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(Here is a gap between Jun 30 19:39 GMT and Jul 1 00:53:27 2001 GMT where I lost a few messages - entirely my fault for not keeping up, many apologies to anyone who can't see their message, feel free to send another in :-( )

Name: Martin Archer Country: UK Date: Sat Jun 30 19:39:50 2001 Comment: It's just a great record, and nearly 30 years after it's release it needs to be heard again.
Name: Odd- Arve Gresseth Country: Norway Date: Sat Jun 30 19:30:40 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Nate Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 30 19:08:34 2001 Comment: This is a great album, and I think everyone deserves a chance to hear it.
Name: Martin Germann Country: Germany Date: Sat Jun 30 14:27:09 2001 Comment: no reason not to sign this
Name: emiel Country: nl Date: Sat Jun 30 06:09:06 2001 Comment: best blues album from neil
Name: jack-turbo Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 29 18:46:57 2001 Comment: Release it and Time Fades Away so I can have the full trilogy with Tonight's the Night
Name: Phil Bishop Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 29 15:58:01 2001 Comment: One of the finest albums ever (up there with Blood on the Tracks). I'd pay good money for it on CD.
Name: Jyl Crandall Country: usa Date: Fri Jun 29 05:27:08 2001 Comment: when I was 15 I fell in love with my first love while listening to "On The Beach" I need to hear it again.
Name: Laura Crouch Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 28 21:32:45 2001 Comment: It'd be cool if On the Beach were reissued.
Name: trev walker Country: uk Date: Thu Jun 28 21:18:01 2001 Comment: please,please,please release on the beach
Name: Mark Country: England Date: Thu Jun 28 18:57:05 2001 Comment: It IS the best Neil Young album. So laid-back, so soothing. Release it Neil.
Name: Michael Scarlett Country: Canada Date: Thu Jun 28 18:13:25 2001 Comment: Neil is the man! He simply rocks and there is nobody out there who is as good! Way to go Canada.
Name: Erik van der Scheer Country: Netherlands Date: Thu Jun 28 17:12:34 2001 Comment: Release Time Fades Away and Re-Ac-Tor too!
Name: Peter Robinson Country: South Africa Date: Thu Jun 28 15:01:39 2001 Comment: I managed to get a pirated CD copy in Hong Kong, but it was stolen in a burglary a month ago.
Name: John Blakey Country: United Kingdom Date: Thu Jun 28 14:16:47 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Armindo Gomes Country: Portugal Date: Thu Jun 28 11:36:39 2001 Comment: I want this record NOW!
Name: Thomas Lepke Country: Germany Date: Thu Jun 28 10:33:31 2001 Comment: Don´t make your fans angry ! Release it !
Name: Rhonda and Steve Country: united states Date: Thu Jun 28 05:10:41 2001 Comment: It is about time Neil young re release the On the Beach album on CD. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE RELEASE THE TIME FADES AWAY ON CD THIS IS GREAT MUSIC.
Name: Peggy McConnell Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Jun 28 03:22:42 2001 Comment: My copy is so scratched from many student parties, a CD would sound so much better! I've been hunting for it forever! A Neil Young collection just isn't making it without "On the Beach" !!
Name: john bellinger Country: us Date: Thu Jun 28 00:40:06 2001 Comment: i love this album!
Name: Luis Alba Country: Spain Date: Wed Jun 27 15:39:31 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bryant Gries Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 27 15:28:44 2001 Comment: Please rerelease On the Beach--it is an excellent album that deserves to find it's audience.
Name: Jon Fiscel Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 27 12:19:56 2001 Comment: This is one of my all time favorites and my album has seen better days! PLEEEEZZZEEE release this on C.D.!
Name: Jens karrass Country: Germany Date: Wed Jun 27 00:26:00 2001 Comment: Neil, all your stuff needs to be passed on!!!! I saw you just tonight in berlin, the security guys had lots of problems... and did not let the real neil young fans through infront of the stage, as you might have noticed. my wish is, to have breakfst with you some day. just 1 hour. a huge cup of coffee on your ranch. keep on rocking and being quiet as well.
Name: Paul Townson Country: UK Date: Tue Jun 26 22:09:06 2001 Comment: Please
Name: Willem Jong Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Jun 26 21:48:16 2001 Comment: Please Neil! Not only On the beach but the other missing titles as well!
Name: Michelle Knight Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 26 20:55:28 2001 Comment: I bought the album when it was first released and have loved it ever since. Needless to say, it is not in the best of shape and I have been trying for the last year or two to find it on cd. I hope this does the trick. We love you Neil.
Name: micha caneel Country: holland Date: Tue Jun 26 17:46:24 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: karel dekker Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Jun 26 15:49:50 2001 Comment: Why hasn't it been re-issued in the first place?
Name: STEVE HUNTER Country: Australia Date: Tue Jun 26 15:24:18 2001 Comment: You've released all the crap ones Neil_how about one of the classics (hee hee, maybe that didn't quite come out the way you meant it. Or did it? - Col)
Name: Guillaume Legendre Country: France Date: Tue Jun 26 12:49:04 2001 Comment: Well, I desesperately need that CD ! The sound of my (old) vinyl LP is so scratchy I can't stand it anymore !
Name: hugues pereda Country: france Date: Mon Jun 25 22:47:33 2001 Comment: il est dommage de ne pas pouvoir retrouver tous les disques de Neil en CD !!!
Name: Pete Collison Country: England Date: Mon Jun 25 21:00:06 2001 Comment: I just want a copy please ! - a vinyl reissue would be fine - my taped copy from a scratched up original pressing is all but dead and I've yet to hear the album without jumps or scratches that are not the result of me playing it. PLEASE NEIL!
Name: John Bohnhoff Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 25 18:26:40 2001 Comment: I am an Officer in the Military (i.e. conservative)....but, I still love this album....On the Beach...excellant. Neil, if you read this...I have been searching for the CD version (without burning one from my old 33)...go for it Neil...:)
Name: Goncalves Country: FRANCE Date: Mon Jun 25 15:52:07 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Joeri Rook Country: the Netherlands Date: Mon Jun 25 14:59:44 2001 Comment: I was born in 1974 - my pocketmoney in these days couldn't help me to get a copy. So please bring it out now!
Name: labat Country: Date: Mon Jun 25 11:06:34 2001 Comment: on the beach et aussi times fades away. thank you. didier
Name: andrew lacko Country: usa Date: Mon Jun 25 04:53:15 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Garrett Lechowski Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 24 22:48:23 2001 Comment: Please release ON THE BEACH on CD. Thanks.
Name: Matthew Country: England Date: Sun Jun 24 17:25:34 2001 Comment: We've waited long enough already
Name: Tim Scaping Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 24 16:38:29 2001 Comment: I'm in total agreement with your view.
Name: dante Country: germany Date: Sun Jun 24 10:48:58 2001 Comment: definitely one of the best records ny ever made. high time for a re-issue!!
Name: Eric Country: Switzerland Date: Sun Jun 24 01:31:09 2001 Comment: I know all the songs from this album, got them from several sources but damn ! I want the complete work on one CD. Please !!!
Name: Harry Ebbers Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Jun 23 22:57:48 2001 Comment: Loved his concert in Ahoy, Rotterdam on june 21. Like to have on the beach on c.d., however I still have the album to play frequently.
Name: Paul McNally Country: United KIngdom Date: Sat Jun 23 17:39:31 2001 Comment: Undoubtedly one of the most important recordings in Young's cannon. Should be available for ALL in CD format
Name: Jose Heinink Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Jun 23 17:30:05 2001 Comment: Don't let us wait any longer!!!!!!!!!!!
Name: Y. Country: the Netherlands Date: Sat Jun 23 16:12:20 2001 Comment: Re-release it, it's worth it! On The Beach contains some of my most favorite songs...
Name: aaron may Country: Date: Sat Jun 23 06:44:54 2001 Comment: dammit neil let's do it.
Name: Sean Condon Country: Canada Date: Sat Jun 23 02:45:14 2001 Comment: Currently my favourite NY album and one I'd like to turn more people on to — if only they could purchase it on CD.
Name: Rob Grauwmeijer Country: the netherlands Date: Fri Jun 22 23:28:17 2001 Comment: One of the best albums of Neil with great songs. I've been (from the Netherlands) to San Francisco and L.A. to try to find the CD-version, but no luck ! ALL record must be brought out as a CD-version, so also "Journey through the past" !!
Name: Mike Ahearn Country: United States Date: Fri Jun 22 22:40:47 2001 Comment: I want my "On The Beach"!
Name: AngryBobTree Country: Australia Date: Fri Jun 22 01:55:55 2001 Comment: Ey Neil mate, fook off and rot n hell ya bloody wanker. yes, i am australian, captain kennedy stole my bloody crock knifes, tha bastad. I wus born to rock, I'll never be a opera star, ey neil cheers you fookin wanker, that's australian for get a pint or 20, get loaded up town and pass out like a miserable little pew bellied wanker ass. cheers (strewth Bob, Neil musta rubbed you up the wrong way one time, I'd love to know how... Col)
Name: Menno Country: Holland Date: Thu Jun 21 21:38:57 2001 Comment: For godsake FREE THIS ALBUM.....
Name: Patrick Orozco Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 21 21:23:20 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ch. Gottwald Country: Germany Date: Thu Jun 21 10:40:03 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bjorn Country: Sweden Date: Thu Jun 21 09:06:51 2001 Comment: Neil's best album EVER. It's a real shame he has two generations of fans who have never gotten to hear it the way it's supposed to sound.
Name: Dave Bosh Country: UK Date: Thu Jun 21 08:45:48 2001 Comment: Got every NY/CSNY album on vinyl or CD except Beach and Journey come on Neil we must have these
Name: Steve Rusk Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 21 07:33:27 2001 Comment: I still have the old scratchy LP but I haven't had a turn table in years. My friends and I play guitar and I also play harmonica. When we jam around the campfire we always do tunes from On The Beach. Neil might have let it die but we know how to keep it alive.
Name: Jyrki Virta Country: Finland Date: Thu Jun 21 06:49:21 2001 Comment: We need "On The Beach" on CD, other Missing 6 would be fine too...
Name: joe derderian Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 21 06:34:32 2001 Comment: I've got it on original vinyl, but let's hope this works! I'm getting too lazy to turn over records every 15-20 minutes! ///: )///
Name: Jim Snow Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 21 03:17:37 2001 Comment: Yeah, need to release it, Neil.
Name: Derek Pritchett Country: Canada Date: Thu Jun 21 03:12:38 2001 Comment: This is an incredible album and the fact that todays cd buying public has been deprived of it for so long is mind boggling. I just hope that Neil comes to his senses some day. I don't see how releasing OTB would be so bad, after all, MOST of his other albums are available on CD. By the way it would be sweet to see the other 5 of the infamous missing 6 released too. Keep up the good work!!
Name: Richard Country: USA Date: Thu Jun 21 02:35:54 2001 Comment: It IS about time, is it not?
Name: Mitchell Loe Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 20 22:57:17 2001 Comment: "On The Beach" is one of my all time favorite albums, and my definite favorite of Neil Young's, though I love many.
Name: Kremer, Erik Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Jun 20 21:51:51 2001 Comment: Neil,for what we've heard on the Net (Reprise page linkmail) is that you're planning to bring out the Missing Six. Is this true? Among other material there are many people waiting for this album. Perhaps a full (6) release in one box? Greetings from Groningen Holland and hopefully in Rotterdam end of Juli 2001
Name: Assis Country: Brasil Date: Wed Jun 20 02:11:11 2001 Comment: C'mon, Neil, re-release "On the beach"!
Name: Steven C. Fowler Country: USA Date: Tue Jun 19 22:07:54 2001 Comment: Please release OTB on CD. It's my favorite Neil album.
Name: Amma Fan Country: UK Date: Tue Jun 19 21:46:11 2001 Comment: I think Narinder will be next out of the house! What will gaybo Brian do then? (I think you're lost, you want the 'big brother' list, if there is such a thing... god forbid... Col)-
Name: Nick Pearson Country: UK Date: Tue Jun 19 21:34:32 2001 Comment: His best album?? Re-release it for heavens sake.
Name: Marcel Norder Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Jun 19 20:50:11 2001 Comment: i want all albums from Neil on CD
Name: Nick Crowe Country: Canada Date: Tue Jun 19 19:50:08 2001 Comment: How 'bout 'Time Fades Away' too?
Name: Jan Country: netherlands Date: Tue Jun 19 19:41:28 2001 Comment: Nice to buy !
Name: Hans Salters Country: The Netherlands Date: Tue Jun 19 13:26:06 2001 Comment: As well as Time fades away
Name: pietrzak Country: France Date: Tue Jun 19 08:09:16 2001 Comment: Oh please!!! Free all of your music! It is so important for me!
Name: john van loon Country: holland Date: Mon Jun 18 21:43:37 2001 Comment: absolutly the best album !! neil, do it.....
Name: J.F.Endenburg Country: netherlands Date: Mon Jun 18 11:38:18 2001 Comment: i want to
Name: Marc Bauwens Country: Belgium Date: Sun Jun 17 15:24:14 2001 Comment: 'On the beach' is the last of my all time favourite albums that has not been released on CD yet. I'm waiting for it for more than 10 years now. That was when I was lucky to tape the vinyl version from the local library. It's about time!
Name: Jose J Sanjosé Country: Spain Date: Sun Jun 17 14:56:05 2001 Comment: It seems like all my life that I have been lisening the 'On the beach' album. I was 9 years old back on '74. I had to wait some more years until my older brothers got hold of it. Why can`t I get a legal copy on CD?. I don't get it. Could someone tell me why doesn't our dear 'Crazy Horse', want to see a clasic like that released on CD?.
Name: Michelle Rocke Country: uk Date: Sun Jun 17 14:37:52 2001 Comment: I first heard on the beach just a few years ago on a boyfriend's old vinyl copy. I taped it but it's very scratchy and I'd love a copy of my own - vinyl or cd. It is the most wonderful album and has got me through some bad times! Please!
Name: vegard johansen Country: norway Date: Sun Jun 17 13:56:42 2001 Comment: one of my favourite albums of all time! stunning.
Name: ron greenfield Country: Date: Sun Jun 17 11:26:44 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Harry Swinkels Country: Holland Date: Sun Jun 17 09:30:21 2001 Comment: I would like this record on cd because it's the best wave music since times and it helped me through a difficult period that time.
Name: Beazle Country: Date: Sun Jun 17 04:32:29 2001 Comment: I made the posters and they melted because of the rain. One day I layed them out in the moon and they got up and walked away from me! Grandma doesn't think that will happen, but believe me, it has. Eat the chalk and soothe the nails. Until again, cheerios with sugar beats raman noodles. Beazle
Name: Ståle W.Eriksen Country: Norway Date: Sat Jun 16 21:42:28 2001 Comment: My fav album!
Name: Paul McIlroy Country: England Date: Sat Jun 16 17:33:36 2001 Comment: release on the beach
Name: Jan Tue Country: Germany Date: Sat Jun 16 16:48:07 2001 Comment: Free `On the beach´ !
Name: MICHAEL VALDINY Country: UK Date: Sat Jun 16 15:57:03 2001 Comment: Bring out on the beach, because you know that time fades away
Name: Frank Peeters Country: the netherlands Date: Sat Jun 16 14:09:37 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Tony Country: Wales, UK Date: Sat Jun 16 01:23:27 2001 Comment: I treasure my On The Beach LP and keep it separate from my other albums. What a pity it's not available to a new generation of music lovers. From Neil's point of view, it's equally regrettable that some of his finest work is being circulated on MP3. Reminds me of that film documentary where Neil goes into a bootleg shop and argues with the shop assistant that he never authorised the versions of his work on sale. A streaming video version was shown recently on his official site. Well, Neil, you k
Name: Country: Date: Sat Jun 16 00:44:29 2001 Comment: F*ck off! (No! - Col)
Name: Lindsay Anderson Country: Scotland Date: Fri Jun 15 21:50:20 2001 Comment: errr....
Name: steven d Country: Date: Fri Jun 15 17:57:47 2001 Comment: currently listening to a bootleg CD of the album (with american stars and bars) - see the sky... an all time favourite which even hardcore fans seem to overlook. hope it comes out soon as long as its mixed right. ps he was great in glasgow.
Name: Vincent Lippens Country: Belgium Date: Fri Jun 15 15:41:38 2001 Comment: "On the beach", being the best Neil Young album in his entire career (moreover, one of the best albums ever produced!)has to be re-released. Years ago I still had the opportunity to listen to the vinyl-version. Since this issue has been disappeared out of my life, I'm desperate.. Please give us ON THE BEACH !!
Name: Sander de Boer Country: The Netherlands Date: Fri Jun 15 09:40:46 2001 Comment: 'On the Beach' has been lying dorment for much too long. Somehow, there is a convergence of minds concerning this album; fans and critics singlemindedly rate this album among Neil's finest..and I have to agree. Menacing, bold and honest. My deteriorating taped copy (taken from a music library album, clicks, ticks, hiss and all)is nearly at its end.
Name: Ian Country: England Date: Fri Jun 15 08:05:05 2001 Comment: Off to see him tonight (Friday 15/06/2001) so if I bump into him I'll give him a right telling off. I've got an excellent bootleg of the album on CD - no cracks /scratches.
Name: Zach Miller Country: US Date: Fri Jun 15 05:36:06 2001 Comment: "On the Beach" is one of my favorite albums. The songs and lyrics are brilliant Neil. A totally underappreciated Neil album. One listen to "Ambulance Blues", "On the Beach", "Revolution Blues" or "Vamnpire Blues" and one can get hooked on just the music or Neil's biting lyrics. I would love to finally have this album on CD!!!!
Name: Rodney Watford Country: usa Date: Fri Jun 15 02:33:39 2001 Comment: I am lucky enough to own 5 of the missing 6. I foolishly loaned Journry thru the Past to a friend and never saw it again.I beleive this music should be shared. Help us out Neil
Name: matthew gosse Country: canada Date: Thu Jun 14 16:19:42 2001 Comment: being a 23 year old fan, I didn't get a chance to see or hear the album. but songs like Turnstiles (great), and Walk On (on of my favorites) make me long for the whole album. Why the reference to the album in the BIG TIME video...?
Name: Barend Country: The Netherlands Date: Thu Jun 14 14:50:10 2001 Comment: I like to throw away my pirate cd and exchange it for the official release. The cover of the vinyl is making my wall looks nice!
Name: Carlos Pagés Country: Argentina Date: Thu Jun 14 07:47:54 2001 Comment: One of the best albums ever recorded.
Name: Kotoku Sasagane Country: Japan Date: Thu Jun 14 06:26:24 2001 Comment: "See the Sky about to Rain" in this album is, I think, one of his best composions.
Name: Max Parker Country: Date: Wed Jun 13 22:41:14 2001 Comment: Neil, my vinyl copy is shagged, please release OTB soon!
Name: Alan Montgomery Country: Date: Wed Jun 13 21:28:13 2001 Comment: I love Neil Young's stuff from this era and I just want to hear it!
Name: John Cremin Country: Ireland Date: Wed Jun 13 14:03:59 2001 Comment: How about it Neil?
Name: kevin bowers Country: canada Date: Wed Jun 13 02:17:15 2001 Comment: On the beach and American Stars in Bars while you are at it! Hell just realease the whole damned thing + some a la bootleg stuff.
Name: Slightly Disappointed Country: Ireland Date: Wed Jun 13 00:24:57 2001 Comment: Didn't see Neil with pie on his face tonight!
Name: Kevin Trappitt Country: England Date: Tue Jun 12 21:45:23 2001 Comment: Neil is Wicked! Th best writter and only singer songwroitter who can make a song cry really.
Name: Ben kuenzli Country: america Date: Tue Jun 12 12:22:52 2001 Comment: Simply my favorite album.
Name: jim canning Country: usa Date: Tue Jun 12 02:02:52 2001 Comment: true neil fan, my favorite all time album, i have 2 copies 1 worn & scratched 1 ok, this album helped me through 16-18 yrs now 456 still here and still love the music!!
Name: Richard Schettler Country: Date: Mon Jun 11 21:20:26 2001 Comment: This album is amazing from start to finish... it needs to be available to the masses!!!!
Name: rick myers Country: u.s.a. Date: Mon Jun 11 17:16:12 2001 Comment: i have the old on the beach album,it;s getting old and kinda scracthed up but still plays.i would love to get it in cd.i have just about every one of neils albums, either in album,8 track,cassette,and even like 18 cd's. i would love to have all of them.i love this mans music.i play guitar also since 1978 and always try to get all the cd's i can find that i don't already have. i would also like to get the movie(journey through the past)
Name: Norman J Griffin Country: Canada Date: Mon Jun 11 00:47:07 2001 Comment: My wife said this morning she was "deep inside herself" - it took me right back to Motion Pictures from On the The Beach.I wanted to play it for her but we no longer have a turntable. I'd love to have the CD of this beautiful if pain- felt album.
Name: Jerry Reider Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 11 00:13:28 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil, "On the Beach" is such a great album, it would be awesome to hear it on C/D. Some of your best guitar work and lyrics.
Name: sharon Country: uk Date: Mon Jun 11 00:11:47 2001 Comment: PLEASE RELEASE
Name: Peter Leach Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 10 22:49:03 2001 Comment: I've stuck with neil from tight jeans through flares and back again, so why not release the damn thing! PS: today i wear comfortable slacks!
Name: kev Country: england Date: Sun Jun 10 21:43:39 2001 Comment: seen you in concert last night neil ,sheffield england,you were awesome,what i want now is ON THE BEACH....
Name: Steve Walker Country: uk Date: Sun Jun 10 21:28:42 2001 Comment: I have been looking for this album for years. OK, so I was stupid to part with my LP copy when I switched to CD, but...PLEEEEASE!
Name: David Howard Country: New Zealand Date: Sun Jun 10 20:45:44 2001 Comment: Two crucial albums from my teenage years, 'On the Beach' and 'Time Fades Away', are unavailable on CD. Neil's music is his, but why not share it again? David Howard
Name: John W Jackson Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 10 20:26:40 2001 Comment: Please release on the beach (i have the vinyl) but can't find a decent record player. I would also enjoy American stars n bars thanx
Name: bruno Country: italy Date: Sun Jun 10 11:17:37 2001 Comment: stiamo aspettando
Name: Ron Riddle Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 10 05:36:26 2001 Comment: Hoping that youll get Walk On back up soon, haven't heard the album in over 20 years!( I do have plans to upgrade the whole bunch of CDs to 256kbps and will try to find more webspace to do so - Col)
Name: AngryBobTree Country: Australia Date: Sun Jun 10 03:08:17 2001 Comment: Got mashed potatoes, aint got no t-bone neil, f*ck off mate
(Come on folks, I don't really mind what you all say, but try not to swear - it really is impolite - Col)
Name: Dave Bottomley Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 10 01:24:45 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Bob Mann Country: USA Date: Sun Jun 10 00:06:45 2001 Comment: I love the album! Love them all and would love to seem them released on CD. I'd buy them in a heartbeat!!
Name: Jonathan Murphy Country: Ireland Date: Sat Jun 9 21:19:57 2001 Comment: Anyone see the pathetic attempt to reassess Neil's reputation in this month's Uncut. The best they could come up with was 'he's got a whiney voice, and he doesn't do Eddie Van Halen type guitar solos'. That's actually why we like him, saddos!
Name: marcel bool Country: netherlands Date: Sat Jun 9 12:13:55 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Demetri Country: U.S.A Date: Sat Jun 9 07:12:57 2001 Comment: C'mon Neil release OTB, for us, your loyal. Hey Sheffield you about to "Rock in the Free World!"
Name: Steven S. Rumrill Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 9 01:55:17 2001 Comment: I've been scouting the old record shops for several years, hoping that someday I'll stumble across a copy of "On the Beach." I bought the album back in 1975 and my older sister took it to the local radio station, played "Turnstiles" and Revolution Blues" as signature tunes on her midnight to 2 am shift. I never saw it again.
Name: kevin Country: u.k. Date: Fri Jun 8 21:25:45 2001 Comment: release it for gods sake. i have a pirate only and want quality !
Name: Martin Country: England Date: Fri Jun 8 20:39:15 2001 Comment: Neil,we stuck with you through thick and thin.We deserve to be treated like grown-ups.Please release the six albums and we will love you even more.Ok?.
Name: Paw Skjoldan Country: Denmark Date: Fri Jun 8 15:12:35 2001 Comment: Thought this was good opportunity to show, how I miss those six lost albums in my Neil Young Collection. I love his work, but I haven´t got a record player, so there is no chnace for me to getthe records
Name: David Hawkins Country: England Date: Fri Jun 8 10:18:33 2001 Comment: Neil young is a truly masterful songwriter. Other artists have tipped me off that On The Beach is wonderful, it just needs to be freely heard again.
Name: LuMan Country: GB Date: Thu Jun 7 23:25:55 2001 Comment: Keep on rockin' in the free world
Name: Krister Johansson Country: Sweden Date: Thu Jun 7 18:28:17 2001 Comment: I WANT IT NOW !
Name: David Stone Country: usa Date: Thu Jun 7 11:05:23 2001 Comment: We've all been waiting long enough, haven't we. I remember reading on the front page of the USA Today that Neil will be releasing half of the missing 6 in the next few months and that was in 1994. If he is willing to offer his new albulms on cd format then why would it kill him to do the same with the old? P.S. I am looking for Hawks and Doves and wonder if you or anyone you guys know could help me. Tape, CD, Vinyl, whatever. Thanks and I like what your doing!
Name: B.H. fafman Country: canada Date: Thu Jun 7 04:05:57 2001 Comment: let it go Neil!!
Name: Dan Carlson Country: USA Date: Wed Jun 6 23:37:38 2001 Comment: Nothing need be said. I have on vinyl. I want it on CD. I know, that was more than nothing.
Name: Martin Fogerty Country: Dublin Date: Wed Jun 6 17:53:44 2001 Comment: I'm obnoxious, bald, short and gay! Don't ask me to comment on Neil Young, cos my head's too far up my own arse!
Name: Johan Svensson Country: Sweden Date: Wed Jun 6 17:19:30 2001 Comment: Please, Neil...
Name: rossano Country: italy Date: Wed Jun 6 16:56:52 2001 Comment: i can't find On the beach... Please, i wish i wanna listen again. Hi.
Name: Mr Soul Country: usa Date: Wed Jun 6 16:13:36 2001 Comment: Neil's desire to bury this period should be respected; the death of Crazy Dog guitarist Nils Lofgren, as well as band roadie Lenny Bruce affected him deeply. True fans, forget the Beach! (I'm trying, I really am but I just don't find that funny... Col)
Name: Jan Erik Larsen Country: Norway Date: Wed Jun 6 14:03:29 2001 Comment: Come on Neil! Its just a cd!
Name: Randy Mailman Country: Date: Wed Jun 6 12:31:28 2001 Comment: Oi Wilson, cut out the 'pissin' in the wind' shit, I'm sick of it!
Name: Jim Wilson Country: Canada Date: Wed Jun 6 04:59:25 2001 Comment: Your all just piss'n in the wind, you don't know it but you are....... Neil Young, On the Beach
Name: Stuart Country: United Kingdom Date: Tue Jun 5 22:01:18 2001 Comment: We need this to be released on CD! As a younger fan (well, I'm 21) I have never heard On The Beach except for the two tracks on decade. This goes for the other albums that haven't been released on vinyl. How am I supposed to ever hear them? My mum only has Harvest, After the Gold Rush and De Ja Vu on vinyl.
Name: Thierry Caro Country: Date: Tue Jun 5 20:07:02 2001 Comment: We want it, please
Name: Tiny Chocolate Country: Greater London Date: Tue Jun 5 18:26:25 2001 Comment: The Teardrop Explodes were a great band, and you can still buy all their albums, so there! Perhaps you've missed the point of this petition ;-)
Name: freddie musgrove Country: united states Date: Tue Jun 5 15:26:19 2001 Comment: I always thought that it was the record labels decision not to release albums on the CD format. If what I read, that it is Mr. Neil Youngs decision, I must say that I am thoroughly disappointed. Mr. Young, On the Beach is by far one of your greatest works ever. It is matched by Harvest, and Time fades away to name a few. Oh and by the way. Time fades away is absolutely, in my mind your greatest masterpiece since, well, Harvest. As your greatest American fan I ask of you to let us have On the Beach
Name: Ornella Nembi Country: Italy Date: Tue Jun 5 15:23:49 2001 Comment: You are GREAT!
Name: gabriel Country: italy Date: Tue Jun 5 15:07:53 2001 Comment: we want to free on the beach
Name: Edoardo Colombo Country: Italy Date: Tue Jun 5 10:21:19 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Ed Cooper Country: South Africa Date: Mon Jun 4 22:03:02 2001 Comment: Neil, please release "On The Beach" on CD or DVD or vinyl.
Name: John Doveton Country: South Africa Date: Mon Jun 4 22:02:21 2001 Comment: Neil, please release "On The Beach" on CD or DVD or vinyl.
Name: Paul Kelly Country: Scotland UK Date: Mon Jun 4 21:06:39 2001 Comment: I've just got a CD bootleg on 'OTB'...it's a great album but I'd rather hear an approved version. Go on, Neil!
Name: Marc Pelleck Country: USA Date: Mon Jun 4 20:41:14 2001 Comment: I LOVE THIS ALBUM!! PLEASE RELEASE IT!
Name: Hey Hey My My Country: Date: Mon Jun 4 16:16:28 2001 Comment: Hey Hey Pieman, Dublin is 12 June! My My Trent Casteberg, scary! Hey Hey Don Fear, read the dates of previous entries! My My Rodney Aimes, sick, but funny!
Name: Gallé Country: France Date: Mon Jun 4 10:51:37 2001 Comment: quickly please !!!! We wait for a long time !!!!
Name: Mark Country: UK Date: Mon Jun 4 00:30:22 2001 Comment: I love this album, I really love this album, I bought it on the day that it was released and I wore out at least one needle on it, maybe more. I would love to see this released on CD so that I could enjoy it again could add it to the the other twenty odd Neil Young albums that I own. Walk on!
Name: Harald Salomon Country: Germany Date: Sun Jun 3 23:07:22 2001 Comment: Album must be on CD !!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!
Name: Matteo Torbidi Country: Italy Date: Sun Jun 3 16:49:22 2001 Comment: Hi Neil, I...,I NEED "On the beach", and I need your best album : Time fades away. I've got a time, I'm 24 years old, but I want this 2 album when I'm not dead. Sorry for my bad english. Neil I'am in Brescia (Italy) for you, when you come here with Crazy Horse for the CONCERT-SHOW!
Name: Phil Bryce Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 3 16:48:14 2001 Comment: Definitely one of my favourite Neil albums along with Time Fades Away. I have both on vinyl but no vinyl player! Therefore, I'm limited to listening on mp3. I can't see any valid reason why Neil should continue to block release of both these albums. Please reconsider Neil.
Name: tjibbe spruit Country: netherlands Date: Sun Jun 3 15:36:05 2001 Comment: 'On the beach ' is one of Neil's greatest albums ever. Although it's very dark and gloomy , it remains my all time favorite.
Name: Don Fear Country: UK Date: Sun Jun 3 11:43:04 2001 Comment: I'm the first entry for June!. Come on Neil, relent! Looking forward to the 15th JUne Birmingham concert
Name: Jay Vertessy Country: Australia Date: Sun Jun 3 07:37:59 2001 Comment: Seminal
Name: Natasha Byram Country: Ireland Date: Sat Jun 2 22:26:25 2001 Comment: Time Fades Away is the one for me!
Name: ernesto de pascale Country: italy Date: Sat Jun 2 20:32:31 2001 Comment: add as many out takes as possible,see you in Brescia on july 9th and lucca on the 21st
Name: O.loonstra Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Jun 2 18:41:39 2001 Comment: One of the best Neil Young work. We hope that it comes out one time. So Neil bring out the missing six
Name: Greg Kimber Country: USA Date: Sat Jun 2 15:38:20 2001 Comment: Yeah, I read about this album, and started looking for it all over. I didn't know what the story was till I read it here. I did finally find a bootleg, and it was worth search. It's a great album. dito for Stars and Bars and Time Fades Away.
Name: H.Slangen Country: the Netherlands Date: Sat Jun 2 14:59:56 2001 Comment: I agree with all of you that ""On the beach"" should be released as soon as possible. Kind regards, Hans
Name: Bernd Peter Country: Germany Date: Sat Jun 2 14:28:19 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: elgar Country: italy Date: Sat Jun 2 12:43:01 2001 Comment: we need it
Name: Rodney Aimes Country: Australia Date: Sat Jun 2 12:32:34 2001 Comment: Q: How did they know Lord Mountbatten had dandruff? A: They found his 'head and shoulders' On The Beach!
Name: Calle Country: Sweden Date: Sat Jun 2 12:21:35 2001 Comment: I just heard some great songs from 'on the beach' on a radioshow, but I want to listen to the whole album...
Name: Bill Gogos Country: Australia Date: Sat Jun 2 01:11:04 2001 Comment: "On The Beach" was one of three albums that meant everything to me during my formative teenage years. My vinyl copy was eventually lost and I have not heard OTB for twenty years now. I yearn to see the day of its release on CD. OTB is like an old much-loved friend who refuses to return my calls without even a hint as to why I have been shunned in the first place. I desperately want to relive the enjoyment and meaning which the music on OTB gave me every time I listened to it. Please reconsider y
Name: alex Country: spain Date: Fri Jun 1 17:39:27 2001 Comment: it,s a marvellous record.I have a vinyl and it´s one of neil´s best works.I´m tired of searching for the cd and just finding f*cking rap records!By the way,Neil is playing next July in the city where i live (la Coruña)Don´t miss it! ----
Name: cameron covey Country: australia Date: Fri Jun 1 12:14:20 2001 Comment: one of my favourite vinyl LP's. I will burn it on to a blank cd if it doesn't get released. vinyl grooves only last so long after repeated plays Neil, so please, give your long time fans some consideration! Also, what's holding up the cd release of Hawks and Doves?
Name: Michael Country: UK Date: Fri Jun 1 10:25:30 2001 Comment: Hi, Have a look at the ultimate chat site I found - WWW.TXXXXXXXT.CO.UK. (blah blah etc. - I hate mailshots like this,) By the way, I liked your site! (you don't even know what this site IS Damn, I thought the internet was self-policing)
Name: Alex de Jonge Country: Netherlands Date: Fri Jun 1 08:43:14 2001 Comment: These are indeed the M6 for me. I've got the whole NY collection on CD, and hope that someday I can listen to the M6 on CD as well instead of MP3 (for what it's worth...)
Name: Neil...by coincidence Country: Australia Date: Fri Jun 1 03:47:56 2001 Comment: On the Beach and Time Fades Away are two absolute classics, I bought the vinyl, let me buy the crappy CD.........Long may you run

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