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Name: Paul (Stray Dawg) Shelley Country: USA (OHIO) Date: Fri Jan 31 18:24:47 2003 Comment: I think that ON THE BEACH is the best album that Mr. Young has ever done. Maybe that's why?
Name: Jim Galiardi Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 31 15:59:32 2003 Comment: Neil, and whomever else, over the last 18 years, since discovering OTB, I,ve worn out 3 copies of the album. I beg you from the bottom of my heart, to release it in a format more suitable for repeated playing.
Name: Tom Hatry Country: Canada Date: Fri Jan 31 06:31:36 2003 Comment: yes, please!
Name: Jamie Country: Canada Date: Fri Jan 31 00:37:03 2003 Comment: I've never heard this album, seems so useless to buy tapes nowadays, let alone records. but if it came out on cd i'm all over it.
Name: Bill Harper Country: Canada Date: Thu Jan 30 22:58:16 2003 Comment: None
Name: Kate Thurston Country: Canada Date: Thu Jan 30 14:35:30 2003 Comment: One of my favorite albums. Would love desperately to have this released.
Name: Andy Jacobs Country: United States Date: Wed Jan 29 23:37:23 2003 Comment: I always thought both this album and 'Time Fades Away' were like great, misunderstood novels. I respect Neil's ownership of the material but I sure wish he'd make them available to his fans.
Name: Norm Cyr Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 29 05:22:29 2003 Comment: JUST DO IT!!
Name: Ektin Country: Australia Date: Tue Jan 28 07:24:17 2003 Comment: Ambulance Blues is in the top 10 Neil songs, I had to resort to a 14 hour download of an mp3 of the album. Re-release on VINYL Neil!
Name: David O'Steinberg Country: U.S.A. Date: Tue Jan 28 00:21:38 2003 Comment: < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 > Back to On The Beach
Name: Dave Burton Country: UK Date: Tue Jan 28 00:05:07 2003 Comment: Stop the bootleggers from making mega bucks from poor quality reproductions and let us buy legitimate copies of this great CD... please!
Name: the gazzer Country: UK Date: Mon Jan 27 23:06:37 2003 Comment: I have owned On The Beach for over 10 Years and thought it to be the best. i expected it to be released on CD years ago. how very disappointing! Until I tried searching for it today on the web, I thought I was the only one that thought so highly f this masterpiece.
Name: Iain Mcoustra Country: Canada Date: Mon Jan 27 22:53:01 2003 Comment: Amazing album deserves to be released
Name: Rick Yoder Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 27 22:11:38 2003 Comment: None
Name: Jon Bonham Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 27 18:33:52 2003 Comment: Neil, we'd all love if you put it oft along with the other unavailable 5.
Name: Greg Cieslik Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 27 15:36:01 2003 Comment: I found an old vinyl of this great album...I wish I could play it more often, but no one has a turntable anymore, save the one at my house. If I had one at my dorm room, everyone would be able to rock to it!
Name: Rick Scott Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 27 11:23:41 2003 Comment: Not much finer blues anywhere.
Name: mike sullivan Country: canada Date: Mon Jan 27 01:56:42 2003 Comment: None
Name: steve foster Country: canada Date: Sun Jan 26 22:56:22 2003 Comment: release it!!!
Name: Kevin St. John Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 26 21:49:34 2003 Comment: Free this!
Name: Dam's 66 Country: france Date: Sun Jan 26 12:42:15 2003 Comment: None
Name: daniel mclean Country: australia Date: Sun Jan 26 08:40:24 2003 Comment: just do it
Name: Matt Carney Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 26 01:05:59 2003 Comment: He's ok for a Canadian...
Name: michael Country: u.s.a. Date: Sat Jan 25 17:34:13 2003 Comment: "on the beach" is timeless. i got it at age 23 or 24 & now i am 50. and i WANT to hear it again. in mid 1970s london i left it running on my cheesey old record player playing side 2 day & night for weeks. my vinyl copy died. release it & i will buy it immediately. dark, sad stuff. but very real.
Name: Russell Country: England Date: Sat Jan 25 10:25:39 2003 Comment: I bought OTB on vinyl in 1975. I still play it, although it is now close to wearing out. I must have it on CD.
Name: Bart Country: Belgium Date: Sat Jan 25 01:28:03 2003 Comment: None
Name: Neds-Fox Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 24 21:45:42 2003 Comment: this could be the best album nobody ever heard in a few more years, neil! let's see it have its day again!
Name: Gerard Laming Country: The Netherlands Date: Fri Jan 24 21:22:58 2003 Comment: None
Name: Leonardo Lauria Country: Brazil Date: Fri Jan 24 21:21:26 2003 Comment: P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.P.PLEASE!!!!
Name: Craig Lowe Country: UK Date: Fri Jan 24 14:21:11 2003 Comment: This is a classic (OTB). I am equally frustrated over the lack of Stars n Bars. Come on! Lets have them!!
Name: Donald Schwoerer Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 24 04:03:50 2003 Comment: Neil, your music speaks to me in a way that I simply can not describe. I have OTB on vinyl as well as Time Fades Away, but have succumb to the ease of playing CD's and would love to see these released on CD. Also, I pray that the light of Jesus - the person, not the institutions or religions set up in his name - blinds you by his love so I know there'll be good music to listen to in heaven! I couldn't imagine an eternity without your voice.
Name: David Hubbard Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 24 01:19:29 2003 Comment: There's no question in my mind that "On the Beach" is one of his best. I bought the LP in the mid-'80's (used) at some kind of college fair. I have never gotten over it. Didn't realize it wasn't on CD. "They say that Laurel Canyon is full of famous stars..." Somehow I could never bring myself to deplore the senselessly violent lyrics of "Revolution Blues."
Name: Jeremy McCluskey Country: N.Ireland Date: Fri Jan 24 00:01:31 2003 Comment: Actually i'm looking for journey through the past on cd. Spotted on Amazon but unobtainable.
Name: Tom Callagy Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 23 21:42:06 2003 Comment: I Have a pristine version of OTB on plastic & love it. My original version wa worn out so I bought a new record in 1981 I think. Neil must have a good reason for not releasing it on CD and I will respect that because he has a good friend over the years. I would of course like to have the opportunity to own all Neil on CD.
Name: Rosario Bonilla Country: Mexico Date: Thu Jan 23 17:47:52 2003 Comment: I just have to say that it's fair for all the fans to access the complete Neil's discography,and an official release is the only way the fans get it! Release On the Beach!
Name: Walter Hunt Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 23 09:21:48 2003 Comment: Please for the love of god! re release it.
Name: Billy P. Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 22 19:09:17 2003 Comment: None
Name: Charrel Spelt Country: The Netherlands Date: Wed Jan 22 16:48:21 2003 Comment: Please Neil, it realy is your finest album. I'm a lucky guy to have a vinyl album, but the quality has become gray...
Name: Dan Dipple Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 22 03:40:23 2003 Comment: Gosh Neil, I'm sending out 50 bucks tomorrow to get the lp which I've never heard. Please release them all.
Name: Attardi Country: Belgium Date: Tue Jan 21 21:10:25 2003 Comment: ON THE BEACH AND HAWKS & DOVES
Name: William Russell Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 21 17:03:10 2003 Comment: None
Name: Ido GalOn Country: Israel Date: Tue Jan 21 15:08:14 2003 Comment: I love On The Beach, I can listen to it all my life, so be kind Mr. Young and let the world the album on CD.
Name: Mike Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 21 06:08:29 2003 Comment: Please release ASAP. MY LP is worn out. Thankx
Name: Majiare Takahiro Country: Japan Date: Mon Jan 20 23:51:52 2003 Comment: I wanna hear "On The Beach" CD, on the beach.
Name: Gregory McConnell Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 20 17:58:17 2003 Comment: Please release this on CD--it's one of my favorites. It would also be great to have "American Stars and Bars", "Hawks and Doves", and "Time Fades Away" on CD also. Come on, dude, help us out...Greg
Name: Carlo Country: Date: Mon Jan 20 14:00:35 2003 Comment: Please Neil - let us share this music and time of your life. Oh and American Stars n Bars ??
Name: Eugene Windrim Country: Ireland Date: Mon Jan 20 11:38:11 2003 Comment: Release On The Beach Neil, 'cos the tide is coming in......
Name: Kim Schreiner Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 20 05:44:12 2003 Comment: Two words: Vampire Blues
Name: Sub-T Country: FRANCE Date: Sun Jan 19 22:42:37 2003 Comment: None
Name: Miles Cortez Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 19 18:21:01 2003 Comment: One of his best. We need it out there!
Name: Ben Coles Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Jan 19 17:41:59 2003 Comment: This is my favourite neil young album!! my dad has the vinyl but i don't have a record deck :( release it on cd!! pleeeeeease...
Name: Denis Country: Brasil Date: Sun Jan 19 01:38:30 2003 Comment: Looking for this record for 10 ten years, thanks for this site.
Name: Agnieszka Country: Poland Date: Sat Jan 18 20:39:19 2003 Comment: None
Name: Billy David Country: U.S.A. Date: Sat Jan 18 17:18:09 2003 Comment: My first Neil Young album...and one of his absolute best. It's a real shame it can't be bought anywhere or available on CD. I know Neil has a thing with certain works of being on digital recording....but it really sucks.
Name: Willem Jonkman Country: Netherlands Date: Sat Jan 18 17:02:58 2003 Comment: Bring back the music. I used to own the original vinyl once, many years ago, and it was one of my favorite Neil Young albums. Thanks to this site I now have a copy in mp3 format, but I would be extremely happy to have the real thing again.
Name: Jan Country: Holland Date: Sat Jan 18 13:43:43 2003 Comment: From the land of cheese, I beg you please release
Name: Ųyvind Ekelund Country: Norway Date: Sat Jan 18 01:23:54 2003 Comment: I need ALL the Neil Young albums! Pleeeeeeease!??
Name: odd moon Country: norway Date: Fri Jan 17 21:02:16 2003 Comment: C'mon Neil, I think the world pretty much need your "On The Beach". At least I need it.
Name: Trout Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 17 19:56:17 2003 Comment: Please release this masterpiece.
Name: Bruno Martin Country: UK Date: Fri Jan 17 18:52:22 2003 Comment: Please release "On the beach" and "American Stars & Bars" the first LP I ever bought.
Name: Rory Windrim Country: Canada Date: Fri Jan 17 17:32:16 2003 Comment: My favourite Neil Young album - and one of my all-time top albums. Please rerelease in any format. Thanks.
Name: Daniel Schmidt Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 17 15:13:46 2003 Comment: Neil's best album, and it's not available, what the hell is up with this?????
Name: Geoff Howes Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 17 13:05:30 2003 Comment: bought it when it first came out, love "turnstiles" and "walk on" (avail.on Decade) but wanna hear those Blues again.
Name: Petr Johanis Country: Czech Republic Date: Fri Jan 17 10:29:19 2003 Comment: None
Name: Colin Garvie Country: Scotland Date: Thu Jan 16 23:40:56 2003 Comment: Only got a fading cassette version left...please get the CD version made!!
Name: None Country: Scotland Date: Thu Jan 16 23:38:34 2003 Comment: None
Name: Raymond Wilson Country: Date: Thu Jan 16 21:48:26 2003 Comment: GOT THE LP, WANT THE CD NEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGE FAN GOT EVERY CD EXCEPT ON THE BECH
Name: Jim Ryan Country: Ireland Date: Thu Jan 16 17:04:24 2003 Comment: This album went missing from my vinyl collection. I would dearly like to be able to get my hands on it again on CD - its my favourite NY album.
Name: Lori Country: US Date: Thu Jan 16 03:48:59 2003 Comment: play the best of the decade +
Name: gabriel serrano Country: usa Date: Thu Jan 16 01:59:51 2003 Comment: For those who never owned the vinyl, release it on CD, please.
Name: Dave Darling Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 16 01:50:03 2003 Comment: OTB puts me into a wonderful trance-like state.My vinyl copy is so worn, that I hesitate to play it.Please release on CD!
Name: Ravi Country: US Date: Thu Jan 16 01:14:31 2003 Comment: walk on...........
Name: d. holo Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 15 22:15:08 2003 Comment: Come on Neil. I haven't heard this one in years.
Name: Danny Wessel Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 15 17:59:11 2003 Comment: Ambulance Blues
Name: Simon Gorham Country: UK Date: Wed Jan 15 13:46:26 2003 Comment: When you want to listen to 'On the Beach' nothing else will do. My vinyl copy is is wearing out - please release on CD!!
Name: rachel Country: England Date: Wed Jan 15 12:51:01 2003 Comment: Come on Neil, where's the love?
Name: ronan bellec Country: france Date: Wed Jan 15 09:26:14 2003 Comment: i need on the beach back
Name: mick reilly Country: ireland Date: Tue Jan 14 23:47:01 2003 Comment: love the album
Name: Katie Brandt Country: united states Date: Tue Jan 14 23:42:48 2003 Comment: None
Name: sharon lecluyse Country: belgium Date: Tue Jan 14 22:17:49 2003 Comment: come on babe, please a girl will ya...
Name: Mike Lipsey Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 14 22:06:56 2003 Comment: Too many scratches on the vinyl
Name: Bill McFadden Country: UK Date: Tue Jan 14 21:26:43 2003 Comment: We're not just pissin in the wind!
Name: Ryan Country: Date: Tue Jan 14 19:26:18 2003 Comment: This album is very good.
Name: PARIS Country: france Date: Tue Jan 14 19:11:14 2003 Comment: None
Name: Claes Keisu Country: Sweden Date: Tue Jan 14 14:50:19 2003 Comment: Please, it's about time to get it out.
Name: Daniel Country: sweden Date: Tue Jan 14 13:44:02 2003 Comment: Heard this is the best page on the web.
Name: RF Country: United States Date: Tue Jan 14 04:28:43 2003 Comment: An amazing record from an amazing musician. A release on any platfrom would be very much appreciated
Name: Terry Wing Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 14 02:33:02 2003 Comment: My vinyl copy is scratched badly from repeated usage. It is almost unlistenable. Please re-release On the Beach.
Name: Rowan Earle Country: UK Date: Tue Jan 14 01:18:13 2003 Comment: Please release it on CD.
Name: atw Lange Country: England Date: Mon Jan 13 20:22:05 2003 Comment: Its a bit unfair not to re-release this album (and the other 5) on CD and vinyl. Its coming up to On The Beach's 30th anniversary soon...so how a bout it?
Name: Nathan Rekker Country: Canada Date: Mon Jan 13 07:20:07 2003 Comment: Its a beautiful album, and well, i can't find it on vinyl. Howbout re-releaseing it on vinyl?
Name: sunshine Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 13 03:49:06 2003 Comment: come on neil. this album is just too great for words. definetely one of the best. please release it on CD.
Name: jason Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 13 03:05:29 2003 Comment: I had two good lp's that were destroyed, plus one reel to reel, (if anyone knows what that is), nothing would be better than to buy a brand new copy, please.
Name: joe mahoney Country: usa Date: Sun Jan 12 16:38:54 2003 Comment: hurry up please, it's time.
Name: Mark Lawyer Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 12 14:22:02 2003 Comment: None
Name: terry cook Country: usa Date: Sun Jan 12 12:29:14 2003 Comment: along with "after the goldrush", this is my favorite neil young album. i NEED to hear it again. NEED.
Name: John Ciemins Country: usa Date: Sun Jan 12 06:44:40 2003 Comment: One of Neil's greatest albums!
Name: chris morris Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 11 16:52:20 2003 Comment: Keep on Rockin' in the free world! (how cliche is that comment...)
Name: Niklas Gustafsson Country: Sweden Date: Fri Jan 10 14:34:44 2003 Comment: On the Beach is my favorite Neil Young album and has been ever since I picked a cut out copy up for about a £ nearly 20 yrs ago. It's a sad fact that it's not available.
Name: Aaron Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 10 02:01:47 2003 Comment: Ambulance Blues is one of Neil Young's greatest songs. It needs to be available again!
Name: Jean Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 9 20:04:27 2003 Comment: Would love to have this on CD. I first saw you Neil in 1973 when seventeen years old. Have never got tired of listening to your music all these years.
Name: Randy Bey Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 9 19:39:08 2003 Comment: Gawd but I love this album. Made me get a TT just to listen to it.
Name: Tom Benton Country: Date: Thu Jan 9 17:57:32 2003 Comment: I have always enjoyed, most of Neil's work, especially with Buffalo Springfield. I wish there were some recordings of the Mynah Birds available.
Name: Neil Packman Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 9 15:55:01 2003 Comment: All six are quintessential '70s LPs, and, digital technology or no, are required to be available on CD. Rectify this, please. Thank you, Neil Packman
Name: Matt Country: canada Date: Thu Jan 9 03:28:57 2003 Comment: please do it.
Name: Russell Country: Great Britain Date: Wed Jan 8 23:23:52 2003 Comment: On The Beach: One of the best albums by far, the title track is a true classic, we need a scratch free cd version.
Name: pink adrenaline Country: big england Date: Wed Jan 8 21:28:05 2003 Comment: the world is turning, dont let the chermical weopons turn it away, we all love and know the buddha.
Name: chris negri Country: usa Date: Wed Jan 8 17:13:17 2003 Comment: come on for us old guys from that time.........
Name: Alex Bonini Country: Italy Date: Wed Jan 8 16:20:51 2003 Comment: Amazing music, amazing cover, surprisingly not released, fuck!
Name: FRANCISCO SIMOES Country: BRAZIL Date: Tue Jan 7 22:26:16 2003 Comment: It would be very good to have all Neil Young's albums back, either on CD or LP... I would prefer on high quality LPs, but they are never sold in Brazil.
Name: David Bolin Country: Sweden Date: Tue Jan 7 21:55:04 2003 Comment: None
Name: Rob Smit Country: Netherlands Date: Tue Jan 7 14:16:25 2003 Comment: I think this is music like music is ment to be. Please, release the missing six on CD.
Name: bill nehill Country: united states Date: Mon Jan 6 22:45:44 2003 Comment: a truly brilliant recording. it is no mere coincidence that one of my best friends named his newborn daughter, isabella.
Name: Michael Country: Date: Mon Jan 6 17:43:00 2003 Comment: Great music.
Name: Kevin Jones Country: US Date: Mon Jan 6 03:21:03 2003 Comment: This is an incredible album. Please rerelease it so that we don't have to be subjected to lofidelity recordings.
Name: haver Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 6 00:13:54 2003 Comment: just give the fans the music. it makes no sense to cheat a generation out of the opportunity to hear great music.
Name: Stan Dyer Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 5 23:17:17 2003 Comment: None
Name: jerry schuette Country: u.s.a. Date: Sun Jan 5 16:28:28 2003 Comment: None
Name: Mike McCusker Country: U.S.A Date: Sun Jan 5 05:27:51 2003 Comment: I wore my vinyl copy out. Man, this is one of the coolest albums of Neil's career.
Name: Bill Country: US Date: Sun Jan 5 04:39:05 2003 Comment: This is a classic. The fidelity of CD may not be perfect, but who among us has perfect hearing (I sure don't, thanks in part to Neil himself!) The music is great. The title track (I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day to day) should be Neil's credo.
Name: Ivan Mathieu Country: Belgium Date: Sat Jan 4 17:22:19 2003 Comment: None
Name: M Eakin Country: UK Date: Sat Jan 4 14:54:19 2003 Comment: When it came out this was extraordinary - harrowing; scary; deeply personal. I listened to it constantly, but haven't heard it in years. Theres no more important record not currently available.
Name: bouchet Country: france Date: Sat Jan 4 10:45:12 2003 Comment: I want on the beach and also journey trought the past and time fade away and reactor and ałerican stars and bar ....
Name: Joseph Kinsley Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 4 04:30:04 2003 Comment: Please release this album on CD. It's a shame that most listeners cannot even purchase this album, which is one of Neil's finest. I would be the first to concede the limitations of CD technology, but most of Neil's catalogue already exists on CD, so there is little point to holding back a few more albums, especially one as excellent as 'On the Beach.'
Name: Tom Country: Singaopre Date: Fri Jan 3 19:11:12 2003 Comment: Come on! Lets get On the beach released. What if Rembrandt decided to keep some of his paintings "unreleased"? It is an aesthetic tragedy that On the Beach is not commercially available.
Name: Justin Chapin Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 3 06:33:31 2003 Comment: On the beach was ironically the first Neil Young album i've ever heard, and ever since the moment i first heard On the Beach I became a Neil Young fan to the death.
Name: Jeff Sinclair Country: Date: Thu Jan 2 21:29:08 2003 Comment: Yes release On The Beach, but also ALL the other missing 6. While were at it, I have a boot of Homegrown, which is a better album than On The Beach...release this too!
Name: Steve Puchalski Country: Toronto, Canada Date: Thu Jan 2 17:43:07 2003 Comment: reissuing it on vinyl would be even better.
Name: Joshua Glenn Country: Boston, USA Date: Thu Jan 2 04:29:53 2003 Comment: Bring back the CD and the Nevil Shute novel!
Name: Dmitri Country: Russia Date: Thu Jan 2 02:34:05 2003 Comment: We need all Neil's albums in all formats. On The Beach especially. Release it please.
Name: stefan bechheim Country: Germany Date: Wed Jan 1 19:34:34 2003 Comment: Hey Neil, why do you re-release Harvest on DVD-A and at the same time not OTB? This is almost a crime against humanity, arts, manchild ;-). Please DO re release this one on CD or DVD-A
Name: Mark Brown Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 1 05:45:47 2003 Comment: Neil, First saw you at Cuesta College in SLO, California, with the Eagles, where you did most of "On The Beach" with the Eagles fronting you. The previous summer my best friend was despondent over a failed love afair, and believe it or not I talked him out of suicide because he "had to wait for the new Neil album", which became "On The Beach". I saw you last at Santa Barbara County Bowl in 2000, sitting front row. I still have "On the beach" on LP (great copy not for sale) but want the C

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