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Name: Dustin Naughton Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 31 23:31:08 2001 Comment: Why is the album not on the shelves?
Name: Jason Fan Country: Date: Tue Jul 31 21:37:26 2001 Comment: Jason Falkner is much better than Neil Young! Check out his albums 'Author Unknown' and 'Can You Still Feel'. If you ever see his album with The Grays, grab it!
Name: JAMES ANGELO Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 31 20:39:50 2001 Comment: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
Name: Raadschelders, Theo Country: Date: Tue Jul 31 19:56:31 2001 Comment: in this case there's no comment needed!!
Name: Rob Williams Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 31 15:30:34 2001 Comment: Neil needs to re-release all of his out of print CD's.
Name: P KILLACKY Country: ENGLAND Date: Tue Jul 31 14:06:26 2001 Comment: Please re release this & the five other "missing" albums.
Name: Jim Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 31 13:45:28 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jay Leffingwell Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 31 10:43:07 2001 Comment: Great album! Still have vinyl version. Release this one (along with American Stars and Bars!)
Name: Adam Hicks Country: UK Date: Tue Jul 31 09:21:24 2001 Comment: Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future and music of the past. Free On The Beach, or are we just piss in the wind?
Name: Filip Borst Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 31 00:47:19 2001 Comment: Neil, just do it!
Name: Robert Emmet Country: Ireland Date: Tue Jul 31 00:07:26 2001 Comment: Neil, you Reagan supporting bastard! Keep your dishonest junkie music! You're a fake! (Is this a competition to cram as many untruths as possible into one sentence?)
Name: Mauro Pucello Country: Italy Date: Mon Jul 30 22:20:58 2001 Comment: Message for Neil: " Neil, 'On the beach' is one of your most beatifull album. I pray you: release it again!"
Name: Phil Davis Country: England Date: Mon Jul 30 21:46:59 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil, I have been a fan for ages, and as a record store manager, an avowed hater of bootlegs, so release it. properly. thank you.
Name: Bunny Carr Country: Ireland Date: Mon Jul 30 20:40:36 2001 Comment: Stop the lights!
Name: Martti Vainio Country: Finland Date: Mon Jul 30 17:59:15 2001 Comment: I would buy it again! I already have 2 albums.
Name: Twink Country: Ireland Date: Mon Jul 30 17:12:09 2001 Comment: I'd be happy if Mr Young withdrew all his albums from release, as I find his music mindnumbingly dull!
Name: Tom &Tali Country: Australia Date: Mon Jul 30 12:38:08 2001 Comment: PLEASE RELEASE ME
Name: Tristan Thistle Country: UK Date: Mon Jul 30 11:53:41 2001 Comment: The f*cker doesn't mind charging forty quid for his crap 4 CD Buffalo Bullshit Box Set. Selective standards, or what!
Name: Yuzo Country: JAPAN Date: Mon Jul 30 02:11:35 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mark Van Raalte (Homepage) Country: usa Date: Sun Jul 29 18:12:18 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Lori Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 29 17:20:27 2001 Comment: Neil,I'm a little dissapointed-censorship does not become you. Make the world a brighter place and bring OTB into the 21st century!
Name: Andy Vaught Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 29 17:09:56 2001 Comment: Neil, Although music belongs to it's maker, there are only a select few with the talent to "calm the masses". You've been gifted. PLEASE share!
Name: Inspector Morse Country: Oxford Date: Sun Jul 29 15:36:11 2001 Comment: Well you should bloody care! It's the apathy of people like you that makes my job difficult!
Name: Gert Klunder Country: Canada Date: Sun Jul 29 06:19:00 2001 Comment: Why stop at "on the beach", let `m rip and release all 6, I`ll put in my order now!
Name: Ricardo Dillon (Homepage) Country: Argentina Date: Sat Jul 28 13:34:55 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Thomas Puehringer (Homepage) Country: Austria Date: Sat Jul 28 08:46:24 2001 Comment: Please, please, please finally release it! It´s such a brilliant record, and a very important one! KEEP ON ROCKIN´ IN THE FREE WORLD!
Name: Lee Ezell (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 27 22:09:51 2001 Comment: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEE
Name: Jon Bjarne Nilsen (Homepage) Country: Norway Date: Fri Jul 27 21:56:52 2001 Comment: Release On The Beach! I need it in my collection. "Oh Isabela, proud Isabela"
Name: renny Country: usa Date: Fri Jul 27 17:42:04 2001 Comment: all 6, please.
Name: Marco Perronni Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 27 13:31:49 2001 Comment: NY knows this album has more appeal in its abscence than if it were widely available! Don't get carried away people, it's a good album, but we can live without it!
Name: Gualtirolo Bobbi (Homepage) Country: Italy Date: Fri Jul 27 11:36:17 2001 Comment: I undestand Neil's opinion about CD; "Comes a Time" was disastrous. But, in the meantime the technic goes on and I think it's time to try. Anyway, I trust in Neil and I know he himself want to release this historic album.
Name: Verbruggen Marc (Homepage) Country: Belgium Date: Fri Jul 27 10:29:37 2001 Comment: Simply ... any record from Neil must be made available to the world.
Name: Paolo Carnevale (Homepage) Country: italy Date: Fri Jul 27 09:21:48 2001 Comment: i had to mastered "on the beach" from the old vynyl, so i can listen the music without damage the old disc!
Name: Aleta (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 27 01:07:21 2001 Comment: Maybe he won't release it because it's the darkest of his dark period. But, I need it on my worst days, Neil. When I'm deep inside myself, you remind me that "I'll get out somehow, and bring a smile" to someone, or to myself. It lets me escape the world when the world makes me angry, and then I feel better and can face it again. My vinyl is warping. PLEASE -- I need it -- we all need it. You'll feel better, too -- you got out of your dark period. Help us to when we need it, too.
Name: Jimmy (Homepage) Country: Scotland Date: Fri Jul 27 00:41:08 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, get the bloody thing out on the streets where it belongs. It's a f*ckin' masterpiece.
Name: martha raymond (Homepage) Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 26 20:46:54 2001 Comment: Neil, I need On the Beach like I need air and water, My cherished LP is getting so old, And I'm beginning to go through physical withdrawls, I need this, I'd understand if you have your reasons, .... but, if you let the music die out, so will I,
Name: Slobodan MILOSEVIC (Homepage) Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Jul 26 20:19:11 2001 Comment: It was the non-availability of On The Beach on CD that had me so pissed off I killed all those Muslims, Kosovans, and Croats!
Name: Corn Dolly (Homepage) Country: England Date: Thu Jul 26 17:43:35 2001 Comment: If Neil Young thinks CDs are so bad, why doesn't he just go live in the 70s?
Name: Juha Anturaniemi (Homepage) Country: Finland Date: Thu Jul 26 09:58:23 2001 Comment: Hi Neil! Thank you for playing again here in Finland (2001-007-01) in Helsinki! It was my best musical live experience ever! I really mean it! Our family loves your music! You have lots of fans here and I believe we all would like get 'On the Beach' in CD, thank you!
Name: Phil Dolby (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 26 09:46:26 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, don't be such a tight arse. Put the damn thing out man!
Name: Brad Appell (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 26 08:35:48 2001 Comment: I live in New York City, and at 20 years of age and being a musician, I consider On the Beach to be one of the greatest albums ever. Period. I was lucky enough to find a copy in Montreal a few months a go on vinyl for 5 Canadian Dollars.. Upon my return to NYC I saw it onsale in the Village for a cool $30, so I consider myself lucky. Later on my search for the album led me to a bootleg cd of On the Beach, so I am fortunate to have it now on d
Name: michael caldwell (Homepage) Country: usa Date: Wed Jul 25 22:37:36 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Paul Hancock (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 25 21:36:39 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: paul singletary (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 25 21:24:23 2001 Comment: I have loved On the Beach since it first came out on vinyl. I bought two copies just in case one was injured. Please, please release it on CD. It is greater than what we use to play it. Let it rock in the free world again. Now is the time to rebut Dubya with some truth.
Name: Rupert Boddington (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 25 17:56:14 2001 Comment: One of the best- please put it out on CD
Name: michele (Homepage) Country: italia Date: Wed Jul 25 17:32:18 2001 Comment: Please, it's time to do it !!!
Name: Richard Nightingale (Homepage) Country: England Date: Wed Jul 25 17:06:25 2001 Comment: This is the best web site i've ever been on!.If Neil Young is so worked up about the sound quality of cd's why has he not passed comment on the muddy sound quality of Harvest.(Is it just me but Harvest sounds rubbish on cd).My friend Peter Huxley agrees with me that On The Beach is his best album.To me it's his only album that holds together well.Don't get me wrong I love all of Neil's 60s and 70s albums but not as much as I love On the Beach.
Name: Mario Ricci (Homepage) Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 25 16:16:12 2001 Comment: Dai Neil, pubblicalo !
Name: David Fairclough (Homepage) Country: Liverpool FC Date: Wed Jul 25 15:27:42 2001 Comment: Neil Young, you're nothing but a f*ckin' c*** ! (It's up for grabs NAAOOW! Thomas! Right at the end, Barnes is down,McMahon is down, Dalglish just stands there...)
Name: Michele Lazzerini (Homepage) Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 25 14:31:51 2001 Comment: Dalla Toscana rossa con furore Neil pubblicalo !!!
Name: Bob Hoogendoorn (Homepage) Country: Holland Date: Wed Jul 25 14:17:03 2001 Comment: Yep, Please release it along with the others never released on CD (like American Stars 'n Bars)
Name: Richard Nightingale (Homepage) Country: England Date: Wed Jul 25 12:28:54 2001 Comment: My favourite Neil Young album without a shadow of a doubt.I have a bootleg copy (Scratches an all)Release it please Neil
Name: andrea bianco (Homepage) Country: italy Date: Wed Jul 25 10:19:25 2001 Comment: one of my preferred neil's record. I'm lucky, 'cause i'm old enough to have a vinyl copy. Ciao.
Name: Inspector Morse (Homepage) Country: Oxford Date: Wed Jul 25 04:41:45 2001 Comment: Is Paul Willows AngryBobTree? (Don't know, don't care - Col)
Name: Adam Shier (Homepage) Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 24 21:29:40 2001 Comment: this is one of the best albums of all time and it should be available along with the other 5 of the unreleased 6.
Name: ANON (Homepage) Country: Date: Tue Jul 24 20:48:54 2001 Comment: I had previously been without a turntable for ten years.I'm twenty now and last week I bought another record player and On the Beach, as well. In my opinion Neil Yuong is the finest songwriter of all time. Although, I despised Revolution Blues I think that On the Beach along with Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Gold Rush, and Harvest represents one of the four best albums Neil has ever made. Along with After the Gold Rush (1970) and Broken Arrow(1967)Ambulance Blues will always be one
Name: Marcus Posadny (Homepage) Country: Germany Date: Tue Jul 24 19:27:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Gary Brunelle (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 24 17:52:25 2001 Comment: Just do it for the fans.
Name: Neil Ratcliffe (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Tue Jul 24 15:28:32 2001 Comment: I've heard countless albums down the years - including all of NYs and this is the best. It is a work of art of the highest order. It moves me profoundly. Release it and share the joy!
Name: Dan Brugioni (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 24 15:18:09 2001 Comment: What a great album! Unleash it on the masses!
Name: martin page (Homepage) Country: england Date: Tue Jul 24 14:55:54 2001 Comment: i had the album on lp and transferred it to cd but i would like it to come out on cd its brilliant please neil release it
Name: Steven F (Homepage) Country: Londinium UK Date: Tue Jul 24 14:35:13 2001 Comment: Neil's a cranky old git for not releasing On the Beach. I'm a cranky old git for complaining - who is right?
Name: Mike (Homepage) Country: UK Date: Tue Jul 24 14:31:51 2001 Comment: This album needs to be heard to be believed.
Name: Gerard Molenaar (Homepage) Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 24 09:55:18 2001 Comment: The missing six are the only reason why my old turntable is still working. My vinyl record OTB gets worn out so Please Please remove the hold on the release of OTB.
Name: jeffrey (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 24 02:12:09 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: alain Bascou (Homepage) Country: France Date: Mon Jul 23 23:53:40 2001 Comment: neil must do it, for the benefit of all living creature across the universe!
Name: Bradley Solly (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 23 22:19:08 2001 Comment: Neil please release the Missing Six & Archives on CD, thanks kindly...Brad
Name: Dan Fagan (Homepage) Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 23 21:46:45 2001 Comment: OK . . . so I finally bought a used DUAL turntable just to hear OTB and the remaining missing six. What I paid for the used OTB and turntable combined was well worth the effort just to hear that LP. Please share the joy . . .
Name: Vic Anders (Homepage) Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 23 21:36:43 2001 Comment: I've been waiting for you . . .
Name: Lucas Poirier (Homepage) Country: Canada Date: Mon Jul 23 19:52:53 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: stefan loesel (Homepage) Country: germany Date: Mon Jul 23 11:18:02 2001 Comment: I love On The Beach, but I think Time Fades Away is even better.
Name: Dion DeTora Country: CA,USA Date: Sun Jul 22 23:06:27 2001 Comment: Neil Young Please Rerelease"On The Beach"on CD!Great Music needs to be kept for future generations!Long Live Rock N, Roll!!!
Name: Christine Brock Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Jul 22 22:02:33 2001 Comment: On the Beach is my favourite album of all time. Someone nicked my vinyl, so I am now seriously deprived.
Name: Paul Willows Country: Australia Date: Sun Jul 22 18:01:22 2001 Comment: Neil - I know you're reading this - release the bloody album (please!) or I'll turn all your chooks into emus and they'll kick your dunny down. (ancient aussie curse)
Name: Dave Whistle Country: Date: Sun Jul 22 17:49:58 2001 Comment: Anyone know when the new Pere Ubu album is being released?
Name: Chris Sharp Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Jul 22 05:37:19 2001 Comment: Good mind challenging analysis on analogue vs. digital. I love Neil's life in both worlds. It's a "dog never giving up on its knotted sock" situation.
Name: Michael Lilliston Country: US Date: Sun Jul 22 03:38:27 2001 Comment: A travesty that this beautiful and awesome album is not available for all those who know and love it and all those who have not had the chance to.
Name: Mary Vogt Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 22 01:14:42 2001 Comment: I am lucky in the respect that I have two copies of ON THE BEACH in vinyl of course. One in better shape than the other. I had the original circa 1974-1975 then I bought a new copy must have been in the late 70's.I also have Time FAde's Away, American Stars N bars also. Hawks and Doves, reactor(I think I have that on vinyl) Anyway my husband got them out of storage awhile ago and we played them on the old turntable it was a wonderful sound for my ears.
Name: kenimac Country: uk Date: Sat Jul 21 22:49:36 2001 Comment: get it out now ......ABD
Name: Franck ROULLET Country: France Date: Sat Jul 21 07:52:42 2001 Comment: La découverte de l'album On the Beach fut un vrai choc car il prend une place majeure dans la discographie de neil Young et il mérite un écrin à la hauteur de son éclat. N'oublions les cinq autres manquants et le bonheur que serait la réédition complète en version remasterisée ( on peut toujours rêver)
Name: Shadow on the Sky Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 21 07:42:29 2001 Comment: NEIL RULES
Name: don campbell Country: uk Date: Sat Jul 21 04:19:01 2001 Comment: blocking doesn't mean it didn't happen. Difficult to think of a reason why this censorship. Some very good music on this one.
Name: judith mann Country: germany Date: Sat Jul 21 02:21:53 2001 Comment: Dear Neil, please, send me a top quality bootleg of "on the beach", signed and with a personal dedication and wrapped into a banana leaf. thanXX, sweety... ;-) all my love, judith
PS. in case you don' t get around to it, re-releasing the original will do.
Name: Dave Nee Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 21 21:06:51 2001 Comment: Neil, SCREW the perfectionism and give us what un-argueably is one of your best pieces of work.
Name: john parris Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Jul 21 15:38:31 2001 Comment: Neil's best and most piognant album. Right now, I get by with a CD-R of OTB and American Stars -n- Bars, recorded off old vinyl LP's.
Name: Marek Ziolkowski Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 20 23:30:38 2001 Comment: I'm lucky to have all but one of Neil's official releases on vinyl or CD (Journey thru the Past missing)On the Beach is still one of my favourites, and needs to be on CD as does all his "no longer availables"
Name: Karl Heinz Lopin Country: Germany Date: Fri Jul 20 20:21:29 2001 Comment: Please, Mr. Young, I've been waiting sooo long! I have buyed the LP 1973 when I have visited London. And I have heard the songs many times: then my son (he's 16 years old now) have heard it many times. The sound quality is no more good!. What will he do whe he has children?
Name: Jay Weinbach Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 20 15:49:10 2001 Comment: absolutely necessary; tell whoever is holding this up that it's such a drag not having it that someone just might shoot their dog! (sorry for whining).
Name: Frederik Dierickx Country: Belgium Date: Fri Jul 20 15:10:01 2001 Comment: Hey Neil, I've got all your official stuff on CD, only missing 6 from your backcatalogue. I would like to see those gaps removed from my collection so c'mon man, get those records in stores. I never had the chance to hear those records as I wasn't alive yet when they were released and I don't want to spend money to buy the bootlegreleases that exist. I'm countin' on ya! See ya next Tuesday in Rotterdam! Frederik
Name: Chris Alec Country: UK Date: Fri Jul 20 13:03:42 2001 Comment: it's sad how neil never talks about this album. I mean he hardly plays any of the songs live. On the beach has hardly been played like 10 times. :( And he considers crap like Trans to be his finest!!! And a weaker effort(still good) like TTN gets the headlines
Name: Abid Durrani Country: Pakistan Date: Fri Jul 20 12:54:20 2001 Comment: I've wanted this album in my Cd collection so badly. I had to pay a sickenin amount of money to the record store to record it for me. The title track is the greatest neil song. Period!!!
Name: Ivan Krosovic Country: Albania Date: Fri Jul 20 12:46:55 2001 Comment: Neil young should release this album. I think he's bein a little too cagey about it. Music should never suffer. For me 'Motion pictures' and the title track r the greatest
Name: Wiebe E. R. Zwaga Country: New Zealand Date: Fri Jul 20 12:44:40 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Khalid Khan Country: Pakistan Date: Fri Jul 20 13:06:50 2001 Comment: on the beach is the best!!!. It's sad when someone asks me for a copy and i give them my crap lp recording with all the buzz and stuff. Even through all the Lp static the title track just took me to another dimension.
Name: marc russell Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 19 23:42:21 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Espen Country: norway Date: Thu Jul 19 22:17:51 2001 Comment: I have now almost everything from neil young, but there is a missing link in my collection!! and i talking about, "On the Beach"
Name: Shahrukh Ali Mirza Country: Pakistan Date: Thu Jul 19 13:06:10 2001 Comment: On the beach is the album that made me a neil young fan...i heard the title track and i knew that this was the most amazin thing that had ever happened...i hope neil releases it..
Name: Shane Kearney Country: Ireland Date: Thu Jul 19 12:47:19 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: arfeuille Country: france Date: Thu Jul 19 09:20:38 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, please for all of the fans
Name: Michael Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 19 03:01:50 2001 Comment: These days it seems that record companies re-issue CD's countless times. Of course Neil has to be different. It's a shame that people have to buy bootlegs to here the missing 6. PLEASE NEIL, RELEASE THEM ALL!
Name: verne olmstead Country: usa Date: Thu Jul 19 00:29:41 2001 Comment: vampire blues baby!!
Name: Jason Hitchman Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 19 20:18:15 2001 Comment: Please
Name: Nathan Doherty Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 19 19:47:02 2001 Comment: This is a deep, dark album that more people need to hear.
Name: Roel van Dijk Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Jul 19 15:12:36 2001 Comment: On The Beach is one of the Neil Young albums there is. Let's hope he releases it in the Archives..
Name: Asad Zafar Country: Afghanistan Date: Thu Jul 19 13:13:41 2001 Comment: This is the album that just does it. the Title track is the greatest neil young song. me and my band play vampire blues on tabla..very funky...I want it on Cd.so neil pleeeeese
Name: Bruno Vlieghe Country: Belgium Date: Wed Jul 18 19:48:31 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Gabe Elert Country: US Date: Wed Jul 18 19:34:52 2001 Comment: This album is fantastic, and there's no way to get it!
Name: Enrico Lerza Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 18 19:26:28 2001 Comment: Dvd is not so much used in Italy...
Name: Dieter Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 18 16:56:39 2001 Comment: We're all beached. This and Zuma are my personal favourites. I can play the title track on guitar if anyone's interested...
Name: Doug Jensen Country: U.S. Date: Wed Jul 18 16:48:28 2001 Comment: I've been to 24 Neil concerts, so you know I'm a total Neil fan. In fact, I'm embarrassed because I can't seem to listen to anyone else. Anyway, ON THE BEACH is by far my favorate album. Like so many before me have said, this album has helped me make it through the rough times. Thanks Neil
Name: Maree Shepherd Country: SCOTLAND Date: Wed Jul 18 16:38:22 2001 Comment: Come on Neily! Put us out of our misery!
Name: Jordi G.O. Country: Spain Date: Wed Jul 18 16:16:59 2001 Comment: I need a new copy of my old vinyl, but I can't find it anyway. Though my problem is meaningless, that don't make it go away.
Name: Tzvi Katzburg Country: Israel Date: Wed Jul 18 16:09:56 2001 Comment: for me he is the greatest of all. was to young at the time to get the albums but now I got almost all the cd's went public. bring it on for us, the Youngers
Name: DOBBELAER EDI Country: belgium Date: Wed Jul 18 14:29:22 2001 Comment: Things always happen for a (good) reason: never look back at the past with regretful feelings, 'cos if you do you're denying a part of your real self. Just release it Neil!
Name: alessandro mello Country: brasil Date: Wed Jul 18 13:58:01 2001 Comment: For me, On the Beach is one of the best Neil Young's albuns, and I've known it by chance... I have the right to own it and listen to it whenever I want!!
Name: Adam Country: England Date: Wed Jul 18 12:59:47 2001 Comment: You're all just pissing in the wind , you dont know it but you are, and there aint nothing like a friend that can tell you you're just pissing in the wind.
Name: PAUL HARRIS Country: Date: Wed Jul 18 12:25:16 2001 Comment: IF ITS PART OF THE ARCHIVES THATS I'LL WAIT
Name: Phil Cockerill Country: England Date: Wed Jul 18 10:23:26 2001 Comment: Fleadh 2001 was amazing. Made me want to listen to loads of Neil Young again but where's my taped copy of the Beach? Please release it on cd so that i'll be able to listen to it again. Phil
Name: ianwilloughby Country: Czech Rep Date: Wed Jul 18 10:03:13 2001 Comment: I bought a bootleg CD of On the Beach in Dublin last week. The quality is pretty good. It's on Crazed Records, and is made in Germany (don't know if that's where the label is based). It comes with extra live acoustic tracks from 1971.
Name: daniel eastburn Country: Date: Wed Jul 18 04:50:04 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Peter Röjling Country: Sweden Date: Tue Jul 17 22:39:16 2001 Comment: Please, Please!!
Name: J. Coe Country: Date: Tue Jul 17 20:01:23 2001 Comment: Its time to re-release this great album
Name: marc brafman Country: usa Date: Tue Jul 17 17:58:33 2001 Comment: neil, please release this since members of the Band play on it
Name: Dale Jackson Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 17 05:40:36 2001 Comment: For 25 years I thought I was off in the wilderness loving this album. The 'net showed me how wrong I was. I bought the album when it came out, listened to it endlessly, taped it twice and now have a copy burned to CD-ROM. Come on Neil give us a break!
Name: Joe Smith Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 17 00:37:59 2001 Comment: I hate the sound of most CD's, too. I didn't buy a CD player until midway through 1989. But everybody seems to forget how lousy the average vinyl LP was. I had pretty much given up on them by the `80's. So I was listening to music mostly in the car on cassette and the radio - hardly hi-fi! But I still enjoyed the music! I won't listen to MP3's. I don't want to encourage something of even lower fidelity than CD's. I want to play "On the Beach." CD is better than
Name: Steve Groves Country: USA Date: Tue Jul 17 00:05:02 2001 Comment: this is truly one of the best albums of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Jeff Hayes Country: USA Date: Mon Jul 16 21:01:10 2001 Comment: I've only got a copy of this that I d/led with pretty poor sound quality. I'm a big fan, and I'd love an official release.
Name: Peter Smith Country: Canada Date: Mon Jul 16 19:39:46 2001 Comment: I need on the beach released.
Name: Andrew Clark Country: England Date: Mon Jul 16 19:33:47 2001 Comment: OTB's last three tracks are genius- it's just the best individual album he has ever done by a mile and deserves to be heard by everyone
Name: Sjef Stoop Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Jul 16 13:27:27 2001 Comment: Urgent!
Name: Jim Allen Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Jul 16 10:11:22 2001 Comment: Just release it
Name: Charles Shugart Country: U.S.A. Date: Mon Jul 16 05:36:48 2001 Comment: Please re-release "On The Beach"
Name: Richard Miller. Country: Scotland. Date: Sun Jul 15 22:13:59 2001 Comment: Neil Young is a musician I constantly return to because he has never been matched lyrically or musically."On the Beach" and "Time Fades Away"are landmark compositions.All of us true fans need these on CD PLEASE!
Name: Kate Country: Date: Sun Jul 15 20:57:52 2001 Comment: Did you know that you can make friends and make money at the same time? Click here and join for free! http://www.wankwankwank.com (I hate junk mail - Col)
Name: Anon Country: Date: Sun Jul 15 18:48:39 2001 Comment: I had a vinyl copy in high school that disappeared from my collection. I have looked for a copy for years now and would be thrilled to see it come out on cd, however I do question trying to make neil do something he may not want to do. If by chance neil would read this I would say to remember us fans that are without On The Beach and to the person that has my copy-shame on you.
Name: mark sells Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 15 15:58:50 2001 Comment: My ears are getting too old to worry about the differences between vinyl, CD, DVD and tape. I want to hear the music while it still sounds good to my aging ears.
Name: Richard Mullen Country: England Date: Sun Jul 15 09:30:38 2001 Comment: With tomights the night this is neil youngs greatest album, everyone quates after the goldrush and harvest but nothing can come close to an album that gets the way the musician or band is feeling at the time, it's like Pink Moon by Nick Drake and also like There's a riot goin on by sly and the family stone, they both sound like they coud just break down any second and stop.
Name: Patrick Baynes Country: United States Date: Sun Jul 15 04:04:12 2001 Comment: While you're at it, how about Time Fades Away, which is even better! And I can't find Hawks and Doves or Reactor. With proper distribution, Neil could count on 50,000 of his biggest fans to spend $20.00 to $60.00 on stuff of his they're looking for. Personally, if he doesn't put in the effort to get that stuff out soon which I'm tired of hearing bullshit rumours about and waiting for, I won't put in the effort to go to shows of his or anything else. I'll spend my money on artists that take care
Name: Gregg Brown Country: uk Date: Sun Jul 15 02:02:08 2001 Comment: Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it
Name: Kevin Hague Country: New Zealand Date: Sun Jul 15 01:23:51 2001 Comment: What can I say? On The Beach is my favourite Neil Young album, though my vinyl copy bit the dust long ago, forcing me to listen to it from memory. Even though it won't be there, I still compulsively trawl the CD shops of the world. This dysfunctional behaviour could so easily be cured. Please?
Name: John "Q" Davis Country: USA Date: Sat Jul 14 22:43:57 2001 Comment: Please Mr. Young, Torture us no longer! Release not only 'On the Beach', but the other missing 5. I have evolved so much. My first album was given to me by my older sister in 1975 when I was 4 yrs old-- KISS Alive! KISS were my favorites, until REO Speedwagon in the early 80's. In the mid-eighties my favorite band was Slayer, then GNR, then the Rolling Stones in the early 90's. My life changed for the better in the mid-90's when my love for yr. music overran a four-yea
Name: Paolo Country: italy Date: Sat Jul 14 20:51:15 2001 Comment: please,please,please!in memory of danny whitten
Name: ron kavanagh Country: australia Date: Sat Jul 14 15:46:58 2001 Comment: oh come on neil young i miss this album , when are you coming to sydney again ? see you on the bondi or manly beach ....
Name: Concerned Regular Country: Date: Fri Jul 13 19:26:18 2001 Comment: Is Colin dead?, or does he just not care anymore? Some entries not added to the archive have already fallen off the Guestbook (Only 10 pages)! Perhaps he's off sunning himself for a couple of weeks - On The Beach! (You're right my concerned friend, I did lose a few messages (see the note at the bottom of this page) I am slack, it's remiss of me, I can't apologise enough... it'll never happen again! - Col)
Name: Olli Seppälä Country: Finland Date: Fri Jul 13 18:00:37 2001 Comment: Thanks for the great show in Helsinki,Neil! Now,I think,it's about time to allow us younger fans on the beach!
Name: Stuart Decker Country: Date: Fri Jul 13 17:53:13 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Tom Moore Country: uk Date: Fri Jul 13 15:47:43 2001 Comment: release it
Name: Samu Country: Date: Fri Jul 13 10:20:19 2001 Comment: BTW: Thank YOU Neil for coming to Finland on july 1st! A Great Gig! (so far the only gig that has heard Down By The River!!)
Name: Melanie Manton Country: England Date: Fri Jul 13 09:00:17 2001 Comment: I'm very lucky to have inherited the M6 in vinyl from my Dad, but it would be SOOOO GOOOOOD to have it on CD.Keep up the good work.
Name: C. Kulander Country: America Date: Thu Jul 12 20:41:29 2001 Comment: It is such a shame I can't listen to this album anymore (vinyl copy bit the dust). Even oil men like me dig "Vampire Blues."
Name: john Unwin Country: England Date: Thu Jul 12 20:27:31 2001 Comment: I've got a good CD double with OTB + Stars and Bars on - I would love time fades away though !. Keep the pressure on.
Name: felipe Country: Brazil Date: Thu Jul 12 14:13:38 2001 Comment: On The Beach, Now.
Name: Anthony Cole Country: UK Date: Thu Jul 12 12:49:48 2001 Comment: I want to buy this album....
Name: Ryan Sells Country: US Date: Thu Jul 12 05:16:45 2001 Comment: Why Neil won't re-release On The Beach is completely incomprehensible. Maybe some of the songs invoke morbid memories from a splendid period of time he'd rather remember differently. I wonder how his relationship with Charles Manson weighs on his consciousness. Does he ever perform Revolution Blues? Proably not. Does he feel some kind of moral responsibility to not circulate that music? If he does, I think he is wrong to subjugate the artistic to the moral.
Name: Jeffrey Roberts Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 12 04:23:16 2001 Comment: Neil, I wasn't around for the original release of On The Beach but first heard it at age 14 and have waited ever since for rerelease. All the best Neil. By the way I loved your Dad's book Neil and Me. jeff
Name: Hal Hoffman Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 12 01:31:00 2001 Comment: Neil....please release the Album "On the Beach" on Cd format. I have the vinal LP version, in outstanding condition, but I don't have a turntable hooked up any longer, so please re-release the album. Hal Hoffman
Name: John Murray Country: Date: Wed Jul 11 22:42:06 2001 Comment: Please release this Album - its a classic!
Name: Arnd Winter Country: Germany Date: Wed Jul 11 15:54:11 2001 Comment: Few days ago a friend told me that "On the beach" was one of the best Neil young albums ever. So I wanted to buy it. But it wasn´t listed anywhere. No I know that it belongs to the missing 6 albums which have never been re-released. Please do re-release it on CD and don´t let us wait for another medium which will be available in 10 years time. Thanks!
Name: Mark Powell Country: Canada Date: Wed Jul 11 15:43:02 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, it's difficult enough to find a decent turntable these days, let alone not being able to get this on CD. Thanks Mark& Gaetanne Needle and the Damage Done
Name: AL Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 11 14:48:59 2001 Comment: Don't be shy
Name: ben Pinnington Country: Uk Date: Wed Jul 11 14:29:25 2001 Comment: Neil - pls release this lost gem - It makes no sense not allowing fans to hear your music. It is also mind numbingly frustrating!
Name: Francesco Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 11 14:11:51 2001 Comment: neil facci sto regalo
Name: Alberto Country: Italy Date: Wed Jul 11 13:51:03 2001 Comment: C'mon, Neil, you even played "Walk On" with your friends + relatives, just one more effort...
Name: Kim Doyle Country: Ireland Date: Wed Jul 11 12:28:07 2001 Comment: Hey Buddy, only Brits use the word Eire!
Name: Buddy O Neil Country: Eire Date: Wed Jul 11 06:50:40 2001 Comment: I think its unfair for Mr.Young to keep an album from his fans for what seem to me small and meaningless reasons. Was it not Neil Young who supposedly listened to bootleg copies of Bob Dylan and Band before all his concerts? Where was the sound quality then? All I'm saying is that I don't care what bitrate, frequency or volume level this recording is if its true and real it don't take high resolution audio eqiupment to appreciate it- just two ears and a heart
Name: Matt Reddick Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 11 06:42:07 2001 Comment: Like....what's up??? We want to hear your music and GIVE YOU DOUGH!!! Consider our position...we have to scratch around on the internet for copies of your music. Please share yer stuff!!!
Name: Chris Couto Country: BRASIL Date: Wed Jul 11 05:22:10 2001 Comment: It's about time.
Name: MARINA PERSON Country: BRASIL Date: Wed Jul 11 05:20:59 2001 Comment: Please!??
Name: Brad Reynolds Country: usa Date: Wed Jul 11 04:33:29 2001 Comment: neil -- this is one of your BEST albums -- I & many of my friends have loved its tenderness and acoustic feel since it was first released -- it is a masterpiece, in my opinion PLEASE RELEASE ASAP! Walk On!
Name: Rob McPherson Country: Australia Date: Wed Jul 11 01:27:53 2001 Comment: I'm a big fan, but a late bloomer in that respect. I've got almost a complete collection of NY recordings, but it is very hard to find a vinyl copy of this anywhere. I'd rather see royalties go to NY than pick up mp3 versions.
Name: Hans Geertzen Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Jul 10 20:26:26 2001 Comment: I remember this album as a very good one. I'd love to buy it, but it isnt't available.... I've heard it's a masterpiece. I want to judge 25 years later if I can agree with that. Please release this record!!!!!!!!
Name: Mary Whitehouse Country: UK Date: Tue Jul 10 12:13:48 2001 Comment: Why the f*ck was the f*cking thing deleted in the first f*cking place? Some f*cking shit should be held f*cking responsible!
Name: shihlun Country: Taiwan Date: Tue Jul 10 08:20:44 2001 Comment: we want to be on the beach with "On the Beach" !!
Name: Anon NY fan Country: U.K. Date: Mon Jul 9 12:06:01 2001 Comment: -cluding all the classics; "Old Man", "Don't Let It Bring You Down", "Heart Of Gold" plus more (on the same disc). Quality of A+ this was a find, and I know for a fact that the store I got it from had more than the 1 copy that I bought. E-mail me if you have any questions or wanna know where you can get your hands on this fantastic rarity. I was fortunate to pick up a copy of Neil's "On The Beach" LP on CD this weekend. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it and snapped it up immediately. Now as this isn't an official release on Reprise it's obviously a boot - however it's a damn good boot. The sleeves are printed to factory standards and the CD is image stamped too. It appears to be released under a German record label (I won't say the name) so hence the quality. It has both OTB and a bunch of live tracks performed in 1971/2
Name: Dif Country: NL Date: Mon Jul 9 11:50:12 2001 Comment: The grooves on my LP are all worn out. Need that CD!
Name: kellenbm Country: us Date: Mon Jul 9 06:35:13 2001 Comment: I used to listen to on the beach over and over along with all my other neil young albums and thats all I ve ever known I play my own versions of these songs. thats great! except their are a few of the lyrics I seem to have forgotton anyway long time long time no see Hey Eddie If your out their with that album let me record it
Name: Joshua W. Bussberg Country: U.S Date: Mon Jul 9 04:22:48 2001 Comment: release it all. just release it all. f*ck it. i've been buying, i'll keep buying. you shall be released one way or another. forever young
Name: Jeremy Thorpe Country: 70s Liberal Date: Mon Jul 9 03:07:35 2001 Comment: All his songs sound the same, and his sideburns are really lame! His principles on CD are selective, maybe his brain is defective! Angrybobtree has got it right, Neil Young you're full of shite!(Hey Jeremy, didn't you get thrown out of the liberaliberal party for,..uhh...lying a lot? - Col)
Name: Chris Ryan Country: United States Date: Sun Jul 8 22:00:19 2001 Comment: I think the album is one of Neil Young's best, an amazing compainion to Tonight's the Night. A brilliant mediation on emptiness. Set the vampire free!
Name: Henri DAL Country: France Date: Sun Jul 8 21:58:53 2001 Comment: I totally agree with the content of this site and it's petition. I consider that "Ambulance Blues" is one of the greatest Neil songs. As Rusty Kershaw said : There's good music in this album !
Name: kellen miller Country: us Date: Sun Jul 8 21:45:54 2001 Comment: then give it to me
Name: Cyril O' Brien. Country: Rep of Ireland. Date: Sun Jul 8 20:47:35 2001 Comment: It's about time this classic album was released on cd.
Name: Paul Brown Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 8 20:06:09 2001 Comment: Good idea hope Neil agree's
Name: adam andrek Country: U.S. Date: Sun Jul 8 19:37:58 2001 Comment: Finally Just Heard This Album Got a Tape From Someone out there i would love it if it could be rereleased this is the neil stuff i prefer love all neils music but this is the style i love the most
Name: Øyvind Forsbak Country: Norway Date: Sun Jul 8 18:44:10 2001 Comment: This album is great!
Name: Kim Doyle Country: E. Ireland Date: Sun Jul 8 18:37:39 2001 Comment: Hey Ronnie Cartwright, if you live in N. Ireland, I must live in E. Ireland! Oh yeah, and release On The Beach!
Name: jo owre Country: Norway Date: Sun Jul 8 15:52:01 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Ronnie Cartwright Country: N. Ireland Date: Sun Jul 8 15:45:37 2001 Comment: My only experiences of this album are Walk On and For The Turnstiles but I would really like to hear the rest of this album. Please please give it a re-release! You can really learn a lot that way.....
Name: hugh McGhee Country: England Date: Sun Jul 8 00:27:01 2001 Comment: Come on Neil, those who have the vinyl daren't play it. It is my son's inheritance!!!
Name: Hardy Nielsen Country: Danmark Date: Sat Jul 7 21:25:34 2001 Comment: we want the beach, and we want it now!
Name: Eric Country: France Date: Sat Jul 7 20:49:15 2001 Comment: how can songs like motion pictures and vampire blues not be released on cd?
Name: fred berg Country: usa Date: Sat Jul 7 12:17:52 2001 Comment: you release everybodys rockin but not p[ossibly one of your top 5 albums.what the f*ck!!!
Name: AngryBobTree Country: Australia Date: Sat Jul 7 03:05:32 2001 Comment: Ey Neil, I'll be in the states sometime in sept. UL hafta get out and see the show you call farm aid. You fookin wanker with all the money you got, you could personaly save all the fookin farms in the states, cheers ya bloody billowed wanker (sigh - hi,Bob - Col)
Name: Tore Tomren Country: Norway Date: Fri Jul 6 21:33:58 2001 Comment: on the beach dreg mark
Name: sune rustrup Country: denmark Date: Fri Jul 6 19:37:47 2001 Comment: of course we need this classic album to be available again!
Name: Panu Ali-Rantala Country: Finland Date: Fri Jul 6 13:58:50 2001 Comment: You know, a piece of true greatness doesn't need fancy frames. A CD will do - for now.
Name: Ahmet Ertegun (yeah right) Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 6 07:42:54 2001 Comment: great album but i can see that it might be personally embarrassing to have heard by public.
Name: Bill Murphy Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 6 02:02:41 2001 Comment: Mr. Young, I respect your right to control your work but hope you also respect your fans' loyalty & enthusiasm. And plz release Trans on CD, in it's original format, with If You Got Love added, while you're at it! :)
Name: Tommy Country: Norway Date: Thu Jul 5 22:03:10 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil, some of us wasn't even born when these albums were released.
Name: Randy Weaver Country: USA Date: Thu Jul 5 19:32:30 2001 Comment: The FBI shot my wife, my son, and my dog, but I'd be happy again if Neil Young released On The Beach on CD!
Name: G Country: Date: Thu Jul 5 13:24:11 2001 Comment: cmon neil, I've only ever heard the walkabouts version of the title track, and that blew me away. Release it!
Name: Torkjell Enge Country: Norway Date: Thu Jul 5 13:12:38 2001 Comment: Pleeaaase Neil, pleeeeaaaase!!!
Name: will Country: australia Date: Wed Jul 4 23:51:58 2001 Comment: I have this album on vinyl from my younger days, but no longer have a turntable. I went into the store the other day to purchase OTB on cd, and was amazed and disappointed that it's not available. PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSE RELEASE IT! Bewdy! (hopefully)
Name: Ramsay Hunter Country: Date: Wed Jul 4 22:16:14 2001 Comment: I've got 'On The Beach' on the original 1974 reprise cassette. The Track Listing on both the cassette label and cassette sleeve state side one as being 'On The Beach', 'Motion Pictures' and 'Ambulance Blues'. Was this a universal misprint or is it quite rare. Also, how much is it worth?
Come On. Please release this as it is my favourite Neil Young Album. It Is so laid back and 'Revolution Blues and'Ambulance Blues' are awesome
Name: ralph d parnow Country: usa Date: Wed Jul 4 22:01:11 2001 Comment: we want it neil !
Name: Philip Sanders Rose Country: UK Date: Wed Jul 4 13:33:07 2001 Comment: My vinyl copy is worn out... I need these songs in my life
Name: paul hide Country: uk Date: Wed Jul 4 11:48:37 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: John Country: USA Date: Wed Jul 4 11:44:28 2001 Comment: I bought this on 8 track cassette when it came out in the 70s. Been looking for it through the years on cd . Saw what must have been bootlegs on ebay, one going off today at 24$ claiming new??
Name: Ciaran MacNamee Country: Ireland Date: Wed Jul 4 10:21:38 2001 Comment: On The Beach is a great record. My vinyl copy (and everyone else's) is wearing out! Please release on CD.
Name: andreas karlsen Country: norway Date: Wed Jul 4 08:42:53 2001 Comment: I've both on the beach and american stars'n bars on bootlegs but it would be a plessure to by the cd. Furthermore I'm looking forward to his consert in Oslo tonight-it seems like he is really rocking in the free world these days..................
Name: Laerte Pastore Jr Country: Brazil Date: Wed Jul 4 03:37:57 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Paul Silk Country: United Kingdom Date: Tue Jul 3 18:18:11 2001 Comment: Please please please release ON the Beach...It is my second favourite of your albums and you are being a grumpy bugger for not allowing us to enjoy it in the most popular format! Neil come on and give in! You can still release it on DVD audio you know! Just like when they release films on VHS and DVD!!!
Name: Rob Carson Country: Canada Date: Tue Jul 3 17:28:37 2001 Comment: And for the record, I think TIME FADES AWAY is just as essential. It's *idiotic* that they're out of print.
Name: Sébastien Vibert Country: France Date: Tue Jul 3 15:49:18 2001 Comment: Very good idea. What don't we ask Neil to also re-release the 5 others records ?
Name: Peter Schepper Country: Germany Date: Tue Jul 3 15:29:54 2001 Comment: Please, GOD, give us back Neil Young's "On The Beach".
Name: mattias Country: sweden Date: Tue Jul 3 10:09:26 2001 Comment: Yes, mister, it's about time now. and not just on the beach. We want all the "missing 6"!
Name: david freeman Country: UK Date: Mon Jul 2 21:15:25 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Torin Alter Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 2 19:42:26 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Jennifer McKitrick Country: US Date: Mon Jul 2 18:53:29 2001 Comment: Neil has been my main man for 20 years. On the Beach is my favorite album. I'm lucky enough to still have my vinyl copy, and I make tapes of it for all my Neil-loving friends. But it is not enough! Please release it on CD! Love, Jennifer
Name: Aad Hoogesteger Country: Netherlands Date: Mon Jul 2 10:13:01 2001 Comment: Hopefully the best cd ever will be released soon...
Name: orris parakeet Country: usa Date: Mon Jul 2 01:26:00 2001 Comment: gimmee the beach and allthe yello fixins so's i can beat my crazy hen drum all over the leech-infested paradox.
Name: Sinead Green Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 1 21:43:39 2001 Comment: LISTEN UP: I have 50 MINT copies of 'On The Beach'. These came in an unopened shipping box. The pristine condition of these albums will make you cry! Interested? email me with offers!
Name: graham Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 1 19:59:25 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Michael Country: UK Date: Sun Jul 1 17:23:39 2001 Comment: Hi, Have a look at my webICQ - www.aska.ru - it helps users to use ICQ without any icq-clone programm By the way, I liked your site!
Name: Dieter Plaat Country: The Netherlands Date: Sun Jul 1 12:50:36 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bruce Joseph Country: USA Date: Sun Jul 1 04:12:45 2001 Comment: I would also really love to see American Stars N Bars released on CD. This is also one of Neil's great works that deserves to be heard by a wider audience.
Name: Ted Oliver Country: Canada Date: Sun Jul 1 00:53:27 2001 Comment: It's a great album - what else is there to say?
(Here is a gap between Jun 30 19:39 GMT and Jul 1 00:53:27 2001 GMT where I lost a few messages - entirely my fault for not keeping up, many apologies to anyone who can't see their message, feel free to send another in :-( )

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