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ARCHIVE OF ENTRIES TO THE PETITION FOR February 2003 (111 entries)

Name:Gene Friedman Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 28 21:34:19 2003 Comment: My personal favorite of all Neil's stuff. Can't believe he won't allow this to be released. Been searching... Please Neil, reconsider. Thanks.
Name:rory Country: ireland Date: Fri Feb 28 21:30:25 2003 Comment: used to have a recorded version on tape. but thats long since perished,and like any neil young fan i miss it dearly
Name:kbabich Country: Canada Date: Fri Feb 28 19:53:05 2003 Comment: NEIL!!! Have a heart of gold and make a sedan delivery of some copies of OTB to the record store shelves. There's a world of diehard fans out there who feel like they're on the losing end without this gem in the collection. The music needs to be heard! Tell me why you're holding out man!
Name:Stefan Ott Country: Germany Date: Fri Feb 28 15:17:37 2003 Comment: Bought ten Neil Young CDs in the last two months. Need more ;-)
Name:Chris Huxley Country: England Date: Fri Feb 28 12:44:12 2003 Comment: Never heard this album. Need to hear this album.
Name:Martin Lightle Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 28 11:58:22 2003 Comment: I work all over the world (Russia right now) and can't risk traveling with my big, round, black, vinyl things and their player... all 6 now please!
Name:greg kerr Country: usa Date: Fri Feb 28 04:21:14 2003 Comment: I want to join the depressed masses. I played the album a couple of nights ago. I know things will get better, but it's perfect when your down.
Name:Brian Holtz Country: New York City Date: Fri Feb 28 04:16:56 2003 Comment: It's kind of ridiculous. Neil!...Lots of $$$. Please!
Name:Doug Slater Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 28 01:11:48 2003 Comment: Please, please, please I've been searching and searching for "On the Beach"!! I'm dyin' to hear it again!
Name:Paolo Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 27 22:40:06 2003 Comment: None
Name:Michele Lazzerini Country: Italy Date: Thu Feb 27 15:23:56 2003 Comment: I don't understand ... why??!! I love this album! Please release On the beach ... ... PLEASE NEIL
Name:lyn Country: CA USA/UK/HK Date: Tue Feb 25 05:36:53 2003 Comment: first heard/bought new growing up. itself a trip. years later vinyl lost like many lives. my kids need to hear essential truth "you're all just pissin in the wind..."
Name:Greg Worsnop Country: Canada Date: Tue Feb 25 02:38:00 2003 Comment: Love this album.
Name:Vladimiro Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 24 21:24:21 2003 Comment: I own a lot of NY Lps and I have to say that one is my favorite (but Time Fades Away is a close second.) I'm tired of waiting for this to be released on CD, so last night I just ripped the Lp to a CD. Now I'm listening to it at work. Joy!
Name:Neil McGuckin Country: Ireland Date: Mon Feb 24 15:39:51 2003 Comment: Havn`t heard any songs from this album. Have many Young albums and cherish each one, please release it Neil Come on!!!!!
Name:Gary Honniball Country: England Date: Mon Feb 24 02:14:24 2003 Comment: I Love Neil Young but have never heard this record which is reason enough to want to see it released .
Name:commanderoachead Country: usofa Date: Mon Feb 24 02:12:51 2003 Comment: neil! had the pleasure of workin on a blue caddy that you purchased from denver about 4 years ago 53? or 54? don`t remember. rust never sleeps! sold my entire album collection 7 years ago to pay for chemo meds.would love to hear the missing tunes you have been a mentor all these years thanks neil!
Name:JB Piade Country: france Date: Mon Feb 24 01:17:40 2003 Comment: None
Name:Bob Hoyler Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 23 22:43:21 2003 Comment: Please, Mr. Young, please re-release "On the Beach." My buddy has it on his computer and it is simpky amazing. I just need to hold it in my hand. And please re-release "Time Fades Away," too, although that might be too much to ask. Thanks.
Name:sandy huff Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 23 22:28:54 2003 Comment: Such an excellent album!! Would love to have it on CD.
Name:Steinar Moe Country: Norway Date: Sun Feb 23 18:46:01 2003 Comment: None
Name:feliu Country: SPAIN Date: Sun Feb 23 17:11:40 2003 Comment: cause the world is turning...hope you never leave us.
Name:chumlie Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 22 18:12:43 2003 Comment: one of my favorite ny works
Name:Scott Hill Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 22 02:39:48 2003 Comment: C'mon Neil. I'm lucky. I bought it on vinyl when it came out. But there's lots of NY fans who would love to hear it. Give 'em a break!
Name:BandyLou Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 22 00:01:57 2003 Comment: maybe vapor records could release it on vinyl? hi-def cd? dvd audio? i have a cassette copy recorded off my friend's lp in '87 or '88, including a skip in 'walk on'... poor quality, but it's all i got.
Name:John Hintz Country: US of A Date: Fri Feb 21 22:33:43 2003 Comment: 'Motion pictures' needs to replace Bryan Adams' 'heaven' as the staple high school prom slow dance and prospective boinkl song.
Name:Jim Condon Country: Ireland Date: Fri Feb 21 20:20:34 2003 Comment: C'mon Neil put us out of our misery.Release the best album ever made!!!(again)
Name:Dan Purcell Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 21 20:09:39 2003 Comment: And Time Fades Away, too.
Name:Bloch Country: France Date: Fri Feb 21 18:55:38 2003 Comment: It was the record I preferred. Specially Ambulance blues. Hope it comes out on CD. I still have it the LP. Come on Neil!
Name:John Partington Country: England Date: Fri Feb 21 17:08:59 2003 Comment: Great album, give us the CD.
Name:Chris Hurst Country: N.Wales Date: Fri Feb 21 16:57:32 2003 Comment: None
Name:Kevin Boyle Country: Ireland Date: Fri Feb 21 16:34:08 2003 Comment: In 1978 my sister gave me her copy of ON THE BEACH. Who's sorry now? It still plays through with a few crackles.
Name: gilad Country: israel Date: Thu Feb 20 20:15:47 2003 Comment: i think your devoted fans around the world (who buys everything you release),deserves all your albums to be allways available. and don't have to buy scratched lp's for dozens of dollars
Name: Rik Stigter Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Feb 20 08:42:21 2003 Comment: My LP copy of OTB is growing old and stale. I agree on the lousy quality of CD in general, but at my age I suppose I don't hear the difference that well anymore, anyhow... The rest of the "missing SIX" are sorely missed as well! Rik.
Name: Aaron Wald Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 20 00:02:01 2003 Comment: Please rerelease for my collection!
Name: anne Country: Date: Wed Feb 19 21:58:56 2003 Comment: None
Name: Justine Country: U.K Date: Wed Feb 19 21:44:04 2003 Comment: Just a thought- what ever happened to American stars'n'bars?
Name: neil williams Country: u k Date: Wed Feb 19 20:02:31 2003 Comment: c,mon neil re release onthe beach don.,t deprieve a new generation of this brilliant album.
Name: chuck breininger Country: US of A Date: Wed Feb 19 18:22:39 2003 Comment: would love this on cd,but need american stars 'n' bars maybe even more...come on Neil...please ! I still have all of my old vinyl,but on my most favorite pieces I need the cd's also...downright strange huh.
Name: Mike Wagner Country: US Date: Wed Feb 19 17:33:06 2003 Comment: Neil, Give us On the Beach On DVD-A...just bypass CD completely. A vinyl re-issue from the original master would be nice, too!!
Name: Nick Stephenson Country: England Date: Wed Feb 19 16:42:08 2003 Comment: Fans have already heard 2 of it's outstanding tunes on Decade, its teasing them to depive them of Ambulence Blues and the title track especialy. It's easily his best album!
Name: Kristian Iversen Country: Denmark Date: Tue Feb 18 19:04:31 2003 Comment: None
Name: Campbell Country: NorthernIreland Date: Tue Feb 18 18:11:50 2003 Comment: One of the great albums.
Name: Ron Matthews Country: Canada Date: Tue Feb 18 17:21:02 2003 Comment: Neil, I didn't start collecting CD's until 1999. I need this for my collection. It's some of your finest work.
Name: D Broadley Country: UK Date: Tue Feb 18 11:47:46 2003 Comment: Good luck with the campaign
Name: Michael Lersten Country: United States Date: Tue Feb 18 02:23:04 2003 Comment: This is great muic, and it's just such a shame no one can get it.
Name: Enrique Country: Spain Date: Mon Feb 17 18:54:02 2003 Comment: Es el mejor ! Sin duda....."on the beach" es el mejor.!
Name: Ivor John Country: UK Date: Mon Feb 17 15:06:04 2003 Comment: Sky about to rain is the best NY track ever (probably). I am lucky I have the vinyl and a good quality German CD, but anyone should be able to buy this great album
Name: james fiala Country: usa Date: Mon Feb 17 05:54:14 2003 Comment: The Best of neil must be heard!
Name: Kathy Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 17 00:40:56 2003 Comment: None
Name: Kevin Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 16 22:57:27 2003 Comment: This album is undoubtably in the top three of all of Neils albums. It's a shame it's not "officialy" released on CD.I still have my vinyl copy,but Neil come on! It's 2003:Put it out and they will come!
Name: Dave Arn Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 16 18:10:46 2003 Comment: Give it back! Please.
Name: Peter Theisen Country: Denmark Date: Sun Feb 16 13:06:24 2003 Comment: When released, I found it strange and boring. Bowadays, I seldom listen to Harvest, but often to "On the beach". So, Neil, let the listener make his own choice - even if you personally find the album too dark.
Name: phil sawkins Country: japan Date: Sun Feb 16 03:26:05 2003 Comment: I've only heard the album a few times on a bad taped copy. That was almost 8 years ago in France. Still, when I have problems, I always think of the lyric "though my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away". A haunting album.
Name: Paul Neeve Country: UK Date: Sat Feb 15 21:44:22 2003 Comment: This is one of the greatest records of its time it demands to be heard, it should be available
Name: lander claeys Country: belgium Date: Sat Feb 15 16:53:21 2003 Comment: this is no way of treating fans; let us just have some fun with that album
Name: Bob Christensen Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 15 07:58:01 2003 Comment: we love you neil, but your holding out on some of my favs in your songbook. Hawks and Doves is one of my most sought after of your recordings. also reactor was a look into your future and should be out there for all of your loyal fans.ani
Name: A. Stephens Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Feb 15 06:13:21 2003 Comment: Just release the CD Neil along with Hawks and Doves.
Name: karen in indiana Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 15 02:55:00 2003 Comment: for the really hard core fans, we know neil records NOTHING bad or badly....on the beach is just such a great album. but i don't have anything tangible of it. neil? been with ya for over 37 yrs. so before this over 50 lady passes on, i'd love to have it from you :)
Name: larry graves Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 15 00:09:50 2003 Comment: This is my favorite Young album.
Name: Richard Bristow Country: UK Date: Fri Feb 14 23:14:16 2003 Comment: I have loved this album for over 20 years. I have a old tape copy from an old album my brother owns, its the only way I can listen to this sublime peice of music. Please let me buy my own copy
Name: Joseph Justin Mulvey Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 13 23:25:01 2003 Comment: None
Name: Tim Baughman Country: US Date: Thu Feb 13 22:57:08 2003 Comment: Maybe OTB could be released in DVD-A with CD enabled--the sound quality Neil wants with the broader playback options required. Please!
Name: Jim McGee Country: US Date: Thu Feb 13 21:25:12 2003 Comment: What a shame this album is not released and Everybody's Rockin' is.
Name: Shin Sannabe Country: Japan Date: Thu Feb 13 15:50:07 2003 Comment: I had heard the album only one time. I got tired to serch Analog disc. Hoping from Japan.
Name: huet eric Country: France Date: Thu Feb 13 15:23:05 2003 Comment: I've lost my lp copy of "OTB" 16 years ago and i'm waiting since to get it back. I want it and i want it ...NOW!!!!!!!!!
Name: Ken Babich Country: Canada Date: Thu Feb 13 00:27:09 2003 Comment: I just read 'Shakey' and Neil was quoted as saying (with respect to the never ending quest to get his archives ready for release) that the archives need to include everything, the good with the bad. Whatever he thinks of 'On the Beach' doesn't matter. Not re-releasing it is hypocrisy.
Name: Matt Price Country: u.s. Date: Wed Feb 12 23:54:45 2003 Comment: Release On The Beach and American Stars N' Bars, They are easily the best 2 albums by Neil Young but not everybody who wants to listen to them can. Thanks alot for the MP3's You should make some for all the "vinyl only" albums.
Name: Jim Driggs Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 12 20:38:09 2003 Comment: Just bought the Tonight's The Night Cd. It's great, but I think On The Beach is a "Classic". I would love to have it on CD!!
Name: Mark Country: spain Date: Tue Feb 11 23:50:38 2003 Comment: neil please, i want a original reprise cd, not a fuck copy of a illegal.
Name: Andy McIntosh Country: New Zealand Date: Tue Feb 11 23:06:41 2003 Comment: OTB was retrieved from my best friends record collection after he tragically passed away Mar 2002 age 42. We could not by it on CD. Found it here..thank you.Please release Neil!!!
Name: Kev Willis Country: England Date: Tue Feb 11 14:52:39 2003 Comment: None
Name: Adam Wallas Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 11 02:29:45 2003 Comment: Neil, you know we want to hear this one again :)
Name: Mauricio Herrero Country: Spain Date: Mon Feb 10 19:26:56 2003 Comment: Vamos Neil!!!! Deja que tus jovenes fans tengan On the Beach. Gracias...
Name: davi Country: argentina Date: Mon Feb 10 18:33:12 2003 Comment: good luck!
Name: Boyreau Julien Country: france Date: Mon Feb 10 18:25:22 2003 Comment: None
Name: Erik Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 10 14:24:20 2003 Comment: Great album - I love "Walk On" - please re-master + re-release this!!!!
Name: kris Country: Date: Mon Feb 10 01:46:46 2003 Comment: None
Name: Sam Walsh Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 10 01:20:40 2003 Comment: What the hell, man? I'm listening to a 2nd generation tape of American Stars & Bars right now. Please.
Name: MAC VESPERMAN Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 9 22:40:27 2003 Comment: i have all the unreleased albums, and can't wait for the eventual release on cd!
Name: dddwale Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 9 21:56:28 2003 Comment: just do it neil. your best album.
Name: Gene Lee Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Feb 8 22:15:10 2003 Comment: Come on Neil, please release "On The Beach", and the rest of the 'missing six'. One good idea...you could give the profits to The Bridge School...that way everone wins!
Name: Miguel Duque Country: Portugal Date: Sat Feb 8 21:47:46 2003 Comment: I have almost all Neil's discography... few thins still missing. Come on Neil!!!!!!!
Name: Tim Hindley Country: U.K. Date: Sat Feb 8 12:11:09 2003 Comment: Release 'em all
Name: Howard Hughes Country: Wales Date: Fri Feb 7 22:55:56 2003 Comment: Great album,great guitar,great sense of humour lurking behind the mist of melancholy.
Name: Michael Ferrer Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 7 22:26:07 2003 Comment: None
Name: Jim Gallagher Country: uk Date: Fri Feb 7 21:40:44 2003 Comment: None
Name: Steven Barron Country: usa Date: Fri Feb 7 19:10:47 2003 Comment: None
Name: Simon Atkinson Country: UK Date: Fri Feb 7 18:29:45 2003 Comment: Of course this CD should be released on CD. It is a classic. Yesterday I visited my friendly secondhand dealer and who told me that the vinyl version was now worth £60. Up the honey slides!
Name: Enrique Country: spain Date: Fri Feb 7 17:11:08 2003 Comment: Nothing
Name: Nick Martin Country: Australia Date: Fri Feb 7 05:37:00 2003 Comment: I used to have a bad copy on tape. I swapped it with someone I met( on a beach!) I have been looking for a copy ever since.
Name: Alex L. Wilsdon Country: United States Date: Thu Feb 6 19:00:16 2003 Comment: You know this is a great album Neil...set the music free
Name: paul Country: australia Date: Thu Feb 6 06:27:35 2003 Comment: Neil this is my favourite album, even though you wrote the music the people who have heard it now own it- in there souls
Name: janky Country: Date: Wed Feb 5 21:24:13 2003 Comment: give me neil, i want it. why the disappearing act?
Name: Ryan Adams Country: us Date: Wed Feb 5 20:07:06 2003 Comment: c'mon neil, give it up!
Name: justin gage Country: US of A Date: Wed Feb 5 20:05:02 2003 Comment: Would like to see this on CD. While technology such as Kazaa has made the album more readily available, the sound is not great and there is no artwork.
Name: Wolfgang Roller Country: Germany Date: Wed Feb 5 16:51:24 2003 Comment: OTB was one of my absolute favorites and since a long time i am looking for it on CD. Neil, i am really missing this songs.
Name: Lara Vázquez Country: Spain Date: Wed Feb 5 12:58:50 2003 Comment: None
Name: Nico Karssen Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Feb 5 12:43:29 2003 Comment: I wait for a long time!
Name: mc Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 4 21:32:51 2003 Comment: someone said my songs sound like this, so I want to see what I am emulating but have never heard
Name: Ben Laing Country: Australia Date: Tue Feb 4 09:56:00 2003 Comment: Please Neil, release this great album. If you're so concerned about the sound quality, why have you released other albums? I'm worried my tape is going to break.
Name: Martin Reynolds Country: UK Date: Tue Feb 4 08:28:41 2003 Comment: On the Beach is a great album. I've got a bootleg CD. Whilst you're at it Neil, what about the archive. You've been promising it for about 10 years. Neil we love you. You're a genius. God bless!
Name: Roberto Country: svizzerland Date: Tue Feb 4 03:30:08 2003 Comment: I just love "ON THE BEACH"-it`s simply a part of my LIFE! I`m loocking for this masterpiece on CD more then 10 years, but I dont forget "TIME FADES AWAY" and "REACTOR" !!!!!
Name: Peter Wainman Country: UK Date: Mon Feb 3 11:25:09 2003 Comment: I'd buy it. It's that or downloading dodgy copies ...
Name: William Purkis Country: England Date: Mon Feb 3 10:58:01 2003 Comment: It's easy to get buried in the past. Try and make a good thing last.
Name: m phillips Country: ireland Date: Mon Feb 3 00:14:09 2003 Comment: c'mon neil this is one of your best albums. used to have it on tape but i lost it. all i have now are the two songs on decade.
Name: Elkevir Country: Andalucia Date: Sun Feb 2 20:55:08 2003 Comment: Mira el cielo a punto de llover... y grita: YA ESTOY HARTO DE PASAR MI VINILO A CD, CARAJO
Name: dylan orlando Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 2 20:34:13 2003 Comment: aw, just give us what we want already!
Name: Alan Gates Country: Spain Date: Sun Feb 2 19:41:56 2003 Comment: I love this album. I used to have it on vinyl back in the States but I don't know what happened to it. I'd really like to have a copy of it on CD.
Name: amy Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 2 19:00:39 2003 Comment: None
Name: dave densmore Country: US of A Date: Sun Feb 2 17:47:14 2003 Comment: 'preciate it!
Name: Alex Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Feb 2 16:48:36 2003 Comment: I've been a huge fan of Neil's for over 30 years and although I am lucky enough to own a vinyl copy I think the world needs the CD!
Name: Eddie Vedder Country: Belgium (?) Date: Sun Feb 2 16:01:27 2003 Comment: Daddy, listen to me, I NEED THIS ALBUM ON CD!!! And the others too... See you for dinner.
Name: Robert Noble Sipes Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 2 15:23:28 2003 Comment: This is my vote to release On the Beach, and to release Time Fades Away, so I won't have to convert my vintage vinyl to a CD.
Name: Matthew Rees Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 2 14:01:28 2003 Comment: Some NY albums are much better than others but, good or bad, the fans deserve to be able to listen to them all. We have "Everybody's Rockin'" so why not OTB.
Name: Johannes Vidén Country: Sweden Date: Sun Feb 2 10:29:27 2003 Comment: Please release "On The Beach" again! Many of your fans are longing for it!
Name: Lou Copeland Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 2 04:31:14 2003 Comment: One of Young's finest.
Name: John Linduff Country: United States Date: Sun Feb 2 00:53:35 2003 Comment: None
Name: alew weyand Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 1 17:58:16 2003 Comment: "Walk On" is such a classic. The album is so SoCal insightful. Come on Neil, we'll pay double, half to charity. Please re-release it!
Name: Ryan Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 1 17:23:16 2003 Comment: I had never heard of this album before seeing this webpage. I'm a big fan of Neil and this is the kind of NY stuff that I dig the most...On The Beach must be released!

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