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Name: Brian Kenealy Country: ireland Date: Wed Jan 31 22:27:14 2001 Comment: My favourite Neil Young album, grew up listening to it. Used to do a version of title track with Engine Alley( Irish Band). I think Neil loves it too and can't bear to see it on the dreaded Kompact Disc!!!! Neil wants this one left on the wax. Actually maybe he is right. I'll sign anyway
Name: ian butler Country: england Date: Wed Jan 31 22:15:23 2001 Comment: Nice one, it's not just me then-It is beautiful. I am 44,bought it when releas
Name: Bingham Ray Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 31 12:57:43 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Canice Kenealy Country: Date: Tue Jan 30 21:49:46 2001 Comment: My home taped copy of Neil's finest is holding up well but it would be great to have it on CD/reissued vinyl. More people should be turned on to this record. Then again, isn't it just a great secret we all share. (noooo! release the beach!!)
Name: Tom Dunne Country: Ireland Date: Tue Jan 30 21:19:19 2001 Comment: The Six shouldn't be released while there's still a quesiton about their innocence!
Name: Derek May Country: Canada Date: Tue Jan 30 19:52:29 2001 Comment: There's got to be something specific about this album that keeps Neil from releasing it... maybe it's Ambulance Blues (supposedly he subconsciously used a riff from some other song) but I think I speak fo reveryone when I say that nobody thinks any less of him for a simple mistake. He would be doing his fans a great favour releasing it(along with Hawks and Doves, Re.ac.tor, Time Fades Away, American Stars 'n Bars, and Journey...). At least we know for sure he's not at all a sell-out. Maybe he sh
Name: Neil Deininger Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 30 18:02:42 2001 Comment: PLEASE!
Name: Steffen Plöhn Country: Germany Date: Tue Jan 30 17:12:05 2001 Comment: Langsam wirds Zeit. Wenigstens das eine Album!!
Name: ian willoughby Country: Czech Rep Date: Tue Jan 30 12:55:41 2001 Comment: This is one of my favourite lps and I have never even seen it (got it on cassette from a friend). Why not release it on vinyl again if you are agin CDs man?!
Name: Albin Baeyens Country: Belgium Date: Tue Jan 30 11:23:04 2001 Comment: Please release all 6, but especially "On the Beach"
Name: Glenn Sewell Country: Australia Date: Tue Jan 30 03:38:43 2001 Comment: I've read through quite a number of the comments and I'm really surprised that no one has mentioned "Time fades away" - this is by far a classic, classic album. Recorded in a live atmosphere but ALL new material - its one of the best albums EVER. And of course "On the beach" is also a great album - so, in fact is "Journey through the past". I implore those concerned to please release all the missing albums on CD, I
Name: Rick Snyder Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 30 00:53:29 2001 Comment: On the Beach, Hawk & Doves, Re-ac-tor and Ametican Stars & Bars.
Name: Steve Country: uk Date: Mon Jan 29 17:54:58 2001 Comment: Man, the guys are right. You know more about life and love and everything than the rest of us, so would you please be nice and share this with people who need it. I have a copy - it ROCKS! So does Ragged Glory, best recent album in years.
Name: andrew jackson Country: scotland Date: Mon Jan 29 09:08:42 2001 Comment: neil, release 'on the beach' pleeease. i can't get a copy anywhere, and don't have access to an mp3 player. my final deadline is 31 january, 2001 - if it's not out by then, i'm going to hmv on oxford st, and i'm going to buy the entire back catalogues of mariah carey and boys 2 men. and i will listen to them. drastic action i know, but something has to be done.
Name: Roger Gean Country: Date: Mon Jan 29 01:13:06 2001 Comment: Please also release "American Stars and Bars" and "Hawks and Doves" on CD
Name: aart nieuwkoop Country: netherlands Date: Sun Jan 28 22:19:45 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Greg Thompson Country: US Date: Sun Jan 28 03:49:28 2001 Comment: Neil Young is rich because of his fans. He should show some gratitude and release all of his albums on CD.
Name: Dave Vail Country: Canada Date: Sat Jan 27 23:04:03 2001 Comment: It would be great if you could at least reissue this on vinyl, just so it's in circulation and people won't be overcharged for it.
Name: Henk Renders Country: netherlands Date: Sat Jan 27 20:04:27 2001 Comment: Why keep your best one away from us neil?
Name: frank robinson Country: britain Date: Sat Jan 27 18:04:22 2001 Comment: It is the best album of a great artist. It's crazy not to be able to get it on cd.
Name: John Duddy Country: Ireland Date: Sat Jan 27 16:16:19 2001 Comment: 'On The Beach' should be rereleased so that fans llike myself who weren't even born the first time around can listen to it in all its glory (ie not a dodgy MP3 version).>
Name: Joseph Rae Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 26 20:11:19 2001 Comment: Neil - the hell with the cd or dvd-a or 8-track or whatever you're waiting for. Reissue OTB on some nice, heavy vinyl the way it was meant to be.
Name: Tabatha Lohr Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 26 16:35:14 2001 Comment: I Love Neil Young!! I am 26 and have never owned a record....Tapes are old news to me. I would love to have this CD it would be like a NEW release to me. Would definatley buy it. For the fans that were not fortunate enough to experiance Neil in his early day this and all the unreleased would be GREAT!
Name: Francisco Kraus Country: Brazil Date: Fri Jan 26 13:41:00 2001 Comment: It's sad an artist as Neil Young don't have all your albums reedited in CD, and we're speaking about one of the great artists of the 20 th Century. I hope to get this pearl in CD.
Name: John Fiorillo Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 26 10:41:51 2001 Comment: Please Release it!!! Waiting impatiently...
Name: erik smeekes Country: The Netherlands Date: Fri Jan 26 09:48:17 2001 Comment: Well I like this album very much esp Revolution Blues and For The Turnstiles. I hope that it will be released on CD soon. erik from Vlaardingen (Holland)
Name: Gene K. Country: Mass. USA Date: Fri Jan 26 02:29:27 2001 Comment: Probably the second best Neil record Behind Time Fades Away. Even the Crazy Horse album is on CD!!
Name: bob shanley Country: UK Date: Thu Jan 25 17:43:20 2001 Comment: and Re-ac-tor, Stars and Bars and Hawks and Doves too please !!
Name: Guy DeRome Country: USA/Spain Date: Thu Jan 25 15:32:51 2001 Comment: OTB has always been one of my favorites. Release it! Oh, and Time Fades Away, too, please.
Name: Gerard Gleeson Country: Australia Date: Thu Jan 25 04:23:47 2001 Comment: Soon!!!
Name: Terje Nedergaard Country: DK Date: Thu Jan 25 00:12:53 2001 Comment: The best Neil Young Album ever!!! I grew up listening to Ambulance Blues on my walkman, I would love to "Walk On" with my Diskman.
Name: M. L. Stapleton Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 24 22:34:44 2001 Comment: This and ALL of the "Missing Six" should be reissued!
Name: tony fitzgerald Country: Manchester, Eng Date: Wed Jan 24 21:39:59 2001 Comment: Wow, I'm not alone! keep up the good work.
Name: W. Krueger Country: Germany Date: Wed Jan 24 20:09:24 2001 Comment: The best
Name: francesco totaro Country: Italia Date: Wed Jan 24 10:27:10 2001 Comment: I whant also on cd : re.ac.tor, American's stars & bars, hawks & doves and all the record of Neil!!!!
Name: Lucas Simms Country: Ireland Date: Wed Jan 24 04:39:06 2001 Comment: Thanks to the bloke who runs this site providing MP3s of 'On The Beach', I now have a CDR version that sounds as good as Neil's legitimate CD's of the period. So Neil, stick your official release! Now, anyone know where I can download 'Time Fades Away'?
Name: Jeff Keays Country: Canada Date: Wed Jan 24 01:24:42 2001 Comment: Neil as a younger fan (22) I did not have a chance to purchase it on vinyl. Please release it on cd (maybe dvd-a) so I like many fans can experience this great album.
Name: Eric Delaere Country: Belgium Date: Tue Jan 23 21:00:03 2001 Comment: I had the LP-version, but when the CD's came out, I sold it. And then did not find the CD " On the beach ". Stupid me... Please Neil bring it back to us all.
Name: Dave Garver Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 23 19:11:40 2001 Comment: Neil, you are entitled to YOUR OPINION, but it is just that. If CDs are so inferior, why do you still release them? If you feel you would be ripping the consumer off with CD reissues, why not donate the profits to The Bridge School? I promise not to spend another dime on your products until you 'release the missing 6!' Most of these I have on vinyl, but I just don't listen to vinyl anymore. My opinion is the CDs (especially HDCD converted CDs) sound superior!
Name: Kjell Morten Bø Country: Norway Date: Tue Jan 23 15:57:06 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Dai Williams Country: Wales Date: Tue Jan 23 14:14:10 2001 Comment: My vinyl version is getting worn out!!!
Name: Richard Stokes Country: CANADA Date: Tue Jan 23 05:21:56 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Caroline Phillips Country: U.S.A Date: Mon Jan 22 22:24:13 2001 Comment: I have a lot of Neil's albums and would love it if "On The Beach" was released.
Name: Della Valle Daniel Country: Argentina Date: Mon Jan 22 15:48:35 2001 Comment: Do relese a CD version of On The Beach !
Name: james bryan pitts Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 22 07:13:28 2001 Comment: I love that album and have listened to the track "On The Beach" so many times you would black out if you knew. Plus I took the best up close photo of Neil playing in Waikiki in 1988. He had lei's on, shades and hat playing with the Bluenotes, and he's welcomed to the photo anytime.
Name: Andreas Klein Country: Germany Date: Sun Jan 21 16:42:58 2001 Comment: If not for me, it should be done at least for my son. 3 years old and already hardcore Neil Young fan. Watchin' the WELD video almost every day. Singin' hey hey my my, welfare mothers, tonight's the night and roll another number for the road by heart. Though he doesn't understand the meaning of the words. For he is a german boy...
Name: Javi Country: Spain Date: Sun Jan 21 16:05:19 2001 Comment: Hard to get a copy of the LP here in Spain, I know CDs suck, but it's not my fault having been born 5 years after this LP was released. Please, Mr. Young. Thank you
Name: steven junck Country: U.S. Date: Sun Jan 21 16:00:18 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Ricardo Country: Brazil Date: Sun Jan 21 12:44:30 2001 Comment: Please, Neil, release this album!!!
Name: éanna o sullivan Country: ireland Date: Sat Jan 20 16:18:10 2001 Comment: i presume this is about releasing on the beach on cd which i have been looking for for years in vain alas
Name: William Page Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 20 03:32:18 2001 Comment: "On The Beach" is one of the best albums I have and I don't want to wear it out since vinyl is hard to find and taping to cassette loses something in translation. The bluesy sounds of "On The Beach" make it quite enjoyable for people of all kinds. Please release it on CD. Thanks, Bill P.
Name: Dov Country: Israel Date: Fri Jan 19 15:27:59 2001 Comment: Release On The Beach now !
Name: Martin Maurer Country: Switzerland Date: Fri Jan 19 14:28:08 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Afonso Country: france Date: Fri Jan 19 10:14:31 2001 Comment: WE WANTS ON THE BEACH!!!!!!!
Name: T Walker Country: Ireland Date: Fri Jan 19 01:52:38 2001 Comment: A valid point has been raised by a couple of people; the poor quality of available NY product. Although, the sycophantic comments of the majority of this sites visitors show that Neil can continue to mistreat, both, his fans and his back catalogue.
Name: Matthew A. Pailes Country: usa Date: Fri Jan 19 00:53:12 2001 Comment: This is the best album from the 70's...by anyone. Ambulance blues makes me cry but it's still my favorite song. Vampire Blues causes me to lose sleep but I love that one too.
Name: mike moore Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 18 23:57:09 2001 Comment: This has to be amoung the top three Neil records (with Tonights the Night and Rust Never Sleeps). The fact that we can't get a legit copy of the cd sucks. Release the Beach!
Name: Tom Sloan Country: U.K Date: Thu Jan 18 12:18:57 2001 Comment: Realease it, you bugger!!
Name: Snazana Nena Stefanovic Country: Serbia Date: Thu Jan 18 11:54:15 2001 Comment: Hocu i ja na plazu!!!!!
Name: Linda Pommerenke Country: Australia Date: Thu Jan 18 08:35:29 2001 Comment: 'On The Beach' never fails to move me. It has the saddest guitar I ever heard. Genius.
Name: Brenda Aranda Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 17 23:01:32 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: David Merline Country: Date: Wed Jan 17 21:13:07 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: David Country: Norfolk,England Date: Wed Jan 17 21:09:47 2001 Comment: The most memorable album of my college years - I've spent years trying to track a copy down ... and failed.Can I have my youth back, please, Neil!
Name: Thorbjoern Andersen Country: Norway Date: Wed Jan 17 20:26:00 2001 Comment: Let's have it man.
Name: Charlie Basky Country: US Date: Wed Jan 17 15:35:40 2001 Comment: NY is the greatest to the maximus songwriter, singer, guitar player of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please release OTB on cd, please.
Name: Tom Melee Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 17 12:12:45 2001 Comment: I NEED IT BAD
Name: Jukka Ervasti Country: Finland Date: Wed Jan 17 11:17:24 2001 Comment: Yeah! I'd like to have On The Beach on CD! I haven't been able to find the LP anywhere, so if it would be released in CD I could get it more easier. That would be great! WALK ON!
Name: Oscar Albretsen Country: Date: Wed Jan 17 01:30:28 2001 Comment: I'm a younger Neil fan (20 years old), and I don't have a record player. When I heard about the missing six, I made it a point to hear them by downloading them from Napster. Well this album, and Time Fades Away really struck a chord with me. The music is absolutely beautiful, and it is a travesty that these albums aren't available on compact disc. Please, please, give these wonderful albums to the world. Thank you.
Name: Clive Jones Country: Wales Date: Tue Jan 16 22:00:56 2001 Comment: NY thinks CDs don't offer the required quality for him to rerelease OTB. Yet, he hasn't bothered to remaster his available classics, with the result that they do sound better on vinyl. Strange!
Name: hans-peter hauck Country: deutschland Date: Tue Jan 16 20:37:58 2001 Comment: it is really one of your best albums. come on neil. we need it!
Name: Axel ulmer Country: Germany Date: Tue Jan 16 17:40:48 2001 Comment: i need it
Name: Tucker Jenkins Country: England Date: Tue Jan 16 16:17:59 2001 Comment: Neil, do everyone a favour and delete all your albums!(OK Tucker, I get your drift - Col)
Name: Matthew Sherriff Country: Australia Date: Tue Jan 16 16:02:20 2001 Comment: I have heard the tracks from 'On The Beach' on an old scratchy record. I love to have it on CD. Also, 'Re-act-or', 'American Stars 'n' Bars' & 'Hawks and Doves' should be released on CD too, they are cool albums as well. Thankyou Matthew
Name: Xisco Serra Country: Spain Date: Tue Jan 16 15:40:24 2001 Comment: I think the CD is a album very important in the music work of Neil Young. This CD 'On the Beach' has a line musical a lot 'homogenee' with the expression of the guitar very personal and endeed.
Name: ariel Country: israel Date: Tue Jan 16 11:24:09 2001 Comment: Please realese "on the beach" Thanks
Name: Roger Dickey Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 16 04:19:30 2001 Comment: In April 1999, I was fortunate enough to see Neil live in St. Louis, Missouri, at the fabulous Fox theater. The second song of the second set was the totally unexpected "Ambulance Blues", a deliciously acoustic solo performance and the highlight of the show, for my money. Introducing the song, Neil referred to the fact that ON THE BEACH is not YET available on CD and that he was then considering audio DVD, because he wanted it "to sound right". Then he laughed, then he played, and nothing mor (sorry folks, gotta keep those messages down to 30 words or less - the guestbook I use snips longer messages)

At this point there is a little exchange of guestbook entries which is are a good example of what I normally delete without thinking.
A Tucker Jenkins wrote; "Neil, do everybody a favour and delete all your albums!"
OK, I don't particularily mind that, but it got unpleasant after that. The following replies on the message board were:
Benny Green Country: Engerland Date: Tue Jan 16 00:14:58 2001 Comment: I agree with Tucker, the man is nothing but a whining old c***, without a note in his head!,
Tricia 'Pongo' Yates Country: England Date: Tue Jan 16 00:54:11 2001 Comment: Mind your language, Benny!,
Alan Hargreaves Country: England Date: Tue Jan 16 01:03:51 2001 Comment: Anyone fancy going for a burger?,
Roland Browning Country: England Date: Tue Jan 16 01:04:39 2001 Comment: I do!,
Mr Baxter Country: England Date: Tue Jan 16 01:07:04 2001 Comment: All right you lot, back to class!
Nobody likes a smartass.
THIS IS NOT A FORUM. THIS IS ONLY A SINGLE ISSUE PETITION. I DO NOT ALLOW OFFENSIVE MESSAGES TO REMAIN UNCHALLENGED ON THE PETITION. DON'T BOTHER TRYING, If you do, you're just wasting everyones time including your own. Please think before being offensive, it only makes YOU look stupid.

Name: Ryan McNeilly Country: Canada Date: Mon Jan 15 18:00:51 2001 Comment: I want On The Beach, one of the best of the "Missing Six" But why stop there? Give us JTP and TFA, Re-Ac-Tor, H&D, AS'n'B!!!!! WE WANT NEIL! WE WANT NEIL!!!
Name: Chris Haraldsen Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 15 17:28:57 2001 Comment: Neil, ON THE BEACH is your best album. Please release it!
Name: Mark Hagstrom Country: US Date: Mon Jan 15 13:52:34 2001 Comment: See the Sky about to Rain....Bet this was one of the songs Jim Jarmusch put to early shots of his movie Dead Man, to persuade Neil to do the soundtrack.....
Name: sejun kim Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 15 13:50:57 2001 Comment: Yeah! And I need this album too.
Name: Patrick Seese Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 14 23:35:33 2001 Comment: Please release the missing six albums!!
Name: Alexander Rimes Country: Brazil Date: Sun Jan 14 23:03:06 2001 Comment: I waited 15 years to see Neil play here in Rio de Janeiro... but.. I can't wait 15 days.. to see this album in cd and in my Young Collection!!!:)
Name: Mick Rowley Country: uk Date: Sun Jan 14 19:58:40 2001 Comment: i am going to have to buy a pirate copy if you don't release it soon!!!!!!!
Name: Julio Marín Ceballos Country: Spain Date: Sun Jan 14 19:24:14 2001 Comment: is very import for me this album On the beach
Name: Peter J. Maher Country: United Kingdom Date: Sun Jan 14 17:17:04 2001 Comment: Please, Oh Please, re-release On The Beach!!!!!!!!!!!! I had this album, it got walked on by a careless female who is no longer in my thoughts...Yet On The Beach IS!!!!
Name: Erik Palm Country: Sweden Date: Sun Jan 14 15:15:49 2001 Comment: Yes, re-release this classic NOW. I didn't know it was deleted - I've been looking for it for some time.
Name: Dave Country: England Date: Sun Jan 14 13:06:14 2001 Comment: Come on Neil! The fans put you where you are. Release it because the fans want it. Please!
Name: Paul Calfe Country: UK Date: Sun Jan 14 00:43:43 2001 Comment: Is that monkeywoman still looking for a shag?
Name: Julian Porter Country: England Date: Sat Jan 13 23:25:47 2001 Comment: Neil, Please release "On The Beach" my all time favourite album. Regards, Julian.
Name: hans verhagen Country: netherlands Date: Sat Jan 13 18:07:50 2001 Comment: mijn lp is in slechte staat. vandaar.....on the beach on cd!!
Name: Thomas Country: Date: Sat Jan 13 14:19:07 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: m.j.smith Country: norway Date: Sat Jan 13 10:38:26 2001 Comment: please release all the unreleased LPs i.e Hawks & Doves
Name: Rick Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 13 03:31:18 2001 Comment: Awesome album that needs to be released on CD.Saw Neil last summer at Jones Beach and that was a great show!
Name: Mark Gibson Country: Australia Date: Fri Jan 12 22:32:26 2001 Comment: I bought this album when it was first released and it was stolen in later years.This is a classic album - from artwork to music to lyrics - and deserves to be available to redeem music from that period.
Name: Tim Alban-Jones Country: United Kingdom Date: Fri Jan 12 16:42:49 2001 Comment: Truely one of the great man's great works. Release it Neil.
Name: steve Country: Date: Fri Jan 12 15:18:24 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: jeff Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 12 08:59:10 2001 Comment: Duuuuuuuuuuuuude?
Name: Ian Shepherd Country: Australia Date: Fri Jan 12 06:33:07 2001 Comment: Please release this important album on CD.
Name: Mark Greenan Country: canada Date: Fri Jan 12 06:08:36 2001 Comment: I was just sitting her thinking of some way to tell Neil to re-release "On The Beach" please. So I punched in Neil Young and found this in about 10sec. Nice Work! Napster has helped (hint Hint) but the CD is mandatory!! Inform me about extra songs please. You should get a medal or maybe an autographed gitar. thanks
Name: Tom Hogan Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 12 02:09:00 2001 Comment: Bought OTB on vinyl a long time ago, and it's one of my all-time favorite albums by anyone. Big treat to see Neil perform Revolution Blues in Denver in 1983. See the Sky and Motion Pictures are my favorite cuts.
Name: Todd Schieber Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 12 01:37:47 2001 Comment: Being a more recent fan of neil's music, i find it addicting and i NEED to collect all his recordings, so please release it, a lot of people are counting on you my friend
Name: Eric Grant Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 12 01:26:30 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: michael l. hudson Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 11 02:44:48 2001 Comment: As a long time Neil Young fan, I bought ON THE BEACH(LP)just because it was Neil. The only cut I had heard was WALK ON. But after many more Neil albums, cassettes, and cd's, I believe to this day that it is his most intricate guitar work ever. I'm not getting any younger, Neil,and I can't cram my LP into my CD player!!!!

Name: Eran Spira Country: Israel Date: Thu Jan 11 19:43:05 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: david lizotte Country: usa Date: Thu Jan 11 14:59:19 2001 Comment: Neil, "...is this place at your command?" we beseech thee
Name: Lior Mizrahi Country: Israel Date: Thu Jan 11 12:58:25 2001 Comment: this is Neil's best album. I had to buy a bootleg instead. i prefer to have the real one.
Name: Austin Wallace Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 11 09:05:46 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Adam White Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 11 07:09:06 2001 Comment: I have never heard this album. I read Bill Flanagan's book "Written in My Soul" when I was a freshman in high school, and again when I was in college. I was continually struck by the anecdotes relating to this work, and by the passion Mr. Flanagan seemed to have regarding this record. I have searched many used bins, many record stores, spoke to many clerks, looked at many websites, etc. etc. I have a feeling regardin (this message snipped by guestbook software.... please folks, 30 words or less!! - Col)
Name: Allan Ferguson Country: U.S.A. Date: Thu Jan 11 02:55:45 2001 Comment: I would like this CD to ad to my collection.
Name: nick carbone Country: usa Date: Thu Jan 11 02:53:23 2001 Comment: On the Beach is my favorite album. Give me the CD baby!
Name: Swing Country: Australia Date: Thu Jan 11 02:49:04 2001 Comment: c'mon Neil, give it a break now ...
Name: michael l. hudson Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 11 02:44:48 2001 Comment: As a long time Neil Young fan, I bought ON THE BEACH(LP)just because it was Neil. The only cut I had heard was WALK ON. But after many more Neil albums, cassettes, and cd's, I believe to this day that it is his most intricate guitar work ever. I'm not getting any younger, Neil,and I can't cram my LP into my CD player!!!!
Name: Brent McNeal Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 10 23:26:32 2001 Comment: I went to the radio interview...
Name: Werner Rudigier Country: Germany Date: Thu Jan 11 21:59:33 2001 Comment: I think 1973-78
Name: Brent McNeal Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 10 23:26:32 2001 Comment: I went to the radio interview...
Name: Tim Clarke Country: England Date: Wed Jan 10 19:13:54 2001 Comment: I'm a huge fan of Neil Young, and have always been aware of what a great album this is supposed to be, despite the tragic events leading up to its conception. I found a tracklisting, downloaded all the songs from Napster, and was blown away. Amazing.
Name: Ben Snyder Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 10 17:42:50 2001 Comment: I wasn't even close to being born when "On The Beach" was released. There is a tiny sadness in my heart when I see my Young collection is lacking this wonderful album.
Name: suzannah Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 10 23:21:00 2001 Comment: we love Neil - neanderthals
Name: Jeff Chrystal Country: Date: Wed Jan 10 21:09:44 2001 Comment: I'd listen to this great album through a tin can and a string if I could! I heard Walk On at Neil's concert here in Cincinnat last summer and went looking everywhere for the CD. Now I know why I haven't been able to find it. PLEASE RELEASE ON CD THIS GREAT WORK.
Name: Mark J. Strauss Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 9 21:38:00 2001 Comment: On The Beach is one of my all time favorites, for any artist, not just Neil. Also, American Stars and Bars should be on CD!
Name: David Schaefer Country: USA Date: Tue Jan 9 19:32:22 2001 Comment: Walk On need i say more
Name: marizilda Country: brasil Date: Tue Jan 9 16:09:27 2001 Comment: hi. i´m so happy, because today i found the others fans, that looking for on the beach cd. please neil....
Name: Dave Carney Country: England Date: Tue Jan 9 12:50:19 2001 Comment: I heard John Peel play Revolution Blues back in the Seventies and I always wanted to get a copy of it.I thought my luck was in when the CD reissue was announced and Ian McNabb reviewed it in Mojo but since then....
Name: Tyson Webb & Sean Sheppard Country: Canada Date: Mon Jan 8 22:06:55 2001 Comment: One of Neil Young's great "Missing" masterpieces...We look forward not only to "On The Beach" being reissued on CD, but also "American Stars & Bars", "Time Fades Away" and "Hawks & Doves"...all the lesser Geffen releases have been reissued and remastered...why not the ACTUAL out of print classics... Anywayz...keep up the good work Neil!
Name: Mark Prendergast Country: England Date: Mon Jan 8 17:46:04 2001 Comment: At times incendiary, at times melancholic, this could be Young's 'Blood On The Tracks'.
Name: Kristianne Hofmann Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 8 16:38:41 2001 Comment: Montana's pushing!!!
Name: George McKeeve Country: Scotland Date: Mon Jan 8 16:03:15 2001 Comment: I honestly feel that this is one of the best Neil Young albums - right up there with Tonight's The Night and Freedom
Name: max metscher Country: usa Date: Mon Jan 8 15:57:46 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: bert Country: netherlands Date: Mon Jan 8 12:10:19 2001 Comment: Good iniative. NY should also release the beautiful Time Fades away...
Name: Randy Fournier Country: Canada Date: Mon Jan 8 09:50:18 2001 Comment: There can be no good reason why not to release ‘On the Beach’ on CD.
Name: doug messenger Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 8 07:48:28 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Paul Grant Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 8 03:09:43 2001 Comment: EVERYBODY'S WAITIN'
Name: dave Country: canada Date: Sun Jan 7 21:16:55 2001 Comment: Neil's gonna do what he wants. Neil , don't keep our heads buried in the sand, unleash the beach.
Name: Tracey Mahady Country: U.S.A. Date: Sun Jan 7 20:33:24 2001 Comment: I am also trying to get Hawks and Doves. I had it on 8-track which has been destroyed. You just got to get him to rerelease his songs.
Name: Eirikur Bjarnason Country: Iceland Date: Sun Jan 7 18:42:40 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: j.c syson Country: U.K Date: Sun Jan 7 16:15:09 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: PEDRO Country: SPAIN Date: Sun Jan 7 15:51:22 2001 Comment: NEIL PLEEEEEEEASEEEE!!!!.I NEED ON THE BEACH SOON.
Name: Ben Schaffer Country: Date: Sun Jan 7 05:52:17 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Chris S Country: Date: Sun Jan 7 05:15:39 2001 Comment: Neil is too complicated and has some particular reason for not re-releasing OTB. You all know he operates different from us. one of the reasons we like him. anyway, keep on rockin' in the freeworld.
Name: NEAL CALVIT Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 7 05:11:59 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Tom Votel Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 7 04:18:21 2001 Comment: Release "On the Beach"! It is one of my favorite Albums. Revolution Blues, Ambulance Blues, Motion Pictures, For the Turnstyle... Just to name a few, are true Classics. I can listen to it at home, on the old 33rpm stereo, or on Napster, I even made a copy (a little scratchy from the album...) on cassette for my car, but we NEED the CD!!! Hopy you can accomodate us die hard fans!
Name: arne Country: no Date: Sun Jan 7 03:01:13 2001 Comment: high time
Name: Rich Paton Country: USA Date: Sun Jan 7 01:09:03 2001 Comment: O.T.B. is definitely one of my favorite N.Y. albums...it's not practical for me to have a turntable, so an official, legitimate CD would be nice to have. Ditto for the remaining "five"!
Name: Richard Baird Country: USA Date: Sat Jan 6 23:53:56 2001 Comment: Been lookin for this record for years. Can't find it anywhere.
Name: sam Country: sweden Date: Sat Jan 6 17:45:59 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Andrew Sexton Country: US Date: Sat Jan 6 05:04:58 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: shonagh o connor Country: Ireland Date: Fri Jan 5 22:21:37 2001 Comment: i really want this album and neil is sssssoooo sexy
Name: David Massey Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 5 22:10:25 2001 Comment: One of the best.
Name: marcus wright Country: Date: Fri Jan 5 21:15:36 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Michael J. Edmunds Country: England Date: Fri Jan 5 20:37:07 2001 Comment: There are a couple of CD versions of 'On the beach'available in England. One also has the live concert from 1971. These may be boots but they are very good quality. Of course it's much better to have the re-mastered version from Warners/Reprise. You could always go to the Rhino Records site and suggest they release it. They release a lot of Warners back catalogue.
Name: Gary Wilson Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 5 14:39:33 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Elisha Ram Country: Canada Date: Fri Jan 5 14:03:15 2001 Comment: C'mon, Neil, be a Mensch. We promise to buy it this time around.
Name: matt Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 5 04:37:34 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Doug Heller Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 5 00:53:14 2001 Comment:NONE
Name: Rick Hermolle Country: UK Date: Fri Jan 5 00:19:08 2001 Comment: I think I may have done this already, but if I didn't, I should have, so I did!
Name: Steve Hulme Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 4 23:58:42 2001 Comment: My CD collection will never be complete without On the Beach. (A few tracks are on "Decade," but not my favorites.) Yellow '59 Cadillac!
Name: Alistair Grant Country: New Zealand Date: Thu Jan 4 23:24:36 2001 Comment: In Scott Young's excellent book there is a quote from Neil saying shops will never run out of stock of his records. Well my local has been unable to get copies of OTB for 15 years - since Neil was last in town.
Name: Paul Tomita Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 4 22:55:02 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: tb Country: usa Date: Thu Jan 4 22:04:15 2001 Comment: a great album for the up and coming high schoolers! it was a fave for me!
Name: Tommy Kidd Country: Ireland Date: Thu Jan 4 19:11:40 2001 Comment: Please release "On The Beach" now. The world is turning.....I hope it don't turn away.
Name: Ian Murray Country: Ireland Date: Thu Jan 4 10:02:14 2001 Comment: I have a very good bootleg CD with additional outtakes and demos to keep me going in the meantime.
Name: Beth Williams Country: USA Date: Thu Jan 4 02:04:14 2001 Comment: Please re-release this wonderful album that holds so many memories for at least one of your fans. Thanks very much... for everything.
Name: Neil Country: Canada Date: Wed Jan 3 23:51:34 2001 Comment: PPPLLLLEEEESSSSSEEEEE Neil (and the other five too)
Name: emilie campbell Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 3 22:06:15 2001 Comment: Someday I hope all vinyl-only and unreleased material will come forth or be re-released. My Neil library is incomplete without them.
Name: Evert van Kootwijk Country: Netherlands Date: Wed Jan 3 19:01:32 2001 Comment: Neil, Since its release, On The Beach is my all time favourite. I made a copy on CD from the worn out album, but it sounds horrible. Please: new CD!
Name: tom a Country: usa Date: Wed Jan 3 18:48:14 2001 Comment: neil, the good people of this wrld deserve to hear the beauty and the sorrow alike. OTB was and still is definitely one of my favorite albums. "a home away from home, and I'm lvin in bewteen". thanks
Name: Karen Penrose Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 3 17:47:33 2001 Comment: I do have the vinyl. I bought it when it came out.I have been looking for a cd of ON THE BEACH for quite a while. I sure hope Neil releases this and the others! I have all the rest on vinyl, but accidently TIME FADES AWAY slipped through my hands into the thrift store bin and I'm just sick about it. I do have a copy on tape. I know I made someones day when the picked it up for 50 cents. I sure hope he releases thatone,definitely a favorite.
Name: Steve Wright Country: USA Date: Wed Jan 3 16:36:42 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: Mike Vaught Country: US of A Date: Wed Jan 3 15:35:46 2001 Comment: I have owned this LP since 75-76 and it is worn out...i need CD version since my turntable wrecked..."See the Sky about to Rain" is one of the greatest songs ever...oh yea, release the other hostages.
Name: Mark Esther Country: New Zealand Date: Tue Jan 2 22:55:10 2001 Comment: you don't know how long I've been searching for this CLASSIC album!!!!
Name: Lucas Simms Country: Ireland Date: Tue Jan 2 20:39:47 2001 Comment: Neil should remaster his entire back catalogue, and not have fans paying for inferior quality product. The Byrds' reissue series is the way it should be done.
Name: jymbone Country: usa Date: Tue Jan 2 18:45:46 2001 Comment: one my ALL time fave neil records. great songs [as usual] got me a vinal copy......
Name: manuel vilas Country: spain Date: Tue Jan 2 18:39:59 2001 Comment: I listened it. In my home, slowly, alone. It´s great, delicious. Download it and listened it......................... Thanks, neil
Name: Eamon Roche Country: Ireland Date: Tue Jan 2 12:50:33 2001 Comment: NONE
Name: harry ligon Country: U.S.A(texas) Date: Mon Jan 1 20:50:54 2001 Comment: after discovering this site , i went into my old LP collection and sure enough there it was, still in its shrinkwrap with a $3.99 price tag on it. guess i'll go buy a new turntable.
Name: Bernie Victor Country: us Date: Mon Jan 1 20:05:53 2001 Comment: not to be greedy but i want Time Fades Away too! OK just OTB would make me ecstatic.
Name: Sharon Roznik Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 1 15:35:35 2001 Comment: It should be done. These were his best hair days.
Name: Randy J. Watt Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 1 14:08:50 2001 Comment: On all fan surveys I've seen, OTB is by far the #1 most loved Neil release. Spread the love, Neil! Re-release OTB, PLEASE!
Name: Steve Wilson Country: USA Date: Mon Jan 1 13:59:38 2001 Comment: At 46, I've been an ardent fan since "Neil Young," the very first work. I've been searching for On The Beach since losing my copies to a flood. It would truly be wonderful to have a copy on CD. What if a portion of proceeds went to the Bridge School?

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