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Uncle Tupelo and Neil Young

The legendary band Uncle Tupelo was hailed as the leading force behind the "No Depression" sound. According to Rodeo Rob on Nude as the News, Uncle Tupelo was "The band that mixed punk rock's anarchy with country music's heritage."

Uncle Tupelo's two leads, Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar went on to found the bands Wilco and Son Volt. Both Wilco and Son Volt have paid homage to Neil Young in their numerous cover songs.

A review by Lowbrow on Uncle Tupelo's influences stated:

Some of the Neil Young songs which Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt have covered include:

Cinnamon Girl
Cortez The Killer
Down By The River
Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Motion Pictures
Mr Soul

For more on covers, see The Covers Project: Uncle Tupelo.

Jay Farrar

JAY FARRAR Interview: Using the Beatles and Neil Young

From a February 20, 2004 article in the San Francisco Chronicle reporter Jane Ganahl interview with "the minstrel of alt-country" Jay Farrar:

More on Jay Farrar and his release "Terroir Blues".

wilco book

Learning How To Die - A New Wilco Book by Greg Kot

A book on the band Wilco is being released in May 2004 called Learning How To Die by Greg Kot. An excerpt from the book discusses the influence of Neil Young on Uncle Tupelo, Jeff Tweedy, and Jay Farrar:

More on Wilco and the book "Learning How To Die".

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