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Name: Bill Henry Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 29 16:44:10 2000 Comment: If Neil has a meet & greet on the 2000 tour like he did last year, let's all bring our vinyl copies of OTB for him to sign. If he sees several hundred copies of this album over the course of the tour, that might do the trick. Might not too :)
Name: Harm Beltman Country: The Netherlands Date: Mon Jun 26 15:32:24 2000 Comment: Every time that I am on a beach (and that is quite often) I am reminded that I still don't have On The Beach. And that makes me sad. Neil, if you ever read this, please make sure that On The Beach is released again. Harm Beltman
Name: Randy Lohr Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Jun 26 15:22:19 2000 Comment: Tonight's The Night is the NY record that slapped me awake. OTB is the record that sealed my fate as a "helpless" Neil Young fan. "Motion Pictures," despite being written while stoned on honeyslides, captures an eternal truth: "All those people who think they've got it made/I wouldn't buy, sell, borrow or trade/Anything I have, just to be like one of them/ I'd rather start all over again." Amen, brother!
Name: Simes Country: Date: Sun Jun 25 09:22:42 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Patrick Crowther Country: Date: Sat Jun 24 18:02:25 2000 Comment: Missing Six? Get real - you sound like a bunch of Trekkies. Neil would treat you with disdain - the only way the album will ever be reissued is if everyone starts slagging it off and saying that "Harvest" is miles better. Come on people, get with the psychology. NY is a twisted old git, treat him like one and he'll come good. always thought it was one of Chris Rea's best.
Name: Chuck Doering Jr Country: NJ, USA Date: Sat Jun 24 15:24:13 2000 Comment: FREE THE MISSING SIX!!!
Name: ian campbell Country: Scotland Date: Sat Jun 24 06:26:12 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Aidan O'Connor Country: Rep. of Ireland Date: Thu Jun 22 23:41:59 2000 Comment: One of THE greatest albums of all time and possibly my favourite too.If only i didnt just have a crappy tape version................PLEASE NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Calvin Andrews Country: UK Date: Thu Jun 22 21:09:30 2000 Comment: Great Idea Lets hope that Neil and Reprise see it and act on it
Name: Alan Jenkins Country: Wales Date: Thu Jun 22 16:20:23 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Stan Wall Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 18:26:58 2000 Comment: One of all-time fav NY albums. Would love to see it come out in CD format!
Name: Joe, Sr Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 14:08:09 2000 Comment: Neil's ears are better than mine. If he says that CD's suck, then fine. Why not release the missing 6 on VINYL??????
Name: Mike Sobota Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 13:00:52 2000 Comment: Easily one of my favorite albums of all time...I have a copy on vinyl, but it is somewhat warped and my turntable recently died. This is an incredible musical work and it is unfortunate that more people can't share in it.
Name: Sharry Walderman Country: Canada Date: Wed Jun 21 00:05:19 2000 Comment: On the Beach is my favourite M6 album and it has a really great cover too. I'd really like to see it released along with the other Missing Six. Your fans deserve this Neil. I hope you'll reconsider.
Name: Daniel Brewer Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 21 05:51:26 2000 Comment: On The Beach is a masterpiece and it should be released!!!!!
Name: Yoni Molad Country: ISRAEL Date: Tue Jun 20 22:09:08 2000 Comment: I think Neil should do whatever he feels is right, but if this helps persuading him the slightest bit then I'll be happy. Let's get it on!!! (the beach)
Name: Jeff Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 20 21:41:44 2000 Comment: Life is short, and my precious, original vinyl copy of On the Beach, purchased upon release, continues to wear away! I recently returned to playing LPs, restoring a vintage Thorens TD124 for the purpose. My desire to return to vinyl was primarily based on wanting to hear On the Beach! My LP won't last forever; please release a lovely, sonorous remastered CD (and an SACD!) of On the Beach. I beg of you!!!!
Name: Michael Grey Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 20 20:02:21 2000 Comment: One of the finest albums ever made and one of the biggest holes in my music collection! I am even speeding up my acquisition of a new turntable and phono stage so ican enjoy it again. PLEASE BRING BACK ON THE BEACH!!!
Name: Tim Jones Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 20 19:38:44 2000 Comment: Please rerelease On The Beach by Neil Young. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this matter. Tim Jones
Name: sam matthews Country: usa Date: Tue Jun 20 19:13:05 2000 Comment: please rerelease "on the beach". back in 1975 it was the first neil young disc i heard, and the one that made me a lifelong fan. i'd dearly love to replace my scratchy vinyl but i don't want to support a bootlegger to get a cd version. sam
Name: John Blakeney Country: England Date: Tue Jun 20 19:00:41 2000 Comment: I've been waiting for you and you've been coming to me for such a long time now Release the M6
Name: Michael Forster Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 20 18:36:49 2000 Comment: Of the missing six I couldn't stand it any longer and obtained an illegal copy of OTB. It's one of my favorite records from anyone, not just Neil. Release this and the others and let me end my shame. I don't want pirated recordings but you left me no choice. HELP ME. --

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