are my favourite guitar player, and my favourite singer. You are not the best singer neither the best guitar player. Neil, you've just got the ultimate secret : you write good songs. On the Beach is so amazing that every song is a cathedral. Will you leave us as Mr Disappointed ?
Name: mike owen Country: gb Date: Wed Jun 12 16:35:16 2002 Comment: please Neil, please,please, please put me out my misery!!..........re-release the ' big 6 '..well, maybe just the 3 ( OTB H&D Reator) ..Ta
Name: Nick Mole Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 12 06:13:24 2002 Comment: This is a classic album. Wow. It's like the best Neil Young times 31.
Name: Jeff Heiliger Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 11 20:16:28 2002 Comment: None
Name: Adam Aldrich Country: United States Date: Tue Jun 11 04:36:53 2002 Comment: Please re-release "On the Beach", so my roommate will shut up about it.
Name: Geoff Adams Country: UK Date: Mon Jun 10 23:38:24 2002 Comment: The proud owner of OTB and American Stars 'n' Bars on vynll. Just got nothing to play 'em on. Come on Neil
Name: Edwin Carrera Country: Česká Republika Date: Mon Jun 10 22:11:08 2002 Comment: Soy un músico peruano que vivo fuera de mi pais hace muchos aňos,recien comprendo por que no podia encontrar On The beach en CD en toda Europa! Por favor Neil,edita On The Beach en CD,me hace mucha falta!Gracias.
Name: C. Ellis Country: UK Date: Mon Jun 10 21:21:51 2002 Comment: A wonderful album, powerful even on the bootleg CD version (recorded off vinyl) I had-since stolen. Now trying to get hold of a new copy...anyone know where to get it in the UK???
Name: Chris Oleiwcz Country: Sheffield Date: Mon Jun 10 20:41:24 2002 Comment: Release it please Neil!. I was lucky to find all of the missing six for sale in one go at Ł3 each!! On the Beach is the best for sure. Ambulance Blues is pure class!!!
Name: Peter Gregory Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 10 20:35:09 2002 Comment: I would really like to get OTB on disc !! As wellas Time Fades Away !!
Name: colin dickinson Country: england Date: Sun Jun 9 15:20:31 2002 Comment: neil, so much not available. howzabout a limited box of all the stuff - you promised once, but no show!!!!!!!! "on the beach" & "time fades away" should be on prescription.
Name: robert Country: Date: Sun Jun 9 14:13:45 2002 Comment: Neil, what are you waiting for????
Name: elle orr Country: australia Date: Sun Jun 9 10:30:56 2002 Comment: please Neil re record on the beach for my husband as this is one of his favourite recordings and he loves to play your music on his guitar
Name: Tom Carroll Country: Wales Date: Sat Jun 8 23:04:31 2002 Comment: Is it Neil or a monkey in a suit and wig on the cover?
Name: Henry Bainbridge Country: UK Date: Sat Jun 8 17:00:20 2002 Comment: Am desparate to hear this one. Please.
Name: geoff Country: usa Date: Sat Jun 8 09:00:18 2002 Comment: one of neil's best...why the fuck is it unavailable? i love on the beach the song and see the sky about to rain...have anything to do with the movie?...
Name: Matt Segal Country: Canada Date: Sat Jun 8 06:18:09 2002 Comment: FREE OTB! I have never heard it... I am too young!
Name: Brian Troxel Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 7 23:09:04 2002 Comment: None
Name: Rob Mitchell Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 7 21:34:45 2002 Comment: Please have WB Records release this cd asap - it's a classic lp thx rob :)
Name: Don Gordon Country: USA Date: Fri Jun 7 18:09:31 2002 Comment: I first picked up a vinyl copy of "On the beach" around 1980, when I was 13 years old, and I wore it out from playing it so much. It's still one of my favorite albums, and remains my favorite Neil Young record. Needless to say, I would welcome the opportunity to purchase it on CD!
Name: Jack Steinmann Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Jun 7 16:16:39 2002 Comment: I've been buying Neil Young albums since the release of Harvest, but it has been tribute artists covering songs like "On the Beach," "Vampire Blues," "Revolution Blues" and even "For the Turnstiles" that have really brought home what a great collection of songs this is.
Name: Patrick Philipon Country: France Date: Fri Jun 7 11:55:06 2002 Comment: None
Name: Dr. Michael Gardiner Country: Canada Date: Thu Jun 6 15:45:50 2002 Comment: Neil: this record meant a lot to me 22 years ago, and listening to it today, it still does. Please allow the CD release.
Name: Lucio Polli Country: England Date: Wed Jun 5 18:51:01 2002 Comment: None
Name: mike mccoy Country: usa Date: Tue Jun 4 18:20:16 2002 Comment: None
Name: david grant Country: Australia Date: Tue Jun 4 03:32:59 2002 Comment: My vinyl has worn through! I don't want to use pirate MP3 cos i don't mind paying for Neil but what choice do I have
Name: Greg Russell Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 4 01:16:20 2002 Comment: Neil, There are times in our lives when certain records mean a lot to us personally. On The Beach is very important to me. Please can we have it on CD? Most of our turntables are history. Thanks
Name: Kai S. Country: Germany Date: Mon Jun 3 20:31:48 2002 Comment: None
Name: Steve Meyer Country: Canada Date: Mon Jun 3 20:09:10 2002 Comment: On the Beach AND Reactor are needed in any NY fan's collection. Frankly, if a listener is happy with the CD format, so be it - NY doesn't need to tell me how I should listen to music. I love ya Neil - but c'mon!
Name: Herbert Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Jun 3 17:05:28 2002 Comment: Have two copies of the record, grey and almost transparent. Time for the CD release.
Name: Kevin Schuttinger Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 2 06:48:12 2002 Comment: any extra bit of neil's music is worth a thousand of the mostly mediocre albums put out today. Re-Releas OTB, and the rest of the "Lost Six"
Name: Reinhard Eiler Country: Germany Date: Sat Jun 1 22:29:32 2002 Comment: I need this CD ! ! ! It's one of Neil Young's best! Please, re-release it ! ! !
Name: steven blondeau Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 1 21:55:27 2002 Comment: Gotta have it! Finally realized the other day that I need a turntable. I have all the old Neil albums on vinyl. I need OTB in my ears again.
Name: sarah Country: Date: Sat Jun 1 12:50:26 2002 Comment: should re-release

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