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Date: Mon, 10 Apr 1995 10:26:15 +0000
From: "Anne "
Subject: Re: Neil Young Songs and Birds

>"Danger Bird"
>"Birds" (obviously)
>"Helpless" ('big birds flyin' across the sky')
>"Little Wing"
>"Hawks And Doves" (two birds with one stone... er... song!)
>"The Oldy Homestead" ('prehistoric bird'. Neil must have been especially
> fascinated with birds during the Hawks & Doves period)
>"Like An Inca" ('said the condor...')
>"War of Man" ('the little sparrow')
>"Thrasher" ('the eagle glides descending','the vulture glides descending')
>"Revolution Blues" ('that was me with the doves...')
>"Motion Pictures" ('ducks are calling')
>Any others? That's 11 songs right there. Does Neil have some sort of
>bird obession?

More songs with birds, feathers:
Inca Queen (to the smallest bird)
Shots (faster than a bird)
Crying eyes (free bird)
Expecting to fly (feathers)
Uh, War of Man has also got black falcons, along with the sparrows.

Maybe Neil got an obsession. And if you include to this list all the songs
that refer to "flying" in some (birdish) way or other, the amount is even


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