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Name: adam cobell Country: uk Date: Mon Mar 31 18:08:33 2003 Comment: i don't understand why some albums were released on cd and some not. on the beach is better than some of the tosh as well so get it out there now!
Name: Dan Country: Australia Date: Mon Mar 31 08:02:53 2003 Comment: This is pure and for me, the greatest record I've ever heard. I need the cd. So all you critics sit alone, you're no better than me for what you've shown.
Name: Bill Brinker Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 31 02:40:21 2003 Comment: NOW would be good!
Name: Hartmut Country: Germany/USA Date: Sun Mar 30 22:34:25 2003 Comment: Pretty Please!
Name: neil connor Country: uk Date: Sun Mar 30 08:18:26 2003 Comment: Neil - do it u know it makes sense
Name: Kelly Flanagan Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Mar 30 07:56:45 2003 Comment: Neil, your a god!! Give us all your work!! Fan since B Springfield !!!
Name: mark gilroy Country: australia Date: Sun Mar 30 07:53:02 2003 Comment: i'll buy it - best albumn!
Name: Aubourg Frederic Country: France Date: Sun Mar 30 03:12:20 2003 Comment: Neil, Thanks to release one of your best album. Sang from a pure heart's artist. We have had "Tonight's the Night" already. Why to reject a period of your life? Merci
Name: Lina Country: Sweden Date: Sat Mar 29 20:33:35 2003 Comment: Release On the beach!
Name: ismo makunen Country: finland Date: Sat Mar 29 16:39:33 2003 Comment: None
Name: francesco tripodi Country: italy Date: Sat Mar 29 16:23:46 2003 Comment: None
Name: Jan Jutten Country: The Netherlands Date: Sat Mar 29 15:13:58 2003 Comment: On the beach is Neils best album. It's one of the few albums that I never got on CD. I hope Neil wiil soon agree to release it.
Name: Kevin S. Gary Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 28 07:27:06 2003 Comment: Release this thing cause I can't find the vinyl and I need it on CD
Name: Renato "Frank" Aviz Country: Brazil Date: Thu Mar 27 23:26:09 2003 Comment: My primary objective was to claim for the release of "American Stars And Bars" but On The Beach is also great!
Name: Per Glad Country: Norway Date: Thu Mar 27 15:55:39 2003 Comment: Plase re release this album on cd now. The vinyl is rated to min. 60£ witch makes it to a collecors item, and if you have one i guess it´s only played in special momets GI OSS "ON THE BEACH" NÅ!!
Name: Clayton E Moore Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 27 00:29:09 2003 Comment: I have been a fan since 1977, please.
Name: M Baverey Country: South Africa Date: Wed Mar 26 22:34:48 2003 Comment: None
Name: Jeff Addis Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 26 21:08:22 2003 Comment: I may go to school in Maine but Neil I'm On The Beach right now Baby!
Name: James Whipson Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 26 18:57:07 2003 Comment: None
Name: andrew pedersen Country: new zealand Date: Wed Mar 26 15:57:57 2003 Comment: elvis lives!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Craig Hannay Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 26 14:37:09 2003 Comment: None
Name: Anon Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 26 07:49:44 2003 Comment: I'm signing the petition too. Help release the album/cd for our listening pleasure)
Name: Bill Dull Country: usa Date: Tue Mar 25 21:35:20 2003 Comment: This Album rocks ! Some of the best blues ever.
Name: David Carey Country: Ireland Date: Tue Mar 25 19:38:27 2003 Comment: €70 for a well worn copy on vinyl is just too much!
Name: Randall Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 25 17:04:24 2003 Comment: I had no idea these 6 records even existed until recently. I just picked up a copy of "Hawks and Doves" and am totally blown away. I think it's one of the best things Neil has ever done and it's a shame that it isn't readily available. I've got a feeling that the other records are equally as great and the average person who isn't a record collector will never know about them! Plus, I would love to have CD copies so that I can listen to this in my car and in the office. Please Neil, your fan
Name: mike Country: usa Date: Tue Mar 25 16:16:47 2003 Comment: I can't tell you in words the profound impact this record had on my life during my younger days.I have been searching for it for quite some time-I just can't seem to let it go.I just wish I could hear it again.It is simply beautiful and haunting music and it deserves to be heard.
Name: Els Peek Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Mar 25 12:52:53 2003 Comment: this album saved my life, and it still does!!!
Name: anders sletten hansen Country: norway Date: Tue Mar 25 10:25:19 2003 Comment: the best album he ever did
Name: kidafan Country: USA all the way Date: Tue Mar 25 02:32:42 2003 Comment: I have been a huge Neil Young fan clear back into the early seventies. Buy the DVD Rust Never Sleeps.
Name: Eric Nied Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 25 00:59:58 2003 Comment: Long Love NEIL YOUNG!
Name: Matt Digati Country: United States Date: Mon Mar 24 18:55:08 2003 Comment: Neil if you release this CD I will buy it again on DVD audio. Matt Digati
Name: Paul van Huijkelom Country: The Netherlands Date: Mon Mar 24 16:55:09 2003 Comment: I support this petition with full strenght. "On the beach" is one of the most beautiful and balanced albums I know of. Thereby, it embodies lots of all kind of experiences I had in the past. "Though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away" is only one of the wonderful lines. Come on Neil, I'm still missing just one album.
Name: Karel Ancerl Country: France Date: Mon Mar 24 16:32:26 2003 Comment: Neil rends nous On The Beach! Un des plus grands disques de l'histoire de la rock-music... Please
Name: Kristian Hverring Country: Denmark Date: Sun Mar 23 23:43:56 2003 Comment: Please re-release this album!
Name: Frank Ritchie Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 23 20:52:02 2003 Comment: I've got a CDR version and it's POOR Quality. C'mon Neil give us the REAL THING.
Name: Niall Country: Ireland Date: Sun Mar 23 14:35:39 2003 Comment: Please. I've read so much and got the other albums. Pleas.
Name: joe Country: canada Date: Sun Mar 23 11:00:30 2003 Comment: far out man, i need some new tunes to smoke to...
Name: Kyrie Neil Country: usa Date: Sun Mar 23 10:59:38 2003 Comment: neil, dude, release the cd please. i'm dying here. i need this shit man, give it.
Name: louis frohman Country: korea Date: Sun Mar 23 03:29:55 2003 Comment: None
Name: Bruce Clary Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 22 03:22:29 2003 Comment: I'm delighted to find this site. I'm listening to a low quality analog to .mp3 copy of the album that I downloaded from Kazaa even as I write. I would really LOVE to have this on a remastered CD--possibly with some Bonus Tracks?!! (Wouldn't that be great?)
Name: Carlos Morgado Country: Portugal Date: Fri Mar 21 22:04:10 2003 Comment: Neil, I read that you don`t like the sound of cds, but is better a release of a cd with not perfect sound that a no release with no sound at all. At least deserves a release in SACD. For me it is the best album along with After the Gold Rush. Please release it. Let the people hear it even if the sound is not perfect.
Name: kris van der steen Country: belgium Date: Fri Mar 21 19:18:37 2003 Comment: just heard some songs (mp3) from otb if it's on cd i'll buy it for sure!!!
Name: Rolf Boy Country: germany Date: Fri Mar 21 03:33:20 2003 Comment: CD sounds like crap, that's sure, but maybe OTB on CD is a BIT better than no OTB at all!!! Please Neil, a limited edition would be sufficient!!! Personally, I'd prefer a re-release on vinyl! and the other five, too!!
Name: Markham Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 20 17:38:43 2003 Comment: I heard Jack Logan's version of the title song and have been interested in hearing Young's version for a while. I'd love to have a copy of this album
Name: Tim Country: England Date: Wed Mar 19 23:55:36 2003 Comment: Great album...I don't want to have to wait until I'm 60 to hear it properly...and Time Fades Away - also brilliant.
Name: Runar Jordaaen Country: Norway Date: Wed Mar 19 23:27:24 2003 Comment: Really need to hear these songs! have so much about it!
Name: Marco Iuvara Country: Italy Date: Wed Mar 19 10:33:40 2003 Comment: None
Name: Nige Foster Country: England Date: Wed Mar 19 02:06:43 2003 Comment: To me its like some rich guy hoarding works of art so only he can enjoy them. Come on Neil make us happy
Name: Patrick Winther Country: Denmark Date: Tue Mar 18 22:22:16 2003 Comment: Ambulance Blues; what more can I say?
Name: Jukka Country: Finland Date: Mon Mar 17 21:04:21 2003 Comment: pliis...
Name: Joe Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 17 16:34:17 2003 Comment: Do it, Neil. You're not doing anything else right now.
Name: David Strand Country: Denmark Date: Mon Mar 17 04:03:28 2003 Comment: I only recently found out about On the Beach, and I have never heard any of the songs. It's like finding a lost play by Shakespeare or something similar. I personally prefer the Neil Young of the seventies, so naturally I have high expectations.
Name: Neil Allen Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 17 02:26:35 2003 Comment: None
Name: Bernard Perbal Country: Luxembourg Date: Sun Mar 16 21:36:43 2003 Comment: None
Name: e.a. seymour Country: usa Date: Sun Mar 16 15:33:09 2003 Comment: i would welcome the re-release on cd of every neil young lp. please please your fans. many thanks.
Name: bill hamilton Country: usa Date: Sun Mar 16 04:37:27 2003 Comment: the only recording i have of this album is from an old cassette i recorded in 1975. my original album goy ripped off in 1983. i would love to see it on cd.
Name: Linda Cipollini Country: U.S. Date: Sat Mar 15 20:19:56 2003 Comment: LOVED this album. It defined my life at 16 and 17 in '70's Florida. Please bring it back Neil. My record album burned up in a house fire in 1989.
Name: Salad McGruder Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 15 17:40:52 2003 Comment: Bring all dat shit back, Neil baby!
Name: Thom McAleer Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 15 04:09:16 2003 Comment: On the Beach is my favorite all time Neil album. I've looked for it for years since my turntable went away. Please, please release that sucker!
Name: Daniel Atkinson Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 15 02:04:51 2003 Comment: None
Name: vince dowell Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 14 21:29:36 2003 Comment: come on Neil, what the f
Name: Devoght.Annie Country: Belgium Date: Fri Mar 14 16:48:30 2003 Comment: I'm a fan from you,almost 25years,I wentto almost every concert here in belgium,and I never get tired of your songs. So please continiue.... greatings and all the best!
Name: Kirby Miller Country: Canada Date: Fri Mar 14 05:21:38 2003 Comment: Release on the beach!
Name: Lars Michael Nielsen Country: Denmark. Date: Thu Mar 13 23:34:04 2003 Comment: this is one of the best albums ever.. and hawks and dowes to.. my english is not that well.. but..
Name: Len Harris Country: England Date: Thu Mar 13 22:23:24 2003 Comment: Simply one of my all time favourite albums.
Name: Gustavo Chinchón Country: Chile Date: Thu Mar 13 18:29:08 2003 Comment: On the beach is very nice, especially See the sky about to rain, please Remasterized
Name: Terry Finkle Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 13 16:48:50 2003 Comment: Bring back On The Beach !! I used to own it but - lent it out - never to be seen again. Please release the album one more time.
Name: Pablo Aguirre Country: Argentina Date: Thu Mar 13 13:05:40 2003 Comment: Side B of OTB is essential: On the beach, Motion pictures, Ambulance blues... it would be so much nice to have that on a CD!
Name: cees bronsveld Country: netherlands Date: Thu Mar 13 00:49:22 2003 Comment: None
Name: Marc Vermeersch Country: belgium Date: Wed Mar 12 19:41:12 2003 Comment: One of my lost favourites!
Name: Nat King Country: Date: Wed Mar 12 11:43:29 2003 Comment: None
Name: Patrick Country: Ireland Date: Tue Mar 11 17:15:45 2003 Comment: Pleeeaaasse!
Name: Silverain Country: Nederland Date: Tue Mar 11 13:48:23 2003 Comment: Big birds flying above but i can t hear the song my record burned out in a fire now my memory sings the words
Name: Oscar Country: italy Date: Tue Mar 11 09:36:10 2003 Comment: None
Name: Bernie Country: Canada/France Date: Tue Mar 11 00:33:44 2003 Comment: Thanks for the music Neil.
Name: Claudio Country: Italy Date: Mon Mar 10 23:56:37 2003 Comment: R E L E A S E IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Peter Hodgson Country: Canada Date: Mon Mar 10 21:01:58 2003 Comment: None
Name: Gareth Country: UK Date: Mon Mar 10 18:49:33 2003 Comment: I have wanted to hear these 6 albums for years. Mr. Young could you at least give us a reason why you haven't released them and have released the others
Name: Trevor Weeks Country: Canada Date: Mon Mar 10 15:13:15 2003 Comment: I first heard this album when I was 19 and had just moved out of home. The downtown Toronto streets and areas Neil sings about (TO, Farmers Market, Isabella, Yorkville) was my home for several years. I've worked on the road quite a bit and this album always took me back home when I needed it.
Name: carlos soaxe Country: Galiza, Spain Date: Mon Mar 10 12:39:06 2003 Comment: None
Name: gt Country: Japan Date: Mon Mar 10 10:24:09 2003 Comment: Release On The Beach!
Name: greg Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 10 03:26:09 2003 Comment: Please bring all six of them back. Iwould realy like to here american stars & bars.
Name: Michael Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 10 01:06:34 2003 Comment: It deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible. Until better technology comes out, CD is the way to go.
Name: jez Llewellyn Country: uk Date: Sun Mar 9 20:13:33 2003 Comment: I have heard about this mythical album. It sounds like the sort of music that chimes a chord with me. Go on Neil, please give me access to your beautiful music.
Name: francesco mandressi Country: Italia Date: Sun Mar 9 12:47:13 2003 Comment: Neil, On the beach was the first album I've bought. Give it back!
Name: Craig Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 9 08:53:44 2003 Comment: Release it! Release them all that aren't released. Nice one. You know it makes sense.
Name: kevin Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 9 08:34:07 2003 Comment: I love this album and i think it is the best. my mom had this growing up and i would like a copy.
Name: D. George Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 9 04:40:40 2003 Comment: Bring this beautiful album back, Damnit!
Name: Rune B. Hansen Country: Norway Date: Sun Mar 9 00:51:53 2003 Comment: I is a great shame this exelent album is not available for new fans. I got my vinyl copy in London for £ 75 last year. Today by the way I got hold of tickets to NY acoustic preformance in Oslo April 23rd. That is someting to look foreward to!!
Name: steve lyon Country: uk Date: Sun Mar 9 00:43:46 2003 Comment: i had my only tape of OTB stolen at a party years ago and i've never been able to replace it - please re-release it Neil!
Name: Chris West Country: England Date: Sat Mar 8 16:13:35 2003 Comment: I have a copy on vinyl. It cost £28.00 about $50.00US. It is the most moving set of songs I have ever heard. An old friend taped it for me twenty years ago (it was unavailable then in England). I think that everyone deseves to hear this work of genius. The title track has Neil's best guitar solo ever. Ambulance Blues is an astonishing postcard from Nixon's America. Revolution Blues is my favorite. It's completely off the planet, the bitter & paranoid tone of this song spits out of the speakers &
Name: Jeff Groff Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 8 15:09:02 2003 Comment: I've got every CD NY has ever put out! Please re-release "On The Beach" (+ others)! I've only got poor quality cassettes of all the others. I've been waiting a long time for these. Appreciate that you're still touring after all these years!
Name: Andrew Brown Country: Australia Date: Sat Mar 8 11:02:05 2003 Comment: One of Mr Youngs greatest albums in my honorable opinion, why it isn't on CD is anybodys guess, a great tradegy.
Name: Larry Barker Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Mar 8 02:45:38 2003 Comment: Much to long overdue.
Name: cking Country: us Date: Sat Mar 8 02:36:50 2003 Comment: Stick to your guns Neil, cds sound like crap. This petition should be directed at record companies to return to vinyl. Nothing digital will ever match the sound.
Name: sparch Country: Germany Date: Fri Mar 7 17:33:21 2003 Comment: No comment! Just release these albums on CD.
Name: john torstrick Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 7 16:43:57 2003 Comment: how can anyone deny the beauty and truth of on the beach and time fades away?
Name: Ilja Venäläinen Country: Finland Date: Fri Mar 7 16:43:52 2003 Comment: None
Name: David Monson Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 7 16:39:40 2003 Comment: They say it's better than the others, and the others are better than most things I've ever heard.
Name: Robert Topp Country: England Date: Fri Mar 7 15:39:51 2003 Comment: None
Name: tomjon65 Country: Italy Date: Fri Mar 7 14:07:44 2003 Comment: We want On the Beach a.a.s.p. .... tomorrow morning !! Steve
Name: James Garcia Country: US Date: Fri Mar 7 01:17:27 2003 Comment: Owning a copy mastered from the vinyl will never be enough... - For the Turnstiles
Name: Steve Cronen Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 7 00:11:52 2003 Comment: On the Beach means so much to me, not just as a piece of music, but as a sort of healing power. The record provides some sort of solace for me in time of need, and I thank Neil for this. And I request he re-release it soon!
Name: Francesco Magni Country: Switzerland Date: Thu Mar 6 15:29:23 2003 Comment: We need it!
Name: George Shirley Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 6 04:38:19 2003 Comment: I'd buy it.
Name: Art Di Furia Country: UsA Date: Thu Mar 6 04:10:49 2003 Comment: Neil, At this moment, "See the Sky About to Rain" is just about the most heartbreaking thing I've ever heard. Perhaps that will change tomorrow. Perhaps you'll change your mind, too. Wouldn't be the first time, right? sooner or later it all gets real, buddy.
Name: Mike Ouderkirk Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 5 21:25:30 2003 Comment: All my friends say On the Beach is the best Neil album so I want to buy it but I don't have a turntable, dammit. So gimme a CD.
Name: Bodo Zentner Country: Germany Date: Wed Mar 5 17:56:26 2003 Comment: Please, Neil, Pleeaassseeeeeeeee! CD or LP, just anything.
Name: Christian Jordan Country: Canada Date: Wed Mar 5 17:39:54 2003 Comment: None
Name: Ed Howard Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 5 16:50:37 2003 Comment: "On The Beach" is probably Neil's best album, and it's an incredible shame that more people don't get to hear it. I have a bootleg CD copy that's good enough for now, but if it ever came out on CD for real I'd definitely buy it.
Name: Bonnie Country: usa Date: Wed Mar 5 09:59:21 2003 Comment: I want it!
Name: Bonnie Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 5 09:58:16 2003 Comment: I would love to have this on vinyl or CD (preferably CD) since my old boyfriend got the record. I hate him!
Name: Steven Siqueiros Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 5 08:51:35 2003 Comment: None
Name: Adair Broughton Country: England Date: Tue Mar 4 22:28:33 2003 Comment: in dire need of release, the album that is, not me.
Name: Alan Moskowitz Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 4 16:45:02 2003 Comment: Awwww c'mon Neil rerelease this album on CD or DVD, or something, please. What about "Reactor," & "American Stars & Bars" huh?
Name: katia peenen Country: Belgium Date: Tue Mar 4 15:48:42 2003 Comment: I'm just 20 years old and a big fan of Neil, I never had the change to buy "on the beach", but I'm still hoping.
Name: harris collingwood Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 4 15:11:21 2003 Comment: life is hard, there's a war about to start, I've read about this record, especially revolution blues, but I've never heard it. c'mon shakey, we love you, give us a break. release the beach!
Name: Buddy Hedrick Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 3 23:20:01 2003 Comment: Please release On The Beach. It is one of my favorite albums of all time and all I have is a scratched LP that I can barely listen to anymore. I have always hoped that it and the other albums would see the light of day, so why not now?
Name: Bradley Solly Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 3 22:39:21 2003 Comment: Release the Missing Six!!! Archives, which I read about for the first time in 1993 in Musician Mag, would also be nice. Hey I don't care if the set will be 4 volumes of 8 cds each, that's fine...
Name: assani jean mick Country: France Date: Mon Mar 3 18:49:47 2003 Comment: I was a fucking young student in Strasbourg - France back in 1974 and it is this LP that made me like the English language. I would play it over and over again on an old record player. The record was full of scratches but the sea air from the album was still oozing out. How I loved this music and its downhearted mood! I was that downdearted myself. Then I lost this album , I bought it again and lost it again as I moved along my own life. Now I am 46, I wished to hear it again on a CD ,though
Name: dominique Country: France Date: Mon Mar 3 18:23:19 2003 Comment: Just simply: please dont deny it Neil
Name: djymo Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Mar 3 14:44:36 2003 Comment: Yeah....I've got the record 'on the beach'. I got the record when I was 7 years old, ( now I'm 30)so you can guess I'm a big fan of Neil!! But what I like to say is that the quality of that record is very bad. I think on the beach is never been put on cd,'because Neil was a little bit down or something. It should be a pleasure to see on the beach in the cd-shop in the future, and I'll hope that I don't have to wait for so long!!
Name: Adam Pliskow Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 3 03:29:47 2003 Comment: None
Name: M Sweazey Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 3 00:56:05 2003 Comment: Enough already! Let's do it!
Name: Cros Jean Luc Country: France Date: Sun Mar 2 22:19:02 2003 Comment: None
Name: Paul Cirincione Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 2 20:13:20 2003 Comment: I love this record ! I savor my ol' vinal copy. Without a doubt my favorite Neil Young album. Why Neil doesn't want to reissue it befuddles me.
Name: Tomas Teixido Country: Spain Date: Sun Mar 2 18:45:34 2003 Comment: None
Name: Duhautois Eric Country: France Date: Sun Mar 2 00:43:22 2003 Comment: I have all the official LPs, OTB is one of my favourites. Why should i rest the only one to enjoy them ? Please Neil, release the M6 for all these poor guys !!!
Name: Michael Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 1 21:48:57 2003 Comment: And while you're at it, why not release "Journey Through the Past" on DVD ???? I know you're not ashamed of this work, Neil. Or hurry up with Decades 2.
Name: Kristina Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 1 20:12:43 2003 Comment: Please please please release OTB Neil - we must hear it!!!
Name: lena griffith Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 1 13:50:50 2003 Comment: ...i have never heard this, and i probably will never get to see niel young on tour- its just life for me...but i would love to hear this- please do release it, if possible. thank you for your consideration,time peacelove and light lena
Name: Philip Gardner Country: United States Date: Sat Mar 1 04:36:56 2003 Comment: Absolutely! Fantastic album! Time Fades Away, too! I just got through recording my old scratchy Journey Through The Past LP onto my hard drive! Free them all!...Hawks And Doves...Reactor...American Stars N Bars...(why is Trans and Old Ways available on CD's but these are not?)
Name: Ed Otis Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 1 03:19:59 2003 Comment: Just release the prisoners to the prisoners of rock and roll.

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