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Name: Toby Ornotoby Country: Greenland Date: Wed Feb 28 21:05:53 2001 Comment: Oi Young, release it now, yeh' grumpy oul git! (Greenland, hunh?)
Name: Nancy Harper Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 28 18:29:49 2001 Comment: Dearest Neil, Life is a drag without more goosebumps - more! More! Please give us more of your music! Thank you, darling Neil...Please?
Name: Tos Pott Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Feb 28 17:56:48 2001 Comment: Hey Mr Neil, release this album real now. My ears are cry to her it. (Col sez: Nice try mate, I'm wise to your lies) This entry doesn't count. I'm just leaving it here to let you all know I'm on to you. )
Name: William Harper Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 28 09:26:04 2001 Comment: More Neil is Good Neil!
Name: W Country: Date: Wed Feb 28 09:23:31 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: John Aloisio Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 28 03:53:30 2001 Comment: I have been patiently waiting for On The Beach and the other unreleased albums on CD. It is amazing how much crap from other "artists" has been reissued on CD and these albums are still missing. Let's get going- NOW. I am 50 years old and tired of waiting.
Name: Travis Turley Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 27 23:38:24 2001 Comment: Long live Neil
Name: Victor Schiferli Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Feb 27 21:24:15 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, you've given us more live albums than we will ever need - why not finally release On the Beach?
Name: yvonne m. estrada Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 27 21:12:17 2001 Comment: come on already...there's $ to be made and my vinyl is too f'd up to go on much further..
Name: Rich Astorino Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 27 20:04:37 2001 Comment: Masterful work of genius (the album). Kudos to Colin for setting up this site and petition. While we're at it, let's demand Time Fades Away, Hawks & Doves, and Re-ac-tor. I feel oppressed.
Name: Keith Storrs Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 27 19:56:05 2001 Comment: Music for the people!
Name: Peter Bailey Country: England Date: Tue Feb 27 19:48:30 2001 Comment: So all you critics sit alone. your'e no better than mefor what youv'e shown. Ambulance Blues. A modern classic. Up there with the beats.
Name: Jon Farmer Country: Germany Date: Tue Feb 27 19:24:48 2001 Comment: Looking forwards to hearing 'On the Beach' for the first time...
Name: Tasoeur Country: Belgium Date: Tue Feb 27 18:14:05 2001 Comment: Neil, please release On The Beach. I have a lot of souvenirs with this album. (hmmm)
Name: Troy Country: usa Date: Tue Feb 27 18:10:14 2001 Comment: PLEEEEAAAAAASEEE!!!!
Name: Karl Rosaen Country: U.S.A Date: Tue Feb 27 17:14:34 2001 Comment: On the beach is one of my favorite albums of Neil's. It is too bad that the only way people can get it is on Napster, or some other way that is not giving him any compensation.
Name: Jon Donelan Country: Ireland Date: Tue Feb 27 10:04:22 2001 Comment: Everyone should have acesss to this mans art. It is of relevance to everyones life if thay just listen.
Name: john strawson Country: UK Date: Tue Feb 27 09:08:31 2001 Comment: For the true fans.
Name: d derbridge Country: canada Date: Tue Feb 27 05:39:16 2001 Comment: bring back vinyl
Name: edman Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 27 02:03:02 2001 Comment: Please Neil, Lots of memories!!!!
Name: Julie M Country: Canada Date: Tue Feb 27 01:19:56 2001 Comment: "See
Name: Michel TURCHET Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Feb 26 21:36:05 2001 Comment: Thanks so much for the idea. My favourite is the "Time fades away" album, and especially "Don't be denied". I own the "missing six" in vinyle, that's not so bad, but please, Neil, re-record it for all that! God bless you.
Name: francois Country: Date: Mon Feb 26 21:24:18 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Rob Harthoorn Country: Holland Date: Mon Feb 26 13:49:05 2001 Comment: You are completely right about On the Beach, its one of his best albums . I'm waiting for it to come out on CD since 1987 or so. I think I have waited long enough now.
Name: Suzanne Walters Country: Date: Mon Feb 26 05:44:23 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Will Baggott Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 26 01:31:17 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Richard C. Flom III Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 26 01:27:03 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Nick Parish Country: GB Date: Mon Feb 26 00:37:38 2001 Comment: Neil, OTB is your wayward child. You must not be ashamed. Show pride, as you do with your other children.
Name: brian sargent Country: uk Date: Sun Feb 25 22:10:34 2001 Comment: i've got the original in vinyl now i want the cd!
Name: John Tackaberry Country: vista Date: Sun Feb 25 21:15:11 2001 Comment: PEople, Neil definately would have to re-release this masterpiece. It's an all around great album. I know that I love it. As well as American Stars 'n' Bars. All his albums need to be re-released that arent already. Zuman John
Name: James Graham Country: usa Date: Sun Feb 25 18:12:06 2001 Comment: The power of all art trandscends the medium by which it is presented. The effect of art happens in a human being's mind, which is not only capable of being affected on a profound level, but is also more than capable of forgiving any short-comings, medium-wise. I learned to play guitar to this record. The vinyl is beyond worn out. Please give me a clean copy - in the meantime, even though the CD format is headed for the turnstiles...
Name: Steve Hoyt Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 25 15:48:58 2001 Comment: Mr. Young, Please release On The Beach on CD. I have the album, but I would love the CD. A true fan
Name: Paul Haywood Country: Australia Date: Sun Feb 25 11:23:35 2001 Comment: I don't own a turntable...don't know anyone who does. I haven't heard any of the Missing. We've waited a long time ...
Name: ohad shmaya Country: Israel Date: Sun Feb 25 08:24:32 2001 Comment: A lot of time I didn't know why I can't find this great great album, until I came this site I wonna bless who build this site
Name: chance Country: Date: Sun Feb 25 05:57:14 2001 Comment: I need this music. It is a crime not to release it. Danny Whitten would have wanted it that way. Neil, If any of your music matters, rerelease time fades awaY away & on the beach for those who want and need to listen... Ryebread123@hotmail.com
Name: Parris Country: North America Date: Sat Feb 24 23:42:49 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, Ive got a friend who is dying... He was the first person to introduce me to your music. I am going to make him a copy of Time fades Away and On The Beach. I hope you don't mind... Don't be denied - I think you said that one time... RyeBread
Name: Sonny Boyle Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 24 23:20:36 2001 Comment: Bin down a long time release it real soon
Name: paul Country: the netherlands Date: Sat Feb 24 19:40:47 2001 Comment: please neil, re-release 'on the beach'. if you do not do it for me, please do it for my friend joost groen! he'll leap for joy
Name: Christy Dignam Country: Ireland Date: Sat Feb 24 19:06:19 2001 Comment: Just burned a CD of OTB from this site's MP3s, then used the sleeve shots to make a cool cover and label. Thanks man! I'll still buy a reissue, as long as it's remastered! (hey Christy! You know you're not supposed to do that!Don't tell anyone will ya? - Col)
Name: Hans Beijer Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Feb 24 18:45:36 2001 Comment: Neil, be a big boy. We are waiting for the opening of the archives for years now. We got Road Rock but that was more of what we already had. Let us relive the old times and let on the beach be a nice cd.
Name: andrea denova Country: italy Date: Sat Feb 24 18:30:13 2001 Comment: come on neil! make your fans stop crying and let them fly again with your special blues. thanks a lot! a.d.
Name: Eppe Okken Country: The Netherlands Date: Sat Feb 24 09:44:59 2001 Comment: I think 'On the beach' is one of the albums of Neil I mostly appreciate. Release on CD please.
Name: Wayne Burgess Country: Australia Date: Sat Feb 24 05:34:33 2001 Comment: On The Beach was the album that intruduced me to Neils work all those years ago, I am still waiting for the day when I can sit back and listen to it again
Name: Concerned Citizen Country: United Kingdom Date: Sat Feb 24 00:21:49 2001 Comment: Get a job, you bloody Hippies! (who you calling a hippy, mate? I was pogoing to the 'pistols before you were born (I'm guessing ;-))
Name: Scott J. Marquis Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 23 22:10:17 2001 Comment: Been looking for this for years!!!
Name: David van Tiggele Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Feb 23 13:48:37 2001 Comment: Good initiative. The other "five missing" albums should also be released on cd.
Name: Jay Pietraszek Country: Date: Fri Feb 23 05:19:14 2001 Comment: Neil, If, by chance, you ever read this then let me say that I have a great deal of respect for you and your music. Free "On The Beach," I mean come on some dude built a website specifically to get this one album reissued. Come on Neil!
Name: steve coley Country: Date: Fri Feb 23 00:52:35 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Cynical Sid Country: Date: Fri Feb 23 00:08:55 2001 Comment: As Johnny Rotten once said: "There's no point in asking, you'll get no reply." And the man himself: "You're all just pissing in the wind."
Name: Ryan Brown Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 22 21:34:22 2001 Comment: Neil's music has changed my life, and to not have thi s classic Lp is a crying shame- it is his highest acheivement as a singer/songwriter!! Please, Neil, release " On The Beach"!
Name: Tony O'Neil Country: Ireland Date: Thu Feb 22 19:55:43 2001 Comment: Overrated because of its absence. All Neil Young albums sound the same!
Name: Joe Pump Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Feb 22 16:44:17 2001 Comment: My girl's got it on Cd. Don't know if it's a bootie or not - looks real! (it is a bootie Joe, they all are)
Name: Ken Redding Country: England Date: Thu Feb 22 16:03:45 2001 Comment: And 'You Made Me Realise' by My Bloody Valentine. Open the vaults you BASTARDS!!!(I'll ask Neil when I see him, mate!)---
Name: Marin Toe Country: France Date: Thu Feb 22 14:35:47 2001 Comment: I b
Name: Frank Joppers Country: U.S.A Date: Thu Feb 22 14:31:08 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Erik Lofors Country: Sweden Date: Thu Feb 22 12:41:45 2001 Comment: Been a Neil Young fan for a couple of years now and i must say that On the the beach is one of his best and its sad not to have it on CD since thats what i listen to most.
Name: Martyn Lee Country: UK Date: Thu Feb 22 11:54:47 2001 Comment: Just simply a stunning piece of work - Walk On!!
Name: lee clarke Country: uk Date: Thu Feb 22 00:20:34 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Yan Apostolides Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 21 23:24:21 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Andrew Laine Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 21 19:14:54 2001 Comment: Dear Mr Neil (Not So) Young (Anymore) Who do you think you are, denying us,your loyal fans, the right to buy your albums? Very Annoyed Andrew Laine
Name: Joel Montain Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 21 18:53:33 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, get real!
Name: Brett Lewis Country: US Date: Wed Feb 21 16:14:47 2001 Comment: I recently recorded both "On The Beach" and "Time Fades Away" from a tape, recording from tape to tape gives crappy sound, Neil would be very displeased with those results. These are two of his best albums, there is not a bad song in my opinion on either one, and regarding Time Fades... what a great idea: new songs done live. Please please please rerelease these albums.*
Name: Jozef Mastena Country: Slovakia Date: Wed Feb 21 14:28:22 2001 Comment: please, Neil!
Name: Danny Tunick Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 21 05:52:11 2001 Comment: I like hamburgers I like gold - Neil give us your album it makes me chop my hand off!!! (each to their own Danny! - Col)
Name: Nino Gurgone Country: Italia Date: Wed Feb 21 04:53:35 2001 Comment: Please Neil... -----
Name: Jay Somerset Country: Canada Date: Wed Feb 21 04:40:26 2001 Comment: On the Beach is one of my favorite albums by Neil. His voice carries the emotion of twelve train wrecks and overcast mornings. No lie.
Name: RyeBread123 Country: usa Date: Wed Feb 21 04:35:55 2001 Comment: Neil, release on the beach and time fades away and I will give you one of my unreleased songs.
Name: Jon Arntson Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 21 02:32:50 2001 Comment: Neil -- I hear some people have got their dream. I've got mine. . . . Please release "On the Beach" on CD!
Name: Dean James Country: Australia Date: Wed Feb 21 01:50:39 2001 Comment: My vinyl is slowly wearing thin and there is a hole in my CD collection. There is room for at least 6 more. Where is On The Beach? Hope this works.
Name: Dark Magus Country: Date: Wed Feb 21 00:09:36 2001 Comment: Most of us are not audiophiles. On The Beach should have been out years ago. It will most likely be years before the new audio standards are sorted out. Haven't we all waited long enough?
Name: Christopher Thomas Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Feb 20 23:23:04 2001 Comment: Yes, please.
Name: Dave Lockwood Country: UK Date: Tue Feb 20 18:06:44 2001 Comment: Please re-release On The Beach on SACD; but even CD or DVD Audio would be better than the MP3 and casette versions we have to put up with now!
Name: Tony Palmer Country: England Date: Tue Feb 20 09:20:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Gary Blake Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 20 06:37:20 2001 Comment: Neil - my vinyl is in bad shape. Please, release the CD!
Name: michael goodall Country: Japan Date: Tue Feb 20 03:06:59 2001 Comment: release the rest too
Name: Michael Juengst Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 19 22:14:35 2001 Comment: I hope this helps, I've been waiting for it to come out on cd format. Good Luck!
Name: Andropov Lloyd Country: Norway Date: Mon Feb 19 18:57:17 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mootbar Country: Canada Date: Mon Feb 19 18:44:32 2001 Comment: $80 US for a vinyl copy of On the Beach?! I've seen several at many record shops here in Toronto. I picked one up for $12 CDN (about $8 US). It's too bad, however, that all these great record shops here in T.O. are disappearing.
Name: Joe Hill Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 19 18:08:37 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Scott Wilbowe Country: U.S.A Date: Mon Feb 19 17:10:57 2001 Comment: Release the mutherf****r!!!
Name: Arthur Pigg Country: World Citizen Date: Mon Feb 19 17:04:40 2001 Comment: Release Neil Young on the beach! Is he some kinda turtle wanting to return to the sea?
Name: Yip Yonkenstein Country: Israel Date: Mon Feb 19 16:16:51 2001 Comment: Was 'See The Sky About To Rain' written by Neil Young or Gene Clark, of the Byrds? According to 'The Rough Guide To Rock', it was the latter!
Name: Ruth Beer Country: England Date: Mon Feb 19 14:20:47 2001 Comment: Chris Rea's version is cool, can't wait to hear the original!
Name: Andy Colin Country: England, UK Date: Mon Feb 19 13:09:48 2001 Comment: Well, thanks to this site I now realise that many years hopefully searching in case I found it on a Japanese import or something were doomed to failure! I can vouch for 3 of the "missing 6" albums: OTB, Time Fades Away and American Stars n Bars (all excellent), but I haven't heard the other 3. Hopefully it won't turn into a Stanley Kubrik/Clockwork Orange scenario where we have to wait until the guy's dead... :-)
Name: Bob Danks Country: Australia Date: Mon Feb 19 07:18:23 2001 Comment: Now I know it's not on CD I can stop looking for it. Thanks Bob D.
Name: Neil Young Country: Date: Sun Feb 18 18:39:32 2001 Comment: NEVER! (Is that really you, Neil? Naah, didn't think so..)
Name: Brendan Grace Country: Ireland Date: Sun Feb 18 17:54:20 2001 Comment: On The Beach was actually released on CD in late '94. I don't know how soon afterwards it was deleted! (Sorry Brendan, it has NEVER been released on CD. You probably found a bootleg. It was DUE for release at that time but it was not ACTUALLY released - Col)
Name: Randy Quankin Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 18 16:51:50 2001 Comment: C
Name: Walter Keenan Country: U.S. of A. Date: Sun Feb 18 11:47:16 2001 Comment: Please release it now.
Name: Joannic Laborde Country: Canada Date: Sun Feb 18 06:34:40 2001 Comment: That would be nice !
Name: brad caffeine Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 17 21:02:40 2001 Comment: like the remaining "missing 6" records, i've been trying to hunt this one down forever. i just feel that w/o a cd re-release, some of us are going to have to settle for poor quality bootleg copies. and that's really too bad.
Name: Ian Ruffin Country: Australia Date: Sat Feb 17 18:43:25 2001 Comment: It's a shit hot record! I loved it when it first appeared. I still love it. Even my kids (Jesse, 15 and Marty,11)love it and most of Neil's other stuff. But it's damn near transparent now through being played so many times. Give us a cd rerelease willya Neil?
Name: Lloyd Tengdahl Country: Australia Date: Sat Feb 17 08:20:32 2001 Comment: Dear Young Neil since it was released way back, I have never tired of this masterpiece {I wouldnt use that term loosely}When one is a little down, you cant beat a friend who can tell you how it is. Yours Pleadingly Lloyd Tengdahl.
Name: Kees van den Berg Country: Holland Date: Sat Feb 17 08:06:37 2001 Comment: Please
Name: Mike Bloebens Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 16 21:40:13 2001 Comment: Can anybody tell me where I can get a CD of On The Beach by Neil Young?
Name: Toby Wyre Country: traliaAus Date: Fri Feb 16 16:09:19 2001 Comment: I listen to a tape of ON THE BEACH while walkabout in th bush. The wife just bought me a spanking new CD walkman, but until i can get hold of OTB CD, i'll stick to the tape.
Name: Bob Cupp Country: us Date: Fri Feb 16 15:41:55 2001 Comment: Some chick stole my copy in high school 25 years ago. I've never forgiven the b***h
Name: scott feener Country: Canada Date: Fri Feb 16 15:39:46 2001 Comment: I NEED MORE NEIL!!!!!
Name: brian tonsmeire Country: usa Date: Fri Feb 16 15:28:11 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Neil Quinn Country: England Date: Fri Feb 16 11:21:01 2001 Comment: Good idea, heard some of the album on the site, excellent. Why though hasn't it been released, I mean you can get every other album, why not this one? There probably is a reason, but I don't want to know.
Name: Jörg Hoppe Country: Germany Date: Fri Feb 16 10:54:29 2001 Comment: I love your music - and I d love hearing that album! saw you berlin/waldbühne 4 years ago - great show!
Name: Danny Country: Canada Date: Fri Feb 16 10:29:38 2001 Comment: I keep a list of the top 50 albums I want in my wallet at all times, so that I don't forget to look for them when I happen into a record/cd store. ON THE BEACH has been #1 on my list for about 3 years now. AMG music guide rates this album as a perfect 5 star album. I checked their listing of all the albums rated as 5 stars by them, year by year, and ON THE BEACH is the only one not in print.
Name: Andy Dickinson Country: UK Date: Thu Feb 15 18:49:00 2001 Comment: My favourite album of all tim..indeed "On the Beach" is my favourite SONG of all time. Pleas re-release on CD as my cassette copy was stolen some time ago. Tour again soon to the UK.
Name: Yip Yonkenstein Country: Israel Date: Thu Feb 15 18:45:05 2001 Comment: Neil, " This Notes For You". "Comes a Time", when we gotta take a "Journey Through the Past", so give "On The Beach" its "Freedom". Let the fans hear it in all its "Ragged Glory" Shalom
Name: GER - BEN Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Feb 15 18:34:41 2001 Comment: hey neil I realy like to listen to that record so please ....I'm on my knees .....
Name: Randall Davis Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 15 17:42:55 2001 Comment: I have loved this album since it was first released, and would love to have a copy on cd. I realize that there are severe limitations with cd audio but it is one of the few options at the moment. Please?
Name: Russ Ploert Country: Date: Thu Feb 15 13:39:53 2001 Comment: Russ Never Sleeps, cos he can't get On The Beach.
Name: Marc Jaffe Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 15 13:00:06 2001 Comment: Neil There "Comes A Time" when you have to release all of your old albums on CD. Please release On The Beach on CD now........................... (we can wait for the DVD-audio) Thanks, Marc
Name: Laurie McDermott Country: Date: Thu Feb 15 02:09:42 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Regis Campbell Country: UK/Jamaica Date: Thu Feb 15 01:18:21 2001 Comment: Neil young and Bob Marley, dat wud ave bin a gud parin, man
Name: Todd Rumpelli Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 22:41:24 2001 Comment: The problem is, Neil is a typical grumpy Canadian! An American would not have any such qualms; we don't suffer from a massive inferiority complex!
Name: Bartley Fondricks Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 22:33:18 2001 Comment: Release the mother!!!
Name: Randy J. Maurer Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 20:48:03 2001 Comment: I have it on LP but I want a CD too!!
Name: mark sweazey Country: usa Date: Wed Feb 14 20:43:17 2001 Comment: just do it!
Name: Ron Moss Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 20:38:58 2001 Comment: I think the fact that this website/petition has been created is reason enough to release this work on cd. How many other albums or artists inspire such loyalty?
Name: Jill Goodwin Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 19:21:59 2001 Comment: I'd love a copy of this album, the only track I've heard from it is Horse With No Name, if the rest is as good, WOW! (er, shurely shome mishtake - Col - HWNN isn't even a Neil song)
Name: Jim Swilley Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 19:16:49 2001 Comment: See this lonely boy out on the weekend, trying to find a copy of OTB. Come on Mr Young, a man needs On The Beach! The world is turning, don't let it turn away from OTB!
Name: Mike Stead Country: New Zealand Date: Wed Feb 14 16:30:01 2001 Comment: I've read the guff on DVD-A. I know CD is a compromise. I'll buy BOTH when they come out, one for the car, one for home! PLEEEEASE RELEASE ME...LET ME GO... I've got all the rest, but I've never heard OTB. Now I gotta go buy a record player and find the vinyl...
Name: George Fox Country: UK Date: Wed Feb 14 10:09:48 2001 Comment: Among a large body of fine work this is still the album I play most often, my vinyl's vitually see-through. Please let's have an offical re-release in some format.
Name: Olivier Country: Canada Date: Wed Feb 14 07:30:18 2001 Comment: I discovered this album last summer while treeplanting in northern Ontario through an awesome cook. Release the CD Neil, let me give you coin for awesome work!
Name: Jim Graves Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 05:10:52 2001 Comment: Don't let this album fade away, Neil! There is too much crap out there to let this one go the way of the dinosaur!
Name: Chris Kitchen Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 04:55:46 2001 Comment: I would like to see On The Beach re-released on CD. However, NAPSTER has the entire discography of On the Beach, and I have downloaded it onto my PC and burned a few copies. If Neil releases On The Beach, however, I would be very willing to buy it.
Name: Michael Scott Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 14 01:02:54 2001 Comment: I purchased this work originally when it was first released on cassett. The tape was played to the point it was totalled. I would purchase this music in any form it was available in if only I could. I have been searching for years to no avail. If this comment can in any way pursuade Mr Young to re-relaise this outstanding album again I would be forever thankful. WE NEED THE TUNES NEIL!!!!!!!!!
Name: Mike Hipkin Country: England Date: Tue Feb 13 21:27:38 2001 Comment: I bought this vinyl album years ago but didn't realise it has had such a chequered history. Go on, give others the opportunity to judge for themselves !!
Name: Troy Ribauld Country: Canada Date: Tue Feb 13 20:37:29 2001 Comment: If Mr Neil Young doesn't like CDs, why does he release new material on the format?
Name: Jacob Country: Dutch Date: Tue Feb 13 19:25:36 2001 Comment: Al vele jaren hoop ik dat dit album op cd uitkomt, telkens weer was er die verwachting van nu eindelijk.... maar nu hoeft het van mij niet meer! Ik blijf naar de LP luisteren en die cd uitgave kan me gestolen worden, beslist niet meer van belang! Tsjuus TJA!
Name: David Griffiths Country: UK Date: Tue Feb 13 12:41:09 2001 Comment: Bought the vinyl years ago, thought it was excellent, lost it, just went to amazon to buy new copy on CD and couldn't believe it wasn't there!
Name: David Widdowson Country: Australia Date: Tue Feb 13 03:29:58 2001 Comment: I cannot believe it! "On the Beach" is Neil Young's BEST ALBUM! I've loved it since I was 15 (25 years ago!), and thought I was crazy as I was the only one who did! Please release it!
Name: Karl Schubert Country: Germany Date: Mon Feb 12 23:38:01 2001 Comment: "I need a crowd of people, but I can´t face them day to day". I need "On The Beach", as I could listen to it from day to day. Come on, Neil Young! best wishes from Karl. P.S.: My son´s name is Neil.
Name: Steve Smith Country: UK Date: Mon Feb 12 18:20:40 2001 Comment: Let me hear it!
Name: Jay S. Price Country: USA Date: Mon Feb 12 02:58:55 2001 Comment: I lost the album man...
Name: Seth Armstrong Country: Emerdale Farm Date: Mon Feb 12 01:18:50 2001 Comment: Colin, you're right, I was being stupid, sorry. However, worthy as your cause may be, many visitors comments are cringe inducing. Quoting lyrics is as sad as adopting the name of a soap character! (I guess you have a point there Seth! Coulda chosen a better soap... Col)
Name: Jeoff Bull Country: Canada Date: Mon Feb 12 00:12:46 2001 Comment: The more I hear about this record, the more I want to hear it. Please let it out. With respect, Jeoff
Name: Ronny Solum Olsen Country: Norway Date: Sun Feb 11 23:42:33 2001 Comment: You're all NOT just pissing in the wind
Name: Wayne Hibbard Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 11 22:12:15 2001 Comment: In 1974 I had enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was traveling by bus to a location. Seated next to me was a longhaired hippy. He leaned over and said check this out and handed me the album On The Beach. I will never forget this and have been a fan of Neil young ever since. Im with you man. Release the Beach.
Name: David Holt Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 11 21:37:47 2001 Comment: Can anyone give any serious reason for not having it available?!?
Name: Hugh Evans Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 11 21:07:10 2001 Comment: Please release the material....I especially miss "Hawks and Doves". If you won't release your material thru expected standards, will you consider other options? Your well is very deep...allows us to drink the water. Thanks for the music and God Bless. Hugh
Name: Travis Reddaway Country: Canada Date: Sun Feb 11 19:13:07 2001 Comment: I have been a fan for years, and it's very hard for me to complete my collection if I'm unable to buy some of his records on CD.
Name: George Robbins Country: England Date: Sun Feb 11 14:10:18 2001 Comment: Im on the beach I am writing to you from the beach I am so silly
Name: David Eyton Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 11 01:18:57 2001 Comment: Have got all 6 so-called "missing " albums on vinyl and would like to hear them on Cd. "I've never heard a man tell so many lies Got a different set of stories for every set of eyes"
Name: Ben Walker Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 10 19:38:19 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Denis Van Belle Country: Belgium Date: Sat Feb 10 19:13:12 2001 Comment: Don't let this music in oblivion Neil, the message of it is far too important to let it dissapear. Denis & Michelle
Name: Neil Ross Country: England Date: Sat Feb 10 18:39:27 2001 Comment: This is a great album,but i havent heard it since my record deck broke. I miss it. Release it Neil,please.
Name: Richard Boehm Country: England Date: Sat Feb 10 18:34:55 2001 Comment: please release this album on cd we love this album, Have it on vinyl but no turntable to play it on
Name: Rod Wilson Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 10 14:26:38 2001 Comment: great album, my lp is running down, need to be relaesed on cd!
Name: Yogi Country: Germany Date: Sat Feb 10 14:14:58 2001 Comment: Got it on LP ,Revelution Blues is Neils all Time best.Please bring it out again.
Name: Seth Armstrong Country: Emerdale Farm Date: Sat Feb 10 13:39:04 2001 Comment: You only allow opinions that match your own! Sad tosser! (The site owner [that's me] had deleted an insult from Seth from the guestbook)
Colin replies: Not true Seth, if you can be bothered to look through the archive you will find a few dissenting comments.
The fact that there are not many to be seen is entirely due to the fact that I don't receive very many. I do NOT delete dissenting comments, I DO, however, delete insults. What I take issue with is when someone such as yourself is being offensive. It's boring, it's irrelevant and it just makes YOU the sad one, I'm afraid. Stick to the point, say what ya like but stick to the point. This is an On The Beach petition site, anything pointless gets dumped. And anyway, why should I care about you lot? , it's my site, I can do what I want......ooops, stop it now...
we return you now to your regular broadcast...

Name: Rich Tucker Country: UK Date: Sat Feb 10 00:57:12 2001 Comment: On The Beach is one of my favourite albums (of any artist) of all time. Ambulance Blues (which alledgedly Young hates) is startlingly beautiful. My only living copy is on TAPE. FREE THE ALBUM
Name: Jan Country: Germany Date: Fri Feb 9 08:21:52 2001 Comment: Please ! I want On the beach !
Name: Dave Palmer Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 9 07:28:37 2001 Comment: I rather have the CD (Time Fades Away also), But at least re-release the vinyl. It's robbery what people are selling for hacked up originals.
Name: bill mackenzie Country: u.s. Date: Fri Feb 9 00:18:30 2001 Comment: this is available on napstar but i would rather have the cd that looks like the album. thanks
Name: traen regis Country: france Date: Thu Feb 8 23:12:40 2001 Comment: Please, Mr. Reprise, do something for On the beach. Nothing is more beautiful. Except perhaps Time fades away ... Two masterpieces that i am to proud to own.
Name: stef podevyn Country: belgium Date: Thu Feb 8 14:51:00 2001 Comment: I fully agree : great record. Ambulance blues is one of my all-time favorite songs, although I don't know what he's singing about ...
Name: Paul B Country: Great Britain Date: Thu Feb 8 13:19:42 2001 Comment: Neil - do the right thing good buddy and release this great album on CD. Also, any chance of a U.K. tour? Amarica's a long way to go to see you live!!
Name: Murray Lee Country: Australia Date: Thu Feb 8 12:37:32 2001 Comment: It is time to re-visit the beach!
Name: Kelly Knight Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 8 08:36:43 2001 Comment: OTB was THE background music during years my brother & I laughed, learned, & grew up. He's gone forever, but if I could listen to the tunes again, I would surely hear our laughter, he would surely feel my love. Music > death or pain. It keeps us linked with our past & future.
Name: Joel Derr Country: U.S.A Date: Thu Feb 8 05:21:30 2001 Comment: I was 22 years old when OTB was released and still have the vinyl. It's still mint condition! Got a boot of it too! Plus a poster I got for free at a record store of it! It's a dark album, emotion wise, which is why it's so f*cking great these days! Resonance, I believe they call it!
Name: brian Country: US Date: Thu Feb 8 00:35:59 2001 Comment: on the beach, time fades away & tonight's the night got me through high school -while others we're grooving to starland vocal band or other such nonsense. I dig the new album - great versions of walk on, tonight & words.
Name: gary gainsa Country: usa Date: Wed Feb 7 16:48:43 2001 Comment: c'mon Neil-Im only 33 so i was only 6 when this was made-don't hold our older fan's ignorance regarding this album against the rest of us!
Name: Justin Robertson Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 7 15:32:27 2001 Comment: Please, Neil.
Name: rich farnell Country: Date: Wed Feb 7 14:40:16 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: JOHN BRADLEY Country: USA Date: Wed Feb 7 10:59:02 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Hans Weber Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Feb 6 16:15:54 2001 Comment: One of your finest albums. I'm looking forward to the moment I'll have on CD!
Name: Phil B. Ar Gall Country: France Date: Tue Feb 6 15:19:31 2001 Comment: We're all waiting for an official release of the "missing six", re-mastered and well produced.
Name: Hugo Medina Country: Spain Date: Tue Feb 6 15:12:11 2001 Comment: ¿se puede saber a qué esperas? Gracias.
Name: giovanni Country: italy Date: Tue Feb 6 10:01:22 2001 Comment: I'm searching this album from 1992. I want it. Bye
Name: Steve Carter Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 6 03:19:52 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Deb Calavas Country: USA Date: Tue Feb 6 02:04:05 2001 Comment: PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Paul English Country: Ireland Date: Sun Feb 4 23:31:45 2001 Comment: I personally think that "On The Beach" should not be released on CD. I paid £15 for an excellent second hand vinyl copy in 1989 and then in December 1999 managed to pick up a second copy, mail order, from a Boston record shop for $6 (!!) plus $4 postage. It comes with inner and is in very good condition too. As for the other five; well I have them all on vinyl too so I'm not bothered. CDs are fine for some artists but for Neil--it has to be vinyl
Name: Paul Fusco Country: Ireland Date: Sun Feb 4 19:46:40 2001 Comment: On the Beach is my favourite Neil Young album and it's really annoying that I have to listen to a copy recorded from an LP on to a crappy MC. The LP was bought in 74! So as you can imagine it's not in very good nick. Please release it! For God's sake, some of Dylan's crappiest stuff from the 80s is on CD, so why not Neil Young's best? Anyway, I'm rambling... PS release the other 5 that are currently unavailable too... Please!
Name: Damian Jones Country: UK Date: Sun Feb 4 15:47:15 2001 Comment: Neil please,please,please release OTB.Bootleg sound quality is crap. While your at it, bring out the Buffalo Springfield boxset as well.
Name: Slick Willie Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 4 00:14:58 2001 Comment: It IS an excellent album!
Name: Richard Leaf Country: uk Date: Sun Feb 4 00:06:24 2001 Comment: i can only think that maybe mister young is worried that we might take revolution blues to seriously and start shooting stars in their cars! hey hey my my give us some credit! it's such a cataclysmic record, so very unique. please neil.
Name: steve chpple Country: usa Date: Sat Feb 3 20:11:35 2001 Comment: Neil, you're the greatest living American rocker. Please, Sir, release "On the Beach," so that millions may breathe freely again! PS--check out my art in March 3, 2001 NY Times Sophisticated Traveler Sunday Magazine for ref. to your album.--SC
Name: Rip Thorntobn Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Feb 3 17:48:18 2001 Comment: It is not a bitch On The Beach CD. I lisen it to the best musik. Keep it rockin on the free world.
Name: David Ryan Country: New Zealand Date: Sat Feb 3 09:01:31 2001 Comment: Never a greater NY song than "Ambulance Blues". Distressed to hear 2nd hand vinyls worth so much. My cheap SA version became brittle & cracked. A serious loss. Would like to replace entire vinyl collection with CD's. Sound not such an issue as storage space!
Name: Joel Osburn Country: USA Date: Sat Feb 3 02:31:13 2001 Comment: I can't say this is his best album, but it's my favorite simply because it's so new, and both artistically and musically eclectic. I can see why Neil might not want to re-release this album due to the emotional period he must have been going through at this point in his life.
Name: Trey Simmons Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 2 23:42:30 2001 Comment: I sure hope this petition has an effect. On The Beach is my favorite Neil Young album, and I'm very disappointed that I can't get it on CD. By the way, Golden Smog did a blistering version of "Revolution Blues" on their last tour.
Name: Pierre Dubois Country: Switzerland Date: Fri Feb 2 22:12:57 2001 Comment: "On the Beach" has been one of my cult records since I was a teenager back in the 7o's. No doubt that it would be part of the 10 albums I'd bring along on a desert island and listen to it on the beach... So please, Neil, I beg you, let it go !
Name: Ton Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Feb 2 20:30:57 2001 Comment: Neil, release it !!!
Name: Nigel Simons Country: Date: Fri Feb 2 19:14:47 2001 Comment: I'd just like to add my voice to this campaign. It's a disgrace that this classic album is not widely available.
Name: Samantha Sandyfun Country: Date: Fri Feb 2 19:08:51 2001 Comment: Hi Beach! Having sandy fun? Well I'm having sandy fun, yeah!!!!! On The Beach, Man! Sandy Fun!
Name: C L Wheeler Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 2 17:45:54 2001 Comment: Just want to be counted as one who would like to have a copy (immediately!) of On The Beach on CD.
Name: DAN Country: England Date: Fri Feb 2 17:35:12 2001 Comment: I love all of neil young's 70s stuff and I really wanted to listen to this album . so please please please release it !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: David Sheppard Country: UK Date: Fri Feb 2 17:06:03 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, the world is full of lo-fi classics that the likes of Will Oldham et al don't mind appearing on digital formats, albit that they'd probably prefer sepia-coloured vinyl and a nice cardboard jacket to match. We all know the privations and homogenising limitations of compact disc technology (and the corruption that is their trade mark-up price - particularly in the UK). But hey, either have the courage of your idealogue convictions and strip your entire back-catalogue from the record-
Name: ARTHUR Country: Date: Fri Feb 2 14:48:49 2001 Comment: STILL WAITING...........................
Name: Howie Doyle Country: USA Date: Fri Feb 2 06:12:11 2001 Comment: Give it up!
Name: Noel Country: England Date: Fri Feb 2 01:17:56 2001 Comment: Dont let it bring Down "Neil" (It's only castles burning" time to turn around
Name: Jon Montgomery Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 1 22:02:41 2001 Comment: Well....We're waiting
Name: kim Country: australia Date: Thu Feb 1 09:51:49 2001 Comment: go on mate- just for us - pleeese
Name: arche Country: israel Date: Thu Feb 1 08:48:19 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Doug Steiner Country: USA Date: Thu Feb 1 05:26:37 2001 Comment: Release it baby!
Name: keith n gillis Country: usa Date: Thu Feb 1 03:29:03 2001 Comment: oh yea...I got an unwrapped Journey a few years ago...What I really want is the ROCKING Reactor...Mine is very scratchy

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