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Name: k. roger plawker Country: usa Date: Mon Apr 30 17:22:06 2001 Comment: c'mon neil, your legacy will remain intact
Name: Peter Fenelon Country: Australia Date: Mon Apr 30 11:21:35 2001 Comment: Been listening to on the beach for as long as I can remember, that is until last night when my record player finally died. C'mon Neil, rerelease it please?
Name: Doug Mac Country: SCotland Date: Mon Apr 30 10:08:38 2001 Comment: Bought my vinyl copy for £30. Copied it onto a tape and I only listen to the tape now so I don't wear the record out. A CD reissue would help give the album the recognition a record of this stature deserves. it deserves
Name: Sean Hewitson Country: England Date: Mon Apr 30 06:34:39 2001 Comment: I've loved this album all my life. I remember it was panned in the NME but later Ian MacDonald wrote a wonderful retraction. I've always considered it one of NY's best. I want it now. Come on Neil!
Name: Stephen Daedalus Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 30 00:34:23 2001 Comment: For the love of God, Neil, release the damned album! Will night never come?
Name: Jeff Country: England Date: Sun Apr 29 20:14:51 2001 Comment: A girl I work with gave me this out of her ex boyfriends record collection but the sleeve is goosed so PLEASE release it on CD
Name: A Swiss Tourist Country: Lost In London Date: Sun Apr 29 12:47:09 2001 Comment: Can you tell me where I can empty my bottom? (believe it or not, I actually can! please visit TOILETS IN LONDON for details - hope you find it useful 'cos you're OBVIOUSLY full of s*** - Col ;-)    )
Name: Lorraine Keane Country: Ireland Date: Sun Apr 29 12:19:14 2001 Comment: Neil is a fabulous musician and all of his CDs should be available in the shops.
Name: Adam Chrobok Country: Poland Date: Sun Apr 29 10:43:26 2001 Comment: I have never listened to any single note from this album,but It is my dream.I hope it would have been fulfilled.Come On,Neil !!
Name: amram Country: israel Date: Sun Apr 29 10:18:28 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Michael White Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 29 02:41:55 2001 Comment: Great Record, much underrated. I would love it to be released in CD format. Ambulance Blues is one of Neil's most chilling tunes. Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Bianca Lukyx Country: Date: Sat Apr 28 17:26:16 2001 Comment: Neil should never have left the Byrds!
Name: Mon Country: SPAIN Date: Sat Apr 28 16:45:14 2001 Comment: It´s time, pleasee.
Name: Jarle Presttun Country: Norway Date: Sat Apr 28 15:45:49 2001 Comment: Please relase your masterpiece. A cry from Norway
Name: egil Country: Date: Sat Apr 28 00:28:32 2001 Comment: great album im lucky to have it! but there are more albums that have to be reakased on cd
Name: martha raymond Country: usa Date: Fri Apr 27 17:49:24 2001 Comment: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, NEIL, YOUR WORK IS SO IMPORTANT, GIVE IT THE QUALITY IT DESERVES,
Name: matthew raymond Country: usa Date: Fri Apr 27 17:47:12 2001 Comment: wow, that it one of my all time FAVORITE albums, its great to hear early in the morning of a rainy day, Neil, hey man come on, please give us what we NEED!! we love you , always and forever!!!
Name: Lee Litvinas, MD Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 27 14:12:41 2001 Comment: I need that high octane! Please release On the Beach on something!
Name: Arpad Toth Esteban Country: Spain Date: Fri Apr 27 10:01:10 2001 Comment: I have all 70´s Neil Young Records excepts On The Beach, I want it!
Name: David Zecha Country: Switzerland Date: Fri Apr 27 09:10:25 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, while you're releasing ... how about the archives!
Name: Mike Dailey Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 27 02:07:06 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Lumpy Testicle Country: Ireland Date: Fri Apr 27 01:38:54 2001 Comment: I'd prefer to see the rerelease of the After The Goldrush/Harvest, 2 on 1 cassette, that was available in the '80s. Anyone agree?
Name: Bill Desormeaux Country: Canada Date: Thu Apr 26 23:49:00 2001 Comment: One of the best albums of all time! Neil must release this masterpiece as well as the other five albums currently unavailable on CD.
Name: G Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 26 15:58:17 2001 Comment: My personal favorite along with Tonight's the Night
Name: Tony Rees Country: Uk Date: Thu Apr 26 09:58:13 2001 Comment: I've just had to make my own CR-R from a mint US pressing, and it's OK, but Neil what are you doing? Don't be denied!!!!
Name: Trudy Scullion Country: Ireland Date: Wed Apr 25 16:06:14 2001 Comment: How about a compromise, Neil. Release On The Beach, but wait until the tide's in!
Name: Lee Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 25 01:07:40 2001 Comment: I bought On the Beach when it was first released and had to purchase an additional copy because I worn the first one out! It is my favorite Neil Young set of tunes. & I've turned many friends onto it. Please treat us to releasing it on cd! Peace
Name: Bob Audette Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 24 23:21:46 2001 Comment: I have loved this album since the first time I heard in when I was 16 in 1976. It is my favorite Neil Young album. I have been dying to get it on disc. I have the vinyl, but I don't own a record player anymore! Please, please, please release it on CD!!!
Name: Arthur C. Longfellow Country: QEII Island (GB Date: Tue Apr 24 17:30:42 2001 Comment: Never ever have I ever felt so low! Tom Verlaine has no umbrella! What if it rains? Will he stay indoors, or risk getting wet? Answers on a postcard to 'the Long Fellow'!
Name: Matt "Physico" Robinson Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 24 17:20:31 2001 Comment: Please release it!
Name: David Cuthbert Country: UK Date: Tue Apr 24 15:48:08 2001 Comment: Fully support you effort to get 'On The Beach' re-released
Name: Mark Dudlick Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 23 20:54:44 2001 Comment: Mandatory ONE-TWO punch w/ Tonight's the Night.
Name: mark monroe Country: usa Date: Mon Apr 23 02:10:53 2001 Comment: grew up in santa monica listening to this and surfing Ventura county line, zuma, to mexico...really love to get my hands on a copy...anyone help?
Name: Paul Allitt Country: UK Date: Sun Apr 22 21:55:23 2001 Comment: OK so cd's not the best sound but my copy is worn through to the other side
Name: Johnny Wright Country: Scotland Date: Sun Apr 22 17:18:24 2001 Comment: I AGREE WITH NEIL-DON'T RELEASE IT ON CD!!! I HAVE THE VINYL VERSION - START THE BIDDING!!! (so when you sell the vinyl, where you gonna hear it? - Col)
Name: Bruno Guérin Country: France Date: Sun Apr 22 14:26:31 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: john cundy Country: uk Date: Sat Apr 21 21:32:20 2001 Comment: Come on Neil. Don't you think it is about time?
Name: Ari Sarkar Country: UK Date: Sat Apr 21 16:05:58 2001 Comment: I first heard this album in 1980 when I was 15, and at that time it was available in the shops. CDs came along just afterwards and it wasn't until many years later when I had penty of disposable income to replace some of those treasured vinyl that I found that On The Beach wasn't available on this new, futuristic and flawed format. I've been waiting for YEARS for it to come out (still got the vinyl but it's ersiously KNACKERED). So,
Name: fredberg Country: usa Date: Sat Apr 21 13:04:17 2001 Comment: need this on cd now my cassette is wearing thin loaned out the vinyl 5 yrs ago never returned without a doubt one of neil's best
Name: norie matsumoto Country: japan Date: Sat Apr 21 07:54:28 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Alfred Michaelis Country: Brazil Date: Fri Apr 20 22:24:04 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: roberto mattei Country: italy Date: Fri Apr 20 18:13:11 2001 Comment: i want on the beach on cd because is neil's masterpiace.
Name: Richard Thornton Country: UK Date: Fri Apr 20 14:14:20 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Stefan Country: Sweden Date: Fri Apr 20 14:01:09 2001 Comment: ..Please release this masterpiece..
Name: C. Stone Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 19 14:50:37 2001 Comment: This is one of the most influential works for my musician friends.
Name: mark deverill Country: UK Date: Thu Apr 19 11:54:43 2001 Comment: we'll pay. you give it to us
Name: Tony Earle Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 19 01:41:46 2001 Comment: Do it, release that sucker!!!!
Name: clayton davis Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 19 00:02:31 2001 Comment: Neil, we want this great piece of work released. Can ya please? It would Be great. Thanks.
Name: Paul Crosbie Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 18 22:04:17 2001 Comment: Vinyl collection now in storage; would be very pleased to be able to listen to this fab waxing once more. (hey, Paul, do what I did, get a turntable and build some shelves! ;-))
Name: gerard peters Country: netherlands Date: Wed Apr 18 19:37:41 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Fernando Egia Country: Basque Country Date: Wed Apr 18 19:28:27 2001 Comment: I bought the vinyl in the 70th's. Now it is a bit scratched. I would like my daughters listen to it with quality, as an oasis in this time of hurries...
Name: Scott Taylor Country: England Date: Wed Apr 18 01:05:16 2001 Comment: My version is a CDR and only works on one crappy stereo. Its a crime that this is not available to a new generation of fans. C U at the NEC
Name: Gabriele Orlando Country: Italy Date: Tue Apr 17 23:09:53 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: dennis marks Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 17 22:34:33 2001 Comment: I wondered what was going on. I haven't heard "On The Beach", time fades away or "Stars and Bars". since the mid 80s when I discarded my old turn table. I felt that these albums represent some of his best work. Good luck on the petition. I hope Mr. Young reconsiders.
Name: will brittingham Country: Date: Tue Apr 17 21:49:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Barry Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 17 21:07:50 2001 Comment: Dear Neil, As one of your most frenzied and fantic followers I implore you to just give the word and release your incredible work "On The Beach" to CD. I have had to buy a bootleg copy of this phenomenal recording just to have it but the sound quality is terrible. I am in a quandry just why you would not want to release this classic? I own 760 CD's almost all of your entire catalogue and "On The Beach" is my favorite recording in my collection so please make all of us Young-ites very happy a ----------
Name: Johan Country: France Date: Tue Apr 17 20:23:43 2001 Comment: All together On the beach!
Name: R.Roy Country: United States Date: Tue Apr 17 15:01:39 2001 Comment: hurry up and release
Name: Brian Inglis Country: Scotland Date: Tue Apr 17 12:11:56 2001 Comment: Finally made my way to the site Colin, and it's great. Very good job indeed. Keep up the good work!
Name: Nicolas Reynaud Country: France Date: Tue Apr 17 09:36:23 2001 Comment: On the beach est un pur chef d'oeuvre, un disque à part dans la disco de neil. Il est vraiment regrettable que ce disque n'ait point ete réedité.
Name: Ed Ducey Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 17 02:51:59 2001 Comment: Pretty please, Neil. This album goes right to the soul. Don't keep it to yourself!
Name: doug Country: uk Date: Mon Apr 16 21:12:29 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: John Fennell Country: Scotland Date: Mon Apr 16 14:29:46 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Mark Nemecek Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 16 02:11:47 2001 Comment: Bought a second vinyl copy in the early 80's. Been waiting since the late 80's for the CD.
Name: Athena Butterfield Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 15 20:56:37 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Robbie Country: England Date: Sun Apr 15 20:36:31 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil please release the wonderful On The Beach for CD- my vinyl copy is totally worn out. This is THE album of all time-bar none
Name: mauro felipe Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 15 14:52:00 2001 Comment: an all time fav of mine from ANY artist. even a vinyl re release would help out. thanks!!!
Name: Comitz Country: australia Date: Sun Apr 15 09:29:22 2001 Comment: Neil please in the name of all that is holy.Release the Missing 6 albums. Especially ON THE BEACH no pressure.
Name: Paul Weimer Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 14 22:38:50 2001 Comment: Please release "On the Beach" on cd. I miss it.
Name: Allan Bang Country: Denmark Date: Sat Apr 14 15:04:44 2001 Comment: I need it!
Name: LEFRANC Tanguy Country: FRANCE Date: Sat Apr 14 11:55:32 2001 Comment: Cher Neil Young Je serais content que tu release on the beach Gros bisous Tanguy qui t'aime depuis longtemps
Name: Zachary Earle Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 14 04:03:45 2001 Comment: NEIL PLEASE RELEASE ON THE BEACH ON CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Peder Andreas Eriksen Country: Norway Date: Sat Apr 14 00:55:46 2001 Comment: LP------------------
Name: jamie schmith Country: australia Date: Sat Apr 14 00:51:29 2001 Comment: There are so many Neil young albums unavailable in australia. On the Beach, Reactor, Hawks and Doves, Time Fades away just to name a few. People out here will buy them if re released.
Name: thrombosis terminal Country: uk Date: Fri Apr 13 23:08:12 2001 Comment: dammit tonights the night is so good. we need to hear ambulance blues
Name: Fernando Conde Country: Spain Date: Fri Apr 13 19:48:45 2001 Comment: Please...is one of the few albums i dont have...
Name: Clayton Bolger Country: Australia Date: Fri Apr 13 18:32:49 2001 Comment: My dad is a HUGE Neil Young fan, and I have just recently been getting into him myself. He has all the official NY albums on vinyl. I am trying to get as many CDs as I can of the great man, and the Missing 6 is causing big hassles. Please, Neil. I would love to be able to buy all your albums on CD. On The Beach, is probably the best of the six, and the one I would love to see released the most.
Name: Dennis McGarry Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 12 16:49:52 2001 Comment: If not my favorite, On the Beach is one of my top 3 Neil Young albums.
Name: Frits Smits Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Apr 12 16:11:23 2001 Comment: Just release the album, that is enough comment
Name: Tonia Sellers Country: USA Date: Thu Apr 12 03:08:08 2001 Comment: Relatively young fans, like myself, have never even heard On The Beach. Love Neil's new stuff as well as the old classics (that are available) and I need this one too !! PLEASE release it!
Name: wilbur Country: ireland Date: Wed Apr 11 22:29:56 2001 Comment: I would love to add this to my cd collection please neil release this and the other five on cd so my collection will be complete
Name: deb coleman Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 11 06:10:00 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Rick Livingood Country: US Date: Wed Apr 11 03:36:41 2001 Comment: I saw Neil Young with CSNY in Oakland the day "On the Beach" was released on July 14, 1974. He did "Ambulance Blues", "On the Beach" and several other songs from "On the Beach". There is no reason for him not to release it. It is superior to much of what he has released and is one of my favorite NY records, released or otherwise.
Name: egil Country: norway Date: Tue Apr 10 22:56:52 2001 Comment: onthe beach is on of my favorites i have it on vinylLP and its not for sale!!!!!
Name: Nathanael Devlin Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 10 18:50:39 2001 Comment: I, am only 24 years Old. Please allow this younger generation an opportunity to purchase this classic piece of American Heritage. American Stars ans Bars would be nice too. Please Neil, reconsider.
Name: Ben Kendrew Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 10 18:44:13 2001 Comment: Please Neil, release this album. You might want to release Hawks & Doves while your at it. A great album needed to be re-released. It would be a beautiful thing.
Name: dave pink Country: usa Date: Tue Apr 10 18:20:43 2001 Comment: please, i've been waiting oh so long
Name: Dirk Clouse Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 10 10:51:26 2001 Comment: Had it on 8 track when I was in the US Navy in 1974! Loved it..........it took me through some tough times. Would love to have it again, Please?
Name: Jake Perry Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 10 07:49:34 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Eric Bray Country: Japan Date: Tue Apr 10 00:28:39 2001 Comment: Always loved this album and have searched Amazon regularly for the CD to no avail...For the Turnstiles...Revolution Blues..These two do it for me...Eric
Name: frank Country: germany Date: Mon Apr 9 20:51:03 2001 Comment: da ist verdammt noch mal richtig
Name: Ja(ra) Country: czech republic Date: Mon Apr 9 19:26:52 2001 Comment: Isn'he a Vampire?
Name: daniel sartei Country: portugal Date: Mon Apr 9 19:03:40 2001 Comment: everybody knows we´re waiting
Name: andrea lanaro Country: italia Date: Mon Apr 9 11:37:23 2001 Comment: Se fosse disponibile il CD "On the Beach" sarei il primo ad acquistarlo, come tanti altri dischi non registrati in CD come "Times Fade Away" "Reactor" ecc. Fatemi sapere dove posso trovare questi Cd. Grazie Goodbye Andrea Lanaro
Name: Adam Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 8 21:17:57 2001 Comment: He's Neil. And On the Beach is an album by Neil. Enough said.
Name: mauro spagnolo Country: italia Date: Sun Apr 8 18:12:51 2001 Comment: NEIL WE'RE WAITING FOR THE MIRACLE...WE WANT ON THE BEACH!!! ABSOLUTLY!!!!MAURO & FRABCESCO
Name: Bob the Monkey Country: Date: Sat Apr 7 17:00:04 2001 Comment: You people are all a**holes! (explain why Bob, otherwise you're just talking loud and saying nothing - Col)
Name: Jim O'Donovan Country: Date: Sat Apr 7 15:54:31 2001 Comment: On The Beach is my favourite album.
Name: Martino Lorusso Country: Italy Date: Sat Apr 7 14:04:22 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, this is the album of my life... the second side is one of the best thing ever made in music, specially the title track. I am very keen with the LP but I'd really happy to listen to On the Beach on the CD support! ;-)
Name: John A. Barber Country: USA Date: Sat Apr 7 04:05:45 2001 Comment: I've waited for years for "On The Beach" to be released on CD.
Name: Filippo Country: Italy Date: Sat Apr 7 02:26:31 2001 Comment: F*cking great record!
Name: ElMariachi Country: Italy Date: Fri Apr 6 22:07:48 2001 Comment: we want all the m6 in cd!!! (or at least in dvd...)
Name: Luca Country: Italy Date: Fri Apr 6 21:57:49 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: stefano "nellogiovane" Country: italy Date: Fri Apr 6 21:47:38 2001 Comment: ...and Times fade away too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Rob Country: England Date: Fri Apr 6 19:18:14 2001 Comment: Love it! Never tire of it.
Name: cian o callghgan Country: IRELAND Date: Fri Apr 6 15:11:50 2001 Comment: IT'S THE BEST YOUNG ALBUM THAT I HAVE HEARD
Name: joão gramado Country: Brazil Date: Fri Apr 6 12:28:26 2001 Comment: Just listended some of the MP3s yesterday. Neil HAS to release this album.
Name: Allan Heinisch Country: New Zealand Date: Fri Apr 6 11:35:25 2001 Comment: A critical gap in the available work of Neil. Release would allow many more to hear this great music.
Name: Enrico Country: Italy Date: Fri Apr 6 11:15:38 2001 Comment: Please release one of the best album in the music history
Name: Vania Country: Italy Date: Fri Apr 6 08:49:17 2001 Comment: Voglio l'originale!
Name: Gianni Mantini Country: Italy Date: Fri Apr 6 03:41:29 2001 Comment: I think that this is the best album of Neil..
Name: Rob Lucas Country: USA Date: Fri Apr 6 02:45:52 2001 Comment: The 8-track cuts Ambulance Blues in half. I flipped when I found a brand new vinyl in a cut-out bin and finally heard A.B. without the almighty "click" in the middle. It's time for the CD.
Name: David Hyde Country: United Kingdom Date: Thu Apr 5 21:37:41 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: p cotton Country: australia Date: Thu Apr 5 14:59:30 2001 Comment: an artist has brilliant paintings, some are worth much more financially than others and a muscician also paints pictures. Some will be great, some ordinary but all will tell some story. neil young paints lovely pictures & i would like more
Name: Lew Barnett Country: England Date: Thu Apr 5 11:18:26 2001 Comment: A great album from a great artist. My vinyl copy has been worn out from constant playing by me and my son. I desparatly need a copy on CD.
Name: Mikie Country: US of A! Date: Thu Apr 5 03:55:09 2001 Comment: C'mon, Neil. I still have my vinyl copy of OTB and would love to hear OTB without the pops on my album. Please: Re-release or tell us why you won't, OK? Thanks.
Name: MichaelPalyo Country: America Date: Wed Apr 4 23:16:04 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dave Steed Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 4 16:16:07 2001 Comment: got it on vinyl but want to play it in the car. Cd would be great!
Name: Jürgen Roes Country: germany Date: Wed Apr 4 15:36:59 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: James Rainbow Country: UK Date: Wed Apr 4 15:12:10 2001 Comment: As I am only 22 I missed out on 'On the Beach' the first time around. I desperately need to hear this album.
Name: libbie Country: usa Date: Wed Apr 4 09:21:12 2001 Comment: c'mon Neil...purty pleaassseeeeeee??!!??
Name: Keith A. Blanchard Country: USA Date: Wed Apr 4 03:49:40 2001 Comment: Love Neil want all can hear to let my son in on the music that shaped myself
Name: Bob Bernstein Country: USA Date: Tue Apr 3 19:08:47 2001 Comment: I've been looking for On The Beach on CD to no avail for years. My vinyl has a scratch on Revolution Blues, and life isn't the same without "10,000 dune buggies comin' down the mountain." Hey Neil - I've got the sheet music of On The Beach. Thanks.
Name: Jiri Cimicky Country: Czech Rep. Date: Tue Apr 3 14:36:57 2001 Comment: NONE-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Name: bill brown Country: usa Date: Mon Apr 2 23:02:48 2001 Comment: Ah, I've been wishing for this one FOR A LONG,LONG TIME!!!!!!!!!! On The Beach is one of Neil's best and the collection suffers without it's inclusion. Also hoping that ARCHIVES project comes to fruition ( like before I'm deaf and senile)........"Traces" and "Pushed it Over the End" deserve to see the light of day. How about one of those CSNY Chicago 74 shows as a legit release? bb
Name: Mark Ellis Country: Date: Mon Apr 2 22:36:10 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Andreas Schmidt Country: germany Date: Mon Apr 2 21:46:45 2001 Comment: Good old Neil, help your fans !
Name: NO NAME Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Apr 2 19:29:59 2001 Comment: I have been looking for Hawks & Doves for several years. I have all of the 6 recordings, and have been replacing them with CD's as they come to the stores, but was not aware that Neil was the person who was holding them back. I have been a Neil person sense 1969. The first time I saw him was on cable tv in 1970 and wow. Neil you need to give us back this happiness. You will never know how you have touched my life. Long live "Captian Kennedy"
Name: duval remi Country: france Date: Mon Apr 2 11:25:30 2001 Comment: a french fan of neil my favourite lp is after the goldrush but id'like to hear on the beach again. I found the LP on a french library but the sound is almost dead
Name: Sean Lesson Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 2 05:44:24 2001 Comment: I'm sittin' her listening to "Revolution Blues" and wonderin' why I don't own this cd. Release it soon, please!
Name: Roger Davis Country: UK Date: Mon Apr 2 01:10:36 2001 Comment: I wish you would also release "Time Fades Away" and "Hawks and Doves" on CD.
Name: Greg Oliver Country: USA Date: Mon Apr 2 00:03:13 2001 Comment: I'd love for this album to be released on disc. I had the 8 track when it first came out and I also have the LP. This is one of Neil's finest albums.
Name: James D. Filkins Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 1 22:13:38 2001 Comment: One of the piviotal albums of my youth. "Ambulance Blues" is still one of my all time favorite Neil Young tunes. ALthough I have already recorde the LP to CD a new release would be great, perhaps wityh some out-takes and cuts that didn't make the LP.
Name: Laurent Country: Date: Sun Apr 1 15:05:17 2001 Comment: It's a shame ! It's my favorite and I only have an old LP!
Name: Robert Ordway Country: USA Date: Sun Apr 1 04:15:35 2001 Comment: Have never heard of this album and recently learned about it through the Almost Famous DVD interview with Neil. I own everything Neil has ever released on CD and would welcome this to my collection. PLEASE !

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