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Name: Ronnie Purvis Country: England Date: Sat Mar 31 20:132001 Comment: Please!!!!!!!!!
Name: *-*|DeLeRiUm|*-* Country: Holland Date: Sat Mar 31 19:292001 Comment: Hi...your site is very nice! You've also MP3's. I've some dutch MP3's Please look at them! and sign my guestbook Greets *-*|DeLeRiUm|*-*
Name: Nicola Alagna Country: Italia Date: Sat Mar 31 16:072001 Comment: I liked a lot this record. I think that's enough
Name: Paul B Country: England Date: Fri Mar 30 22:362001 Comment: Neil, can't wait to see you in the UK - NEC Birmingam will be a great concert - if you won't release On The Beach on CD at least do all the numbers live on the 15th June.... I first heard 'On The Beach' by Simply Red a few years ago in concert and didn't know it was by you!! - What a great song... Neil, please release this great album and the other 5 and make me and all the your other fans very happy.....
Name: Billy Dranes Country: US Date: Fri Mar 30 20:562001 Comment: He's waiting for DVD.
Name: James Banford Country: Scotland Date: Fri Mar 30 20:292001 Comment: get this album out on Cd now!! The bootleg just isn't good enough.
Name: Alan Sinclair Country: Scotland Date: Fri Mar 30 20:252001 Comment: Just got my tickets for the Glasgow show. I hope Neil pays attention to your petition but he's a dogmatic bastard
Name: Mac Pilsner Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 30 20:192001 Comment: NONE
Name: Neil Young Country: Date: Fri Mar 30 20:132001 Comment: y'all might as well quit belly aching cause I aint goona re-issue any of these albumbs...EVER
Name: tony knight Country: uk Date: Fri Mar 30 19:312001 Comment: neil please re-issue the 6 missing CD'S so that I can complete my collection of your music
Name: Pete Paschall Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 30 19:292001 Comment: Years ago, Neil had complaints about the "all or nothing" tyranny of digital ruining sonic shadings on "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere". Sampling rates have improved dramatically but will never satisfy perfectionists with dog hearing, so how about throwing a bone to the head phone and speaker stack hearing loss society!
Name: Böke Country: Holland Date: Fri Mar 30 14:332001 Comment: Release that album.
Name: Luke Bevans Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 30 11:022001 Comment: Just love to have it in my collection...
Name: paul Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 29 22:352001 Comment: NONE
Name: graham horn Country: england Date: Thu Mar 29 19:312001 Comment: JUST DO IT NEIL THE WORLD IS WAITING
Name: Neil Young Country: Date: Thu Mar 29 19:252001 Comment: You can all go to hell, cause I aint releasing it.
Name: pparmell Country: england Date: Wed Mar 28 22:192001 Comment: what about American Stars and Bars!
Name: Maik Rozenbroek Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Mar 28 20:442001 Comment: I can't wait any longer
Name: Charlie Friel Country: Scotland Date: Wed Mar 28 18:342001 Comment: Good Luck!
Name: Torsten Fuss Country: Germany Date: Wed Mar 28 18:252001 Comment: Please do that, Neil
Name: Giorgio Moroni Country: Italy Date: Wed Mar 28 15:552001 Comment: I lost this vynil record after a police perquisition on 1979; never found it again. Since than my children were born, I began a new life but I am still looking for this album. How long?
Name: Alberto Berretti Country: Italy Date: Wed Mar 28 15:092001 Comment: I have bought On The Beach on vynil about 20 years ago, I still listen to it but my turntable is about to die, and it's quite difficult to find affordable turntables nowadays...
Name: lehmann Country: france Date: Wed Mar 28 14:362001 Comment: c'mon, Neil!
Name: Mark Garcia Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 28 07:142001 Comment: "On the Beach" has long been my favorite Neil album that was largely ignored by radio & the mass public. "Ambulance Blues" in particular is an immensely treasured song and I kick myself frequently for missing him perform it at the Wiltern in L.A. I saw his show the night after. Anyway, this album is very essential Neil and should be released in the best recorded process on CD so that millions of people can enjoy it again or discover its truly sublime music for the first time. The worl
Name: Justin Stoermer Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 27 23:592001 Comment: This is one of the great Neil Young albums, very original with an excellent blues sound. If my freind woulnd't have found this album on vinyl, I never would have gotten to hear this classic
Name: Thom Kurtz Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 27 20:482001 Comment: It would be nice to know why ON THE BEACH and TIME FADES AWAY and AMERICAN BARS 'N' STARS cannot be reissued to CD. I have found bootleg copies of all three from vinyl and relatively satisfied, but it seems very silly that they are not available. Of course ON THE BEACH is most essential of the 3. Sorry, that's AMERICAN STARS 'N' BARS. But ON THE BEACH is still one of those perfect mood setting albums with a super mix of different styles. The lack of an official release is a perfect example of why bootleggers flourish and are appreciated by us working stiffs.
Name: Ben Maki Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 27 19:212001 Comment: You gotta relent at some point.
Name: Chris Adams Country: England Date: Tue Mar 27 18:252001 Comment: "Hear hear" to the person who suggested a vinyl re-release as a compromise.If digital is so horrid why not put out a nice virgin vinyl analogue pressing with original artwork etc instead? Many of us vinyl-philes would rather that than a CD version in any case! Or maybe Neil and his record company fear that this would only get pirated to CD in perfect quality and they'd lose bucks? It's hard not to be cynical these days Either way they're losing bucks now and for no logical reason we're
Name: louie bianchi Country: usa Date: Tue Mar 27 18:122001 Comment: if this was available on cd, I would own it. I wish it was avialable. Then I would buy it. 'nuff said.
Name: Darren Lelievre Country: Canada Date: Tue Mar 27 15:032001 Comment: Two Words!!! Ambulance Blues
Name: GILL CASSIDY Country: england Date: Tue Mar 27 12:562001 Comment: IS NEIL YOUNG PLAYING IN LONDON OR NEAR ON THE FORTHCOMING TOUR? (rumoured to be playing the 'fleadh' festival in Finsbury Park)
Name: Juergen Jakobi Country: Germany Date: Tue Mar 27 07:392001 Comment: NONE
Name: Brian Country: Date: Mon Mar 26 21:222001 Comment: the closest I came was a taped copy of only the right channel from my college radio station, but I erased it when I saw a release date posted for the re-issue. needless to say, I have a regret or two about that...
Name: Alan Barr Country: Date: Mon Mar 26 20:552001 Comment: About time!
Name: jim hatley Country: UK Date: Mon Mar 26 19:592001 Comment: Get it out now
Name: stephen Country: uk Date: Mon Mar 26 18:092001 Comment: Have been looking for a copy for ages, since I first had it in the 70s. Lets get it back
Name: Mike Gill Country: Canada Date: Mon Mar 26 18:052001 Comment: getting a little frustrated, am a 20 year old "new" fan, everthing I read says OTB is where it's at, yet still not available. Please let us get at soon...
Name: Arild andersen Country: norway Date: Mon Mar 26 13:482001 Comment: "On the beach" is one of the greatest albums of all time, i know that from my cassette copy. If the sound quality on a CD is not good enough, then re-issue it on vinyl f'chrissakes..
Name: giwrgos Country: greece-italy Date: Mon Mar 26 10:102001 Comment: well i hear that laurel canyon is full of famous stars i hate them worse than lepers and i ll kill them in their cars. release it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: compernolle Jeroen Country: belgium Date: Mon Mar 26 08:242001 Comment: fantastic CD, great songs. It's a pitty you cannot buy it anymore.
Name: Mark Kleinschmidt Country: Australia Date: Sun Mar 25 15:392001 Comment: I have the cassette tape but need an official backup copy before the tape breaks. TTN is on CD as should TFA and On The Beach
Name: Jim Cowdrill Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 25 10:172001 Comment: Please please please please please....

Name: Frank Schindehütte Country: Germany Date: Sat Mar 24 20:102001 Comment: I can't believe why he let us wait for so long
Name: MICHAEL LEBRYK Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 24 19:082001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jeff Rothman Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 24 16:332001 Comment: On my second vinyl copy. Need another soon. Please re-release OTB!
Name: Bob Mauer Country: Australia Date: Sat Mar 24 16:132001 Comment: A highly charged, frenetic listening experience.
Name: Bell Ringer Country: Date: Sat Mar 24 15:242001 Comment: Neil takes it up the ass! (get back to your job Quasimodo! I said, GET BACK TO...
oh, you're deaf - sorry - Col))

Name: russ skogstad Country: Date: Sat Mar 24 14:472001 Comment: dear god, please make neil young come to his senses and to put this and the rest of the missing six out on cd. i have a bootleg copy and i want the real thing.
Name: Mark Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 24 14:112001 Comment: When I think of this album, it reminds me of other works of guiness that come around only rarely.(I like a good Guinness too, Mark! - Col)
Name: ian archard Country: UK Date: Sat Mar 24 11:112001 Comment: Have had On the Beach on a crap tape for years, probably my fave NY album, can't believe it's not on CD, cmon Neil, I'd love to hear Ambulance Blues as intended!
Name: Jeff Smerek Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 24 10:162001 Comment: i have a bootleg tape of Neil at the Bottom Line in 1974 where he plays several songs from this album...even with the horrible quality of the recording, the music stands tall and this tape is my most loved and treasured musical possession...i love that people are dropping beer bottles in the background while neil floats into other non-on the beach content like roll another number and pardon my heart...the version of motion pictures caused me to learn how to play the guitar...yet even with this a (sorry Jeff, like I keep saying, the guestbook software only allows that much text per entry! - Col)
Name: Don Kellogg Country: US of A Date: Sat Mar 24 06:162001 Comment: This is a classic album...It DESERVES to be released on CD. Until then, be thankful for Napster.
Name: Brett Eader Country: Date: Fri Mar 23 18:462001 Comment: Ummm, I might be mistaken, but isn't blood on the Tracks Dylan?
Name: Linda Kitchen Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 23 16:382001 Comment: Apart from Blood On The Tracks, this is Neil's greatest work!
Name: Brett Eader (2nd entry) Country: United States Date: Fri Mar 23 15:322001 Comment: Howdy- Oh yeah, release Hawks and Doves, Time Fades Away, and Re*ac*tor* as well please. Or I'm going to have to go out and buy those pirated copies as well. By the way, anyone heard of Neil coming to the midwest yet? Don't know why he's waisting his time in Europe(JK :)! Neil puts on the best show, period! All those other wankers who have sold out these days can fade away. Someone asked me the other day why I don't listen to "modern" music. Because
Name: Jonathan Studiman Country: Canada Date: Fri Mar 23 14:512001 Comment: With albums like this, no wonder Neil was artist of the decade for the 1970's.
Name: Igor Vlasenkov Country: Canada Date: Fri Mar 23 07:182001 Comment: Best Youngster of all? Hopley believes.
Name: B. Jeskewich Country: US of America Date: Fri Mar 23 2001 Comment: My album is old and tape backup of such is a bit worn itself. One of the most appreciated of all time. None the less, thanks for all the great tunes. Barry Jeskewich
Name: Dave Housley Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 22 23:362001 Comment: This is one of my favorite albums of all time and the copy I have is worn out! I have just booked to see GOD at the N.E.C. Birmingham (UK) on the 15/06/2001. Can't wait!
Name: Louise Loughman Country: Date: Thu Mar 22 23:172001 Comment: Neil, if you release it, I'll suck you off! (now Louise, I like it too but not that much... Col)
Name: Frithjof Country: Norway Date: Thu Mar 22 21:422001 Comment: I have it on LP anyway. I'd just like to play it in my car.
Name: Ruth Boing Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 22 20:432001 Comment: We mu
Name: Luc De Reu Country: Belgium Date: Thu Mar 22 11:522001 Comment: Just bought my ticket for the concert in Ghent (Belgium) on june 18th. Guess he wont play any song from "Out on the beach". Still got the album, Vinyl almost grey instead of black. Please Neil, for all your real fans : release it on CD, together with "American stars 'n bars". For those interested : American stars 'n bars is still available on LP.
Name: David Porter Country: United Kingdom Date: Wed Mar 21 23:022001 Comment: 2 Years ago my son & I went 2 the bridge concert,when we heard ambulance blues live 4 the 1st time.So please release on the beach on CD.
Name: yvonne cronin Country: usa Date: Wed Mar 21 21:302001 Comment: Hey Neil, You bag of bones, don't be a party pooper and just release the darn CD. I miss it terribly. By the way it is the most brillant album I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Yvonne
Name: Brett Eader Country: United States Date: Wed Mar 21 20:312001 Comment: Howdy- I love this album so much I have gone so low as to buy an illegal dubbed copy for 19$ at my local CD shop. I can hear the needle and the scatches done,hehe but it is still beautiful.
Name: Susan Vibert Country: Canada Date: Wed Mar 21 14:092001 Comment: We have waited soooooo long, Please stop the pain!!!!!
Name: Daniel Rosenberg Country: US Date: Tue Mar 20 21:512001 Comment: Never heard it, but I'd sure like to.
Name: Phil Eskew Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 20 20:362001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dan D Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 20 20:312001 Comment: Definitely rounder than his other recordings!
Name: Don Cruikshank Country: Canada Date: Tue Mar 20 20:262001 Comment: Neil: I've followed your career since the beginning and have at one time or other owned most of your albums. Most of the are now 'toast' and I am replacing them with CDs. Please release the 'missing 6' on CD so that both your old and new fans can appreciate them! THANKS,
Name: Rocky Smith Country: England Date: Tue Mar 20 19:582001 Comment: R
Name: Nick Antosca Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 20 17:392001 Comment: PLEASE RELEASE THIS ALBUM!!! I WANT TO HEAR THE MUSIC--
Name: Mitch Allen Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 20 17:252001 Comment: I bought it, wore out the LP, wore out the tapes of the LP and now limp along with the MP3s and a bootleg tape. I'd buy the LP again, if I could find it. Ambulance Blues remains as the best that he has ever written.
Name: Phillip Thomas Country: UK Date: Tue Mar 20 17:082001 Comment: NONE
Name: Hugo Sérgio Batista de Oliveir Country: BRAZIL Date: Tue Mar 20 12:462001 Comment: NONE
Name: Kevin St.John Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 19 23:132001 Comment: Free On The Beach
Name: Lee Taggart Country: Ireland Date: Mon Mar 19 22:112001 Comment: ..Funny to see a recent comment from Dave Fanning (Ireland) here about this record. The first Neil Young song I ever heard was "Revolution Blues", on Mr Fanning's radio show all of 15 or 16 years back.. Would like to be able to pick up a (legit)copy of this album someday.
Name: p.whiles Country: england Date: Mon Mar 19 20:362001 Comment: keep up the good work for I was looking for"stars and bars"and that was not available on c.d.so anything that you can do to make neil or his record company start and release any old NEIL YOUNG is most welcome for me, GOOD LUCK, pete
Name: j.d. potter Country: new jersey Date: Mon Mar 19 20:162001 Comment: i bought it originally on 8-track so i could always keep it near. it was nearly worn out by the time it came to its demise in an accident. i couldn't believe it when i found a cassette version of O.T.B. while in Korea w/ the Corps. even though censors deleted "revolution blues" from the tape, i bought it anyway. I've had this tape since 86 and its wearin thin. so hey neil, how bout throwin us old 'beach' bums a bone, and re-release O.T.B. and the rest of the missin 6. and while we're at it,
Name: Kemmler, Michaela Country: Germany Date: Mon Mar 19 19:252001 Comment: I'm missing this album so much!!!
Name: andy perseponko Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 19 19:202001 Comment: NONE
Name: Gary Dawson Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 19 17:262001 Comment: On the Beach is one of my all-time favorite Neil Young albums. What lyrics! And Neil doing some geat blues! What more can you ask for? Please (with Sugar Mountain on top) release it and the other Missing Ones. Thanks! on CD!
Name: Pieter Dewulf Country: Belgium Date: Mon Mar 19 16:572001 Comment: I can't believe they don't re-issue this marvellous album. Lots of fans are willing to buy it as soon it's released.
Name: Trent Ellis Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 19 13:582001 Comment: Somewhat left of center, though still right of the curve, beautiful!
Name: Dan Gausman Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 18 21:172001 Comment: I wore out my tape a long time ago and my drunken buddy sold the LP for a half pint of phillips. I Know it pretty much by heart but I would buy it for the memories.
Name: Gareth George Country: UK Date: Sun Mar 18 20:502001 Comment: Rel
Name: Dave Fanning Country: Ireland Date: Sun Mar 18 19:262001 Comment: Ruthless but essential. On The Beach finds Neil Young at the peak of his powers.
Name: Lead Belly Country: Date: Sun Mar 18 2001 Comment: I eat pencils
Name: Thomas Birch Country: England, UK. Date: Sat Mar 17 22:232001 Comment: I'm 19, and have "On the Beach" on bootleg CD. It is, in my opinion, Neil's finest. I love it! C'mon, Neilster! Release it!
Name: Badow, Thomas Country: Germany Date: Sat Mar 17 20:182001 Comment: NONE
Name: shai michelson Country: Israel Date: Sat Mar 17 19:102001 Comment: Release On the Beach!!!!!! by the way neil, you are the king. shai
Name: rory murphy Country: texas Date: Sat Mar 17 18:462001 Comment: I bought the album when first released. It disintegrated at least 15 years ago. Miss it. Wish he would re-release it. Hope were not just pissin' in the wind!
Name: dave deselms Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 17 18:392001 Comment: neil, please put on the beach on cd. just to hear ambulance blues again would be worth any cost to me. while you're at it how about releasing hawks and doves too?
Name: Ted Raikin Country: US of A Date: Sat Mar 17 17:092001 Comment: Please release the Missing 6. Let your fans enjoy your music. Isn't that the point? Put out all the caveats you wish, we will listen to them. But only if we can listen to the music.
Name: kevin harteau Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Mar 17 08:032001 Comment: i used to love this record/still love it today!!
Name: Pam Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 17 00:532001 Comment: Please do us all a favor and release OTB
Name: harvey Country: uk Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, lets have it.
Name: Jan Plooster Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Mar 16 23:072001 Comment: I hope for succes. I remember On The Beach very well, and I also like to hear it on CD
Name: Bart Davenport Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 16 17:512001 Comment:NONE
Name: Carol Pickering Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 16 17:312001 Comment: Best album ever!
Name: Jon Praele Country: U.S.A Date: Fri Mar 16 15:332001 Comment: Is
Name: paul watson Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 16 12:582001 Comment: OtB - is by far one of the better post Harvest .,70s Album along with TtN. If Neil hates CD,s so much why does he elease stuff on the media? and why re-lease limted editions CDs!!!! come on Neil play the game let us have the M6 out here for us to make our own minds up about these albums
Name: Gavin Wang Country: R.O.C. Date: Fri Mar 16 07:322001 Comment: come on... release on the beach
Name: Brad Tilton Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 16 05:022001 Comment: Bring it back.
Name: Ma Shihfang Country: Taiwan Date: Fri Mar 16 04:292001 Comment: Just the MP3 files are enough to blow any devoted rock fan away. It's a masterpiece, full of agony, despair and raw but fevered energy. It's worth million times of listening. Release it Neil! We love you!
Name: Chuck Courtney Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 16 03:552001 Comment: A real milestone for Neil. Great mood, stronger voice, outstanding guitar and lyrics. I believe this album solidified him as a true influence on other musicians and highlighted his multiple talents. Great protest album as well.
Name: Johan Schipma Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Mar 15 23:012001 Comment: Please realease on the beach! I was lucky - I bought the vinyl version 2 yrs ago for hfl 10 = US$ 4 - Think the seller didnt know what he had.
Name: Stephen Boxall Country: UK Date: Thu Mar 15 20:582001 Comment: I had to get it on bootleg...not bad quality but could be oh so much better. What a great album...
Name: Jaames Moore Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 15 08:072001 Comment: PLEASE!
Name: Gerry Methven Country: Scotland Date: Wed Mar 14 23:182001 Comment: Neil please ease this fanatics longing and give me a chance to buy "On The Beach" LEGALLY as I refuse to buy bootlegs.
Name: Pete Country: UK Date: Wed Mar 14 21:212001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bradford Lyon Country: USA Date: Wed Mar 14 19:402001 Comment: What the F*CK? Put it out again!
Name: Andreas Novotny Country: Austria Date: Wed Mar 14 19:012001 Comment: I simply want all of Neil's albums available on CD.
Name: ewart Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Mar 14 13:492001 Comment: blabla
Name: Wilco van Deijl Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Mar 14 13:482001 Comment: Beautiful
Name: ron kavanagh Country: australia Date: Wed Mar 14 11:442001 Comment: please put on the beach on CD as i think its a great album.
Name: chris willemsma Country: the netherlands Date: Wed Mar 14 10:312001 Comment: NONE
Name: Knut Jetlund Country: Norway Date: Wed Mar 14 07:402001 Comment: I need this record so bad!
Name: Martin Baron Country: United States Date: Wed Mar 14 05:552001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dan Stroud Country: Stars and bars Date: Wed Mar 14 05:292001 Comment: You know, being an 18-year old Neil fan has its problems, and this is one of them. Imagine hearing three of your favorite songs on a beat-up tape bootlegs, only to find that they're on some lost album that your "hero" won't release in order to make some point. I can only imagine what else I've missed out on...
Name: Jess Country: usa Date: Wed Mar 14 01:052001 Comment: Napster stole my wife
Name: paul peterson Country: usa Date: Tue Mar 13 20:472001 Comment: NONE
Name: Claudio Angaran Country: Italy Date: Tue Mar 13 17:242001 Comment: NONE
Name: Lyle Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 13 00:492001 Comment: You should start a page for TIME FADES AWAY as w
Name: kim gasior Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 13 2001 Comment: this is one of my all time favorites, and i'd really like to see it become available again. thanks.
Name: Daryl Straw Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 12 21:342001 Comment: On the Beach is a trip from start to finish, it should be released on cd so it can be discovered by the unfortunate masses that have not heard it.
Name: Bill Ciesliga Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 12 20:342001 Comment: Neil, without your music we aren't worth a damn! Please Release ON THE BEACH! You're true fans will never be dissapointed in you. You ROCK! Heartfully, Bill Ciesliga Hamtramck, MI
Name: kdaniel Country: usa Date: Mon Mar 12 20:312001 Comment: It is such a shame! It must be released!
Name: Robbert de Boer Country: The Netherlands Date: Mon Mar 12 20:232001 Comment: I have the album and the songbook, but both are worn out. I think it is one of Youngs best albums! I like to listen to it and play the songs myself. I'm waiting for American stars'n bars too!
Name: menno koning Country: the netherlands Date: Mon Mar 12 08:362001 Comment: hurry
Name: Floorbird Country: Canada Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 Comment: I have it on vinyl I'm 48 now and very impatient so lets have the remainig 6. Thanx.
Name: Tim Edwards Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 11 18:522001 Comment: this is a great album, please...
Name: Douglas Kirby Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 10 18:482001 Comment:NONE
Name: greg pardew Country: usa Date: Sat Mar 10 14:312001 Comment: pleasepleaseplease i want this album
Name: dom Country: England Date: Sat Mar 10 13:122001 Comment: Still waiting.
Name: gabriel ratte Country: Canada Date: Sat Mar 10 05:112001 Comment: Your music is all dear to me, Neil. Please make it accessible.
Name: Marc WWW Country: Belgium Date: Sat Mar 10 03:402001 Comment: NONE
Name: Brooks Boyd Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 10 00:512001 Comment: I bought this album in '74 when I was 14 and been listening to it ever since. The BEST Neil!!
Name: Rex Country: England Date: Fri Mar 9 23:402001 Comment: Still got my copy on vinyl but its pretty scratched, and Time Fades Away.It would be great to get them on CD.
Name: Adam Thomas Country: England Date: Fri Mar 9 23:282001 Comment: My favourite Neil Young album. I heard a bad taped copy then searched for years for a copy of my own, finally spending £45 on a second hand vinyl copy.
Name: Tim Hall Country: UK Date: Fri Mar 9 13:342001 Comment: release 'On The Beach' for lords sake!!
Name: Kerry McIndoo Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 9 02:232001 Comment: This is my favorite album of Neil's. It has always meant a lot to me. I bought it when it first came out. I do hope it is released in the near future along with "Stars and Bars."
Name: tom howe Country: US Date: Thu Mar 8 23:492001 Comment: neil's got to release OTB as well as Stars and Bars, Hawks and Doves and Time Fades Away - great stuff - all my albums and tapes are worn away. help neil!
Name: Alex Country: scotland Date: Thu Mar 8 22:072001 Comment: The best.
Name: Seth Yacovone Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 8 18:062001 Comment: On the Beach is an incredible incredible thing. The world needs this available.
Name: Ross Country: uk Date: Thu Mar 8 17:012001 Comment: On the beach is the best Neil young album, i have got a perfect sounding bootleg copy on cd. but please release it for everyone else
Name: Bryan Dickerson Country: Date: Thu Mar 8 01:552001 Comment: NONE
Name: Laurent Payot Country: France Date: Thu Mar 8 2001 Comment: Neil, please release the missing pages of the digital book of your life...
Name: PeterJH Country: Wales Date: Thu Mar 8 2001 Comment: One of the albums that is missing from my Neil Young Collection, how about it Neil? It would be appreciated! Diolch yn fawr :)
Name: Bernward Meyknecht Country: Germany Date: Wed Mar 7 22:572001 Comment: Neil ! Please hear us, we need to have 'On the Beach' released on CD, please think of the worlwide crowd of your fans, we all adore you ! Bernie
Name: Ferdinand Rombach Country: Germany Date: Wed Mar 7 20:292001 Comment: please release but what is about american stars and bars why not american .....
Name: Nathan Country: UK Date: Wed Mar 7 15:482001 Comment: Cumon Neil Release 'On The Beach' I rated it as one of your finest when I first heard it like 'Tonights The Night' Raw and Laid Back
Name: MIKE PASCHALIS Country: GREECE Date: Wed Mar 7 10:362001 Comment: WE LOVE YOU NEIL
Name: Lee Country: Ireland Date: Tue Mar 6 22:292001 Comment: Legalize it!..
Name: Randy Hair Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 6 20:152001 Comment: Having worn out two copies Time Fades Away and one copy each of On The Beach and American Stars and Bars, I would really like to be able to hear these songs again without the pops and scratches. I honestly don't care about the other three albums.
Name: Dimmy Cormix Country: England Date: Tue Mar 6 16:472001 Comment: Remember that insults are the last resort of the unintelligent person. So most intelligent people don't not like neil young not. We want the record! although i dont coz im stoopid (I'll not bother to decipher that.. heh, Col)
Name: Peter rees Country: Australia Date: Tue Mar 6 09:532001 Comment: Be great to hear this album again
Name: Marc Fraser Country: Canada Date: Tue Mar 6 03:072001 Comment: NONE
Name: Craig Shay Country: USA Date: Tue Mar 6 01:162001 Comment: Neil rocks
Name: Hal Mackins Country: USA Date: Mon Mar 5 18:562001 Comment:NONE
Name: GATTO Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Mar 5 16:162001 Comment: Excuse my english, i'm a french, and for me Neil YOUNG is the best,and this album was unknow ?? for me and for many people in FRANCE. And i vote for certainly
Name: George Murphy Country: UK Date: Mon Mar 5 16:112001 Comment: this is simply one of the best albums ever made. it has such soul running through it, that it can sometimes be frightening.
Name: Lavada Country: Usa Date: Mon Mar 5 03:442001 Comment: Neil Young is the best. Our 8 yr. old son loves Neil and knows the lyrics to several songs. He has listened to Neil since he was born and loves him as we do... Please re-release On the Beach - on CD ..Walk on!!!
Name: Mike Orr Country: England Date: Sun Mar 4 21:392001 Comment: It's a great album. When i heard it back then i thought what a change from what was going on at the time. It's a classic.
Name: Philip Roberts Country: Wales Date: Sun Mar 4 21:042001 Comment: If "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT"is available,why not this stunning piece?
Name: Dave Country: England Date: Sun Mar 4 20:462001 Comment: Dear Neil, please,please,please etc. let us hear it now. I want to know if all I've heard is true.
Name: mark monroe Country: USA Date: Sun Mar 4 13:552001 Comment: Ive been trying to get a copy ever since I lost my last copy years ago...no longer have a turntable. Anyone willing to sell me a bootleg CD, Im not rich...please e-mail!
Name: Roberto Country: Italy Date: Sun Mar 4 10:582001 Comment: Why not release this one's, On the Beach, and also rerelease of ... Times Fades Away, Eldorado, .....
Name: Mike Draper Country: usa Date: Sun Mar 4 04:382001 Comment: NONE
Name: Errol Country: California Date: Sun Mar 4 2001 Comment: I NEED a copy of this album, and don't want to buy some crappy bootleg. It was very important to me many years ago in my teens.
Name: George Gilkenson Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 3 21:242001 Comment: I don't understand why not!!! FREE THE BEACH!!! Also, sending you some frount row photos from Hartford, CT. USA show last year.. Heads up! George
Name: rick galezowski Country: canada Date: Sat Mar 3 21:172001 Comment: I just don't understand how this amazing collection could not be available
Name: Jeff Barker Country: Santa Cruz Ca Date: Sat Mar 3 20:122001 Comment: Hello from jeffrey B Neil young free. I am sure old waterface has his reasons for not releasing OTB. Just wanted to let you know I back your petition 100%. Sooner or later it all gets real walk on! Bye from Sugarmountain.
Name: tom Country: uk Date: Sat Mar 3 19:162001 Comment: i want to hear it.
Name: Brett Abercrombie Country: Australia Date: Sat Mar 3 09:452001 Comment: This was my intro to Neil and the vinyl is no longer. CD would be better than nil.
Name: Christopher Fletcher Country: USA Date: Sat Mar 3 00:552001 Comment: NONE
Name: Luciane Country: Brasil Date: Fri Mar 2 22:102001 Comment: Please!!!
Name: Scott Beasecker Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 2 20:392001 Comment: Why has this album disappeared? My LP is worn out.
Name: Kent Armstrong Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 2 20:112001 Comment: please....please.....
Name: Jeff Rowell Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 2 20:022001 Comment: Great idea. I remember playing this album till it was worn out. hope we're not all just "pissin in the wind" here........
Name: josh lagersen Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 2 16:332001 Comment:NONE
Name: Tom DeFlippo Country: USA Date: Fri Mar 2 03:592001 Comment: A great album, I know someone who owns the record and we really want to see it come out on CD!
Name: Miguel Yrureta Valmala Country: Spain Date: Fri Mar 2 03:442001 Comment: I have owned most of those 6 vinil albums, and i'm tired of taping them so i seccond the porposal of the release of those albums. American Stars'N'Bars is on of my fave ones.
Name: Sox Country: usa Date: Fri Mar 2 02:252001 Comment: I look forwa (sorry Sox, that's all that made it through - e-mail me if you want to complete your message - Col)
Name: Reginaldo Rodrigues Lopes Country: Brasil Date: Fri Mar 2 00:592001 Comment: Quero ouvir "On The Beach" logo, não aguento mais !!!! Neil Young, por favor, venha a São Paulo, a verdadeira "rock city" do Brasil. Valeu pelo "rock in rio", foi demais.
Name: Jim 'The Truth Teller' Country: Secret Location Date: Thu Mar 1 18:202001 Comment: LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Neil shagged Yoko Ono, in 1974!(rather than just delete these negative entries I've decided to log them in red from now on - Col)
Name: Per Aabel Country: Norway Date: Thu Mar 1 16:312001 Comment: NONE
Name: Trygve Osvoll Country: Norway Date: Thu Mar 1 16:302001 Comment:NONE
Name: Tattoomule Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 1 15:572001 Comment: Quit being such an *sshole Neil,release the damn thing!
Name: Bill Boysen Jr. Country: USA Date: Thu Mar 1 01:422001 Comment: This album marked a special place and time in my life...I would like to revisit. The album has long since been stolen, so I have been without. I would appreciate another release on any media.

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