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Name: Darrell Dunn Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 14 16:56:54 2003 Comment: ON THE BEACH is a treasure. One of my favorites.
Name: John Pate Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 14 16:38:29 2003 Comment: None
Name: Tom Tenoever Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 14 03:13:41 2003 Comment: Side 2 of OTB has long been one of my favorite suite of songs since it came out. I dare not wear out my original vinyl copy. Also, the cover and insert sleeve art make such a clever and cool design package. And ...just because my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away...
Name: Tony McCaulay Country: usa Date: Sat Apr 12 16:07:36 2003 Comment: Please release On the Beach on CD. My vinyl version was nearly worn through before my tuntable was retired. I must admit to buying a bootleg CD version simply because I wanted to hear the music again. See the Sky About to Rain and Ambulance Blues are two of my favorite Neil Young songs.
Name: Todd Anderson Country: US Date: Fri Apr 11 23:58:32 2003 Comment: Release them all! (And don't knock CDs! Yeah, there are some lousey reissues, but CDs far & away sound better than that crackling, popping vinyl ever did. Keep in mind ... there are those out there who think 8-tracks sounded better ....)
Name: Brian Kennedy Country: Ireland Date: Fri Apr 11 20:00:25 2003 Comment: Possibly Neil's best album! Real ART! We need this released. My vinyl's scratchy from overplaying and my CD copy of it brought the scratches with it - but still played regularly!
Name: Neil Cameron Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 11 14:41:01 2003 Comment: And American Stars'n Bars
Name: David Fist Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 11 03:00:21 2003 Comment: Didos for American Stars 'N' Bars!
Name: chuck Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 11 00:34:36 2003 Comment: just release the damn thing.
Name: Björn Country: Sweden Date: Thu Apr 10 18:40:13 2003 Comment: Re-release it, please! I hate to listen to mp3:s...
Name: Dave Taylor Country: Canada Date: Thu Apr 10 16:37:15 2003 Comment: "See the Sky About To Rain" - How can a song this good not be released on CD? How? Release it.
Name: Javier Rodriguez Country: Norway Date: Thu Apr 10 15:06:10 2003 Comment: Wake up, Neil!! On the Beach may be the finest release ever to see the light of day. Release it on cd, we have waited long enough!
Name: Johan PERROT Country: France Date: Thu Apr 10 12:57:33 2003 Comment: None
Name: Justin Zellers Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 10 07:01:16 2003 Comment: This is his best album, why isn't it out on CD???
Name: Michael Phillips Country: Canada Date: Thu Apr 10 06:35:02 2003 Comment: It just boggles my mind that this, arguably his greatest album, hasn't been put on CD.
Name: robin robinson Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 9 23:04:20 2003 Comment: when on the beach appeared, i heard "neil's had it; he's depressed, he's on heroin, bad album, etc." glad i didn't listen. this is the one i would take to the desert island. what else can i say- great, lasting, music.
Name: James Grosse Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 9 20:30:47 2003 Comment: Neil - why are you depriving us???????????????
Name: Toad Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Apr 9 09:14:52 2003 Comment: I bought OTB when it first came out on cassete back in 1974. I was a young sailor aboard a small ship in the middle of the Pacific. Next to "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere," I feel this is Neil's most soulful album ever made. This album kept me connected to home while out on the vast sea. I respect Mr. Young's decision, however, but I for one would feel honored to own it again, vinyl, tape, cd, dvd, future medium, however. Thank you.
Name: Eddie Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 8 23:58:35 2003 Comment: I WANT TO BUY THIS CD. I have a tape and it drags.
Name: Perry Nelson Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 8 22:13:41 2003 Comment: I heard "On The Beach" just a couple years ago, couldn't believe I hadn't ever heard of it before, my buddie was a hard core Neil Y. fan, he had the LP. Man, what hoops o' fire I would jump through to get this on a CD !! Lov ya Neil baby!
Name: yasumi tanaka Country: japan Date: Tue Apr 8 18:10:10 2003 Comment: hope mr.young change his mind soon and let this great album in stores again
Name: turningpoint Country: Austria Date: Tue Apr 8 17:39:50 2003 Comment: hmmm, never tried to hear the songs on this album backwards.... maybe that would explain....
Name: Shirk Country: Austria Date: Tue Apr 8 17:23:47 2003 Comment: I'm lucky enough to own OTB on bootleg CD but I'd happily pay my dues if the album were released officially - although I'm afraid that we're all just pissing in the wind.
Name: T Mac Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 8 06:45:12 2003 Comment: What the hell,might as well.Put out the six,I needa fix.Got them on vinyl,lets make it final.
Name: rk Country: oz Date: Tue Apr 8 05:29:03 2003 Comment: now plz
Name: ron Country: australia Date: Tue Apr 8 05:20:50 2003 Comment: please let the music be heard again thanx
Name: John Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 8 02:58:53 2003 Comment: Neil... the DVDs you've already released sound great. We all own DVD players now, it's safe to release TFA. With bands like Widespread Panic regularly covering Don't Be Denied and Last Dance, a new generation of fans are being denied the original versions of these songs. Every day on the Panic message board, someone posts, "why can't I find the Neil Young version of these songs?" Isn't it time Neil? How much longer? I promise to buy ANOTHER Lionel train set Neil... just release the
Name: Lisa Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 8 02:51:27 2003 Comment: NEIL - whatever you decide to do is fine with me. Don't get me wrong, I love you man ! But I totally respect the way you only release good sounding shit ! Currently, all your DVDs on the market have great dynamic range. They are some of the best sounding DVDs we own. If someday you decide to release these CDs, I'll buy them. But if you don't, I'll keep on rocking out to what I already own. Keep the music coming! See you at Merriweather.
Name: Rod Country: Canada Date: Tue Apr 8 00:36:23 2003 Comment: Heard this and other Neil when I was 8 and big brother was playing them on record. Hated them then, but it's funny how things change!!!!
Name: Bob Stwalley Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 7 18:59:06 2003 Comment: Time Fades Away too !
Name: Shawn Sanchez Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 7 16:31:17 2003 Comment: Please release all of "the missing 6" on CD, they are excellent releases coveted by your fans. I have all of them on LP, but none of these bought used LP's are in very good shape. I wish they had better sound quality, but they are better than nothing!
Name: Dieter Görlich Country: Germany Date: Mon Apr 7 11:01:10 2003 Comment: Please give us a release as perfect as possible on cd instead of limited pirate copies from vinyl. "On the beach" is great and every songs on it deserves to be released on cd!
Name: Blondeaux Country: France Date: Sun Apr 6 10:50:33 2003 Comment: not only for that great album, but also Reactor, american stars'n bars, hawks and doves.. ALL THAT !!
Name: Peter Simons Country: Canada Date: Sun Apr 6 04:29:37 2003 Comment: This album changed my life. I would love it on vinyl -- please!
Name: Richard Hornsby Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 5 23:48:59 2003 Comment: None
Name: Tony Country: UK Date: Sat Apr 5 21:42:25 2003 Comment: None
Name: horsesarevermin Country: England Date: Sat Apr 5 20:16:13 2003 Comment: Neil, Please release this on either DVD-A or SACD in 5.1 surround. Pleeeeaase!
Name: Sven Country: Germany Date: Sat Apr 5 17:10:29 2003 Comment: Please release it, also reactor !
Name: joanna smith Country: united kingdom Date: Fri Apr 4 21:19:17 2003 Comment: please re/release your album on the beach your fans deserve it
Name: Randy Scheer Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 4 19:03:34 2003 Comment: Hey Neil, I really miss this album.
Name: Nick Styles Country: England Date: Fri Apr 4 12:45:28 2003 Comment: I'm fairly new to Neil Young, but I'm trying to gradually get all the important albums. From what I've read, this is meant to be his best, so it is extremely frustrating!
Name: Mike Beck Country: New Zealand Date: Fri Apr 4 04:27:28 2003 Comment: Much sought after record and almost impossible to purchase in NZ. Would love to see (and hear) it re-issued on CD, or even vinyl for that matter.
Name: Udo Mitschka Country: Germany Date: Thu Apr 3 19:42:46 2003 Comment: Just do it and do not wait much longer, Neil. It's such a good one
Name: Thomas Schumann Country: Germany Date: Thu Apr 3 17:20:27 2003 Comment: Come on! Walk on!
Name: Aydin Dilber Country: Switzerland Date: Thu Apr 3 10:50:47 2003 Comment: yes please release On the Beach and also American Stars & Bars on CD! Time fades away is AVAILABLE!
Name: Rod Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 3 05:22:11 2003 Comment: The world is turning, Neil, I hope you don't turn away!! We need this album released now, please!!
Name: aldo Country: Italy Date: Wed Apr 2 20:48:47 2003 Comment: None
Name: Shane Harrington Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 2 17:54:26 2003 Comment: Were these available for a short while in Japan? Shane
Name: jean delmotte Country: france Date: Wed Apr 2 17:16:38 2003 Comment: Not a day with at least a song of Neil (at work, in the car, at home, on holidays...). I've got all the Neil's vinyls (and CD of course), but it's too much hard to listen to them out of home. Please Neil, hear us and thanks to come in Mai in France for your acoustic concert
Name: August Country: Germany Date: Wed Apr 2 11:32:26 2003 Comment: please release it for the sake of my friend Thomas
Name: Ian Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 2 09:25:33 2003 Comment: Neil, you could just give copies to the people on this petition!
Name: Ian Thurston Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 2 09:22:39 2003 Comment: None
Name: Luca Tagliano Country: Italy Date: Tue Apr 1 14:29:46 2003 Comment: I want it on CD!!!
Name: Malcolm Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 1 10:20:05 2003 Comment: Neil, anyone, please reissue On the Beach!

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