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Name: John Cameli Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 31 21:31:57 2002 Comment: We need this on Cd. It has been far too long and too great a work of art to lay dormant.
Name: Eric B. Country: Canada Date: Wed Jul 31 18:42:59 2002 Comment: There's Neil and there's Neil at his very best. Nearly thirty years later, On The Beach still stands as some of his finest work.
Name: Marco Arduini Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 31 11:13:37 2002 Comment: Please Neil, I really sent my father looking for OTB everywhere before I realized it wasn't sold... I need that CD! Could you release it again? Thanks, Marco
Name: Simon Trusler Country: Australia Date: Wed Jul 31 07:15:49 2002 Comment: Come on Neil, it's about the music isn't it? I do things for my girlfriend everyday that I don't want to do, but it makes her happy, so I'm happy. Please, do the same!!
Name: Eric Gurney Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 30 19:31:41 2002 Comment: None
Name: Alan Silva Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 30 18:15:48 2002 Comment: It's not fucking fair, Neil. Stop being a little girl and just release it.
Name: Keith Milligan Country: United States Date: Tue Jul 30 16:23:24 2002 Comment: Great album--extremely hard to find.
Name: Jason Sherwood Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 30 04:02:06 2002 Comment: Please release this album soon. I love the poor quality recording that I have but would REALLY love a new copy. thanks
Name: jeff smith Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 29 19:55:19 2002 Comment: it seems to go with tonight's the night. need one if ya have the other. besides i can't find my fuckin lp!
Name: joseba Country: spain Date: Mon Jul 29 18:54:06 2002 Comment: None
Name: Mark Dunstan Country: Luxembourg Date: Mon Jul 29 13:31:41 2002 Comment: None
Name: Michael Albright Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 29 13:17:13 2002 Comment: None
Name: Tim O'Connor Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 28 23:41:08 2002 Comment: Keep up the good fight...
Name: Cody Hennesy Country: usa Date: Sun Jul 28 21:31:22 2002 Comment: why not put it out on lp at least? please.
Name: PG Country: Netherlands Date: Sun Jul 28 11:50:23 2002 Comment: Give me one good reason why On the beach should not be released.
Name: Bobby Jordan Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 28 02:15:23 2002 Comment: Please re-release this wonderful album....it is some of your best work compared to Stephen Stills :)
Name: Andrea Herrin Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 27 18:50:40 2002 Comment: Please re-release "On the Beach". I need to add it to what is my almost-complete Neil Young album collection. Thanks!
Name: james Country: USA!!! Date: Sat Jul 27 18:37:52 2002 Comment: come on now....
Name: Toby Frampton Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 26 14:41:03 2002 Comment: The album has saved my sanity a few times over the years but like my sanity it's wearing out quickly so I need a transplant
Name: chris beard Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 26 09:15:56 2002 Comment: For the love of God, please relase OTB, Hawks, and Stars. My dad has them on vinyl but it hurts not to have them on cd. Im begging here.
Name: jimmy Country: scotland Date: Fri Jul 26 01:36:33 2002 Comment: He should release On The Beach back on vinyl!
Name: Tore Vidar Jensen Country: Norway Date: Wed Jul 24 20:08:50 2002 Comment: None
Name: MamoK Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 24 13:45:27 2002 Comment: C'mon Neil!
Name: Stefan Oehler Country: Switzerland Date: Tue Jul 23 20:14:29 2002 Comment: You never guess what happend today. I went to a second-hand record store and discoverd OTB on vinyl for only 2 swiss franks, which is about 1.50 dollar. As I bought some other records I got it even for free. So I only have to buy a record player to listen to OTB the way Neil wants me to listen to it.
Name: Maurizio Country: Italy Date: Tue Jul 23 16:27:56 2002 Comment: One of the best and most significant albums from one of the best and most significant rock musicians ever. Why do we have to go on without it? (I would also love to hear outtakes or other session stuff).
Name: Lawrence Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 22 21:51:01 2002 Comment: Loved as a teenager, love it today. I've replaced all my NY albums with CD except this one. My vinyl copy is worn, so I'd love the CD.
Name: Eduardo Díaz Zavala Country: Argentina Date: Mon Jul 22 16:28:58 2002 Comment: Yes!, I´m from Argentina. 44 years old, and I know the Neil´s music from my 14 years about. Well, I was spend all my youth, and much more, singing inside me (in my mind). Thank you. My best regards.
Name: Goran Petkovic Country: YUGOSLAVIA Date: Mon Jul 22 15:17:04 2002 Comment: None
Name: wose Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 22 02:45:01 2002 Comment: None
Name: Iain_cullen Country: Canada Date: Mon Jul 22 01:10:33 2002 Comment: The youth of Omemee need to hear this album. Please release it for us Neil.
Name: Kevin Carey Country: England Date: Sun Jul 21 14:19:33 2002 Comment: Still got my vinyl album but would love to buy it on CD.
Name: Big Gav Fraser Country: uk Date: Sat Jul 20 17:57:37 2002 Comment: Ive had an MD copy of on the beach (copied off a bootleg CD) for a while now and its simply one of the most beautiful things youll ever hear!Id so DEEPLY love a re-pressed vinyl copy.Heres hopin'!
Name: c.b.m.sewell Country: wales Date: Sat Jul 20 17:31:24 2002 Comment: heard this album along time ago would love to hear it on cd.
Name: Ben Roberts Country: United States Date: Sat Jul 20 05:18:09 2002 Comment: I really enjoy Young's acoustic stuff, and after finding an MP3 of "See The Sky About To Rain" I became very curious; I'd like to own this on CD!
Name: mark dynarski Country: Date: Sat Jul 20 02:20:45 2002 Comment: Too good an album to not release in any form it can be released. Let it go.
Name: martin Country: england Date: Fri Jul 19 20:22:23 2002 Comment: i have a very good quality bootleg copy of this album but i would rather have it on an official release anyday along with the rest of the missing six. Please?
Name: Peter Collins Country: England Date: Fri Jul 19 17:40:43 2002 Comment: Quite possibly his best LP. It must come out on CD!!
Name: Rafael Kariolic Country: slovenia Date: Fri Jul 19 17:39:21 2002 Comment: It is a wonderful album. For my opinion one of the best Neil has ever made. I've been searching for it for a long long time. Once I had a record that I lost. I got only one copy on cassette and I very jealous of it. I hope On the beach will be released soon. Thank you, for making this site. I've downloaded the songs but Mp3 is not what the music is all about. Personally I'am against Mp3 becuase such artist as Neil has given us very much. Spending some dollars for his records is worthwhile!!! Tha
Name: sue albano Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 19 06:30:33 2002 Comment: I hope it comes soon!
Name: Mike Country: Canada Date: Fri Jul 19 04:35:27 2002 Comment: Hey Neil, I'm feeling sad today.
Name: jim halpin Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 19 01:55:37 2002 Comment: otb, favorite album all time, are there no imports?
Name: Aurelio Pasini Country: Italy Date: Thu Jul 18 23:50:39 2002 Comment: well, since the lp is no more available, both a cd and a vinyl release would be more than welcome, since the newest generations should be granted access to "on the beach".
Name: Keith Walters Country: Canada Date: Thu Jul 18 21:52:25 2002 Comment: Why is On The Beach not available? This is lyrically a great Neil album, it also has memories for me of a different time in my life. I still have the much played vinyl album, now too messy to put onto a cassette even. I need renewal Neil.... for the turnstiles
Name: ryan hewett Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 18 16:43:26 2002 Comment: None
Name: Marco Zonta Country: Italy Date: Thu Jul 18 14:09:19 2002 Comment: Why not?
Name: Andy Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 18 13:57:49 2002 Comment: Come on Neil, you know you want to!
Name: nick yorke Country: England Date: Wed Jul 17 21:13:00 2002 Comment: After 28 years of play my vinyl copy is worn through. Without a rival really. Simply his best ever album.......and possibly one of the greatest 10 or so of all time.
Name: scott bahr Country: US Date: Wed Jul 17 18:14:57 2002 Comment: Neil, I love "On the Beach" and "Time Fades Away". PLEASE release them on CD. they are SUBLIME PIECES OF ART.
Name: Judsen Richards Country: Canada Date: Wed Jul 17 08:05:08 2002 Comment: I'm not feeling very creative, but come on, Neil! If the entire ABBA collection can be burned onto the flip side of digital media, then surely there's a place for "On The Beach"!
Name: Billy Bruce Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 16 22:41:32 2002 Comment: Neil--Come one man--all of your work is worth saving--let your fans have your work. We like it. That's all that should matter. Thanks Neil!
Name: Jim Bruce Country: Scotland Date: Tue Jul 16 17:09:42 2002 Comment: None
Name: Frank Armstrong Country: Ireland Date: Tue Jul 16 16:59:52 2002 Comment: What an artist creates is not necessarily his own, it comes from the ether that we all share. The world's happiness would be enhanced by some marginal degree if the album were to be released.
Name: Stefano Agustoni Country: Switzerland Date: Tue Jul 16 16:11:01 2002 Comment: "The world is turnin', I hope it don't turn away"....PLEASE release it!!!!
Name: Clive Wilshin Country: England Date: Tue Jul 16 05:24:29 2002 Comment: Yes, let's have On the Beach on cd. "Back in those old folky days/The air was magic when we played" - lines the equal of Dylan's Tangled Up in Blue. But let's not forget the equally brilliant Time Fades Away, possibly my all time favourite NY album!
Name: Erik L. Petersen Country: Denmark Date: Tue Jul 16 00:27:46 2002 Comment: Please...!
Name: Dr. Klon Herron Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 15 19:34:51 2002 Comment: None
Name: Graham Cutting Country: France Date: Mon Jul 15 13:17:43 2002 Comment: Hoping that On The Beach will be released soon on CD - it was the best of all his albums (together with "Tonight's the Night") - my vinyl copy is now rather worn. Would love to see Time Fades Away as well.
Name: Casey McKeever Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 15 06:45:38 2002 Comment: Even if this was from a bleak period, there's enough memorable music on this record to justify re-release -- "Walk On" and "See the Sky About to Rain," for starters. It's worth preserving for those of us whose turntables don't work any more.
Name: Joseph Ruchlewicz Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 15 03:00:55 2002 Comment: I've heard this album on vinyl and can honestly and whole-heartedly say it is one of the most amazing musical works I've ever heard. Compared to the rest of Neil's catalog, it stands tall, rivaling Harvest and After the Goldrush, and I believe surpassing Tonight's the Night and Rust Never Sleeps. The other 5 deleted albums should be re-released if only for the completists, but this is truly one of the greatest albums ever produced and should be available for all of the general public to cherish.
Name: Lars hvidberg Country: Denmark Date: Sun Jul 14 18:15:34 2002 Comment: Everything by Neil Young should be readily available on CD and vinyl everywhere. Yes.
Name: jenny jones Country: australia Date: Sun Jul 14 13:53:54 2002 Comment: bloody hell just bloody release the album will you, i have been looking for ages, and then someone told me neil had a bad era with that album. So what ok thats your problem but we love it and it means different things to different people. So all i can say is neil its a shit hot album and my brother stepped on mine and i would really like another, if is not too much bother. ta
Name: Sarah Miller Country: Date: Sun Jul 14 05:55:11 2002 Comment: I really like Neil and read a review of this album - I really wish I could hear it. If it re-released I will buy a copy.
Name: Country: Date: Sun Jul 14 00:22:06 2002 Comment: None
Name: Endre Visted Country: Norway Date: Sat Jul 13 17:45:52 2002 Comment: This album is teriffic! I love it! Heard it at a friend of mine, and its a SHAME that its not released again!!! Love it!
Name: Ruairi O Connor Country: Ireland Date: Sat Jul 13 13:53:56 2002 Comment: i need to hear Amulance blues again
Name: Ben Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 12 22:17:19 2002 Comment: reading McDonough book.46 years old and never listened to On the Beach when i was growing up
Name: greg chapman Country: u k Date: Fri Jul 12 21:29:28 2002 Comment: Good man
Name: Alan Silva Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 12 17:59:04 2002 Comment: Releasing this album would make me truly happy.
Name: jonathan noakes Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 12 16:49:28 2002 Comment: None
Name: jonathan futrell Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Jul 12 15:24:14 2002 Comment: I bought On The Beach from a guy on the street in Paris in 1977. It was in a state then and it's even worse now. I love it and I can understand why it might harbour sad memories for NY. Nevertheless I love it and hope this petition goes some way to encouraging him to release it on CD.
Name: Martin Waardenburg Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Jul 12 12:19:03 2002 Comment: Stop pissing in the wind and release! Also: - Journey through the past - Time fades away - American stars 'n bars - Hawks and doves - Reactor
Name:Chalk FryCountry: USA Date: Fri Jul 12 01:59:43 2002 Comment: I'am a vanpire baby
Name:steve masonCountry: Canada Date: Thu Jul 11 21:51:16 2002 Comment: Help stop the music theft on the internet by giving the people what they want to hear! Lets stop the fighting over the dollars and lets ROCK !!!!!! STEVE
Name:David HouseCountry: USA Date: Thu Jul 11 17:12:26 2002 Comment: Bring back all the missing six!
Name:Charlie BrummerCountry: USA Date: Thu Jul 11 17:02:56 2002 Comment: The BEST Neil album of all! We need it back. My LP is worn out!
Name:Steve CronenCountry: USA Date: Thu Jul 11 01:27:04 2002 Comment: If a song as good as "Walk On" is on here, I have no doubts as to the quality of the rest of it. An album for the depressed individual, such as myself. Please let it see the light of day again.
Name:JimCountry: USA Date: Wed Jul 10 21:05:52 2002 Comment: Get it out man!
Name:SeanCountry: UK Date: Wed Jul 10 19:50:05 2002 Comment: Neil, please re-release this on CD! We all need to hear it!
Name:maria rumboCountry: Date: Wed Jul 10 12:01:21 2002 Comment: please release on the beach.remastering
Name:Dylan de ThomasCountry: USA Date: Wed Jul 10 04:47:42 2002 Comment: I would very much like to hear this oft-cited classic. Please re-release it.
Name:chris Country: uk Date: Wed Jul 10 03:33:39 2002 Comment: a classic album unavailable - sorry but it don't make sense !!!!
Name:CWA de JongCountry: Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 9 18:34:05 2002 Comment: This is not the only album that should be re-released. Think of Time Fades away. There are other releases that never were sold in the Netherlands. Perhaps all those albums together on a cd-album.
Name:Conor ShawCountry: N. Ireland Date: Tue Jul 9 18:14:58 2002 Comment: I'm only 22. So I've never had the chance to hear this. I believe that it's similar to Tonight's the night - by far my favourite Neil Young album. So yeah - I'd love to hear it.
Name:ClausCountry: Denmark Date: Tue Jul 9 18:02:01 2002 Comment: Ok this the way it is I had to download the songs when I found out that the albums was unreleased But when I sat and listen to the songs i got more and more upset because this record was quite good i you know what i mean =)
Name:John SvenssonCountry: Sweden Date: Tue Jul 9 17:44:09 2002 Comment: Neil or the responsable people, this is not fair get your shit together
Name:Victor StrömbergCountry: Sweden Date: Tue Jul 9 17:40:43 2002 Comment: Why not?
Name:john rothwellCountry: canada Date: Tue Jul 9 17:22:06 2002 Comment: please release it, especially on vinyl, for record lovers
Name:Wayne SpencerCountry: United Kingdom Date: Tue Jul 9 14:13:06 2002 Comment: In an age in which we are being 'treated' to the release of some artists' most ephemeral and forgotten recordings, it is surely not too much to expect this superb recording to be issued on CD.
Name:Ryan MoretCountry: USA Date: Tue Jul 9 04:58:28 2002 Comment: A friend of mine played me this record for the first time the other night, and I loved it (classic neil, how could I not?)...
Name:carmenCountry: spewess a Date: Tue Jul 9 03:56:13 2002 Comment: this album has always been in the top three (rotating) of my fav neil young albums.
Name:Perrin KerravalaCountry: Canada Date: Tue Jul 9 01:59:24 2002 Comment: This is one of my FAVORITE Neil Young albums EVER and I was wondering why I couldn't find it in CD anywere. I gave up my turntable, and I sorely miss being able to listen to this album. Please, Neil, please!
Name:David RichCountry: USA Date: Mon Jul 8 02:55:47 2002 Comment: This could be Neil's best. I can't get enough of the "acoustic" side. What is Neil waiting for? My album is in need of replacement.
Name:Matthew McDermottCountry: USA Date: Mon Jul 8 00:49:56 2002 Comment: Thanks
Name:Niels BirkemoseCountry: Denmark Date: Sun Jul 7 23:58:54 2002 Comment: Well, what is there to say. The music on that album "contains" ( Cause it is really contained on that album) some of the best Neil Young songs ever written. It´s right up there with some of his best stuff. No doubt! And I only know that because I had to download it from the net to my minidisc, and thats I believe is what the musicbussines is trying to get rid of. And there aught to be a law against preventing this art from getting to the fans. Niels B.
Name:Paige DansennCountry: UK Date: Sun Jul 7 10:41:54 2002 Comment: Can't wait!!
Name:David kuceraCountry: U.S.A. Date: Sat Jul 6 21:17:21 2002 Comment: None
Name:deanneCountry: usa Date: Sat Jul 6 18:05:10 2002 Comment: yes, please release them all on cd!!!
Name:Robert DaviesCountry: South Africa Date: Sat Jul 6 10:30:09 2002 Comment: I have been pining after this album for a very long time. My orginal pressing died some years ago and I have been unable (surprise!) to replace it. The world needs this record!
Name:Mike WilliamsCountry: England Date: Fri Jul 5 20:53:42 2002 Comment: Just really getting in to Neil, after getting over a serious Dylan fixation. I think he's an absolute genius, easily up there with Dylan. Keeping music like this away from his fans is a crime. But you have to say it's a typically Neil thing to do!
Name:Javier Castro CousillasCountry: spain Date: Fri Jul 5 19:06:22 2002 Comment: PLEASE RELEASE ON THE BEACH IN CD
Name:Neil WebsterCountry: England Date: Fri Jul 5 12:26:03 2002 Comment: please release the album.
Name:peter holmesCountry: England Date: Fri Jul 5 12:08:19 2002 Comment: This is a remarkable album, please give people the chance to enjoy it.
Name:Edmund WilkinsonCountry: USA Date: Fri Jul 5 06:22:02 2002 Comment: Neil, Please release "On The Beach". Thanks.
Name:Ross ComeauCountry: USA Date: Fri Jul 5 03:52:53 2002 Comment: Lets hope this effort works! A classic missing recording is waiting to be heard.
Name:John RobertsCountry: United kingdom Date: Thu Jul 4 21:15:59 2002 Comment: Release the best ever Neil Young album or the dune buggies will get you.
Name:Mark VerbruggeCountry: England Date: Thu Jul 4 19:21:21 2002 Comment: On The Beach is right up there as one of my favourite Neil Young LPs - Let us buy it again!
Name:Ron LahrCountry: U.S.A. Date: Thu Jul 4 18:39:27 2002 Comment: My record is scratched and skips, I have to have this great music in my collection, PLEASE release!! This would benefit you and your fans.
Name:Tom StolzoffCountry: USA Date: Thu Jul 4 17:53:23 2002 Comment: Neil... On the Beqach ..don't you think it's time, bring it back. 35 years a fan we deserve it. thank you.
Name:Richard RiggsCountry: England Date: Thu Jul 4 13:08:22 2002 Comment: Awesome record. By the way, thjere is a CD reissue by German label Crazed Records, although it hasn't been mastered properly - you can hear the crackle of vinyl in the background! Still, it's good quality, and it also includes some amazing live tracks from a BBC concert in 1971.
Name:C.S.Country: Germany Date: Thu Jul 4 10:01:24 2002 Comment: Who says good things don't come in round flat packages 5 inches across? Release the shiny discs Neil! Give us the 'six' and let us deceive our souls in peace. Love the trousers.
Name:Daniele TebaldiCountry: Italy Date: Wed Jul 3 21:57:36 2002 Comment: We Have A Right To Listen To It! Bring it back. Now.
Name:Idir FerhahCountry: Belgium Date: Wed Jul 3 16:59:55 2002 Comment: If you don't like the world to know : only release the album in Belgium. You can record a new version of the album in a nice small club your sister Astrid played. 'De zolder' in Nieuwmoer. www.dezolder.be : is expecting you.
Name:Stefan MolnarCountry: Sweden Date: Wed Jul 3 16:19:59 2002 Comment: I heard the album today for the first time and I'm blown away from it! It really should be re-released so everybody can have the chance to hear it!!
Name:Robert ZeienCountry: USA Date: Wed Jul 3 04:48:11 2002 Comment: None
Name:Steve HernandezCountry: U.S.A. Date: Wed Jul 3 04:10:50 2002 Comment: Neil: Thanks for all the great music. You made an album "On The Beach". It was my favorite one, but after many playings I wore it out many years ago. I hope you will re-release it soon. I hope enough people show interest so that you will consider it. Thanks: sincerly steve in Tulsa OK.. Come and see us soon!!!!
Name:Mark DraughnCountry: USA Date: Tue Jul 2 22:34:01 2002 Comment: If you (Neil) did'nt like the way it was recorded, then remaster it to your liking. Take pre-orders ow hatever. Bring on "On The Beach"!!
Name:Hans GerritsenCountry: Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 2 09:00:16 2002 Comment: None
Name:Chris NoftzCountry: USA Date: Mon Jul 1 17:30:20 2002 Comment: Neil, please..."Revolution Blues" is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard. PLEASE allow this album to be released. Classic stuff. Great cover, too.
Name:Dave WrightCountry: USA Date: Mon Jul 1 04:33:13 2002 Comment: Some of these tunes pop into my head almost daily, and have been doing so since I bought the album in 1974. Thanks Neil!

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