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Name: Matt Bush Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 31 21:37:01 2000 Comment: This is my favorite Neil album- favorite cut is "Ambulance Blues" which I would love to hear in concert!! Please Neil- re release it before my vinyl lp wears out! (I've recorded to cassette 3 times for insurance!)
Name: Levy Country: France Date: Mon Jul 31 20:22:08 2000 Comment: Bon cela sert surement à rien, mais bon...
Name: Arnaud Le Mappian Country: France Date: Mon Jul 31 18:10:27 2000 Comment: I am french, from Nantes, and i want "on the beach" back! Je soutiens ta lutte, I suport your struggle. Arno
Name: Molly Young Country: Date: Mon Jul 31 16:27:35 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Dave Bonner Country: Date: Mon Jul 31 15:57:25 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Brian Palumbo Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Jul 31 13:38:51 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: graham connor Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 31 08:52:14 2000 Comment: As well as On The Beach, I think that Tranformer Man [despite the outakes on Lucky 13] and RE/ACTOR should also be put on CD..two fabulous pieces of music confined to boxes in our attics, because ...like On The Beach..we don't have the turntable to play them. Bought On The Beach, as I did all Neil "albums/LPs" when I was still living in Scotland...loved it then and still have it, but not been able to play it for so long because, like so many folk, I don't have a turntable that works. Over the years I have religiously searched for The Beach, on my visits to record/CD stores around the world..but did not realize the reason for ot not being available until I visited this site. So "thanks" for giving me the opportunity to sign your petition.
Name: adrian baker Country: canada Date: Mon Jul 31 05:38:18 2000 Comment: It is a crime that such a classic album is unavaliable. If Neil is unhappy with the transfer to CD sonics then why not just reissue on vinyl. WE WANT ON THE BEACH NOW OR ELSE NAPSTER WILL SATISFY THE URGE FOR THIS BRILLIANT EFFORT
Name: Tim Ketchum Country: Date: Mon Jul 31 04:47:37 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Stephen Light Country: Wales Date: Mon Jul 31 02:23:20 2000 Comment: Neil, please release 'On The Beach' on CD, it is the greatest album of all time. Your singing and playing is different to the rest of your stuff, I guess its just blues of a different colour. I know where you were at in 74. Do it in 2000.
Name: Preston Newton Country: US Date: Mon Jul 31 01:21:13 2000 Comment: It's about time!!!!!!
Name: James Reynolds Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 31 00:40:16 2000 Comment: I've been a diehard Neil fan for 25 years and On The Beach is my all-time favorite album. I still have it on vinyl, but I would pay dearly for a CD release. PLEASE, Neil !!!
Name: Aaron Wagner Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 30 22:34:00 2000 Comment: I would LOVE to see Neil's entire back catalogue re-released. I'm too young to remember albums like "On the Beach. I was born in '74, so I've never heard it. Neil's music insspires me to listen and write. I WANT MORE!!!!!
Name: sCOTT ZESSIN Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 30 21:31:53 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Panayiotis Manis Country: Greece Date: Sun Jul 30 21:17:04 2000 Comment: Neil, let the world realise the magnificence of On the beach
Name: Brett Montieth Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 30 20:14:12 2000 Comment: Bring back "On the Beach"
Name: Eric Country: Germany Date: Sun Jul 30 18:33:06 2000 Comment: The cover of "On the Beach" reminds me of a place in Denmark: Lakolk on the beautiful island of Romo, where they have an Autostrand (drive-in beach). I don´t know if this is common in the US where almost everything exists in the drive-in format, But the cover photograph shows us what it looks like when a car gets stranded there. :-) Reissue it!
Name: matt Country: usa Date: Sun Jul 30 18:02:39 2000 Comment: I want On the Beach!! I wasn't even alive in 74, and so I stood no chance of getting it. And I'd also like to get all those other lost Neil albums, Re-ac-tor is another biggie. Please!
Name: Don Carman Country: Canada Date: Sun Jul 30 16:11:04 2000 Comment: On the Beach is a personal favorite for some 25 years. I have a well used vinyl copy that was bought when re-released somewhere around 1978. It is getting just a little tired and I would love to have either new vinyl or cd. Same goes for Reactor.
Name: john zebrowski Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Jul 30 13:16:44 2000 Comment: Not only "on the beach",but the rest of the missing albums as well- stars&bars,time fades away,hawks&doves,reacter,(although journey through the past soundtrack sucked from the begining,i hope the movie would be realeased soon on v.h.s.&d.v.d. as well as "muddy tracks".also,a compillation of all of neils music videos would be nice since most of them are rarely ever shown.
Name: shahrukh ali Country: Pakistan Date: Sun Jul 30 11:42:49 2000 Comment: On the beach is the first neil young album i listened to and damn right it's the most brilliant. What an album!!..Please Neil release the CD!!!..
Name: Chris Tanner Country: Australia Date: Sun Jul 30 10:24:46 2000 Comment: Yea, this one will do for starters Neil. However us collectors are still missing a few others in the CD format. Hell I'm thinking o' selling half my other artist cd's just so that I can afford the archieves. And hey Neil I think you should of told me before I quit my vinyl collection. Cheers mate..........Chris "down-under"
Name: Brad Huisenga Country: usa Date: Sun Jul 30 05:07:43 2000 Comment: On The Beach; yes please, and what about Time Fades Away?
Name: Bill Day Country: UK Date: Sat Jul 29 23:55:32 2000 Comment: Give your younger fans a chance, so we dont have to get ripped off b
Name: BRIAN PAXTON Country: U.S Date: Sat Jul 29 22:48:36 2000 Comment: IT'S SO GOOD TO BE HERE ASLEEP ON YOUR LAWN.
Name: Matt Rankin Country: yes Date: Sat Jul 29 22:39:59 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Ron Henneveld Country: Netherland Date: Sat Jul 29 19:44:59 2000 Comment: I fully agree that On The Beach is a great album. I have the vinyl copy from the releasedate, so to rest him from ruiing it please let de CD come out.
Name: Wayne Makela Country: Date: Sat Jul 29 15:05:48 2000 Comment: Obstinate: stubborn, headstrong, stiff-necked, bullheaded, pigheaded, mulish, dogged, pertinacious, implies unreasonable rigidity. Neil, how about releasing OTB and the others on vinyl (if you insist)as a benefit for The Bridge? We are wasting lots of precious time trying to find what apparently cannot be found.
Name: Roland Country: Canada Date: Sat Jul 29 00:35:41 2000 Comment: The release of this album on CD is long overdue.
Name: Bruno Greco Country: Italy Date: Fri Jul 28 22:07:39 2000 Comment: Dai, Neil!!! Anche in Italia stiamo aspettando!
Name: Darren Smith Country: England Date: Fri Jul 28 19:01:08 2000 Comment: Please give your younger fans a chance to hear this outstanding piece of work on cd.
Name: Chris Kissell Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 28 18:20:12 2000 Comment: I would love to see Neil re-release this fine record, but ONLY if it's on Vinyl or SACD. I agree with Neil that CDs are a travesty - it's not just that the sound is inferior to analog, it's that it's altogether different. 16-bit digital sound can briefly hold your interest, but it doesn't transport you into the magical realm of art the way analog does. So, I reluctantly sign this petition, but only conditionally. Those who buy a CD version of "On the Beach" will be entertained for a few
Name: Marc Bowden Country: England Date: Fri Jul 28 16:52:07 2000 Comment: Please please re release this classic album
Name: Steven Chapman Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 28 14:01:32 2000 Comment: Please release it!
Name: sean Country: good ol us of a Date: Fri Jul 28 09:48:53 2000 Comment: i think that on the beach record is a mighty fine peice of artistic accomplishnment. one of my favorites ,along with his first lp. i have it on record though, and i like it like that, its damn good. dont change it. sean
Name: Dave Green Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 28 05:11:29 2000 Comment: When I first heard On the Beach last summer, I asked, "Why don't I own everything Neil Young has ever done?" This a near perfect album, by far the finest of the "missing 6". Release 'em all!
Name: ncameron Country: canada Date: Fri Jul 28 04:44:37 2000 Comment: rerelease it on 180 gram vinyl, man.
Name: Jim Cirner Country: U.S.A. Date: Fri Jul 28 03:29:25 2000 Comment: Release the 6!!!! ---------------------
Name: EF Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 28 02:43:53 2000 Comment: Thank you for posting these MP3, so I can burn my own On The Beach until Neil sees the light. I actually just bought OTB and also Time Fades Away on used vinyl for this exact reason. Great LPs, and it's just sick that Hawks and Doves is also unavailable. C'mon Neil -- make honest men and women of us!!!!
Name: Larry Ellett Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 28 00:48:26 2000 Comment: Lucky enough to have the album and a turntable that still works. Definitely one of my favorites. Fun to explain to my kids what those big black CD's are for.
Name: Gunther Redpath Country: United States Date: Thu Jul 27 22:57:23 2000 Comment: What if Dylan didn't release John Wesley Harding? This is way too good an album to not be blaring through our speakers.
Name: Ben Torrence Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 27 22:10:49 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Alan Wagner Country: U.S. Date: Thu Jul 27 18:54:06 2000 Comment: None of Neil's work should be out of print. It is some of the most important, influential, and artistic music ever written.
Name: Cyril Kieldsen Country: England Date: Thu Jul 27 18:49:50 2000 Comment: Perhaps you'd rather be in the mountains. You should still release it.
Name: Colin Young Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 27 14:17:02 2000 Comment: S'pose I should sign my own petition, hunh? C'mon Neil, It's half past five already.
Name: arnon mashiah Country: israel Date: Thu Jul 27 07:54:42 2000 Comment: PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!
Name: Rob Mulhearn Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 27 07:40:44 2000 Comment: One On The Beach Please, no fries. Thank you.
Name: Will Farah Country: US Date: Thu Jul 27 06:20:49 2000 Comment: One of the best . . . should have Time Fades Away out as well, with the electric "Last Trip to Tulsa" as bonus track. And maybe "Pushed it Over the End" as a bonus track to the On the Beach reissue . . . but now I'm dreaming . . . guess those seagulls are still out of reach.
Name: Brent Hinson Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 27 00:18:10 2000 Comment: On the Beach rules! Free the missing six!
Name: Dermott Cassidy Country: Date: Wed Jul 26 21:49:36 2000 Comment: just do it
Name: Nigel Blackwood Country: England Date: Wed Jul 26 20:44:29 2000 Comment: My vinyl copy , bought on the day of relaese, is worn out so Neil let everyone else hear one of your best albums
Name: Jerry Gillespie Country: United States Date: Wed Jul 26 19:26:04 2000 Comment: Time Fades Away, Tonight's The Night, and On The Beach have always been among my favorite Neil Young Albums. I own all three on vinyl but no longer possess a turntable. Please re-release these three wonderful albums in order that I might once again enjoy them. When I was a teenager I learned to play all of the songs on these albums. Now I would like to be able to teach them to my children. And besides, the Dead are still releasing Dick's Picks, and Jerry and Dick have passed on (John Kahn too),
Name: Liam Palmer Country: England Date: Wed Jul 26 18:49:43 2000 Comment: I hear some people been talkin' me down, Bring up my name, pass it 'round. They don't mention the happy times They do their thing, I'll do mine.
Name: john scott Country: Date: Wed Jul 26 17:48:19 2000 Comment: sooner or later it all gets real........OTB CD please
Name: Scott Ryan Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 26 16:24:55 2000 Comment: It was a great LP and it'd be a great CD. Here's hoping Neil changes his mind.
Name: jim notham Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 26 16:12:34 2000 Comment: i remember buying this when i was 16 about 1978 i stopped at friends house to have a listen. he wasnt home .i was kinda bummed so i thought id try the door and it was open. so i put on lit one up and sat there by myself and waited for to come home.my favorite ever since
Name: Pat Rooney Country: U.S.A. Date: Wed Jul 26 15:37:14 2000 Comment: I found an old, battered vinyl copy of "On The Beach" last year at a local record store and it immediately became one of my favorites. Easily Neil's most over-looked album......
Name: Jason Minarovic Country: US Date: Wed Jul 26 14:53:27 2000 Comment: GIVE UP THE FIGHT! RELEASE THE MISSING 6!!!
Name: David Webster Country: Australia Date: Wed Jul 26 14:05:37 2000 Comment: Best album you ever made. My original vinyl copy is almost worn out.
Name: Jesko Priess Country: Germany Date: Wed Jul 26 05:29:24 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Dan Ryan Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 26 03:55:27 2000 Comment: I lost my cassette tape from the scratchy LP I borrowed from my High School Physics teacher 15 years ago. I want to hear it again, and I won't buy bootleg.
Name: Hurler Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 26 01:42:38 2000 Comment: Bring it on Neil, we can't wait!!!
Name: james weikert Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 22:58:46 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Burt Garson Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 25 22:48:37 2000 Comment: how long do i have to search the used lp bins for this record, neil??? RE-RELEASE IT!!!!
Name: jody stinson Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 20:22:48 2000 Comment: NEIL This was some of your greatest work. Please let people have a chance to hear it again.
Name: Henke Country: Sweden Date: Tue Jul 25 20:19:57 2000 Comment: Well, I was lucky to find a copy of On The Beach on vinyl last year so at least I got it. And I got Hawks and doves and Re-ac-tor on a bootleg cd. I also got American stars on vinyl. But still I haven't found Time Fades Away, so please release the albums on cd or something. I sure would buy them.
Name: david slutzky Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 18:21:08 2000 Comment: The last vinyl lp I bought was "Freedom." I then reluctantly entered the cd age. The first cd I looked for was "On the Beach." It got me through high school and beyond more so than any other Neil release. I don't know if it's the social commentary of "Ambulance Blues" and "For the Turnstiles," the disillusionment and need to get out of town of "On the Beach," the straight ahead beat of "Walk On," the mood of "See the Sky About to Rain," or the fact that the first song I played to my wife on guitar when we got engaged over ten years ago was "Motion Pictures." Neil, "On the Beach" is your freakin' "Abbey Road." If you don't want to put it out by itself, put it out as part of the Archives box. Looking forward to it.
Name: dan Country: UK Date: Tue Jul 25 18:20:32 2000 Comment: Before my cassette wears out, Neil you gotta do the right thing and re-issue this beauty. Peace.
Name: jason molnar Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 17:41:07 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Russ Demchuk Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 25 17:20:13 2000 Comment: My favourite artist but I've never heard "On the Beach" which is total b.s.I've spent close to $1000.on Neil-related stuff so the least he could do is allow me to plop down another $20.to hear this thing.If it's OK to release almost all his other stuff on CD then why he has a problem with releasing his other 6 is beyond me.DVD-audio - give me a break !!! Let's all spend $$ thousands more to replace our recently bought CD'S !!! Neil - If you think CD's sound crap buy an 12-band equalizer or a new (snipped by the software)
Name: William C Geye Country: us Date: Tue Jul 25 17:14:01 2000 Comment: Hey neil... the world is turning. Hope it don't turn away.
Name: annika Country: sweden Date: Tue Jul 25 14:57:09 2000 Comment: come on, neil...
Name: Preston Toney Country: United States Date: Tue Jul 25 14:42:11 2000 Comment: Neil please release this album along with "Reactor" "Hawks and Doves" and "Time Fades Away". All appeared on the Reprise label. If it was Geffen I could understand. David Geffen has never appreciated artistic integrity. Until the day comes I am thankful for my turntable.
Name: Craig Kaylor Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 25 14:02:51 2000 Comment: Re-release all six "missing" albums now!
Name: Greg E Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 25 13:58:14 2000 Comment: Please please please! I LOVE this album. It is truly underated *10. Are you teasing us Neil.......Please put it out. (and the other Missing ^ titles too!)
Name: Jens Country: Germany Date: Tue Jul 25 11:16:35 2000 Comment: Hey Neil - pleased release On The Beach, I always liked it !
Name: Philip Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 25 10:33:14 2000 Comment: Relesase it, please. And don't forget 'American stars and bars
Name: peter dees Country: Holland Date: Tue Jul 25 10:21:06 2000 Comment: On the Beach is one of the weariest, saddest records ever made. When I was 16, I had it on tape (oops, was that legal then?) but never played it. How can you enjoy a sky about to rain at that age? Now I feel its as intense a record Neil has ever made, showing his talent in a glorious way: the best harmonica playing, the best one-note guitarsolo, the best pianoplaying, and last but not least: the best side men apart from the Horse! Long live Rusty Kershaw, remember Rick Danko
Name: chris wildt Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 09:53:26 2000 Comment: My tape is wearing thin! Reissue!
Name: Terje Moe Country: Norway Date: Tue Jul 25 09:09:18 2000 Comment: It's better to let it out, than letting others burn it away, on their CD-burners !!
Name: Paul Grieves Country: Australia Date: Tue Jul 25 07:23:31 2000 Comment: Why was on the beach taken off the beach? Was it too windy? Was the sky really about to rain? or are the seagulls still out of reach? All artists make decisions about "Who they are and what they want to be" Whatever happens i`ll be interested to see!!
Name: Vegard Kaste Country: Norway Date: Tue Jul 25 07:19:35 2000 Comment: Neil: Please release On The Beach (and all the missing 6)
Name: Andrew Patterson Country: Australia Date: Tue Jul 25 05:13:40 2000 Comment: I fear my turntable is a day to day proposition. Please release OTB before it finally calls it quits
Name: Bruce Wilson Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 25 03:56:39 2000 Comment: I've played this lp more times than most others--it has always been a favorite. My vinyl is worn and I'm starting to rust.
Name: drew tillman Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 25 03:46:50 2000 Comment: I just bought a bootleg copy of On The Beach and it's fantastic. Probably the one of the best things Neil's ever done. But I want the real remastered deal, Neil. Whoa that rhymed. So PLEASE re-release "On The Beach"!!!
Name: dave carroll Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 01:15:04 2000 Comment: hey neil-you broke out ambulance blues on the 99 tour, now how about releasing on the beach along with the other "missing" titles? those albums mean a lot to me & a whole lot of other folks,and I'd rather have the real thing then settle for an inferior sounding bootleg...so how about it
Name: Joey Wiener Country: Tuba Date: Tue Jul 25 00:57:45 2000 Comment: I agree with that carly girl. But the whole blow me thing is a little wierd.
Name: Carly Gerdeman Country: Harmoninca Date: Tue Jul 25 00:53:59 2000 Comment: THis Whole no "ON THE BEACH" thing really f**king stinks. That album by far is the best one to take drugs to / Neil Young Can bl*w me
Name: rufus buttermilk Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 25 00:30:37 2000 Comment: The feel of this album is the key to it's greatness. I bet Neil plans to release this with The Archive's Volume II. Let's hope.
Name: Alex Kaliwoda Country: Austria Date: Tue Jul 25 00:20:59 2000 Comment: Not releasing OTB on CD is a shame for all. An essitial part of music history may be lost for the future. It's one of the best records neil ever made and maybe the best cover (I think TFA has the best cover BUT ISN'T available as CD too !!!)
Name: Dave Geyer Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 23:31:17 2000 Comment: Begging and grovelling is not beneath me. In fact,I'm quite good at it. So, here goes. PLEASE, NEIL!!!!!!!
Name: Leif Hansson Country: Sweden Date: Mon Jul 24 23:10:42 2000 Comment: To quote another friend-along-that-lonesome-road: "I'm listening to Neil Young, I gotta turn up the sound..." (Bob Dylan, from Time out of Mind,1997) Neil, we desperately need it! Leif (...and the rest of Sweden)
Name: Paul Currie Country: UK Date: Mon Jul 24 21:26:20 2000 Comment: The album is great and deserves a wider audience
Name: Greg Fasolino Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 21:06:33 2000 Comment: I've been a fan since 1979 and this is the only album of Neil's I don't own---please rectify the situation for all fans!
Name: david katzenmeyer Country: Date: Mon Jul 24 20:35:58 2000 Comment: please
Name: Rich Kellner Country: Date: Mon Jul 24 20:03:14 2000 Comment: I need to hear the first tap of the cymbal on "See the Sky about to Rain". I've given my turntable away. HELP!
Name: Mikael Weiss Country: Sweden Date: Mon Jul 24 19:48:47 2000 Comment: Dear Neil! I hope this message from me along with the others will make you reconsider your desicion not to release the album. It´s the greatest album ever made. PERIOD!!!
Name: denise kessey Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 24 19:26:16 2000 Comment: I too am a huge Neil Young fan. I love OTB and want very much for Neil to re-release it. Please Neil, whatever your reasons for pulling this and other music, we won't be around forever. Let us enjoy all your music while we can. I named my first born after you! He's eight and loves your music too. I'd love to have all your recordings for him to enjoy as well. Please!
Name: Randy Kiser Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 18:47:10 2000 Comment: Neil, I'm getting old. Don't know if they'll have a turntable at the nursing home and I'd rather burn out than fade away. Please release an OTBCD.
Name: Daniel Persson Country: Sweden Date: Mon Jul 24 18:21:37 2000 Comment: Release it on SACD or DVD-audio and on CD (with HDCD of course). Also release all videos on DVD now!
Name: Christophe van Gerrewey Country: Belgium Date: Mon Jul 24 18:04:57 2000 Comment: I'm lucky to have a vinyl copy of OTB, but I think all the music from Neil has to be brought out in perfect conditions! And when is that box set finally coming along?
Name: Juan Yagüe Country: SPAIN Date: Mon Jul 24 17:28:26 2000 Comment: Compré este disco a principios de los años ochenta. Para mí se ha convertido, tras múltiples escuchas, en uno de los grandes álbumes de Neil Young. Fantástica portada.
Name: RE*AC*TOR Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 14:09:42 2000 Comment: Free the MISSING 6!
Name: Svein Wilhelm Kristiansen Country: Norway Date: Mon Jul 24 14:06:54 2000 Comment: It's a shame this wonderful album is not available for the world. I think the best rock & roll ballad ever made is on this record. "See the sky about to rain" I have the vinyl-edition, but it is not as good as new. I played it alot back i 1975, and almost "broke it down in middle".
Name: Alexandre Froemming Country: Brazil Date: Mon Jul 24 13:12:28 2000 Comment: On the Beach is the best album of 70´s
Name: Mary Flanagan Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 06:15:14 2000 Comment: Neil-Please,please release this to CD.I listened to this nonstop when my boyfriend in high school moved to Santa Cruz.We both are passionate lovers of your music & esp.that part of Calif.which you can tell by my screenname.You are always playing when I'm up in Big Sur,Santa Cruz,etc.& always at home.Please reconsider.Don't want to do bootlegs.
Name: Jason Benjamin Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 05:23:36 2000 Comment: I'm in my 20s and never had a chance to buy On the Beach when it was in stores. I've heard that it's a great album and I wish I could hear it myself. Pleae re-release it!!!
Name: David Morrissey Country: Date: Mon Jul 24 03:11:03 2000 Comment: OTB was a great album when originally released, and it's a great album today. It just took about 25 years for most of the world to catch up! Free the missing six!!!
Name: "Jed Hed" Country: Date: Mon Jul 24 03:01:07 2000 Comment: Tommy Sparacino and I learned to play "Walk On" one night in '78. We loved to play that song and sing as loud as we could. We would drag out the ending and turn it into a gospel call and response. Tommy died a few years ago. I miss him. I miss On The Beach
Name: tim fontenot Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 24 00:41:14 2000 Comment: I finally listened to this album back in '94 and it blew me away. It's funny I graduated from High School IN '74 but never bought the album( I was a fan but didn't buy albums. Well I wished I had and it's my favorite. I do wish Neil would release it but only in the best possible technology. This is too great an album to be released any other way( he should of never released any of his classics anyway). Let's hope the technology comes soon. Because I'm getting olddddd!!!`
Name: Wade Wittmer Country: Topeka, KS, USA Date: Sun Jul 23 22:56:09 2000 Comment: Great album!!! Please stop misdirecting any protest over music formats & show appreciation to the fans who appreciate the album. Ditto for the other 5 missing cd's. Can they be released on Rykodisc or something so the record labels don't profit? Thank you!!!
Name: Paul Woolley Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 23 20:36:25 2000 Comment: From the day CD became available this was one of the albums I had to upgrade - Lowell - Thanks.., 1st 2 Southside albums, J Geils - Bloodshot, This is the only classic left Release now & make my life complete.
Name: Craig Stroud Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 23 18:56:52 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Jack Ross Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 23 18:11:09 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Craig Williams Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 23 17:25:43 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Kirk McShane Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 23 17:09:06 2000 Comment: One of my favorite "under the influence" albums, OTB needs to be released on CD, along with the other missing LPs. Part of history is missing!
Name: Gustav Svärd Country: sweden Date: Sun Jul 23 17:05:22 2000 Comment: yeah!
Name: Potato Jones Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 23 14:17:23 2000 Comment: ABSO-F**KING-LUTELY!!! Neil INVENTED (albeit inadvertantly) grunge - this ablum is proof positive. I fell in love with it the moment I heard it - one of my all time fav's. It probably didn't do well on orginal release because it was so ahead of it's time. To me it's as classic as 4 way street. I've been waiting for this for over 20 years!!!! Thought I was the only one......
Name: bill Country: England Date: Sun Jul 23 13:23:24 2000 Comment: Please allow me to re-live a tiny bit of my youth by giving me back this great albumn. I've no copy of the LP that one of my best friends (the nose) and I enjoyed so much as 19 year olds during a great period of my life. Bring it back (please)!
Name: Jeff Partyka Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Jul 23 13:21:06 2000 Comment: Neil, It's about time "On the Beach" were readily available in the CD racks. I mean, come on, "Landing on Water" has been consistently available since its release, and yet OTB -- which you must realize is far superior and more vital to your recorded legacy -- has been relegated to the status of a long-lost collector's item. It's about time.
Name: David Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 23 12:42:53 2000 Comment: I waited over 20 years for Tim Buckley's live "Dream Letter" to be released and over 30 years for Dylan's "Albert Hall" Concert. And I'll wait for OTB on CD - but I'd much prefer not to.
Name: ray keys Country: australia Date: Sun Jul 23 02:25:41 2000 Comment: great record but haven't heard it for years first song i ever liked was "helpless" first record i ever bought was "everybody knows this is nowhere" so please neil
Name: Brent Howard Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 22 22:19:01 2000 Comment: My LP is worn out!
Name: Rune Westengen Country: Norway Date: Sat Jul 22 22:02:58 2000 Comment: Just think of all the young people who can't get their hands on this gem. It's a crying shame ...
Name: nils sloth Country: denmark Date: Sat Jul 22 21:18:01 2000 Comment: yes!
Name: Frank Schindehuette Country: Germany Date: Sat Jul 22 18:02:13 2000 Comment: This album is unique: the cover art, the lyrics, the arrangements (esp. Ambulance Blues) Keep on listening! And hoping for the cd release...
Name: mario gioannini Country: italy Date: Sat Jul 22 16:39:00 2000 Comment: back in the old folky days Name: Phil Country: UK Date: Sat Jul 22 09:36:46 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: yufeng Country: singapore Date: Sat Jul 22 09:19:41 2000 Comment: it's a beautiful album so please share it with us!
Name: Bob Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 22 07:14:33 2000 Comment: Gotta turn up the sound Neil!
Name: Jeff Colchamiro Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 22 05:56:38 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Matt Indigo Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 22 04:35:35 2000 Comment: I first listened to this on a late night trip from Clemson, SC to Charlotte, NC. I was feeling particularly melancholy and driving through some beautiful mountain landscape when 'Motion Pictures' came on. My soul flew to mansions on high! Loved the album ever since. Great late night mood music.
Name: Jeff Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 22 04:32:23 2000 Comment: Dear Mr. Young, Thank you so much for all your music. I have my favorites as does everyone else. I think this should be released to give younger fans a chance to hear as well as older fans who love it but can't find a copy. I have a few songs on tape and i wish I had the whole album on CD. It would make a great listen at 3 in the morning along with "Tonights The Night" and "Time Fades Away"(which also needs to be released). Let us enjoy this music without worrying about the technolog
Name: Michael Kean Country: Australia Date: Sat Jul 22 02:43:38 2000 Comment: What can I add? I agree with pretty much everything that's already been said! (I'm listening to my old vinyl version as I write this). There are some great CDs and records you can play that perfectly meet your mood at the time. When you finish listening you look at your music collection and ask yourself, 'What the hell can I play after that?', so you don't play anything for a while. I don't think there's any grea
Name: Steve Thomas Country: UK Date: Sat Jul 22 00:33:54 2000 Comment: My all time favourite Neil Young album. I love the vinyl, but the CD would be great for the car. While we're abuot it, let's make sure the inside of the sleeve has the same artwork as the original vinyl copies (it was on the inside of the outer sleeve).
Name: Richard Hugo-Hamman Country: Australia Date: Fri Jul 21 23:54:59 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Phillip J. Phinney Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 23:40:15 2000 Comment: Neil, for gosh sakes, relese the bloody album already! And for that matter release the early stuff on Geffen as well. Do us a favor.
Name: Pat Lundquist Country: U.S. Date: Fri Jul 21 23:39:55 2000 Comment: Bring it on Neil we love ya
Name: mothy ham Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 22:48:07 2000 Comment: use your head. release the record and no one gets hurt
Name: Erik Noftle Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 21:57:11 2000 Comment: I have this album on LP but the grooves are wearing out quickly. I love this albums so much and I don't want to feel like I have to resort to buying a bootleg copy. Please, Mr. Young, Release this record! Erik
Name: Kurt Schroeder Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 21:50:30 2000 Comment: This is, without question, one of my favorite albums, yet I haven't listened to it for years because I no longer have a turntable. Please release it, let it go!
Name: Kevin Crowder Country: U.S. of A. Date: Fri Jul 21 19:58:43 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Nils-Erik Nilsson Country: Sweden Date: Fri Jul 21 19:32:37 2000 Comment: Please, we must have it on CD.
Name: James Country: Japan Date: Fri Jul 21 18:49:13 2000 Comment: We don't want to have to rely on bootlegs of this stuff!!
Name: Mike Britten Country: US Date: Fri Jul 21 18:26:40 2000 Comment: hi neil, all those years ago, i'd sit on some deserted beach near big sur and play my guitar to the songs i had learned off "on the beach." now, as dylan recently wrote, things have changed. complements of an incurable disease, MS, i am in a wheelchair and, among countless other things, can't play the guitar anymore. one thing i have learned, neil, is that there is a difference between being "cured" and being healed. when i listen to OTB, i am healed. please release it
Name: Carsten Baumann Country: Germany Date: Fri Jul 21 18:13:46 2000 Comment: I love 'On The Beach' and can see no point in not re-releasing the album if it really is Neil Young's own decision. True, it is a bleak album, but what the heck ? As someone else has already pointed out before on this page, you have buy a BOOTLEG CD of the record if you don't happen to know somebody who has a vinyl copy of it. Neil, is that what you want us to do ? Imagine we had no 'Highway 61 Revisited', no 'Rubber Soul', no 'Pet Sounds', the list could go on, not forever because there simply
Name: neil Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 18:13:09 2000 Comment: This album ranks among Neil's best work and needs to see the light of day again.
Name: Paul Wrona Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 17:27:23 2000 Comment: Keep CD's like Broken Arrow and release On the Beach on CD. It's one of my favorite records of all time, but who plays albums anymore? Like Dylan, Neil sometimes seems to forget what his best work is, and it rarely if ever coincides with what's his most popular work.
Name: stu macdonald Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 21 16:20:04 2000 Comment: release this ragged masterpiece!
Name: Beau Colburn Country: Date: Fri Jul 21 15:33:52 2000 Comment: Please release!
Name: patricia fisher Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 15:27:07 2000 Comment: i can only say that, as with any work of great art, access is crucial to its well being in this world...
Name: TCB Walsh Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 15:24:19 2000 Comment: Neil, please take my advice: release this fine album of yours. I know a few of the songs but got into Neil in the post-vinyl era. It doesn't seem right that "Everybody's Rockin'" is readily available but ON the Beach is not.
Name: Dan Keelean Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 15:22:39 2000 Comment: RELEASE THE ALBUM (pretty please)
Name: Doug Boucher Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 15:01:22 2000 Comment: I think On The Beach is one of the most captivating albums ever and I really want to hear it on CD so I can put my scratchy old vinyl copy to rest. Some of Neil's best songwriting is on this fine, fine, superfine album. We want On The Beach!
Name: Janne Oinonen Country: Finland Date: Fri Jul 21 14:31:17 2000 Comment: On the beach is undoubtedly one of Neil's best works-and I only have it as a lousy, hissing cassette. Some of my friends have bought bad quality cd bootlegs of it, so there definitely is interest in the album. Please release it now-I thinks it equals Tonight's the night in it's greatness!
Name: Joe Lilly Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 13:47:08 2000 Comment: On the Beach is a terrific record! It deserves to be heard today!
Name: justin Country: Date: Fri Jul 21 12:40:07 2000 Comment: i am having to listen to On the Beach through Napster and we all know what napster is-thats right, dog. i am 24 which means i never had the chance to purchase the LP first time around (or i would have been one of the few who did), so neil isnt punishing me, he's punishing my mother for haveing me when she did. she doesnt deserve it either. my mama never did nothing to you neil.
Name: Mark Rothfuss Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 11:07:17 2000 Comment: As I am too young for the vinyl era I have yet to hear studio versions of most of the "On the Beach" material. I am a huge fan and will be the first one in line at the record store should it finally be re-released.
Name: John Fulper Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 21 04:51:27 2000 Comment: Neil- I meant to tell you at Poplar Creek in 1989, when I met you backstage w/ the Mulligan Bros., please release OTB, the first album that you did that I bought! Also, if you are putting out the archives, then release whole shows like the Grateful Dead, ie a Joel's Picks. Do it over your website and it won't affect your sales of your projects that you actually release. I am sick of obtaining new material from you that is not authorized by you. However, you release so little material, officially
Name: Anthony Perry Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 21 03:42:07 2000 Comment: What more can be said? Let's hope this sees the light of day in the expansive Archives Box...of course, let's hope the Archives Box actually happens as well.
Name: Andy Mead Country: United Kingdom Date: Thu Jul 20 22:15:33 2000 Comment: This is one of my favourite Neil Young ablums if not the most favourite along with Stars & Bars. I got into it around the 80's and loved . I could not understand why the "critics " slated it . Having off loaded my vinyle collect and intending to replace it on CD later , much to my consternation a number of Neil's albums are unavailable: WHY?? I've been trying to locate it for years to no avail, ist it not even available on Japanese import. RELEASE IT and give the power to the people not the corp.
Name: Don Helling Country: US Date: Thu Jul 20 21:25:20 2000 Comment: C'mon Neil...reissue these puppies.
Name: Jon Lyness Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 20 19:04:01 2000 Comment: Here's hoping OTB is rereleased. Besides being a Neil Young fan, I'm a huge fan of Levon Helm and the late (great) Rick Danko, and would love to hear their contributions to this album. All the best, Jon
Name: Montgomery Country: Date: Thu Jul 20 18:51:56 2000 Comment: It's like Dylan not releasing "Blonde on Blonde."
Name: Eike Country: Germany Date: Thu Jul 20 09:54:10 2000 Comment: It's all been said ...
Name: David Rosenberg Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 20 06:51:53 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: Fabio Augusto Country: Brazil Date: Thu Jul 20 06:17:09 2000 Comment: This is one of your best albums. Ambulance Blues is wonderful.
Name: eric berndt Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 20 02:28:39 2000 Comment: My dad's favorite Neil album and probably would be one of mine if I had heard all the tracks. If you're holding this for the box set, don't worry, we were going to buy it anyway. Neil, please release it on CD!
Name: Jose Roberto Eliezer Country: Brasil Date: Wed Jul 19 00:18:42 2000 Comment: Release On The Beach!
Name: Peter Kopp Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 18 15:52:46 2000 Comment: On The Beach is my favorite Neil Young album, and I hope that Neil will relent and decide to reissue it on CD. I hope he reissues the entire missing 6 as well as remastering the entire catalog (all of which sounds terrible on cd).
Name: John MAnsfield Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 18 12:52:33 2000 Comment: His finest "down" album
Name: Marc Buehre Country: u.s.a. Date: Tue Jul 18 08:35:03 2000 Comment: Neil Young 's "On The Beach " was , in my opinion , the Best Album of 1974 , or any year , for that matter....That was the album that got me thru that year , really....A total down period for me , and I used to play it constantly ! The whole album made me happy! And I still love it to this day ...Sad Haunting Music to console yourself with and get cathartic about.....Gee , maybe I played to too much , but I could not turn it off !! Anybody else have similiar experiences ?? It's GOTTA BE RELEASED
Name: David Young Country: England Date: Mon Jul 17 23:29:04 2000 Comment: Ambulance Blues - I love it. Whatever happened to Rusty Kershaw and why has Neil never played with him again? Some fiddle would made Silver and Gold even more excellent than it already is. I support your petition although personally I prefer taping the vinyl and cranking up the treble on my car radio cassette for those seagulls still out of reach. Don't forget Man's excellent Slow Motion (also from 1974) which IS available
Name: john barry Country: ireland Date: Mon Jul 17 15:34:16 2000 Comment: I have been interested in getting albums like 'On the Beach' and 'Time Fades Away' for some years now and have been unable. The songs 'Walk on' and 'For the Turnstiles', which appear on the 'Decade' compilation whet my appitite. I was deeply disappointed when I heard that a number of albums from Neil's back catalogue are unavailable. It would mean alot to me and other NY fans if this situation was rectified.
Name: Ron Camp Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 17 06:41:46 2000 Comment: Would love to see this happen before the bootleggers supply your legions of fans.I'll take it wherever i can get it at this point, but i'd just as soon support you.I hope that this makes a difference....
Name: Michal Country: Israel Date: Sun Jul 16 16:55:44 2000 Comment: Such a shame that not everybody can hear this beautiful, touching album...
Name: Laurie Hoffman Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 15 19:49:09 2000 Comment: Neil, I think ALL your albums are WONDERFUL. When I think of On the Beach, I think of this: 1) Your best vocal work 2) Your most interesting collection of songs 3) The best rock song ever (Revolution Blues) 4) Your most provocative song writing 5) A genuine masterpiece 6) I can only listen to it on my very old Memorex taped version from my d
Name: Stefan Bechheim Country: Germany Date: Fri Jul 14 20:40:08 2000 Comment: I would love to see OTB released on CD. It's one of my favourites and I only have a tape recording of an old, scratchy LP of it. But what about the other Missing five?
Name: Desmond Curran Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 14 16:01:53 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Dave Komejan Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 3 13:42:36 2000 Comment: Hi all, I have been a huge Neil Young fan since the Buffalo Springfeild days, I guess that tells how old I am!. But I have been having a major jones for listening to the On The Beach album since my turntable died about seven years ago. I hope this concerted effort pays off!!
Name: Pat Graham Country: Canada Date: Thu Jul 13 15:23:03 2000 Comment: Neil's gonna do what He's gonna do, but maybe this will help. Probably have better results sending these to Zeke or someone besides Neil himself.
Name: Kip Haddix Country: All Date: Thu Jul 13 13:19:38 2000 Comment: On the Beach and Hawks and Doves are great albums. As many of Neil's albums do, they express the sentiments of a very dynamic era. I do not wish to live the era again; we've come a long way. But, I (and many many others) would sincerely appreciate being able to revisit those sentiments. The future brings us hope; The past gives us strength. Do it Neil! Thanks, Kip (my three sons love their Lionel train set!)
Name: Mike Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 13 06:30:23 2000 Comment: Without a doubt, "On the Beach" is one of my top five recordings of all time ("Time Fades Away" is in my top ten). I don't know why this recording is not available. I have a fading and warped vinyl copy. I have purchased a $40 CD bootleg of this album because my turn-table died. I would much rather give my money to Neil Young and Reprise Records than the bootlegger I paid for my sub-par copy. This is a classic album with gut-wrenching
Name: Tom Edgerton Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 13 02:58:42 2000 Comment: Hi, I like what you have done here! Nice site. As for re-releasing On The Beach I would love to see Neil re-release all of the missing 6. The time could not be better then it is now! Regards tom
Name: Kurt Leinenweber Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 13 00:46:12 2000 Comment: I used to listen to On The Beach every night around 11, then put on Tonight's the Night (side one) at 12 and fall asleep. The next morning I would listen to Tonight's the Night (Side 2), Albuquerque made a nice waking up song. I would love to see On the Beach released as a CD, I miss it very much!
Name: tom therme Country: Date: Wed Jul 12 18:34:30 2000 Comment:NONE
Name: Ragnar Andersen Country: Norway Date: Wed Jul 12 17:55:36 2000 Comment: Release ON THE BEACH now !!. There are so many people that have not heard this 1974 masterpiece. One of the best '74 albums, besides Blood on the Tracks. My vinyls need to be replaced, both the US copy and the Australian copy with the fold out sleeve. And if anyone has a copy of the poster, I WANT it !!! I have only a small version that was on the back cover of Creem magazine. ( Now framed on my wall). And yes, we want the other missing albums as well !!!! Ragnar in Oslo--
Name: Chad Ferris Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 12 17:40:28 2000 Comment: Hello from No. 9, Release OTB!!!!!
Name: Ken Cave Country: Canada Date: Wed Jul 12 17:35:30 2000 Comment: Bought this one when CD's were first coming in strong - walked into the local store, and there was a whole rack of pretty well all the Neil LP's to that point on sale. I bought everything I didn't already have, but this one was the true delight for me. Side 1 made me smile and move about, but Side 2 forced me to sit down and absorb (of course while trying to decipher the cool liner notes). It really is a shame this is not available in ANY format anymore. As Rusty sez: "I give
Name: Rodney White Country: Texas, USA Date: Wed Jul 12 16:57:14 2000 Comment: Please release On the Beach my vinyl is getting scratchy. Can't play it in my car either. That just gives me the Vampire Blues. Please listen to me for once in your life.
Name: Don Wilske Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 12 16:36:48 2000 Comment: Free the "Beach"!!! Plus the rest of the "Missing Six"!!!!
Name: Jim Cohoon Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 12 16:30:08 2000 Comment: Thanks for doing this service. Set this album free!
Name: Richard Hand Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 12 15:30:10 2000 Comment: I'm the proud owner of an On The Beach poster, which I hope could be posted here! IT IS! Go see the artwork page (col)
Name: Doug Moog Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 12 15:26:17 2000 Comment: OTB is my wife's favorite album (and I love it too). Help me make a wonderful woman happy! :^)
Name: Merlin "Gus" Gustafson Country: Canad Date: Fri Jul 7 06:28:56 2000 Comment: First Neil album I ever bought, when it was first released. Loved it then, and still love it now. But Neil...my poor album's getting OLD!!!
Name: Matt "miseryman"kenary Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 6 21:06:57 2000 Comment: I heard neil is waiting for better technology, SCREW THAT NEIL the album is great as is. The first time I heard that album I cried tears of Joy. I've never heard such good songwriting,lyrics, and guitar playing before in my life. "all my problems are meaningless but that don't make them go away"---just brilliant stuff. I hope someone gets the word out to him, and by the way while we're at it could you also releasr, time fades away, reactor, and american stars and bars. Thank you and see you around -
Name: MikeF Country: Wed Jul 5 23:43 2000 Comment: NONE
Name: steve Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 5 22:43:25 2000 Comment: this is my favoirte Neil album. I would pay double the price of a stsndsrd CD to get it.
Name: Sue Barnum Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 4 14:15:01 2000 Comment: Neil, if you'd PLEASE release On the Beach and the others, you'd stop the Booleggers from making a fortune on YOUR work! People are finding ways to buy this music. That just shows how desperate we are to have this "lost" music. Let's stop the Bootleggers!

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